Ignorance Aids Conflict Perception as Political and Religious Capital


It is what we do not know that holds most powerful leverage over what we believe.  Insecurity over reality perception becomes a primary commodity for social/political/religious manipulation. We then enter the domains of Appearance and Consensus Realities, where what we imagine can be imagined as real. With ability to correctly discern objective realities compromised, others can impose their will upon us in the name of valued abstractions.  This “trick” can make me an unwilling victim of perception manipulation.


What do you believe? What do you stand for? What ideal would you die for?  Anything?

Most of us believe our lives stand for something, but how solid is that something, and when do our legs walk away from it?

The church once persecuted those delivering objective truth.  We could even call this truth God’s, or Divine, for it is how Creation is built.  The sun circling the earth was a “true” objective Appearance Reality; it seemed so.  A higher perspective discovered a deeper reality, a more true perspective; the earth spins on an axis and circles the sun.

This went against what now becomes a consensus reality; something called true, and used to indite the new view as false or deceptive.  And so the institution entrusted with Truth becomes an institution deceived and perpetuating deception by demanding it loyally in its domain.  In many, many ways, we face these kinds of conscious or unconscious deceptions, and are called to honor them in the name of values or other high abstraction.  This vulnerability makes each one of us the target audience of those seeking to control Appearance and Consensus Realities, all buttressed continuously by confirmation bias.


In politics, and to some degree religion, we may argue points of view, as if we were speaking or listening objectively.  This is a big reason, our closed ears/mind confirmation biases, why the issues we argue over never seem to get solved–we are not honestly seeking a true resolution.  We are already “standing” for a point of view with its way of seeing things “true”.  The world, as well as our personal lives at times, are at the mercy of issues, but not of their forthright resolution.  These concerns in our consciousness are placed onto conceptual treadmills, often trapped by prior assumption,  where they can generate energy and attention to those who profit from conflict, along with the insecurity and fear that become the value of ignorance.

In America at least, polarization means big bucks to those who promote it, because tilting at bias does produce favor. For conflict and opposition to succeed at never quite solving our emotional dramas over issues, pretense remains in command; we pretend to seek solutions, claim to be, while things such as truth or reality become the victim of “fair and balanced” or other perspectives that include bias in their assumption of reaction. Rationalization and lead reason can create a conceptual dance that spins those moving and listening into believing truth has been what the movement on the ideological dance floor was all about.

Hearts are then not allowed to view the others involved as legitimate human beings if they do not agree.  Instead, others are who are mistaken, others who are misguided, others who must be convinced of their error.  When human hearts are effectively closed, restricted or otherwise disconnected, many an unfounded reason can be made to appear true and obvious.

These kinds of rationalization are obvious themselves, in the political sphere, where name calling and buzz worded Thought-terminating clichés are invoked as if black magic guides to our reasonable conclusion.  Ignorance allows many a form of deception to ride in right under our radars, or even be welcomed in as a glorious self affirming Trojan Horse.  Now days, these molded concepts can even claim to be fighting exactly what they are in effect creating.  (Fascist-like one way interest authoritarian mobs fighting “Fascism”.)

We humans, as far as we know, seem to live inside out minds.  These minds are vulnerable places; we have our experiences, with how we have adapted to seeing things, and we have the outside world of others and the ways of the world, which can come to us packaged by someone else.  Someone else tells us what something is.  Likely, for some reason inside out minds, we tend to accept some of these communications regarding what is, and take others with a gain of salt out in the rain.

Balancing Truth and Untruth Fairly

There is a wise old saying; “The truth hurts”.  This insight about the working nature of truth relates to our human feelings, one might have reason to avoid being hurt; to not know the truth. The truth is conceived at times, as other than what I thought was good and true for me, or someone else thinks this is true and can see the advantage in protecting me from “the truth”. Now I might be ready to look or listen for something perhaps other than the truth, yet seeming to be good and thought of as being true.

There is something quite significant about human assumption that has us wish to not know a truth at times, but instead believe in, or even yearn for substitutes.   I contend that any substitutes to truth will create problematic relationships, because the universe is true.  If I am a true being, yet being untrue, dissonant negative consequences will seem destined.

