Before And After Sense, OR, How Well Do I Know A Truth As Being Present Now?

Facing Life Directly One Brick Of Now At A Time?

The Wall of Now. Where did it come from and where is it going, as it seems this wall has a kind of permanence to its construction while simultaneously leading our choices down an uncertain path.

These existential ambiguities roll through relativistic ontological parameters; Where do subject and object meet? When and where do I know a thing as empirically present in my awareness? Are my cosmological and spiritual assumptions of what Is Now an honest cognition if I have no interest in my own possibilities of error in judgment?

Where is now exactly? What does my consciousness have to do with it? Did we create now out of our past, since all we discern petty much is judged against what we know? In fact, does not the simple construction of a sentence wrap the DNA of the past into a spiraling act of memory projection?  This seems to make awareness a thing that has a long tail into the past, while we assume there is not an extension into the future.

We construct our awareness of Reality, our epistemological conclusions as to what actually is, with a faith that the future is currently free of us, free enough that we can change it by doing a thing now and “seeing” how it turns out.  Riding this temporal arrow of the nature of now, we aim at being present while we are encouraged by many factors to goalatize the future a target as a futurized intention to make some next thing happen. ( Now that sentence seems to have redundancy built right inti it) This post seeks to hit some truths that exist on both sides of the present moment, that persist for some time with some relevance to doings now. Perhaps to what is valued as a value itself.

Amidst all this questioning of existence there is this assumption; That questions are examinations of Life beyond the trap of what seems obvious; That what is obvious has a likelihood of flaw particularly as we do not doubt our abilities of discernment, and that those flaws have their own meanings to self and to society, meanings that can cover the “true” intent of a definition with the sociocultural coloration of ignorance into a garb of knowing. The unexamined now is like the unexamined life, where my awareness of my impact on the world is kept in a kind of darkness for a unwillingness to know a more complete impression of truth for my own solipsistic demands of “my” emotion.

How high is It, this construction of now in my mind? How broad? Is It really a frozen moment, a photo, or do things go beyond it into the known and the unknown?  Is this unknown my feeling of freedom, where if bridal-led with a sense of constraint leads me to believe I am restricted, oppressed by constructs that direct me toward what is allowed and what is not?  What is possible and what is not?

I ask many questions here, not to propose I have all the answers to Now’s conundrum, but simple to open portals of thought into this P1000385 - Version 3present moment.  What of this moment is true and what is more of fantasy?  What is imagined and projected out by my assumption, my interpretation of what is occurring in The Now and what, perhaps, do I chose not to know for whatever reason be it belief or ignorance?

This illusive present moment, here one moment, here the next, but where is It exactly?  What do past and future have to do with now, it seeming both are so dependent upon the outcome?  If now is a Finite moment, sometimes called the Now Point, what are past and future to this present? And what of my, our, one and only Point Of View?  Does my event horizon of consciousness actually cross over to yours, or is the singularity of me alone, behind a kind of insurmountable wall of the perception of my conscious awareness>

Our awareness, does it not exist beyond the confines of NOWs certainty?  My memory influences my senses from the past and my senses filter my environmental insights indicating intrinsic importance to awareness, but this ability to perceive does not mean I perceive correctly once my cognition registers to me as a true view.  Right now exist amidst a myriad of interrelated/connected processes involved in space-times relativistic matrices, going and doing while I attempt to extricate one moment to call right now where I am convinced I reside fully. I have learned across space-time to have faith, to believe principles of connectedness have regularity. Yet how do I know when I have encountered some canard, a thing perhaps designed to obfuscate or otherwise confuse?

At The Mercy Of Now’s Possible Facade

We are born able and susceptible to construing patterns of being, kinds of laws that are trustworthy; I trust my foot in the air will land on something solid (usually), how do I predict this? ; That a predominance of data suggesting it is so? Same thing (thinginess?) with where I am headed, quite certain it will be there at the end of the block, and somewhat less certain; at the end of this sentence.

Our thoughts go off dancing across time as surely as a dancer on a surface, but the surface of consciousness may resemble solid sandstone, or quicksand, depending upon where the pressure falls and continues, seemingness becomes a kind of trusted standard on which to step.  We step where our senses know best by history, tending to walk in the direction of sight–where we intend to go or sensory apparatus feeds this movement through now. We assume consciousness exist now, in The Now, while not knowing the parameters and depths of now. The notion of my being, (beingness), with a self awareness we self proclaim as sentient, even including an awareness of a soul, the idea of a transcendent nature that persist beyond the physical restraints of the body. In this matrix and continuum of being present in Life our human ideas are tested for validity, and yet the standard for correctness has a problematic core; our fallibility in knowing we know enough to decide what is true from what is not.

Amidst this sea of ambiguity we are reduced and induced to deciding what to do now, and now.  We create a paradigm of consensus realities that become a prism and as easily a prison of perception from which we diagnose the condition of Reality, and then are readily encouraged to prescribe what to do now and next now, moment by moment.  With unknown skill and perhaps unknowable discernment of tool quality and performance skill-sets, we are to do something, usually a thing considered of use by society and culture.

