Conservative Fear Of Knowing Objective Reality

Appearance Reality; Objective Reality; Consensus Reality and Cultural Mind Control.

Why Does The Right Wing Need Reality Unhinged?


Essentially for the same reason the round earth reality was opposed by authorities, or the sun as center of the solar system was opposed; to keep control of the authority empowering mindset, by connecting emotion to their ability to control thought parameters, for this is a conservatives first imperative. For this basic control over the foundational platform of perception and cognition they will deny evidence from observed reality that seems to constrain their authority along with possibly angry projection toward the data or idea source with ad hominem character innuendo. Words such as heretic, witch or other emotive Thought-Terminating-Cliché are updated regularly to shame-disable generally available sources of objective inquiry such as independent scientific analysis and evidence gathering for theory testing. The key to the conservative mind in this regard is to have it remain dependent on the “traditional” authority elite Appearance Reality Construct (ARC) narrative no matter how far it strays from whole contextual informational truth. They are then compelled by an emotion powered loading of argument, to demean new or opposing information. This can be achieved particularly by shaming the messengers of contradiction and their message. Now cognitive dissonance can be abated in consciousness. We can be most passionate over that which we least know as fact, and most angry at those whom we see as ourselves in an unwelcome mirror.

The right wing, used to judging by shame, blame and other contouring condemnations, often seeds irrational-ism into the national dialectic to keep concepts corralled. The real social and economic power brokers can use this inherent conservative insecurity to provoke the most fearful and insecure to scare the public into order, especially “free election” influence by fear mongering. Those dependent upon blind forms of trust, as opposed to more open and verifiable peer re-viewable scientific analysis, need not pay attention to “objective” argument, since assumed a priori truths need not be questioned, as these form a kind of circular reasoning defense field or firewall.. We are figuratively then cast into the debate between the right wings modern versions of an obviously truthful common sense flat earth reality with inbred appearance’s under “truths” protection, and the intellectual elites ideas of a round world which requires thought and rational interpretation under peer review, along with perhaps complicated intellectual gymnastics to envision how what looks flat can be a visual assumption about a much more grand round ground for example.

The conservative right spends much time on shame, blame, and attacks on science and intellectualism in general (their own abridged versions excepted) for these kinds of cognitive devises can manipulate while seeming to propose virtuous indignation arrived upon from serious consideration. Ignorance becomes a status quo’s prime conservative currency they can take to the bank, made by trust in their claim to full forthright authority and its “invincible” ideology. Belief, faith, values and certain ideas of loyalty can act as sealants, not of conserving truth, but of preserving a connection to deception stealthily positioned as honor and good.

Conservatives need to control Appearance Reality, always have for they are always on defense and seeking now to take offensive actions upon new ideas and new contrary data. In effect, tantamount to metaphorically supporting a kind of pseudoscience, for they must offer their “real” evidence why they cannot be wrong. While the more open minded might need to accommodate new information into their personal paradigm, the far right could be given proof that all their ideas are wrong yet that would not need to be assimilated into their world view for that view is fixed. They operate from the assumption, then, that their view is reality, truth or fact, and other views wrong or fantasy. For this they must shame deep inquiry as tantamount to a kind of intellectual obfuscation, or complicated mental based fantasy trickery up to no good. If you control how things seem by controlling emotions through fear rather than conscientious reason, a public diverted from objectivity will be primed to “get” the conservatives absolute surety, for the rationalizations tradition will be well circulated  and so right there on the cognitive shelf.  In fact for some this will seem so easy to get as to make believing a simple matter of faith.

Appearance Reality is the appearance “truth” of how things seem. Today’s conservatives see the economy, as well as their social values, as these kinds of inviolable right truths, and questions from you or I are automatically (if challenging their conceptual paradigm), felt by them as being wrong. We appear wrong to the narrative of their dogma. Since we seem somehow willingly wrong to them, they tend to invoke shaming in order to stop critical thinking abilities from functioning fully—in the conservative faithful.  Shame and potential ostracism from the cultural acceptance can prove to be powerful subconscious motivators. Even in those who do not buy some or all of certain conservatives reality assumption construct, what seem as threats to survival are often taken seriously beyond the rationalizations of human dialectical renderings.


