TED Brings Imaginative Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

TED Brings Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

While watching this video, I wondered how soon this technology would spread. Two years? 5 ? Some of the things are relatively inexpensive.

Then the thoughts jumped to robotics. A remote viewer could now intelligently direct a robot as if she or he were there. The robotic agent could just look at something, triggering databases to diagnose the environment.  Maybe save somewhere form a nuclear meltdown, or one mans terrorist or freedom fighter can send an almost indestructible agent out to do harm.  Star Wars may quickly metastasize to terra terror.

Have a nice and techy future.

Oh yur just a naysayer.

loooks fun to me!

Look my whole house is a computr screen.  Break that window and see what happens.

No.  Go ahead.

…and as the glass shattered the sky began to fall===

Trying Out The Share/Save Button On My Post: That Was Fast!



That was Coooool


Alright WordPressers, or any other pressers for that matter.  It is really easy to get this button to network your post.  You just pick which platform you are using, like WordPress, Blogger, etc…

I know.  Some of you knew this long ago, but for not techy people like me, this is easy.

This worked fast and easy on Firefox;  Here is the link. The WordPress one, others accessible by clicking on the Addtoany label that appears after clicking on the link below.


I just followed directions; grabbed the banner and put it in my Firefox toolbar.  It just slides off the page and up to the bar.  Then I made this test post.  Clicked on the banner in my toolbar and this Share/Save banner appears in the post, like magic.

These Internet tubes must not be flooded yet.

Good luck on whatever this will do—

Reach out and touch someone


Freedom and Democracy Are Problematic In Health Care “Debate”


Lately, demonstrations fundamentally organized by industry seem to be using “the common folk” to advance their own agenda’s while sinking the opportunity of those very common folk.

The seemingly unconscious industry followers, often claim to be defending Freedom, Democracy, or other rights they believe are in jeopardy due to the instigations of industry lobby organizations such as “Freedomworks” or the GOP servant platforms such as Fox news.

Amazingly, in the reverse reality of right wing extremities; behavior’s of and accusation’s of protestors are often exactly what the protestors are protesting. Critical thinking and true self review are what conservatism is often most conserved against becoming known.  They require emotional and spiritual instability to design an appearance reality that they posses the answer; be it destroying what they do not like of government, or having only their ideas of God be held as valid.  Once these ideas are conserved, they are not allowed true critical analysis.  That introspection is made to seem disloyal or otherwise shaming. Wild accusations of mine?  How is it that a Christian such as Barack Obama is called a Muslim by supposedly true Christians?–appearance reality manipulated into subculture consensus reality.

Yep.  A kind of black magic is used to turn factual perceptions in consciousness into their opposition.  Truth exist, and then it is perceived as being false, by emotionalizing, then manipulating the perceptual dialectic.  Now folks can “honestly” claim Obama is a Muslim.  Hello!  Barack Obama!  One of them and not one of us!  Wake Up!


Concepts, such as socialism, fascism and communism are blurred to indistinctions—for a reason. Just as Glen Beck presented a misspelled oligarch allegation toward Obama on his Fox News show, while Mr. Beck is actually working for an oligarch’s business empire.  Fox news being the fair and balanced right wing extreme to full truth and context checking.  The right seems to often inoculate its followers against the very things they represent; instead, projecting the dissonance onto others in society.

For oligarchs to continue to dominate in an allegedly free and democratic society, they must entice people by hook or by crook to their side, when predatory self interest is not enough to capture functional pluralities.  Faith and belief, absent reality checking, are key ingredients to cooking up the perfect ad-hominem stew of emotionalized “knowns”. Death panels, paling around with terrorist, killing off the elderly, and many of these other kinds of fear and emotional instability tactics are leveraged by industry shills to prevent society from having a bottom line to insure health care.

Democracy and Freedom are Obstacles to Domination, as is truly Free Speech

Abstractions such as freedom, can be relative to the eye of the beholder. Free from, or to do what? This will present itself as a problem, for freedom does conjure consequence in a world complete with inter-relationships.  Democracy as well, has its problems.  Why, whenever the other side from yours wins, Democracy is disappointing.

One need know the value behind the concepts Freedom and Democracy; the rights of the individual, and the sum of individuals; the most free collective platform for all individuals direction in society. (Direct democracy may be the most immediate form of Democracy)  The problem exist between ones own interest, and that of everyone else.

Not understanding these dynamic concepts, is a problem, for ignorance renders the individual subject to misinformation, to misconception, and ultimately, misperception.  Unchecked fact, and unadmitted opinion, can claim to be both fair and most balanced.  But when we are fairly balancing between truth and ignorance, what is the likely outcome?  How about balancing fact and fiction?  Fair and balanced in what way and toward what presumption?

The corporate “free press” is exhibit A; the interest of business above the interest of individual people.  The trick to control Freedom and Democracy then, is to make business interest appear as the individuals reality, and establish consensus realty impressions tagged to it.

Ah…Both Democarcy and Freedom framed in and contained for the corporate good, now conceived continuously in commercial media as the public good.  This would be approaching corporatism, business oligarchy, or as the Fascist Benito Mussolini described Fascism;

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Predator’s problem of Freedom and Democracy solved.


