The Jesus Story On “Hot” Wedge Issues

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Could it have something to do with the ever-present rebirth of an eternal answer?

But first the definition and its origin is in order; A look into what we believe and interpret the message of Christ to be would seem relevant to what meaning this Holy Day has to anyone reflection on a date named after Jesus Christ.  As well, to not instil ignorance as an arbiter of idea; the meaning of the winter solstice, with its circling back of the light from the hold of growing darkness.

Before A Name Is Cast

Much religious symbolism has prior cultural roots; the preexisting human belief systems heavily influenced the evolution of these new dates of event timing and story meaning. Before Christ birth there was also a preexisting story about the virgin birth along with other narrative lines from earlier groups. — –.

Some seem to be afraid of facing this and other truths that are intrinsic to a time, for consolidating their own exclusive consensus reality is the job always at hand, with a story held above factual inquiry toward Truth within a meaning.  Avoidance of real facts and their actual contextual framework usually goes on to pollute and dilute perception of the self and of others, along with ideas conceptualized as realities.

Many, many beliefs and inclinations are from our self history. Merely repeating what one is programmed with in childhood, or when what one is seeking is to gain the approval of others via confirmation bonding ritual, does not make an honestly lived faith, only an imitative one seeking the “right stuff” verification from others.  What most any orthodoxy can be sure of is an inhibition, or other taboo sentence imposed upon objective inquiry into Free Standing Truth .

They must instead declare the truth to be what they suggest if appears to them to be–one they are comfortable with and that you must accept to be a correct person.  This is unexamined cultural programing.

A Word Or Phrase Is Not Necessarily Knowing

When objective (God given) reality is made subordinate to individual and group dynamics, truth may well be tossed out with the Child Jesus. One thing God is not afraid of is; truth seeking above hearsay, above ‘Just believe this, everyone else who is good does.  God wants you too!  Many of the greatest minds have concurred, so whatever questions you have are just not valid.  Believe me! I had your same qurstions ntil I accepted (blank)’.

Nope.  Not good enough, for it is surrendering your own connection to your spiritual core for ideas chained to others intentions, intentions that cannot be honestly taken as pure with a straight mind no matter how good. These here included.

Half-length portrait of younger man with shoulder-length hair and beard, with right hand raised over what appears to be a red flame. The upper background is gold. Around his head is a golden halo containing an equal-armed cross with three arms visible; the arms are decorated with ovals and squares.

I have linked to this article before pertaining to the current state of Christianity and Jesus Christ teachings, yet with the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth celebrated this Dec 25, a look at what his teachings and admonitions actually were, and where many “conservative” Christians are in regard to Christ teachings remaining in the Bible is always in order.  Perception can control the appearance reality if not examined to truthfulness.

Jesus on Abortion, Homosexuality, Premarital Sex.

Anti Christian Christians?

The author above calls this new breed of Christianity; pseudo Christianity, for its marked divergence from the “real meaning” of Christ. What is that meaning? An answer is ever-born.  Love and Peace is done, is here.  It is the refusal to see it past the circumstantial and situational awareness of the problems defined in life as being held paramount instead of the answer.  The answer is.  Unconditional Love is.  It is you and I who place the conditions upon knowing it.  It is you and I who can remove them to know IT.

The avoidance of Christ message, morphed in part by the redacting of the Bible (revealing “Sacred Text” regarding Christ life) taken on some 1,000 years ago and on other occasions–like while preaching or proselytizing.  Way back then, the more personalized Christ of ones own consciousness was mostly exorcised from scripture, sifting out to one seemingly more fitting with control by establish power structures of church and state; these need guilt and blame to enforce their orders paradigm.  Even so, the real meaning of the mission of Jesus Christ still came through in powerful bits and pieces of the narrative.  These may appear any day of the year in us, any moment, but perhaps not more honored as in Christmas time, where to give and to receive is a right of all as each will wish.

Most of us can detect this nature of Christ beyond the appearance reality narrative being engendered by reactive thinking; thinking that says you do not deserve to receive because–fill in the blank.  Let’s say, because you cannot afford an opperation or a transplant.  Money is then the God of Life and of Death, a blatant betrayal of Christ and of Life’s message.  In sort term; anti Christ Message.

The “higher” notion of Christ is one of understanding and self review, and not one of blame, shame, robotic acceptance, nor accusation and the fear of punishment as a means for behavior control.  These reactive exclusionary ostracism models create a perception that things are done or not done based upon Pavlovian pain and avoidance control mechanisms–might makes right, money makes right, which is not an individuals spiritual achievement or merit in comprehension of Love, but one of fear and of a kind of begging for peace of mind.

With Your Own Eye

We who see Jesus, not exactly as “your personal savior”, but a Savior of truthfulness above fiction or unexamined feeling, a truthfulness that understands our ability to miss the boat in comprehension, to make mistakes.  Christ comes through as The Peacemaker; a revealer of Gods deeper Nature– Universal and Wholesome to Creation.  This God does not require beings who are children of God to be always all wise, unerring and consciously complete with understanding.

This Divine Being does not punish us via the viewpoints of others and their thoughts of judgement imposition. Instead, as Christ did, we are encouraged to operate from our higher angels, and not the fallen ones.  Forgiveness of ourselves is a first root into Divinity; to comprehend a way forward into Creation in union with It, not a problem with It.

Deconstructing Christianity To Impose Business As Usual In The Temple

Now that mission of Christ is under siege in conservative Christianity, or pseudo Christianity.  These self proclaimed conservers of Christ, quite as with the self proclaimed conservers of The US Constitution, reverse the intention of common connection, of coherent union in a living process of Being, by substituting hierarchical kinds of subjection to God and Government as defined by our human opportunistic ideological myopathy. This narrow view-point happens to be endeared to the powerful, yet claiming to represent you, me, and the rest of The People under these mind-framed top serving institutional parameters.

For example; conservatives and so called libertarians seem to be for withering government in this US democracy. This creates a void and not opportunism expected Nirvana,  leaving a void to be filled by multinational corporations. Corporate “individuals” as entities are actively seeking to solidify their hold on the necessities and comforts of living.  We no longer are to have an”organic” connection to Life’s functioning, but one tied through and around businesses.

Now, “The Greater Good” is manipulated and contorted to serve corporate interest above those of individual and nation. The survival of both these basic necessities of humanity are becoming the survival of the business machinery and not the right of connectivity of all in Life.  Once these new Pharo-like elites rule the USA uninhibited, I hope you have work clothes for being ordered to work here, there, even to old age, or else.  We have sculpted an economic model that is its own Death Panel.

Here in Arizona, the death date for some citizens is being fixed by so called state survival interest; the connections of the wealthy being services while those of the not wealthy are being terminated. The state, under conservative stranglehold, is determining the expiration date for the poor and helpless by intentionally not caring for them as we could.  Exactly no “Right to Life” because one is poor.  Period.

