CAN SATAN BE MISTAKEN AS GOD?–a test of belief


This is Your Official Test on True Beliefs

(or what you believe to be true)

If you do not proceed with the test; grade yourself a 0, for lack of inquisitiveness.

If Fear is your ruler, what are you really measuring?

If Love is your ruler, what are you really measuring?

Is Forgiveness an option or a mandate?

You have already received your initial preliminary questions! (subconsciously)

(And remember; humor does not exclude a question.)


FIRST BASIC QUESTION (Identity Parameters)


–a. I am me.

–b. I am a cross between my parents.

–c. I am whatever sex I am.

–d. I am whatever race or culture I was born into.

–e. I am an expression of my experiences.

–f. I am because I think I am.

–g. I am not whomever you are.

–h. I do not care who you think I am


BASIC QUESTION #2 (which answers must be false)


a–Yes, because I was always told so.

b–Yes, because I cannot question basic assumptions.

c–Yes, because I am afraid to say no.

d–Yes, because very good people say there is.

e–Yes, because I am presumed evil to say there is not One.

f–Yes, because God talks to me.

g–Yes, because I am sure God listens to me.

h–Yes, because Somebody had to start everything.

i–Yes, so I have some insurance just in case.


BASIC QUESTION # 3 (true or false)


a.–God is a male so He can grow a beard in space.

b.–God will burn you forever for getting His or Her name wrong.

c.–God is so jealous of us, God will have no other gods before It.

d.–God holds you up to Gods Own perfect standards of infallibility.

e.–God thus will punish you forever for having a mistake of assumption.

f.–God does not wish you to think for yourself based on empirical evidence.

g.–God is so insecure, God needs you to praise It to high heavens or you lose.

h.–God wants you to not think and just do what a book or person tells you to do.

i.–God is a concept held in by human understanding abilities, thus dependent on us.


BASIC QUESTION #4 (yes or no)


a.–God waited for science (printing and satellites) to really spread Gods Word fast.

b.–Gods real children are actually the Porpoises, since they may be smarter than us.

c.–God played a tricky test on blind followers, “true believers” are then self deceived.

d.–God favored one culture somewhere, so only that concept of God is the true one.

e.–God wants Gods children to kill each other in Gods Own Name.

f.–God loves me because it feels really good for me to think so.

g.–God did not know we would kill one another in Gods name.

h.–God only speaks through special people, who probably are not me.

i.–God is everything, so conflict is a dysfunction needing connection as resolution.


Basic Question #5 (keep your responses)


a.–God will possibly punish me forever for my answers, I always live under terror.

b.–God will be glad to hear I am thinking for myself and not like a robot.

c.–God will terrorize me or everyone for any error in judgement we make.

d.–God is omnipresent and omniscient, so will grant us even our struggles.

e.–God is Love and will love what we achieve in life in Loves full Name.

f.–God needs us to become one of the guiding influences of Creation.

g.–God wants us to love at all cost, to remain in the presence of God.

h.–God is sharing Its Life by giving us a chance to be free to love.

i.–God cares not what you believe, but who you become.


Truth cannot be destroyed, only approached or missed—

ignorance, then, can become a demon

This is adapted from another blog of mine. In case you notice it twice.


I took part in a domestic violence group meeting yesterday, where we try to help someone put into the court system over family violence issues.

Well, we all ended up crying on that day over the lost parts of our lives. In this case siblings who died young, yet had a special impact on our lives. Generalizing; most of us have not adequately mourned our losses, nor fully honored what we have been given. There are always lessons given by Life.

For the violence applicant, he had his brother die on the same week he lost his job and had his car repossessed. This had him react by falling into a three week depression. He stayed in bed sleeping most all the time. His kids and wife would come up to him wondering both what was going on and when he would be over it with the family finances in ruin. He also has past serious drug use and mental issues connected to that.

The person in charge of that meeting mentioned how her life had been in tatters and how she had learned to never think things cannot get worse than they seem to be. Since her experience is; it will get worse just when one feels put upon all one can be.

(We later talked a bit about mothering and nurturing with Mothers Day being the next day and two mothers at the meeting. I talked of not remembering my mother when I was 13; who she was, what she was like. But I did remember when I was 8 or so how mad she had become when we 4 kids did nothing for her on Mothers Day. How painful it was to feel you have somehow hurt your own mother so deeply without knowing it.)

I told my story of living in my truck, parents dead since I was a kid, fathers suicide, dead sisters masochism, I living with toothaches and missing teeth during puberty, no one ever seeming to care at all about me so much of my life, etc.

Then 25 years ago there was a day of epiphany when living in my truck in a town with nearly 50% unemployment, abandoned homes and businesses. I was broke, no job or home, soon to be no gas. One night I looked outward with all this resentment and feeling of abandonment. I looked up into the night sky and surrendered.

I declared all my ambitions for love and belonging were over. I was clean to whatever Life would have me do. I was now Its servant. Need to say; my life changed dramatically from that point on.

No longer a unwavering victim of circumstances, the world seemed new to me. Next thing I knew I was working for a “New Age” kind of church which nearly matched my philosophy/cosmology. Became a farm manager and speaker for the group at times. Had women competing over me!

