Mind Games that Destroy Democracy


Hundreds of millions of human beings are facing abortion due to the rapidly spreading world food crisis. We have created our worldwide, exploit all resources capitalist system, that helped the worlds population grow bigger than ever in developing countries. Corporate strip mega farming and low food prices drove many of the worlds agricultural workers to teeming cities. Those left behind must struggle anyway they can.

For some time this seemed manageable. Unlike what many a modern man or woman would like to think of themselves, they benefit greatly via corporate farming around the globe, off of much of the rest of the worlds cheep labor, and now displaced and starving citizens.

Well, in China, India, and other very large population centers, a growing middle class is exploding the desire to be like us in the west, which we long insisted they should be. More of everything, but most importantly regarding food energy resources, more meat eating.

More meat means that grain is now tossed to cattle for that 3 to one weight conversion. That yummy 16 ounce steak took three times as much in corn or soy, meaning for that ever expanding mass of humanity, that much less expensive food for the tables of the poor. Along with rapidly expanding ethanol production, those who profit off of speculating on grains or many other resource commodities, will have no problem finding a great big steak tonight. But their actions, along with the above pressures, are putting food beyond the budgets of hundreds of millions. But do not worry over it, lack of a sense of responsibility, endemic to conservatism, will provide ample excuse for ignoring these issues as long as we can. The often result of this escapism will be epidemics of disease, political stress and conflict, and of course, aborted lives.

The system and policies we directly profit form are pushing millions toward starvation, disease and death, while conservatives divert attention to straight on might makes right defense, against that world so many of them enjoy exploiting. But you will not find all but the most misanthropic giving themselves a “high five” over it. Instead, this horrible news will be kept off the front pages, while a whole industry of denial and obfuscation emerges to excuse the facts from any responsibilities over here. Conservatism is the perfect escapist camp, others out there are most always the source of all problems, the economic and other power relations of the world are considered off topic unless they threaten our brands of opportunism.

The get rich by getting big industry derived off of insecure human egos, has pushed earth resources to the breaking point. We all are involved with the creation of these issues, but you can rest assured; conservatism will have none of it. It will blame the poor, the starving, or their governments. What will be the charge? That those nations do not submit to our institutions or act just like we do enough. Making it all conveniently someone else’s problem in their mind. That serpentine temptation of cognitive dissonance, allowing the separation and alienation of humankind in the minds of these “have’s”, requires the establishment of “It’s not our fault” consciousness. Then one can proudly keep the guilt off greed and gluttony’s influence on humankind, and the planet we all live on.

It is no surprise, for those responsibility in denial rationalizations we have heard, describe pollution, global warming, food crisis etc, as being the inventions of alarmist pro government regulation liberals. Deregulation of the oil industry is believed to have currently increased the price we all pay by 25-50%. We can see why they do not like governmental regulation; the worlds plundering is slowed down considerably. And if you are a conservative fan, you do not care that your increased oil and gas cost passed on to all sectors of society are coming out of your own pockets as well. Maybe you have those oil stocks?


I will not be a surprise to hear the ever righteous and full of themselves conservatives, shake their distant from their heart heads regarding the worlds critical food shortages and what that means for the future. They will not even care how many Americans go to bed hungry. Does their demonic liberal Main Stream Media endlessly harangue them about hunger and pollution? Not the many channels I receive, except responsible ones show the problems, like Link TV or even PBS, but then, many conservatives know to avoid such bleeding heart “propaganda”.

Conservatives cannot see the contradictions in their thinking since reality is in many fundamental way reversed for them. Critical thinking is considered the providence of liberal elites, who are demonized as being all above regular folks. Deceptive tricks such as reality reversals are a hallmark of the deceptive logic matrix many conservatives rely on to feel what is right and what is wrong. True fact can seem like deception to them. They are in a cult of perception.

These conservatives require the world to be divided up and estranged to keep any deep sense of responsibility of their own actions sufficiently distant from them. They can then be those successful and happy campers many of them claim to be, in their walled in achievement worlds. They can go to church, some of them, and hear all the bad morals that liberalism allegedly promotes, then go home, perhaps watch the game, cheering on their imaginary hero’s.

