The Politics of Societal Manipulation: Ignorance as America’s Guide

What do you believe? What do you stand for? What ideal would you die for?  Anything?

Most of us believe our lives stand for something, but how solid is that something, and when do our legs walk away from it?

In politics, and to some degree religion, we may argue points of view, as if we were speaking or listening objectively.  This is a big reason why the issues we argue over never seem to get solved–we are not honestly seeking a true resolution.  We are already “standing” for a point of view with its way of seeing things “true”.  The world, as well as our personal lives at times, are at the mercy of issues, but not of their forthright resolution.  These concerns in our consciousness are placed onto conceptual treadmills, often trapped by prior assumption,  where they can generate energy and attention to those who profit from conflict, along with the insecurity and fear that become the value of ignorance.

In America at least, polarization means big bucks to those who promote it.  For conflict and opposition to succeed at never quite solving our emotional dramas over issues, pretense remains in command; we pretend to seek solutions, claim to be, while things such as truth or reality become the victim of “fair and balanced” or other perspectives that include bias in their assumption of reaction.

Hearts are then not allowed to view the others involved as legitimate human beings.  Instead, others are who are mistaken, others who are misguided, others who must be convinced of their error.  When human hearts are effectively closed, restricted or otherwise truncated, many an unfounded reason can be made to appear true and obvious.

These kinds of rationalization are obvious themselves, in the political sphere, where name calling and buzz worded Thought-terminating clichés are invoked as if black magic guides to our reasonable conclusion.  Ignorance allows many a form of deception to ride in right under our radars, or even be welcomed in as a Trojan Horse.  Now days, these can even claim to be fighting exactly what they are in effect creating.  (Fascist-like authoritarian mobs fighting “Fascism”.)

We humans, as far as we know, seem to live inside out minds.  These minds are vulnerable places; we have our experiences, with how we have adapted to seeing things, and we have the outside world of others and things, which can come to us packaged by someone else.  Someone else tells us what something is.  Likely, for some reason inside out minds, we tend to accept some of these communications regarding what is, and take others with a gain of salt out in the rain.

Balancing Truth and Untruth Fairly

There is a wise old saying; “The truth hurts”.  This insight about the operational nature of truth relates to our human feelings, one might have reason to avoid being hurt; to not know the truth. The truth is perceived to be at times other than what I thought was good and true for me, or someone else thinks this is true and can see the advantage in protecting me from “the truth”. Now I might be ready to look or listen for something perhaps other than the truth, yet seeming to be good and thought of as being true.

There is something quite significant about human assumption that has us wish to not know a truth at times, but instead believe in, or even yearn for substitutes.   I contend that any substitutes to truth will create problematic relationships, because the universe is true.  If I am a true being, yet being untrue, dissonant negative consequences will seem destined.

Dysfunctions, where something other than truth is operating our perceptual program, go on to generate even more problems–naturally.  The wisdom of the ancients knew that, most religious books know that somewhere inside. Yet not knowing that, is kept fresh and (logically) dysfunctional for some reason. Lies and misinformation are sold much like commodities in the modern world. This reason, its value, would be ignorance’s worth by manipulation; using ignorance as collateral, or a capability to form public (your and my) opinion into something reality is not.  Ignorance is then framed into its fabled kind of bliss, but it is functionally the bliss of a defacto idiot.

Harsh words may at times be required to ignite a torch for seeing into places hidden as to what ignorance is enabling concepts that are false to appear good and true.

On The Ground

Recent history has indicted the US public has employed this dysfunctional dialectic: We are willing to be misled; meaning, we do not intend the truth to be our guide as a nation. We defer, instead, to things like trust and faith, ignorance entrusted to experts and authorities that has the ability to seem good while in effect supporting the bad, for they can avoid fact and reality checking and the consequence that creates.  This has the appeal of not requiring me to investigate or question the reality of public policy, including my own.  As a voter in a  democracy, I have the responsibility to know what I am doing, yet I defer to church and state to tell me what I “need” to know.  This creates an idiotic set-up to be milked indefinitely, form my own ignorance at my own and others expense while I am held unaccountable (delusional) for not “knowing” it.

Ignorance Fattened For The Kill

The pubic will, can and will be deceived for interest that manipulate The Commons, the connectivity of the things of Life, for their own individual privilege advantage.  his is a common thread of the price of ignorance throughout history. This will undermine the threads of connection, and so those threads must be blackened over to seem nonexistent.  Ideologies that promote the individual will as an alienated achievement program, can do just that.  This is controlling the conceptual context to control perception in language, then self identity.  Much modern culture has the individual evaluating oneself with comparisons to their peers; be it income, music, beliefs, or other identity tag frames–whose team you favor for instance.

{As an aside. I recently heard of a social commentator claiming that the white rapper (music) Eminem, was proved the victor by the universe, since he wrote songs and was a success for getting back at everyone whom he thought did him wrongly in his past.  Popularity translating to fame and presumably income, made him favored by the universe?  Really?  Did the universe also the promote dysfunction upon him so he could win and get back at his critics?

I do not know if human popularity is the same as the universe voting for your currently defined success.  I could steal from all who criticized me and become an iconic hero for becoming wealthy and not getting caught; still the universe giving me a thumbs up?  Did Vincent Van Gogh get a belated approval rating from the universe?  Is it a sign of approval from the universe if this post gets 5 views, 500, 5,000, 5 million?

Does views or payment from society for this post equal approval from the universe, or could it be human, and WEB structured rules of favoritism, whether right or wrong?  If I “trick” the Internet search engines to find this post much more, would it then be that much more successful and universe favored?  Illusion and reality can both claim the same concepts and be framed with the same ideas, however, one will be the more near factual truth and the other the imagined.  We must know which is which or we truly are lost.  The lost then accrue a cash value in their ignorance.

Learning from what wrong is done to one is one thing.  Getting back or even somehow, as if life were a score card, is something very different.   A definition of success might have that popular survival ID of  “the fittest” tag put to it, but we do not know if getting even or proving others wrong is a particular quality of character of the universe–just because one becomes rich and famous.  We may know some humans are valuing something.  Many of the rich and famous are in varying states of self and societal annihilation/self consumption, only there is not always an obvious entity handing them their bill or true cost to culture/commons score card.

I presume the universe is for what is right and true, with our universe given imagination in reality being subservient to those qualities, irregardless if I am claiming the universe must be on someone side judged by apparent rewards.  What I think is right and true does not constitute the same thing as what actually is right and true by universal mandate.  Humanity is at odds over its varying notions of what is right and true and wrong.   Dominating others, however, is not an exclusively intellectual or moral achievement, it is one of physics and leverage of human systems into controlling a paradigm.  The dinosaurs may have won that, but then how did “the universe” then evaluate them?

We can find in many religions these sorts of material and health promises; believe in me, or Jesus, and you will be healed.  There are now “prosperity Christians” who view getting wealthy as getting tangible evidence of God or the universe’s smiling thumbs up–God wants you to have material rewards for being a good follower.  Pavlov would be proud.  These kind of seductions for effect are classic of cults and other creeds who intend to divert questioning, while leaving the doing up to you by the evidence that puts in an appearance.

They often will produce pseudo-scientific “evidence” ‘The cancer was incurable’, or ‘The hurricane was supposed to hit our city but our prayers diverted it!’ This assumes some non erring truism to medicine or meteorology that is not actually true–a reliance upon a kind of deceptive context framing and conclusion.  This kind of false truism is being aired daily on political and religious platforms as evidence of obvious truth.  And the followers follow…

If your cancer is not cured, why, maybe you did not believe in God enough, or it can be framed in yet another way and claim you are suffering to free others from the illness, like Jesus; or maybe the universe needs you somewhere other than where you had thought.  Always a way around obstacles when critical thinking and the manipulation of result orientation are decoupled and rearranged to suit the ideology or agenda.  Putting rewards into a future life or heaven is another way of putting events into an untouchable zone where they cannot be used to critique belief or faith. Integral to these contortions is a reliance on ignorance, and a poisoning of critical thinking’s well; especially that of followers. }

Dark Sides Dawn

There is a dark side to belief and faith that is blocked from view, yet ever-present.  Belief and faith need no proof or evidence, they become inoculated against objective input, true critical analysis, or theories that contravene them.  Belief and faith tend to conserve their own value, while finding outside interest of potentially no value if one thing can be proved false about them.  This tends to create, not only a self affirming confirmation bias, but a decidedly unfair and non objective measure of judgment;–I can prove your one idea wrong with a mistake or even misconception, while my own belief, and, or faith in my ideas are not subject to any objective inquiry.  Say what you will about them I can deny your value and that of what you offer.  Ignorance accomplished.

