Killer Bees Having Breakfast?

Killer Bees Having Breakfast?

The Killer Bees are here!!!

Actually they have been in Arizona for many years.   Just a bit more snippy that the regular European Bees.  They seem to cross the US border with impunity.

Babies Hanging Out In a Gang Video

-Young’ens Gone Wild.  I am not endorsing this water product. Have never tried it.  It must have something in it to produce such dramatic results.  I heard its H2O, whatever that is.

Don’t kids need a license to wander around in parks without adult supervision?  I’m just saying.

Here’s to genetic engineering.


How about here’s to getting your product advertised for free.

Thanks Enreal

Rampaging Tornadoes

The Dickinson tornado of July 2009, has left us with this police video.  As with the video below, the sound of objects striking the ground or vehicle are the up close indicators of the vortex in the distance.

And this one, dramatic wedge tornado and huge hailstorm.

and a cow figures a tornado will not strike the same place twice

Benefit planned in tornado-ravaged Dickinson‎ –

4 hours ago

AP – DICKINSON, ND A benefit concert is planned in Dickinson to aid victims of last week’s tornado that ravaged the south side of the city.

From KX

The Unfinite Countings

Thoughts filter through photographs

dream leached drained of meaning

images becoming alien iconography

the laws and dictates of parenthood

now sprayed upon sides of boxcars

graffiti visions enduring attention

sliding down empty steel alleys

aligned with contradiction

forgotten connection



a souls search for place

in a space filled with separation

paths in every direction


Unfinite borders

leave their screeching

broken pretension

the sun rises again helpless

a moon fades into blue

a June disintegrates

into history dripping

clouds again today

as in heavens cloud

surrounding earth

as always present

wet and falling

steam and rising

thoughts condensing

a life settles down

under leaves of yesterday


This never mowed prairie

swaying without cause

butterflies watching




This post is meant to be one with all things tornado; meaning photo’s and links to other tornado info.

-For NOAA Photo’s like this one below, click on this link:

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0193

Project Vortex. The Dimmitt Tornado.

Image ID: nssl0193, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection
Location: South of Dimmitt, Texas
Photo Date: June 2, 1995
Photographer: Harald Richter
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

-Current Weather links are in my Header;

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another NOAA window

This Site; Severe Studio’s has live feeds on occasion;

From Google Images;

Image results for tornadoes images

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NOAA’s Tornado Info;

National Geographic Link on Tornadoes;

-In the grammar school hit by this tornado, but years before the event, I would doodle at times by drawing tornadoes.

My Tornado Story; Now nearly 42 years ago.  This tornado occurred in an April outbreak.  There were 33 deaths and 1,000 injuries from this one.

TORNADO! –nearly 41 years old, not forgotten.

-Some tornado facts from Live Science

Funnel cloud photo from my yard several months ago; from my computer screen view.


-I’m a weather spotter, so I left this scene to call NOAA and prepare a bit since the storm was slowly coming my way.  There were two known deaths and several water rescues from this storms flood.