I am a much more restored person now. I am not perfect in the sense of having no problems. But since that surrendering moment, I have had much more of a life than I thought I ever would.

The most important thing I know is to come to know what Unconditional Universal Love is. How It is beyond our abilities to fully grasp and yet how it is up to my actions to live nearer to It each day.

A life of loss and longing can be transformed into one of service to a value that is Greater, yet a part of us all. No matter how bad things get for me, I know, I need just stand up to see over the mountain top.

{This post resulted from yesterdays meeting and a response I made on a WordPress blog today which is linked to on my blogroll}



It is alleged that there are some 100,000,000 or more American stock holders. More than half of the households in America are said to hold stocks. This statistic may be somewhat misleading since some of even those Americans are cash strapped, or actually have relatively minor stock and equity holdings. This “ownership ideology” is one sociocultural dynamic which Republicans, allegedly, feel works in their favor toward the future. We seek status quo permanence when it is in our favor, but dress the endemic opportunism up with respectable sounding euphemisms.

A Stake in America, or whatever clever survival notion that can be inserted into the psychology of those who have or wish to hold stock, and feel perfectly ethical, moral and down right honest about it, will need to be inserted into perception repeatedly. This idea of providing good to themselves, their future, perhaps friends and family, assuages any need for guilt or notions of negative consequence. No need looking back to check systems dynamics and responsibility consequences. Good, good, things are framed and hung on the walls of society to keep cognitive dissonance away.

Who could question the benefits of “free enterprise” and not be branded socialist or un-American? A few church and religious positions, maybe, since they can be compartmentalized into that mystical bubble of belief beyond question. Some tribes and such might have fair barter exchanges, where value is transparent to each party. This cannot honestly be said of most predatory capitalist ventures.

As we have come to witness in the modern world, corporations fight for Darwinian dominance, with democracy and responsibility to the commons as victims of collateral damage. Thus many environmentally questionable companies avoid and condemn pollution issues, require scapegoats and others to seem to cause the problems in society, to attract attention off the real collective ball. Being that much of the media is in “cahoots” with these very companies. We the public are kept in a “Catch 22”.

The Need for Conformity in Subjugation Devises

It might be right that instilling consensus conformity and eliminating basic systems questions serve an ever increasing appeal to the notion that investing money is just plane wise. Making one a bit of an owner, and so, seemingly legitimately one receives a return on ones investment, this appears to most as a sound logical method to build future security. It also means we have a insecurity driven mindset which is easy to manipulate by fear and a kind of cognitively built in aversion to looking into societies rear view mirror. It is no accident with global warming breathing down our collective necks, that suddenly we have to take carbon emissions, and ozone holes as actualities and not monsters created by the “doom and gloom” (as they were called), naysayers. Now everybody is to suddenly do something for this problem that kinda, well, popped out of the blue. Convenient.

If you are able and willing to put money, (you apparently do not need to survive with in the moment), into a scheme that will exaggerate it over time, it will go on making money for you as if by a magical formula. A perfect set up for the rich to get richer, or the haves to have more. HOWEVER, that return is coming from someone somewhere, this is not magic! Money is not actually alive and self-replicating, it requires someone else to make a real value (inflation-deflation excluded) that you then magically get into your pocket by actually keeping it out of someone else’s. We need to install into the sociocultural matrix, tricks to manipulate the dependent or unsuspecting. Essentially, domination ideologies seek a Divine-like sanction for the propositions to be accepted as inevitable. The more Creation was objectified for subjective reasons, the more an individual or grouping could do with it what they will, or at least can seemingly get away with by hook or by crook-force.


Yes. If at minimum wage, lets say I buy something for a dollar, in the Ownership of Creation Culture, I only get possibly 50 cents in actual value, minus services and expenses in getting that 50 cent thing to you, the rest is kept by someone(s) else, simply because the pyramid paradigm set up allows one to profit unequally off of others. This phenomenon will always produce disturbance into human relationship, whether seeming to be defined as “human nature” and so inevitable, or relegated to quality of character notions which again are cast as being inevitable. Domination’s to succeed at their inherent dysfunctions, have to seem inevitable, or else a paradigm shift or bifurcation point is possible.

The obstacle to fairness, equality and so the right of humans not to place a higher value on another for any reason, is to separate out human differences as value of conscious time differences. Parents can treat children as unequal to them for obvious reason of experience and the unknown dangers of naiveté and innocence. Children may not like this inequality. Why? It obstructs their own free will. Human consciousness has an intrinsic sense of equality of the commons. Frustrate that, and disturbance in perpetuated into relationships. Many employees work for people they do not respect as human beings, but must seem to accept to survive by keeping their employment. I have worked for those I respected, and those who used their position for slave like unequal relationship; as if they were King or Queen over me.

The challenge to a parent or those in positions of obvious greater knowing or awareness is that they are not inherently superior to children or others. Those who do not do this, likely receive resentment, perhaps perverted respect for a dominator position over them. Some children retaliate for this in effect disrespect for their consciousness. Why? They feel love and respect are conditional to their behavior and subservient class, size or position imposition on their own consciousness.