In effect; while I can feel I prove you wrong with one idea or fact of yours cast into doubt, whether it is right or wrong, you might be required to prove all my belief and faith wrong to be felt as “equal”, yet those very notions are safely tucked away in question free zones.   Cults and many societal manipulators know this cognitive dissonant like aversion to self objectivity, where the truth might seem to hurt you if known, and can bank on using it in the general population to their distinct advantage.  Faith and belief can harbor darkness while appearing to their beholders to be only about light, redemption, and honoring time tested loyalties.

Once this change over to the dark side of ignorance occurs, we may seek validation of our choice as being a good and true thing.  This kind of self-deception by conscious diversion of awareness is often called cognitive dissonance; where we rationalize what we may know as wrong, as being actually emotionally right, or of little importance since the choice appears to serves us.  In religion this may be called temptation in the abstract, but cognitive dissonance is not necessarily always in the usual definition of that concept.


That America is open to kinds of deception in the name of the public good, is not my opinion.  For the Iraq war, the majority of Americans, by poling, thought “they” attacked us.  Another near majority thought Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden were the same person.  How is such fact misrepresentation (or possible deception) even possible? The administration knew the truth yet did not attempt to clarify the public impression of it.  (Cheney still claims to know unverified truth by biasing factual context into circular reasoned contraptions).

Actually, their policy seemed to depend on the public being misinformed and confused about the known truth, then their intention could proceed with less resistance or much objective scrutiny.  Instead, divert the issue into emotionalized swamp zones such as good citizens follow blindly, not requiring evidence because they are “loyal” or “patriotic”.  This is that old world tribalistic, follow or be shamed monkey business.

Corporate and conservative news platforms repeated the false context and false understandings conclusions throughout the lead up to the Invasion of Iraq.  This occurred even to the point of the alleged “liberal media” that was placing conservative pro war talking heads to advantage over dissenting voices by 2 to 1.  Others reduced dissenting voices to tag frames such as a small minority view, or other demeaning definition to their expression.

Those who were indicating facts for the real truth were considered far left or lacking in patriotism by most of the mainstream media.  One (Joe Wilson) had their spouses secret terror fighting position exposed as a kind of seeming retribution for exposing unverified data being used as alleged facts by the US administration.  Here is one way faith can mislead patriotic feeling to support darkness over light while not allowing objective questioning to determine factual reality and honest truth:  The Rule Of Ignorance.

What other falsity about the world does this willingness to be mislead then lend the American public to?  We choose not to know if we choose not to ask ourselves questions regarding our own forthrightness and integrity to what we hold as truth.  Not wishing to know, quite well may lend the rest of the world to not know what America may really stand for, and instead judge us by the actions that show us as being dishonest, idiotic, or just another self validating empire in the throws of decline.

And if you think only experts should question or know “the real” answers, remember those probes that went to Mars but crashed, for their math was seemingly not checked whether or not it was metric?  We have some of the Bush administration officials still claiming their old misstatements, or claiming to not know what was actually quite obvious to thinking people.  Are we really ruled by idiots, or are they counting on we to be the fools?

For what “Bright Beacon of Hope” for humanity hides behind the same old subterfuge and ignorance’s of the dark ages?  One that is not concerned whether that light is actually lit or not, true or not, real or not.  And so we can expect ignorance to have its set of self validating conceptions such as unexamined “patriotism” (“The last refuge of scoundrels”), peer-pressure ostracism/shaming, unexamined and blind “following the leader”.  That is unexamined truthfulness, and unexamined honesty.  Here is where a kind of idiocy becomes political and economic capital to social manipulators and oligarchs.

Live Free or Die.  I’ll Defend With My Life Your Right To Dissent.  Well.  Maybe Not!

In this equation of putting ones life into principles, is the difference between most of us and that 5% or so who will use their lives to back their beliefs (These, most likely in religion and the military). That 95% of the rest of us; one coercion or another will work; money, sex, or fear (families threatened for instance). This equation is known by the powers that have always been controlling populations. { I’ll refer you to the use of this knowledge in the world context in articles and web pages to follow this presentation of  mine.}

Orthodoxies, ideologies and many an ism, are threatened by the fundamental egalitarian mandate of Democracies right to vote (or the implications of all humanity being Gods children), and also the fair use of free speech, or their spiritual equivalents of compassion, empathy, or admitted connection to The Commons—The connectivity of existence.  To subdue this societal enlightenment, where ones consciousness is considered essentially equal to any other, strategies will be employed to pervert the truth of Democracies social contract platform, and to manipulate perception to create bias away from these universal notions to subjective us vs them subjugation’s.  This is a given.

To observe the conservative news outlets (many nonstop propaganda) is to hear and see misrepresented “fact” and assumption as operating consensus realities constructed of emotionalized appearances. Many right wing religious groups, for instance, seem to praise the name of Jesus, but seemingly behave anti his apparent message. (a GOP enabling group called “The Family” seems to be about reversing Christ message and turning it into a dominator ideology; one claiming Stalin, Hitler and Mao are good role models for Christian leaders)  Most religions will use their own histories to validate what they wish to see and perceive now, and not necessarily the ancient or enduring wisdom, though as a diversion of consciousness, they often claim to be conserving the authentic historical “truth”.

The Hidden Value of Word-Playing Into Ignorance

Any society is regulated by a kinds of socialism; yes, even capitalism, where the great expenses of a few are made possible by the many.  This is sometimes called predatory capitalism these days, as it seeks to eliminate public input for public good while pronouncing its own good as the only public good.  It is a fools errand of consciousness to think that somehow what I or you do, does not have any bearing on what to others do or do not do, or how The Commons of Life is impacted.  We are all integral to culture and to societies interactive capabilities.  We all own the consequence.  Unregulated individualism in the present day would be dooming humankind to self destruction—we know too much of the real world to allow one person to do whatever they wish to it.

If I poison the water table and your well comes from it.  Well.  You are paying my price with your health if you accept it or not,  while I can say;  Life is not fair.  At least I got my water stored before the rest went bad.  Good for me.  You are the failure.  This sort of individualism rationalization delusion is ongoing from conservative circles 24 hr’s a day. Essentially, most everything in our worlds are in some manner socialized.  It is just reality.

Declaring Reality Is What My People Want

With seemingly daily misstatements and errors that run uncorrected;

Folks wonder who on earth Fox News could be talking to; the blatant errors, false analogies, false dichotomy’s, out of context conceptions based on fear?  Same could be said of those who believe Rush L’s propaganda; why do some of us need false and misleading information framed into an allegedly on your side pseudo-honest common folk context?  How does sophistry delivered by demagogue‘s seem to some of us to be the truth?  They are supplying what manipulated consciousness needs to counter cognitive dissonance; disrespect for the Universal Commons of Life.  Conservatism is often a kind of mental and pseudo-spiritual addiction—the need drives the reason.