Dysfunctions, where something other than truth is operating our perceptual program, go on to generate even more problems–naturally.  The wisdom of the ancients knew that, most religions original tenets know that somewhere inside. Yet not knowing that, is kept fresh and (logically) dysfunctional for some reason. At one time you were an obvious deceiver or blasphemer if you declared the earth was round or revolved around the sun.

Lies and misinformation are sold much like commodities in the modern world. This reason, its value, would be ignorance’s worth by manipulation; using ignorance as collateral, or a capability to form public (your and my) opinion into something reality is not.  Ignorance is then framed into its fabled kind of bliss, but it is functionally the bliss of a defacto idiot.

Harsh words may at times be required to ignite a torch for seeing into places hidden as to what ignorance is enabling concepts that are false to appear good and true.

On The Ground

Recent history has indicted the US public has employed this dysfunctional dialectic: We are willing to be misled; meaning, we do not intend the truth to be our guide as a nation. We defer, instead, to things like trust and faith. This can enable ignorance to be entrusted to experts and authorities. Now what they decide is true, for reasons not fully understood, has the ability to seem good while in effect supporting the bad, for they can avoid fact and reality checking and the consequence that creates.  This has the appeal of not requiring me politically to investigate or question the reality of public policy, including my own.  As a voter in a  democracy, I have the responsibility to know what I am doing, yet I defer to church and state, or corporate controled news shows to tell me what I “need” to know.  This creates an idiotic set-up to be milked indefinitely, from my own ignorance at my own and others expense, while I am held unaccountable (delusional) for not “knowing” it.

Ignorance Fattened For The Kill

The pubic will, can and will be deceived for interest that manipulate The Commons, the connectivity of the things of Life, for their own personal privilege advantage.  This is a common thread of the price of ignorance throughout history. This will undermine the threads of connection, and so those threads must be blackened over to seem nonexistent.  Ideologies that promote the individual will as an alienated achievement program, can do just that.  This is controlling the conceptual context to control perception in language, then self identity.  Much modern culture has the individual evaluating oneself with comparisons to their peers; be it income, music, beliefs, or other identity tag frames–whose team you favor for instance.

{As an aside. I recently heard of a social commentator claiming that the white rapper (music) Eminem, was proved the victor by the universe, since he wrote songs and was a success for getting back at everyone whom he thought did him wrongly in his past.  Popularity translating to fame and presumably income, made him favored by the universe?  Really?  Did the universe also the promote dysfunction upon him so he could win and get back at his critics?

I do not know if human popularity is the same as the universe voting for your now defined success.  I could steal from all who criticized me and become an iconic hero for becoming wealthy and not getting caught; still the universe giving me a thumbs up?  Did Vincent Van Gogh get a belated approval rating from the universe?  Is it a sign of approval from the universe if this post gets 5 views, 500, 5,000, 5 million?

Does views or payment from society for this post equal approval from the universe, or could it be human, and WEB structured rules of favoritism, whether right or wrong?  If I “trick” the Internet search engines to find this post much more, would it then be that much more successful and universe favored?  Illusion and reality can both claim the same concepts and be framed with the same ideas, however, one will be the more near factual truth and the other the imagined.  We must know which is which or we truly are lost.  The lost then gain a cash value in their ignorance.

Learning from what wrong is done to one, is one thing.  Getting back or even somehow, as if life were a score card, is something very different.   A definition of success might have that popular survival ID of  “the fittest” tag put to it, but we do not know if getting even or proving others wrong is a particular quality of character of the universe–just because one becomes rich and famous.  We may know some humans are valuing something.  Many of the rich and famous are in varying extreme states of self and societal annihilation, only there is not always an obvious entity handing them their bill or true cost to culture/commons score card.

I presume the universe is for what is right and true, with our universe given imagination in reality being subservient to those qualities, regardless if I am claiming the universe must be on someone side judged by apparent rewards.  What I think is right and true does not constitute the same thing as what actually is right and true by universal mandate.  Humanity is at odds over its varying notions of what is right and true and wrong.   Dominating others, however, is not an exclusively intellectual or moral achievement, it is one of physics and leverage of human systems into controlling a paradigm.  The dinosaurs may have won that, but then how did “the universe” then check them?

We can find in many religions these sorts of material and health promises; believe in me, or Jesus, and you will be healed.  There are now “prosperity Christians” who view getting wealthy as getting tangible evidence of God or the universe’s smiling thumbs up.  These kind of seductions for effect are classic of cults and other creeds who intend to divert questioning, while leaving the doing up to you by the evidence that puts in an appearance.

