FEARCASTING : Conservatism’s Romance With Ignorance



Conservatism’s Romance With Ignorance

Fear-Casting in this post means, using ignorance and fear to promote insecurity and paranoia to further emotionalized thinking toward protection from threat.  A negative platform is used to elevate self identity for ones religious, political, or so called moral value agenda.  It is a mainstay of conservative ideologies, and what it does spiritually and psychologically is; remove the individual from the present moment.

In Christian terms, fear-casting is manipulation of ones imperfections to project a future threat by oneself or others. Thus fear of hell or of sin occupies ones perception, while the things of Love fall back into the now hidden Light, leaving positive platitude abstractions as the beckoning Promised Land.

There is a newish trend in Christianity that some conservatives are using to rationalize possession and wealth as God given endowments “proven” by select interpretations of Biblical references.  The problem with using the Bible to prove things is that one can prove most anything through it.  My own “proofs” here select out from my desires to evidence my rationalization to some degree.

Unfortunately most “Truth” using a Biblical facade must ignore, intentionally or otherwise, the many Gospels selected out of the Bible through the ages.  This exclusion must rationalize, or otherwise assume those other gospels were false and otherwise heresy. One thing we do know is that the government and church officials chose to consolidate gospels that more suited their own confirmation bias, that suited a consolidation of church and state over the individuals spiritual initiative. We are seeing something similar these days as in a harmonizing of Christian tenets to suit a corporate and consumptive ideology that must ignore its attending negative social and environmental impacts. Some Christians and corporatist alike must rationalize their way as the right way, while contradictory information is cast out or rendered irrelevant by decree.

Did I mention; Fear is the rule of doubt over that of Love? Fearcasting cast out Love, especially any sense of unconditional Love possible through the individuals initiative.  Fear is anti-spiritual when used to ones own advantage, and in the definition of Christ message; anti Christ message. Many a religious message is imbued with fear, and rationalizations for it, than for a proactive stance for Love, which some religious followers employ regardless of negative message programing campaigns.

In the modern world, various interest wish to control fear and target it via ideology to unseat Love from the ruling perceptual throne. (God is Love) Whether it is the liberalism that Christ professed, or the fundamental inclusion of all society via ideals intended by the Founding Fathers, today’s conservatives are being seduced by their own ignorance to follow evil in the name of God and Country.  Evil is ignorance in action.

From Fox News bias, to the many right wing propaganda, fear and loathing merchants in “The Liberal Mainstream Media” (actually a predominantly money driven corporate media), the spiritual, or human requirements, to care for Creation, are reduced to competition and threats from other than ones own Confirmation Biased glasses myopic belief system.  This paradigm sets up the philosophies of cancer; divide and conquer, expand and consume at all cost, quite like the corporate model’s mindsets alignment with psychosis; all about me and no accounting for those others beyond.

These beliefs come to institute ignorance of The Whole, and ignorance of the real human heart in others, reducing them to dehumanized takers, slackers, or the immoral without “values”, out to take from your success and give to themselves.  This is an ideology of separation and alienation.  It is an antithesis to the message of Jesus Christ as well as The Founding Fathers of the USA.  It is evil in action; Fear-Casting, controlling ones emotion and position in the present moment by extending it to a conceptual hypothetical “bad” in possession of those alien others.  Conservatism is self reductive, excluding the diversity of Life from the individuals inclusion in the present moment, except perhaps, in platitude.

Ignorance, then gains great currency, while its spread and emotive viral influence dumbs down the population of conservatives by wedding their perception to an alienated universe out to reduce or seduce you. You must then seek to control it.  This is partly done by detaching ones identity from it, then attempting to posses it as property, as a kind of entitlement to demonstrate the value one has by the goods and services one is entitled to via money, position or Divine favor.

Here is another great hiding ground of ignorance and Darkness; money is an abstraction, it does not denote godliness or success, except as one being consumed by the need of money and not of Love.  The love of money is the rejection of The Whole and of God for a substitute idol worship.  If you here money is not evil, it is the love of it according to scripture, you are likely hearing from one needing to avoid facing the deception that goes unaccounted for in abstractions.


“Come, enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was sick and you visited me.” Then Jesus will turn to those on His left hand and say, “Depart from me because I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, I was sick and you did not visit me.” These will ask Him, “When did we see You hungry, or thirsty or sick and did not come to Your help?” And Jesus will answer them, “Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!”


The Evidence For Love Over Ignorance And Doubt

KJV  1 john 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

{This from the WWW:}

Jesus the Advocate for the Poor
Home > Modern Descriptions of Jesus > Jesus the Advocate for the Poor

“Jesus had a special sense of mission to poor and oppressed people. At the outset of his ministry, sometimes referred to as Jesus’ mission statement, Jesus stood up in the synagogue at Nazareth and read from the prophet Isaiah:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:18-19)

The biographies of Jesus depict him repeatedly reaching out to those at the bottom of the social pyramid–poor people, women, Samaritans, lepers, children, prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus was also eager to accept people who were well-placed, but he made clear that all, regardless of social position, needed to repent. For this reason, he invited the rich young man to sell all of his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. (Matthew 19:16-30, Luke 18:18-30, Mark 10:17-31)

Jesus commanded, “Love your neighbor.” When asked to define “neighbor,” Jesus expanded the traditional meaning of the word–defining our neighbor as anyone who is in need, including social outcasts: “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed.” (Luke 14:13)

In his portrayal of the day of judgment, Jesus pictured people from all nations gathered before him, separated into “sheep” and “goats.” (Matthew 25:31-46) To the “sheep” he says, “Come you blessed of my Father, for I was hungry and you fed me…” In their astonishment they ask, “When did we do that?” And he answers, “When you did it to the lowliest of my brothers (and sisters).” Conversely, to the “goats” he says, “Out of my sight, you who are condemned, for I was hungry and you did not feed me…”

Jesus himself cared for those in need by feeding the hungry. Crowds of four thousand (Mark 8:1-13) and five thousand (Mark 6:30-44) had assembled to listen to Jesus. They soon became hungry. When his disciples suggested that Jesus send the people away to buy food, he responded by saying “I have compassion on these people…” and “you give them something to eat.” He proceeded to perform miracles to feed these large crowds of hungry people.

Adapted from J. Bennett Guess, “Biblical Foundations for Justice Advocacy,” UCC Justice and Witness Ministries.”


