The Information and Communication Age Overthrows Egyptian Dictator Mubarak

The Information and Communication Age

Overthrows Egyptian Dictator Mubarak

Will this produce Democracy as we know it, given the Egyptian militaries huge role in Egyptian society?

A peoples revolution occurring in the heart of the Middle East demonstrates the organisational aspects of the revolution happening throughout the world via social media. This is a challenge to the usual oligarchic hierarchical mechanisms throughout society effecting self identity.

As in the USA, these interest use their vast advantage of access to idea spread, enabling a platform for the manipulation of the individuals self construct to be immersed in “dominator” paradigms. This strategy is opportunistic and survival orriented, making fear a prime mover in our actions, rendering Democracy to a kind of back seat.

This new communal perspective spreading throughout humankind is both letting us each know, in some respects, what the others are doing.  It also increases the viral capacities of mis and disinformation, as evidenced poignantly by the manipulations of the US right wing, known to be most misdirected and erroneous as to the factual aspects to their belief system.

Democracy is not a guarantee that anyones aspirations nor their stresses will be served. This “error” in perspective can open a Pandora’s Box of opinions as to what is real and what is not, again evidenced by the views of many US conservatives regarding US president Obama and his alleged intentions and beliefs, these fashioned into Appearance Realities by the corporate media’s skewed slant in many events and realities of the world.

For Egypt, this is just a beginning of an ongoing effort of the individual to achieve more say in the events of their lives, and a reinvention of those interest who seek to control perception and place.

Enjoy the victory. Prepare for the journey.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot; Others Killed, Injured

Tucson Arizona

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot; Others Killed, Injured

Mass shooting at grocery store public event in Tucson

At least 6 dead, many injured, a man held.

Are These The Second Amendment remedies being encouraged by some?


This commentary is based on my first flush of feeling about this matter.

With the hate speech pandemic infecting many conservative/right wing media outlets, this kind of evil, thought by the perpetrators as good, may be just the beginning.


Terror knows it works to cripple free thought and thus Democracy. Those proposing it against fellow Americans are anti-American and antiChristian no matter the public provocations being offered as rationalizations.  This is about ignorance versus understanding at the core level.  As many of us are aware, in the human mind, ignorance, guided by emotional manipulation, can appear to be actual truth.

The terror making individuals are likely both mentally and spiritually highly disturbed.  The question is; Why are so many conservatives advocating openly hostile contempt towards, not only liberals, but the Democratic party as well?

CTV.caUS Congresswoman Giffords Shot in Tucson, Arizona

35 minutes ago 

Source: Giffords for Congress via Bloomberg News US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, and other people were shot at an event today in


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Vortex 2: Dreaming Of Tornadoes

Vortex 2: Here They Go Again

It seemed to be turning into 2009; tornadoes in the South and East, the Plains–boring!

Until now.

May 10 may be a big day for the tornado seekers of Vortex 2, with an outbreak possible right up their alley.

Then comes the choice dilemma; chose a storm to chase that the whole armada can catch in time. That will be the question.

They picked just one whole of last year, not that the storms that do not produce tornadoes are not important–they are a major part of the study to determine why one storm is capable of a twister and another not quite.  However.  I do not believe the chase team wakes up thinking; I wish we would finally get a non tornado producing storm, all these tornadoes are getting dull.

The sweat on the heads of the decider, if lucky, will add to the humidity just enough to tip the scales, but not too much to interfere with the RFD.

The other luck to wish for would be that no people or structures are destroyed no matter Vortex 2 or not.


Home page for the VORTEX2 tornadogenesis research project at the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Vortex 2 2009 Retrospetive Part 1 (WARNING! Lots of LARGE photos

3 posts – 2 authors – Last post: Oct 8, 2009

So this year, when I got a chance to document Vortex The Sequel, photos of Vortex 2, so I’m going to post some of my favorites here.

Earthquake In Haiti; Largest Recorded In Region

Jan 13 2010

Port-Au Prince hospitals destroyed or abandoned. Many thousands may be dead. Prison collapse freeing survivors. Much of infrastructure in shambles.

7.0 Earthquake In Haiti; Largest Recorded In Region Shallow earthquake near .  3 million in area.

The earthquake in Haiti today continues effects with aftershocks ranging from the upper 5’s to mid 4’s on the Richter scale.    These are decreasing in magnitude so far.

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  1. Earthquake wreaks havoc in Haiti – 2 minutes ago

    This image obtained courtesy of the US Geological Survey (USGS) illustrates the intensity of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the impoverished

  2. Tsunami warning for Caribbean after Haiti earthquake
    Travel Weekly UK – 3 minutes ago

    A tsunami warning has been issued for the Caribbean after a powerful earthquake hit Haiti tonight. The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a

  3. UNICEF Urgently Appeals for Aid to Haiti Following Devastating
    Earthtimes (press release) – 3 minutes ago

    a devastating earthquake that rocked the Caribbean nation of Haiti early today. The earthquake was centered about 14 miles west of the capital city,

    OHLALA Mag – 6 minutes ago

    Just as we learned that a powerful and probably deadly earthquake rocked Haiti, here is a video that might save your life, that is if you

  1. Recent earthquakes near Haiti

    Time Magnitude Location
    2 hours ago 5.5 Haiti region Map
    2 hours ago 5.9 Haiti region Map
    2 hours ago 7.0 Haiti region Map

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    Haiti earthquake: major catastrophe as dozens feared dead‎ – 45 minutes ago

    Haiti was hit on Tuesday by a massive earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, causing the collapse of buildings, including a hospital,

Magnitude 7.0 – HAITI REGION

The Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010, shock occurred in the boundary region separating the Caribbean plate and the North America plate. ..

Orlando Shooting Incident: Another Day Another Mass Shooting

Shooter identified as a former employee.

Update Link:

One Dead, Gunman Apprehended in Orlando Shooting Spree‎ –

1 hour ago

ORLANDO, Fla. – Mike Maurer heard two bangs, but at first he thought the noise came from construction work at the downtown Gateway Center.

Two Days Of Tragedy

There has been a mass shooting in a Orlando Florida highrise.

This follows yesterdays horrific event in Texas.

Reports are that 8 were shot, one known dead, and shooter not yet in custody.

7 patients critical.

Gateway Center

Seems to have been on the 8th floor.

Suspect not yet in custody




Two dead in Orlando office building shooting‎ –

3 minutes ago


ORLANDO, FL — According to WFTV, two people are dead following a shooting in a downtown Orlando office building. Eight people were shot and have been

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UPDATE: 12 dead in Texas Army base shooting – ABC – Salt

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) – An Army officer opened fire Thursday with two handguns at the Fort Hood military base in an attack that left 12 people dead and 31

Minneapolis Area Tornado – Aug. 19, 2009

–Notice in this video how obscured this tornado could have been on the ground.  Trees and buildings can block the view until other indications are right in top of you.  So.  Listen to those warnings.  In Beaumont Texas the day before, a tornado developed from what seemed to be local interactions of prior storm boundaries.  So.  Sometimes your eyes must be believed even when no warnings of severe weather are present or predicted.