Manipulating facts by false association and framing creates an appearance reality;  A reality that can have notes in the real world, but conclusions from the imaginary; for this to work on eager ears—-

Both Reality and critical thinking ability must be debilitated, allowing substitution to be made possible in minds unplugged of true context.  Overall, on surface consciousness at least, most people (you and I) think they are following the truth.  We just might not know how or why we have the ideas of truthfulness that we do. The more we do not know our own truth-seeking context, the more we may be mislead without knowing and acknowledging it.  In a world where manipulation pays, this ignorance becomes a bankable commodity.  Much conservatism banks on many cons; intending to know you will be unable to see through the charade, for you are not allowed to question preestablished “conserved” premise.  Your mind is unplugged to some extent from both the dynamic movement of now, and quite possibly, truly sensing God.

It seem conservatism banks on this faith bias, (many liberals have their own unsubstantiated conceptual biases that avoid fact checking as well, and are thus conservative), which allows it to run all manner of deception under the individuals truth detecting radar, mostly by ushering ideas in under emotionalized ad-hominen association, or other feeling surrendered logical assumption. The other strategy for crippling critical thinking is to “conserve”  sheltered “truths” under a-priori umbrellas, which the individual is then not allowed to step out from under or see clearly through above.

Most conservatism will have shame based tagging directed at those who do not accept or seem to not accept the conservative ideology, such as; ‘Well.  You just do not accept the truth.’ or ‘You are not a true believer.’ and other like pseudo analysis killing Thought-terminating clichés, (I expect this kind of nonsense from one of you liberal socialist fascist!) that frame others into us vs them tribalism mentality.  Once someone is boxed in and pegged, who needs or is able to see the nuance and ambiguity often accompanying most human lives?  Mission deconstruction accomplished.

Extreme art imitates life?  The dangerous and wild possibilities of mass deception.

A movie “comedy” covers it; this desire I speak of to be mislead from true critical thinking ability.  That movie is called Ideocracy,  where a genetically altered population harboring very low IQ’s, is the movie’s influence pedalling scenario.  In conservatism’s kind of Ideocracy; the requirement is effectively a form of ideological self lobotomy; as in cult and conservatism’s refusal of entering into objective reality testing. The movie uses Fox news inside itself for obvious reasons, but those reasons are not likely obvious to Fox viewers, and “the liberal media” believers.  Conservative news sources seem to not expect fact checking or critical thinking amidst their presentation.  Mostly they cycle and circle logic into self affirming loops that seem to require emotional attitude to substitute as fact finding;  Circular logic.

(I personally have heard from folks who consider Fox’s often mass spun conceptually biased news as the reliable, more accurate news source!  Then, bringing up the daily deceptions running on it might elicit one of those; ‘I don’t trust any of the mainstream media actually.’)

The scary thing is; some of us need to be mislead.  We need ideas to be misrepresented, facts misrepresented, likely cause misrepresented, for we are forcing an ideology onto reality and expecting no one to notice.  Many require a confirmation bias to be in place to screen cognitive dissonant information from consciousness.

Emotional attitude, as well represented by radio’s Rush L, is mistaken as theoretical proof.  This ruse in consciousness, essential to many conservative thought/concept created paradigms, must not be challenged.  This may help explain why direct contradictions, even in the same paragraph about the subject, do not register intellectually or often create conscious discord—The conclusion is what is expected and not the factual context where truth is ascertained, or at least hinted at.

The Final Frontier Is Actually Consciousness

America seems to have many millions of folks who require kinds of deception to feel right about themselves and their cause.  Just in recent history, within the Bush administration, it was conveyed in a journalist interview of allegedly “Bush’s Brain” that they are not reality dependent. They then are actors who simply make history by fiat, or is it truth?, simply by declaring things to be so without tiresome reality checking evidence.  Yes, with much less evidence as I am using here in this opinion piece.  I am not claiming to be an unquestionable “news” source of maker of history however.

Even when it was obvious that the public support of the lead up to the Iraq Invasion was based on non accurate assumptions—–such as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden being the same person, or the “They”, the Iraqis, were somehow who attacked us.  The conservative government had no interest in really clarifying the misleading assumptions, in fact, they depended upon them.  They are acting from belief and not from true evidence based fact. They depend on Americans to be clueless in this regard—not caring what they are told to be the truth.  If this is the case, America is under direct threat from the Ideocracy.

For stupidity to reign supreme over this land; kinds of “faith” and “trust” must be held above reason and wholesome consciousness.  In this cause, conservatism is well served and maintained by ignorance as the gold currency of societal manipulations .

Behold; the Ideocracy.


—————-and other views below, which I do not necessarily completely endorse.


The Flower and Ignorance


A flower is beautiful

insects seem to love it

I watch it

It seems not to worry

but then that is my assumption

This is all well

this is all good

not to worry

but what is unseen

still is

worry or not

known or not

This can be the rub

a grain of sand on pure glass

fine sitting there

leaving no influence or mark

as long as weight never materializes

or unknown move into known

as if time does not record

all the narrative

not only plucked pedals

of comforting fantasy

This question can be ignored

for our own good sake

why worry my little mind

over things too small to see

why were they ever there at all?

the very nature of speculation

its unanswerable question

and those distant storms

what can I do to change them

wave my magic fan?

A flower may not know

of the scythe coming

it could not help the outcome

so why worry indeed

but for we gardeners

results have requirements

we know all is not appearance

to the health of the soil

for many invisible elements

thrive or starve in our silence

all is not harvest

though always we harvest

There is place for concern

tough it may make trouble

take my eyes off the flower

put them on

an oncoming blade

one onlookers think

is as inevitable

as fate

Another choice

not always the easy one

not always the pretty one

Life ask other questions

I may take a stand

not let poison be sprayed

use effort instead of easy promises

for ignoring the whole context

may spell the flowers last light

though those who do not know

do not know or perhaps care;

I matter not only to me

but to a Whole Creation

Yes in the name of goodness

in the name of right

the name of honor


and if willing

Truth itself

we shed our own light

for some purpose

is inevitable

as avoiding death

but not ignoring it;

death is not the point

but it is a point coming

There comes a time

when the choice is ugly

but a necessity

when it is painful

and yet one I

could not live without

not and say;

I could not help this revelation

I would have gotten dirty

my clothes torn, stained

what then would others think?

so celebrate and enjoy ignoring

for that sure is worry free

yet covered in destiny


Life may call

insist in rain or in drought

in vineyards heavy bent

or sun too much to take;

that I did what was required

but not only what was desired

by good looks alone

or lust for good times

running from the sun

or hiding from the rain


Wisdom is not always

caring for the easy path

the simplest one

nor the thrill of risk

Wisdom can be

standing neck deep in mud

knowing effort and patience

with not a friend to help

nor a bloom to be seen

in those who tend the soil

these raw elements

teeming with Life

time and space

carry other interest

waiting on open eyes

Not all living will exclude suffering

as appealing as that promise be

Wisdom can be at times

fact over fiction


over blissful ignorance

and happy endings


At times

Love is not easy

Love may not be

always pretty

but it is

all we ever have

that flowers deep

into living color

and true

giving back

more than I give

if I care for it

On The Nations Health Care; How To Siphon Off The Blood Bank

Our Great Success at The Nations Health Care Blood Bank Must Continue!

{A fictional parable narrative}


You all know why we must work together on this one.  It is a battle over what is assumed true, what is real, and how we keep what we have.

One thing any predator knows; separate the individual from the herd.  Now you have access.

This is what we face in commandeering The Commons, or the common interest, commonly referred to as the public good.  We turn the commonality into the subjective.  Just as a predator will work the herd to find the weak, we program ideas into the culture that achieves this same objective. By controlling the conceptual parameters of individualism, we can engineer access to break that common good, and make that good our own.

We use fear as if it were teeth baring down on the individual.  This not only makes them fearful and susceptible, but has them seeking out a new body of protection, a new herd to provide cover.  Survival is in a basic sense; the individuals insurance plan; what preserves them and their future.  This new herd mentality of the individual, must be our desire and our ideology.

