My New Years Post

I certainly hope that you all are having a good holiday season.

I’ve been having one; today I was out walking up and down hills taking photo’s in the snow.  Well, mostly snow pellets and bone chilling wind.  This reminded me of all my frozen alone time in childhood in the midwest.  Just your own heart keeping you warm. Unlike the recent 70-mid 80 degree weather of mid-late December this 2010.

But enough bout me.

Now more about me.  This is blogging

I loved seeing the wet ground and landscape vistas.  Took maybe 200 photo’s.  I have 6 gigs more waiting to go somewhere, most notable a new storage system so I can relieve this hard drive.

In the coming year you can rest assure of more nature photo’s.  All of you dropping in to see them can keep coming, the door is open.

I will continue with my sociocultural analysis, along with psychospiritual aspects.  Some polemical diatribes are to be assured.  My exposé of the pitfall trap of the conservative mind frame will be paramount, for reality yearns to be untethered from human imposed perceptual exclusions of fact and full context.

The problem with this all will be how much time I have for WEBing.  Life is always short, so I am putting my time with the “real world” the hands on and touchable one so important to me.

Congrats on making it swiftly into 2011


She laughed. “You watching the game?” I replied perplexed; What game?

On November forth I actually received this comment to my—– What Game?;

“You’re funny.”

That was said after she laughed.

All I can say is; No sports rule my life. I was out taking photos and making a small raised pond.


Flowers in Late Afternoon

-Sunlight happened to penetrate deep into the house where I noticed this nice illumination.


-I only slept a few hours yesterday, then was off for doing set-up and takedown for a local event (volunteer).  A very long day but I still had to do my physical therapy.  The cat wondered what I was up to.  She goes just about wherever I go.


Baking Cookies; Fundraising Event For A Domestic Violence Nonprofit Group

Baking Cookies; Fundraising Event For A Domestic Violence Nonprofit Group On Labor Day (and other days coming and gone as well)

-Here are some of the cookies from yesterday.  I had half of one, which was quite good.  Making them from high quality ingredients, love, good recipes and attention.


It was fun doing this cookie making.  These will join others, then be added to much more being baked by those who work for and those of us who volunteer for a pilot project that addresses family violence issues with the affected family and community.  Otherwise this effort is funded by those whose cases are accepted, and various grants from foundations, which is kind of like living from paycheck to paycheck.  We’ll do other events throughout the year for this effort.

The Passionate Eye; Children Full Of Life Video

Thanks to those who put this up on Youtube.

Although this teacher, Toshiro Kanamori, is extraordinary, we all are teachers and students of Life.  His approach is often spiritual common sense, uncommon to doctrinaire thinking.  The participatory intention behind the teaching is also aligned closely with Restorative Justice—addressing individual issues as not only the concern of the individual; that we all have a stake in each others well being.

First video seems to be the longest.  I watched them all together in sequence, it seemed no time at all.

Teacher’s name; Toshiro Kanamori

Journeys of One

Journeys of One


One Creation

One Existence

One Setting of you


One earth is here

One breath of air

One Place to be true

One definition ensues

One view in ones eyes

One heart to conceive

One Union divided

Ones dreams forgotten

One destiny reprieve

One Holiness becomes

One sojourners soul

One purpose revealed

One answer in many

One heart for receiving

One Love once concealed

The 2009 Southwest US Monsoon

There are interest afoot trying to change the theme of “The Monsoon”, to the Summer Thunderstorm Season.  I’m not sure if the act has been accomplished yet, or if it will be.

Sunday May Showers in the Desert; Not Normal.



They have been saying that there is a 40% chance of an early monsoon season, perhaps weeks early.  Things like La Niña, which seem to add to this seasons precipitation, and the negative things that detract, are favoring the positive precipitation scenario.

It seems only fair, since these same conditions seem to detract from our winter rains.  El Niño often helps the winter rains and harms the summer ones.  At least that seems very consistent to the last many years of these tropical water phenomenon as they effect the Desert Southwest.

Today. Still May and not the “early” monsoon start date of mid June, today there were conditions somewhat like the monsoon.  This week is said to have a few more rain chances.  The question is; could our start be this early?  Often stars are sporadic.  Usually the monsoon start is determined by dewpoint and elevation.  Tucson’s is a 54 dewpoint for 3 consecutive days.  Phoenix is usually later with a 55 dewpoint.  But last year they perhaps began a shift to the Summer Thunderstorm Season, by declaring the Monsoon Season now starts on June 15, wet or not.

Who said we just talk about the weather but do nothing about it?

I will be meeting with real meteorologist this week.  I will be interested in seeing if I can coordinate with some other local weather spotters  when severe weather is occurring, such as last seasons funnel cloud.  If I can triangulate those of us viewing, we may be better able to identify the location of a severe event.  We live here in a non Doppler covered zone, so eyes on the issue in real time may make a warning difference and add up to better info as we call severe events in.  I’m going to check it out anyway.


To my experience; these summer tornado, and or funnel clouds, have occurred on “Gulf Surges” from the Gulf of California,  which are somewhat unpredictable; happening in Mexico often from the collapse of a mesoscale feature, sending surges of humid air into our present monsoon conditions. And the other enhanced monsoon creature causing  uplift, retrograde low’s/easterly waves, tropical disturbances that might have crossed the Gulf of Mexico into the US-Mexico, or otherwise came up from Mexico.  Last years funnel also seemed to have followed an upper low that may still have been sending upper level cool air aloft from the northwest, greatly energizing cumulus buildups.

We seem unlikely to receive tornado watches, but do get the warning on rare occasion.  I’ve managed to be living in a few of those in Tucson.  Usually these have occurred earlier in the Monsoon Season, but I do not know they cannot occur in late August or into September if some other feature is working with the waining monsoon.

Weather or not.