BREAKING DEMOCRACY—the poisons of subjectivity

I do not know what I do not know.

This seems a most obvious statement; for how can we know what we do not know?

Some know the truth (they will say), for they trust knowledge, or alleged knowledge sources, likely based on some personal historical connection. Much of religious and political ideologies embedded in culture are handed to one young, as basically the honest truth. Then you “know” that other beliefs not included, are presumed suspicious, or at least in some manner, not good enough for you. Apparently the culture has rejected or ostracized those alien ideas.

I do not know if most know their beliefs are likely from some individually relative situational association, and not an attempt at pure and honest whole objective reasoning. Whether it is your church, your school, the Nazis or the Communist, they all knew that; to get one when one is young, is to have accomplished much of the “proof” to “knowing” and belief. We are quite like computers being booted up with the local software, hence running these proof programs designed consciously, or not. If one does not know to question their own assumptions, one does not know what all the relevant questions of life are, nor what the other answers are. And more importantly, I do not know what I do not know.


A quality of consciousness is essentially constant. A bright 10 year old may hold their own with many a less active 30 year old, or even older, and notice that they, though young, seem to know more than the senior. The elder can leave the conversation realizing they just learned something. The me in me has a certain conserved quality. I do not seem to have changed my identity. Unfortunately, not all consciousness is now point apparent. Some awareness seems residual to the passage of time, where one gets an historical perspective on how things actually work out, compared to how they might have thought they would way back when. In some of this awareness can emerge what appear to be spiritual truths.

These will fall into the same reality check as other truth, being that we do not know exactly why we assume they are as they are. If I do not challenge my beliefs to a broader light of day, I may never see where they fit in the spectrum’s of human definition and comprehension. One profound clue to this difference being manifest as an actuality is; though most human beings have extraordinarily similar basic needs, when it comes to religion, politics or other cultural ideological glasses, the world seems to have many differing brand name interpretations.

This parochial unquestioned confidence that many of us have of our own viewpoint, creates a problematic meeting, or engagement with other notions fulfilling the same needs. We tend to assume the others are competing with us, and so are a threat, or we think they are simply wrong or unfathomable. This suspicion becomes ground for ignorance, fear and paranoia to rule relationships.


When I was young I tended to think many elders were in strong denial of life’s grand possibilities. I felt that the world had such profound potential for human beings, and that it was being horribly misused and mistaken. I saw these adult competing interest as suffering over self imposed restrictions in perception and imagination. I could “feel” this mistaken identity in the society, yet was unequipped to explain it.

This phenomenon is often called youthful idealism, which you will presumably grow out of once “practical” realities tone down your optimism, while you conform more and more to convention. Society supplies many comporting perks and bonding rituals for those who surrender to the norm and conform. I felt personally, that I could never turn my back on my greatest hopes and dreams for human beings. I was ignorant, however, of what time would actually teach me, and if I would be prepared for the learning of its lessons, or be skipping the course that day.

I did not know what I did not know. Kinda like saying one does not miss what one never had, but for dreams, they go beyond conventional having, as well as leaving an impact when they are ignored. Kinds of experiential consequence happen in life that can be particular to an individual, and unpredictable in younger times when these associations were unknown. Youth has this certain kind of time related unknowable knowledge barrier, yet one cannot explain exactly to one what that is or what it will be. It is time and lifetime dependent. One reason age can bring with it, wisdom, or a profound lack of it.

I am implying a kind of age related knowing. There is also an age related loss, where one can change ones view as the concerns arriving through time and situation change the appearance and appeal of ideas. This does not make the new impressions necessarily correct, they come about inside their own reasoned logic matrix’s. Age does not mandate truth or wisdom. Wisdom needs to be attended to, it is not an automatic pilot, or the elderly would all be pure founts of wisdom. Obviously, many are not. Likewise, a conscientious young person may be wise way beyond their years, yet not necessarily have that age related perspective of experience. We would seem to need one another throughout the age spectrum for many practical reasons, yet much of society now encourages the ghettoizing of age groups for mass marketing and other dissections.


