FEARCASTING : Conservatism’s Romance With Ignorance



Conservatism’s Romance With Ignorance

Fear-Casting in this post means, using ignorance and fear to promote insecurity and paranoia to further emotionalized thinking toward protection from threat.  A negative platform is used to elevate self identity for ones religious, political, or so called moral value agenda.  It is a mainstay of conservative ideologies, and what it does spiritually and psychologically is; remove the individual from the present moment.

In Christian terms, fear-casting is manipulation of ones imperfections to project a future threat by oneself or others. Thus fear of hell or of sin occupies ones perception, while the things of Love fall back into the now hidden Light, leaving positive platitude abstractions as the beckoning Promised Land.

There is a newish trend in Christianity that some conservatives are using to rationalize possession and wealth as God given endowments “proven” by select interpretations of Biblical references.  The problem with using the Bible to prove things is that one can prove most anything through it.  My own “proofs” here select out from my desires to evidence my rationalization to some degree.

Unfortunately most “Truth” using a Biblical facade must ignore, intentionally or otherwise, the many Gospels selected out of the Bible through the ages.  This exclusion must rationalize, or otherwise assume those other gospels were false and otherwise heresy. One thing we do know is that the government and church officials chose to consolidate gospels that more suited their own confirmation bias, that suited a consolidation of church and state over the individuals spiritual initiative. We are seeing something similar these days as in a harmonizing of Christian tenets to suit a corporate and consumptive ideology that must ignore its attending negative social and environmental impacts. Some Christians and corporatist alike must rationalize their way as the right way, while contradictory information is cast out or rendered irrelevant by decree.

Did I mention; Fear is the rule of doubt over that of Love? Fearcasting cast out Love, especially any sense of unconditional Love possible through the individuals initiative.  Fear is anti-spiritual when used to ones own advantage, and in the definition of Christ message; anti Christ message. Many a religious message is imbued with fear, and rationalizations for it, than for a proactive stance for Love, which some religious followers employ regardless of negative message programing campaigns.

In the modern world, various interest wish to control fear and target it via ideology to unseat Love from the ruling perceptual throne. (God is Love) Whether it is the liberalism that Christ professed, or the fundamental inclusion of all society via ideals intended by the Founding Fathers, today’s conservatives are being seduced by their own ignorance to follow evil in the name of God and Country.  Evil is ignorance in action.

From Fox News bias, to the many right wing propaganda, fear and loathing merchants in “The Liberal Mainstream Media” (actually a predominantly money driven corporate media), the spiritual, or human requirements, to care for Creation, are reduced to competition and threats from other than ones own Confirmation Biased glasses myopic belief system.  This paradigm sets up the philosophies of cancer; divide and conquer, expand and consume at all cost, quite like the corporate model’s mindsets alignment with psychosis; all about me and no accounting for those others beyond.

These beliefs come to institute ignorance of The Whole, and ignorance of the real human heart in others, reducing them to dehumanized takers, slackers, or the immoral without “values”, out to take from your success and give to themselves.  This is an ideology of separation and alienation.  It is an antithesis to the message of Jesus Christ as well as The Founding Fathers of the USA.  It is evil in action; Fear-Casting, controlling ones emotion and position in the present moment by extending it to a conceptual hypothetical “bad” in possession of those alien others.  Conservatism is self reductive, excluding the diversity of Life from the individuals inclusion in the present moment, except perhaps, in platitude.

Ignorance, then gains great currency, while its spread and emotive viral influence dumbs down the population of conservatives by wedding their perception to an alienated universe out to reduce or seduce you. You must then seek to control it.  This is partly done by detaching ones identity from it, then attempting to posses it as property, as a kind of entitlement to demonstrate the value one has by the goods and services one is entitled to via money, position or Divine favor.

Here is another great hiding ground of ignorance and Darkness; money is an abstraction, it does not denote godliness or success, except as one being consumed by the need of money and not of Love.  The love of money is the rejection of The Whole and of God for a substitute idol worship.  If you here money is not evil, it is the love of it according to scripture, you are likely hearing from one needing to avoid facing the deception that goes unaccounted for in abstractions.


“Come, enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was sick and you visited me.” Then Jesus will turn to those on His left hand and say, “Depart from me because I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, I was sick and you did not visit me.” These will ask Him, “When did we see You hungry, or thirsty or sick and did not come to Your help?” And Jesus will answer them, “Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!”


The Evidence For Love Over Ignorance And Doubt

KJV  1 john 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

{This from the WWW:}

Jesus the Advocate for the Poor
Home > Modern Descriptions of Jesus > Jesus the Advocate for the Poor

“Jesus had a special sense of mission to poor and oppressed people. At the outset of his ministry, sometimes referred to as Jesus’ mission statement, Jesus stood up in the synagogue at Nazareth and read from the prophet Isaiah:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:18-19)

The biographies of Jesus depict him repeatedly reaching out to those at the bottom of the social pyramid–poor people, women, Samaritans, lepers, children, prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus was also eager to accept people who were well-placed, but he made clear that all, regardless of social position, needed to repent. For this reason, he invited the rich young man to sell all of his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. (Matthew 19:16-30, Luke 18:18-30, Mark 10:17-31)