That we humans are not physically or ability wise identical is an obvious fact. This is also an obvious place for domination paradigms; discrimination, preferences, exploitation, oppression and other negative perpetuating dynamics to become institutionalized by appearances. Those appearances are representing the “looks” of reality, but a reality placed under the paradigm mindsets of human invention and rationalization.

Unknown to us, size differences are conserved for a reason, a reason of human survival. It might be that as food sources dry up on earth, for example, the smaller humans might become the surviving norm. Disease’s, which are often used as prejudice in the health insurance industry, and seem to curse their holders, can, like sicle cell disease, be the survival mechanism for human kind under special circumstances (ex.-malaria).

My point is that we assume apparent differences, especially like intelligence, works to ones advantage in today’s world at the moment. We might be right in the short term in mental based paradigms, but still are likely wrong overall. If intelligence was the sole filter for humankind’s advancement, it could easily have developed into a universal genetic component. Super high intelligence has not.

Humans are highly intelligent overall,-true, but extreme mental prowess or power often is marked by great emotional or “heart” dysfunctions, or lacks. Something is upset in the mind oriented individual. Our human differences are in some ways apples and oranges. They all belong in the garden but cannot honestly be valued as superior and inferior, unless one established a bias in perception and brands it into consensus reality, like red is better than orange.


Humankind, following various mental schemes, has gotten out of balance in many ways. Much of this disturbance seems to be based on opportunistic mind perversions in interpreting reality and human consciousness. Some imperfections in quantified human conceptions of human nature are bound to exist, since ignorance exist.

When the Americas were being invaded by allegedly more “civilized” tribes from Europe, the historical data shows some individual Europeans were stunned by some tribes apparent human superiority, relative to then European models. Some wrote of the dignity of the individual and equality of relationship present in some of these apparently (to European prejudice) more primitive people, as being profound. The paradigm of understanding is relative to those who write and or dominate historical conditions. That does not make them right, or might right.

Evidence indicates that scattered around the world original peoples and beliefs were at times much more in harmony with Being. I believe we all have ancestors who once were more integrated with natural being. This bred more respect and mutual regard for the relationships in the culture. The Ownership Of Creation Culture being nurtured by money and power interest these days, is inherently unbalance and will possibly become our species undoing. It is mental, and advantage or opportunism based, and so, perpetuating disturbance and disharmony into our environments and relationships; both individual and world.

The mind selected out as a dominator instrument has left us with both nuclear annihilation or devastation in the cards, along with exploitation paradigms that have humans place the environments into unequal relationships, those instituted into economic acceptance and judicial law. In essence, we are deciding to potentially self destruct while the delusional belief that we are abiding by “the law” or doing things that do not directly incur (see) the negative consequences they produce, allows some of us to live inside delusions of grandeur. These are dependent upon the aforementioned deceptions being “under the radar”. They then are not acknowledge as true, allowing the individual to sit atop a kind of Tower of Babble regarding their fellow human beings.


The political season is upon us in America (and in some sense the world). We (every human being) tend to be faced by those who wish to dominate the world, relationships and others to their own advantage; against those who seek out some balance or accountability’s in relationship. The Ownership Of Creation Culture as a paradigm, has polluted both our political parties and has significant pollution plumes into some spiritual beliefs.

In the Democratic party at the moment, a balance and restoration paradigm seems to be attempting to retake the value of the commons as a universal right of being. Predatory interest infused across many levels of perception and society will try to keep the broad definition of the commons crippled, so it can continue to be exploited without much immediate consequence to those who do. That is a delusional concept in the long run. Going against God or the Universe is not an acceptable long term strategy or investment.

Most of the worlds citizens, including us here in the USA, are under a dominator paradigm that seeks to continue its stranglehold to the very end of its survival chances, which are inherently finite. If the pollution of the earth, and of human to life relationships continues to accumulate, a point of toxic no return will come.

Dominators, having so much control over the commons, continue to attempt to keep ignorance as a powerful card to “existentialize” both debate and the ability to see new paradigms for humankind. Currently the agents of these dominator interest in the media have spokespeople hired to spread fear and loathing towards many at home in the US, and in the world. Ignorance, ad hominem reasoning, false premise, out of context fact made into deceptive accounts, these are their hallmark.

When cast into a fearful mindset, some 70% of a given population tends to side with what is perceived as agencies of protection (status quo), whether true or not in reality. Once again, a great hazy disturbance to hide all the perversions of perception in, and responsibilities for the commons out. The primitive survival mechanism to go with the known rather than add more uncertainty over the unknown, is used to predatory advantage.


Human cultures have come and gone. Many species have come and gone. The guarantee for survival is abiding by the Laws of Being, even as they change their manifestations. We have each a decision to make, whether we put all of our stock into a manipulative paradigm, one already proving to threaten us with extinction along with much of life on earth.

On the other hand we have a different investment to make; one in understanding. It will require risk on all our parts. We need to embrace a Spirit that is Whole. We need to discover and explore the landscapes of unconditional Love. We need to open hearts and minds to our own experience and perceptions and exchange them equally with others who we have not known.

Transparency of Being is the final goal of this investment opportunity. The ability to uncover once hidden problematic sources and address them with the Whole of the Commons in heart and mind, illuminates that which fear once held beyond the light. A restoration and amplification of the human Spirit in alignment with the Laws of Being is always at hand. When fear is faced down and understanding said yes to, a new world of potential dawns in awareness. We cannot nor will not overthrow God or the Universe of Being. We do need, however, to be on Its side. That is our only long term investment that pays of in perpetuity.