We manipulate The Commons, for the interest of the individual above the whole.  In religion, we make the individual fearful.  In the economy, we do the same.  Wealth and power have their now intrinsic access bias provided by our cultural paradigm; a way of life that keeps us on top, while others lust after our achievements.  This we use to our advantage, and all while the ideology of individualism supports the kind of success and fortune that we represent.  Their identity is in this way, wed to our own.

This is how Creation is separated in individual consciousness.  It is also how we project ourselves as the intermediary, standing between the individual and survival, be it earthly or heavenly.  They are then dependent on us.  Our fears can be transmitted to them as if they were their own, for in effect they are.  We own the cosmological and spiritual perspective.  Where we point, the individuals narrative goes.

Now we can defeat Democracy and its Liberalism while using those very inventions to untie themselves.  The public good is rendered our good.  The best slaves, are those who believe themselves to be free.

We can defeat American health care reform, which means, keep things essentially the way they are.  To do this it is necessary to divert attention from reality, to fear. Fear can overcome an individuals sense of self with the attending sense of reality, having it defer to paranoia and linked apparent threat motivation.  Fear is an opportunist, meaning our opportunity; a predators prime leverage in conscious and subconscious consideration.  It is then, a currency unparalleled in identity control and manipulation.  Fear is money in our bank.  We must never forget that!

We are faced with this imperative; We must culture an audience based on faith, on belief, and not on so called objective reality. These so called believers are prone to accept opinion and attitude over truth, fear over fact, for now they are rendered independent and suspicious of objective critical thinking requirements.  These greatly enable our primitive control mechanisms; shame and ostracism, to motivate conformity to our will.  We will so control the individuals sense of survival, attaching their ensuing identity interest to our own.  We have many media avenues to deliver this drug to the populace.


Look at how obvious individuals see this one way street of interest already; Corporations simply pass on their tax of profit, their tax of cost, and even their tax of tax onto the individual.  But is the reverse true?  Do the working smoes pass on their cost of living increase by upping their wage?  Absolutely not!  This is why we must attack unions and any other organization of the relative whole populace, accept where we desire.  We call the shots on survival, then we have individual behave as we wish.  And believe me, we have them insisting that this is freedom as well!

No one said transferring your interest to another does not necessarily have you be thanked for it!  Once we have this myopic identity inserted into individual consciousness, the big view becomes ours to define.  We automatically attract a legion of followers that are desperate for our own intellectual and rational dialectics.  Those who see our power and intuit its advantage, will lust after our reason, and attack those who do not accept our commands.  Do you see the propaganda business scenario?  I trust so.

We own America, the public does not!

We will lose control of the public if they are taught to understand what fact in context is for themselves, and so we defer to attitude, authority and posture; standard conservative identify control features.  That, and a self validated individualism that considers ones own opinion as the relevant truth.  Do not underestimate individualism as an identity feature.  It enables us to part out Creation, making it all up for sale, including ones very health and well-being, ones life.  No more apples for them for the taking, or unconditional love. The individual is disconnected form nature continuity, dependent upon supply strategies we provide for survival.  This greatly enables cognitive dissonance coping mechanisms, contorting our public into the shape we wish to guarantee our survival, all through their own subjugation.

And our individualist think they are free!  Lovely.

We have our usual target audiences; those who are proving to not know how to actually check facts, and are highly susceptible to black magic, or rumor and allegation.  Remember the statement; ‘He palls around with terrorist.’ comment last election? Soon they were yelling that Obama was a terrorist.  It is about controlling cause to produce desired effect.

Unhinging fear upon susceptible identities is a powerful disruptor of consciousness and civilized dialogue.  This is why we must provoke the exhibition of these fears upon the population; doubt and fear help conservatism.  Period.  Turmoil sets people back to what they think they know, conserving what seems relevant to the identity’s stability. They are then diverted from what now seems a dangerous unknown change.  Straight forward monkey business, people; and we just sit back and watch this happen. Wrong! We encourage it by not aiding or abetting our enemy!

To these ones out of the critical thinking mandates, opinion appears as fact, in that that opinion or innuendo suits the already believed in ideas. People who operate by faith conceptualizations, can be the easiest pickings for propaganda.  Our thinkers have long been aware of this, being it is evident throughout human history.  We now tailor our required fear manipulations to the target audience susceptibilities. We will bite them with it.  By anesthetizing critical thinking capacity, emotion and idea association become the proof, facts become suspicious.  That is how we take down the “reality community”.

We will care for ourselves by defeating the reasons people support caring for one another unconditionally. It is how The Golden Rule is conquered; divided and defeated.  This causes compartmentalization of The Golden Rule to our kind of people, and not those others.  You know who we are talking about.

See how easy it is?


We control minds by tugging at the suspicions of the heart.  Fear is thus our allied communicator, our constant companion. We do this emotional point of view pivot on health care, by changing a public awareness of common health concerns, to self centered, everyone for themselves thinking. Distrust of government is a key to this perception, where we desire its targeting.  So the socialism ruse is an excellent one.

Most folks do not know the air is, in effect, socialized; the highways, the power grid, the military, many of Life’s fundamentals are communal property.  Yet we can take them out of consideration, control the definitions limitations of a concepts usage.  We can even take away, eventually, the communal identity by hiring out government function to private contractors.  They then use tax dollars, but become corporation dependent in their philosophical world view.

You want clean water?  They buy a bottle!

And our noose tightens on human identity.

We have pretty much controlled the dialectic on government parameters by associating it with cost, then that cost is framed as what is taking form you and giving to someone unworthy as you.  This is simple self-centeredness, yet appealing to most anyone wanting more money.  We have in this way commandeered self interest to exclude interest of The Commons.  Most people do not even know what The Commons actually is; it is the connectivity of Life  In short; we must place attitude and innuendo above illness, subjectivity above the objective.  And believe me; we have like minded followers of this eternal struggle for success over humankind.

We have tried and true means at our disposal, as well as the ever paranoid lunatic fringe to scare suspicion into the nations dialogue.  We defeat the public by using the public insecurity and attaching it to our own will.  Here is where the fabled Wedge Issues come in; under the guise of well meaning intention, perception is realigned to subjective tagged considerations.  Now; what we have created are malleable identities, able to be transformed to accept our interest as their own, while thinking they are seeing things as they are for themselves.  Deception is a beautiful thing!

This is opinion evolution of the highest order, our order.  Our orders are best served by having the public believe they are their own, a seamless continuum.  We are fortunate by nature, that money gives us access to promote our views through congress and our legion of loyal followers.  In this way, we manufacture Wedge Issues as our own health policy guarantee.  And so, power controls Democracy, surrendering it to those who can afford it.  This is as it should be; we erase the Renaissance and the Age of Reason with a wisp of our wing.

Oh yeah; and render Democracy our own servant stepchild.


We are fortunate, that in corporate America, the alleged liberal press actually shills for us and not exactly the public good.  Well, let me put it more accurately; it is the public good as far as we are concerned.  We must make the public share our concerns as their own.  This attitude change will change how people identify with health care in the USA, with simple identifying characteristics; what seems to be for them, and what seems against them.

Power must use its “unfair” advantage to defeat the problematic egalitarian implied fairness of Democracy.  We have power and influence to do just this, while the public remains numb in our anesthetics charms; they feel subconsciously dependent.  You know; the hand that feeds them.  We can then use their own subconscious leanings in this regard, against their real interest, and for our own. This is an ancient historical struggle to subdue the mass of humanity. It is never finished.

Vigilance is our eternal cause.  So remember our assets; our corporate press is not actually a democratic Free Press Fourth Estate, but one driven by profit bottom-lines just as we all are.  It is a corporate Forth Estate, based on squeezing out money, and don’t anyone forget it!  Guess who “they”, the free press, will naturally side with?  I trust you know that answer!  How do you think we have practically every unsubstantiated, wild idea on the far right being the questions being asked of the Obama administration?  Yet what is the constant chant?  The Mainstream Liberal Media is all biased!