Jesus commanded, “Love your neighbor.” When asked to define “neighbor,” Jesus expanded the traditional meaning of the word–defining our neighbor as anyone who is in need, including social outcasts: “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed.” (Luke 14:13)

In his portrayal of the day of judgment, Jesus pictured people from all nations gathered before him, separated into “sheep” and “goats.” (Matthew 25:31-46) To the “sheep” he says, “Come you blessed of my Father, for I was hungry and you fed me…” In their astonishment they ask, “When did we do that?” And he answers, “When you did it to the lowliest of my brothers (and sisters).” Conversely, to the “goats” he says, “Out of my sight, you who are condemned, for I was hungry and you did not feed me…”

Jesus himself cared for those in need by feeding the hungry. Crowds of four thousand (Mark 8:1-13) and five thousand (Mark 6:30-44) had assembled to listen to Jesus. They soon became hungry. When his disciples suggested that Jesus send the people away to buy food, he responded by saying “I have compassion on these people…” and “you give them something to eat.” He proceeded to perform miracles to feed these large crowds of hungry people.

Adapted from J. Bennett Guess, “Biblical Foundations for Justice Advocacy,” UCC Justice and Witness Ministries.”


We can see the obvious; that many conservatives condition giving as well as respect for the poor and disadvantaged by their “superior” self idea position.  Indeed, a movement of ignorance is now afoot to portray the poor and the needy in society as being given the judgment of God, evidenced by their lowly position.  This is a blatant anti Christ Message.  It is the elevation of the selfishness of a Darwinian social ethos in a society based upon pyramidal economy schemes being cast into being the “obvious” grace of God.  Materialism, and having, being turned into apparent spirituality, completely anti Jesus ethos, but is now grand moral value affirmation.

We have fear of loss, and fear of others out to take, as a driving “value” in much conservatism.  It is separation and alienation wed to time-line projections; from presumed Christian validation of serving God and future reward premise, to future self assurance either monetarily/materially, or in a promised afterlife.  Christ message was for the immediate; the Presence of God alive in the present moment.

Demonize Others To Control Truth Perception Via Emotional Judgment

The conservative right wing requires cognitive dissonance abatement programs; ideas that justify their separation and alienation from others, and thus ultimately from God or the Universe in the here and now.  The dissonance between belief and the life actually being lived can be faced and resolved by reason; or insulated against by denial and rationalization.

Love must be contained and even demonized; helping the poor and needy becomes “Bleeding heart liberals”.  Societal responsibility for The Commons; that Whole of interconnection that makes a Place and its citizens A People, becomes “Tax and spend”.  ‘You must pledge to not raise taxes or you are evil!’

Endless conspiracies are devised by the likes of Glen Beck, much of the rest of Fox News, and the many other demagogues like Rush Limbaugh, who display their own mental health and cognitive dissonance issues and confirmation bias to the extreme. The propaganda is delivered with self righteousness and contempt for those who are different.

This attitude seeks out the weakness (weakness in understanding and insecurity) in viewers and listeners, the fearful “taught” by the pedagogue to know what to fear and why.  Unfortunately for much of the audience, a seemingly coherent to ideology rationalization/imagination can go on to seem as proof of cause and effect.  It is no accident that science, peer review science that is, has fallen victum to demagogues who find select facts not fitting to ideological premise.  The current “War On Science” is part of the campaign to make fear the rule of law, and not actually facts in context.

The “best” way to ignore and remain ignorant of other hearts is to make them seem inhuman and a threat to you, basic tribalism fearcasting.  This approach will connect like a magnet to those who were just looking for the right rationalizations to deny Love and place Hate in its place inside their fears.  We abandon God for the seduction of opportunism’s temptation’s promise of comfort. In our materialism paradigm; these will be many, and their motivation emotionally clear in the highly polluted stream they are swimming in.

This whole ad-hominem crusade is being waged against Democracy, Freedom and a pluralistic America, by the right wing segregation campaign.  They are forced into evil by ignorance parading around as enlightenment, and must deliver its fear based bias as The Truth itself.  Truncated notions of Truth, Democracy, Freedom and self responsibility to The Whole of Life, come packaged and ready to be received by ignorance as wisdom itself.  To the emotions of those true believers on the right, the propaganda stream of righteousness is imbibed as life sustaining pure water, yet the disdain of their misanthropic inebriation is most evident.  Such is the nature of self deception and denial; “Whole Love?  What the blank is that!  Get a job and get a life you loser.  You socialist commie fascist are all alike.”

My hypothetical quote above is an example of the psychology of the Thought-Terminating-Cliche´, these are designed to provide psychological cover for the lack of true knowledge and comprehension of others interest.  These are a pandemic on right wing “truth telling” mono and dialogs. These are also prevalent on many far left commentaries, and even “middle of the road” notions that see the political extremes as somehow disconnected from the whole. Pretty, much, any excuse proffered to demonstrate ones superiority to others comes with psycho-spiritual framing that separates one from others.