Modern Activist Conservatism Represents Not Only The Dry-Rot Of The Soul, But Of Civilization

The activist conservative US Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can wield their  influence at will, and as they do, they “naturally” socialize their cost onto you, the consumers. Private Socialism is essentially what predatory corporate capitalism is.  Kinda like “Big Government”, only now you have no right to vote, and of course, no right to socialize your cost onto all.

The corporate “individual” can charge higher prices to pay for propaganda and attention by the state or the “corporatocracy”.  You and I cannot raise our pay, well not likely and not essentially whenever we will. It is we who pay for this corporation to connect its will to government, while no one is so entitled to pay for our influence except at our own cost.  They have us coming and going by the emerging paradigm, while having many a conservative and libertarian cheering for the ruse.  This is how ignorance in action works.

Casting out the money changers by Carl Heinrich Bloch.

The Root of Evil!?  No Way!  The Way Of Abundance By Gods Grace Being Shown! I Need Money But Am Not Actually Loving It!  It’s Kinda A Pain After All!

The Bible is meant to teach lessons, particularly in the stories about Jesus Christ.  It is not much of a stretch for inclusion to view a concept such as “The Temple” to also mean the seat of consciousness, its Temple, where ones soul and Creation are erected into a place of worship and of holiness, or at least could or should be.  This is how a story becomes personal–how it manifest in my life in its meaning.

The anit-Christ  bottom line is as it is with health care in the US– Your money or your life. This is quite why the corporate model as allowed by law, is a perfect match with that of psychosis; an obsession with self gain and regard without regard for The Whole.  The connectedness of being in relationship with all of Creation; The Whole, all environments, the completeness of existence etc, is disregarded or ignored by emotional dysfunction in order to preserve a solipsistic enterprise for the individual called the corporation, or even called me getting ahead.

Yes, this is the love of money, above life itself. This love comes sanctioned with all kinds of conservative “moral” and “value” excuses that never sound like the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but instead, a pedagogy that uses others and the environment to “get ahead” while not accepting the socialized consequences of our actions.  Although most any rationalization will be put forward as the answer for denial, it remains ultimately all about the money. This is the primitive tribalism of us vs them, sanctioned by the righteous framing of some reason for superiority of consideration.

So much for a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Survival is now dependent upon an abstract reference unattached to spiritual truth or the individuals true merit, but wed to a fallen narrative of materialism first, money first, spirituality somewhere else if one can find it.  What do you mean by spirituality anyway.  that’s just your opinion after all.  Now we enter the existential morass of relativity; where one idea is equal (likely considered far superior) to another simply because it suits our preferences.  This relativity and self projection of intent is classical to modern media conservatism.

With this ideological onslaught of a truncated concept of individualism eroding the values and understandings of Universal connectivity, and with established orthodoxies aligned with wealth and the powerful, the meaning of His mission is stealthily becoming anti-Christ while still proclaiming the abstract ideals of Christ teachings for those approved of one way or another.  Most any notion can be morphed into its opposite by gradual reframing of the connected notions around it.  Why repetition is so important to spinning right wind(g) mind control.

The Great Lazy Seduction Of Conservatism And Orthodoxy

Do this or else

We have reason to wonder why media Christianity, or predatory conservative manipulated pseudo Christianity, is diverting attention from Christ teachings, then inserting Wedge Issue control features regarding emotional and spiritual attachment.  This movement of cause and relationship diverts us from the power of connection, of love, forgiveness and understanding as spiritual mandate, substituting them with perceived sources of irritation and stress. These tagged to issues are framed and cornered into emotional dead ends, where blame, distrust and anger are targeted onto “outside” targets.

{Just by mentioning this, to many a conservative; false equivalence via the use of abstraction, may become a vehicle called a Thought-terminating Cliché; an idea, a reason to consider no further, a question, an answer, or even a lonely idea. Example; “He does the same thing he judges us of!” Then; end of story.}

In the ideological, propaganda forwarded institutions operating throughout the modern society; compassion and empathy for all, as exemplified by the teachings of Christ, are snickered at and derided as false values. This perhaps exemplified recently by the pseudo news entertainer Glen Beck, as he warned about empathy and its insidious liberalism.  Ignorance is no obstacle to some conservatives, it is so often a mandate, for unfortunately, they tend to thrive on it as they claim to speak for wisdom and knowing.

Attitude is often all that matters; for the narrative control is actually all emotional.  Most probably associated with the many unresolved issues, unapproachable issues that many a conservative possesses to keep separation and alienation alive and well in consciousness.  Attitude speaks a thousand words of unexamined reason without wonder. This is where what is known as evil, or ignorance in action, may find its protective teflon like coating in pride and presumption.

Ignorance gets coated with good intention, and many a random reason, along with the consensus reality narrations against liberalism, that is a must unfortunately perpetuate in overthrowing Christ (Let’s say the Way of Understanding, Compassion and of Love and Peace) and creating a Christ formed into a false idol.  One where the aforementioned attributes are assigned to those who listen to me, or who seem to believe as I do.  Turn the other cheek and all is not relevant in the post fallen narrative.


Come the various crusades being launched by TV televangelist, preachers building fortunes at their followers expense, and wealth dependency ideology programmers who blame the troubles in ones life on these outside others (even government–ones own representation in Democracy). The audience is encouraged to both donate money and beg, and or pray properly for Gods help within their own emotional, economic, afterlife, or current health issues.

The conceived appearance reality edifice finds the trouble in outside otherness, targeted for its “evil” nature, while inwardly we hear claims that we chosen few will be who gets the love and select afterlife by an all loving yet terrifying Supreme Being.  So many of the ill and troubled watch a good appearance reality performance on TV, consciously sculpted to represent consensus reality–agreed upon knowingness, while viewers are encouraged to surrender their objective right to know God directly and in Person whenever they so allow Gods vision to become their own. No TV required.

The Way is already paved in perception if allowed to be seen.  The very attributes and admonitions as defined by Jesus are ever relevant. But; ‘Pray as we show and send in the dough, for giving is spiritual.  And did we mention; goodness will flow to you. This is your insurance policy after all!  We must spread the word. And all while a true life and the connections to It are all around each of us, but quite like ones own nose, so close they may be missed for what we do not know, what we are sure of we lack, and are hence susceptible to be manipulated to those claiming to know for us. It remains a truism; humans will believe anything if described sufficiently and assuredly.

Not As I Do

The against others teachings from the pulpit are not the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ offered resolution and understanding via facing the real truth of situations and the responsibility of ones own state of awareness in beingness.  From there, the enlightened to Christ Way move on to make the health and security of the least of their neighbors a prime spiritual cause, a mandate for the Way of Love. As for those who do horrible things, Christ admonition was to ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’.  Only “The Money Changers” seemed to raise the ire of Christ as He saw their claim upon the temple; perhaps representing ones own consciousness, where comprehension of deep connection may abhor the parting out of Creation for self gain.