Do I Decide What Is?

In our result oriented world; things are or are not. Ambiguity and uncertainty are considered undesirable qualities because of this decision imposed upon Reality.  We can look at many an emotional issue with a certainty in which we “see” the reality of the actions of others as conveying their intentions, then judging by what is sometimes faulty logic and erroneous evidence, acting upon that questionable self diagnosed Appearance Reality.  This degree of often likely error goes on to create its own ripples of influence into my perceived now, and likely to some degree, into the world.

We have a certain rush to judgment mentality construed as being a good thing overall.  Questions unanswered, gray zones, insufficient evidence, transitional limbos, these will often not reflect well in the goal oriented glare of the light we place upon success and achievement.  If we are to sell ourselves, as we do striving for work or attention, we usually do well to appear to know what to do now even if we have no idea in reality.  In this case, attitude, such as apparent confidence, will do more to color in the gray areas as will the truth of a matter.

We gamble on our opinions of now to get what we want, perhaps not really knowing why we want what we do.  We humans are here highly susceptible to appearances, so much so that we can see, particularly amidst our youth, how style and attitude are employed to perform as substance, especially the “looks” of power.  This pretense to knowing exist in our “grown up” constructions as well.  We have institutions that perform in what may be at times an Appearance Reality facade; judging one as being guilty to an act via some seeming preponderance of data meeting an alleged standard of proof while not intending to know what may in fact be non pejorative information.  We have executed the innocent, assuming they are guilty of a horrendous use of personal power, yet not personalized the institutions use of effectively that same power.  We can operate our reality farm detection machinery perhaps not knowing to what degree we are harvesting our own Confirmation Bias; how we imagine some aspect of now is without knowing if we actually have the correct data set, and not intending to know this truth.

We have religion, politics, construct and concept designed to further one point of view in a reality of collectivities.  When what seems as ugly weeds of cognitive dissonance arise amidst my garden of self reflection, I may pull them up and throw them away, going on to perceive my world as if these incongruities of the self never appeared, or perhaps making sure to point out the weeds I “see” in others gardens as indications of their own inferiority, for look at how beautiful my garden is.

My view of the soundness of my world view can include defects I do not acknowledge and assumptions I do not own up to. This landscape of being, where we may build high and proudly, can be, and likely is, unexamined in the nature of its accuracy.  Our ideas of cause and effect, of laws of manifestation, are likely compromised by all we do not know. We trust experts who claim to know, and beliefs we claim to know, and not wish to know if they in truth do know true cause and effect. The deep question to the nature of being human is if we want to know, if we truly intend to know what is possible, or else are satisfied floating along on currents of assumption because that’s what we are told to do, for it is the easiest thing to do, to repeat.

But For Now?

It is beginning to be understood that what appears to us to be the future influences the present moment. A kind of precognition is being documented by random number generators and other devices, detecting events before they happen now.  My awareness of now (including my own personal awareness of precognition) seem to indicate now is not as isolated a moment as we have assumed.  My awareness of my island of now may well exist in a virtual sea of now, a sea connected to All.

The institutions we create in society, and so the self, are riddled with the fault lines of these assumed truncated appearances which do not discern a truth, or at least not the truth believed. Truth is however, always ever-present even in dysfunction and error. There are cause and effect relationships depicting the nature of existence even if I am not getting accurately what they are or if they are.  For better and for worse, we marry our identities to presumptive traditions, for we assume a “thing” is already completely known for the appearance of consensus reality says a thing is so. But in reality? We may well be the forest too and not just the tree; the flower and not just a petal; more of an integral aspect of existence than just a body that comes and is then gone.

We humans lay claims upon sure truth and reality even while not knowing the ingredients of the landscape in which we flourish and perish.

The Real Socialism Behind Capitalism

The Real Socialism Behind


And The Secret War To Control Appearance Reality

You VS Me

I get a charge out of the Darwinian “moral” argument most often given for the essentially apologetic capitalism higher order rationalization.  The idea creates the appearance that capitalism is the only rational means of insuring your rights, your freedom. It is solidly delusional, yet for its adherents and advocates, its severely truncated notion of Life and context seems all that is valid.

For them, the proof is in the modern worlds pudding. And if that pudding is proving, or being suggested to be made of not wholesome ingredients, or is way past its shelf life, is to be viewed as being an unwholesome thing to correct in itself. Only view the good stuff, or allegedly good stuff, and ignore the mountains of problematic effects being created. A value is made upon the commodities of fear and how it can protect ignorance.  Now the equation is cast as your rights to do what you want when you want, devoid of other notions of responsibility or accountability to ones actions, and exactly how far those actions may reach.

Those suggesting looking up at the mountain ranges surrounding the individuals identity are called a name to suggest their negativity is their problem trying to be imposed upon you. This feels then, like an attempt to take away of your freedom.

One is now held in a conceptual separation chamber, where the truth of connection and relation being sucked out of it can feel to be of someone others doing.  Politics, economics, and much other social dynamics can now prey upon the separation of the individuals mindframes by pandering to us vs them consciousness. The “better angels” of perception are gone, while the negative ones prick and pull at ones personal soul.