-Science Itself Must Be Debunked; Kinds of Faith Overriding Evidence and Rational Theory

Objective contextual rendering of complex social and economic issues, such as theorized from science, must by necessity, be perceptually tarnished, often by pseudo-scientific emotionalized debunking. It is out of conservatism’s control mind-frames, to allow intellectual theory or controversy to spiral out of their control narratives. Conservatism relies on the appearance of a-priori knowing of unquestionable “truths”. Contrary ideas can then be declared spurious and wrong merely by existing, without the need of any objective-like truth finding or further research.  From cultural debates we can often see how one perceived problem with a liberals notion will be good enough to seem to debunk it from the conservative point of view.  The reverse does not hold true. The liberal could prove , ‘in theory’ all of a conservatives ideas as suspect and this will have little if any effect, for one cannot disprove faith. This lack of necessary evidence puts these two “poles” on different planets, while one of them claims to still be here with the other one.

You will notice conservatives emotionalized ad-hominem attitude’s of contempt and shaming as primitive authoritarian manipulative identity control mechanisms. Conservatism depends upon select self-serving rationalization to define their apparent unquestionable group defined consensus reality. To question them is perceived as offending them, the questioner is perceived as being on the side of something inherently wrong. The manipulative tactic of The Thought-terminating Cliché, is widespread across the conservative right, serving the purpose of emotionally diverting questions regarding beliefs by placing identity boulders in the way of perceiving cause and effect..

This opens the door to proselytizing demagogues from soapboxes in the mass media. Emotional confidence establishing blame and derogatory definition onto to those outside of conservative mind frames, is to conservatism, as fertilizing soil is to a farmer; the right attitude and fact selection will produce some growth in the appearance reality consensus in the gullible as to how other humans act based on emotionalized assumption by appearance. Conservatives become trained as to the look of the world by Pavlovian like reward and punishment indoctrination. This naturally leaves them with stressors seeming to initiate in outside groups and belief.


Faith is infinitely more easy to manipulate than objective fact in context.

As of late you might have noticed; from Rush Limbaugh, to Glenn Beck, to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and most anyone else the GOP enabled right pushes out to the spot-lights; something is very amiss in their perception, and or, their intention. Why do some see reality as a thing apart from facts in context, compared to facts sifted into ideologically screened conclusions? (The deregulation supported by anarchy capitalist has crashed and burned many, yet many of these conservatives claim the fire came from somewhere else.)

Our Information Context: The Right Wing’s Attack Upon The Open Paradigm Of Liberalism* (note at bottom of post)

In corporatized America, most people work for, and the laws made these days work first for, corporations. The charge upon liberalism from the right over the last many decades, was to re-frame liberal and conservative meanings; essentially to alter the liberal institutions of freedom, liberty and responsibility embodied in Democracy and the equal rule of law. These offspring of liberalism are attacked from within their own manifestation, by those who see the untying of their authority hold in the open society.

The earth has been defined as a possession of winners, and an abstracted success, where reality perception has become divided and conquered by the self-self as an identity who wins earth prises, or heavenly ones. The individual seemingly to be unconcerned with environmental or other consequence as long as they are kept in the darkness of ignorance, or behavior is considered legal.

The lack of conservative ideology inside the liberal context of Democracies inherent egalitarian premise (one person one vote, equality under law), is an institutional threat to authoritarians that must be destroyed somehow, for the right wings unquestioned interpretation of reality to dominate perception. The conflict addicted corporate media finds this power grab “show” to be just another potential emotion grabbing crisis conflict that advertisers can juggle to hold the viewers in by emotional appearance of importance.

Lately the “Culture Wars” and “Wedge Issues”, along with corporate media bottom-line propaganda outlets, pour these new non-egalitarian ways of seeing things “truthfully” into The Common air. Real in depth analysis is not encouraged, since it would tend to work toward a perceived eventual solution. Allegations and denials make for much more interesting easy to comprehend “news” than complex intellectual consideration. Corporate interest thus trumps defining reality truthfully, and that is another factor biasing and demeaning information in Democracy. Notice how, for both major political parties, we generally accept them based upon faith, and not much on true certainty to campaign induced expectation. For many, elections seem a kind of crap-shoot.

Conversely, an apparent truth of this contention and business sales addicted media, with its bottom line worshiping lack of order in the eyes of “moral” order conservatives, leads to the generalized conclusion that the media is obviously “The Liberal Mainstream Media”, end of discussion. An obvious truth.


