It is alleged that there are some 100,000,000 or more American stock holders. More than half of the households in America are said to hold stocks. This statistic may be somewhat misleading since some of even those Americans are cash strapped, or actually have relatively minor stock and equity holdings. This “ownership ideology” is one sociocultural dynamic which Republicans, allegedly, feel works in their favor toward the future. We seek status quo permanence when it is in our favor, but dress the endemic opportunism up with respectable sounding euphemisms.

A Stake in America, or whatever clever survival notion that can be inserted into the psychology of those who have or wish to hold stock, and feel perfectly ethical, moral and down right honest about it, will need to be inserted into perception repeatedly. This idea of providing good to themselves, their future, perhaps friends and family, assuages any need for guilt or notions of negative consequence. No need looking back to check systems dynamics and responsibility consequences. Good, good, things are framed and hung on the walls of society to keep cognitive dissonance away.

Who could question the benefits of “free enterprise” and not be branded socialist or un-American? A few church and religious positions, maybe, since they can be compartmentalized into that mystical bubble of belief beyond question. Some tribes and such might have fair barter exchanges, where value is transparent to each party. This cannot honestly be said of most predatory capitalist ventures.

As we have come to witness in the modern world, corporations fight for Darwinian dominance, with democracy and responsibility to the commons as victims of collateral damage. Thus many environmentally questionable companies avoid and condemn pollution issues, require scapegoats and others to seem to cause the problems in society, to attract attention off the real collective ball. Being that much of the media is in “cahoots” with these very companies. We the public are kept in a “Catch 22”.

The Need for Conformity in Subjugation Devises

It might be right that instilling consensus conformity and eliminating basic systems questions serve an ever increasing appeal to the notion that investing money is just plane wise. Making one a bit of an owner, and so, seemingly legitimately one receives a return on ones investment, this appears to most as a sound logical method to build future security. It also means we have a insecurity driven mindset which is easy to manipulate by fear and a kind of cognitively built in aversion to looking into societies rear view mirror. It is no accident with global warming breathing down our collective necks, that suddenly we have to take carbon emissions, and ozone holes as actualities and not monsters created by the “doom and gloom” (as they were called), naysayers. Now everybody is to suddenly do something for this problem that kinda, well, popped out of the blue. Convenient.

If you are able and willing to put money, (you apparently do not need to survive with in the moment), into a scheme that will exaggerate it over time, it will go on making money for you as if by a magical formula. A perfect set up for the rich to get richer, or the haves to have more. HOWEVER, that return is coming from someone somewhere, this is not magic! Money is not actually alive and self-replicating, it requires someone else to make a real value (inflation-deflation excluded) that you then magically get into your pocket by actually keeping it out of someone else’s. We need to install into the sociocultural matrix, tricks to manipulate the dependent or unsuspecting. Essentially, domination ideologies seek a Divine-like sanction for the propositions to be accepted as inevitable. The more Creation was objectified for subjective reasons, the more an individual or grouping could do with it what they will, or at least can seemingly get away with by hook or by crook-force.


Yes. If at minimum wage, lets say I buy something for a dollar, in the Ownership of Creation Culture, I only get possibly 50 cents in actual value, minus services and expenses in getting that 50 cent thing to you, the rest is kept by someone(s) else, simply because the pyramid paradigm set up allows one to profit unequally off of others. This phenomenon will always produce disturbance into human relationship, whether seeming to be defined as “human nature” and so inevitable, or relegated to quality of character notions which again are cast as being inevitable. Domination’s to succeed at their inherent dysfunctions, have to seem inevitable, or else a paradigm shift or bifurcation point is possible.

The obstacle to fairness, equality and so the right of humans not to place a higher value on another for any reason, is to separate out human differences as value of conscious time differences. Parents can treat children as unequal to them for obvious reason of experience and the unknown dangers of naiveté and innocence. Children may not like this inequality. Why? It obstructs their own free will. Human consciousness has an intrinsic sense of equality of the commons. Frustrate that, and disturbance in perpetuated into relationships. Many employees work for people they do not respect as human beings, but must seem to accept to survive by keeping their employment. I have worked for those I respected, and those who used their position for slave like unequal relationship; as if they were King or Queen over me.

The challenge to a parent or those in positions of obvious greater knowing or awareness is that they are not inherently superior to children or others. Those who do not do this, likely receive resentment, perhaps perverted respect for a dominator position over them. Some children retaliate for this in effect disrespect for their consciousness. Why? They feel love and respect are conditional to their behavior and subservient class, size or position imposition on their own consciousness.