We are left with the aberrant idea that the individual is all that is; no society, no environment to consider, no accountability to social and other ecosystems with all their interconnection and interrelationships.  A kind of fictional union within ignorance, or of an unknowable faith in the negative, seems to take care of all other aspects of Life and living.  Have a problem? It must be your fault, and yours alone.  But what if the problem is with the roads? the air? the water? or a neighbor?  How about Government!? Even solipsism has its drawbacks.

Watching Rationalization Work

I had a job in construction, where one Christmas the owner did not give out any bonuses.  He had supposedly gone to Nevada to gamble in order that he could present us with some Christmas gifts. He skipped the party that he insisted we all must attend, leaving his prime investor out on a psychological plank at the missing gala event.  After much information that he would be here in 45 min, then in 30; We waited around for over an hour more, then left.

This is what this entrepreneurial individual did; gambled in many ways, the net loses eventually socialized onto his business and employees, except in some respects the one he was having a affair with.  I later heard that she told him that it is we who should be giving him a present, and be thankful that we had jobs.

We used our own tools at our own expense, which helped create a kind of resentment about the job, especially when new or temporary workers were told to just borrow tools from the guys. Because our tools were not necessarily the best for the business, much more time was taken to do work, that with the right tools would have been much more productive.

However, we did many jobs at “time and materials”, so the extra time was usually socialized onto those we were doing work for.  Arizona is a “right to work” state, meaning the workers have little say or bargaining power–few unions.  Your freedom to work was at the mercy of this one way kind of relationship, which is at times called wage slavery–take it or do without. Our employer would make sure we all were on his tax cutting side when it came to voting on state propositions.

These are the situational distinctions that are often more at the root of social problems in the workplace.  Ones situational perspective often defines and details the considerations we have to bolster our own positions identity, while assigning the negative feeling toward the other side of the relationship equation.  Control identity frames and you can control individual belief.

I went to public (socialist) high school. Walked on socialist sidewalks.  It would seem odd to carry your own sidewalk with you, picking it up as you went along…

The Psychology Of The Political

If you ever  wonder why delusion and denial are so rampant on the political right, you need to comprehend the identity issues they are tying to avoid, along with the perversion of notions of rights and responsibilities they maintain to keep their Appearance Reality intact. Along with this mental and emotional task of forming a coherent and consistent rationalization matrix, comes its attendant Consensus Reality platform, along with all the automatic pilot Confirmation Bias that aides and abets in keeping delusional mindsets in order.

In these individual political equations, Cognitive Dissonance is to be buried and overrun by emotional “reality” framing; the casting of the other sides position as deceptive, as other and unwelcome. This allows a kind of firewall to develop towards ideas, individuals and actions beyond the ideas Consensus Realities parameters of acceptance. The Right has many individual propagandist and institutional ones to spread their emotional hazing into the general public.  It would seem that many are unawares of the societal manipulation going on via emotionalism entrapment to policy choices viewed as wholesome or not to “their” view.

Do As I Say And Not As I Do

Many years ago I lived in a city with a vibrant arts and craft community.  Near downtown, a kind of open marketplace evolved on the streets, with arts and craft booths, tables and all making for a pleasant walking and shopping experience.

Those who proved quite successful at this open air site, some of them at least, moved into a nearby building that evolved into a kind of inside marketplace, and attached to it, spaces of now sophisticated large craft displays connected enclosed shops.  The successful craft folks now had employees and store managers, plus all the rest that comes with having a roof and title over ones head.

Now relationships had changed from the early days to the current. These once outside shops now found the outside shops as being unfair competition.  They passed petitions around, intended to have a law passed which more heavily taxed the outside booths, while requiring them to move away to areas well removed from their popular local.

So called success and opportunity, often veiled opportunism, had developed the individuals perspective to defend its turf at the expense of what was the very nature that they themselves once depended upon to get ahead.  I was shocked that we could so easily turn our backs and identity from our own past, then seek to punish others for essentially walking in our own old shoes.

Anarchy capitalism is far removed from so called free enterprise.  It keeps the freedom part, a freedom to get away with what I wish, while inhibiting others from doing the same.  Much of the corporate world is filled with “success” socialized on the back of imposed inhibition.  the abstractions, however, remain the same.

Now corporations can flood impression via advertisement of their viewpoint onto the population, but framed as our viewpoint.  After all, they have cornered the avenue as being job creators, show the face of employees that may look just like you, just trying to have a life and do good in the world.

Any accountability or responsibility placed on the corporation by Democracy can now be called damaging; job killing and cost raising. And so the Appearance Reality would seem. What is not seen is; if it is pollution, infrastructure, job exportation to cheep labor markets, whatever, the cost will be socialized onto society anyway.  Yet the solutions may not even happen, as the general populations relative income continues to decline.  Yet the mind control of populations to cut off their own blood supply continues as conservatism claims grand abstraction pandering as the answer.  Liberalism is cast into a one way view, as if it is like conservatism.