We can see the obvious; that many conservatives condition giving as well as respect for the poor and disadvantaged by their “superior” self idea position.  Indeed, a movement of ignorance is now afoot to portray the poor and the needy in society as being given the judgment of God, evidenced by their lowly position.  This is a blatant anti Christ Message.  It is the elevation of the selfishness of a Darwinian social ethos in a society based upon pyramidal economy schemes being cast into being the “obvious” grace of God.  Materialism, and having, being turned into apparent spirituality, completely anti Jesus ethos, but is now grand moral value affirmation.

We have fear of loss, and fear of others out to take, as a driving “value” in much conservatism.  It is separation and alienation wed to time-line projections; from presumed Christian validation of serving God and future reward premise, to future self assurance either monetarily/materially, or in a promised afterlife.  Christ message was for the immediate; the Presence of God alive in the present moment.

Demonize Others To Control Truth Perception Via Emotional Judgment

The conservative right wing requires cognitive dissonance abatement programs; ideas that justify their separation and alienation from others, and thus ultimately from God or the Universe in the here and now.  The dissonance between belief and the life actually being lived can be faced and resolved by reason; or insulated against by denial and rationalization.

Love must be contained and even demonized; helping the poor and needy becomes “Bleeding heart liberals”.  Societal responsibility for The Commons; that Whole of interconnection that makes a Place and its citizens A People, becomes “Tax and spend”.  ‘You must pledge to not raise taxes or you are evil!’

Endless conspiracies are devised by the likes of Glen Beck, much of the rest of Fox News, and the many other demagogues like Rush Limbaugh, who display their own mental health and cognitive dissonance issues and confirmation bias to the extreme. The propaganda is delivered with self righteousness and contempt for those who are different.

This attitude seeks out the weakness (weakness in understanding and insecurity) in viewers and listeners, the fearful “taught” by the pedagogue to know what to fear and why.  Unfortunately for much of the audience, a seemingly coherent to ideology rationalization/imagination can go on to seem as proof of cause and effect.  It is no accident that science, peer review science that is, has fallen victum to demagogues who find select facts not fitting to ideological premise.  The current “War On Science” is part of the campaign to make fear the rule of law, and not actually facts in context.

The “best” way to ignore and remain ignorant of other hearts is to make them seem inhuman and a threat to you, basic tribalism fearcasting.  This approach will connect like a magnet to those who were just looking for the right rationalizations to deny Love and place Hate in its place inside their fears.  We abandon God for the seduction of opportunism’s temptation’s promise of comfort. In our materialism paradigm; these will be many, and their motivation emotionally clear in the highly polluted stream they are swimming in.

This whole ad-hominem crusade is being waged against Democracy, Freedom and a pluralistic America, by the right wing segregation campaign.  They are forced into evil by ignorance parading around as enlightenment, and must deliver its fear based bias as The Truth itself.  Truncated notions of Truth, Democracy, Freedom and self responsibility to The Whole of Life, come packaged and ready to be received by ignorance as wisdom itself.  To the emotions of those true believers on the right, the propaganda stream of righteousness is imbibed as life sustaining pure water, yet the disdain of their misanthropic inebriation is most evident.  Such is the nature of self deception and denial; “Whole Love?  What the blank is that!  Get a job and get a life you loser.  You socialist commie fascist are all alike.”

My hypothetical quote above is an example of the psychology of the Thought-Terminating-Cliche´, these are designed to provide psychological cover for the lack of true knowledge and comprehension of others interest.  These are a pandemic on right wing “truth telling” mono and dialogs. These are also prevalent on many far left commentaries, and even “middle of the road” notions that see the political extremes as somehow disconnected from the whole. Pretty, much, any excuse proffered to demonstrate ones superiority to others comes with psycho-spiritual framing that separates one from others.

Instituting Ignorance

The liberal media, (which should be liberal in a democracy; allowing differing viewpoints and a wide range of issue coverage), is demonized and turned into a Thought-terminating-Cliché, as many notions are a mainstay on the right.  The abstraction and projection based profile of the conservative disengaged mind-frame, traps them into their fear and insecurity, making them primed and vacuumed ready to draw in the varying fear and loathing personalization campaigns.

Championed by the Republican party, some conservative Democrats, and the vast corporate confirmation biased media’s security interest, most every imaginable fear taggable to the right wing framed in notion of liberals, is cast out with hook, line and sinker into ignorances seas of uncertainty.  It is no accident that issues such as poverty and pollution are seemingly vacant in conservative news and views; except to validate their own circular reasoning perceptual prison bars as “The American Way”.

It is the passionate blind leading the susceptible blindfolded.  God and nation are detached an compartmentalized to ones own security interest and not that of a full Love in Life.


Love is this, unconditional Love is this; engaging Creation in the present moment with all one has.  This is abandonment to the Will of God, while being possessed by the unknown, by ignorance to forward projections of security, are beliefs designed to create doubt and insecurity, as well as assume a negative idea for those not quite like oneself and ones belief system. Many a conservative Christian is being consumed by the levels of their own paradigms conserved ignorance.  Conservatism itself, is in need of all of our understanding and compassion; that the light they profess may see The Light of Love, our God.

It is this sort of contempt for Creation and its parting out to the highest bidder, that produces the callused contempt breeding diatribes of fear and loathing on The Right.  They feel with their own ignorance, with its over layer of grandiosity of ego, elevated to God hood, yet actually are abandoned by the Ways of Life in the Living Now.  In this pruned by ideology and insecurity Now, they are easily set upon by those deemed unworthy or ungrateful, who as they define them, are out to threaten their fear based security interest.  It becomes them or me, ‘us and them’ in the right wing deconstruction perception.  The righteous become trapped in the quicksand of their own ignorance, with the desperate insecurity driving the rationalizations for evil to be made to appear as Right.

By “palling around with” Evil, one is able to leap into fear-cast ideas, with ignorance as ones guide, able then to making statements such as “Palling around with terrorist”. The received cheers and taunting towards ones political opponent, smells to the ego like victory and the binding of cause to purpose.  All being “fair” in love, war, and seemingly politics.

A complete seduction out of The Now, where God is present with us, to extrapolations of future and past presumption devoid of present Love and connection to All.  Instead of Love being possessed and overflowing in the Now, it becomes hate via the absence of love.