Dividing and Conquering the Definition of Democracy

The corporate mind’s dominator interest (including some church’s as the original multinational corporations) and the usual hierarchical mindsets, would have a much easier time at dominating culture if certain aspects of Democracy were essentially disabled, into a kind of entertaining side show. Make the work in progress nature of liberalism’s plurality of interest seem inherently weak and dysfunctional, for not bowing completely to a church, sole economic or other “right” paradigm. We find that a kind of corporatism has gradually been supplanting the voter as the actual decider in government policy, particularly under Republican reign, but with Democrats as well. The public effectively being seduced away from their Democratic birthright handed down by our ancestors.

Democracy posses a continuous threat to the right wing, for it has a potential door open to rational thought. Whether the economic conservatives or the social conservatives, whose interest often run counter to it, Democracy’s potential is highly problematic. Huge amounts of money have funded conservative think tanks, as well as the many right wing propagandist seeded throughout the culture to brand problematic, and other aspects of liberalism, as the source of all ills. Again; pulling the rug out from under the promise and premise of Democracy and the equal rule of Law, while avoiding addressing the true source conditions that produce societal stress and dysfunction.

Democracies intrinsic equality of citizenship can be undone by; money, privilege, class, entitlement etc., once individuals re-frame their notions of Democracy into isolated out conservative identity mindsets, what supports our liberal institutions is undermined by a detached “free” individualism that can be sold the ideology of corporate identity and lifestyle branding. When I need a car that works; uh, what could democracy have to do with that? What indeed.

I often find talking point ideas of the week from conservative leaders, suddenly coming from many an “independent” and “freedom loving” blog post. If they only could see how their passion can be used against them by the very folks who give out the ideas for the propagandist to expose and “free thinkers” to emulate. Yep. They would assume the same of me, but not likely of they.


-The Individual TRAPPED

Once one becomes as a prisoner to ideological presupposition, especially as the functioning life cosmological/spiritual view, fact and fiction can be tailor made to suit prejudice. Example?

Today I encountered a view from a conservative I know from family in Texas who is visiting, which got me going onto this post. The 85+ something Republican party regular from an Air Force military career family I am referring to, was watching the weather news with me, commented on the cold weather in the nation and the many other indications that global warming is a deception. Gulp!

I mentioned that to her that global warming does not actually predict momentary weather, and that global warming is expected to create more extremes in weather. I stopped from mentioning that over the last decade record high temperatures have exceeded record lows by a 2 to 1 margin. Nor did I inform her that both earths polar hemispheres are experiencing a glacial meltdown unlike the consistent glacial pattern of alternating cycles associated with solar radiation altering earths axis wobbles over the last 600,000 years. I did not say these things for they would not be accepted, and I would rather have her not spend rare visiting time in arguing.

Now this very senior citizen I am referring too, was a stanch conservative (offspring all very liberal) who began to have some doubt during the Bush presidency about the nature of the Republican Party. She is actually somewhat liberal by many a definition of liberal, being understanding and empathetic toward suffering and issues of the poor and disadvantaged. I enjoy spending time with her. However, the GOP brand seems one she is marked with, holding many clichéd talking points as explanations for why thing are the way they are. In many ways politics is like religion; being, many of us get what our parents had. These days that may be much less relevant for some, but not for others.

“Some believe all that parents, tutors, and kindred believe. They take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.”
Alan W. Watts

And I Would Add Situational Bias’s Opportunism

What my view is, is that much situational advantage, and or privilege, and even some real or seeming oppression, tends to dictate many a belief. This is an inherited situational opportunism, in that the temptation of ones station in life can see others as probable cause of ones problems and inadequacies, whether right or wrong, especially if repeatedly told so with emotionalized confidence. When separation is conserved into ones identity, the inference from outside of wrong aspects of ones view are often dismissed from consideration. As far as The Whole is concerned, this is problematic in a Super Context where all things are interconnected and interrelated.

The aforementioned family member not buying the global warming ruse… Well, she has stock and military income, and considers Texas her home. Her husbands military carrier at war, and in the CIA and Pentagon, situated that well worn notion that the Republicans are “good” for the military. Arguable—-the fact of the matter and not necessarily the perception. Her husband had once brought up an opposing view to the party one, and was thereafter apparently ostracized. This according to a daughter who remembers the incident and communications. Seems a familiar pattern to the recent GOP one party rule during most of Bush’s presidency, where contrary position from their own ranks was met with threat of losing support.