In an always changing universe of Life, conservatism claims to freeze place and idea, a delusion, while liberalism requires broad input, review and consideration, the very thing that in the modern world of so much stress and distraction of consciousness, would seem hard to come by.  Easy abstractions can loom large as easy answers, but actually, they seem to solve little to noting of the problematic issues facing society and the world.

This is the nature of opportunism; me and mine before you and yours.  It divides and conquers societal cohesion, but produces a vacuum to be filled by rationalization and cognitive dissonance avoidance.  That avoidance and its cost are socialized upon society, while the rationalizing individual emotionally validates their bias as being the truthful one, the respectable one.

The Idea Of Capitalism And Socialism Versus Reality

Here we are, in a world often defined by falsity; by false associations and false assumption, but held uncheckable by ideological persuasion and a blinded individual position.  The truth is that everything is interrelated and connected.  The lines drawn of relevant association and responsibilities are easily erased or morphed to suit ones own viewpoint.  But to call that viewpoint beyond criticism or scientific analysis, is deception at work, for some reason, ignorance is effectively being protected.

Generally, Liberalism (10 laws of liberalism )- is an open book; open to evaluation and correction.  This is not the case for conservatism, for it is fear and insecurity based at its root; dependent upon us vs them psychological validation.  Conservatives are emotionally misanthropic, needing to but most of humanity down to, as usual, create an illusion that they are up; more moral, more worthy. This renders the real truth assailable and deniable by various postures such as “fair and balanced”, or “all experts agree”.

Truth is.  Truth has little to do with fair and balanced, nor with blind acceptance of ideology as “The only way”. Conservatism in todays world intends a kind of surrender to uncheckable idea.  Faith and trust are then open to being highly misguided, yet this affords conservatism with an ever refreshing blame game– its all liberals fault. These days the conservatives even reverse their support for ideas they previously supported if a supposed liberal now suggest them, it is as if they expect us to have tea bags for brains.

We live in a modern world brimming with delusion and deception as guardian angels to division.  As in the various anti government groups; sure you are against government, especially in democracy, if you want to get away with something in relationship to The Whole of Life.  You want to ignore or demean other societal problems which you could impact.  You are concerned with your own stress, not acknowledging that stress in others is just as relevant to Life.

Yet since these personal stresses do exist, and so do the full context ones, they will be socialized upon the rest of society as well as the earth.  Pollution, climate change, wages, wasteful materialism, build in obsolescence, manipulating the social media with propaganda, proliferating fear and ignorance, exploitation of society and environments; these are the mainstays of the economic, social and political right for a reason.

The Threat To Freedom And Liberty May Well Be By Those Proclaiming Their Cause To Be Freedom And Liberty

Democracy, with its Liberalism roots, are a threat to those intending to live above the rest.  They and their followers are programmed to see abstractions such as freedom and rights in a polysemantic light, one that looks down on society from above, defining identity in this one way aberration.

As long as democracy is relevant, those who feel themselves above it will create idea and institution to serve their inherently non democratic intent.  They need ignorance to rule, to rule well enough to contain and constrain Democracy.  It is we who must wonder about the nature and reason of their rationalization, and of our own.

Why is The Right peppered with the usage of the Thought-terminating Clichés., some of which are often coded in name calling?  Mind control techniques are rampant on The Right; Why? The Right proclaims things like Freedom, Rights, even Morality and Responsibility, yet why are their definitions so one way, thus avoiding the issues of full context, full relationship and thus full comprehension?

While capitalism is taunted as the only viable system, the socialism endemic to it is ignored just as pollution and the possible fatal damaging of earth ecosystems are derided and demeaned emotionally from The Right.  The real state seems to be one of denial, of hiding and obfuscations place in front of knowing a real truth. A designer “Truth”, full of ideological bias for minds rendered incapable of rational thought and comprehension, is given as the common sense, or gut understanding requiring little or no factual impression beyond the confirmation of bias data set.

Democracy depends upon an enlightened democratic sight, and not a blinded one.

Bertrand Russell’s 10 laws of liberalism – Windows Live.


The Art Of Connection



We see connection

at times where there is none

except in all I do not know of One Creation

The transcendent all inclusive One

never truly lets go



ideas of pattern

weaves  suspicion

something is up

a connections intention

what is going on?

Attachment in some dimension

of sight

of sound or memory

of thought

of concept…

Narration comes to exist

not only in reality

but in fantasy as well

classic of paradox

fantasy itself becoming

an aspect of reality


We must decide how to be

to be be true to Truth

follow Truths standards

as bound to each subjective angle

or make things up and pretend

check not too close

question narratives

not so much

becoming certain within

a mixture of fact and fiction

a conglomeration of connections

some holy and others holes

gaping disconnection


feeling what we are missing


These heredity’s of iconography

they propose story lines

we arrange our role along

acting as if idea were Truth

and idea need not be inspected

too closely to reveal its possible error…

May it be delusion claiming connection?

Do I know what I believe?

Has culture cast me in stone?

Do I mimic these roles narrative line?

Filter my sight, my mind, my heart

sensing only what is allowed by consensus

but called a Truth and called The Real fact?

Yet this is engineered by appearances

supported by the revolving bias of confirmation;

To claim knowledge in ignorance concealed

but called wisdom and common sense

called even faith and honor

even duty and trust

loyalty and courage of conviction.