So called religious and cultural wars are diversions intended to perpetuate ignorance as God, while a true path to knowing Universality is claimed impossible, and only delegated to God. Wars and relationships remain in intractable conflict as long as a false truth is worshiped above the Universal Rule of Law. (I often capitalize primary concepts as you may have noticed along the way)

Unfortunately for much conservatism, doing without actually knowing is so often the way they roll. Entitled by hubris and the awareness that people can become confident followers in what they do not know for certainty, humanity has often sought the comfort of numbers; in religion, war, and economic definitions, above the transcendent attributes in knowing the all connectedness of Life and Spirit as One.

This strategy of diversion, denial and blame/shame, created the classic “other” phenomenon predicated on the individuals separation and alienation anxiety in regard to true spiritual power and authenticity as exemplified by the story of Jesus Christ.  Christ sought to break through ignorance and cultural/psychological dissociation. He spoke of self review as primary, with inner honesty as paramount to self realization.  He exhibited the transcendent nature of Love and caring for those born onto the earth, as if health for the garden and its abundance was paramount for humanity to thrive in peace.

May we find peace in every season.

When I Awoke The Weather Had Changed


My Fathers Brother And Sister Are Gone

Last night I checked on the latest weather for Southern Arizona.  We were to be drying out more today, while the weekends wetness was being scaled back since the computer models were less suggestive of that.

Eight or so hours later, its all changed. Moisture is up, disturbances are near, and the chances of rain were much increased for this weekend.  Guessing about the future, sometimes even just hours or minutes away, is ultimately a guessing game.  Regardless, we do live in a space-time continuum.


My fathers self inflicted death occurred some 44 years ago.  My mother had been dead for several years at that time.  Dads brother and sister lived on, each in differing areas of the country, until this year, when they became perhaps closer than ever, in death.

As far as I knew, they had not spoken for decades.  My aunt Ann was the only relative that kept contact with me until about a decade ago, although I visited her a number of times across country.  She had a somewhat difficult life, spending many months at a time, over the years, in mental health facilities.  She never married, but really enjoyed children.  She was the only family member who ever showed any interest in we four orphaned children.

As far as I know, no relative has even asked about me over the years.  I would have last seen them in the 1960’s at funerals, except for me having visited some of them over the years. If they talked about my childhood and that of my sisters, it was with a shaking of the head sense of tragedy; ‘What happened to you kids.’…

This has always been the oddest part of my family; they left us with someone they despised, abandoning connections to us in their disdain for this person who staked my father starting at the day she saw him at my mothers funeral.  The priest there passed to us what was to be a curse on us that day.


Family is the basic first building block of extended family-community-society-humanity.  We are actually all interdependent and interconnected, if not obviously by human relationships, by the reality of the Environment itself. Ultimately there is not a bottom line to your actual family; it intertwines with all other families and Creation. Most people are 6 or so contacts away from everyone else on earth, the so called 6 Degrees of Separation.  There is the family of humanity, which we all have a vested interest in genetically and in many other ways.  But that does not prevent human beings from creating many reasons to fear and suspect other humans.

This separation part seems to come easy to my family, and unfortunately for my sisters and me, both sides of the family had serious abandonment and alienation issues.  Some of us had a “Perfect Storm” of dysfunctional modeling in what was once termed the American melting pot, a pot in which we were seemingly left cold in.

Nature and Nurture and Nothingness

This problematic life set-up such as I and others have had, will present any person with the prospect of unconsciously living the dysfunctions programmed in–out, over and over as if haunted. We are set up to learn much when we are the ones living life the “hard way”, and all while being ignored trying. Even with families intact, many of us live lives of quiet desperation, the accumulated separation forming momentous obstacles to a sense of connection and belong to others and to Life.

Then, there is the sensible restorative alternative to programmed in error; an essentially spiritual quest, seeking out awareness and its potential for understanding relationships in and to Life. Understanding can go on to forgive and release the seeming oppressions of the past.  Without it, we can go on to inflict the curse into our future, and into the world.

Seeing Through While Not Being Blinded

This self enlightenment, where burdens are set down and regrown into healthy fruit, is essentially The Way to solve the riddle of “The Sins of The Father”, which should actually be called patterns of ignorance in action, or Evil’s nascent seedling. Life gets thoroughly reconnected, not by politics or religion, but by spiritual immersion of the moment into Life.

I define Evil as ignorance in action, for none of us actually plan things that seem to others to be evil.  Most often, what we do do, is pass on an infliction and narration of our ignorance of Life and Creation.  This will likely produce unkind to horrible evidence to others, they can see and feel the evil, but most likely not understand the full breath of reason to it manifestation.  Even they then, through good intention, can go on to manifest ignorance in action by reaction. Well meaning unconscious continuance of ignorance in action can morph into its own “Sins of the Father”.  The answer is to be in the Ways of Life, or in some terms God, the opposite of ignorance in action.  It is a simple logical formula, as if mathematical, yet not knowing the math can sentence my own ignorance to its fate.  We are fundamentally designed to be Truth seekers, yet much can overwhelm and obstruct that pure intention.

This practice of being in the Presence of Life, or God, is not supported very well in the social and material worlds.  Largely, we are living in a consumerist and materialism paradigm where “successes” measurement is most often in dollars, holdings and “accomplishments” of the “free” individual.  Proud abstractions are proffered as if they were reality, while the reality of experience actually does not exist outside the universe.  This fact goes even so far as to connect each action of you or I to all of Life.

Social consequences, as well as other environmental ones, are consciously avoided, ignorance instituted, in mind frames seeking self aggrandizement, “success”, “achievement” and other “free individual” pursuits, for they are essentially delusional if the consequence of full connections are kept from cognition. This is most often done as an intention to not know, making it into ignorance in action while the delusion promotes self importance and the values that validate its bias.

JUST DO IT!!!  A Montra Of The Fearsome Self Actualized Achievers

Just desiring to go get a drink from the refrigerator, besides involving the use of energy and social, scientific and economic policies involved, besides that reality, gravity is in constant connection–the universe is altered, albeit seemingly very minor, from you deciding to go to your bedroom or sit for a while watching TV.  It is not exactly mentally questioning every move you make, but knowing the consequences of the collectivity of such movements by not denying their existence.  Not worshiping ignorance.

I will step out of the reflective self individual consideration to offer this observation; you will see in society, likely in most societies on earth, the desire to promulgate fear and insecurity through the intention to offer ignorance as knowledge, and that knowledge actionable intelligence.  This is then the realm of rationalization; where fantasy and reality have indistinguishable borders.

Now we can allow what is not factual, not fully honest, not interested in understanding others; let these kinds of perversions of truth and reality be called real and truthful, and not know our self deception.

