An Arizona Sunset Video

This first video try shows I’m not quite trained properly on my new camera.  The low light conditions created frustrating focusing issues.  I’m trying to not be a perfectionist, and this proves it. Yet I do want you to see the sunset anyway.

My up-loader did not allow the higher quality image to upload, so this is best viewed in the little box from my point of view.

Sand Painting From the Ukraine ; What Fun!

When Sand Shifts

Kseniya Simonova, a Ukrainian artist, won Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent.” Probably Ukraine’s Got Talent Too!


Christmas Lights : Starting In Summer?

-The video below demonstrates what a lot of folks go through to create their displays each year.  Photo below are some lights in Texas Dec, 2009

In this video you may notice the summer attire.  Christmas decorating could be an all year event if thee folks all any more.

TED Brings Imaginative Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

TED Brings Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

While watching this video, I wondered how soon this technology would spread. Two years? 5 ? Some of the things are relatively inexpensive.

Then the thoughts jumped to robotics. A remote viewer could now intelligently direct a robot as if she or he were there. The robotic agent could just look at something, triggering databases to diagnose the environment.  Maybe save somewhere form a nuclear meltdown, or one mans terrorist or freedom fighter can send an almost indestructible agent out to do harm.  Star Wars may quickly metastasize to terra terror.

Have a nice and techy future.

Oh yur just a naysayer.

loooks fun to me!

Look my whole house is a computr screen.  Break that window and see what happens.

No.  Go ahead.

…and as the glass shattered the sky began to fall===

Tennessee Rock Slide Video Nov 2009

Tennessee Rock Slide Video Nov 2009

(Video below at Live Leak has no leading-in commercials.)

It is believed that the rains from ex hurricane/tropical storm Ida helped to trigger this rock slide that closed this road in Tennessee.  Otherwise, the road cut likely created a problematic issue with the angle of the material in the rock face.

The word is that an earlier small rock slide brought the attention to this spot.  In case you wondered.

To see the video click on the Live Leak link below photo. Photo also from Live Leak.

-CNN seems to be the source of these images

Click on link below.  Video will roll seconds after.

Arizona Geology: Tennessee rock slide caught on tape

CNN just posted this WDEF video online showing a spectacular rock slide in Polk County, Tennessee. I’m sure it will be picked up the excellent landslide


America; The “Best Health Care System” Ranks About #37

Following the propaganda parade about not messing with what aint broke?

Here is some perspective

Billionaires For Wealthcare Video

Seemingly in response to Fox News and Freedom Works apparent intention to have your health regulated by corporate bottom lines above your own life lines, this group, Billionaires For Wealthcare, presents what the invisible elephant in the health-care room cannot see.  What?  The 9-12 diverted frustration tagged onto those not actually causing their ills.

Billionaires For Wealthcare Video

We need a public option to diagnose the mental illness seeming to possess the Republican Party.  That, or at least Palin’s witch-doctors exorcism routines done daily.  Then maybe 2 aspirin…An apple…