as a WEB Ferris Wheel

Hopping onto another WEB Wheel for fun.

Recently I’ve discovered what might be an emerging trend of WEB sites that post new blog post in real time. There is some debate over the “hits” one receives off of these sites, being that your blog might be viewed for a very short time. I have found these by finding that my blog was receiving hits from them.

By my own viewing on these sites, I am not sure if a hit occurs just from my viewing what is put on my screen, or if that hit only happens when I pause the revolving blogs or otherwise click into them. It does seem that my comments have increased, perhaps indicating that a few more folks spend quality time at my blog. I am not selling anything on my blog, so I am not looking for hits for economic reasons, and am not aware how or if these are effected by these WEB Wheels.

I enjoy the random nature of blog views at these sites. I set my cursor at the pause button and pause most every blog at times. Personally, I go over their new post as a serious reader; check out their recent post and blogroll, plus what the post seems to be about. I have already linked to some by placing them on my own blogroll, and have placed the rotating WEB sites there for my own ease of access as well as for others to check them out.

I am not sure if these Blog Surfing Wheels, Blog Wheels, Blog Reel?, have a “real” name.

Sometimes, the WEB is a Carnival.

So Many Wonderful Bloggers


From these leaves; evidence of a tree.

I was just trying to get some self education about blogging; what trackbacks and pingbacks are. I decided to hit the readomatic new tag search instead. There seems to be a lot I do not want to know about blogging, or being a machines apprentice while trying to relax my oxymoron’s.

Anyway. I ended up at a Blog Catalog; , where I could just pick my interest and check out spiritual and philosophical blogs. The BC made that easy. I did not register there yet. My blog is eclectic in many respects, so fitting into one category is odd for me. After looking at some philosophy blogs there, I thought maybe that would be the place. Not sure if you can spread yourself around, or if that is a good thing. there is a limit to getting on growing list. Alphainventions is fun as a roller-coaster ride, where you can be surprised about the view. I put that in there so all those Alphainventions folks I noticed dropping by don’t think I moved on, so to speak. We’re all exploring. Anyway’s.

All kinds of us out there, telling it like we see it, know it, wish it, insist it, and every other angle on being a human with an open mind and a willing heart. And yes, for some, just energy and an attitude. What a resource we all are, so many lives we would have never known; thoughts we would not have given. All now at pushes of a button or key.




Falling Off The Earth


In free-fall

a moment of birth

an invisible presence

where desire meets cause

the universe opens its door

vibrations past a tipping point

a future falls through a dream

like snow sifting into winter

words into the Internet

thoughts come down

silent imperative

a point of no







{This post is now dated. Alphainventions has moved on to be more

of a diverse blog finding site with on-screen viewer selectivity.  Blogs

will still roll by your mind if you wish.  Click the link below to find out or return to Alphainventions (Nov, 2009)}

Alphainventions has brought the reader and blog entry into virtually the same moment in time.

I had noticed my post numbers top slot once in a while would say Alphainventions. How did they find me? What is Alphainventions?  I went and checked it out.

It is handy to zip over there from my WordPress referrers list and see what is going on. They’re a site that does the channel surfing for you, based on post that were just pushed out on the WEB. For a brief moment, your post is on their front page. Click, and viewers come pouring in, spilling onto the floor and throwing popcorn to the dog. (Our dog does not like popcorn, so please stop that.) It is a novel way to check out what’s going on in real time in a WEB of relativity. The medium is the moment.


Time is relative, so we are all real all the time?


{Back a couple of hours later, and this post has had hundreds of visits. Proof that it is not what you post but where?}

{A couple more hours, and it’s just passing 1,500. Who knew?

Now if I only had something valuable to say…}


It seems you get a big hit for mentioning Alphainentions, then that trails off rapidly. There are major issues facing this kind of site as it expands. It will be curious to see what happens.

I do like the brief glimpse of fresh blog post. It will be interesting to see if they can include some kind of selectivity so one is not seeing lots of post of little interest. Might like to see post on a certain topic, or other specific appeal, instead of just everything. But everything has its own place as a raw sampling of what is happening as well. Time might tell.

Here is the back door into the Alpha Quadrant