Religious Trouble; the God Game

After attending another interfaith meeting on the Muslim Challenge to what is common to it and Christian faith, I remain boggled at both religion and human influence pedaling on the “True one God” or “One True God” or “God and no other god”.

I was raised to accept the Catholic bureaucracy as a kind of automatic pilot God machine. It was such a machine that it nearly never had to mention or talk about the Bible much at all. Imagery, ritual, and most importantly, programing as the one true church, was all it needed. Don’t go to church and you will likely go to hell, unless right at the end you happened to have Extreme Unction?

As I understood it, the Extreme Unction thing, if given in time, could forgive your sinful self and still get you into heaven. Once again, better stay connected to the church or else you risk a forever in hell. A place of apparently eternal torture of some questionable kind.

Mystify and Dominate

My opinion on religion has evolved into this over time from researching its historical roots, my own experience and observations; most religions seem to start out with one figures extraordinary experience or apparent message from something greater than we. Many of these messages go on to become institutionalized and reassembled by followers.

Many of the rituals have precedence in previous pagan or pantheistic concepts reworked to a newly defined unified theory–one true God. But now it becomes about institutional self preservation as the prime directive. Mystical secret or expert only knowing, gets solidified by circular reasoning’s no questions to the controlling core or else, finality’s. We end up with the know for certain club of entrenched “true” believers behind a spiritual-cultural paradigm and in some cases legions of followers.

Those two originating factors may be gone by now (first spirituality’s and a vision of Divine union). The now Sacred Prophets experience is usually felt by followers to be a magnetic one, one of profound revelation of a Love that extends to all things. Religions then go on to define their particular “brand” as the true one. The originating motivations are now mere symbols of remade traditions that have an operational life and cause of their own; continuing to attract and contain followers, or else.

I have had such a transformational transcendent experience (spiritual epiphany) when I was an agnostic at 27 years old. It carried no religious imagery of any known system of belief to act as a colored lens of interpretation. I was just cast into the presence of an absolute Love for a brief moment one night when walking down a city street. It effected my perceptions for days, as if the Divine rent open the night sky and handed me a gift. I have never had that all pervasive experience since, but it did change my then only scientific view of what reality is made of.

My generic experience

It seems to leave one who has it with a mission statement, but one hard to swallow; I was wrong about so much of my life and how I see and judge things. Most of the world I am aware of, as an individual perceives it by news and ones own living of it, suggest most others are in that same boat. We bale and bale the water out our whole lives, waiting on something profound to become sure. We try to arrange our lives to have some love and meaning in it.

If we are fortunate, we might have a passionate place in society, where we are valued by family and we value others. We can also be alienated, with profound feelings of separation from others. This sense of separateness might leave us feeling unloved, possibly even in a universe which seems to not care a thing about us. We may be attracted to religious or scientific notions of what life and its limits are.

How could someone as alienated as I actually was, live up to a vision that impressed me with the sense that everything is only actually born of Love? I had never acted or behaved as such. Who was I to turn into? A preacher?–Hey! I had this experience! No! Wait a minute. Stop! Listen! I really did! Hey stop!

I could not tell others how to have a transcendent experience. My life showed little evidence that I practiced what I preached. My behavioral patterns were quite entrenched. It seemed I’d have to fix me first before my mission could proceed. Long story short; day after day my “enlightenment” receded into the background, remaining as a kind of personal talisman to spiritual experience that serves me to this day.

Years latter I had a different kind of spiritual realization. The first and only time I tried it. I had heard at a health class, the instructor telling someone, (who asked after class if he believed it was possible), how to “do” astro-projection–leaving ones body. The next day I tried it. That really shook me up, but it left me with, not a sense of Love, but one of life and awareness beyond the body. A shocking view of consciousness beyond the dust and water we are made of, again tested my notions of the bounds of empirical experience.

Like the prior profound experience, I was left with no fear of death. Many of us who are in deep ways afraid to fully live, are haunted by a fear of death. I have come to assume that is our own life in a kind of stasis waiting to be brought fully to life, as if there is a mission and our boat is not up to making that journey, so we wait in a kind of fear zone, worried over our rising water. Some religions and other beliefs say this has to be because we are always sinners, so must do everything they say to save ourselves.


This brings me back to many religions who hold that fear zone card over the head like a guillotine, saying; follow us or else. It is a powerful card to hold, promise Divine Love or at least respect and eternal life on the one hand, and a card of damnation in the other. This see-saw works between ideal or belief and the realities of experience. I (we) am usually not omniscient enough to be perfect always to my ideals and beliefs. Then if will follow that I have baggage of fallen rock in my spiritual boat that always threatens to sink me, hence the recipes of how to cast the rocks out; by rejection, types of denial, persecution of self or others, and pandering to a Divine One to forgive my Divinely created fallibility’s.

(Then there is authentic contrition, not based on damnation but on loves return releasing guilt. This is available to everyone no matter faith or not, so I will not attach it to any particular belief system, though it may be claimed by them as their special awareness or compensation.)