Instituting Ignorance

The liberal media, (which should be liberal in a democracy; allowing differing viewpoints and a wide range of issue coverage), is demonized and turned into a Thought-terminating-Cliché, as many notions are a mainstay on the right.  The abstraction and projection based profile of the conservative disengaged mind-frame, traps them into their fear and insecurity, making them primed and vacuumed ready to draw in the varying fear and loathing personalization campaigns.

Championed by the Republican party, some conservative Democrats, and the vast corporate confirmation biased media’s security interest, most every imaginable fear taggable to the right wing framed in notion of liberals, is cast out with hook, line and sinker into ignorances seas of uncertainty.  It is no accident that issues such as poverty and pollution are seemingly vacant in conservative news and views; except to validate their own circular reasoning perceptual prison bars as “The American Way”.

It is the passionate blind leading the susceptible blindfolded.  God and nation are detached an compartmentalized to ones own security interest and not that of a full Love in Life.


Love is this, unconditional Love is this; engaging Creation in the present moment with all one has.  This is abandonment to the Will of God, while being possessed by the unknown, by ignorance to forward projections of security, are beliefs designed to create doubt and insecurity, as well as assume a negative idea for those not quite like oneself and ones belief system. Many a conservative Christian is being consumed by the levels of their own paradigms conserved ignorance.  Conservatism itself, is in need of all of our understanding and compassion; that the light they profess may see The Light of Love, our God.

It is this sort of contempt for Creation and its parting out to the highest bidder, that produces the callused contempt breeding diatribes of fear and loathing on The Right.  They feel with their own ignorance, with its over layer of grandiosity of ego, elevated to God hood, yet actually are abandoned by the Ways of Life in the Living Now.  In this pruned by ideology and insecurity Now, they are easily set upon by those deemed unworthy or ungrateful, who as they define them, are out to threaten their fear based security interest.  It becomes them or me, ‘us and them’ in the right wing deconstruction perception.  The righteous become trapped in the quicksand of their own ignorance, with the desperate insecurity driving the rationalizations for evil to be made to appear as Right.

By “palling around with” Evil, one is able to leap into fear-cast ideas, with ignorance as ones guide, able then to making statements such as “Palling around with terrorist”. The received cheers and taunting towards ones political opponent, smells to the ego like victory and the binding of cause to purpose.  All being “fair” in love, war, and seemingly politics.

A complete seduction out of The Now, where God is present with us, to extrapolations of future and past presumption devoid of present Love and connection to All.  Instead of Love being possessed and overflowing in the Now, it becomes hate via the absence of love.



In religious terms; those suggesting Satanic of demonic influence in order to effectively surrender to fear and insecurity along with a projected  socio-political agenda-narrative; are themselves, palling around with evil.  As is often the case, perception is in the eye of the beholder, and not necessarily at all in reality.

Reality “falls” to contorted cognitions designed to suit desired perception identity. Far right conservatives (and others usually exposing absolute attitude) employ these negative influences to project the need for force over reason as the means to control reality.  It is in this endeavor that ignorance can appear as good.  By “Nature” this kind of good will corrode consciousness, for ignorance is not knowledge and so, not understanding.

What Climate Change? It’s Snowing! Ha!

When its cold or snowy; does that mean Climate Change is in error?

Well why not then?

If one thinks cold or snowy winter extremes prove Climate Change is a farce, one is likely measuring a confirmation bias, and not the earths weather system as a whole.  For instance; major parts of the northern hemisphere have just experienced a record warm January(*).  But if there’s a snowstorm such as just happened in the eastern US, God is proving Al Gore wrong! — Not my idea; propaganda directives from the conservative mind meld machinery.

The right wing demagogues are out to “prove” truncated context, ie, a snowstorm or a record cold weather event, is evidence of a Climate Change  (global warming) fallacy.

Where do these disconnects in reason come from?

And why?

Almost to a one, the confusion oriented right wing is seeing a Big Lie in the snow angels being made across the Northeast.  I may make one tonight at my house! Climate Change, however, is not a specific weather event, though any may relate to it in some manner–stronger, weaker, depends on things like whole context and worldwide data.  Climate change is based upon correlations with chemical changes humankind has and is introducing to the environment.  This does not mean there are not other drivers for climate change historically, and possibly concurrently.

Yet for some reason, some folks are quite sure that most of America is full of the self retarded, unable to grasp nuance in scientific theory, while claims of scientific hypocrisy come very cheep; a cold spell, some devious researchers etc.  As I often claim; conservatives usually require one seemingly contradictory idea or fact to debunk an entire liberal, and, or, scientific concept.

The opposite however, does not apply; to debunk conservative or right wing rationalization paradigms, one would need to “prove” all of their ideas wrong.  Anyone who claims to prove them wrong, or a perponderance of debatable conclusions, will be demeaned, demonized or otherwise cast into a negative tag/frame.  This is an emotional requirement in many to avoid cognitive dissonance from disturbing a dubious Consensus Reality wed to many an Appearance Reality error.

Beyond the surity of conservative superiority complexes regarding their character or moral/value presumptions, insecurity rules identity in the conservative with its iron fist of attitude as refutation of the reality based rules of critical thinking.  Science is demonize, except where some data or a pseudoscientific theory “proves” the prevailing scientific notion “wrong”.  The unhinged from fact or context requirement of this trust in their own unquestionable convictions, makes faith into the conservatives life raft of identity constructs. Trust, faith, and allegiance/loyalty are allowed, even insisted to trump Gods laws of nature and of Truth.