One aspect of life which many seem unawares of; is that power seeks to preserve its higher status. We have been warned by the ages, of letting power form in human relationship; that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can even venture to guess that when President Eisenhower cautioned the nation as to the dangers of a military/industrial/(congressional)/ complex, it was in reference to this power and corruption guaranteed in relationship to democracy. Power’s outward appearance in the world, is privilege over other human beings. Wisdom may be a kind of power, but it metaphysical and can be ignored. Money and force, however, have instant impact, nearly guaranteeing influence. This “quick power pill” carries great temptation and great corruption within its very ease and access. It is no wonder politicians are so addicted to its use.

Democracy is a fundamental egalitarian institution; one person one vote; equal. For power interest, democracy must be subverted or otherwise rendered subservient to them to maintain domination and the corruption it allows. That means that those holding the security card of privilege, for whatever reason, tend to want to keep it, regardless of what is happening to others around them. This then, for these “top” of the pyramid people, requires a redefinition of humankind emotionally, to divert and to escape the guilt of having while others have not. It is no wonder society tends to keep this dramatic contradiction held at bay, those who bring it up, called malcontents, free riders, communist or some other negative tag that tends to divert subconscious identity cues away from a demonized concept.

The culture itself must be cast into a paradigm with positive and negative self achievement quantified connotations involving perceive merit to privilege. This greatly facilitates allowing the unequal distribution of the benefits of having and keeping, all buttressed by a judgemental regime, where having and not having is made into a right, depending upon the hierarchical station the judgements place the individual in. Now, mass liberation ideologies like democracy, can be convoluted, controlled and used to advantage. They can be hollowed out as abstract Trojan Horses, a democracy’s citizens clamoring to bring the hierarchical paradigm right into the midst of fundamental equality and purpose, and all with tempting dreams of great success

To mandate this conditioning of dreams and expectation to a dominator model for humanity, many have defined into roles (theirs) very early in life, this “obvious” need for privileged status. Then, to remove themselves further from this having’s sense of personal societal relationship consequence, these big haves tend to seek out enclaves and other essentially walled off utopias to pursue their odd privileged socialist system for power, that is dependent on the mass of society. Amidst the emotional security of the like minded, all can seem right in the world.

The new Pharaoh like pyramid scheme is complete, where the vast majority sacrifice some part of their lives to benefit the elevated status and control these privileged beings posses for themselves as they keep others energy and sacrifice. And now minds can rationalize being the privileged beings they believe themselves to be, and think they feel fine about it. They surround themselves, often, with the material attributes of this proof of their divine entitlements.

By using their power to perhaps offer another a hand, or share a bit of their “own” prosperity, they can indeed feel both entitled and “giving something back”. This may make them feel better and be of aid and comfort to someone, but it does not undo the powerful deceptions, unless somehow, all taken energy was put back into the commons. That returning would actually have the potential of becoming an alternative to certain governmental mandates to address the issues of the commons.


The cognitive dissonance endemic to wealth and power structures, does seek to culturally codify their own living standards and lifestyles. They realize that because of society and the world, they are placed on relative pedestals and treated as if they were God, for they are willing to take other life energy to greatly benefit their own, and do. There is a whole natural guilt embedded into this hierarchical institution, requiring a legion of sycophant like deliverers of accolades, and much talk of success and fulfillment being worthy MOST rightly to the power structure.

Do you know if I need to tell you that it is in the interest of a lopsided perception of human consciousness and life, to have you go along, preferably unconsciously, with this whole domination paradigm? Most all of us, even if poor or on the margins of survival, have been booted up with the dominator paradigms way of self and other perception, including the apparent need of entitlements of classes of individuals who wield power over the majority of the population.

Given the somewhat veiled truths of life I have suggested, and our continuing survival on planet earth, the power holders have a somewhat easy time of selling their society usurpation formula to the population. Since they essentially control the cultural narrative in the modern world, we are breed to serve as their bread and butter, while feeling the elite’s have every right to much of our lives in these great pyramid schemes. And schemes emitting corruptions stench they are, though called a rose.