Well, this trick of making fantasy into a kind of cognitive perceptual reality is a quality, or lack of quality, that holds a subjective capital; Ignorance becomes an avenue to propose and prosper; to rationalize false “truths” into a plausible narrative line.  These narrative lines need connecting to the individuals identity to attain real value.  The way to do this and set up a solution to a now intrinsic cognitive dissonance aversion, is to have this story maintain its expression as a factual entity.

The Mandates Of Mind Control

Confirmation Bias is now a mandate to this creation of a fantasy into an Appearance Reality, and that more broadly into a perceived Consensus Reality thought of as being The Real Truth, one most always requiring arrogance, attitude and world of other societal enemies.

This false truth; the one avoiding an honest platform of observation outside of ideology, is prejudiced against full questioning as well as honest evaluations of outside answers.  It must avoid this to keep ignorance in its now sacred place. This feat of distortion requires emotive protection to blame and shame, to mystify and to dominate the individuals truth seeking apparatus, making it dependent on emotion and rationalization to stand in as apparently confirmed sound reason.

To detect these aberrations of human consciousness, we need wonder as to what the actual reasons are in the rationalizations; what is served by distorting Truth into something other, while at the same moment considering the means of objectively determining Truth as something unwholesome?

Truth Is An Ideal; An Ideal To Be Connected To

My aunt and my uncle carried much emotional reactivity in areas of life.  The differences between them essentially led to their disconnection.  This has more and less effected my sisters and I as well.  As it turns out; if you are insecure, having been or felt betrayed or abandoned in life, you tend to be reactive to its its stimulation. Then, as I have learned in family, and see is evident in society(the huge extended family of humanity), defensive projection of inner irritation targets family or societal elements as the source and object of irritation.  You will “see” in these blamed folks, rightly and perhaps wrongly, that they ARE the way you accuse.

This is a primitive yet effective self preservation trick when the Truth is not known but requires substitute explanation to issues being avoided.  We actually all seek to live by The Truth, that is why we become mandated to perceive a likely reason, but what is more likely, we live by an assembled logic masquerading as Truth. What fantasy and imagination do here is very clever; we come to feel what we believe is true.  Now we only require the stimulation of that idea to “know” this felt truth substitute.

Girl oh boy, are we ever now set up to be used and abused by the rationalized dialectics of the worlds idea parades.  What will be excluded from these grand notions of explanations of existence will be the current immersion of your life into all Life; or your spirit with The Spirit–the One without exclusion.

More Tricks Of The Rationalization Trade

There are always reasons that the weather has changed, whether I understand them or not.


Is Death an Illusion?



The Art Of Connection



We see connection

at times where there is none

except in all I do not know of One Creation

The transcendent all inclusive One

never truly lets go



ideas of pattern

weaves  suspicion

something is up

a connections intention

what is going on?

Attachment in some dimension

of sight

of sound or memory

of thought

of concept…

Narration comes to exist

not only in reality

but in fantasy as well

classic of paradox

fantasy itself becoming

an aspect of reality


We must decide how to be

to be be true to Truth

follow Truths standards

as bound to each subjective angle

or make things up and pretend

check not too close

question narratives

not so much

becoming certain within

a mixture of fact and fiction

a conglomeration of connections

some holy and others holes

gaping disconnection


feeling what we are missing


These heredity’s of iconography

they propose story lines

we arrange our role along

acting as if idea were Truth

and idea need not be inspected

too closely to reveal its possible error…

May it be delusion claiming connection?

Do I know what I believe?

Has culture cast me in stone?

Do I mimic these roles narrative line?

Filter my sight, my mind, my heart

sensing only what is allowed by consensus

but called a Truth and called The Real fact?

Yet this is engineered by appearances

supported by the revolving bias of confirmation;

To claim knowledge in ignorance concealed

but called wisdom and common sense

called even faith and honor

even duty and trust

loyalty and courage of conviction.



We each see a universe

from a darkness of the self

where insecurity may drive

rains of doubt and abandonment

The Light of Existence obscured

making some things out to be

and others not sure not to


Why we do depend upon others

we require differing views

to honestly comprehend what is

even if incomplete in all honesty

It is honesty to Being which questions

each one:

Do I try to see what is?

Do I remain honest to my subjective;

that what appears real may not be

requiring humility in both belief and trust


This subjective life is fragile

while Life is eternal

I am a presence

immersed within Presence.

In Presence I am Love

without It I may love

and lose all

but who I really am



We each are in this way asked in our moment;

Draw more near to Love and Understanding

To awe and the wonder of reason

or be busied by what I lack?


See with open heart and mind

with Spirit immersed in connection

or fear what I do not know

becoming a servant of separation

while all the while

being one within One








Under The Rainbow



I had never seen anything like it

brighter than any normal rainbow

a faint rainbow was to the east of this near the horizon

but this circumhorizontal arc was right overhead

it seemed the missing bottom of the rainbow

only condensed to the extreme


There are these wonders round us

right over our heads at times

yet with our often horizontal view

we may miss some of what is above

and what is below


We each have our reasoning for this

purposes we steadfastly seek

following a clock perhaps

late for something

no time for something else

under demand


The Whole is sacrificed




aligned into theories

of convenient rationalization

we are each under demand after all

tied to social and economic paradigm

anchored to philosophy and belief

with faith in what we do not know

culture claiming its ground

on the invisible


The key to Life?

We do believe there are secrets hidden

behind time, space, conciousness

parallel lines of individualism

they tell us of my certainty

of reward and my destiny

if I but follow these rules here

or those rules there for another

or these rules we adapt to

to validate a choice or situation

one we impose upon Creation


No matter Whom or What we are led to believe

is undeniable true and beyond question

being sanctioned from history

paraded out from mimicry

and nodding fraternity..


It is just you

and everything else

everywhere and in One Place


Stopping to smell a rose

is but one dimension

one plain of being

somethings are not known

unless sought for

above the rose

above the roof

under the sun

differentiation may be reigning above

visible yet invisible

unless there is more reason

to wonder…

Life and Love

They are The Reason




Church and Fate

Of Faith, Fact and Fiction

I went to an event at a local church yesterday.  This church is not “my” church, but it has supported some of the programs I am involved with. I was there to take part in the uncovering of truth regarding the situations revolving around the firing of their pastor.

The group of us putting of this after service meeting expected there might be some factional antagonisms regarding their now ex pastor and the disaster he left in his wake.  Instead, it was surprisingly more self reflective, those involved with the hiring of the pastor apologising for the reasons they hurried to hire him from out of state without a thorough checking of his behavioral tendencies.

Instead of growing the church as some had hoped; their pastors apparent alcoholism, unreviewed spending, authoritarian dismissiveness, along with a troubled marriage that actually included argument during service, had shrunk the congregation in half while leaving it in debt.