In religious terms; those suggesting Satanic of demonic influence in order to effectively surrender to fear and insecurity along with a projected  socio-political agenda-narrative; are themselves, palling around with evil.  As is often the case, perception is in the eye of the beholder, and not necessarily at all in reality.

Reality “falls” to contorted cognitions designed to suit desired perception identity. Far right conservatives (and others usually exposing absolute attitude) employ these negative influences to project the need for force over reason as the means to control reality.  It is in this endeavor that ignorance can appear as good.  By “Nature” this kind of good will corrode consciousness, for ignorance is not knowledge and so, not understanding.

What Humans Do In The Name Of God

In The Name Of God Much Is Mistaken

God Said What? Who Said?

This post is about the nature of religion, belief, faith, truth, love, evil, trust, honesty and knowing; I “know” I likely left some aspects of this post out.

I am writing this article to address a well meaning book (I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST) that I was sent to seemingly purge out the falsity of my atheist ways.  I am not an atheist!,  so there is some perceptual problem apparently.

Some of our fellows feel they can tell what we should be thinking, cause they “know” what they believe in.  This approach for defining reality by belief, is fraught with a possibility of hidden evil, by evil I mean the things which ignorance and emotion can do to human consciousness in the name of reason.  Most of us in established religious groups, do not know all to what we belong to; its reason for being and our abilities to freely wonder about it. We are psychologically and logically setup.

Though indoctrinated into Catholicism via Catholic grammar school, I was a kind of agnostic/atheist when in my early youth; too much tragedy–(–a later link–) with no signs whatsoever of cosmic care. That changed in an instant when I encountered a thing beyond reason–Divine Intervention.   ENCOUNTER WITH THE SUPERNATURAL: SIGNS FROM GOD

I remain in respect for atheist and agnostics who are humanist, those who intend to “do right” (as in the Categorical Imperative) even though they think no one or no Thing is watching or cares.  That is spiritual strength; an awareness that I will do right because right is right to do. I align with Truth.  Wrongness contradicts the life that I am to its foundation, so I reject it for what is a higher purpose–rightness beyond subjective superficiality of desire or temptation.  Religious orthodoxies are quite threatened by these folks, seeming to not belive humans can do right without their ideas breathing down their necks.

This doing right on ones own, is much more an achievement than those who “do what they are told” because of fear of God, brown-nosing to Authority, Don’t want to go to hell, The comfort perks and spiritual “surety” of religious community, or looking for a good place in the afterlife. The humanist position takes courage, and the other conformity to outside ideas, and presumably much internalized dichotomy from temptation suppression.

Being verified by outside ideas tends to stimulate the impulse to spread those ideas to others in order that they too think like one thinks one does.  This sort of prostilization dependency loop creates a kind of self motivating confirmation bias in seeing others change from how, “I once was, like you.”, to my new community of embracing acceptance.

{ Some religions use “shepherding”, where the energy of new converts is watched and micromanage closely to conform to “correct” thought (I was involved with a group helping people exit cult entrapment).}  The warmth and purpose of community association, with all the human and assumed spiritual/emotional perks that come with that; a kind of love, respect, care for one another, bonding and extended family.

Evangelical Realism

(Book: I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST, by Geisler and Turek, chapter 14.) Fallible people write books all the time that have no errors. …. 3. Therefore the Bible cannot err. Notice anything missing in their logic?

The Easy Road

Other human beings associated with your culture; who claim apiori truth from narratives claimed to be infallible, are a common human issue wherever one goes upon this earth.  Native groups claim fantastic stories as the Primal Cause of The People.  These become conserved orthodoxies with a sense of our truth as The Truth.  We also have tribalism interfacing with these differing stories.  We then layer on human role differentiations and ways of perceiving the wonders of Life codified to these stories.  They make sense to those immersed inside the culture, but maybe not so much to the rest of humanity who live outside of it.

Yet we are human.  We have pretty much the same needs. We also have pretty much the same faults and errors in cognitive perception.  We may think others should do as we wish.  Life would be much better for me that way.  Achieving kinds of order in the organization of society may make society function as a greater whole, but that does not mean that that whole is more right or true.  Truth does not solely depend on numbers or “winners” in a narrative.  I so many ways; might is used to make right in materialistic and spiritual claimed societies, especially when God is defined as the maker and doer of life and death and we are, or are said not to be, on It or His side, or to come under eternal fire.


A culture comes with automatic positives for some or most people; place, belonging, purpose, reliable order, safety in some respects; all while Love seeks to bond us no matter what, Love seeks to teach us more than the limitations of ourselves, Love makes us into more magnificent beings…  Love, respect, daily effort, all the must have’s for healthy living try to make their way into whatever culture we happen to be closest to.  The narration of what is right or wrong, or in order or not, will come into various states of harmony or disharmony in us as the individual relates to their greater connection of place and assumed purpose—as the Real Truth exist in perfection not likely in any of our conscious possession.

We then have a kind of weakness that can be manipulated by physical and authority power.  The soft spots of separation and alienation, shame and ostracism, can bend the individual to accept stories and explanations at face value.  Again; a survival strategy that does not denote truth or rightness, but is often presented as such.– You do this “Or else!”

Probing Weakness For Its Societal Value By Ignorance Known As Opportunism

“But I know what I feel!”

Self dissonance, as a threat to connectivity, will create stress in ones emotions as well as perceived causes of it.  As always, we can be more right or more wrong about it, for we do not always know what part our imagination plays, or how a scripted interpretation may be skewing what we see of ourselves and of what others are doing.  Usually, a strong attitude will show the lack of evidence one has to make a truly logical case by the facts.  Might is trying to substitute for right by force of rationalization and not honest reason.

Our emotions are subjective; we are making them, yet we often attribute the cause of them to be in others and situations.  You make me feel!—- These things may play their part, but it is often “easy” to project the badness upon someone other than oneself.  Projection is a self protective mechanism.  Emotions, however, no matter how confident or in support of a fine narrative, do not denote rightness, they denote reaction.

This primitive survival phenomenon of reaction to the external by ones idea of it, is a powerful persuasive animal impulse for the disadvantaged, the lonely, those in spiritual and emotional stress, and oh yes; those not entitled to question authority or use critical thinking ability to discern fact from fiction (except where sanctioned).  The immersion experience; in family, groups, cults and cultures, can leave one not quite knowing where ones boundaries are.  We belong to a kind of whole, yet do not necessarily know what it is about nor where it is going; we are written into the story.