In America, it seems powerful forces bank on Americans being unplugged form critical thinking.  We all, and this planet we love and live on, will continue to pay the price of ignorance instituted for the status and security needs of the few.

Ignorance is the demagogues prime capital. This is why they must insist on its rightness, and propagate it throughout the culture to control Democracy; manipulating and directing fear and loathing.  “The right wing echo chamber” is term given to this disseminating media phenomenon that constructs an Appearance and Consensus Reality of manufactured truths made into false idols, then called, “The Truth.”  Circular Reasoning at work.

This deception of the public, and attempt to deceive “We The People”, caries all the trademarks of the charlatan, with sophistry made to the order of ideological propaganda.  That ignorance is worshiped as if the word of God, and nature called into question, is unconscionable.  This is perhaps why the manipulation of perceptual truth by leveraging ignorance, is actually the worship of darkness in the name of The Light.  This requires much attitudinal energy to overcomes ones own doubt, and perhaps awareness of incomplete logic being called fact.

The right prosecutes the outer world for its own error in judgement.


A real fact checkers link to Climate Change below.

January 2010 UAH Global Temperature Update +0.72 Deg. C « Roy

C in January, 2010. This is the warmest January in the 32-year satellite-based data record. The tropics and Northern and Southern Hemispheres were all well

Why do people in positions of authority seek to mislead or misrepresent the truth?  Power and status are the same motivators they have always been to profit from intellectual and emotional seduction.

Now some very relevant observations by the philosopher Bertrand Russel, who saw through many of the mind games played for perception and social control.

“Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.”

“The essence of the liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held,
but in how they are held: instead of being viewed dogmatically,
they are held tentatively, with a consciousness that new evidence
may at any moment lead to their abandonment.”

“The opinions that are held with passion are always those for which no good ground exists; indeed, the passion is the measure of the holder’s lack of rational conviction.”

“Dogma demands authority, rather than intelligent thought, as the source of opinion; it requires persecution of heretics and hostility to unbelievers; it asks of its disciples that they should inhibit natural kindness in favor of systematic hatred.”


Conservative Supreme Court Rolls Fascism’s Trojan Horse Through America’s Gate

Conservative Supreme Court Rolls Fascism’s Trojan Horse Through America’s Gate

Sounds a bit harsh?


With the redefining by the right wing of what words really mean, the existential morass of word play goes one way; presenting all bad things are liberals fault, including fascism.  Here we find another hiding zone to impose “freedom” upon We The People.



Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”. Benito Mussolini quote.

It has long been arguable that money and influence already controls the American dialectic. The average “We The People”, have no real source of fair or balanced overview.  The conversation is fixed: Fixed by a consumerism driven materialism that worships the individual as their own god; ignoring environmental and sociological impact and ensuing accountability.  That accountability gets passed on to create dissonance in earth and psycho-sociological environments, skewing spirituality and perception.

Now money is equated as being both freedom and speech, allowing those with it to usually seem to have more of both. The abstraction is made equal but not the real individual. This generates a self validating confirmation bias skewing perception into circular logic frames that sanctify having, and attempt to ignore or condemn not having or other consequence.

Conservative cognitive dissonance is assugaed by negative psychological mind framing of others, which the right wing wind machine, and much conservatism, has as its actual emotional direction control.  Moral issues can grab those who feel the dissonance, these become seduced into thinking you can legislate or force spirituality upon others, once you are convinced that they do not deserve the same consideration as you do for their beliefs. People are blamed and punished for their differing life views, even if they are not creating danger themselves. Example; Long hair does not hurt men or cause they to harm others, yet it is often given negative associations by tagging actions to appearance.  This helps to poison the pluralism that should be endemic to Democracy.

Conservatism is about conformity and mandating ideology.  It is a confirmation bias unto itself; its claim to good can see all bad as externally caused, be it by liberals, Satan or slackers.  The lazy identity matrices of conservatism include and exclude according to ideological preference.  It becomes easy to “see” the problematic nature of Liberalism, but never of Conservatism.  With the help of an existential induced cherry-picking propaganda bias, which will feel like revelation to the individual encountering it, logic need only be tailor made to idea.

The rationalization conveyor belt of the right wing produces the propaganda product for minds eager to be self confirmed in their perception of “Truth”.  This results in a kind of skewed and skewered perception that can find one or two faults in an alleged liberal notion as proof of discredit, while proof of a conservative discredit would require all points to be disproved, likely while a host of negative framed confirmation biased ad-hominen epitaphs are recited, so even when proved wrong one can declare being right all along.

If all else seems to fail, a common right wing, and many an argumentative, strategy is to existentialize the propositions, then declare the critic is the one who is guilty of what they themselves are doing.  This seems to aid in psychological projection while serving to close the doors on introspection, by saying your opponents doors are closed.  Another self righteous about face mind game gets played upon the self to avoid the pressure of real self review.