The event went extremely well, with a collective wisdom seeming to cover the congregation with an understanding regarding their mission, their responsibilities, and how to establish clear spiritual vision for themselves moving forward.

When Small Is Big

What I found particularly valuable was the idea of the “small voice” that had warned those before hiring him, but went unaddressed. The hints of warning signs are not to be dismissed as my problem in perception, but reviewed, likely with others; Am I really seeing what I think I am?, Do others see this too? What do they see? What should be done with this idea’s implications?

Those of us who came to this congregation’s event for understanding its issues and concerns, will return for assisting in some of its future decision making, since we have a certain communication process that allows all voices to be heard and reviewed. A number of folks who were resistant to our incursion into their spiritual turf, were joyed to learn what it is we do and how they can be empowered to take their spiritual place in guiding their churches further development.

It was nice to be of assistance to those who seek to keep their church functioning with the extended family atmosphere that this church possesses. A burden has been lifted. In its place, understanding will emit its light, that Love have Its way..

What Humans Do In The Name Of God

In The Name Of God Much Is Mistaken

God Said What? Who Said?

This post is about the nature of religion, belief, faith, truth, love, evil, trust, honesty and knowing; I “know” I likely left some aspects of this post out.

I am writing this article to address a well meaning book (I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST) that I was sent to seemingly purge out the falsity of my atheist ways.  I am not an atheist!,  so there is some perceptual problem apparently.

Some of our fellows feel they can tell what we should be thinking, cause they “know” what they believe in.  This approach for defining reality by belief, is fraught with a possibility of hidden evil, by evil I mean the things which ignorance and emotion can do to human consciousness in the name of reason.  Most of us in established religious groups, do not know all to what we belong to; its reason for being and our abilities to freely wonder about it. We are psychologically and logically setup.

Though indoctrinated into Catholicism via Catholic grammar school, I was a kind of agnostic/atheist when in my early youth; too much tragedy–(–a later link–) with no signs whatsoever of cosmic care. That changed in an instant when I encountered a thing beyond reason–Divine Intervention.   ENCOUNTER WITH THE SUPERNATURAL: SIGNS FROM GOD

I remain in respect for atheist and agnostics who are humanist, those who intend to “do right” (as in the Categorical Imperative) even though they think no one or no Thing is watching or cares.  That is spiritual strength; an awareness that I will do right because right is right to do. I align with Truth.  Wrongness contradicts the life that I am to its foundation, so I reject it for what is a higher purpose–rightness beyond subjective superficiality of desire or temptation.  Religious orthodoxies are quite threatened by these folks, seeming to not belive humans can do right without their ideas breathing down their necks.

This doing right on ones own, is much more an achievement than those who “do what they are told” because of fear of God, brown-nosing to Authority, Don’t want to go to hell, The comfort perks and spiritual “surety” of religious community, or looking for a good place in the afterlife. The humanist position takes courage, and the other conformity to outside ideas, and presumably much internalized dichotomy from temptation suppression.

Being verified by outside ideas tends to stimulate the impulse to spread those ideas to others in order that they too think like one thinks one does.  This sort of prostilization dependency loop creates a kind of self motivating confirmation bias in seeing others change from how, “I once was, like you.”, to my new community of embracing acceptance.

{ Some religions use “shepherding”, where the energy of new converts is watched and micromanage closely to conform to “correct” thought (I was involved with a group helping people exit cult entrapment).}  The warmth and purpose of community association, with all the human and assumed spiritual/emotional perks that come with that; a kind of love, respect, care for one another, bonding and extended family.

Evangelical Realism

(Book: I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST, by Geisler and Turek, chapter 14.) Fallible people write books all the time that have no errors. …. 3. Therefore the Bible cannot err. Notice anything missing in their logic?

The Easy Road

Other human beings associated with your culture; who claim apiori truth from narratives claimed to be infallible, are a common human issue wherever one goes upon this earth.  Native groups claim fantastic stories as the Primal Cause of The People.  These become conserved orthodoxies with a sense of our truth as The Truth.  We also have tribalism interfacing with these differing stories.  We then layer on human role differentiations and ways of perceiving the wonders of Life codified to these stories.  They make sense to those immersed inside the culture, but maybe not so much to the rest of humanity who live outside of it.

Yet we are human.  We have pretty much the same needs. We also have pretty much the same faults and errors in cognitive perception.  We may think others should do as we wish.  Life would be much better for me that way.  Achieving kinds of order in the organization of society may make society function as a greater whole, but that does not mean that that whole is more right or true.  Truth does not solely depend on numbers or “winners” in a narrative.  I so many ways; might is used to make right in materialistic and spiritual claimed societies, especially when God is defined as the maker and doer of life and death and we are, or are said not to be, on It or His side, or to come under eternal fire.


A culture comes with automatic positives for some or most people; place, belonging, purpose, reliable order, safety in some respects; all while Love seeks to bond us no matter what, Love seeks to teach us more than the limitations of ourselves, Love makes us into more magnificent beings…  Love, respect, daily effort, all the must have’s for healthy living try to make their way into whatever culture we happen to be closest to.  The narration of what is right or wrong, or in order or not, will come into various states of harmony or disharmony in us as the individual relates to their greater connection of place and assumed purpose—as the Real Truth exist in perfection not likely in any of our conscious possession.

We then have a kind of weakness that can be manipulated by physical and authority power.  The soft spots of separation and alienation, shame and ostracism, can bend the individual to accept stories and explanations at face value.  Again; a survival strategy that does not denote truth or rightness, but is often presented as such.– You do this “Or else!”

Probing Weakness For Its Societal Value By Ignorance Known As Opportunism

“But I know what I feel!”

Self dissonance, as a threat to connectivity, will create stress in ones emotions as well as perceived causes of it.  As always, we can be more right or more wrong about it, for we do not always know what part our imagination plays, or how a scripted interpretation may be skewing what we see of ourselves and of what others are doing.  Usually, a strong attitude will show the lack of evidence one has to make a truly logical case by the facts.  Might is trying to substitute for right by force of rationalization and not honest reason.

Our emotions are subjective; we are making them, yet we often attribute the cause of them to be in others and situations.  You make me feel!—- These things may play their part, but it is often “easy” to project the badness upon someone other than oneself.  Projection is a self protective mechanism.  Emotions, however, no matter how confident or in support of a fine narrative, do not denote rightness, they denote reaction.

This primitive survival phenomenon of reaction to the external by ones idea of it, is a powerful persuasive animal impulse for the disadvantaged, the lonely, those in spiritual and emotional stress, and oh yes; those not entitled to question authority or use critical thinking ability to discern fact from fiction (except where sanctioned).  The immersion experience; in family, groups, cults and cultures, can leave one not quite knowing where ones boundaries are.  We belong to a kind of whole, yet do not necessarily know what it is about nor where it is going; we are written into the story.