Back eight years or so ago, most anything spoken against Bush was cast as Bush bashing being done by the far left fringe. Their questions were pretty much shamed into silence, while we have people thinking Obama isn’t even a true American! Brilliant!  A liberal press indeed people!  It is liberal in its diverse usage that we exploit, in that we love promoting sex, violence, and most any conflict to grab emotional attention, as well as for the ensuing big bucks of course. We then have conservatism blame liberalism for it, while sitting back and counting the cash!  That is how subconsius control works, we allude the liberal media is always promoting it!

It is all about hiding right in front of the public eye. Shell Games people.  The old bait an switch.  It will be faith and trust in our goodness, and claims of principle, that allows us to force surrender upon objectivity.  We promote blind trust for our interest, a conspiracy of fear for our mass of adversary.


We may be the last industrialized nation to cover all our citizens health. We must keep it that way if we intend to make a gravy train killing off of illness and fear.  It is all about silent and steady leverage.  Public input does not foster that.  Lets face the truth; we scare money our of pockets plain and simple.  Imagine it people: We have something like 70% of Southern Whites believing Barack Obama was not even born in America(*).  That is how we put illusion ahead of reality.

We now have the equivalent of the power of magic, the power of illusion and confusion, with easy ideas as cognitive dissonance antidote.  We can make anyone believe in anything, then blame others for problems that continue to evolve.  You know the cue then; Its caused by those liberals!  Who you gonna trust?  Those sinister liberals?  I don’t think so.

Now I would like to congratulate our ideological promoting hero’s. Special thanks to our own Three Kings, to Rush, Bill and Sean.  They our our masters of cognitive dissonance, of denial, blame and shame.  They make fact checking irrelevant, instead, manipulating identity shames peer pressure perception into just what rules; arrogance and accountability projected out to others than our own.  This is our health protection plan.  We have think tanks and institutional advantage to pry the public interest to our own.

We must disguise government supported Health Care as being just another Big Government spending boondoggle; one likely to kill off our own family, or at least imply that to the public perception of their interest.  Fear is our leverage on individual identity.  The right use of words can mold public opinion as if it were clay in our hands.  He’s forcing us into socialism! Run for your lives! By scaring folks, by manipulating their own fear, we can and we will defeat hope.  Hope will become Nope.  We can then get back to many more years of plundering the public commons, ladies and gentleman.  And that is how we stay ahead of voters; by seduction to our interest as if it were their own!


These are an oligarchies rules; we must shift an ideological tag to our interest that appears to represent average citizens suspicions of government.  We do the same for intellectual elites. See how the elite tag taints them?  Do you recall? It works even while George Bush claimed his actual base was the elite.  The elite who manipulate society to remain ahead that is.  That is the elite of consumption, and not of ideas per-say. In democracy, where citizens are given much too much sway over us, we must defeat their own thoughts with our own!  Government bureaucrats will be making decisions for us, standing between you and your doctor! How simple it is, and it is thanks to the intellectual elite we hire to shape public perceptions to opportunist ideology!

Of course this ignores that we have our own corporate bureaucrats already stuffed between the patient and their health care. The dumbed down public doesn’t even realize that they have been fooled into a system that actually takes choice out of their own hands, while claiming to put it there!  Do you see it people?  At least in government, in democracy, you have a say at election time.  Not so in my company! I say not so in America!

Fool them once!  I say fool them 300,000,000 million times!

Believe me.  They will identify with us and share our profitable concerns, even while their own health is being jeopardized by our exploitation of their fear of illness. Remember; society socializes wealth towards the well off (you and me!) and those who set up the various pyramid system paradigms that permit us to harnesses an others energy into your own column.  At least this socialism for the haves, succeeds as long as it is not conceived of that way.  Let us control the dialectic;  Vote for socialism’s public say on cost, bad.  My corporate socialism for me and my stockholders with no public say; good.

That is exploitation, plain and simple, yet for us it is unparalleled opportunity. By sugar coating opportunism with ideas of achievement and success, with self worth and validation by material reward, we obliterate the awareness of exploitation’s usage, while deferring away the problems caused by environmental and social degradation.  It becomes the obvious mechanism to move ahead of others, by leveraging their life energy into your own possession.  Consequence and accountability be damned.  Notice how we shame liberals with accusation while denying accountability issues directed at us?  Faith is something we can bank on!  We can have faith that our followers will not know where or how to check the real facts and how they fit the world.  Disorientation, ladies and gentlemen, allows you to point those pins at the donkey for them!


We have many interested in these schemes that grab others effort, a small piece at a time, but eventually, by mass appeal, this system is accepted as natural and God given.  It rises each day as the sun, and at night as the moon.  We have achieved in human consciousness, the appearance of inherent reality, reality that by all appearance seems simply to be what is.  That is the power and the glory of conservatism.  How do we find that pin in an individuals hay stack that will allow us to pick their pockets lock?  A blowtorch!  Again; thanks to the Three Kings and their many wannabees shilling for subjugation of the individual to our entrenched power dynamic, in the name of freedom!  Magnificent!

We make our logic the logic of identity appeal, then blame change as actually being a threatening attempt to destabilize your life.  It certainly would ours!  This is why we have created the bogeyman of The Mainstream Media, as a shield to corrupt the impressions of any objective reality intrusion.  Remember.  70% of Whites in the South (by an actual poling) are so unhinged of fact checking, that they can be lead to believe what our sycophants wish.—The liberal conspiracy is in reality a faith, it is a belief, and it insulates us from the questioning of these individuals own sense of what reality is and is not.

Notice our Sarah, and so many loyal others; we simply state opinion as fact, while making up logic by already manipulated emotional perception, with its now ideological tag and frame.  It is about an appearance of consistency to our faithful. Luckily they are primed to follow buzz words as if it were manna from heaven. Other aspects of mind control, such as Thought-terminating clichés, will have a word or phrase act as negative magic wands, to stop our followers from thinking further into any matter we wish. Perception slides down that slope right into our bank accounts.  In some ways, we can be much more liberal with the truth and fact as liberals ever could be.  It is a beautiful vice!  We have them both coming and going.  Now there is a profitable trap; other hearts pump to fill up our tanks!

We can have them, the public, our public, think fascism is communism, and more secretly, stealthily to our advantage; think anti-Christianity, is Christianity.  We can reverse the endemic liberalism of Jesus Christ.  A millennium ago we purged the Gospels of spiritually self empowering communal ideas, leaving those that supported our own kinds of power over structures.  We have these believers trapped, but now, without Biblical reference for more direct perception of The Divine and its attending enhanced consciousness.  We have the individual much more worried over their own heavenly outcome, rather than their expanded perception of their being now. This project is still moving forward quite well on much of right wing Christianity, yet they would be outraged to acknowledge this!

That is the perfection of our cover, ladies and gentleman.  Our power over others arises from their own failings within.  Failings we have instituted into the program.  Our faithful have unplugged their own objectivity and rationality, depriving themselves of truly honest questioning.  Check Mate!

Like any opportunism in nature, we have every right to take and keep what we can get, no matter by hook, or by crook, or by the best of intention.  So called reality based Americans look at our followers in abject disbelief; How can they really believe that? The mind is controlled by controlling the heart.  Liberals just do not see the disadvantage they are in; subjectivity is much easier to control than objectivity.  Infinitely more simple, and so this is how we must keep our flocks; plain and simple and proud of it!


Keep spreading the Nope about National Health Care, especially any public option. Yell out; “They are destroying America for their socialist plan!” Thanks, but I meant that figuratively. We certainly do not wish the most popular of all health plans, the socialized health care plan run by the VA, or that other one; Medicare, from competing with us across the boards to drive prices down.  We do not need lower pricing.  We need no question permitted about we doing what we wish with our clients health care plan.  Now that is opportunism at work people!  I say; Don’t let the government take that choice for us away!  Now just phrase that to the common folk, and you have them in your talons!

