What a world it would be if we could live by the Whole Truth. The truth is by definition; not in contradiction with itself. The truth can seem to us at times to be incoherent as in paradox, or blind, as in by ignorance, but that “opposition” might relate more to our abilities to understand life and the universe than its actual fact in reality.

The universe is consistent in its laws of being, or it would not be able to be, that is consistency. For this reason it is sensible to reject the lazy, convenient and opportunistic driven existential relativism that gives equal merit to truth and fiction. There is an inherent and inherited drive to Truth. Yes with a capital T. Our survival always depends upon how
close we are to It.


Politics and religion make great distinctions over what is often actually varying limitations at interpreting reality, and agreeing or not on its parameters available to human comprehension. Truth is in effect, argued as relative to an empirically mistaken subjectivity, and an abstract untouchable perfection of ideal, for many belief systems, the two can never truly meet.

In these our environments, we explore our differences in perception to advance the cause of greater truth. We do face factors that can be in the way; assumptions of history and context in which we are born. These do or have limited abilities in comprehending what tools are necessary for honest perception of the self and the world. It is the contention here, that we can enlighten ourselves by activating our critical thinking abilities rather than denying them for what appears to be current or comfortable self advancement. Orthodoxy’s, as status quo question free zones, adhered to like security blankets, can institute and worship ignorance in the place of God, or if you will, the Universe of Truth.

WHEN DECEPTION (TEMPTATION?) WHISPERS; “It’s yours! Take it before someone else does!”

When the self “advances” at the cost of the Whole Truth, one is in fact self-deceiving and self-defeating. One cannot bypass the truth (universal reality) without dire internal/external emotional and relationship consequences. Lies, denial and other deceptions set up the fields of disharmony, aided by what has been called cognitive dissonance, and, or, a temptation to not concern my thought with the Whole. Then the dysfunctional world of opportunism opens.

It seems the universe is set up to honor those with an honest and open heart and mind, no matter the material results humans may impose on other values that serve to confuse appearances. The illusion of “having” more materially, has become a kind of substitute for both Love and understanding of oneself and connection to all that is. Fear of loss will be advanced, however, not just to give thought to protection from insecurity, but to control perceptions by steering thought away from the heart of the Whole matter at hand. Our focus has been diverted from understanding.


I propose that much of the division and conflict at home and in the world is because of self serving attempts to have things “ones own way” (no matter how well intentioned!) when in fact that way is the wrong way if it fails to stand up to the inherent objective standard of passion for the Whole Truth.

Though none of us are perfect with objective clarity, life hands each one the quest to be more whole and fulfilled. This occurs in a more lasting and unshakable way by drawing closer to truthful reality, perhaps necessitating the presence of ambiguity and nuance if clear and simple conclusions are not possible. Inside of a present position of uncertainty may require humility, implied conditionality of context, and most importantly, forgiveness; for oneself and others.


Tired yet of all the alleged fact and opinion that do not meet this full and unbridled standard of illumination, but instead provoke the darkness of subjectivist separation via ignorance and its progeny; conflict? Then we need a field of honesty about the human condition; about the dividing appeal of subjective gain, and the resulting imbalance that can then emit into the world and create dissonance that will self perpetuate as conflict (some internalized state of falseness to Being, expressed internally and externally), unless it is understood for what it is.

We each must acknowledge that internally and in the outside world of others, the Truth faced up to in the light can be painful to behold, making it seem a challenge to embrace the light over the darkness. Light can be blinding, if not humbling, to find in the presence of Truth that ones past assumptions have proven to be in error, and admit that that error has brought pain, discomfort and confusion into the world.


Our work at exposing what is hidden may bring this pain into the forefront to be processed. Yet true growth of individual perception only comes after this transcendence of deception and illusion. This effort is then dedicated to the proposition to be true, whatever it takes. We are always invited to take part in this quest. By its very nature, the journey is as eternal as Being Itself.

This is to Whole Love. May it hold us all in Its arms.

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