We in democracies claim to see oppressive societies and cultures as being obvious. There may be an abstract notion of spiritual equality in some of them, but most have some seeming tyrant or oligarch telling most everyone how to be and how to keep things the way they are. In the westernizing world, oligarch’s had to unravel the threat of egalitarianism fundamental to democracy as well as equal rights. Creating a cultural narrative that include a way for an average individual to ascend up the hierarchic ladder to success and mass possession, making the oligarchy seem as a kind of meritocracy, where anyone can have it all, if they deserve it. This winner gets all like concept of achievement seduces the mass of population the same way as lotteries and stock markets can.

There is a subconscious truth to this wealth and power bases corruption inducing hierarchical paradigm; not everyone can be that heralded from the gutter success story. Someone will have to clean the streets and empty the garbage. There must be “failures” or others kept in pressurized states to accept what they can get, and not what they dream. It is mandated in the formula of materialism and exploitation of the environments, that most must pay the price for the few.

This does not mean the few have not achieved something, even something important. It does mean they chose the corrupted path of not seeing the usurpation of the many’s energy, or have conditioned their consciousness to accept power over others as a natural right. A long, darkening of the soul occurs as it must, the wealthy and the privileged coming to suspect democracy and any attempts at true equal access to the resources of a society. They, because of their own cognitive dissonant conditioning, must accept living above others who have little or have not, as the way of life.

We have our democracy, attempts at true justice, attempts at truly equal access etc, continually undermined by the poisoned by corruption mentality’s of the oligarchic mindset. The environments, societal as well as other earth based, are exploited without concern for the many or concern for the whole world itself. We are placed squarely under this confused blind leading the blinded view, and given what amounts to relative wish list of issues to compete over.

It is stunning in its self defeating contradiction, that in this years election, the more conservative/oligarchy party, feeling the opening, freeing threats of possible liberalism, are said to have bought large quantities of a book full of misrepresentations, to spread to the population in order to sow fear regarding the opposing candidate. Imagine the contempt for the public and the commons; here are a bunch of lies to guide your way. What do these kinds of polluted souls think of their fellows, and what darkness in their hearts must there be, to promote deceptions as truth and reality?


Make no mistake about it, democracy, that abstraction we now fight wars for, is being destroyed from the inside out. The contempt for the commons implied, is a contempt within the hearts and minds of those who despise equality. They are at war with themselves and their cosmological contradictions, but it is we who carry their burden. Their loss of humanity equals our loss. Their contempt for the commons, the unifying relationship and interconnection of Life, quite possibly, our epitaph.


We may never know what we do not know.  We may claim to know this world outside of us, yet since it is not apparently obviously inside of us, never get beyond our opinion or subjective point of view.  Like life itself, which we are, we can pool what we see and achieve something more.

There is hunger, starvation, alienation, pollution, depletion and more, all for what we do not accept or acknowledge, that we do know how to prevent these, if we chose to.  We have been conditioned to settling for less, when we need not have to.  Many if not most of invention, occurred from passion and not form profit.  We demean ourselves to accept that we must be “made” or forced to do what needs to be done.  That is lowest common denominator living.

Though I might only assume I know what I experience, I still do not know what interpretive lens may be coloring my perception.  We also do not have proof, however, that all of the outside world in not also, in fundamental ways, inside of us.  We see we are air, water, rock and mineral.  We feel we have an electrical
nature.  The clouds resonate within us.  The lightning hints at our cumulative power, not to deny and corrupt, but to influence creation.  When we look outward, we are also looking into another inside of our nature.

We are always choosing an interpretive  world and self view paradigm.  No one makes us be who we are but ourselves.  No one also, removes us from the forces of creation and being, but our own assumption.  Being in the dark regarding our own motivations and their bias, is living a life unexamined, and quite likely profound ways, unopened.  It boils down to an awareness of the light, and the lack of it.  To where things are seen out in the open, or removed from view.  Only I can insist for myself to illuminate what is and understand why it was hidden or claimed to not exist.

Love is this infinite bond itself.  It is what we are, what makes life worth living, what we miss most when not seen, and what can never be adequately substituted for.  Love itself is Life’s imperative.  How different It is, from all the competing and strife, all the searching for what is not there.  Yet oddly enough, is always all around us, even when most lost, we are still inside Love.  If not knowingly inside of It, it is up to you to get connected.

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