What is Behind The Fix That Is On?  Questions That May Not Be Allowed To Be Answered

Conservatism in general, tends to buttress presumption of knowns, seeing change induced by outer causes inclusion as being erosion of belief.   Conservative ideologies have an intrinsic problematic place; self preserving amidst a pluralistic world of other self preserving conceptual paradigms.  This produces the sense of “natural” human dichotomy; where other systems are seen as alien, and likely in negative framed competition against our true idea of The Truth.

Belonging to anything, especially the narratives of confident conservatism, is in and of itself, a seemingly good thing; a protective and creative connection in its own kind of Commons, or shared definition of life.  While immersion experience may seem healthy overall psychologically, with all its support, affirmation, and place within The Story, critical awareness can be subdued or completely repressed, trapping the individual and possibly the group, in a kind of ignorance–the fertile fields where evil can breed illusion and delusion undetected.

False premise

That book I am writing this post in part about; said there are just 3 kinds of belief regarding God; theist, pantheist, and no God, like humanist.  Theist believe God made everything; pantheist believe God is in everything; and unbelievers like humanist, believe we are all on our own.  I know this idea of deconstructive reductionism is used to clarify differences, especially between theism and pantheism.  They say Buddhist are pantheist for instance.  These differences are human made ones about how to think of God or not.  I submit the conceptions of The Divine are not honestly reducible to these either or absolutes.  The clarification, or quantification, obscures the nuance and complexity of experience as it manifest.

Considering the idea of God is an abstraction, I have known of many Christians and churches that say God is Love.  I do not disagree with the claim, but does it define; made love, is in love, or that humanist do not love?  This is part of religions problem, and especially these who try to intellectually compartmentalize and reduce humanity to its differences regarding who has the real God.

(Just a coincidence seeming to coincide with what once would be called tribal difference? Did God  know we would have debate and draw perhaps mistaken conclusions about God from our problematic human perceptive?  Are we to assume a final judgement on being right or wrong over how we thought mistakenly, or in error, determines a life’s truly spiritual merit?).

Evangelicals in particular; make many wishful and magical claims at “knowing” how the Bible is true, with their current version of the Jesus Of Nazareth story as true.  The proof is actually faith and belief, which are, though we may hate to admit it; at the mercy of ignorance.  We claim our ignorance is Truth along with whatever is actually true in these narratives.  With ignorance being in some manner worshiped as Truth and Gods Word, evangelicals are left with likely Evil (ignorance in action) as part of their belief matrix.

Each preacher rearranges the story-lines and the interpretations of one society to presumably fit seamlessly into today’s world.  Today’s world is not fully known by anyone, just as the jumping to conclusion about the ways God is or is not conceived by all. Presumptions are repeated over and over again in the name of God, but are they really?

Those claiming to be living directly in the Bibles way are imagining they are.  There is no proof that they are; except their belief as a self described reborn evangelical, an assumption.  I do not know you are “reborn” or actually believe in God, or are assuming God is real, going along can be little more than the comforting acceptance of successful mimicry.

The issues with Biblical infallibility are many. Many contradictory and false statements occur within the Bible, leaving one to wonder what “Truth” evangelicals think they are actually following?  And what motivates them to make unfounded claims?  And it only gets worse; the New Testament’s narrative has been manipulated by humans throughout the ages.  Political and religious interest have deleted or demonized some Gospels; particularly those which seemed to suggest the life of Jesus portrayed God as being also in Creation, as Buddhist might.  The adjustments have become so established, and their exclusions so denounced; that the familiar has come to rule as the winner and presumed owner of the new one and only True Truth. I will put others questions of Biblical authenticity and fallibility later.

So we must ask this question; Would God not know how questionable the nature of books of the Bible are, and actually respect those who think for themselves to seek out the Truth beyond religions scripted assemblages?  So what is really behind much organized religion and its hierarchical blame and shame mindsets claiming to be Divine?  Why is so much conservatism FEAR CASTING ?, a kind of cognitive spell cast over perceptual awareness, not so unlike Black Magic.

My Definition of Essential Spiritual Concepts

Firstly. God in not an intellectual argument requiring proof and specific miracles, as most religions go on and on and on about; study, study and be grilled.  God does not require begging and proofs or our claims of existence, loyalty or being addressed in the proper manner; these are human dysfunctional issues; God is about the real.  One intends to be within Gods Way or not, by measures of knowing, belief or ignorance.

What God’s Message Told Me:

God Is Love; Love Is All

Evil is the lack of Love.

A simple message of unconditional Love, (as sometimes opposed by an individuals subjective love of possession), unconditional Love not requiring much explanation or orders for conformity and rules affecting ones future heavenly abeyance. I have lived in ignorance of this Primal Cause and Its Coherency with my life, allowing emotions and insufficient information to draw their own conclusion, producing a form of evil that left me seemingly unable to see Love.  Love is everywhere, but I was not aware of Its image and likeness as my own purpose.

By extrapolation then; Evil in the world is Ignorance; a kind of ignorance of the self that transcends reality to affect our emotions and awareness through our cognitive and creative abilities into our environments.  We can produce, with our ignorance, surprising things; some of genius and some of grave error.  But can we distinguish which is which and what may be behind their curtains?

Can you know when you are in accordance with Creation; The Way of God, or with evil; the way of ignorance (confusion/illusion/delusion) pretending to be known?  These empirical emotional states seem as knowns. Example: I can be sure you are a fool by not commenting to me, or by commenting to me in ways I disagree with.  I can also think you are “on my side” by claiming my insights are shared by you. But what is actually known by me of you through my feelings that are not Love?  That is the question.

{Fortunately or not; this question was given directly to me from a transcendant source imposed upon me, quite impossible to explain objectively –If one has not had this experience. Subjectively delivered truth given in the name of objectivity is not possible to explain scientifically, except by going to theories of cognitive dysfunctional experience. That Love covers everything in existence from God’s Will, is mind boggling, as well as emotionally humbling in the extreme.  It is up to me to see It, or not to see It.  All that was so wrong to my feelings were never intended that way by The Divine. I have no other “how to” formula to convey about the realization.}

There was a widely circulated article a few years back by a Christian conservative arguing that love is the problem.  He went on to confuse the self love of possessing Creation in ones own name, with Big Love–that which unites and embraces All.  From my own experience; I knew how wrong this guy was and how confused he was.  As the authors of the book I brought up; kinds of good intentions are passed around like torches of enlightenment and reason, while they may well be running on the fuels of reaction and ignorance.  God is not about how well we suppress our love by living in perceptual inhibition.

