The Information and Communication Age Overthrows Egyptian Dictator Mubarak

The Information and Communication Age

Overthrows Egyptian Dictator Mubarak

Will this produce Democracy as we know it, given the Egyptian militaries huge role in Egyptian society?

A peoples revolution occurring in the heart of the Middle East demonstrates the organisational aspects of the revolution happening throughout the world via social media. This is a challenge to the usual oligarchic hierarchical mechanisms throughout society effecting self identity.

As in the USA, these interest use their vast advantage of access to idea spread, enabling a platform for the manipulation of the individuals self construct to be immersed in “dominator” paradigms. This strategy is opportunistic and survival orriented, making fear a prime mover in our actions, rendering Democracy to a kind of back seat.

This new communal perspective spreading throughout humankind is both letting us each know, in some respects, what the others are doing.  It also increases the viral capacities of mis and disinformation, as evidenced poignantly by the manipulations of the US right wing, known to be most misdirected and erroneous as to the factual aspects to their belief system.

Democracy is not a guarantee that anyones aspirations nor their stresses will be served. This “error” in perspective can open a Pandora’s Box of opinions as to what is real and what is not, again evidenced by the views of many US conservatives regarding US president Obama and his alleged intentions and beliefs, these fashioned into Appearance Realities by the corporate media’s skewed slant in many events and realities of the world.

For Egypt, this is just a beginning of an ongoing effort of the individual to achieve more say in the events of their lives, and a reinvention of those interest who seek to control perception and place.

Enjoy the victory. Prepare for the journey.

UFO Speculations : Is It All Hype Or Hyper-Reality?

I have been interested in UFO’s and the idea of alien life since early childhood.  I had seen a few strange things as a child, and a few as an adult.


I will reference only the two most recent times when I was with someone else who saw the objects with me; spheres in one case, and a large angled back triangle of blocked out stars rapidly moving across the star field on a moonless night.  Hold up your hand as far as possible over your head and spread it wide; about like that.

I do not know if these somewhat classic descriptions of kinds of UFO events are military vehicles.  I have seen the B-2 Stealth plane fly over Tucson, but I believe it made a noticable sound when flying low.  The profile of the stars being blackout phenomenon I mentioned seeing could be one of those flying at approx 1,000 foot altitude—if it is silent with no glowing aspects. The edge of the missing star-field also seemed smooth and not jagged.

I did not see any of the UFO’s often otherwise referenced in the Arizona UFO stories that I have heard of—mostly lights and or visible objects with lights, not of the spherical kind I saw that fly in formations of some kind.  (Former governors experience link below.)

There is no consensus about where UFO’s are coming from, meaning the ones not hoaxes or misread plane, weather or other earthly anomalous events.  In fact, if I can say that honestly here; “fact”, there may be many kinds of UFO external origins; external to out planet or external to our spacetime.  We also are not certain where life on earth actually originated. So as a rank naive UFO speculator not doing research myself on what others think, I will imagine what I might about the phenomenon.


UFO’s may be robotic vehicles monitoring earth or otherwise checking our state of civilization and technology, with any number of reasons as to why.  They, or some, might be from the future, don’t know. They may be space tourist, after all we are interested in everything out there.  They might be cosmic researchers and scientist, acting in ways that such folks do; testing subjects.  Could be on a kind of spiritual journey to see what Life is creating.  Might be keeping an eye on us to eventually act to keep our conflict model out of the heavens.  Remember I am saying might be.  If predators, like many of us, they might be waiting for the best time to harvest.  I doubt that myself, but that could be my wishful thinking, so I’d advise you to taste bad.


If life became conscious such as we modern humans, but billions of years ago, we may be visited all the time and never know it.  So called aliens could be part of the world we see, but assume to be inanimate or unconscious aspects of nature, or watch us from another dimension somehow.  Things such as a human mass unconscious or subconsciousness may be monitored by “them”, ( including our thoughts {along with God and Santa Clause?}).  They might not even be true individuals as we think of them.  Extrapolating off of our rapid internet advancement, why they may watch and giggle/snort/shine/haze? over what you and I are doing here. With likely advance deciphering of logic ability, they should in some manner comprehend most all we are about with our little blogs.  Solipsistic?  Maybe.