What is Behind The Fix That Is On?  Questions That May Not Be Allowed To Be Answered

Conservatism in general, tends to buttress presumption of knowns, seeing change induced by outer causes inclusion as being erosion of belief.   Conservative ideologies have an intrinsic problematic place; self preserving amidst a pluralistic world of other self preserving conceptual paradigms.  This produces the sense of “natural” human dichotomy; where other systems are seen as alien, and likely in negative framed competition against our true idea of The Truth.

Belonging to anything, especially the narratives of confident conservatism, is in and of itself, a seemingly good thing; a protective and creative connection in its own kind of Commons, or shared definition of life.  While immersion experience may seem healthy overall psychologically, with all its support, affirmation, and place within The Story, critical awareness can be subdued or completely repressed, trapping the individual and possibly the group, in a kind of ignorance–the fertile fields where evil can breed illusion and delusion undetected.

False premise

That book I am writing this post in part about; said there are just 3 kinds of belief regarding God; theist, pantheist, and no God, like humanist.  Theist believe God made everything; pantheist believe God is in everything; and unbelievers like humanist, believe we are all on our own.  I know this idea of deconstructive reductionism is used to clarify differences, especially between theism and pantheism.  They say Buddhist are pantheist for instance.  These differences are human made ones about how to think of God or not.  I submit the conceptions of The Divine are not honestly reducible to these either or absolutes.  The clarification, or quantification, obscures the nuance and complexity of experience as it manifest.

Considering the idea of God is an abstraction, I have known of many Christians and churches that say God is Love.  I do not disagree with the claim, but does it define; made love, is in love, or that humanist do not love?  This is part of religions problem, and especially these who try to intellectually compartmentalize and reduce humanity to its differences regarding who has the real God.

(Just a coincidence seeming to coincide with what once would be called tribal difference? Did God  know we would have debate and draw perhaps mistaken conclusions about God from our problematic human perceptive?  Are we to assume a final judgement on being right or wrong over how we thought mistakenly, or in error, determines a life’s truly spiritual merit?).

Evangelicals in particular; make many wishful and magical claims at “knowing” how the Bible is true, with their current version of the Jesus Of Nazareth story as true.  The proof is actually faith and belief, which are, though we may hate to admit it; at the mercy of ignorance.  We claim our ignorance is Truth along with whatever is actually true in these narratives.  With ignorance being in some manner worshiped as Truth and Gods Word, evangelicals are left with likely Evil (ignorance in action) as part of their belief matrix.

Each preacher rearranges the story-lines and the interpretations of one society to presumably fit seamlessly into today’s world.  Today’s world is not fully known by anyone, just as the jumping to conclusion about the ways God is or is not conceived by all. Presumptions are repeated over and over again in the name of God, but are they really?

Those claiming to be living directly in the Bibles way are imagining they are.  There is no proof that they are; except their belief as a self described reborn evangelical, an assumption.  I do not know you are “reborn” or actually believe in God, or are assuming God is real, going along can be little more than the comforting acceptance of successful mimicry.

The issues with Biblical infallibility are many. Many contradictory and false statements occur within the Bible, leaving one to wonder what “Truth” evangelicals think they are actually following?  And what motivates them to make unfounded claims?  And it only gets worse; the New Testament’s narrative has been manipulated by humans throughout the ages.  Political and religious interest have deleted or demonized some Gospels; particularly those which seemed to suggest the life of Jesus portrayed God as being also in Creation, as Buddhist might.  The adjustments have become so established, and their exclusions so denounced; that the familiar has come to rule as the winner and presumed owner of the new one and only True Truth. I will put others questions of Biblical authenticity and fallibility later.

So we must ask this question; Would God not know how questionable the nature of books of the Bible are, and actually respect those who think for themselves to seek out the Truth beyond religions scripted assemblages?  So what is really behind much organized religion and its hierarchical blame and shame mindsets claiming to be Divine?  Why is so much conservatism FEAR CASTING ?, a kind of cognitive spell cast over perceptual awareness, not so unlike Black Magic.

My Definition of Essential Spiritual Concepts

Firstly. God in not an intellectual argument requiring proof and specific miracles, as most religions go on and on and on about; study, study and be grilled.  God does not require begging and proofs or our claims of existence, loyalty or being addressed in the proper manner; these are human dysfunctional issues; God is about the real.  One intends to be within Gods Way or not, by measures of knowing, belief or ignorance.

What God’s Message Told Me:

God Is Love; Love Is All

Evil is the lack of Love.

A simple message of unconditional Love, (as sometimes opposed by an individuals subjective love of possession), unconditional Love not requiring much explanation or orders for conformity and rules affecting ones future heavenly abeyance. I have lived in ignorance of this Primal Cause and Its Coherency with my life, allowing emotions and insufficient information to draw their own conclusion, producing a form of evil that left me seemingly unable to see Love.  Love is everywhere, but I was not aware of Its image and likeness as my own purpose.

By extrapolation then; Evil in the world is Ignorance; a kind of ignorance of the self that transcends reality to affect our emotions and awareness through our cognitive and creative abilities into our environments.  We can produce, with our ignorance, surprising things; some of genius and some of grave error.  But can we distinguish which is which and what may be behind their curtains?

Can you know when you are in accordance with Creation; The Way of God, or with evil; the way of ignorance (confusion/illusion/delusion) pretending to be known?  These empirical emotional states seem as knowns. Example: I can be sure you are a fool by not commenting to me, or by commenting to me in ways I disagree with.  I can also think you are “on my side” by claiming my insights are shared by you. But what is actually known by me of you through my feelings that are not Love?  That is the question.

{Fortunately or not; this question was given directly to me from a transcendant source imposed upon me, quite impossible to explain objectively –If one has not had this experience. Subjectively delivered truth given in the name of objectivity is not possible to explain scientifically, except by going to theories of cognitive dysfunctional experience. That Love covers everything in existence from God’s Will, is mind boggling, as well as emotionally humbling in the extreme.  It is up to me to see It, or not to see It.  All that was so wrong to my feelings were never intended that way by The Divine. I have no other “how to” formula to convey about the realization.}

There was a widely circulated article a few years back by a Christian conservative arguing that love is the problem.  He went on to confuse the self love of possessing Creation in ones own name, with Big Love–that which unites and embraces All.  From my own experience; I knew how wrong this guy was and how confused he was.  As the authors of the book I brought up; kinds of good intentions are passed around like torches of enlightenment and reason, while they may well be running on the fuels of reaction and ignorance.  God is not about how well we suppress our love by living in perceptual inhibition.

More speculations on interpreting my experience of The Divine in our cultural terms.

In Gods Image and Likeness.  Image, not identical. You see your image in the mirror; we are in a manner of speaking, in Gods mirror. God has only Love for us, but has granted us autonomy.  We cannot conceive of God in any full, accurate or technical manner.  Books and all included.

