I am not talking solipsism. Well maybe initially.

Your life is all you know, meaning, your consciousness and whatever else we do or do not know comes with that. True, so your life does revolve around you. If some of you is external to that, then where are you really? Possibly more than we currently acknowledge.

We know elements and molecules come and go, but we seem to stay more or less. Time comes and goes, but we seem to remain in some stretched kind of present now. If now is just a point, perception and awareness, are uniquely alive in what seems like a dimension not as bounded by a time line cross point of now, nor one of its companion space never changing.

Do you feel that your perception is somehow more than a photograph? Something more like process experience, which may include an incredible interaction of things like; gravity, multiple dimensionality’s, molecular associations, electrochemical processes, pattern discerning memory bank associations etc., seems more like what I experience as I have what we call my life.

Memory gives me a reference point to expect or trust some things, but it seems to be in a data bank of some sort. I am writing and you are reading, seemingly in reference to our personal encyclopedias and molecular messages and forms filled with potential, filed in a double helix.

What part of me is really me?

Are my proteins and water and minerals, kept in little cell enclaves, pieces of me or some kind of collective hive? Do I seem to be more my thoughts? What about how they can be changed by hormones? How about how easily I get frustrated when I am thirsty? Are even these thoughts at the beck and call of molecular necessities? And what of that young or not quite so young lust and sureties of forever together so earnestly felt and later, what was I thinking?


There was some point, allegedly, in scientific theory, where we shared a singularity, a kind of infinitely small mathematical point where space and time were potentiality but not seemingly present as we now know them. What was to be you and I were there, and so was Pangaea and the Klingon’s or whoever else is out there, or in here? That, and all the energy that seems to be around in every direction. Even the void between the stars seems like a kind of medium that conducts happenings through space-time.

We are trapped in our vantage point on dimensions, but where is the center when we all were children of one? It is the same with the earth as far as orientation. We picked north and south poles for certain reasons, and the equator makes a certain center ring regarding rotation, but on a ball, where is the center?

We orient our memories to our experiential boundaries, local roads, our home life, national boundaries, a world. In the northern hemisphere we put our orientation on what seems to be up, all in some ways arbitrary definitions that go on to have meaning and relevance made up of initially naive biases, relative to ones place as it seems opposed to other places.

Yet oddly, these subjective impressions go on to define much of our lives, lives where incredible things others seem to share, love, joy, loss and suffering, giving and forgiving. These all cross reference to bring distinct value, a unique and potentially original value, right in this middle of everywhere; your life. Your life is its own little miracle connected to the infinite one.


I can travel the world, go in different directions, unavoidably keep moving through some kind of time frame, yet I am bound by the subjective. Like a line through a circle, but it is still, of and in the circle. The farther I go, the further or more near I am to what aspect of being? Are we capable of moving more near or further away from everything?

Being, in all its dimensions, which seems unavoidably to include all that is, and perhaps was or will be, is what we each are. A great big seemingly nearly forever, with us tied onto Its umbilical cord across all space and time to the unavoidable center that is both in us and all around us. I find it hard to find a way out of this trap, that I am, and you are, even though I am here and you are there, each together. We still are at the center of it all. Comprehension of that on human terms has its limitations and prejudice built up by relative ignorance and assumptions of course.

That does not change this one thing about you, that you belong where you are. It is not a small place or some insignificant life, it is life, a Big Life really, right in the middle of everything.

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