If we are actually creatures in a much advanced rendering of a virtual reality, it could well be designed to seem a real existence to us.  Real then becomes even more relative.  Does my blog actually know i is a blog?  I hope I don’t think so.

Physics, or our atempt to define the physical world, may be trying to decipher the insides of a virtual reality event.  ESP, may be a kind of bleed through in this virtual reality.  Repetitive haunting events; such as see-through soldiers seen returning into the woods at alleged Civil War battlefields, could “show” how a loop in this virtual reality gets locked in and partly imprinted indefinitely.  UFO’s under these speculative circumstances could then be system checks, kids playing, or who knows what.  –From first Star Trek alien child—-‘I could of!; I could of!.’

A scary thought about the UFO’s sighted around military installations, then apparently pursued by military vehicles is; we are showing them what we have in their field!  As they sped away beyond our reach, or blink through space to many miles away, oops; they learn we cannot catch them.  They also learn how relatively primitive our stuff is.  All part of preparations for invasion I assume?  Not necessarily.

An even more unsettling scenario would be; aliens engage with government/corporate entities to make the value of earth as a unique planet, a commodity to be brokered.  In effect; we will let you do this if you do this other thing for us.  They have us over a planetary barrel.  A kind of unholy alliance then ensues with opportunism and survival as its core value.

Too all UFO bloggers out there; We humans are not good food.  We often do not know what we are really eating or doing.  Genetically modified who knows what is spreading all over our food sources, so cosmic consumer beware.


Declassified UFO Files Reveal Military Engagement, Near-Collision

more stuff—

{Photo’s and artwork not on links by me–UFO ones faked with camera editing}

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek; A Future Founding Father?

-( With free Showtime, I get to see some things I might not have.  This post describes one of them.)-

Does Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series qualify him as a Founding Father of The Future?

After seeing a documentary (Trekkies 2 on Showtime) of Star Trek fans around the world, a powerful narrative seemed to be present that may alter the trajectory for humankind’s destiny.  Gene Roddenberry may well have left a mark so bright and relevant to all, as to endure into humanities future.  Our survival, and possible more long term existence as a space faring civilization, may come to pass in some part thanks to this science fiction creators vision of humankind’s future.  I was already aware of many scientist in Astronomy and Astrophysics, who credit Star Trek with inspiring their own imaginations to put their lives where their vision was, but Star Trek apparently cast its futurist promise over many in other ways.

Star Trek
The 2006 Star Trek 40th Anniversary franchise logo, featuring Captain Kirk (William Shatner) (left) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
Creator Gene Roddenberry
Original work Star Trek (1966)

When the first Star Trek came out, I was a kid thinking it was just too much to bother with.  My life at that time did not allow uninterrupted nor peaceful TV viewing.   I caught up with it with its reruns in the 70’s.  By the 80’s, when watching Star Trek with friends, they would look at me astonished as I would recite the next character lines ahead of time. It seemed that for some reason, after seeing them twice, I knew the words years down the road.  Now that was some writing and character performing to make that stick.


I always looked forward to new Star Trek series developments, but never considered myself the kind of “Trekkie” to go to one of those conventions.  The TV news would show the seemingly sad characters who tried to liven up their earthly lives by pretending to be an alien.  Seemed odd to me, but honestly, most of us have some curiously odd interest if we’d admit it.  We just might not have such a public platform to act out the acting out in.

Trekkies 2

TREKKIES 2 – Star Trek Fan Documentary, the feature-length documentary about Star Trek fans. The filmmakers (Director/Editor Roger Nygard, –

This documentary; Trekkies 2, did not quickly dispel my bias as to the fans state’s of mind, still a lot of pretending to be someone else, a kind of hobby.  This someone else, however, appears to embody qualities that that Trekkies value as human virtue, so how bad is that?  I then learned of the volunteer work many Trekkies do to actually improve the lives of their fellow aliens, earthlings, and that is not bad at all.