They often will produce pseudo-scientific “evidence” ‘The cancer was incurable’, or ‘The hurricane was supposed to hit our city but our prayers diverted it!’ This assumes some non erring truism to medicine or meteorology that is not actually true–a reliance upon a kind of deceptive context framing and conclusion.  This kind of false truism is being aired daily on political and religious platforms as evidence of obvious truth.  And the followers follow…

If your cancer is not cured, why, maybe you did not believe in God enough, or it can be framed in yet another way and claim you are suffering to free others from the illness, like Jesus; or maybe the universe needs you somewhere other than where you had thought.  Always a way around obstacles when critical thinking and the manipulation of result orientation are decoupled and rearranged to suit the ideology or agenda.  Putting rewards into a future life or heaven is another way of putting events into an untouchable zone where they cannot be used to critique belief or faith. Integral to these contortions is a reliance on ignorance, and a poisoning of critical thinking’s well; especially that of followers. }

Dark Sides Dawn

There is a dark side to belief and faith that is blocked from view, yet ever-present.  Belief and faith need no proof or evidence, they become inoculated against objective input, true critical analysis, or theories that contravene them.  Belief and faith tend to conserve their own value, while finding outside interest of potentially no value if one thing can be proved false about them.  This tends to create, not only a self affirming confirmation bias, but a decidedly unfair and non objective measure of judgment;–I can prove your one idea wrong with a mistake or even misconception, while my belief, and, or faith in my ideas are not subject to any objective inquiry.  Say what you will about them I can deny your value and that of what you offer.  Ignorance accomplished.

In effect; while I can feel I prove you wrong with one idea or fact of yours cast into doubt, whether it is right or wrong, you might be required to prove all my belief and faith wrong to be felt as “equal”, yet those very notions are safely tucked away in question free zones.   Cults and many societal manipulators know this cognitive dissonant like aversion to self objectivity, where the truth might seem to hurt you if known, and can bank on using it in the general population to their distinct advantage.  Faith and belief can harbor darkness while appearing to their beholders to be only about light, redemption, and honoring time tested loyalties.

Once this change over to the dark side of ignorance occurs, we may seek validation of our choice as being a good and true thing.  This kind of self-deception by conscious diversion of awareness is often called cognitive dissonance; where we rationalize what we may know as wrong, as being actually emotionally right, or of little importance since the choice appears to serves us.  In religion this may be called temptation in the abstract, but cognitive dissonance is not necessarily always in the usual definition of that concept.


That America is open to kinds of deception in the name of the public good, is not my opinion.  For the Iraq war, the majority of Americans, by poling, thought “they” attacked us.  Another near majority thought Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden were the same person.  How is such fact misrepresentation (or possible deception) even possible? The administration knew the truth yet did not attempt to clarify the public impression of it.  (Cheney still claims to know unverified truth by biasing factual context into circular reasoned contraptions).  Indeed, their policy seemed to depend on the public being misinformed and confused about the known truth, then their intention could proceed with less resistance.

Corporate and conservative news platforms repeated the false context and false understandings conclusions throughout the lead up to the Invasion of Iraq.  This occurred even to the point of the alleged “liberal media” that was placing conservative pro war talking heads to advantage over dissenting voices by 2 to 1.  Others reduced dissenting voices to tag frames such as a small minority view, or other demeaning definition to their expression.

Those who were indicating facts for the real truth were considered far left or lacking in patriotism by most of the mainstream media.  One (Joe Wilson) had their spouses secret terror fighting position exposed as a kind of seeming retribution for exposing unverified data being used as alleged facts by the US administration.  Here is one way faith can mislead patriotic feeling to support darkness over light while not allowing objective questioning to determine factual reality and honest truth:  The Rule Of Ignorance.

What other falsity about the world does this willingness to be mislead then lend the American public to?  We choose not to know if we choose not to ask ourselves questions regarding our own forthrightness and integrity to what we hold as truth.  Not wishing to know, quite well may lend the rest of the world to not know what America may really stand for, and instead judge us by the actions that show us as being dishonest, idiotic, or just another self validating empire in the throes of decline.