It all might be of the best intentions. This can become a pseudo-spiritual headlock. Gridlock of the soul enmeshed in a surrender to apparent authorities who presumably have or are privy to more truth. We become the forsaken, since we are not allowed to truly examine spiritual tenets, presumptions and authorities. We become addicted to the cause, be it of truth, fantasy, illusion or some fusion between.

Many religious institutions were once cults of a possibly enlightened individual. They regress to hierarchical structures, ridged rules and behavioral regulations, and with the perversions of might making rights obvious or subconscious fear cards (damnation and hell). Usually various forms of male dominance over women’s apparent practical connections to the creative powers of life. These religions now come to present a kind of threat to our continuing physical existence on earth. Did not whomever’s one true God know what mischief followers would get into over the one true turf battles? Is this one true God really obsessed with judging our fallibility’s and whether we acknowledge God’s existence, or say God’s name in the “right” language?

The usual answer to questions is a circular reasoning short circuit; that– one cannot question God or “His” ways. Brain unplugged, mission accomplished!


We are told we have free will so we are all responsible, yet much of government, religion and culture is often about shunting off communally unacceptable free will adventures, usually because in the operational consensus reality, harm or dysfunction result from those ideas that pop into our heads, and so need to be controlled.

Fair enough, I say. But if we are prevented from examining our taboos and laws for their continuing relevance, we are machine robots and not conscious and responsible beings. If I act the way I do because of treats or threats of punishment, I am not actually being responsible. I am essentially being forced or tortured (in future) into so doing. A Pavlovian experiment gone big time. There is little merit in mindless control, yet orthodoxies, in particular, seek out mindless (unquestionable) behavioral control as a solution to reoccurring apparent dysfunction. They literally become insulated from examining if truth itself, a living truth, is being prevented from being known, because of might makes right institutionalized circular reasoning mind control.


There are religions out there that believe you can buy your ancestors into heaven. Imagine the controlled perceptual notions that equate money with salvation after you are already gone! But how convenient a fund raising gimmick!

Many seemingly have you in the position that if you are not perfectly conforming to books and dogmas, because of your mistake or stupidity, you will be eternally tortured by a God the Sadist-Supreme Terrorist. I wonder who could have actually inserted those notions into society for rote control? Any ideas?

While some are urged to be in constant fear over their own God given bodies and abilities, other are issued guarantees of favor now or in the afterlife, if only they do what whomever is saying to them. Many TV religious pop shows promise health and healing, pandering to the ill and a fear of death, most always followed by a God needs us to buy another satellite to pass the word. Interesting how God was kinda strapped in until writing and now rockets came to be. Now the holy word of someones liking can be spread far and wide. Of course you must send in your part of the retirement check to join in Gods mission through whomever. God, it seems, is quite dependent upon fund raising.


Most of what I have presented can be described as nothing more or less than monkey business. It has all the attributes of domination and mystification–Darwinian power tricks and truths. It attempts to shut down critical (God given) critical thinking abilities. It seems to promote a highly conditional love and acceptance to behavior. It in effect, marginalizes God to human control features, requiring obedience, begging, not facing the source of ones own actual motivations, thus empowering evil as a reactionary power. It makes God out to be a dysfunctional ego addict, needing endless pandering from more unable creatures to what? Feel good about Itself? Know it has created robots who learn to suppress their own God given inquisitive and exploration abilities for a frozen in place ethos?

The interfaith meeting I started this post with is about the Muslim challenge to Christians to meet the two basic laws of Love; Love of God and Love of neighbor. In essence I am for this. However I believe much of these faiths are in the very position I was; where is the operational evidence in my own life of these beliefs?

I was privy to have experienced the union of Love across all things and apparent problems of being. I believe everyone can have this presentation given to them if it is so required. How much more noble, how much more of merit if we were to not require being dragged into the transcendent, but came to recognize it as the organizing principle of Being. Who is able to activate their own minds and hearts to get past programing and touch the fullness of Being, without being scared to dare know for oneself? This is always the problem of deprogramming from cults, just to get you own will back.

Love flows in, through and around us continually. It is I who chose to look otherwise by appearances. No matter what you or I have done or not done, It is there unconditionally, with Arms open.

This I have known, and at my most conscious, can see as obvious and true.


Most Americans (Christians) follow a second book of the Bible, well they used to, many of its teachings are becoming eradicated. But this opens up the question, particularly since from the “Old Testament” New, and other books, have followed the teachings of Prophets or been assembled by their followers; How many new Prophets and sections of the Bible are to come after the first one?

Thus comes the “Sacred School” theory. When I was a member of a church, it considered itself a third sacred school. It saw the Old Testament as directed at a more savage state of human consciousness, where laws and orders were the rule of the day since humans could not be expected to do the right thing, for it not being obvious in their own consciousness.

According to that theory, Jesus Christ came along to initiate a second school of thought when people could handle it. People were now more ready to comprehend right from wrong, but still often chose wrong for their own advantage. Christ then introduced the mental way of reasoning to rightness. Parables and such gave the individual reasons to think more deeply on their decisions and perhaps their ramifications, not because a law said yes or no, but because you yourself could reason what was right to do.