We each see a universe

from a darkness of the self

where insecurity may drive

rains of doubt and abandonment

The Light of Existence obscured

making some things out to be

and others not sure not to


Why we do depend upon others

we require differing views

to honestly comprehend what is

even if incomplete in all honesty

It is honesty to Being which questions

each one:

Do I try to see what is?

Do I remain honest to my subjective;

that what appears real may not be

requiring humility in both belief and trust


This subjective life is fragile

while Life is eternal

I am a presence

immersed within Presence.

In Presence I am Love

without It I may love

and lose all

but who I really am



We each are in this way asked in our moment;

Draw more near to Love and Understanding

To awe and the wonder of reason

or be busied by what I lack?


See with open heart and mind

with Spirit immersed in connection

or fear what I do not know

becoming a servant of separation

while all the while

being one within One








How Reality Fools Us ; Mind Manipulation By Appearance

Things May Not Be As They Appear Or How We Represent Them.

This makes critical thinking, critical to understanding reality, or else face being manipulated by illusion given as truth, and not knowing it.

{I Googled Appearance Reality but found the boat missed the launch; much appearance vs reality and the distinction between appearance and reality.  My usage is as a concept itself; Appearance Reality— the object sought out by argument, debate, and most implied persuasion such as propaganda; to make reality appear to be the way one intends.  Appearance Reality may be inert, an off the cuff assumption–the heavens circle the earth, or for some reason, designed.

The intent of Appearance Reality manipulation, is to make a thing appear or seem to be true, while its actual truthfulness may be in question. This is metaphysical manipulation,  for ideas, theories, opinions etc, are not physical entities like rocks or spoons, invisible consciousness is involved in the evaluations.

How things appear to be real may be incidental; something of observation and ones history and reference to the thing, with the actuality of the perception being uncertain in dimension. The metaphysical idea of a spoon can be made into an actual real thing, moving from an abstract idea to a real manifestation of a concept. What appears to be real as we look into our world can be any combination of fact, idea, imposition, assumption and other suppositional identifications.  There are questions to be had in anyone’s view of the world, including of people, places, things and events.  Appearance Reality appears to be true, yet has many problematic interfaces with what is actually real.

How things appear for human perception and cognition can also be engineered via the voids in knowing and comprehension, to seem one way while the possiblity of actually being another way is supressed. I could know that you were walking down a step and slipped on a banana peel you did not see, but I could say that this proves you are uncoordinated, perhaps adding weight to an idea I have of you that you are clumsy, so I advance “proof”, genuine or not, for the Appearance Reality of my theory.  I am then seeking a Consensus Reality between us; a kind of confidence that things are a certain way really.

This is Appearance Reality manipulation; the sculpting of worldly data to suit my intention, a kind of “art” pretending to be science.  Politics and religion, along with most inherently metaphysical systems, contour perception to suit ideas, and not necessarily to investigate any actual truth with anything approaching rigorous emotional and intellectual honesty.

Consensus Reality is well presented as an idea on the WEB, although opinion of its validity seems to crepe into the equation, speculating upon those who use the term Consensus Reality.  In my view, these two phenomenon often go hand in glove, so I will present my expanded musing definition of the phenomenon Appearance Reality here, and how it can become engineered by others perhaps unknown intentions.}

Use Of  Appearance Reality


How you  see the world is an Appearance Reality; The world appears real empirically, but this does not convey wisdom or truthful relationships, necessarily, about the actual reality. We are on epistemological ground here, deciding what we can know of the world, and what human minds may be entitled to presume they understand of cosmological and spiritual presence in existence.

The truth of a thing is not absolutely known by just looking at it, or how it appears.  We may “know it enough” for our intention, but that does not convey omniscience. Knowledge and understanding usually require both an investigation of a things connections to the world, its immersion in the matrices of Being, and differing viewpoints as to the real nature of its manifestation to arrive at a sound logical view with a higher likelihood of truthfulness .

The apparent reality of the sun revolving around the earth, is not made into an actual reality because we all consent to the observational “truth” of the phenomenon.  We find that investigation of the world, and the incorporation of theoretical notions of gravity and celestial mechanics, reveals that the earth revolves each day as it circles the sun.  Ones perspective is where the apparently real world succumbs to empirical error. Real reality is not automatically what we think it is by appearances.  This opens a Pandora’s Box of manipulative potential.

We may fill the void in sound knowing, our ignorance, with explanation and rationalization that contour apparent comprehension into a nicely framed logical narrative. We have not intended our logic to be wrong or missing in factual data and correlation, but we may defend our perception from other explanations that seem absurd or oppositional to our own on the surface. Not knowing, or perhaps not wishing to understand that these other ideas or explanations may be more correct.

Emotional Issues With Reality

Most human beings may like to think that we are right (I raised my hand), wishing to avoid the stresses of cognitive dissonance and the problematic nature of being wrong.  But it seems also as true that we wish not to be proved wrong; the more insecure in our cosmological and spiritual identities we are, the more inherently uncertain we are of ourselves and Creation.  This self uncertainty seems to manifest a likelihood of stronger feelings that insist we are right and others wrong.  We seem angry of agitated over our own ignorance and our seeming need to deny it by insisting we are right or righteous.  To unload our burdens, we may projectet them outward; to others and the world.