You’ve got to love those congress-people, with their own national health care plan, condemning government involvement in medicine!  Fantastic!  And all because folks do not check the real facts in context; but are instead influenced by our opinion as operational truth.  My people; just check out Fox News and our GOP partners.  It’s a wonderful confusion!  We still retain our loyal followers even when we are found to be the ones whose principle seems to be, do as I say and not as I do!  Keep the faith!

Keep energizing our lunatic base!  Attack and run, ladies and gentleman.  Make things up.  It is all about doubt and suspicion.  It is amazing how few people ever can see through their own inner motivations.  These are our permanent stock in America. We are about control by fear, but this is no horror movie, this is real life.  Lets take it!

People.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you.


Now where is that metaphorical blood bank of heath care?  I need to make a withdrawal; squeeze a few more of the insured out of their winnings.

Oh. Don’t you know?

I’m looking for a new home where the action is.  Got a piece of land in China I’m scoping out.  You’d be surprised how many of us are putting up a roost there as well.  Get to where the flow is people, or be a looser and get siphoned out.

The Journal: Profits over People | Bill Moyers | PBS Video

With almost 20 years inside the health insurance industry, Wendell Potter saw for-profit insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before


Apocalypse Whenever : The Armageddon Spirit of Destruction

I mean to say;  Armageddon Whenever, but am playing off the idea of Apocalypse Now, the book and movie title.

The eventual end of the world, recognized by science as likely induced by the evolution of our sun, seems not the one many Abrahamic religious folks seem sure in breathing fire and brimstone down our necks, seemingly, since the idea was conceived.  That apocalypse conception, itself, has evolved over the ages; from seemingly a valley back in the Biblical era sounding somewhat like Armageddon, to the whole planet now in some others interpretation of Biblical era.

It seems that the apocalypse whenever people, see we humans problematic relationship issues as the reason for God delivering an apocalypse right around the present day corner.  The threats to the planet from pollution and other societal and environmental ignorance (or arrogance) are not what they mean.  They look for what one might conceive as God-like signs, what we define as nature based (God) threats to humanity. Every earthquake, drought, or other relative moment earth anomaly, becomes the signs of destruction.  They are looking for a promised punishment of a sorts, and using that fear of ultimate consequence, as a motive to be pure about spiritual matters.  Not necessarily actually pure, but pure as described by some leaders of church, and their moral values worth ideologies.  The projected spiritual groups emotionalized Zeitgeist.

At the change of millennium date at the year of 2000 (then 2001 in some minds, then usually some right up and coming next date), God was apparently set on getting even with the sinners or otherwise unfaithful. You just wait and see; may be the outward warning to apparent nonbelievers.  To believers, the publicity they generate towards humankind is meant to change behavior by suggesting immanent threat of enduring pain and deprivation, if you do not conform.  This is a negative based ideology; I am not to change my behavior because I am actually wiser, or actually enlightened as to the nature of my actions, I am changing because otherwise I will be tortured and tormented, perhaps forever.  Primitive defense mechanisms.

Gods breaking point comes when this final line is drawn on human sand; God will not show love for me nicely if I displease God; behavior equals punishment now or later, for it seems no excuse or explanation will be relevant.  God seems in a mechanical dialectic of punishment, or love, but we seem to conclude this will be balanced out in the future, the very near future, but soon now or maybe after my death.  Either way, it is stretched out ahead in our minds. We do not seemingly notice or believe that our good or bad behaviors are instantly judged, in effect, by ourselves.

Why if I wear a mask and rob you, you have lost and I have gained.  Only some theoretical God stands in possible judgement.  At least this is about as far as some thieves may think.  It seems straight forward in material appearance. We seem to believe it is true that others surly do seem to be “getting away” with something, be it trespass, murder or exploitation. So if the Universe is good or just, things will be balanced, if not now, then surely later.  And so a future time of reckoning is imagined, Bible true or not, for we are the ones imagining what it will be by our own sense of definition.

This open-ended threat does produce an extended circular reasoning merely based on continued existence—the end is always near, year, after year, after year, after year, after decade, after millennial. And we each eventually realize our death, even if illness and aging are “solved”, will likely reach us one day, a seeming day of reckoning. It does not matter about the facts on the real ground, we have evolved into a mental issue issuing from continuing problematic human relationship issues. The permanent apocalypse is when?  —-Ever right next to now.

The “facts” will seem obvious to the ideological presumption, and so the religions believing in a global day of reckoning, believing the Bible called this a truth, never fully consider the very old origins of their own religious ideas.  Their beliefs are strung out on the impressions and assumptions of the present day:  That their own religion evolved out of preexisting ideas; pagan, including pantheistic which can include their own monotheistic traditions of a Prime Spirit or Mover, must be ignored or explained away.

If I declare I am following the one and only God, the fully omniscient One, then by association, I am on the side of right and Truth—–in my mind as defined by others.  Something Absolute is granting me a kind of absolute authority, in my mind.  When ordained in public, so sure of the infallibility behind me; Do I question the roots of my religion and how they have been pruned?  Do I see the human intervention in the Gospels deleted and those accepted, that bent spiritual iconography a certain way to support hierarchy over refined states of consciousness?  Do I care or care more of believing what I believe cannot be wrong?

To think you know the Truth, does seem to involve one excluding many other different conceptions of knowing.  Perhaps perception must be narrowed, because ambiguity and varying nuance do not suit the absolutest ideological clarity that these kinds of conservative orthodoxies require to “know”, or imagine they know, what they are talking about.  Delusion, illusion and even mistakes, can seem completely real, as real as you and I ourselves.  Lacking permission to question ourselves to the core, may mean we are refusing to know who we are and what Life around us really is.  That we are living in exclusion ideology is an absolute certainty.

To accept the apocalypse whenever mentality, is likely to accept a resigned completion of the self; I am committed to knowing the end for all is near, so I surrender to what I a told, yes, what I am told, God is.  All I know is that God is Perfect and I am on Gods side, so God should favor me. I do not need to strive for earthy achievements any longer, really.  This circular reasoning would likely produce a kind of release from the problematic vice grip so many of us perceived humankind is being continually held in.—I can be self assured of my cosmological place in a spiritual life.  You guys go ahead with all those evil narcissistic ways you have, I’m going to be good; according to the ideological matrix being manufactured from fellow believers around a group defined idea of “saved” consciousness.  Exclusion from the vice grip of eternal damnation? Absolute surrender to the conceptualized ideology; as I imagine it.

Come the apocalypse, I will be spared, for I am supporting the Perfect One we have all agreed upon, with supporting Biblical reference, while the rest of you will get what you have coming.  I wish you did not, I love and feel for you, but l, and a small number of others will actually be saved. As one apocalypse whenever person put it; ‘I am supposed to pray for peace, the Bible tells me to.  But I do not believe it may do any good with the end being near.’ God Loves us, Loves you too, but you rejected it. What can I say? One way we see it, an unspoken way that is, is God terrorizing you and I, the sinners, with everlasting damnation, a pain or pleasure reaction narrative as primitive as bacteria motive.  Sorry.  I do not wright the rules.   Heaven is not a democracy.

What these people, who feel they are true believers do not know, and do not try to know what they really know, is that the cultural paradigm being created in their own consciousness is floating on a planet spun of ideas.  For instance; they are not checking why the Bible was censored of its self empowering Gospels about a millennium ago, by those who would rather have hierarchical notions dominate in culture.  Any deep questions as to the fundamental construction of the holy book and books deemed relevant, are pre–condemned by a long history of rationalization.  One thing conservative orthodoxies always have as a wedge against their own followers knowing their own thoughts; questioning the orthodoxy is itself seen as the work of evil.  Problem, for many, solved.

But if God, or Creation, is naturally intrinsic to the self, the relationship to this Prime Self would likely, in my view, be immediate.  Evangelicals and many other religious folks, seem to have many contradictory issues about how involved God is in their own thinking, or how simply belief based this God is.  How big God is; as in, is God a part of everything, or is God just a “Spiritual Being” a metaphysical Entity that is in someway involved in our lives, then come death, draws a line to determine if you knew the right stuff and acted accordingly.