That we humans are not physically or ability wise identical is an obvious fact. This is also an obvious place for domination paradigms; discrimination, preferences, exploitation, oppression and other negative perpetuating dynamics to become institutionalized by appearances. Those appearances are representing the “looks” of reality, but a reality placed under the paradigm mindsets of human invention and rationalization.

Unknown to us, size differences are conserved for a reason, a reason of human survival. It might be that as food sources dry up on earth, for example, the smaller humans might become the surviving norm. Disease’s, which are often used as prejudice in the health insurance industry, and seem to curse their holders, can, like sicle cell disease, be the survival mechanism for human kind under special circumstances (ex.-malaria).

My point is that we assume apparent differences, especially like intelligence, works to ones advantage in today’s world at the moment. We might be right in the short term in mental based paradigms, but still are likely wrong overall. If intelligence was the sole filter for humankind’s advancement, it could easily have developed into a universal genetic component. Super high intelligence has not.

Humans are highly intelligent overall,-true, but extreme mental prowess or power often is marked by great emotional or “heart” dysfunctions, or lacks. Something is upset in the mind oriented individual. Our human differences are in some ways apples and oranges. They all belong in the garden but cannot honestly be valued as superior and inferior, unless one established a bias in perception and brands it into consensus reality, like red is better than orange.


Humankind, following various mental schemes, has gotten out of balance in many ways. Much of this disturbance seems to be based on opportunistic mind perversions in interpreting reality and human consciousness. Some imperfections in quantified human conceptions of human nature are bound to exist, since ignorance exist.

When the Americas were being invaded by allegedly more “civilized” tribes from Europe, the historical data shows some individual Europeans were stunned by some tribes apparent human superiority, relative to then European models. Some wrote of the dignity of the individual and equality of relationship present in some of these apparently (to European prejudice) more primitive people, as being profound. The paradigm of understanding is relative to those who write and or dominate historical conditions. That does not make them right, or might right.

Evidence indicates that scattered around the world original peoples and beliefs were at times much more in harmony with Being. I believe we all have ancestors who once were more integrated with natural being. This bred more respect and mutual regard for the relationships in the culture. The Ownership Of Creation Culture being nurtured by money and power interest these days, is inherently unbalance and will possibly become our species undoing. It is mental, and advantage or opportunism based, and so, perpetuating disturbance and disharmony into our environments and relationships; both individual and world.

The mind selected out as a dominator instrument has left us with both nuclear annihilation or devastation in the cards, along with exploitation paradigms that have humans place the environments into unequal relationships, those instituted into economic acceptance and judicial law. In essence, we are deciding to potentially self destruct while the delusional belief that we are abiding by “the law” or doing things that do not directly incur (see) the negative consequences they produce, allows some of us to live inside delusions of grandeur. These are dependent upon the aforementioned deceptions being “under the radar”. They then are not acknowledge as true, allowing the individual to sit atop a kind of Tower of Babble regarding their fellow human beings.


The political season is upon us in America (and in some sense the world). We (every human being) tend to be faced by those who wish to dominate the world, relationships and others to their own advantage; against those who seek out some balance or accountability’s in relationship. The Ownership Of Creation Culture as a paradigm, has polluted both our political parties and has significant pollution plumes into some spiritual beliefs.

In the Democratic party at the moment, a balance and restoration paradigm seems to be attempting to retake the value of the commons as a universal right of being. Predatory interest infused across many levels of perception and society will try to keep the broad definition of the commons crippled, so it can continue to be exploited without much immediate consequence to those who do. That is a delusional concept in the long run. Going against God or the Universe is not an acceptable long term strategy or investment.

Most of the worlds citizens, including us here in the USA, are under a dominator paradigm that seeks to continue its stranglehold to the very end of its survival chances, which are inherently finite. If the pollution of the earth, and of human to life relationships continues to accumulate, a point of toxic no return will come.

Dominators, having so much control over the commons, continue to attempt to keep ignorance as a powerful card to “existentialize” both debate and the ability to see new paradigms for humankind. Currently the agents of these dominator interest in the media have spokespeople hired to spread fear and loathing towards many at home in the US, and in the world. Ignorance, ad hominem reasoning, false premise, out of context fact made into deceptive accounts, these are their hallmark.