More speculations on interpreting my experience of The Divine in our cultural terms.

In Gods Image and Likeness.  Image, not identical. You see your image in the mirror; we are in a manner of speaking, in Gods mirror. God has only Love for us, but has granted us autonomy.  We cannot conceive of God in any full, accurate or technical manner.  Books and all included.

We are not just mirrored reflections of a multidimensional Being. We are allowed to create, and in so doing, to engage Creation; to perform with Creation, or perhaps to also act against it by being in ignorance of It.  Ignorance and imagination become evil if extrapolated into behavioral formulas of cognition, perception and action.  And yet still—Love covers all.  When this happens to you, intentionally (if possible), out of the blue or at death, you can come to understand the poetry of Creation at hand.

So On The Subject Of Evangelical Rationalization And Atheistic Deception

Now I do not know what religious folks would think of my letter here so far, but I can and will speculate of their intentions, presumptions and validation, for they will not themselves.

Rigorous objectivity and critical analysis are not an option for many conservatives to soundly examine themselves.  At least this seems the evidence I see of their behavior and expression into the world.  They feel entitled to seek out converts and condemn the world beyond themselves as governed by Satan and or Liberalism, and all those other conservative orthodoxies that are not themselves.

The world has various conservative orthodoxies competing for; not just population market share, but world domination.  Unfortunately, these orthodoxies are not allowed to have an objective overview of themselves, for that would well imply change and acceptance of the unknown, unsettling their world and spiritual view.  Fear and insecurity will keep them in there (un)safe harbor of exclusion and denial.  This means evil will lurk as both fear and apparent wisdom.

Evangelical leaders, at the least, judge the world in God’s name, which is taking God’s name in vain. The book; I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST, is an attempt at might makes right in a kind of logical sense.  The authors may well be well intentioned, but the false premised nature of so much of their proofs rationalizations wreaks of their own spiritual insecurity.  As with much evangelical thought, the initial presumption is often used as its own evidence, a kind of circular reasoning. The confidence of the argument depends upon the narrowness of the ideas parameters. That other interpretations of Being have value, is pretty much discarded for their own construct of reason and what there is for them in their narrowed confines of reason to wonder about.

Evangelicals require not just a leap of faith, but a contract in not acknowledging the ignorance of matters they claim self evident as being God’s.   First and foremost is that they know what the real Word of God is from the Bible as an infallible vehicle that have travelled for millenia.  There is no sound evidence for this, being that interpretations vary over what was said and who said what, with documents not going back to the actual time period. But many gospels were excluded from Christianity along the way.  The easy, or is it lazy, claims of faith and belief as their special compensation, betray all the evidencing and witnessing many “true believers” are seemingly compelled to offer as real proof of a real ideas manifestation, as the authors of the aforementioned book selectively manipulate.

Humans were adjusting the “Word of God” to words that the leaders manipulating the documents intended to proceed with.  Now we must assume politicians were infallible as well, but in the world of evangelicalism, any new interpretation is possible as long as their definition of the actual “Word of God” is said to be authentic.  Again, a human based interpretations for human based reasons.

Evangelicals are often putting words into Gods Mouth, so to speak.  Observe the sermons; some enlightening and at least one on TV eliciting prayers for God to get certain Supreme Court justices out of His way.  Before the 2008 presidential election in the US, I heard one preaching to God that He must not abandon His People.  Direct orders to The Divine, seeming to question if God knows what He is doing or allowing to be done. So the Bible says to ask in Jesus name, just like a magical spell to be cast over local creation, if an idea in the Bible can be extrapolated to sanction something one may desire—bingo!

Liberalism is receiving this kind of instruction to the faithful; get rid of it or else you are abandoning God, likely right now, as I type this on this Sunday morning.  The problem is as we have seen politically; the “faithful”, in denying their suspicion of ignorance, fear enough to follow instructions as lemmings at the cliff edge, “In the name of God”, or in the name of the executive.

‘They know not what they do’; whether they are really serving God, Country, or serving Evil, for they are not allowed to know the real difference from authorities presumably speaking in Gods Name. Who is telling them to study which aspects or biblical narration, or see the Bible which way for what reason?  We may wonder, for they are not allowed open critical thinking.  We expect an expert will do that for them.

We see much contempt for Creation as it is, from conservatives and religious and political orthodoxies.  Notice the good intentions of their claims, yet the hostility, judgement and condemnations flowing from their ideologies. They offer no true way right now for compassion, empathy, inclusion, solution. No means right now for unbridled, non ideological understanding.  No open door for Love to grow within and to flow out.

The God of Creation is being kept out for the false idol of ideology and intellectual reductionism being called faith and proof.

Evangelicalism; A recipe for preserving ignorance in God’s Name.

Bible Errors and Contradictions

Fortunately, this is not the case, particularly when dealing with fundamentalists who claim that the Bible is free of error and contradiction.






I Don’t Have Enough Fakery to be a Christian | Facebook

– 3:08pm it said by Christian apologists, “I don’t have enough Faith to be an atheist

. on ethics & morality can only be defended by fallacy and deception.

and kinds of more advanced food for thoughts—-

Rebecca Kukla – Objectivity and Perspective in Empirical Knowledge

by R Kukla – 2006 – Cited by 3Related articles
Objectivity and Perspective in Empirical Knowledge1. Rebecca Kukla. Abstract. Epistemologists generally think that genuine warrant that is available to

In parting;

As always; Where there is Love


A Dark Side Of The Moon Christmas Reflection

The Edge Of Reason

A fingernail moon

Drifts across December’s sky

Gone is the overwhelming sun

Its dream a reflection

Here shines an edge of moons day


Here below

Christmas shoppers think;

Who needs what?

What will mean the right thing?

Will light shine from this gift?

How much can I afford?

When will enough be enough?


Out seeking abundance for someone else

It may seem easier to spend

Than on ourselves

The thoughts are prescient

Stores filled with seekers

The internet slow as snowfall

A moon never turning


Ideas of lack and meaning

Mix with anticipation and giving

This moon will set as always

Its travels over and around your earth

Covering all who look above



There you are in infinite sky

Or are you in us

Still infinite?