And if you think only experts should question or know “the real” answers, remember those probes that went to Mars but crashed, for their math was seemingly not checked whether or not it was metric?  We have some of the Bush administration officials still claiming their old misstatements, or claiming to not know what was actually quite obvious to thinking people.  Are we really ruled by idiots, or are they counting on we to be the fools?

For what “Bright Beacon of Hope” for humanity hides behind the same old subterfuge and ignorance’s of the dark ages?  One that is not concerned whether that light is actually lit or not, true or not, real or not.  And so we can expect ignorance to have its set of self validating conceptions such as unexamined “patriotism” (“The last refuge of scoundrels”), peer-pressure ostracism/shaming, unexamined and blind “following the leader”.  That is unexamined truthfulness, and unexamined honesty.  Here is where a kind of idiocy becomes political and economic capital to social manipulators and oligarchs.

Live Free or Die.  I’ll Defend With My Life Your Right To Dissent.  Well.  Maybe Not!

In this equation of putting ones life into principles, is the difference between most of us and that 5% or so who will use their lives to back their beliefs (These, most likely in religion and the military). That 95% of the rest of us; one coercion or another will work; money, sex, or fear (families threatened for instance). This equation is known by the powers that have always been controlling populations. { I’ll refer you to the use of this knowledge in the world context in articles and web pages to follow this presentation of  mine.}

Orthodoxies, ideologies and many an ism, are threatened by the fundamental egalitarian mandate of Democracies right to vote (or the implications of all humanity being Gods children), and also the fair use of free speech, or their spiritual equivalents of compassion, empathy, or admitted connection to The Commons—The connectivity of existence.  To subdue this societal enlightenment, where ones consciousness is considered essentially equal to any other, strategies will be employed to pervert the truth of Democracies social contract platform, and to manipulate perception to create bias away from these universal notions to subjective us vs them subjugation’s.  This is a given.

To observe the conservative news outlets (many nonstop propaganda) is to hear and see misrepresented “fact” and assumption as operating consensus realities constructed of emotionalized appearances. Many right wing religious groups, for instance, seem to praise the name of Jesus, but seemingly behave anti his apparent message.  Most religions will use their own histories to validate what they wish to see and perceive now, and not necessarily the ancient or enduring wisdom, though as a diversion of consciousness, they often claim to be conserving the authentic historical “truth”.

The Hidden Value of Word-Playing Into Ignorance

Any society is regulated by a kinds of socialism; yes, even capitalism, where the great expenses of a few are made possible by the many.  This is sometimes called predatory capitalism these days, as it seeks to eliminate public input for public good while pronouncing its own good as the only public good.  It is a fools errand of consciousness to think that somehow what I or you do, does not have any bearing on what to others do or do not do, or how The Commons of Life is impacted.  We are all integral to culture and to societies interactive capabilities.  We all own the consequence.  Unregulated individualism in the present day would be dooming humankind to self destruction—we know too much of the real world to allow one person to do whatever they wish to it.

If I poison the water table and your well comes from it.  Well.  You are paying my price with your health if you accept it or not,  while I can say;  Life is not fair.  At least I got my water stored before the rest went bad.  Good for me.  You are the failure.  This sort of individualism rationalization delusion is ongoing from conservative circles 24 hr’s a day. Essentially, most everything in our worlds are in some manner socialized.  It is just reality.

Declaring Reality Is What My People Want

With seemingly daily misstatements and errors that run uncorrected;

Folks wonder who on earth Fox News could be talking to; the blatant errors, false analogies, false dichotomy’s, out of context conceptions based on fear?  Same could be said of those who believe Rush L’s propaganda; why do some of us need false and misleading information framed into an allegedly on your side pseudo-honest common folk context?  How does sophistry delivered by demagogue‘s seem to some of us to be the truth?  They are supplying what manipulated consciousness needs to counter cognitive dissonance; disrespect for the Universal Commons of Life.  Conservatism is often a kind of mental and pseudo-spiritual addiction—the need drives the reason.

Manipulating facts by false association and framing creates an appearance reality;  A reality that can have notes in the real world, but conclusions from the imaginary; for this to work on eager ears—-

Both Reality and critical thinking ability must be debilitated, allowing substitution to be made possible in minds unplugged of true context.  Overall, on surface consciousness at least, most people (you and I) think they are following the truth.  We just might not know how or why we have the ideas of truthfulness that we do. The more we do not know our own truth-seeking context, the more we may be mislead without knowing and acknowledging it.  In a world where manipulation pays, this ignorance becomes a bankable commodity.  Much conservatism banks on many cons; intending to know you will be unable to see through the charade, for you are not allowed to question preestablished “conserved” premise.  Your mind is unplugged to some extent from both the dynamic movement of now, and quite possibly, truly sensing God.