When cast into a fearful mindset, some 70% of a given population tends to side with what is perceived as agencies of protection (status quo), whether true or not in reality. Once again, a great hazy disturbance to hide all the perversions of perception in, and responsibilities for the commons out. The primitive survival mechanism to go with the known rather than add more uncertainty over the unknown, is used to predatory advantage.


Human cultures have come and gone. Many species have come and gone. The guarantee for survival is abiding by the Laws of Being, even as they change their manifestations. We have each a decision to make, whether we put all of our stock into a manipulative paradigm, one already proving to threaten us with extinction along with much of life on earth.

On the other hand we have a different investment to make; one in understanding. It will require risk on all our parts. We need to embrace a Spirit that is Whole. We need to discover and explore the landscapes of unconditional Love. We need to open hearts and minds to our own experience and perceptions and exchange them equally with others who we have not known.

Transparency of Being is the final goal of this investment opportunity. The ability to uncover once hidden problematic sources and address them with the Whole of the Commons in heart and mind, illuminates that which fear once held beyond the light. A restoration and amplification of the human Spirit in alignment with the Laws of Being is always at hand. When fear is faced down and understanding said yes to, a new world of potential dawns in awareness. We cannot nor will not overthrow God or the Universe of Being. We do need, however, to be on Its side. That is our only long term investment that pays of in perpetuity.


Polling has indicated that many will vote their color or sex in the coming elections. This means division and even tribalism is on the ascendant.

As is often said; make no mistake about it, in an allegedly two party system, this likely bodes ill for one party.

If you read my post regularly, you know I find the two party system deeply flawed, as I do see plurality victories as the same. It is a guaranteed way to not get things done. Many claim they are for change, after seeing the contempt evident by conservatives for the state and common citizen relationship. Liberalism was coming on strong. Liberalism happens to be the container of majorities of the operational values held by most of us in everyday life. Status quo power must confuse and diffuse this reality, and has the resources to do just that most of the time, unless conditions overwhelm manipulated impressions.

One party was and presumably still is trying to manufacture a one party state here in effect. Corporate controlling influence on both parties is strong, and proceeding to create a de facto one way state. In the Democratic party, it is engaged in a fight over the “soul” of the party. Our system of access to voters is subject to monies influence, and so, biased against those without much money to influence elections, an obvious statement. Ask yourself why both parties hardly ever bring it up?

If you vote for your candidate because they are more like you on superficiality of color, ethnic or sexual type, you are also helping to divide a pluralist nation further from a cohesive and comprehensive self identity and purpose, along with likely having less interest in what happens to the “other guys”. We wonder why we cannot agree on things, and that the bad government is always stalemated except when fears are pushed to extremes.


We are in a shooting gallery of a sorts. The Media is compromised by corporate ideological bias. A pseudo-democracy exist here without the right to vote. Voters information is partially at the mercy of campaign financing incongruities. A machinery of mud slinging is entrenched, with an arsenal of fear that is kept well oiled to keep the average citizen from knowing much about our governments actual behaviors in the world and its collusion with special interest here.

And we are going to vote for the woman cause she is a woman like me, or the white guy because at least he is a white guy, or the black guy because only he can understand what it is like to be me. But what can you do for your country?

I do not deny the appeal to anyone’s own identity of the illusion, yes illusion, that if someone is more like me things will go more my way. This is exactly what the two party system has degenerated into; the manipulation of self identity interest for control. Then, often, the selling of that interest to our representatives own self interest as individuals to benefit themselves off of the nations interest.

You do not have a right to vote. You do not have a right to have a vote counted if you do vote. You do not have fair access to differing viewpoints and perspectives on all issues. You have no real mechanism for making sure all your representatives in government are held accountable for what is done in your name.

You live on a one way street where companies get to cover their expense increases or desires for more profit by upping prices. Oops! We left workers and most everyone else out of that formula. Wonder how that happened? You now live in a place where “We the People” are the subjects of wealth as it takes over the earth via transnational corporate hegemony. And yet for many of us, a wedge issue will have us cast our relativized vote for some foolish notion of a sure thing. “Down with Taxes”, or tricks like a “Death Tax”, are some of the best methods of getting that tax money for the common good out of your pocket, and now quite possibly, into the pocket of someone else across the globe…And you thought you were going to be the beneficiary recipient?  Come on.