Not eclipsed by buying

Undaunted by wishing

Clear and conscious if seen

Circling in rendezvous reception;

Upon introspection and extrapolation

From inside out

From all about and around our lives


Air passing through these hands

Between eyes and moon

Touched only by Presence

That missing side of heaven

Silently shining with you

Amidst the dark side

Of wanting

And wonderment does grow

Waxing in its void filled manger;

Who darkened Christmas?

A child beckoning to civilization, now object

Who made birth into a material show and tell

Not one of Spirit free and unadorned?


Here an eternal child emerges

Each day facing us certain as this moon

We see or do not see much of this consistency

Know when to look toward eternity

Born for the reasons of Love

Naked in a manger

Honest with Light

In the dark of cold night.

{Photo Of Dec 18 2009 Moon}


Bring Back A Portion Of The Worlds Lost Heart


Somewhere in every life

even when missing

gone like the sunset

blackness swallowing light

in moments searching around

what was it that was said?

is it too dark now to see?

the fading of memory

the trouble inside our misery

Searching outside in vain

shadowed by cloud

rained on by sea

salt on the proud

a dream soon to be

a wave loomed and breaks

was this quest always inside me?


How I walked  a world in vain

unless full feeling my part

to bring back my portion

of the worlds lost heart


Love Means Love To 4-8 Year Olds; What has Love got to do with it? Everything

{This was forwarded to me in an e-mail}


Slow down for three minutes to read this. It is so worth it. Touching words from the mouth of babes.
A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, ‘What does love mean?’

The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined See what you think:

‘When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore.
So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love.’

Rebecca- age 8

‘When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different.

You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.’

Billy – age 4

‘Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.’

Karl – age 5

‘Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs..’

Chrissy – age 6

‘Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.’

Terri – age 4

‘Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK.’

Danny – age 7

‘Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.’

Bobby – age 7 (Wow!)

‘If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate,’

Nikka – age 6
(we need a few million more Nikka’s on this planet)

‘Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.’

Noelle – age 7

‘Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well.’

Tommy – age 6

‘During my piano recital, I was on a stage and I was scared.

I looked at all the people watching me and saw my daddy waving and smiling.
He was the only one doing that.  I wasn’t scared anymore.’

Cindy – age 8

‘My mommy loves me more than anybody.
You don’t see anyone else kissing me to sleep at night.’

Clare – age 6

‘Love is when Mommy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken.’

Elaine-age 5

‘Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford..’

Chris – age 7

‘Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day.’

Mary Ann – age 4

‘I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.’

Lauren – age 4

‘When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.’ (what an image)

Karen – age 7

‘You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.’

Jessica – age 8

And the final one

The winner was a four year old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife.
Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman’s yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there.

When his Mother asked what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy said,

‘Nothing, I just helped him cry’

Apocalypse Whenever : The Armageddon Spirit of Destruction

I mean to say;  Armageddon Whenever, but am playing off the idea of Apocalypse Now, the book and movie title.

The eventual end of the world, recognized by science as likely induced by the evolution of our sun, seems not the one many Abrahamic religious folks seem sure in breathing fire and brimstone down our necks, seemingly, since the idea was conceived.  That apocalypse conception, itself, has evolved over the ages; from seemingly a valley back in the Biblical era sounding somewhat like Armageddon, to the whole planet now in some others interpretation of Biblical era.

It seems that the apocalypse whenever people, see we humans problematic relationship issues as the reason for God delivering an apocalypse right around the present day corner.  The threats to the planet from pollution and other societal and environmental ignorance (or arrogance) are not what they mean.  They look for what one might conceive as God-like signs, what we define as nature based (God) threats to humanity. Every earthquake, drought, or other relative moment earth anomaly, becomes the signs of destruction.  They are looking for a promised punishment of a sorts, and using that fear of ultimate consequence, as a motive to be pure about spiritual matters.  Not necessarily actually pure, but pure as described by some leaders of church, and their moral values worth ideologies.  The projected spiritual groups emotionalized Zeitgeist.

At the change of millennium date at the year of 2000 (then 2001 in some minds, then usually some right up and coming next date), God was apparently set on getting even with the sinners or otherwise unfaithful. You just wait and see; may be the outward warning to apparent nonbelievers.  To believers, the publicity they generate towards humankind is meant to change behavior by suggesting immanent threat of enduring pain and deprivation, if you do not conform.  This is a negative based ideology; I am not to change my behavior because I am actually wiser, or actually enlightened as to the nature of my actions, I am changing because otherwise I will be tortured and tormented, perhaps forever.  Primitive defense mechanisms.

Gods breaking point comes when this final line is drawn on human sand; God will not show love for me nicely if I displease God; behavior equals punishment now or later, for it seems no excuse or explanation will be relevant.  God seems in a mechanical dialectic of punishment, or love, but we seem to conclude this will be balanced out in the future, the very near future, but soon now or maybe after my death.  Either way, it is stretched out ahead in our minds. We do not seemingly notice or believe that our good or bad behaviors are instantly judged, in effect, by ourselves.

Why if I wear a mask and rob you, you have lost and I have gained.  Only some theoretical God stands in possible judgement.  At least this is about as far as some thieves may think.  It seems straight forward in material appearance. We seem to believe it is true that others surly do seem to be “getting away” with something, be it trespass, murder or exploitation. So if the Universe is good or just, things will be balanced, if not now, then surely later.  And so a future time of reckoning is imagined, Bible true or not, for we are the ones imagining what it will be by our own sense of definition.

This open-ended threat does produce an extended circular reasoning merely based on continued existence—the end is always near, year, after year, after year, after year, after decade, after millennial. And we each eventually realize our death, even if illness and aging are “solved”, will likely reach us one day, a seeming day of reckoning. It does not matter about the facts on the real ground, we have evolved into a mental issue issuing from continuing problematic human relationship issues. The permanent apocalypse is when?  —-Ever right next to now.

The “facts” will seem obvious to the ideological presumption, and so the religions believing in a global day of reckoning, believing the Bible called this a truth, never fully consider the very old origins of their own religious ideas.  Their beliefs are strung out on the impressions and assumptions of the present day:  That their own religion evolved out of preexisting ideas; pagan, including pantheistic which can include their own monotheistic traditions of a Prime Spirit or Mover, must be ignored or explained away.