We are not just mirrored reflections of a multidimensional Being. We are allowed to create, and in so doing, to engage Creation; to perform with Creation, or perhaps to also act against it by being in ignorance of It.  Ignorance and imagination become evil if extrapolated into behavioral formulas of cognition, perception and action.  And yet still—Love covers all.  When this happens to you, intentionally (if possible), out of the blue or at death, you can come to understand the poetry of Creation at hand.

So On The Subject Of Evangelical Rationalization And Atheistic Deception

Now I do not know what religious folks would think of my letter here so far, but I can and will speculate of their intentions, presumptions and validation, for they will not themselves.

Rigorous objectivity and critical analysis are not an option for many conservatives to soundly examine themselves.  At least this seems the evidence I see of their behavior and expression into the world.  They feel entitled to seek out converts and condemn the world beyond themselves as governed by Satan and or Liberalism, and all those other conservative orthodoxies that are not themselves.

The world has various conservative orthodoxies competing for; not just population market share, but world domination.  Unfortunately, these orthodoxies are not allowed to have an objective overview of themselves, for that would well imply change and acceptance of the unknown, unsettling their world and spiritual view.  Fear and insecurity will keep them in there (un)safe harbor of exclusion and denial.  This means evil will lurk as both fear and apparent wisdom.

Evangelical leaders, at the least, judge the world in God’s name, which is taking God’s name in vain. The book; I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST, is an attempt at might makes right in a kind of logical sense.  The authors may well be well intentioned, but the false premised nature of so much of their proofs rationalizations wreaks of their own spiritual insecurity.  As with much evangelical thought, the initial presumption is often used as its own evidence, a kind of circular reasoning. The confidence of the argument depends upon the narrowness of the ideas parameters. That other interpretations of Being have value, is pretty much discarded for their own construct of reason and what there is for them in their narrowed confines of reason to wonder about.

Evangelicals require not just a leap of faith, but a contract in not acknowledging the ignorance of matters they claim self evident as being God’s.   First and foremost is that they know what the real Word of God is from the Bible as an infallible vehicle that have travelled for millenia.  There is no sound evidence for this, being that interpretations vary over what was said and who said what, with documents not going back to the actual time period. But many gospels were excluded from Christianity along the way.  The easy, or is it lazy, claims of faith and belief as their special compensation, betray all the evidencing and witnessing many “true believers” are seemingly compelled to offer as real proof of a real ideas manifestation, as the authors of the aforementioned book selectively manipulate.

Humans were adjusting the “Word of God” to words that the leaders manipulating the documents intended to proceed with.  Now we must assume politicians were infallible as well, but in the world of evangelicalism, any new interpretation is possible as long as their definition of the actual “Word of God” is said to be authentic.  Again, a human based interpretations for human based reasons.

Evangelicals are often putting words into Gods Mouth, so to speak.  Observe the sermons; some enlightening and at least one on TV eliciting prayers for God to get certain Supreme Court justices out of His way.  Before the 2008 presidential election in the US, I heard one preaching to God that He must not abandon His People.  Direct orders to The Divine, seeming to question if God knows what He is doing or allowing to be done. So the Bible says to ask in Jesus name, just like a magical spell to be cast over local creation, if an idea in the Bible can be extrapolated to sanction something one may desire—bingo!

Liberalism is receiving this kind of instruction to the faithful; get rid of it or else you are abandoning God, likely right now, as I type this on this Sunday morning.  The problem is as we have seen politically; the “faithful”, in denying their suspicion of ignorance, fear enough to follow instructions as lemmings at the cliff edge, “In the name of God”, or in the name of the executive.

‘They know not what they do’; whether they are really serving God, Country, or serving Evil, for they are not allowed to know the real difference from authorities presumably speaking in Gods Name. Who is telling them to study which aspects or biblical narration, or see the Bible which way for what reason?  We may wonder, for they are not allowed open critical thinking.  We expect an expert will do that for them.

We see much contempt for Creation as it is, from conservatives and religious and political orthodoxies.  Notice the good intentions of their claims, yet the hostility, judgement and condemnations flowing from their ideologies. They offer no true way right now for compassion, empathy, inclusion, solution. No means right now for unbridled, non ideological understanding.  No open door for Love to grow within and to flow out.

The God of Creation is being kept out for the false idol of ideology and intellectual reductionism being called faith and proof.

Evangelicalism; A recipe for preserving ignorance in God’s Name.

Bible Errors and Contradictions

Fortunately, this is not the case, particularly when dealing with fundamentalists who claim that the Bible is free of error and contradiction.





I Don’t Have Enough Fakery to be a Christian | Facebook

– 3:08pm it said by Christian apologists, “I don’t have enough Faith to be an atheist

. on ethics & morality can only be defended by fallacy and deception.

and kinds of more advanced food for thoughts—-

Rebecca Kukla – Objectivity and Perspective in Empirical Knowledge

by R Kukla – 2006 – Cited by 3Related articles
Objectivity and Perspective in Empirical Knowledge1. Rebecca Kukla. Abstract. Epistemologists generally think that genuine warrant that is available to

In parting;

As always; Where there is Love


God And Natural Events



I’ve been getting referral views from folks looking for signs from God in the Haiti earthquake.

What can I say?

{Link about Sodom and Gomorrah below}

Pat Robertson has alleged that the Haitian earthquake was a sign from God, claiming that Haiti has made a pact with the devil. ( FYI : Port- Au-Prince is right near a fault line. There are several earthquakes (approx 19) on earth each year over 7. on the Richter Scale)

By the same token, when Mount Rainer blows its top or has a large glacial meltdown triggering a potentially deadly lahar, anyone can claim that God is punishing, Oh lets say, Seattle coffee culture.  Mount St Helen (which I heard explode) was trying to punish the Pacific Northwest for being liberalish. I’m sure that was why.

The frightening “natural” cause of these sorts of alleged signs from God, being expressed by religious and or political ideologues is; they think they speak for Gods Mind. Somehow, likely from a permission seen acted out from these individual’s history–That leaders who think they are right can speak for God–religious sanction of Divine Thought expression; and that is a delusion of grandeur extraordinaire.

Not only do they hope you and I believe their delusion, but they insert a particular socioeconomic, political, or spiritual idea of their’s as being actually of God’s.  In this sense, many of these negative framed proselytizers are pagan themselves (worshiping their opinion as God’s) while pretending to represent a monotheistic paradigm.  Their premise is the same as paganism; assign God to nature, only they tag it to specific occurences as acts of God, and not a host of god personalities.

Since these kinds of folks are familiar by enculturation with having these kinds of self imposed biases as being acts of God for things people do; they make up God’s Mind with their comments.  Many a conservative religious idol dispenses demands of sorts upon God, but do not see it as such; they see it as a benevolent blessing and special connection they trust they have with God, enabling them, in their mind, to dispense blessings and assign damnation from their will on God’s Behalf.