So go ahead, certain woman, men, blacks, whites and others, vote for your kind.

Just do not expect any kindness to actually manifest to you, but a few words.

It is necessary to vote for who and what is right for the whole nation. You must determine what that is for yourself. The commercials will be pretty well conceived, but quite possibly, pretty misleading.

When will we be weaned from our pacifiers?


The desperate offenses are in operation.

It seems ever more apparent that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the two candidates of status quo permanency. Sure, oligarchies prefer the easily manipulated ones to the right, it is their bread and butter, but the moderate types of leaders are bought off fairly easily themselves.

It is astounding to compare the intellectual and emotional maturity of most liberals over conservatives.  (Did you watch the debates? Fear and taxes, vs intelligent strategies to work on our problems, exceptions noted.) It is not a condition of elitist intellectual left wing brain washing, that the more education one has, the more liberal one tends to be. It is more likely the philosophical and cosmological perspective that human beings are often more nuanced and complicated than simple jingoistic or buzz word slogans, and life is made up of all of us like it or not.

An incredible attempt has been executed to bias open-mindedness and attention to all details of life as liberal bias, and conservo-corporate market theocracy as the simple truth that has been denied to you.  Simple circular reasoning now makes it easy to have irrefutable positions on complex issues, because critical thought and questioning is not allowed inwards!

Checking oneself before throwing the first stone, or the Golden Rule, requires introspection and reality checking, things the current trend in conservatism seems to despise on the local and world scene. Tax and spend, pro-life, family values, a manufactured culture wars loaded with a “good” based arsenal, acts as a simple cult like circular reasoning cut off assumptions, a firewall to much more profound or in depth attempts at understanding. This results in a problematic dysfunctional state of affairs continuing its deceptive service to provide control issues by force to society, and blind many to wedge issue salt thrown into the eyes of reason.

What is there to understand when it is us against them?

Both parties representatives of economic domination, and more practical affluent elites, have to settle for what they are left with this campaign season. Barack Obama has his relative unknowns, but it now seems he is the most centered candidate on changing the relationships in the nation for the better and not the same old sinking American ship dream=crumbling infrastructures, outsourcing of jobs, downsizing of ambitions to servitude positions, money going to war mongering profiteers with its least return on the dollar, not to mention, magnification of outer hostility towards the US.

Anything Obama now says that can seem to suggest a view of us and them from his perspective, is cut up and diced until it has the sour flavor societies elites hope it will leave in public perception. We are back to the usual strategies of fears and unknowns being the guides to decision making, no mater how truthful or backed up by any facts the perceptions are. Ad hominem suggestions running round the right wing echo chamber, take on the illusory appearance of conventional or consensus wisdom.


Normally the right of center interest control enough of the information sources to place conservatism as the “sensible” way out of your fears of their self perpetuating dysfunctions. Two counter trends have impacted that perception; the contempt for the common woman-man endemic to the top designers of the right has been exposed somewhat. Despite attempts to blur or bury the fact that the poor and residual middle class actually take care of and make most of the country, and defend it. Hiding returning caskets, and keeping most Americans actual economic worries off the media radar most of the time, still the perception of one party more for the rich and privileged than the other has come through.

Overt attempts to bury democracy by denying voters abilities to vote and eliminating ballot trails, allowing for a fake democracy to seem real, remains not addressed by main media sources, again, most of the time. The Internet has cracked that barrier a bit, so it will have to be reigned in sooner or late by oligarchical power sources. Best current vehicles expected to crash the WWW. barrier will be sex exploitation from some angle, or terror threats as excuse to stifle dissenting opinions or personalities.

Will the city of freedoms ring become its undoing?

If what is so far alleged as a liberal Main Stream Media becomes a truth, the stranglehold around freedom will continue to stifle the bells call to responsibility and self determination. Instead, true, everyone does better under Democrats; from rich to poor, but the machinery of societal hierarchical permanence continues unabated under their reign. The poor being the expendable and downcast sacrificial lambs over any of the wealthiest concerns.

This happens while an echo chamber has been constructed in the nation media to perceive the poor as being deserving of their conditions from some called religious leaders, to those who breed contempt for the poor as a Darwinian like imperative. Out of sight and of mind is the reality that, under the socialism for the rich system we now have, the poor are needed to do the dirty work and receive blame for the nations ills they are placed so near to.