America: How To Divide Up And Conquer

On the economic front, the connectivity of society is denied or else put into hierarchical archetype.  Ignore pollution; those saying pollution is causing something are looking for——-add Thought-terminating cliché—–;looking for a free ride, lazy unachievers, taxing and taking from you–robbing you, and any number of isolationist individualistic mind frames that unplug The Commons–the connectivity and interrelationship of all things from being considered as relevant. The individual is set up for isolationist perspective, likely reinforced by right wing media’s league ad-hominem logic generators that continuously spin (hence claim not to) on air and print.

Enter more cognitive dissonance assuaging propaganda and isolated conceptualizations of “otherness”.  ‘You cannot change the way things are.’  ‘It’s not fair to tax me and give to someone else.  I deserve all I have earned and accumulated.  That’s just fair and honest.’  These kinds of Commons denials, and accountability denials of impacts on environments and society, become framed as an abstract definition of individual Freedom, where Freedom comes to mean I am not connected to you and you should have nothing to say about me and what I do.  This is antidemocratic, a common tendency on the right.

Perception becomes cosmologically and spiritually myopic, the individual removing their hearts and their minds from others, banning Democracy’s equation of equal consideration.   Instead now; negative identity framing is stoored up for projection for all allegedly connected to this view of the individuals responsibility as only unto themselves and who they wish.  In this, everyone else becomes a target for blame and disdain.

As classic in cult and ideological redefinition; words, even abstract concepts, become truncated to a withdrawn from The Whole philosophical world view.  Most Americans have been programmned to “see” the “common sense” and “truth”, of an in effect; deified individual who creates their reality all by themselves, an so, need not bother with anything or one else than who they chose.  Might be possible in a perfect society in a perfect world of understanding and accountability, but is not now.  Conservatism continues on its abstract and blinded by ignorance pathways, declaring what reality is and what beliefs are actual Truth, while holding only others accountable for not being exactly like them.  this is why so many conservatives have kinds of conformity/purity test—you are not to think for yourself!!!

Conservatism seems to always have as its preference, a world where no one is allowed to think or act differently than the sanctioned norms; notice how conforming their identity ideas and ideals are.  We already have corporations tweaking perception night and day; 24/7.  Now come election time, they can create all the mind control oriented thought framing of Americas ideas of itself, while you and I—

–Can you spare the change?

When public mind control is made invisible by the wolves of multinational corporations and those with media to buy; Democracies undoing may become permanent. At least for Government, we allegedly get to vote.

The trouble with conservatism’s soul is; Democracy and Freedom end up being problems to control by force; by getting rid of them.  An illusion is then generated that Democracy and Freedom are what conservatives are actually standing up for.  The gravest seduction is right out in the open, but if yes are not, likely also not the mind, the heart or the soul.


Those Hypocritical Socialist! No Care Health Care



Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

Photo 74






What The?


Those Hypocritical






Wouldn’t you know it.  There they go again. Those secret socialist are trying to fool you.

First they suggest that the poor deserve the same rights that the rich have!


The Founding Fathers intended that money would determine your place in society as it always had!  No money?  No life!  What part of success do these secret socialist not understand!

Contradiction must be imbibed as if it were good sense.  Enter the domain of cognitive dissonance; where what you think you are is not what you actually are!

We are gifted with the human mind ladies and gentlemen.  The concept of reality is a construct, a kind of opinion. With our ability to exert excess influence upon the cultural narrative; we frame of define what words and concepts are.  Their parameters are in our hands to mold to our need.  This means science must be overridden and faith based dialectics encouraged as moral and ethical truths.

Global warming a fact?  What warming? What fact?  That’s your opinion!


Cash that check from your “polluting”–not. = Successful! industry stock returns keeps flowing.

Why that is the American way.  Are you against us or for us?

See.  It’s about controlling the parameters of the narrative.  Our corporate sponsors do this continuously without even being asked!


The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. What part of that does health care have to do with it?!!!

No money?  No health care! No option!

Over 40,000 a year die from lack of adequate health care.  We need death to have nothing to do with Life! Contradictions must be thought of as being consistent with a coherent abstraction based conceptual matrix. This must seem natural!  That way the Founding Fathers words can be detached from reality and interpreted the way we wish.

Secret socialism defeated!

Sure the poor drive on public highways if they can afford to have a car and pay for gas and insurance.  This helps to return the general population to dependency modes on the wealthy, removing that living off the land ethos that let people survive essentially on their own merit.  We decide what merit is! Not nature! Not God!

Irritate a liberal; succeed and be happy is what I say!

We love that the same tax that they pay helps keep the roads for our use.  We must ignore and deny public projects that we require as being socialist or socialism.  They are for our Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness after all!

Police, the military, disaster relief, bank and too big to fail industry bail outs for the supper rich, all these secret socialism agendas must be made invisible!  Keep your government hands off of my Medicare is what I say! This is how we steer minds to our viewpoint; BY INCAPACITATING CRITICAL THINKING!

Remember folks, this is Darwinian evolution plain and simple, make no mistake about it!  We stay on top by making sure self centeredness triumphs over the Public Good.  This is the challenge predators always faced; making the public fall in line for status based schemes of control.