The prosecution of our uncertainties is “taken out” on the outside world, be it people or situations and environments.  If taken internally, we tend to find depression.  This blame others approach appears to be a coping mechanism for keeping a purposeful “positive” identity, while not possessing the tools to find reality clearly.  Many of the conflicts and uncertainties of humanity occur because of this loss into the subjective with no unifying objective connection to relationship and inter-connectivity by a persons perceptual mind frames.

But I Find Proof For How I Think; It’s Obvious!

Appearance Reality, like Consensus Reality, tends to acquire a need for Confirmation Bias; we tend to conserve and confirm what seems true, over what seems abstract or contrary as ideas and statistics can be.  Argument, debate, and other attempts at persuasion (even such as this here), load ideas as if a sort of magnetism were attracting and repelling information.  Most of us wish to avoid ever-present existential investigation; we tend to not intend to question our every thought, move and interpretation.  We usually consider ourselves right, or perhaps not wrong but misunderstood. We trust how things seem to us; how they appear to be, as if they were both known and absolute truths, when they may not be by any objective sense.

This too is Appearance Reality as designer perceptual cognition.  Cults, cultures, and at times our life associates, friends and partners do what we do; attempt to define reality by narrations as to how it appears to us to be.  Our culture, family, friends and peers drive us to see things from a certain angle, and not by antoher.  The rightness and wrongness of the conclusions may be unexamined at their foundations; we are up on the rooftop fixing shingles.

We tend to defer to our emotions when intellectual argument seems lacking in defining what we mean.  For many of us, we do not intend to always prove ourselves possibly wrong, and fully acknowledge another’s ideas or point of view.  Differing Appearance Realities can and often do result in conflict, for there is no common grounds for agreement, and possibly not even for verifying data and context in any fair or objective manner.  Opposites of reality perception can then “prove” themselves right by the others obvious error or bad intention.

In this case, the idea that we are open minded, or following the signpost to higher truth and understanding are likely a sham.  We are worshiping our ignorance in this case, and many of us are quite proud to put what we do not know on a pedestal, then defend it with our lives.  Insecurities over reality perception and comprehension are so sensitive to our identities, that we will at times stand by our ignorance as if it were, and some times is, in the name of God.

Tricks In The Perceptual Reality Trading

One person may say that the tide seems to be caused by the moon and sun positions.  They could use this apparent truth to “prove” that the celestial sphere, the sky and all in it, circles the earth, its evidence being the tide’s obvious correlation to the apparent heavenly movement.  they would have “common sense” observation on their side.  This seemed good enough for perhaps 99% of human history.  Another may argue that how things appear may not be the case; yes the tides correlate to moon and sun position, but one is circling the earth while the earth is circling the other.

This complication of theory use and its demands upon comprehension, can become a damnation of perception; suddenly we are required to think deeply over our belief.  If this inquiry is not approved of somehow, by peer pressure of other social sanction, we may damn the messenger or that originating  the contrary information. It might be easier and more convenient to call that those “making things complicated” are up to something. maybe they are “intellectual elites”?

What we do not know, can and does lay the pathway groundwork for fear and paranoia.  Those who “choose” not to review the real evidence and patterns of correlation data fields available, can deny the real truth and insist that the apparent, and perhaps once or still present consensus “truth” is the real truth.  This is a form of the curse that is “natural” to conservatism.  Conservatism systematically denies questioning, thus inhibiting or otherwise controlling what is left of critical thinking.

We may find that when we insist our beliefs are the “real truth”, and not just seemingly apparent, emotion (likely steeped in rationalization) will tend to stand in for reason.  At this stage of cognition, rationalization can be perceived as true reason; the weight of emotion intends to load the argument.  In this subjective state, my point of view can be declared the honest truth to me, and opposing views false, misleading, deceptive, and so, deserving to be purged.

Conservatism, then, blurres what reality is by sanctioning its own rationalization as a kind of a priori truth, and then casting intellectual honesty, by likely employing emotional tagging deep inquiry with pre established blame or shame narrations, as being deceptive or dishonest.  Consensus and Appearance Realities are then designed to keep perceptions corralled and framed into the conservative narrative.

Check most conservative propagation platforms to see how this automatic indoctrination occurs to make reality appear to be as they wish.  They seek out those with certain cosmological and spiritual crisis, then provide them with designer answers that foster an ideological campaign to benefit those who are rewarded by conservative manipulations of social and physical environments.

Cognitive Dissidence, then, can become a player in both Appearance Reality matrices, and those of Consensus Realities.  With its involvement with designer Confirmation Bias mandates, we enter the sphere of kinds of self deception made to look or seem good and true.  Just as we may manuever truths or facts to suit our life; groups and associations of humankind will use this leverage over actual reality to create the impression of Appearance Realities to be Truth.