It seem conservatism banks on this faith bias, (many liberals have their own unsubstantiated conceptual biases that avoid fact checking as well, and are thus conservative), which allows it to run all manner of deception under the individuals truth detecting radar, mostly by ushering ideas in under emotionalized ad-hominen association, or other feeling surrendered logical assumption. The other strategy for crippling critical thinking is to “conserve”  sheltered “truths” under a-priori umbrellas, which the individual is then not allowed to step out from under or see clearly through above.

Most conservatism will have shame based tagging directed at those who do not accept or seem to not accept the conservative ideology, such as; ‘Well.  You just do not accept the truth.’ or ‘You are not a true believer.’ and other like pseudo analysis killing Thought-terminating clichés, (I expect this kind of nonsense from one of you liberal socialist fascist!) that frame others into us vs them tribalism mentality.  Once someone is boxed in and pegged, who needs or is able to see the nuance and ambiguity often accompanying most human lives?  Mission deconstruction accomplished.

Extreme art imitates life?  The dangerous and wild possibilities of mass deception.

A movie “comedy” covers it; this desire I speak of to be mislead from true critical thinking ability.  That movie is called Ideocracy,  where a genetically altered population harboring very low IQ’s, is the movie’s influence pedalling scenario.  In conservatism’s kind of Ideocracy; the requirement is effectively a form of ideological self lobotomy; as in cult and conservatism’s refusal of entering into objective reality testing. The movie uses Fox news inside itself for obvious reasons, but those reasons are not likely obvious to Fox viewers, and “the liberal media” believers.  Conservative news sources seem to not expect fact checking or critical thinking amidst their presentation.  Mostly they cycle and circle logic into self affirming loops that seem to require emotional attitude to substitute as fact finding;  Circular logic.

(I personally have heard from folks who consider Fox’s often mass spun conceptually biased news as the reliable, more accurate news source!  Then, bringing up the daily deceptions running on it might elicit one of those; ‘I don’t trust any of the mainstream media actually.’)

The scary thing is; some of us need to be mislead.  We need ideas to be misrepresented, facts misrepresented, likely cause misrepresented, for we are forcing an ideology onto reality and expecting no one to notice.  Many require a confirmation bias to be in place to screen cognitive dissonant information from consciousness.

Emotional attitude, as well represented by radio’s Rush L, is mistaken as theoretical proof.  This ruse in consciousness, essential to many conservative thought/concept created paradigms, must not be challenged.  This may help explain why direct contradictions, even in the same paragraph about the subject, do not register intellectually or often create conscious discord—The conclusion is what is expected and not the factual context where truth is ascertained, or at least hinted at.

The Final Frontier Is Actually Consciousness

America seems to have many millions of folks who require kinds of deception to feel right about themselves and their cause.  Just in recent history, within the Bush administration, it was conveyed in a journalist interview of allegedly “Bush’s Brain” that they are not reality dependent. They then are actors who simply make history by fiat, or is it truth?, simply by declaring things to be so without tiresome reality checking evidence.  Yes, with much less evidence as I am using here in this opinion piece.  I am not claiming to be an unquestionable “news” source of maker of history however.

Even when it was obvious that the public support of the lead up to the Iraq Invasion was based on non accurate assumptions—–such as Saddam Husein and Osama Bin-Laden being the same person, or the “They”, the Iraqis, were somehow who attacked us.  The conservative government had no interest in really clarifying the misleading assumptions, in fact, they depended upon them.  They are acting from belief and not from true evidence based fact. They depend on Americans to be clueless in this regard—not caring what they are told to be the truth.  If this is the case, America is under direct threat from the Ideocracy.

For stupidity to reign supreme over this land; kinds of “faith” and “trust” must be held above reason and wholesome consciousness.  In this cause, conservatism is well served and maintained by ignorance as the gold currency of societal manipulations .

Behold; the Ideocracy.


—————-and other views below, which I do not necessarily completely endorse.





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