Remember; each time we defer to private control over public governmental control, we erase public imput over our actions.  This defeats the secret socialism endemic to human survival.  We place the individual over The Commons.  Thusly, we put Democracy in its place—as the servant of status and control hierarchies.  Now you and I can be the actual government, while our propoganda machinery defeats the secret socialism of Democracy and The Public Good, and The Commons.

Damn government interference in my life is what we say!

Say it louder!

There you have it!  The individuals identity codified to subjective interest over societal and environmental connection. Now we can connect the dots we wish for our servant/success individualism paradigm.  This subdues the individuals interest in interrelationship and connection to “The Whole”, making that whole something to dissect and sell off.

Now was that so hard!

We are in a battle over hearts and minds. A battle we win by controlling the dialectic and using our preexisting advantage! We will use all avenues of subjective vs objective impressions to win this fight.

Defeat critical thinking ability in any objective sense. To do this, favor faith over science! This places unverifiable tenets and theory beyond public analysis or objective inquiry!  Secret Socialism undone!  The Public becomes the servant of the Private.

Now we have the time tested tricks over the human mind at our disposal; create disenfranchised notions for those we find objectionable to our belief structure.  Paint “The Other” as against you;  Its quite easy. “The real America” vs?–not real Americans! Add your own confirmation biased presumption. “Real Christians”, whatever you like. Well, actually you won’t have to.  We have propaganda outlets doing this day and night 24/7.

Its all about manipulating the appearance reality of good vs evil, attaching the conceptions to identity, then making it clear our target audience is painted in as the good. Now this establishes operational consent. This is divide and conquer for taking Democracy down to service our needs!  Its our corporate welfare state, and not the public one!  And don’t you forget it!

Attack critical thinking with Thought-terminating clichés.  Invoke buzz words, with their identity tag negatives and positives, as conceptual king pins of perception.  And; deny, detract and convince as deceptive, the ways of science to suggest and infer objective insight as deception itself.

Why its scientific opinion against my solid faith!  No contest!

Presto! A big, fat rabbit out of the anti-socialist hat!  By keeping the socialism/fascism/communist/atheist threat as intrinsic to The Public Good, we turn that Public Good into our servant, as well as all the faithful followers of our ideological take on Creation itself.

This is how we defeat socialism, or public anything we wish, while we strive to institute the unregulated individual advantage that will make the new feudalism a permanent ruler over religion, Democracy, and that great mass of public losers who serve us as their natural masters.

And don’t forget to thank both political parties, but particularly the most extremely “conservative” one, for making all this so easy.

Give a shout out to China as well.  For their fake socialism, world dependency loops through globalism, the appearance reality of a healthy economy and a “lifestyle” sense of achievement.  We could not do this without them!  They make America what we sell it as!

Remember people!

The ultimate public option is Democracy itself!

Contain it! Undermine it! Reverse its reality matrix! Make it all about wedge issues, for they wedge the individual from the generic Public Good, and make it all about propaganda and idea control which we have the numerical advantage over! The empirical numerology of wealth!!!  Use its blessings.  Heck.  Make money and blessing appear to be the same thing in the publics mind!


It pretty much already is!

Success people!


Defeat Democracy’s inherent socialist agenda!

May the God of Success be with you all!

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Jul 28, 2009 C.) to “keep your government hands off my Medicare. Keep the government out of Medicare.” “Medicare is run by the government.

Is The Right Always Wrong? The Real Fake Outrage Over Obama’s Death Care Bill


I called it, this upcoming Health Care Initiative, The Death Care Bill, for today even Sarah Palin weighed in with her mighty sword. — Links Below

Provoking the public is a dangerous occupation, but one which corporate and right wing operatives seem most comfortable in fomenting.  The best cover is one of righteousness, when a common understanding of verifiable facts in context are not what one is aiming for.

Much of the allegedly grass roots organizing of recent mob scenes at public health care bill information events, is being orchestrated by the very folks who were the Republican operatives that did the mob scenes at the 2000 election in Florida.  They know the weight of the appearance of forceful “spontaneous” outrage. — At home we see “average” people  are outraged; point made.  Worth a thousand words whether true or false.


Media Bias?

Truth is the last thing those manipulating emotions are interested in, for dialogue can lead to understanding, and why would those staying rich off the broken heath care system want to change that?  Follow the money; is the common wisdom most often ignored these days when visuals can be so exciting.  But look at how upset they are! Regular people are upset!

Money is pouring in to fight the public good with fear and paranoia; the lifeblood of reaction.  Naturally, the front groups call themselves public interest sounding names, and those on the conservative news circuit take the laced kool aid without question.  How dare you question their question?  Why we question you!  The argument devolving into existential Russian Roulette.

This is lost on those being emotionally provoked by the conservative news and information sources shilling for these industries; that conservatism is always anti paradigm change.  Psychological conditions of different groups in any population, can be ripe for nurturing crazy speak as impassioned comprehension of hidden truth  This sort of thing helped precipitate genocide in World War Two, but is now invoked as a wise pill of fascist prevention.  Amazing. The lack of continuity and coherence that emotion can shape ones intention into, and the targets the cognitive dissonance gets aimed at in answers name, requires no response to get to sleep at night an wake in the morning.  It’s not my problem!