With certain candidates of profound change for the betterment of our nation gone, it seems Barack Obama is perhaps not the best hope, but likely the last. He is also going to be the recipient of overwhelming deceptive tactics, and the legions of hired sycophants who do well off the service and toil of hard working Americans, military and civilian alike. There are always the Benedict Arnold’s who will position themselves as the voices of sanity, reason, but hidden antidemocratic agenda’s, that is the nature of the infection democracy has. Once the individuals identity interest are pivoted to fear, any ideology of release or escape to “our” tribes ways seems appealing.

Politics, as convoluted as they are, remain attempts to define individual identities by appealing to apparent need and desires. When the desires are made to be as certain as black or white by fear, us and them, the hope is that you or I will have an easy decision to make. But one needs to think twice about alleged clarity’s of definition.

Where will us against them actually lead me? What is the greater good and greater interest? How can my interest at home actually be cut off from that of the entire planets? Can I then contain compromise, ambiguity, empathy, compassion, non-final answers, as stepping stones toward that greater good?


If democracy and its implied collective individual leadership of nations is to survive, it must defeat the disease it has acquired by the same power interest that always attempt to act as gods above the common people who vote, or slave. We need to perceive their abilities to manipulate society and counteract them with assertions of the rights of all individuals to have a say on all aspects of life. This implies a mandate to fair and transparent elections. It implies a mandate to provide the individual with all sides of issues and questions of state. It mandates a clarity to freedom and responsibility, now inhibited by the elites who control access to the above assertions.

Democracy is the antithesis of the emergent transnational corporate hegemony. Darwinian social predations is not served by populations informed and held accountable to the worlds state of affairs. In this deceptive climate change, who will it be that continues to act as the caged monkeys to the master race?



Who knows if president Carters solar collectors would have gone on to spark self sufficiency from US dependence on foreign oil, while lessening environmental degradation. The so called conservatives have done the opposite, sending the nation on this road to both empire making confrontations, and democracy undermining deregulation.

We have under the conservative rule, no interest in the Whole of society, except to keep “lower achievers” dependent on the wealthy for survival. This is a dominator paradigm. Just as New Orleans was abandoned with fingers pointed everywhere but to the very top. The American public knew the top executive could save an American city, if there was the will!

Unfortunately, with this new breed of opportunist conservative, every disaster becomes an opportunity for a friend or future interest to owe its allegiance to their cause. America itself is now surrendering its commons and its legacy of being a caring freedom loving people with responsibilities to all, to predators who are as predators have always been- out to stay on top.


Make no mistake about it. (That overused claim politicians use.) Business people telling editorial staffs what to focus on and what to drop based on economic bottom lines has convoluted truth seeking to avoid both the needs of society, especially the poor, and the truth that may reflect badly upon themselves. Eliminating the fairness doctrine was the undermining, below the American public belts punch, making full truth seeking to be defined as liberal bias. (I could read a thousand post on-line today, whining about liberal bias, but I would like to keep my own mind.)

Even liberals talk about; “No wonder Bush won twice.” while describing some Democratic infighting or lack of cohesion. Truth seems to be on the side that he never won fairly once, or at the minimum, the second time was a default, since it issued from the first cheat, and resulting failure to detect the 9-11 attack. All of this manipulated and contorted by the spin machinery of a “free press” that has no responsibility or accountability to providing the whole truth. It has been said that those elections, if carried out in another country, we would not have legitimized it! The Forth Estate, our freedoms guarantee, has a noose around its neck, watching the guy with the foot on the chair.

Even as a kid, when I heard William F Buckley speak on his debate show, I would be flabbergasted at how his ad hominem emotionally concluded barbs were thought of as intellectually honest, by himself! But I had grown up hearing similar ad hominem swipes. Conservatives especially, seem interested in getting the arguments out of intellectual accuracy, or any true empathy toward the plight and concerns of others than themselves. It is a peculiar self centering that thrives on name calling and cult like group think consensus reality passing as truthfulness, to not be questioned. Liberalism is by nature open to question, but not all proclaimed liberals are.

It is a travesty to observe the Democratic contenders, Barack Obama, but especially Hillary Clinton, use extraordinarily spacious logic to promote their cause. Surrogates and associations are now taken by the public as being the actual thoughts of the candidates, unless they are instantaneously disowned. John McCain seems to be given a bit of a pass on his associations, relative to the Democrats. I wonder why?