If I declare I am following the one and only God, the fully omniscient One, then by association, I am on the side of right and Truth—–in my mind as defined by others.  Something Absolute is granting me a kind of absolute authority, in my mind.  When ordained in public, so sure of the infallibility behind me; Do I question the roots of my religion and how they have been pruned?  Do I see the human intervention in the Gospels deleted and those accepted, that bent spiritual iconography a certain way to support hierarchy over refined states of consciousness?  Do I care or care more of believing what I believe cannot be wrong?

To think you know the Truth, does seem to involve one excluding many other different conceptions of knowing.  Perhaps perception must be narrowed, because ambiguity and varying nuance do not suit the absolutest ideological clarity that these kinds of conservative orthodoxies require to “know”, or imagine they know, what they are talking about.  Delusion, illusion and even mistakes, can seem completely real, as real as you and I ourselves.  Lacking permission to question ourselves to the core, may mean we are refusing to know who we are and what Life around us really is.  That we are living in exclusion ideology is an absolute certainty.

To accept the apocalypse whenever mentality, is likely to accept a resigned completion of the self; I am committed to knowing the end for all is near, so I surrender to what I a told, yes, what I am told, God is.  All I know is that God is Perfect and I am on Gods side, so God should favor me. I do not need to strive for earthy achievements any longer, really.  This circular reasoning would likely produce a kind of release from the problematic vice grip so many of us perceived humankind is being continually held in.—I can be self assured of my cosmological place in a spiritual life.  You guys go ahead with all those evil narcissistic ways you have, I’m going to be good; according to the ideological matrix being manufactured from fellow believers around a group defined idea of “saved” consciousness.  Exclusion from the vice grip of eternal damnation? Absolute surrender to the conceptualized ideology; as I imagine it.

Come the apocalypse, I will be spared, for I am supporting the Perfect One we have all agreed upon, with supporting Biblical reference, while the rest of you will get what you have coming.  I wish you did not, I love and feel for you, but l, and a small number of others will actually be saved. As one apocalypse whenever person put it; ‘I am supposed to pray for peace, the Bible tells me to.  But I do not believe it may do any good with the end being near.’ God Loves us, Loves you too, but you rejected it. What can I say? One way we see it, an unspoken way that is, is God terrorizing you and I, the sinners, with everlasting damnation, a pain or pleasure reaction narrative as primitive as bacteria motive.  Sorry.  I do not wright the rules.   Heaven is not a democracy.

What these people, who feel they are true believers do not know, and do not try to know what they really know, is that the cultural paradigm being created in their own consciousness is floating on a planet spun of ideas.  For instance; they are not checking why the Bible was censored of its self empowering Gospels about a millennium ago, by those who would rather have hierarchical notions dominate in culture.  Any deep questions as to the fundamental construction of the holy book and books deemed relevant, are pre–condemned by a long history of rationalization.  One thing conservative orthodoxies always have as a wedge against their own followers knowing their own thoughts; questioning the orthodoxy is itself seen as the work of evil.  Problem, for many, solved.

But if God, or Creation, is naturally intrinsic to the self, the relationship to this Prime Self would likely, in my view, be immediate.  Evangelicals and many other religious folks, seem to have many contradictory issues about how involved God is in their own thinking, or how simply belief based this God is.  How big God is; as in, is God a part of everything, or is God just a “Spiritual Being” a metaphysical Entity that is in someway involved in our lives, then come death, draws a line to determine if you knew the right stuff and acted accordingly.

That this Spiritual Entity then seems to pronounce that you are suitable for eternal damnation, would seem to be true for my mentioned “unknowings” of our fellow humans.  Interesting indeed.  Not that it determines God is a megalomaniac dictator that flourished on seeing Its creatures tormented eternally by God.  This actually says a whole lot about the kinds of minds that would be following such a disturbed Being.  Being that this vengeful God seems to have about the same philosophical/emotional imperatives as a psychopathic criminal.  Not the followers problem?

Were you following the right One God?  Were you an honest person, or do you have a few questions about a couple moments in your life, especially how you felt about it then, or of an-others life?  How will this penultimate lie detector test play out?  We do not seem to ask ourselves of the arbitrariness of much of this; like I got an extreme-unction just in the nick of time; or at the last moment I was sorry and asked for forgiveness; or, If only I knew this was really true I would have acted differently—–kinda the no atheist in foxholes implication.  This negative referenced God will reproduce negative assumption into followers consciousness; because the Universe is ultimately rational—-behavior, as action, occurs for reason.  Consciousness is self sufficient in perception; it tends to see what it believes in.  This may be a means to discovery, but not a guarantee of Truth.

And here is why; after the dust of disaster has settled; when the rains return; when survival is again insured, what insured it in this dangerous interim was; Love.  It is so simple, it can be missed like the nose on my face.  It can be ignored like the earth under my feet. It can seem invisible, like the air my car breathes into, or my fingers pass through while typing this to you, but we discover, often to our own humbled humiliation and then bliss; that are ego’s were blocking Loves Light all along.  This is why I insisted it was not there.

To love unconditionally, is to know Love.   To be true to knowing my love is aligned with Love, is the human challenge.  Here is where soul and Spirit are known as One, or imagined.  The proof of this is not in my beliefs, but in my awareness of Love’s domain.

A Supernatural Encounter While Walking Home At Night

{This Post is about Spirituality and Divine influence in daily life; what evidence does an individual have? It also applies to an anomalous incident that altered what I believed was real, logical and rational in life.  That cosmology/spirituality was altered by something seemingly beyond me.  This post is not intended to make you believe in this experience of mine, nor suggesting that your beliefs are secondary.  I have enough of an issue with that myself.  And unlike objective reality, I do not know what aspects of my experience are shared by others, by all, or are reproducible.}

What if an angel, or God, grabbed you while walking, then showed you what reality actually was?  Would or could you believe it after being let go?  Now what do you do?


You are stuck for differing reasons; folks not into religious notions of communicating with God, likely consider the subject one for a fringe group, a group perhaps not holding all their rational faculties.  This is not too unlike if a friend told you they talked to a space alien.  Your sense of the reality of this event would be held in some dubious zone of doubt, awaiting further evidence, or the dropping of the subject.  Only your most trusted relationships may be able to withstand this type of “revelation” while awaiting the rest of the real story.  But what if the story holder were you yourself?  You may have never considered that one ever coming up.