In that sense; many modern conservatives are against true, or real factual Democracy itself; for allowing just anyone into the cultural dialogue is inherently threatening to them.  Conservative paradigms present the only validity is to be like me; what I stand for. Economic conservatives have been having great success at shaping religious conservatism into their own mindsets: Life is not fair, so why should conservatives be made to act as if it is or should be?  Democracy, and its egalitarian premise of one vote for one person, must in some respect be defeated even while it is touted.  Free speech defeated, even while it is invoked; freedom of choice defeated even while it is claimed sacrosanct.  “Heaven is not a Democracy.”

That is both conservatism’s self satisfying loyal pride and their reality detachment strategy.  Conservatism requires both a confidence in certainty and the surety that other ideas are inherently wrong.  Facts need not be checked when I know I am already right.  But I digress.  Well.  Not really.

The Currency Of Ignorance

Truth, then, is no object to stand in the way of ideology.  Facts outside of ideology become seemingly detached, and under the potential domain of generalized intellectual elites, already demonized, unless bought and paid for to promote conservative conceptions of reality.  In which case they are hoisted upon flags, delivered as wisdom itself to a biased liberal intelligentsia.  See!  We have our facts too, only ours are better than yours cause they are true.

It is the conservatives detachment from verifying objective reality, that opens their Pandora’s Box of belief with its emotionally attached data stream.  An information source need then only be assumed to be one of theirs to be truthful. This is the bane of conservatism and its many ideological manifestations in politics and religion; authority need not be accurate to fact, but assumed loyal to identity. Once truth is subjugated, all manner of ill can be conceived in the name of fighting evil.  And so, in the name of goodness and right, followers come to do the bidding of their masters behind the curtains.

The light of knowledge is a constant threat to conservative ideological mind control, and yet much conservatism motivates its followers in the name of that very light.  But since all things are effectively One on so many levels, we all will pay the price of their own self deception.  Those who profit off of manipulating human nature with fear, have us pay their price as well.  As surely as if they were polluting the air or water we need to survive.

The only answer that can work for the conservative conundrum, is knowing the love of connection to all things.  And yet this very release is most often denied or rendered supremely conditional by ideological prejudice.  Human beings held in these traps are looking subconsciously for ways out, unfortunately, that way is usually presented as getting rid of all those other alien beliefs filling the world with their problems.

These, I admit, are my opinions and not Gospel truths.  I am not provoking conflict, but suggesting means of understanding.  I believe there are some open minded and hearted conservatives, but they seem to be perpetually drowned out by all the whining about liberalism going on in so much of the media.  The money is not on their side.

Why does liberalism so disturb the conservative mind frame? : Inherent flexibility and adjustments to the evidence of reality based upon rational reason.  This means in some respects, what may be deemed the current most reasonable theory of interpretation of environments.  These will likely seem, or be seen as an anathema to conservative beliefs.  They do not believe they are following theory, but full Truth.  That this is ultimately their opinion, is not acknowledged, but often denied.

As Bertrand Russell put it;

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.”

Newsvine – Dare to See the Truth: Health Reform and Living Will

Aug 7, 2009 Truth: This part of the bill was added by Republicans, it would be one introduced by Senator Isakson (R) and his fellow Republican sponsors. However, it is important to note that a Living Will is made by the

Wonkette : Sarah Palin Thinks Barack Obama Will Kill Lil’ Trigger

Aug 7, 2009 Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan Is About To B… Sarah Palin ….. Palin might be a paid operative set on killing the health care bill.

– –

Palin: Master of The Art of Talking To Oneself in a Vacuum

Note to Sarah Palin;  Most of US are so over You.  That liberal media just doesn’t get it.

(Oops!  I just fell prey to my own criticism!)

I heard a friend playing Palins speech, and it just drove me backwards into my Homo Erectus roots; the myopic mindset necessary to see that blur of reasoning as being the way things actually are.  The dialectic of coherent objective reason has come a long way, but some refuse to evolve.  And sorry to say, I am one at times. I’m still waiting for shoes to be invented.

But for Palin, her circular logic tumbleweed seems to have become a staple on the arrogant but not ripe from waiting right wing.  Around and around; whine, blame, whine, blame, point, then platitudes and public pandering.  The persecution complex is on.   The answer?  Faith in my words.  No! Not yours! Mine! Well, that’s what you say.

I could almost hear the same words of Palin’s gone from governorship explanation speech recently, coming from Rush Limbaugh, the same convoluted and conjoined contraptions; where imagination and conjecture meet as truth revealed in ideological Nirvana; the twitching rationalizations, the tortured logic, the altered meaning of words to feign legitimate context, the allegations toward invisible others (for some a Pelosi usually works as iconic stand in for Satan) who seem to be all aligned against we good folks being used.  And likely sentences as long as this DNA chain.

I am astonished to hear these very ideas about rampant government (Now!) that could have been applied equally to the last administration which was rampant in expansion and abandoned responsibility.  Nothing like darts one is actually allowed to throw.  Now there is independence!

Note to citizens; A nation is a public endeavor, requiring defense, maintenance and care for the common good.  There is no automatic pilot!  It is our collective house; you do not ignore plumbing issues, fire issues, roof leaking issues, hungry children, and especially the issues of your very foundation—The People and the Social Contract Imperative.