What is my actual position I hear some of you ask? Democracy’s must have fair elections to survive. They should also require a majority of voters, not some fractional plurality. Yes. We then require a more involved and deliberately knowledgeable public. What else? Whomever wins this coming time better include people from across their aisle. The damage done requires impute from more than one ideological bent. We need to return to the best and not the weight of despotic like loyalties sinking the ship of state.

We are one nation and one people for heaven sake! We must rise to the biggest sense of those words.

I have ventured into my own belief zone as my blog title exclaims. Yet I would be quite surprised to hear conservatives admit to mistakes, fundamental errors of judgment (except they were not conservative enough!) or any basic untruth possible to their philosophical positions. When questioning is the first thing they deflect, this state becomes their own lot in life. Now that they are trying to force us all to agree with them, and undermine attempts at fact checking and honest evaluations of situations, to protect their abstract delusional sense of purity. Their counterpoints in the world will both resist and respond with similar tactics. If their reign of illusion continues its polluted march forward, all democracies will be threatened with extinction. And possibly much more than that.


That any of the worlds conservative movements cannot include the vast diversity of human ideas engaged toward greater understandings of environmental inter and codependencies is an anathema to the Wholeness of Life and Being that exist beyond tiny human comprehensive abilities. The accountable and responsible light that this awareness cast on being human is a challenge to us all. May the brightness of Unconditional Love cause their eyes to open, and cry into forgiveness. That is the proof of free will.



Amazingly, I (we?) have not even known I was taking sides in things that were, as far as reality perception is concerned, problematic. I tended to have no idea that I was party to a conflict over interpretation, that I in effect inherited. If I do not truth check my “reality view” sources. I can be as wrong about things as the spell checker often notes.

Do I know why I side with the interest I do? Did dad harangue the opposite view, saturating me with it when I was too young to know; it was opinion backed by emotionalized association, and not the whole truth?

This is why we are to seek objective review of our environments; to not be led down paths of opinion we observe and assume are true. That is if we seek truth above misrepresentation in order to have an honest life.

What we call special interest have special reasons to limit our base of consideration. This is a natural self preservation strategy that places itself and those who identify with the sculpted consensus reality, beyond the scope of whole truth. Yet in their unaddmitted limitations, they are as sure of certainty as rain.


We have an unprecedented opportunity to see blind bias in action, especially of political and religious ramblings, on the Web. With a certain anonymity, beliefs emerge that were usually taboo, particularly in the workplace, in order that work get done and employees and employers get home in one piece. Here I can put my pedantic or fallacious viewpoints and ignore reaction if I so chose. Safe, but how useful is it to preach to an assumed choir, while I just hear myself think in circles? Yet we face the made up closed mind if we seek contention with our opposites, where even if our facts are true and in a well placed and meaning context; they can be spit back at us as vile.

Speaking of circular reasoning as an essential ingredient of cult-think.

Most human debate is over, not what we do know, but what we suspect or presume of others, because of what they do or do not seem to let in to their misjudgements of the issues. We presume conflict over the implications of implied willful ignorance, it, seeming as misfeasance.


A kind of nominalism takes hold in the language of “buzz” words or phrases, which proclaim a reality of their own by mere redefined consensus of opinion, from why knows where? Who needs to tie reality with its uncertain (at times unknowable) facts, when words shaping ideas can take on a tidy unchecked round world of their own. “You liberals”, is now a classic (says it all!) around the world in eleven letters.

My experience in a religious cult, demonstrated, at first shockingly so, how words are appropriated and given new, often private to the select group, connotations or whole definitions. (Most religions begin as a cult of someones or things character traits.) These tend to tightly control thought to a conserved overriding assumption. Adjusted at times by hierarchy if allowed, or stealthily by reinterpretation. Even behaviors and manners begin to show mimicry; all smiley faces for example, not that there is something wrong with real smiles.

To become a seeming true follow or believer then, applying these words and their associate concepts often serves to indoctrinate one into an altered world view, and much peer praise and bonding to the greater cause. These are what are blown across the world in their tidy bubbles of sealed off belief. In those bubbles, truth is fixed, words mean one thing, and we know who the other is.


It comes to be seen, that from that newly identified unenlightened force now presumably lurking in the larger culture, you begin to notice how shallow or even wrong their idea of the word and world is. I can then come to assume others have some lack of perception, or are blocked from knowing, yes, the truth! The Web as well as the highly biased “news” shows present much ad hominem belief as fact to their already biased in that direction audience. Who needs fact checking.