That this Spiritual Entity then seems to pronounce that you are suitable for eternal damnation, would seem to be true for my mentioned “unknowings” of our fellow humans.  Interesting indeed.  Not that it determines God is a megalomaniac dictator that flourished on seeing Its creatures tormented eternally by God.  This actually says a whole lot about the kinds of minds that would be following such a disturbed Being.  Being that this vengeful God seems to have about the same philosophical/emotional imperatives as a psychopathic criminal.  Not the followers problem?

Were you following the right One God?  Were you an honest person, or do you have a few questions about a couple moments in your life, especially how you felt about it then, or of an-others life?  How will this penultimate lie detector test play out?  We do not seem to ask ourselves of the arbitrariness of much of this; like I got an extreme-unction just in the nick of time; or at the last moment I was sorry and asked for forgiveness; or, If only I knew this was really true I would have acted differently—–kinda the no atheist in foxholes implication.  This negative referenced God will reproduce negative assumption into followers consciousness; because the Universe is ultimately rational—-behavior, as action, occurs for reason.  Consciousness is self sufficient in perception; it tends to see what it believes in.  This may be a means to discovery, but not a guarantee of Truth.

And here is why; after the dust of disaster has settled; when the rains return; when survival is again insured, what insured it in this dangerous interim was; Love.  It is so simple, it can be missed like the nose on my face.  It can be ignored like the earth under my feet. It can seem invisible, like the air my car breathes into, or my fingers pass through while typing this to you, but we discover, often to our own humbled humiliation and then bliss; that are ego’s were blocking Loves Light all along.  This is why I insisted it was not there.

To love unconditionally, is to know Love.   To be true to knowing my love is aligned with Love, is the human challenge.  Here is where soul and Spirit are known as One, or imagined.  The proof of this is not in my beliefs, but in my awareness of Love’s domain.

Opportunism’s Law of Self Validation, or; I’m OK With Me Gaining

{This post is a consideration on how we use our own energy, or live Life, and perhaps use others for our own accumulative gain, of their energy into our own.  This is often unconscious, as in economic and personal relationships.  As most always, I will also consider metaphysical and spiritual implication. This may mean some will find those highly presumptive from their point of perception.}

Opportunism’s Law of Self Validation

For most of us, others taking advantage of us or our situations can be noted a negative;  we may feel we are being used while at a disadvantage, an exploitative position.  We taking advantage of others the same way, essentially, may be an entirely different matter; I’m winning!  A plus! Ca-ching!  How lucky am I! About time I came out ahead! Thank You God! Now I’m going places!  That’s how its done! My ship has come in!  Feels good to come out ahead!  The gods must be smiling on me!

We might say these sort of good for me expressions on other occasions, when something non-exploitative is going on, certainly.  That is possibly when they are said or felt the most, yet, from movies to commercials, when the economy or some other factor is leveraged positively into my position relative to others, I could easily see things this sun-shining on me way and not notice anything amiss about it.  In fact, we seem to have been inculcated, or indoctrinated, to favor “getting ahead” as if it were an honest life progression in and of itself, a worthy goal toward a life’s success.  Getting ahead, moving-up, succeeding for ones evident plus result; these things enter a world of abstraction.

These quantitative pluses can be emotionally (spiritually) leveraged to pad oneself on the back by their material and situational result.  This can result in the creation of what I will call a “soul canyon”, an identity where my good intentions and opinions of myself are confirmed by a world that offers clear event pluses for me.  It is a canyon, for the inner connectivity of Life, is on some levels eroded away.

This is what opportunism will do to each and everyone of us.  The “karma” is effectively instant, while the self opinion can endure into the void of identity left by disconnection consciousness, or alienation.  The pluses, the material or status gains will also appear to endure, but these have become vestiges of true identity.  These have washed their full substance out into unconscious seas.  I can become results oriented as far as “gaining” from Life.  The ignorance of what of my deep core is being washed out to sea in this, will tend to be discounted or ignored, for heaven, by result definition, does seem to be smiling at me.  Evidence to put into my obvious plus column.

Why Do I Assert That Good Things Can Be In Some Manner Destructive?

The trouble with such a good results for me ideology is; It does not honestly consider the ramifications of individual action extrapolated out into the commons—the universe of life and being.  This can include our friends or strangers on the other side of the globe.  And this fact has grave consequence for the human experience, both environmentally, and obviously, spiritually.

The addictive trouble with gaining is; the world allows me to pamper myself if only I follow the good for me rules.  How cool is that!  I barter my life on gambling and gaming a system of self promotion for results. And in this is powerful motivation for instituting cognitive dissonant diverting rationalization; Don’t tell me of my social and environmental impacts.  Let each wrestle with their own consciousness and mind your own business. Alienation psychology, done.  Spiritual soul canyon, excavated.  Identity wed to results regarding need based consumer identity.  That such an identity may lead to the destruction of earths ecosystems and just human relationship?  A bother to even consider.

Yet to those of us looking at our accumulate life’s mass of gains and their accomplishments anointing us, we my see self worship and its artifice of decoration and winning facade, as Gods or Life’s gratitude incarnate. The deep Love of being, which most of humanity is born with, seemingly twist itself through our assumptions into ones own shell of experience.  It is mostly, then, all about me.  I then seem most important, and all the while, to Life I may have substantially become most distant.

This ego identity, who I think I am, can be adorned with self promotion, even spiritual self validation.  I can claim God has bestowed more on me because I am more, or at least deserving of more.  This is an essential disassociation to Life, yet in the modem worlds individualism parade, where our displays seem to b what we worship, it can be success personified.  It can be even called divine grace; the will of God smiling upon my character’s hard effort and noble deeds.

One need not look far into advertising and many religious conceptions (“prosperity Christianity” for instance), to decipher this code of self validation by cosmic advantage.  I am lucky.  God has granted me this, so I will posses it.  That this all has turned one, not into a creature of universal connection, but into one of personal possession and assumed merit, ever seeking self validation, is keep off the conscious radar.  The endemic fatal flaw of materialism as self promotion, seems the last thing we can be interested in investigating, yet this accumulated success of individualism is wreaking havoc on environmental and social systems, none of which can bare the ignorance indefinitely.

These self possessed individualism societies, that use environmental cues to provide evidence of success, will “naturally” opposes connective consciousness.  Things, or manifestations, such as unconditional Love, these things of immersive “Big Life” Being, will seem alien contraptions, even idealistic Utopian fantasy.  A deep unwholesomeness (apparent contradiction in knowing) will be assumed toward that which interconnects Life, as if it were a ploy to “get ones stuff”.  This will show up with affirmations repeated over alienation and otherness, itself a mechanical ploy that “allows” an individual to ignore the heart/emotional issues of those not like themselves.  We can expect that many of us will, not only deny our impacts on others or earth systems, but blame those who point them out to us—we are avoiding knowing.  We have a fantasy self to defend from reality then.  We are in effect; leading by our ignorance and not our wisdom. This invites an eagerness towards darkness; misunderstanding and distrust.  Yet it seems aspects of the modern consumer society’s must ignore consequence and find others to blame for bringing it up.

It is not surprising at all, to hear those who deny air or water pollution and their universal consequences, instead deferring to the individualism paradigm and success. Why they are for success and achievement, including getting ahead of course, so some other unhappy camper is complaining for their own lack of self fulfillment. The negative aspects of the individuals behavior upon the collective environments, then, can seem to be caused by the weak or envious who do not want to do what it takes to succeed, or a symbolic guilt promoting liberal media with its agenda’s. This stimulates cognitive dissonance avoidance propaganda campaigns that are created to assuage consciousness from actually accepting its universal mandate to be fully accountable.  Human beings actually desire to live in a true world and not one that is a lie, but collectively understanding what this is is highly problematic for many of the above reasons.