I am both a Christian and a pantheistic person.  I feel God is around and in everything–no exclusion clause, as if God had nothing to do, nor active interest in Creation. For me, the lessons of Jesus Christ showed us all a holy way to be; To care for all, but most importantly those who cannot care for themselves. To treat the presence of Divine Worth in others, particularly in those we humans may well feel are worthless or condemned.  Jesus did not seem particularly enamoured with the “haves”, He seemed to notice they lose something of their humanity the more they seem to have; the Eye Of The Needle and all… Jesus professed a kind of Divine Union by Love.

This said, regarding telling others of Gods Will by what we call disaster; those who propose particular natural world events; floods, earthquakes, fires, meteors etc, to be the evidence of Gods wrath and will being projected onto particular humans for their “ways”, is claiming to know what God is thinking, and especially, that God goes after those one dislikes (for whatever reason). Now God is presumed active in nature when raining some kind of terror upon the unholy, for being wrong or making mistakes and error’s in their ways.  Well; is God butting in to our worlds or not?  How responsible are we, then, for our lot in life? What of the good Christians who died in the earthquake?  Punished for being near sinners?

There are critical thinking diversions inserted for disabling both cognitive dissonance and contradiction; God works in mysterious ways; you cannot know the way of God, such as; ‘Well.  He needed them in heaven’, and any number of other Thought-terminating clichés.  This allows most orthodoxies to persist through crippling God given critical thinking abilities for seeing reality clearly and acting in honest unison with it.   Most mind control depends on having things “both ways” while believing one is true to one in any instance.

This seems to presume God is judging us by the perfection standards of a Divine Being, when I thought we were human and not Omniscient; at times we create ill with the best of intention. This all says much more about someones own solipsistic doctrine and need to status claims to Divine Mind, than a real Gods energy directed at certain humans.  We are playing at God, yet hiding behind God’s “statements” which then are cast like spells upon whomever we may declare unholy.  Not surprisingly, the alleged unholy are often following their own notions of Creation and What or Whom rules it.

The political and ideological propaganda stealthily injected into religion by many a conservative, is more an indication of their lack of knowing in God. These alleged orthodoxy adherents seem to have a selective fondness for selected believed in ideas of His that seem to show lack of tolerance and rage towards those not obeying some Law, a “Law” that may quite likely be wildly interpreted to suit social, economic and political realities.  We will find these laws being “broken”, are broken by those who do not support ones own social, moral or political agendas.  It is putting words and ideas into the alleged mind of God by proxy, indicating a delusion of grandeur of lawless scope and self serving design.

Many a conservative is actually a hyper liberal of sorts, only hiding their perception under ideas they believe sanction them to have any belief about a notion they wish.  Doesn’t really matter if some alleged authority tells you it is Gods Way.  It is humans saying they are God and that you are somehow ignorant and dependent upon them, which they call God.

Running The Universe In Their Own Minds

An Indian reservation near Tucson Arizona was experiencing a continuing drought in the 1990’s, much of southwest US still is.  A native spokesperson (chief) and assumed holy man of the reservation, declared the drought was occurring because the young people of the reservation had lost interest in native culture/religion and were leaving it.  This was the same drought I was in.  Yet for those who much prefer sunny dry weather, as many an Arizona immigrant from cold wet climates does; overall it was good times.  The gods or Spirit must be smiling on them big time?

Let Me Tell You What God Is Thinking For Events Unfolding

Conservatives can claim connection, yes even to the Divine, or The Founding Fathers, or to Jesus et al, because their concept of cause and effect has become tailored by idea and not by full fact or full context.   They truncate context and call it context, select facts to fit idea and call that common sense, or seemingly. It appears they just plain do not see the quicksand or reason their concept being pushed may be sinking into, and by damning critical thinking, they blind their followers to it as well.  They have crippled their cosmological view and spiritual perspective.

Then, for instance, you can get Rush Limbo stating that there is some kind of nefarious reason between Obama’s response time for a shooting or failed bombing incident, requiring multi levels of investigation and analysis before wise action can be taken, no matter who is president, (such as George Bush’s even longer response time after the “shoe bomber”), and a whole differing level and degree of cause for responding quickly to a natural disaster where thousands of lives depend on immediate physical help.

As if responding quickly in one instance, and not in another, is a coherent reason for some concept of causal idea comparison (disconnect context and connect faulty premise based assumption–confirmation bias.  It is false context and idea baiting to fool those ready and willing to be fooled.  The demagogues way depends on such ready and willing minds to spunge up bias as if it were truth fair and square.  The great, in is own mind, Rush (to judgement) Limbo, went on to séance concepts of Obama pandering to his black audience, while emoting a stirring cauldron of confirmation biased propaganda as what was being decifered by “facts” from the dark mind of Obama.  See how ad-hominem imagery can cast a spell over assumption?

Confirmation Bias And Presumed Consensus Reality As Appearance Reality

Faith can become the laziest thing, making it even a more powerful agent for deception.  One need believe, make claims, then accept the assumptions the group or culture puts out there; This happens cause of this.  You got a cold?  You might have been doing something wrong morally.  But is that truly cause and effect, wishful thinking, or known disingenuous mind framing?

For the conservative and orthodox conceptual mind-frames; purity of belief is held above fact and reasoned theory of causality, religion above science because science calls for debated evidence to show itself in reality.  Not because God ever said this; that the laws of His natural world were designed against Him,  but because the consensual reality has declared it for very earthly reason; reason that can be as simple as status, conformity’s fear of existential identity challenge, prestige, favor, but quite often money, and the appearance reality that goes along with it in many conditioned minds.

Minds can claim anything they wish, yet these wishes are not necessarily conditioned by the Spirit of Christ.  But money?  It allows one to assume the rewards of the Universe, or even God or self as God; to enjoy its benefits while others who do without and are excorsised from heart consideration.

The spirit of easy opportunity and ego inflation will bend practically any notion backwards and forwards to reward the entitlement.  Strangely it seems, or maybe not so strange, money and possession are at the very core of many human identity conflicts. Money, being abstract and of no intrinsic moral value, allows the good, the bad, and the very ugly to be “safe” in the steady comforts of its illusory harbor. Money is an entitlement reward, abstract and of human symbolic design, as valuing gold or diamonds, but perhaps less intrinsically pretty.

It is of no surprise to me that the activist, “conservative” supreme court has said, in effect, that money is more an American than we the individual.  It is also no surprise that many a conservative pundit and propagandist, bend over at money’s trough while claiming moral, ethical, survival or spiritual superiority over the Liberal institutions of Democracy and of Christ life lesson.

Conservatism is inherently undemocratic and antiChristian, yet with its followers minds and hearts unplugged from the Whole Commons of Being, in darkness, Truth can go unseen and God be interpreted or misinterpreted at will.

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