It was the comments of one guy from the recent war torn Balkans, that presented the transcendent or universal narrative that Roddenberry put into this Star Trek phenomenon:  It does not matter who or what you are or where you are from; the future has a place for you at the table.  Actions in deep space portrayed ethnic and racial, even alien life, as life that sits with us at the table when this transcended “knowing” of self legitimacy is acknowledged and extended toward others as in The Golden Rule.  In time, the series franchises included women as society in general recognized female abilities beyond what was once thought appropriate.

In the Balkans; where religion and politics played to tribalism reaction and alienation, some could see the hopelessness of retreating only to “your group”.  What happened to the pluralistic life? the diversity? the cosmopolitan excitement and cross fertilization?  It was shuttered up and spray-painted over by fear.  But then there was this vision on video tapes passed around, where everybody was shown to have a place in the future.  Now that was something to get excited about, for then, no-one is the loser.  No one is erased and discarded by appearance or other status background bias.

Gene Roddenberry’s future is a meritocracy of sorts, but not one judged by appearance with its storehouse of ignorance and insecurity.  The future was to be open to you, is open in Star Trek, be who you can be, we are all on your side.  A kind of egalitarianism of the Golden Rule and of Democracy stands behind its imagery, even though most Star Trek series are based on hierarchical military platforms.  When it comes down to the characters off duty lives, their operational psychology, they are encouraged to question authority and speak their minds without top down evaluation of relevance or “your place”.  It is worthwhile to note that many of the worlds most beloved leaders, including military, were known to view themselves as servants of those following.

Roddenberry’s vision was not one of homogenization; where we all think and act alike, as is seemingly implied to some by concepts of egalitarianism, or intrinsic fairness of right to human consciousness.  The imagery and iconography portrayed this value of self history and background; where respect is granted even when ways are not understood.  People still had their old customs, still honored their hereditary story and faith, finding them as anchors of self realization in a speeding future.

The USA’s Founding Fathers had elements of this independence of spirit.  Roddenberry, however, takes this up to another level. There may have always been Founding Mothers who put Truth and love of Life above their own self interest.  Or did they know that was their self interest as well?  Mr Roddenberry took the time to create a vision of a whole universe for the future, where that mission is a revelation to those able to see beyond the wounds of the present moment.  A new now beckoning toward a Higher Light.

The future is founded now.

Perhaps it is that Spirit, that is the Final Frontier.

More on Roddenberry——-

Gene Roddenberry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eugene Wesley “GeneRoddenberry (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991) was an American screenwriter and producer. He is best known as the creator of Star

Star Trek Online Official Site

Aug 12, 2009 Star Trek Online: Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations in an expanding vast universe. – CachedSimilar

The Passing of The Future

Plan, plan, and plan, these days one would think it is synonymous with a life’s right choice; as location, location, location is to real-estate. The location wisdom feed may be altering for business as real space shifts in some respects into cyberspace, but there is a location factor there as well.

Neil Young; Alabama

Oh oh Alabama, the devil fools with the best laid plans, Swing low Alabama. You got the spare change-you got to feel strange And now the moment is all that it meant…

Being hooked by the future, however, is a kind of Faustian bargain; for what guarantee is there to planning ahead, though it seems one must? There are always trade-offs that would appear locationally mute by context; you need health insurance in case you get sick, for not having it would be a bad thing. Yet is your health or even the insurance policy any absolute guarantee? Risk, although seemingly remote, persist.

Change of Plans

When I plant a seed, if I am waiting for what is produced in a season, I need to hang around to monitor the seeds progress, no more wandering all over the place just finding what I can to survive. I trade off a trust in wandering and its skills, for a more stable one in waiting on the future, oping my knowledge will prevail. I receive some security for some loss of a kind of freedom, but my ability as a gardener, and natures ability to frustrate plans, makes my projected outcome circle the clock. Time ticks inside an orbit of problematic possible encounters, some of which could derail plans no matter how well laid out and intentioned.

Bumped Off-line

If I look back at my own life, I would have never guessed how it would turn out, nor who would turn up in it. I can see what might have happened if I had a big agenda put upon it; I would move forward with a “permanent” self definition, one which may find countervailing notions uncomfortable or denied. Other ignorance’s would rain down upon the planning and the seeds planted.