What I see in many a conservative these days, and especially the cadre of emergency/crisis fear ranting ideological propagandist and talk show talking point spreaders, is this suit to their advantage philosophy. Reality and actual objective fact seeking is not to stand in the way of support for the appearance realities that promote ones situational perspective; where fiction can become potentially more important to rationalization, than rational thought and objective study. Objectivity itself, has fallen into “intellectual elite” bias, to the degree that Republicans seem to think that if you do not do all they want, you are not bipartisan or nonpartisan. Mind-blowing for a mind bending reason; only we possess the truth, so why would we agree to less? Conservative values trump reality itself. That is scary.


Check It Out

Reading conservative blogs and news sources is a study in an institutionalized paranoia and the “unfairness” of liberals and by extension, liberalism. The changing of the liberal philosophical view that created Democracy, into one of demonic and fact impaired lowlife liberals/socialist/communist , is stunning to see. “Facts” and “Truth” or “truthfulness”, are seen as dishonest if coming from the left. The left does not seem to see the undoing of liberalism (and implied, albeit by ignorance; Democracy) as grounds for an existentialized fair, balanced or other “integrity” bound definition debate wearing myopic conservative blinders, as being a good thing for Democracy to proceed forward by.

For a future for Democracy, my above allegation will find its Nemesis in apparent truthful rendering of fact and context . Yet I assert that many conservatives are effectively against reality, and ultimately against Democracy. The fact and context they will point to are tailor made to fit a conserved ideology that perceptually drives exclusion, and not inclusion, after all the should’s and shouldn’ts are blown off of ideology. Their fear is over deep insecurity hiding behind the curtain of avoidance of question, and the implicit fear of objectivity itself.

– – – – –

The right wing needs reality unhinged so it can claim that only its view is the real truth. Its mass of followers and worshipers of hierarchical mindset (supporting opportunistic advantage), see all that is not in line with their view as objectively impaired. Most any right wing news or opinion I read, is startling in its crippled premise and perceptual parameters, seemingly disabled from observing objective fact in whole context.

Indeed, like in global warming, and so many other always exposed liberal “lies”, these conservatives cannot comprehend the ambiguity and nuance of interpretation that is endemic of the world and the nature of events occurring therein. They are as if defending the honor of their flat earth basic truths, or their; “The sun obviously circles the earth” confident certainties, so plain and unmistakable in their view, exactly how it appears; since essentially they do not allow questions as to the completeness of their views and motives, other than asserting they are not anything but just and honorable; well, most conservatives would so claim, that is.

Democratic freedom and responsibilities are under assault, perhaps unknowingly, by many on the right. Some of these surely believe they are actually defending these very institutions born of liberalism. It is up to those who seek objective truth in context, to defend an entitlement for every being to be able to be in their rightful place in Life. The imperative of equality of consciousness implied to individuals and culture alike, must be asserted above the assumed rights of individuals to do what they want to others and the environment, assumed without consequence, that would be instituting delusion above reality.

We are in a battle for the definition of truth and reality that has implications for everything and everyone. Whether the truth is not to be questioned by objective analysis; or whether the truth is discovered via objective analysis. If truth is assumed to be beyond question, then Democracy will be defeated by those who eventually will rationalize it away. The re-framed notions akin to the flat earth, or sun circling the earth, will become a faith based viable true belief again, based on apparent fact.

If truth is everywhere and everyone’s responsibility to detect and define; then Democracy may well survive, for truth’s refinement then becomes all of our charge. The right wing needs reality unhinged for a reason; that ignorance (established in non-questioning) may dominate over information/knowledge. That is not fair and balanced. It is suicidal.

To walk truly, we require real Truth from which to see straight. Right wing conservatives claim to know the truth, but deny outside questioning to establish truth as consistent and verifiable fact. This is the conservatives conundrum; claiming reality while not allowing objective analysis of it.

It is the pathway to destruction, to claim authority beyond question, for then every manner of deception is opened up into insecurity’s Pandora’s Box, when we do not accept incoming evidence from real Life.

* Note:

Being a real liberal is not for lazy minds:

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

Being a liberal does not mean the truth is not conserved. It means you trust objectively intentioned evidence above belief or attitude as evidence.

For The Truth About The Big Global Warming Argument, click next link:

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