What I do not know can hurt me. Being naive about methods of mind manipulation is of benefit to many interest in the culture. If I am dumping used motor oil into a river as part of a business, I do not go around saying that part of the truth. I would tend to go around saying how important and responsible it is for you to have your oil changed. How important is is to you and your family to keep your car running as best as it can be for your own safety. We are trying to protect your car and family, definitely good guys. We drink water too you know.

Probably, I don’t wish to hear about the water issue. Might even get mad if someone brought it up, or look for some way to indite the issue itself, usually damning the messenger. (Commies trying to stop me from making a living, or liberal do gooders, why don’t they get a job instead of criticize. Move if you don’t like the water.)


We humans tend to be liberal about our own misgivings (giving them much sway room), and then, possibly because another points a finger at us, tighten our distrust of another even more so, becoming reactionary and antagonized about the misgivings of others about us. Those who brought into light something seeming to reflect ill on me, do seem to be attacking my self esteem. Some call this mirroring back; projection. A kind of self delusional exorcism, putting that devil into someone else, at least in our own minds certainty. Cognitive dissonance relieved.

{Now, this whole post is related to a buzz worded diatribes bubble I just read in my tags. (I have just created bubble as a potential buzz word. Oh, I think it already is one.) What I will call snickering about the “liberal media” (one companies) laid off workers could get a job on Hugo Chavez team. An understandable insult from one who understands blowing bubbles more than what moves in actual reality.}


The “left” of the political spectrum has been known by its mutual mistrust of other allegedly left groups not as interested in their issue as they would hope. Uniting organizations to coalesce into a united movement has been stymied by the lefts own, dominant in mind, individualistic pet issue dominance (my opinion). That is probably good and bad in some ways. The left tends to be made up of individuals who have a direct connection to the issue they raise, hence often volunteering their time and money to their cause. A thousand points of light may be at times more effective than a big out of control bonfire.

It seems to me that the right, though equally filled with mistrust, became united against their proclaimed common liberal enemy, that did seem to be everywhere; Government was trying to stop you from poisoning the common waters. Government was trying to help the sick and unfortunate by birth, bad decision or design. All this “interference” had to be labeled a poison itself, “The Welfare State.” Generalized welfare is to be bad. Makes for a weak nation. Now we can feel great about attacking that demon “Big Government”, that is out to ruin our nation.

A kind of contempt for actions on the part of the whole (except fear based ones) seems to have been transformed into a good, as if problems of large scale economic or other environmental and systemic origins are to be ignored. UNLESS THEY PARTICULARLY IMPACT A CONSERVATIVE OR CORPORATE INTEREST. Then they are called vital to our survival.

You want to survive don’t you? Money and propaganda pours in to affirm the poisonous nature of “tax and spend”. That apparently gleeful liberal mindset meant to bleed you dry. Oh, they have us in a good enough bind mentally and emotionally to divert our attention! And always around fear first, glowing abstractions to come, once liberalism is put down for good.

It seems some on the right are wiling to burn any liberal legacy of our nations previous hero’s sacrifice, as Bush said; “the Constitution is just a GD piece of paper” to solidify the security of the looming corporate welfare state. (Histories usual narrative of the wealthy and status entitled keeping their privilege at anyone and anything else’s expense.)


Government was to be framed as the source of the oppression you feel, (to unseat notions of public benefit) especially the delusion that common tax was the only thing that took your own will to survive out of your pocket. (Money as your status, real value and self respect.) The will of the people (that is democracy) to address issues relating to the common good of all, was to be poisoned from both the right, and eventually the seduced pulpit itself.

Words had to have their meanings changed, charged, tainted and effectively disabled from true consideration. No more commons for you, it was never there actually. You are to be abandoned to Gods will. If you have problems you are a sinner or looser. God, presumed to not want others to share your burden, nor help lift you up, not even care for you if sick. Your church, savings, insurance if you can afford it, or family is presumably your safety net, if you have one that is.

24/7/12/365 FEAR CARDS FOR YOU

Fear, however, effects each life at times. It is a powerful director of attention. And in the hands of the right wing of things, government was to be feared as a thief, and from some churches, as an agent acting against the will of God.

Now the doors are opened to exploitation and predation in the name of opportunity. President Eisenhower had seen how far this fear and paranoia industry had gone by the 50’s, and seemed to believe it endangered our very nations founding legacy. Little did we know that the information media, would itself align with its own big business interest first, public welfare, concern for the whole, last.