And a BIG NO.  Capitalism is not God, not the answer to all things big and small, the economy is not intended to be The Divine Thing in a democracy, or it will surely perish.  The will of all is the context of a union.  Not just the will of the wealthy and well connected, or their propaganda publicist in the (Oh how strange)—Big business news shows and information platforms.

Sorry to Prosperity Christians cajoled by materialism, or by “conservative Christianity sects” into being, ah, anti Christian.  But God wants you to be well off, to be rolling in abundance!  Damn those environmentalist Luddite Naysayers, with their fake science and lack of faith in what we believe!  Your problems in income come from them!  Get them!  The poor and the sick are being punished by God!  Hands off!


One thing seems quite clear; if the every gripe fix by ideology promise train running full force on the right rail was contingent upon dominating something other than the professed mysterious alien menace of liberalism (now called socialism/fascism on the right’s emotional precipice), one would be shocked.  Conservatives talking of their own accountability’s and responsibilities to democracies Whole?; Reflecting on their own lack of omniscience and abundant guile?  Now that would be real news.

Don’t wait on its delivery through whomsoever’s media anytime soon. We can count on the right’s reactionaries for this; we’d be right back in the hole they started digging for us, only more waste would be pouring into it.  The suction vacuum is created by democracies facile citizenry.

Ah.  Nothen’ like a good speech to rev us up into someones column.  Hello Obama?  Paid any attention to the non wealthy and already well provided for lately, other than symbolic, ‘I’m on you side.  No Really!’ ?  A nation that worships from its top down is nothing more than a glorified American Idol Oligarchy, where the rich and well connected to authority herd us along like the faithful sheep we seem to be.

‘What happened to this country?’ Us.  We happened to this country.

I heard some Christian leaders are praying for Governor Sanford to ‘Stop Talking’.  How about a word for Governor Palin?  Let us all pray if we wish for our country; that we value more than good words.  I’d suggest praying that our politicians and propagandist did not persecute their personal demons out upon the citizens Commons.

I’m shutting up now.  I’ll leave with a photo I took from a room at home today, well, yesterday now, storms would not let me post.


…it seems for a while at least, that horses are free…Wait.  That is a nice idea out here on the open range, but horses mostly travel together and look out for one another.  Part of freedom?  Why not?  And who exactly is the one behind bars here?

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Sarah Palin)

Congratulations Rush Limbaugh Winner Biggest Liberal Award!

For his compassionate, empathetic, and most sensitive vicarious rationalization of South Carolina’s Governor Sanford’s abandonment of his State for love, and because of Barack Obama, I award this right wing radio host The Worlds Biggest Liberal Award.

—Congratulations Rush Limbaugh—;

Winner Biggest Liberal Award!

File:Rush Limbaugh cropped.JPG

The rationalizations usually flowing forth from Mr. Limbaugh have long demonstrated the most liberal use of imagined reason and of cause and effect, validating my impression that many a right winger are actually hyper-liberal in deed.  By placing the claimed ideological loyalty stranglehold these folks labor under to the side, we can see their actual modus operandi, the functioning character behind their words.  Here then, appears in many a “conservative”, the liberal use of assumptive connection, of self projection, of ad-hominem suggestion, of peer pressure conformity, and effectively, of a wildly liberal definition of reason itself.

Upon the incidence of Rush Limbaugh’s caring explanation of the obvious good reason for Governor Sanford’s supposed offence, that is was indeed understandable and supportable by the likes of Mr Limbaugh, for with the USA crumbling around us we can throw caution to the wind, including the state and nation, to have our lusted for good time.  A great big liberal why not?  Who needs principle when fun and games are calling?

Through this most liberal imagination stalking the mind of Mr Limbaugh, we can see how crime, drug abuse, and other societal offenses can be understood, and so, presumably, forgiven for the power of their logic over the situation of their times.  For governor Sanford, according to Rush Limbaugh’s definition of justification; Someone else made me do it; –Obama.  Pure Liberalism.  Pure Projection. Pure Limbaugh.

For his seemingly endless triads over how other folks make one act and think the way they do, the veil is lifted from the conservative icon of dysreason.  Although this radio personality and his listeners may be seduced by the surface identities of the subjects they consider, below the surface flows a subtext stream of most liberal association and conclusion.  A convolution well done!

Rush Limbaugh; rationalist extraordinaire, compassionate promoter of empathy, diveter of responsibility extreme, most liberal fellow on earth.

{Rush made me give him this award.}


Whether it is Gov Blagojevitch, Gov Sanford, or Mr Limbaugh, we can see that personality and skill at rationalization can overwhelm those not “gifted” with the ability to “prove” their thoughts by their words.  In other words; my relative ignorance and lack of social manipulation awareness can leave me a dumbfounded follower of dysreason, thinking it makes perfect sense because someone said it so very well, or passionately.  This is why I must at least attempt to think straight for myself on most all matters, for the nature of intention with intellectual and emotional propaganda, is to be unseen by the receiver.

Yes to those who may notice it,  my post here is also, as is most communication, an attempt to direct others awareness to my perception. It is not faith or trust that betrays us, but our own lack of will or ability in insight.