Other Abrahamic religions have this advancement noted in human comprehension as a now inherent moral sense. Currently we have some religions and groups who have gone further on the sacred school concept for various reasons. The one I was in believed they embodied a third advancement into a spiritual phase having grown out of Christianity.

Now allegedly, we were or are able to comprehend, that much greater than ourselves and act in a cogent manner accordingly and naturally to what is Divine Intention on our own. In that groups view, suddenly many spiritual practices and belief systems have in part moved up to this allegedly new level. That level being a spiritual awareness that is transcendent into a presumed inevitable continuity between individual desire and universal harmony. Implying that if and when I am fully true to myself, I will be true and congruent with all life, whether understood by events or not. Here it is presumed one is then one with God, or if you prefer, Being, or the Soul of existence.

While I personally find the view uplifting, and discovered many people who seemed to live by a higher identity with God or Beingness, a de facto refusal to recognize that at times any individual human may be dealing with issues that draw them back into prior schools of thought, could not be acknowledged. The church expressed it was all about purity of that transcendent union, so it refused to go back to dealing with what seemed like regression. It seemed caught in a kind of catch 22. I moved on from it when the contradictions in theory and behavior, of myself and the group leadership in particular, were too disassociated to be taken in honestly as being Holy or Sacred.  We cannot ignore realities.

I believe the more mystical sects of many religions are at this place, where they struggle with what one at times finds too much to handle, then surrender back, when they (individuals) have their senses of perception returned, to the immersion into a more transcendental state of union with the Divine. Poetry and song, or deep meditation-prayer, and or some trance like dance and rhythms sometimes signify these acknowledgements.

Groups will attempt to “brand” that process, or personal cosmic union (your sense of cosmological cohesion) to their own groups sole identity. That will remain a kind of tribal impediment to humankind sharing seamlessly with a common perception of being at one with Creation, and what borders of consciousness are real or invented.

Once we are reduced to tribalism, or us against them consciousness, our options and identity with life is apparently severely compromised. Yet in the world today, political and religious leaders are at times on the side of this self imposed divisive ignorance. They will rationalize why their listeners too, should follow their lead.

What are your limits?

DOWN WITH GOVERNMENT! the reluctant anarchist


Anarchism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What governs our lives besides government?  We must address the influences that impose upon our will beyond what is conventionally assumed to be “The Government”, or the impulse, the natural impulse to be fully and freely you, me, we might be throwing rocks from inside our own glass house.

I am an anarchist. No, not the rock throwing destroy everything kind, if that truly is a kind. I believe anarchy to be the highest state of freedom, but it only works if we are all on the same page, at home or in the world.  A universal enlightenment. Sorry if anyone thinks they are actually cut out of creation or independent of it.

That burst my free as can be Utopian balloon doesn’t it?

It does if you think humanities problematic behaviors are unsolvable.  The question becomes; when can I trust you to not accidentally or intentionally inhibit my life by your actions into my life?  Personally, I have no plans to take advantage of you; to take from you more than you earned as is done under some scheme. I am living a very low impact life, not adding to pollution at a whim, buying very little and recycling materials I create when deconstructing something.

That said; I live in the USA, and you and I are adding much unhealthy elements to the air, sea and land, while in some respects imposing our will on the world without overt permission.  As a would be anarchist, I have much accounting to do over our collective actions that I as a voting citizen have some accountability in.  Unless the idea of anarchy is to avoid being held accountable by natural law as well, then it not much more than a convenient abstraction delusion escape clause.  Being a real and responsible anarchist, and not an oxymoron, personal identity issues, as well as philosophical tenets, must be addressed.

I believe that when humankind is both healthy and communicative over needs(= full relevant information access), and aspiration, we can do away with government as we know it. No one to fight, no one to bribe for votes, no one to blame. This will need be the case one day if we are to survive, particularly if we step off the planet to explore the next shores. At home or with friends, one can now be as anarchistic as one wishes to be. To see how that goes by trying it, would be a first place to start.


I am sadly amused when I read blogs about conservatives being anti-government and liberals pro-government, since if one looks at history, both sides can be in great states of denial. To some extent some liberals completely forsake economic realities that are not changing very fast without a spiritual-understanding revolution, which will probably be forced upon us by shock and an awe of a regional or global kind, and not gotten to through our “higher angels”.  But I am for calling up our higher angels when we have that kind of courage on our own.  It is better to add health to the world than to take it away, but therein lay much identity obfuscation.

Then there are certain conservatives that seem to think anarchy is fine for their business or self interest in some predatory Darwinian dominator based psychology, or more accurately, dysfunctional ego grandeur hardly disguised by their superiority complexes (hiding insecurity/inferiority self haunting), and accompanied cognitive noose around the neck convictions. Sure they hate certain liberal pro-government notions. Those are contrary to their detached individualism’s psycho-spiritual assumptions.

Don’t tread on me and I won’t tread on you

I am mixed in practicalities about the libertarians, as I assume they are about themselves. They are part made up of both the right and left; want more direct say in their lives and reject what seems like undo external influence of organized power structures that obstruct the individual. Liberty abstract and pure, yet where is the real context of each individual being?—-in an interconnected web of world relationships.