Making Reality Into A Kind Of Deception

This carries with it a persistent and unresolvable problem; incorporating false truths into human behaviors will likely result in false behaviors and perception which may well lead to conflicts of an intractable nature, since the ways of truthfulness itself have been attacked.  For conserved Confirmation Bias installed by Consensus Reality narratives providing “Truth” of Appearance Reality evidence, conservatism often seals the doorways to higher knowing.  Openness to the worlds, ways, and evidence of others regarding the world and existence, are rendered virtually irrelevant or hostile. The proof of the external and internal dissonance in society can then be circled back to prove the conservative perception narrative; that its good is being attacked by what is bad.  Appearance Reality can become a near permanent trap for the soul.

Appearance Reality; some things we trust may in fact be misleading from the fraud in their conceptualization and representation.

New World : Where Dreams Transgress Into Being


—New World—


Sitting pristine, quiet in repose

Hovering above a vacuum of possibility

Nothing becoming everything; Look!

New chances to see, become, to be

Vision leaves its shadowed cause

If only, is now, Why not?


Reflection upon intention

Water permeates around then inside

One thing leading into another

We decide where to jump in

Why to climb up or down

When to walk around

From that old world

To the new-


Bring Back A Portion Of The Worlds Lost Heart


Somewhere in every life

even when missing

gone like the sunset

blackness swallowing light

in moments searching around

what was it that was said?

is it too dark now to see?

the fading of memory

the trouble inside our misery

Searching outside in vain

shadowed by cloud

rained on by sea

salt on the proud

a dream soon to be

a wave loomed and breaks

was this quest always inside me?


How I walked  a world in vain

unless full feeling my part

to bring back my portion

of the worlds lost heart


Above Our Heads : Ideas Spreading Across The Universe

[picapp src=”7/5/6/4/Hubbles_Panoramic_Portrait_f617.jpg?adImageId=5033109&imageId=3410056″ width=”500″ height=”356″ /]

{This post began while musing over space aliens observing us}

We.  All of us. We are all at the mercy of time and the processes of existence.  We happen to have minds with self aware cognition, able to reflect upon ourselves and all the relationships around us.  But we do not always know the reality of our thoughts about the things of our world.  My mind does not accurately reflect reality as it is, for my imagination and that of others can act as a coloring agent or interpreter of what I experience.  Add to that all I do not know of myself, you and our world, and mistaken impressions seem destined to occur no matter my intention.  Do I have a means or a method for learning what I do not know of my alienation to others experience and belief?

We seem real.  Our thoughts seem real.  Yet what I am thinking of, real as it may seem to my mind, does not make “it” a fact of reality.  I am sure the sun revolves around the earth from empirical evidence, but my context of seeing is inhibited by my place.  I can then be confident that you are wrong when you say the earth circles the sun, or that it rotates daily around an axis.  Odds are, if most think, (and many of our distant ancestors thought the sun revolves around the earth), negative associations will be heeped upon the iconoclast, the rebel, the heretic, who claims things beyond obvious perception.

This opens up a new dimension of a kind of intentional deception seemingly mandated by prior assumptions.  Intentional, for it is insisted upon.  It also cast conformity as conservative confidence walled up inside of a question free zone.  A place where reality itself, is intentionally excluded from consideration for the emotional confidence of the previous status quo. A kind of “common sense”, in this case an appearance reality, provides our experience with the confidence of the sun rising and setting, seeming to circle the earth.

As we agree to this common sense event, we create a consensus reality, or common agreement on the awareness of the state of a thing.  Yet in this simple planet and sun example, context is everything regarding actual truth.  An overview, or higher consciousness, in this case via scientific observations, will reveal a partial true nature of our local cosmic reality.  Yet human pre determined ideas will, as they did, attempt to demean the unveiling truth and its messengers, while defending the honor and correctness of conserved belief. Our human experience of the sun circling the earth was declared something akin to sacred, as are any manner of other ideas society defines as appearing a certain way, then agreeing that way is The Way.  Others with differing notions can then be pushed, shoved or buried out of the way, for they seem to desire to cast insecurity and question over the very honesty of our tenets on our place in the known world.  Not being of our consensus view, these others will seem as other, and perhaps as alien.

Seeing what is not apparently obvious is a bad place to be socially.  You are not likely taken seriously, and you may well find countless experts to agree with how you appear;– too not be taken seriously.  We tend to have many mechanisms for intellectually challenging paradigm challenging information.  Rationalization instead of rational reason, will explain our emotional plight; that a kind of alien influence is attempting to overturn our world view.  Now history and hereditary pride can be called up as sacred icons defended in the name of God or Life.

Ideas and opinions are not the actual reality check on the truthfulness of any one thing, but these days we seem unsure wether opinion and debate determine reality, or actual facts in true context.  This is not necessarily true in all things I do.  Just as a poll does not decide reality of fact, 90% of people saying the earth revolves around the sun is not proof of its reality; facts in context will be.  The higher the context conceived, the more real may be the connections defined as relevant.  But we can find that even a truthful contextual consideration can be relative to confirming our existing biases, and not changing our minds toward a more truthful reality in perception.  If we seek pure objectivity or truth, our job may be never finished and walked away from.