Back in the political land of predation; where the freedom to mislead is held paramount.

To the land below, where Freedom and Democracy claim hold; above fly the watchful eyes and infectious scent of the carnivores.  Those who prey upon the commons of existence to their own benefit.

{From the invisible elephant}

So you have a health problem?  Good. Good.  I’m circling in to clean out what’s left of you.

Thanks, you Foxes and workers over of Freedom. Through you I can smell the kill.

I know.  They’ll never see whats coming.  The beauty of propaganda platforms free to spread their wings, while passing the consequence off to someone else.   Perfect.

Insert into next T bag march to tanninize the mind.


If those 9-12ers only knew who was actually using them behind the fear and insecurity driven abstractions of theirs.

Michael Jackson Has Died; June 25 2009

Michael Jackson, one of the most well known musical icons around the world, died this afternoon from a massive heart attack.

The exact nature of his death is still to be determined.


News links below


Michael Jackson death: speculation grows around painkiller use‎ –

14 hours ago

A postmortem examination is to be carried out on Michael Jackson’s body this afternoon amid growing speculation that the singer’s long-term use of

Michael Jackson Dies At 50‎ – 39 minutes ago

COM: Michael Jackson died Thursday afternoon (June 25) at the age of 50 after suffering cardiac arrest, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Far Out Man! History International UFO Show Next Thursday

IMG_3605I came across an add for the cable network; History International, claiming to have sited a new UFO Special to be aired Thursday June 18  2009 at    PM.

It might be my imagination, or might be the mix of a lot of slick special effects, speculation and jumping to conclusion, but it actually seems UFO information is getting more dignified and difficult to dismiss.  Police, pilots, air traffic controllers, military personnel all witnessing what seem beyond atmospheric generated phenomenon.

I put UFO stuff on my blog, since it is a potential earth and cultural shattering event.  One that is plausible in a vast Universe with us floating around one star.  You know they say there are more stars around us that grains of sand on earth. And if the “deep field”, shots of the Hubble telescope are any measure, where they picked a blank space in the sky to do a long range light gathering in an area the size of a grain of sand held at arms length and found 3,000 galaxies, (gulp); there is a whole lot of stuff going on around us.

I have been interested in space since very young.  Had my share of UFO like occurrences, some of which are quite possibly completely subjective and false, due to waking dream state and cultural interference with imagination processing.  A couple not, with someone else being with me at the time.  It seems completely absurd to think only our planet has intelligent life as we know it.  How and why they would be here is all speculation.

I do not believe meeting extraterrestrials will necessarily be a good thing for humankind.  I am not looking for “them” to save us from ourselves. Contact may go either way; move humankind into a new expansive paradigm of intelligent life presentation and participation, or possibly amplify our own dysfunctions and lack of harmony.  A good reason to keep contact at bay.


None of my photo’s here are UFO’s

Trying to get that UFO show-link info up here is like trying to find gold at Roswell.

An Alien History of Planet Earth



Spock.  Can you hear me?  Is there anybody out there?


Extraterrestrials need not apply.

No Service without shirt or shoes.  Yes this means pants too.  And put on you properly, not just held in bag or something.

Wildfires and UFO’s: Is Arizona Out of This World?

Today I went up a hill to photograph a fire far way.  Later today I encountered this unknown secret(?) of Arizona Firefighting.

-This fire in Mexico could invade cross the border as an illegal combustion alien.


Not surprisingly, I came across speculation on the Air-crash over the Atlantic and who knows what? UFO bad business.

But on UFO’s.  I know, some think its all crazy.  We’re alone in the Universe and its likely trillions of planets, the first we came across has you on it.  But that does not prove anyone is anywhere else.

That said.  On Star Trek it was alleged that it was the Warp Drive use that signaled the imaginary aliens that we were cosmic players.  Not our radio’s or nuke’s.  But we don’t know that in the real world.  Oxygen, carbon, 1950 TV signals, water or whatever may attract someone-thing here.   But today these 2 cents occurred to me; our technological/robotic/artificial intelligence factors may create a more cosmic players point.

The Earth is Who’s Oyster?

The earth could be taken over kinda slow like.  Oceanic life could be genetically fiddled with to break food chains, or make the planet better for someone-thing else.  If something else is all artificial kinds of “consciousness” perhaps they will not consider us a problem unless we threaten catching up with their capabilities and interest, but in our hazardous to life dysfunctional state.


Overall, I would prefer to believe in various noninterference imperatives.  Mandates that allow for the independent revelations of Life wherever it is.

And then for intelligent impostors like humankind, alien technology would, or should be kept from us until we have learned that conflict, war and destruction are ignorance in operation.  Until then, we would all be spiritually unworthy of interacting with much alien intention.

That. Or maybe mid June will be the alien coming out party, or invasion…?

Start counting down…


100+ year old movie of Alice in Wonderland

For some hard to decipher reason, one of my post were linked into a site with this film.

Most everyone in this film is likely gone, along with most everyone alive on earth at that time. Through the looking glass indeed.

I’ll throw in a song on the same subject from 40 something years ago for contrast.

Live from 1969

The Jefferson Airplane seems to fake a fantasy.