It is fantastic to feel I am self-regulating and need no other comments on my doings, unless I trample on others rights.  But that is often the back burner issue; do I know for a certainty that my freedom is not oppressing you?  If I dump my motor oil on my property, do you really have no say next door or a mile away?

How about when your water from your well gets laced with carcinogens leaching off my property? Still not my problem? It seems some libertarian energy comes from the; freedom to do what I want but not be held accountable unbridled escapism ego opportunism lust.  Might be why some freedom loving folks try to undo science with its interrelationship consequences and all. To me, and I think of myself as a libertarian at heart, some libertarians kind of live for a future Utopia, where they are untethered by others consequence, without necessarily looking at present realities close enough to see how they will creep up on them, and perhaps crash their balloon.

I happen to love people on all these philosophical and political stances. Without an interrelated platform for agreement or conflict resolution, what resource will you have if you know I am poisoning your water table, yet you also know I am a arrogant “individualist” who listens to no one?

One of the most important issues in human cognition, or lack of it, is cognitive dissonance.  Once I’ve formed my identity with tags linked to nice abstractions, like freedom, I may well contour my self reflection and my view of the world to avoid knowing where and when I am self contradicted.  This sort of ego adaptation will leave its psycho-spiritual contortion festering within the self.  The experience of consciousness then becomes more problematic, given that ignorance, as a kind of firewall, has become instituted in perception.



No!  Not the secret agenda!

Who wants to hear your religious jumboed mumbo?

Why! Why did you have to go there?

Being on spaceship earth is a big abstraction to some, so lets imagine that International Space station, or you can make up your own closed human ecosystem.  Well what happens if I get disgruntled and poke holes in the wall?  What if on a space walk I go about tearing off protective coverings cause, well, I’ve just had it with all the idiots in there.

One person. One decision. One intention. One problem unaddressed. One idea left to fester. Just one lack of cohesion, one big enough, and a whole space colony could be destroyed.  If put into our real place with its interrelationships, we have impacts that ripple out throughput the whole Commons of Life.  We need an agreement, even if only a consensus reality made to appear real; that I can trust you and you me.  Otherwise…

Most all humankind has had transcendent spiritual beliefs. Your own love may be viewed as a transcendent or metaphysical glue that holds you and someone or thing together in a kind of invisible gravity of union. I feel that in a deep fundamental way, we are always acting in manners which we belive will make our love healthy, no matter how wrongly we may try to force it.

When humankind grows past its fear, threats and insecurities, when we know we are all inside spaceship earth together, and it does matter to each life what the other is doing, we will emerge into some kind of theocentric non state. I believe we will all act on behalf of our higher angels, and because of that union, share the mysteries and revelations of Creation, possibly with symbols and rituals that keep the reminder ever-present of the abiding transcendent Cause.

I can assume I am caused by the universe or whatever manifest it.  I can also assume, as through physics and cause and effect dynamics, that I am endemic to existence.  I can even assume that my consciousness is not detached from wherever consciousness exist in the scheme of things, without knowing how we exactly conceptualize creation.

Our modern minds seem to believe they cannot know a thing without fully describing it and deconstructing its rules of being.  One trouble with this scientific like objective premised assumption is that we know all the parameters of a thing, and of the context it exist in.  Spacetime seems to suggest to our senses that things are separate and self cohesive, but this view of the outer world is a self defined appearance reality in part dependent upon kinds of peer agreed to consensus realities.  Actual reality may be another matter.

But Metaphysics and Mumbo-jumbo?

No, Humankind, as spiritual societies, will not force religion onto anyone without their permission, our spiritual core will just fit into life seamlessly. If the universe is not in contradiction, and we are of the universe, I expect a state of essential non-contradiction in spiritual matters as the case of Life as well. This is then a premise of a latent, intrinsic Utopian (from our current viewpoint) spiritual anarchy impulse, that can well possess qualities and even beliefs of parts of some or all of the aforementioned belief systems, and even some not mentioned.  In one manner of defining this; what is true is to be honored.

Can humanity have truth as its guide while not completely conceptualizing Creation?

The difference will be that there will be no contradiction between each consciousness and collective humankind.   Differences will engage reason and definition of individual vision with a logical means of resolution of disagreement. Your spirit, in some ways untethered from dysfunction, will be able to soar higher than likely you or I have known, and not necessarily by designing a self in contrast to the worlds of others…

Unconditional Love has that guarantee. No one is stopping its anarchy, but ones sense of self limitations will limit ones awareness.  When external government is gone, we have a Darwinian feeding frenzy, where your neighbor does have the right to grab your stuff.  Get rid of Democracies government; the alleged will of The People, and we will likely have corporacratic and or theocratic replacement by an oligarchy.  Those interest are actively working against government by “The People”.

Real government ultimately cones from within.  Freedom will be real when external government is allowed to die.


What a tree believes when reaching out?

Or does it know without question?

A rational universe

Truth defines the real self

Even if I cut this tree down

There is one governing equation


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Fear is real. In fact, it is so real, it can seem to consume you all by itself.

It becomes the favorite ploy of politicians who are desperate to control you, and merchants who need you to need what they have.

