Long Time No Rhyme

Long Time No Rhyme




why wait?

bite this bait

Its called elections

pretends to be Democracy,

squirms as an impaled worm

alleges Freedom

but of its children

it demands pledges


Money talks, then stalks the facts

like that Sasquatch old footage

going forward gazing back

last moments sunlight

rusted without rain

never quite to be found this time around

and around



nearly extinct meltdown

drowning in a bathtub

rising “values” voting

moral crusaders

hiding immoral background

handcuffs upon our moon,

powdered crater face smooth smile

our circus is backward around

this time around






.{photo: Benafia}



Nature Of Light Falling




Came Bearing Gifts Of Uncertainty

Were it the nature of the moon

to drop red into our eyes

see your fertile eternity

amidst this fracturing of truth

sweetened into colors too deep to drink

so far away next to memory


There are these steady things

balanced between earth and orb

tidal needs ebbing and flowing

starlight running out into chaos


and found living on earth

nothing truly cut out;

all that was

and is


that too

All that will be


Your constant of change

following these same clouds shapes

identical wind

as yesterday

same shallow grass

dry as tomorrow

our Absolute of Love

complete in its missing pieces

longing around fulfillment


Trees inhabit horizons

arms raised

others broken down

weeping as rain

worms and beetles

purchase a new world

in shades of forgiveness

and approach of winter






The Edge Of God


The Edge Of God

From floating within

cast out upon a sea

of commotion and hardness

connection severed

doubt born of ignorance

emptiness of hoped for faith


Smiles and attendance

misunderstanding and wonder

if anyone knows me

if anyone cares

still time and space

play their receiving and parting game

joy, need and want

spin around love

and who knows which direction

love is now pointing me?


It is all about love

all about a worship of connection

something complete beyond distance

past denial, freedom and forgetfulness

a belonging passionate and personal

teeming universal and internal

a Place too grand to encompass

too Bright too be seen.


Here God is as a constant

and as a Presence beyond normal cognition

it is at The Edge

differentiation, parts of The Whole

I can carry to my heart

one by one while never comprehending

The Sum of it All.

God is always here

hidden if I refuse to see

mere belief if I refuse to know

how The Edge Of God requires acceptance

to know connection and revelation

as when eyes find that moment

when they see both ways

when I look at you and you at me

suddenly we see something never-ending

eternity reaches out in a momentary sight

this is how The Edge Of God feels

when we see into forever

an unbounded Love

known by being love

by knowing empiric contact

with God wherever and whenever

with whatever and whomever I chose

a choice to walk The Edge of experience

becoming what is shown

immersed in what is known.





The Art Of Connection



We see connection

at times where there is none

except in all I do not know of One Creation

The transcendent all inclusive One

never truly lets go



ideas of pattern

weaves  suspicion

something is up

a connections intention

what is going on?

Attachment in some dimension

of sight

of sound or memory

of thought

of concept…

Narration comes to exist

not only in reality

but in fantasy as well

classic of paradox

fantasy itself becoming

an aspect of reality


We must decide how to be

to be be true to Truth

follow Truths standards

as bound to each subjective angle

or make things up and pretend

check not too close

question narratives

not so much

becoming certain within

a mixture of fact and fiction

a conglomeration of connections

some holy and others holes

gaping disconnection


feeling what we are missing


These heredity’s of iconography

they propose story lines

we arrange our role along

acting as if idea were Truth

and idea need not be inspected

too closely to reveal its possible error…

May it be delusion claiming connection?

Do I know what I believe?

Has culture cast me in stone?

Do I mimic these roles narrative line?

Filter my sight, my mind, my heart

sensing only what is allowed by consensus

but called a Truth and called The Real fact?

Yet this is engineered by appearances

supported by the revolving bias of confirmation;

To claim knowledge in ignorance concealed

but called wisdom and common sense

called even faith and honor

even duty and trust

loyalty and courage of conviction.



We each see a universe

from a darkness of the self

where insecurity may drive

rains of doubt and abandonment

The Light of Existence obscured

making some things out to be

and others not sure not to


Why we do depend upon others

we require differing views

to honestly comprehend what is

even if incomplete in all honesty

It is honesty to Being which questions

each one:

Do I try to see what is?

Do I remain honest to my subjective;

that what appears real may not be

requiring humility in both belief and trust


This subjective life is fragile

while Life is eternal

I am a presence

immersed within Presence.

In Presence I am Love

without It I may love

and lose all

but who I really am



We each are in this way asked in our moment;

Draw more near to Love and Understanding

To awe and the wonder of reason

or be busied by what I lack?


See with open heart and mind

with Spirit immersed in connection

or fear what I do not know

becoming a servant of separation

while all the while

being one within One








Under The Rainbow



I had never seen anything like it

brighter than any normal rainbow

a faint rainbow was to the east of this near the horizon

but this circumhorizontal arc was right overhead

it seemed the missing bottom of the rainbow

only condensed to the extreme


There are these wonders round us

right over our heads at times

yet with our often horizontal view

we may miss some of what is above

and what is below


We each have our reasoning for this

purposes we steadfastly seek

following a clock perhaps

late for something

no time for something else

under demand


The Whole is sacrificed




aligned into theories

of convenient rationalization

we are each under demand after all

tied to social and economic paradigm

anchored to philosophy and belief

with faith in what we do not know

culture claiming its ground

on the invisible


The key to Life?

We do believe there are secrets hidden

behind time, space, conciousness

parallel lines of individualism

they tell us of my certainty

of reward and my destiny

if I but follow these rules here

or those rules there for another

or these rules we adapt to

to validate a choice or situation

one we impose upon Creation


No matter Whom or What we are led to believe

is undeniable true and beyond question

being sanctioned from history

paraded out from mimicry

and nodding fraternity..


It is just you

and everything else

everywhere and in One Place


Stopping to smell a rose

is but one dimension

one plain of being

somethings are not known

unless sought for

above the rose

above the roof

under the sun

differentiation may be reigning above

visible yet invisible

unless there is more reason

to wonder…

Life and Love

They are The Reason




Longest Light


Longest Light

The end of a day

near Summer Solstice

burning sky moved northward

nearly passing western mountains


It is relative

like Truth

like Position

on an eternal edge

of One Reason

expressed upon continuums

unfolding constant


as looking

as dreaming…

Wondering on a star

here most near

yet far






Worth The Waiting For; Images Of Nature Wild

Earth, Fire, Sky and Water



A gray sky of common origin

sun slipping behind a mountain

mere angles change perception

common becoming incredible

in passages of simple moments

laws of astrophysics bending light

our world overlooking a dream

beyond fences we seek afar

we are in vision’s sight

the dreamer