If I would have wanted to be a millionaire by thirty years of age or whatever, what attention would I have encouraged regarding the damage such a generation of wealth can do to the earth and ones own soul, what I value in Life? Yet I would guess many self images and expectations rush forward where fools should fear to tread, simply because some consensus reality has been injected into my identity. Success is this abstraction realized…for appearance reality seems to indicate rewards for the achievement. (another big abstraction)


I have had an odd life (who hasn’t?), especially around time and planning. I was averse to planning and intent upon being fully present, for what might well have been an early life threatening situation I was in at 6 months of age. I did not know while growing up, where I fit in, and why so much planning was being considered and expected. Although my parents died while I was a child, I remember at about 5 or so, and then times as school progressed, when they asked me what I wanted to be. I was actually horrified by the idea. I remembered thinking; I’m me. What is wrong with me? Why do they want me to be someone else? I like who I am. Believe it or not, I felt a deep violation in even considering it.

Throughout the years the feeling persisted. When asked what do I do, I would feel; I breathe. I am. I am not my doings. Once one gets the idea one is an outsider, or excluded, it becomes quite a bit easier to question motivations and conceptual assumptions instead of just doing what everyone else does to fit in. It was obvious, since as far back as I can remember, I was not fitting in. I must then define who I am, what I am, and why I am, and not the usual script society offers.

This sort of self definition seemingly cast one into the role of an iconoclast, a nonconformist, perhaps seemingly eccentric in ways, with a critical bent toward most mass movements, be they social, political, or variations of appearance reality in economic mindsets, where it matters what brand car, shirt, sunglasses, underwear or watch one wears. (The stuff makes what you want to be?) Most every commercial on TV is not for me. Nope; probably never buying a new car, nor a new house. Oh yeah; there is a reason “they” prevented those simplicity commercials from airing way back when..consciousness and conscientious living.

Planned Obsolescence

It is odd that the worlds hyper-planning, tied to population and product expansion, are nooses placed around the necks of everyone on earth, while the plan is to mostly deny the reality. (Proverb; The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.) It seems humanity is chasing a kind of contradiction, planning for the future economic health while following the philosophical paradigm of cancer—growth, damn the cost.

This post is inspired, in a manner of speaking, by all those I know who have had to deal with cancer; my mother at 42, a friend at about the same age, her sister now in her 50’s, her best female friend at 60. Her sisters cancer operation today went very well, but she had informed my friend that she was OK with dying, in case that happened.

Moment to moment, we never know what will come next. Lots of energy can be harvested from you or I in seducing out our interest to guarantee health or survivors well being, yet that outcome is still unknown, no matter the claims and the assurances that come with the selling of my life now, for a projected one in the unknown future. Risk is being used as an incentive, it will not guarantee the future, but it will certainly impact any-ones life now—now is abstracted out until a hypothetical then. Trust itself has gone onto the action block.

The rewards for this planning, often offered as money, may well have its own secret obfuscating capacity to seduce attention while producing environmental degradation, and kinds of ruin in other relationships (but what can one do?). Yet the program sells the performance as an undeniable good, a few groups and cultures excepted.

Now is about a special kind of awareness. It is a choice we each make all the time knowing it or not. Religion, politics and economics may insist the future is where it is at, But…

My loss is my gain.





The Glenn Beck Experience: Sincere as a Fox

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things just dont seem the same
Actin funny, but I dont know why
scuse me while I kiss the sky
…………………………..(from Jimmy Hendrix; Purple Haze)

Via Crooks and Liars dot com———————————————————————-

More or the madness from the Fox’s own den…

-from some other political site…

Fox’s Glenn Beck says Obama is building concentration camps for

Swiping material from the X-Files, Fox’s Glenn Beck warns that Obama is …… Conservativism is a mental illness. The Republican party is based on a belief

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things just dont seem the same
Actin funny, but I dont know why
scuse me while I kiss the sky
…………………………..(from Jimmy Hendrix; Purple Haze)

believe me, even if I’m wrong.

Our Garbage Dump: Is Earth’s Cancer in Human Minds?