Gas went up $0.10 overnight (actually as I bought it yesterday). I remember municipalities trying to get a half cent raise in gas to pay for some civic project or program, and the voters say no. Local gas station owners told, that drivers would flock out of town for gas. You would be ruining their lives and livelihood. So we do without the teachers raise, or the intersection expanded. We have learned to not trust government hardly ever (except by fear) in having its hands on one more cent of our hard earned (or not) money.

I think of how, in relative terms, most of these little increases would have returned to us much, but instead, it now goes to a middle east nation, and or the corporations making a windfall off of fear, and a war over it is guesstimated now at eventually costing $3,000,000,000,000–$5,000,000,000,000 and all out of scaring us dumb with dubious rational.


Fear diverts our attention with ease. Heck, I’d rather keep my one half cent, thank you big government tax and spend socialism very much. Now gas can go up a dollar each gallon in a year and we are still kept afraid of (and less able to afford) pooling our resources to do something fair, just or constructive.

I have become cynical in the economic sense, since it seems proved out that every cent you think you kept by avoiding a tax, you will have taken from you more fold, in placing your needs into predatory control. No, not in the hands of voting institutions (representative or initiative) where you theoretically have a say and receive a lasting benefit, but into individuals or collective groups, who knows where in the world. Just probably not in the average voters house or neighborhood where you live. Just got to keep you scared to keep you in line. Attention Diversion Disorder.


Interesting how the selfish, predators and the permanently afraid, rule our lives to some degree. Our doors are locked when once upon a time they were not. I travel as little as possible. I buy less of our consumerist/individualist-each must have their own products, cause somebody rich somewhere needs more for their nicely set up welfare for them state. That is how it is for more and more of us. You just will not see many movies or TV shows based on the third worldalization of our nation. But many a politician will speak glowingly of our special freedoms the world is so jealous of.

Nanny state, closet socialist, communist Utopian, many words are used to now define the community doing good or needed works of one kind or another, by the fears of the poison pill word propogandist. While exploitation of the individuals situation, contempt for empathy and compassion, and getting away with what you can, or aligning with fellow opportunist to strip democracy of meaning, or of rights pertaining fairly to all, goes on quite unabated.

The deck that has been stacked is the very old one, the opportunist and predatory one; take what you can and run. Humankind is always faced with what one can call Energumen (a spirit embracing misanthropic or malevolent intent to others), those who place their “own” above all else, and serve that separation from the whole, as itself being holy.


Resource depletion, pollution, the reduction of the authority of the individual in the responsible collective sense; where we accept that we still live and breath the same air on the same planet and must so act therein responsibly, assaults of these are the greatest looming threat to the planet and so to us.

That said, terrorism is the greatest present threat to the western world. Much of the rest of the world is or has been ruled by this greatest threat as well, but now in the USA, terrorism is the greatest threat of the present moment, because so few callus dysfunctional’s can cause so much fear, harm and disruption of life and economies, not to mention the soul depletion of removed liberties.

If you are liberal, you do need to take terrorism’s realities into account, along with your hopes and fears for the future. I am not suggesting ignoring the source of the mindset that produces lives whose only value seems to be to destroy someone different who is blamed for their plight, rightly or wrongly. That is what manifest terrorism.

It is also necessary to state that our own revolutionary founders would be considered terrorist by the then British status quo. As has been often said; one mans terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. We must determine in this diametrically opposed perception, a truth beyond subjective impression, to where the real truth of the matters are, and what the honorable and rational action and reactions should be.


If you think of humans moving into space (from exploration and or population pressures), we will have had to manage the potential of disaster, of just one dysfunctional and disgruntled individual. Imagine the degree of control by state, or the maturity of the spirit of the populations, to be able to trust catastrophe not ensuing from one of their peoples intentions. Terrorism (of all kinds, including good “defensive”-offensive ones) on the planet is not far from doing the same thing here on spaceship earth.

We face a coming wall regarding globalization and individual and collective rights and responsibilities. I am of the mind that as in all addictions, it is not force or words that will cure us of the oppression of the out of control state, religion-state, or the out of control individual. A rebirth of self, strange as that can seem to mean, is what will break fear based addiction by the individuals own motivation.

When the promise to Life (or God) comes originally from our own hearts and minds, a new world opens up. Life is unveiled and Its astounding presence sensed. This Big Spirit surrounding everything, leaves nothing out or discarded by human concepts of division from the Whole. It is Unconditional Love, pure, simple and true. It does not need me to defend It or say Its Name correctly, nor beg properly, or pander unending to Its omniscience. It is an invitation to exist inside of Its intention, Its unfolding definition alive in my own life, as in all things.

I can share in the miracle, which even includes suffering and loss as poignant counterpoints to being, or I can embrace the myriad pathways to fear. Letting them, ground my spirit to inert dust, worshiping all I lack as evidence of illusions primal abandonment (my detachment from Cause).

It will be the heaven at ones own hands, or the heart eating jungle, that will be produced from what I chose to do or not do. The fate of the world is made up of that magical choice in which direction we each lean, until it becomes a driving wind.


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These images were taken by the Solid State Imager (SSI) on Galileo during its first flyby of the Earth in December of 1990. The images were all created by Dr. Edwin V. Bell, II (NSSDC/Raytheon ITSS), from separate filter images present on the Galileo Imaging CD-ROMs.

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