What could seem to the one experiencing this, as a moment of astounding grace, might later present problematic expressive and coherent “proof” as to such an occasions objective reality. Regardless, this event happened to me in the late 1970’s.  I was walking home like I had a thousand times before and hundreds of times after. One difference about it was a particular stressful situation I encountered, but I had faced many of those before.

The reason why this event happened once, but not at other possibly more stressful times, is unknown to me, perhaps unknowable.  I consider myself fortunate for having been given another view into Life.  Spiritually, I was basically an agnostic person; I saw no real evidence for humankind’s religious claims of knowledge about God and all the rest.  I believed the scientific objective view to be the most honest approach to knowing.

Why Me and Why Now?

Relatively speaking, I had suffered much in my life, both physically and socially (things like parents dying when young and tooth decay, alienation), and never noticed any indication of help or communication from metaphysical or paranormal sources.  Although I did have some kinds of ESP occurrence, which I assumed were hints towards the larger connections of humanity we are not quite aware of.

I also felt that many religious groups claim and believe they are representing spiritual matters, yet are seeing what they are conditioned to see.  I cannot comment as to the spiritual validity of someone who says ‘God just told me to do this…’  I do not know what some consider the word of God, for some seem to believe their urges are from God or Satan, for example.  I was not expecting what happened to me ever, for it seems patently unfair to me for some to have a privileged connection to the Divine while others must tarry in darkness.


This particular evening I was walking down a street in a rough neighborhood, as my norm, when I noticed a large gang ahead of me coming my way.  Sometimes I cross streets to avoid direct encounters with what seems to be potential trouble, have since being a child.  Other times, I walk confidently into these settings to challenge my negative assumption, and to assert my right to walk on public streets.  This time I decided to walk on my side of the sidewalk through this group of a dozen or so people.  These people were not only rowdy and not my race, but projecting violent kinds of attitude and imagery toward me.  The message seemed clear enough beyond the paranoiac self assumption that most of us are capable of.  I seem to remember someone had a knife out and was flashing it around.

Now I was aware that I might be standing up for my right to walk and losing my wallet or my life for it.  I thought; what is life worth if you cannot even walk down public streets in America?  I more or less banished my fear and “stood my ground” while normally walking without intentioning any engagement with this group.  I was a bit angry at the situation; that life could be forfeit over next to nothing, just walking.  Just when I was surrounded by this group, this happened.

I found light seeming to pour in to me from in front of me.  I also seemed to be lifting up into the air toward this glow, as if on an invisible automatic ramp. I could not detect my feet walking anymore, just entered a state of consciousness with something much greater.  A lot of thought, and kinds of question and answers happened in what must have been a very short time.  I guess several seconds, but it felt like several minutes.  Here I will give words to what were more like instantaneous feelings and illumination.

First; It is all Love. I thought how could it be?  Did you see what kind of mean spirited attitude those people I just encountered had? Effectively; No.  It does not matter.  All is still My Love. You are in It. I could tell I was in the presence of what appeared as Supreme knowledge and wisdom. Everywhere I looked was a bathing glow of love and good will. This practically instantly led me to this conclusion over all I had “known” and assumed; I was usually wrong.  Wrong about it all. Those “bad” people who just tried to intimidate me were covered in what I will term here Divine Love.  Yet I was allowed to see it and feel it, Love covered everything as One.  There is One Loving Intention.  For all I know now, those “bad people” may have been my life’s saving  angels.

Back Onto My Feet Sort Of

This was the most profound and exhilarating experience of my life.  Hey.  I was just tapped and shown how wrong I was.  How wrong about most everything, and by inference, how wrong we all are so often.  As bad as it can be, as seemingly evil and horrible, still Love is surrounding it all.  It would be hard to grasp intellectually, since emotions can be so sure of what they see; the good, the bad, and the ugly and ungrateful.  I make badness exist, and instead, I can make and be love, be on Love’s side instead of my agenda’s

So, now I could change my whole orientation in life. I felt I was supposed to communicate my “message” of liberation, for I was overflowing with love and connection to all, and saw what I had seen.  I’m not sure why I got this message in my life; why I did not receive it when so young, vulnerable and beset with issues that seemed to threaten my life to its core. Yet, partly because of my extreme inhibitions and lack of socialization skills, I felt I was quite possibly the most unprepared person to convey Divine wisdom, since I do not exhibit much of it.  And yes, I do see the ego’s self evaluation in this, the place where love for oneself is still too hurt to stand up and walk straight and true.

I seemed to have been given a new life, one where I could see Life for what it is, if I want to.  And that is the penultimate subjective self caveat; If I want to.

I was in a euphoric state for approx 3 days; that being, I seemed to be walking on air, and, Oh yeah; had a supernatural encounter that changed how I know Life and chose to see Life and Being!

At first I went about intellectually discussing with some others from my new found confident assurance in Love and its connection to all.  Why it had the power to release all conflict.  What a promise that presented to humankind, me included!  That attempt to explain away conflict to others seemed to go most nowhere I could tell.  I still had my other history with me.  But, as in this message here, I continue to be a promoter of my vision, and it remains a moment in my life that never stopped giving.  I try to keep in harmony with my understanding while I venture into religious, political and personal antagonisms.

This might place you here, in the same position I was in before my encounter with the supernatural; not sure what to believe in and what is really true. It seems never wise just to take anyone’s confident word on these things, for we humans can claim most anything to be the Gospel truth. The knowledge must be assessed within oneself.

I assume the key we each have is always in what I know of Love, big Love, the one that covers all things and the smallest thing; the next person you see, the next step you take, the next time you doubt Life, the next anger you project to most worthy targets.  Can you believe yourself to be connected to this transcendent Love regardless off the loss and destruction evident in your world? With a world filled with happenstance and the suffered consequence of our ignorance impose upon others, and theirs upon us, it may be hard to believe in this transcendent Love, for how could It allow such hurt?

It does not matter.  To love is the answer.

The answer Itself is transcendent and all inclusive, but it is something to accommodate in the heart and soul.  The mind may not be the best place to look to understand love.  Mental analysis of objective fact can be a tool for many things, but as sole determinator of Love’s will?  I have been shown my mind is not qualified to teach me this, only to learn.  To love without condition?  It is to be aligned with the Creative Force Itself, and that brings a union with Illumination.

Initial Post on this matter:


-The Key to Life?  Create love by loving.