That human opportunity amidst finite environments produces a fatal consequence is beyond doubt. This truth about human impact on other humans and the earth is attaining global consequence. For some, this consequence will be denied to continue expansionist mindsets irregardless of fact and reality.

( )

How are good ideas and mass achievement somehow becoming deadly?

It might be called “the good life”, or “making it”, but it seems about fantasy fulfillment and not about the whole of reality. Taking grand opportunity is seen as a gift to be realized, a dream to be fulfilled. Modern humanity is encouraged to go for both; be all one can be, and be proud of the magnitude of ones achievements. This paradigm, however, is often divorced from the effects of human behavior upon finite ecosystems and effects upon others. It is then detached from reality, yet often approached as if it represents self realization itself; ones own holy grail.

Delusional thinking, thoughts unattached to actual consequence in the real world, is widely perceived as a good if there are major short term benefits to those doing the opportunistic thinking. This formula for self inebriation is driving humankind into a wall. That wall is also known as the truth. Truth must be diverted from consciousness. These negative larger impacts are to be diminished and denied for ones own benefit. This sets up desire for rationalizations which will condemn the questions, while praising the ego for its opportunism; the material world coming to represent ones proof of attainment as a human being, while others wishing they had what you have, validation of your success.

Opportunist, particularly in business, have proved ready to deny scientific evidence of poisons being emitted into the environment by their doings. From pollution of the waters, pollution of the air, pollution of all kinds. If you can make money and people want what you have, that is apparently the extent of your duty to the Whole of Life.

The Opportunist Challenge

It is understandable that those who rationalize exploitation of environments unattached to real world consequence, will be welcomed by the eager opportunist to assuage cognitive dissonance and other senses of wrongdoing. From think tanks to infiltrating religious institution, self validation will be highly desirable to disable democracy and send it down wedge issue dead ends. Yes. Democracy implies a whole commons for citizen influence as a collective. Democracy is a threat to holding polluters, opportunist, and other violators of The Commons of Life, accountable. It becomes a good for some to render Democracy superfluous. Nothing like emotionalized issues to grab attention from more sterile scientific thought.

Opportunist then need generate legions of “believers” in a kind of anti-science, or pseudo-scientific rationalization. That industry is cranking mind pollution out by the day and night. Those enticed into denying scientific evidence, will seek out other evidence, but it will not be based on a rational logic dialectic. It will go overboard, where it will be taken on faith, along with some debunking (the science is all wrong) rational. A fact based objective oriented approach to defining reality will be seen as a negative, even an evil influence, for it seems to threaten unbridled fantasy from being extended from the ego into The Commons, so denial to the context life exist in becomes necessary for self delusion to maintain its noose around perceptions neck. Once rationality is blinded, the self can be lead most anywhere on trust and faith, no matter how misplaced objectively. God and nation will become fair game in this diversion of attention.

-Balance, pollution, success, crisis, opportunity, achievement, blowback, self realization, excuse, accountability, responsibility, exploitation, survival, saving the earth from fatal abuse, God vs science. All these things plus many more are in the mix. Unless humankind gets real instead of being seduced by opportunist looking for their own small world kingdoms, we risk Life on earth as we have known it. Human attempts at unaccountability have become the earths nemesis as material growth has become worshiped as an only answer.

We treat earth as a garbage dump because we deny our connections of choice to larger consequence.

Have a sunset from today. Thanks to One Earth.


Milky Way Galaxy Whiplash

Milky Way Galaxy Whiplash

(The Andromeda Galaxy. Now more like a twin.)

(Thanks NASA)

Andromeda, here we come ready or not.

I’m putting lead weights around my ankles right now.

They say the sun is going around the galaxy center at nearly 600,000MPH with great fuel economy. That’s about 160+ miles a second. So be careful when anyone says wait a second, cause we have no idea where they will be by then.

Of course, what actually is, still is.  That is still the same, so our ideas changed.  Now if I could only make up my mind how fast I am actually going while I’m  sitting down typing after a hard days speeding through the universe….

For the real news on this revised size and relative speed of our little world, click on link below.

Galactic Collision insurance for sale. Hurry, before the Sun goes red giant!