What is the real intention of ones inquiry?  Even Context Has Apparent And Consensus Parameters Limited By Knowledge Or Its Lack

You can give me hot or cold objects to feel, but you are not the source of those definitions of temperature; where you are getting them from likely is.  You may have some in the refrigerator, and some out in the sun.  You may have put those objects there to change something in the apperance of their nature.  We can then both begin to determine how their conditional state is attracting what we observe of them.  We may also being to see your role in determining a things perceived things state of being.

Context keeps expanding to include greater definition and possible impression cognition of cause. I can see that you bring me these differences, but you are not necessarily the true cause of their condition. You may be a participant in the process of transferring information to me, your ideas may have led the objects to acquire their seeming states of hot or cold.  You might be testing my sensitivity to temperature, and that may be relative to my nervous systems settings.  A thermometer might better determine real temperature variations between these objects.  We even can establish issues of subjective impression or of factual objective information.  You may have left an ice cube out in the sun for a while, but I might perceive that the one from the refrigerator and the one from out in the sun are still just as cold to me.  What changed may be then held in other criterion of observation.  Even facts can be manipulated to desired outcome if so construed.  Critical thinking ability is actually important to observing the universe honestly, by trying to not impair sensory information.


What’s behind my closed hands?  My closed ideas?

Our lives are full of ideas and “truths” wrapped and spun into all manner of what may well be cognition management of concepts that we may not be aware of.  Those giving these things to us may be aware of greater contextual rendering involved in any one things “issues” of manifestation.  A Pandoras Box of manipulation opens when I am not made aware of these other variations in cause to the whys for a thing or process.  Relative awareness is obviously then highly prone to manipulation, particularly if I am not aware of the may ways I can be fooled into being sure or certain of anything.

Why.  Only a liar would tell you the earth goes around the sun.  Someone is trying to fool your own eyes!  Open them!

The trouble with ignorance, whether unintentionally perpetuated or defended for status or other opportunistic reason, is that it is easily defended by emotionalized poisoning of the messenger tactics.  Someone pointing out what is scientifically a true observation, as the earth revolving around the sun, were called names to connveigh the shame and possible ostracism, or worse, one will receive if such information is considered objectively. Conformity to conserved ideas are adhered to loyally, as if truth is not open to debate, prior assumptions being held above truth itself..  This is a dangerous conclusion pertaining to how we sense reality and adjust to survival in a changing universe.  For some interest then, critical thinking will be something to be biased against, while substitutes for it are inserted as rationalization.

We are often, in effect, directed not to know the truth, to shun those suggesting it, to instead, allege the (actual) truth is a deceptive falsehood being perpetuated by sinister forces.  These days perhaps “intellectual elites” of “valueless” scientific theory.  In some ways, reality gets reversed, the truth bearer is called the liar, while those with incomplete truth called, often by self definition in question free zones, as the loyal or honorable ones upholding truth itself.

Many areas of religion, politics, and occasionally scientific theory, are defended with conserved notions held in question free zones.  Conservatism itself, becomes a likely place to find “truths” not allowed to be questioned in any fundamental way.  We all tend to conserve ideas that serve or seem to confirm our world views or spiritual ones.  But how honorable is a bias towards instituting ignorance as a cherished value to be loyally defended?

It is highly likely that many kinds of what are actually propaganda and institutional attempts to control and direct human consciousness are dirrected at us continually.  These, like the rejection of science as a means to determining states of reality, just as likely get inserted into question free zones, designed to control appearance reality and set up kinds of consensus reality’s in us to direct personal and collective actions into our environments.  These, if deceptive, will likely contain much emotionalized ad-hominen debunking; where attitude and prejudice are consisdered healthy, and empowered, self righteously conceived of as agents of defending God, truth, country, values or family.

It is most important to notice where shaming, blaming, and other emotionalized tag-framing of personality character lacks, are routinely administered in ways as to show otherness.  This alienation and separation identity is often intended to poison the free consideration of ideas and factual data, for why would you honestly consider information from those who are said to be fools, deceived, no good, evil, or against your way of life?  Question, and so identifying full truth, successfully diverted by avoidance rationalization.  After all, you know the sun revolves around the earth. You see it do so every day.  What are those suggesting otherwise up to?



There is a war in heaven, in consciousness, and it is to contain and control who and what and how we may be, and not for determining the real factual reality we inhabit. Instead, we are lead to confirm, and so buttress preexisting bias that most likely favors status quo power relationships dependent upon kinds of pyramid schemes, where human or animal energy is harvested to the benefit of some more than others.  But what is actually in my own good interest?

In other words; selfishness vs inclusion; arrogance vs understanding; deception vs reality…and we decide who’s side we each are on, even if not knowing we are deciding for one reason or another.  We may pivot to our aloneness, or to our union while not being aware of the spiritual choice made by our actions.

The battle goes on.  The casualties being not only aspects of our transitory human lives, but the ideas that live beyond our breath.  One day we may find that intelligence not only inhabits all things, but actually avoids those things which would pollute it with falsehood.  Now there is a contradiction in being, or is there?