It is good being an American. All is indeed well with the world. Problems are someone else’s inventions, obviously. The presumed (I’m being generous over their actual motives) unconscious exploiters need institutions in place to rationalize their power applied to others. It is necessary then, to demonize government which attempted to hold those using and benefiting the most from our culture, to do their duty and take some responsibility for those left behind, and collateral damage to the environment that they have created in the wake of their big gains for themselves. Not surprising that in conservative consciousness, certain abstractions are taken in a being true to themselves, yet somehow, unworthy of including others; because they are different.

It is understandable, from both cognitive dissonance mandates, and refusal to accept the consequences of their own actions and ensuing responsibilities, that conservatives must have a divided world, with many tiered “us” and “against us” is an imperative. When the “blowback” of worldwide anger, resentment and shock emerges at much of these Americans imperial arrogance (often in our name), a seeming contempt for full knowledge appears, and a profound aloofness to consequence from the entire planet. These right wing reactions seem a mark of pride for many of them. World reaction will be received by conservatives as hostile (anti-American), and not the kind of honest feedback it actually in part represents. Conservatives are out to destroy honest but contrary emotions of others that reflect badly on their own behaviors. They are denial incarnate.


Conservatism in the US, has many cult like self ostracism’s needing to be in place towards the rest of society as well. For any wealth and privilege to exist, those without’s, to assuage conscience, must be lowered as human beings in conservative mindsets, hence all the “intellectual elite’s” and “latte drinking” or a few years back, “Cadillac driving” welfare recipients.

Conservatism is separation based, not acknowledging the vast and infinite connections all things are forever held in. In their outside-in, inside-out consciousness, they can divide up souls, divide up land, divide up Creation. They are themselves abstracted in consciousness, beyond the real world of relationship, angry and defensive about those bells that ring in their minds and hearts at times, indicating that everything is connected as One.

They do not feel the immersing connectivity to all things. They are naturally defensive and protective of the illusory turf they claim in their identity and try to assume on earth. In the nation box/nationalism, and other identity boxes such as religion/their brand, conservatism isolates human consciousness from the connection and the diversity of life being manifest. Thus critical thinking must be imputed by conservatism, other brands of logic or assumption are inserted over in context cause and effect reason. Then ideas are instituted to circle back to conservative presumptions, proving the end fact actually before evidence was called upon to rightly be judged in its entirety. This is the circular logic mind control tactic’s used throughout history to control the logically less sophisticated.

Religious proselytizers, sent out to convert the naive, have all these thought control weapons at their disposal. The same to some extent with politics. They are in the position to “logically” razzle dazzle the unprepared. Many are converted to ideological prisons by this concerted effort to overwhelm the naive. Later, often when it is too late, due to family or other immersion into the group, one is stuck into the circular logic lullaby, unable to critically think, and often made fearful of questioning or contrary thinking at all. Critical thinking becomes called the work of the devil.

Conservatism has held this same mind control effort toward liberalism, even to the extent that certain preachers have been called out by right wing interest to renounce the demonic liberal notions that the earth is under our stewardship, so pollution is something to control. We have conservative Christians, that seemingly while saying praise Jesus, are anti the liberal teaching of Christ.

Having erected walls against humanity inside their own consciousness, the false gods of wealth, status or power, a delusional so called value or moral crusade is designed to entice a sense of responsibility and action in the world to the naive. However, the action is directed away and at others, not inward to the separated hearts and minds of conservatism, where it actually needs to be for just reckoning to occur. Instead of a true responsibility towards their own actions that seemingly stand in utter ignorance of the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all living processes on earth, wedge issues convey a false sense of moral superiority and goodness. The economic issues of exploitation in the world can actually seem to them, in their cognitive dissonant state, as fine, not my problem. Thus those problems are only the doing’s of someone wanting something for nothing, or other projected self devaluation on human life’s that seem contrary to their own boxed in world view.