That whole economic trickle down theory puts one in proper perspective. The wealthy, if feeling generous, will hire you since they see they can make some money off of you at the moment, and let a little bit trickle into your cup. We are to praise and thank them. Just listen to all their commercials! They are only interested in bettering your life. But you never know the real long term cost to the whole for their operations.


The right wing became the spreader of new meaning. Still it is seen everywhere. Unknowingly, bias can come along with the very acceptance of the framed notion. Individuals of great wealth set up the attack on what is called the Commons, as well as an educational infrastructure created to demonize all government as it applies to compassion, empathy and understanding, except in areas where those human “goods” could be used specifically to wedge people away from their broad definition.

Oddly, this attack on the media whose job should be liberal, wide open and not some one party’s line; which must then point out unresolved issues, societal incongruities and conflicts relating to privilege, pollution, global warming, suffering in the world and amidst our own poor etc… These were tagged as liberal bias. An evil thing that focuses on what is wrong.

By not focusing on what was not working for the whole system, those wrongs could be and were ignored, even blamed for their own existence. Remember hurricane Katrina victims? Troubled Iraq war veterans? All their own fault. Not our responsibility. Give me more tax cuts.

A legion of true believers in liberal bias of the media was sent out to seed the public with suspicion of anything that could be termed liberal. (I must note that liberals can be as one sided as anyone else at times.) In the current campaign it is still a poison pill of a sorts even for democrats. The implicit liberalism of Jesus Christ, and the Bill of Rights has been scaled back. In some Christian religious sectors, Christ love is for the “reborn”, to only apply to they who follow the right wing buzz word and wedge issue machine, all circularly codified as representing the good, and what is bad be damned.


Years ago I had heard (a book documented the phenomenon) that some 80,000 had graduated from “conservative” schools explicitly to seek work in the media. It was no accident that in the lead up to the Iraq war; conservative “talking heads” outnumbered liberal ones more than 3 to 1. Were we really a nation designed to be fed bias as truth in matters of life and death? Is that what our nation stands for?

Is full and forthright truth, less important than cherry picked facts and loaded opinion masquerading as reality? If so, no one ever told me that is why we sacrifice the lives of our hero’s in war, to protect deception of elites above the whole truth. That would seem akin to treason. Yet some who worked in newsrooms claimed that the directive was to have at least two pro war talkers when any contrary one was there.

Is patriotism served by a mathematically loaded deception? Maybe in old warlord systems like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. But the land of the free and home of the brave, also proudly the cowering conformist cult of the deceivers?


For many these days, just the mention of liberal, is now equated with taking from you and giving to the undeserving. It is a victory for powerful interest that can be said to take from you and give to themselves. That with the aid of their well funded “think tanks”, they have been able to frame the population at large into a biased corner. This seems to be their right, given they can afford to, and did so far, get away with it. This post will not be appearing much of anywhere, for instance. Nor many more well reasoned and documented ones I might add.

Now we come to that place where between media consolidation and corporate privilege over that of the individual American, we enter a time where the freedom to be able to think for oneself is itself at great jeopardy. If this trend persist, we will end up with the complete surrender of what was the United States of America.

The freedoms, rights and responsibilities will be instead, at the whim of the One World Corporation, a conglomerate of united companies who finally put an end to war, and instead, partition the worlds bounty amidst themselves and their sycophants. If those conservative interest do not unite to stop losses on destruction and competition, they will continue to attempt to destroy each other, leaving the world as collateral damage.


We are entirely capable of having the whole experiment in freedom and responsible democracy, atrophy until it resembles the era of the Pharaohs. There seems to be not much in the way of a completely fear based state for the worlds people, all dependent upon a new breed of masters.

Well, I do know of one thing that can stop the trend. No. Not UFOs. It is a secret weapon called Unconditional Love. The actual Power that manifest the universe. An Infuence which we are free to ignore, to our everlasting detriment. Odd, that we each have a Divine Power in our midst, which we too evidently seem to miss. One could even go so far to say, that heaven is at hand if we are willing to see it right there, in our hands.


From one ex cult member to all those unknowing true believers in manipulated theory, believed to be proven fact; like the “liberal media” as an anti good thing, when I see your use of buzz notions as God given truths. I can see right through you. What really happened to your heart, your love?