So it is with self assured purified ideological piety, and the seeming sound confidence of standing up for ones way of life and tradition, that minds are seduced into their own sphere like bubbles of belief, unfettered by actual world realities and consequence. Instead, backed by the implied stupidity of hubris and misplaced introverted pride, they shake their finger at the world, along with any who suggest that reality is indeed, an intertwined and inseparable commodity itself, that is not cut into convenient pieces to be ignored.


A manifold attack is underway this election season in the USA. Introverted identity paradigms of defense from a hostile world, and so called moral righteousness, will swing into action to stop that inevitable reaper, known as cause and effect, from bringing actual truth in context to the conservative followers. That lazy arrogance in trusting their ideological security blankets (such as Jingoist “patriotism”), handed to them by the superiority complex of their subjective imposed comfort zones, will give them the knowing of rightness in their critically thinking impaired minds.

Be they actually running from the fear of selfish loss, by perpetually seeking to preserve their own private wealth, status, or the false pandering promotion, that knowing Jesus somehow guarantees one from creations ongoing consequences, liberal suggestions of change and inclusion of others and such, will be seen as weakness, instead of the only inherently wise way to know something in reality now that it is.

Stupefied reaction to such a statement as I just made may well be; “Would you have agreed to just talk to Hitler!”. That out of historical context, mind numbing conclusion, logical to their not nuanced capabilities, is just the kind of talk we have heard over and over, seemingly from conservatives in both parties. They seem intentionally stunted in their ability to reason beyond the sure ad-hominem prepackaged list of talking-points they always have for the intensely naive.

It is shocking, in a world of depleting resources, massive hunger, and a worldwide environmental crisis, that conservative followers will not see how those wedge issues I have alluded to in part, are designed to seduce them into stupidity; a willful ignorance of the worlds actual relationships. Saber rattling, more us vs them matrixing to tribalize identity into seeing cooperation and compromise, or even listing to ones so called adversaries, as some obvious weakness or giving in, when it is likely the only sane way out for everyone.


Conservatism’s nature is to polarize, no matter how many wonderful abstractions are thrown around for the reactionary mentality to gawk at and feel all righteous about. In America, (though both main political parties are highly compromised, in what they actually claim to stand for, by secretive associations with wealthy interest), there is no mistaking that the proudly conservative party is the most completely deluded and dangerous to the historic legacy of America’s promise of “We the People”, with its inclusive and whole self definition.

The conservatives current reckless adventures in the world, which they claim should be beyond criticall thinking, only to be seen positively, is classic cult-think. It is no surprise that the laws on the land and of common decency are cavalierly violated by those who see themselves as the sole hereditary heirs to the great American commons. Proud and bold in their delusions, nothing has proved sacred as pertaining to the public at large. Any excuse laced with the poison pill of fear, is used as rationalizations to call abominations such as torture, not torture. Or CO2 emissions, not part of the global meltdown.

Once again, the arts and sciences of blame and denial are the conservatives expertise. Unfortunately for the future of our great nation to remain a beacon of anything but dominating the planet for wealth’s greed, the public must awake to their responsibility to think for themselves before it is too late. Yet each and every election, we see the big gains negative advertising has for those willing to bring the nations dialogue into the mud.

The negative campaigning has been applied unrelentingly from conservatives for some time. This insecurity mongering is not conservatism shame, it was said best once that “They know not what they do.”. It is the responsibility of the rest of us to get on the ball. To not take the political attitude manipulations commercials promote as anything resembling the actual truth. We must evaluate temperaments, policy, party loyalty above We the People, and claims to be for America when the consequences we are now facing is full of evidence that many politicians are just in it for themselves. We need to connect the reality dot’s, commercials are not how this is done.

Our vote is always being counted by what we agree with, and if that agreement is actually in alignment with universal truth. To have any chance of discerning that, we must take little from politicians at face value. We must demand explanations as to the logic of their policy and how it actually impacts relationships beyond that subject. Conservatism believes it can “get away with” being separate from reality, and the scientific (God mandated) laws of cause and effect in relationship.

For the world to survive and have a chance to put these separation identities and small world views behind it, it needs to wake up and smell the connections. We are, wherever we are, not outside of Life, but all in this Life citizenship together. It is time to start acting like we know it.

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