This may indicate why many are attacking science in the name of holy cause; that the souls canyon not be filled in with their own missing substance, but instead, denying the canyon ever was, by deferring to a supreme authority to sanctify opportunism over any larger sense of full connectivity and responsibility.  The evidence of God or Life blessing me, is with stuff, and for some possibly, how much family and friends they seem to have as extrinsic self affirmation.

A Universal Context Is Self Evident

We human beings are born into a universal platform called Life. We are energy.  We experience energy as it occurs in relationship to spacetime.  May sound like pseudo-scientific physics speak, but is relevant in its simplicity.  In general, we have exactly the same needs and requirements for existence as unknown others. We function in vibrationally coherent ways.

These are tweaked in perception by our cultural and other hereditary background, including the sex one happens to be, but the fundamentals are in essence identical.  The context we each are born into, the net of relationships, can very widely between economic privilege relative to others, to individualistic ideals of more communal conceptions of the self, and other identified “belongings” that I might presume I am identified with.  We even act out as if mathematical formulas were proving themselves.  We each look for logical consistency, for we are ever searching for proof of our subjective truths reality.

On top of the above situational advantages, or not, that one may be born into, other extenuating definitional context can alter the self lens even more; education, role modeling, peer pressure, sibling relationships, societal perspectives.  All these and more can come to “tell” me what Life seems to be about, and where I might fit in to seem to have my life.  Once on this well paved road of confident attachments, where or whenever do I possess the authority to change direction?  If I am in the dark metaphorically speaking, who or what permits me to seek light?  Is my lifes energy mine?  Do I decide its fate, or can others take what they can “get away with”?

Every human is vulnerable, no matter the muscles or the tough act, in fact, these hard projections of self tend to define the most insecure of our identities, threatened by material challenge, and so, spiritually/emotionally hurt.  We also find that confrontational bluster does produce material change one can believe in; it is advantageous, and so, right–a reward follows.  The bully may be actually an existing harmed bullied young heart afraid that love is forever withdrawn, but the aggression produces someones lunch money, a reward (as if love) for taking a risk and going for it.  Yet what was actually the risk? and what was actually received?  How and why am I getting what I want, or not seeming to receive what I want?  Do I know the ramifications that will be intrinsic to what I want?  Then, do I truly have a good view on why I want situations or things?  Where and by what authority does my knowing issue from?

Conscious or Not; Responsible or not; Accountable or not? Alive or a recording? Unconditional Love or not?

A reviewed life has been said to be the life worth living, but how and why it is reviewed is of paramount importance.  Whether I strive to use my energy to promote myself or to work toward greater harmony through understanding, is critically important for “making the most of ones life”.  It is abundantly evident that many, if not most, of us suffer from abandonment anxiety. We seem to be seeking connection and societal comforts, and seem to know we are not unconditionally loved by Life, and especially God (Life, and, or, the Cosmos).   Religion tells many of us that God is totally conditional, and that you will be judged by how much or how well you have followed the religious programming.  So where is this unconditional Love and this connected Life that I speak of?

It is just you where it resides.  Just me. And where every real thing is. It is in illusion where we debate its existence. It is in ignorance where we confidently take sides.  It is the Big Challenge of Life; to see through appearances to the deeper essence.  This can be an eternal joy rather than the battle for belief.  It can be a Universal Ground instead of an empty chasm between us. It is the difference between Being and believing.  In one the self is connected and integral.  The other; yearning and in doubt.  It is knowing, or else always waiting on a bit more evidence to confirm or dissuade doubt.

This difference is monumental.  I can look yearningly across my soul canyon, as at the Grand Canyon.  I see the other side, but I do not seem to be it, to be there.  Yet in substantial and in deep ways, I am.  It is recognizing the connective essence and the alienation revealed grandiosity, where deep inside another kind of grandeur resides awaiting recognition.  Not explanation or self validation, not a world of goodies and a list of accomplishments; but recognition.  The vast and overwhelming awe one can see and feel at The Grand Canyon, is fundamentally existing under all earth.  We see across the story of spacetime, where energy reveals the inner and outer nature of existence.

More than One Self

With this view in mind, God, or Universal Love, or whatever one conceives of as the oceanic connectivity of the self with Creation never goes away. It is there in you and in me.  We can get lost within ourselves and our subjective self definitions, yet still, existence is with and through us completely, unconditionally, except where I, for whatever reason, chose not to comprehend it.

There are simultaneously the manifestations of two selves, one relative to conditions and another in union with energy’s motion.  These are not by necessity mutually exclusive nor contradictory.  When these two aspects are effectively vibrating in harmony, we can be more than we seem to know.

(I had intended this piece to be one thing but it quickly took on  a life of its own, s I went with it.  Please excuse the various tags in it.  They may relate to this issue but I do not focus on some of them specifically.  I may do that more completely if I turn this into a blog page.)

Red Shifted Sight: Right As Red Rain; A Colorful Persuasion

Right As Red Rain

A study of the effect of red on perception has yielded intriguing results.

We do not know exactly why red has the effect on appearance that it does, but it biases referee’s judgment to favor red over blue in a pinch.


It is not just that feeling one may receive from wearing red; that I am a bit more powerful or potent (red “power” tie), for when taped games were altered by computer to change the colors athletes were wearing, the computerized red wearers were then judged with perceptual superiority.

This may be an indicator of how appearance reality is influenced by consensus reality’s conceptual cognition, for the bias exist based on looks.  We may be seeing something that is not there, while assuming it was. The bias could be from nature, and, or nurture.

In this way, prejudice can be insidious; I may not even be aware I am slanting when I believe I am straight and true.  (A call to humility?)

In short; the truth is not always how things appear, even when they look right, or true.  Folks who believe they are being honest and unbiased may not know their belief from their behavior.  (Just another reason to power up forgiveness).  If colors bias my view of things, how many other aspects of Life may “convince” me of something that is not necessarily true as well.  That huge moon on the horizon?  And what about ideas?

Red and Blue states beware.

The Straight Dope: Why does the moon appear bigger near the horizon?

In addition, just after moonrise (when the illusion is most compelling), the moon’s apparent diameter exceeds the distance from the moon to the horizon.

At times, seeing may seem to be believing, but it may not be true.

Freedom’s Many Bells Ring Relative To You

What’s This Freedom Stuff all About?

File:Libertybell alone small.jpg

Can I do whatever I want without consequence? You know. Be completely free?

{I write this post with the Texas Governor implying the desire to be free from Washington, as well as other new-found desires for Freedom; from freedom from oppression to freedom from need. And reflecting on perhaps the final freedom some seem to be seeking; freedom from cause and effect, a freedom from Reality.}

When are you free to do, or free from what?

If I am free to do or believe in something, what does truth, reality or right and wrong have to do with Freedom?

Freedom, and especially Liberty, seem to imply that the absence of the quality exist, which is to be considered as not good. We tend to mean to be free from some certain thing or process that is presumed inhibiting. This sense of specificity of a positive to a negative, can make freedom contort to what ones interest in particular are, even to the point of opposites. Freedom then enters the existential relativity zone; where it means what I want it to.

Example; You are free to go look for food, or you are free from the need to look for food. You may be hungry because you cannot find food but are free to keep looking. You may never worry for food or hunger since you have all the money or food provision you need. Free to want in one example and freedom from want in another. Freedom is an abstract concept relative to ones own situation, and to ones degree of living in abstraction, or minds belief. You can be free to get a job or starve, while an employer may feel they should be free to use you as they will.

Speak Up?

Most of us like the abstract idea of Freedom of Speech, because we would hate to have our words and thoughts inhibited, implying some external authority decides what we can say from what we can think. However, most no-one supports the view that if you feel like being free to say; FIRE!!! in a crowded theater when there is no fire and a likelihood for panic, along with tragic consequence from that free act, most will not contend that you are free to do that without consequence.

That you have every right to do that thing if you wish, for whatever reason you like, may bring restriction upon your freedom by the exercise of it, including prison or other inhibition. Abstractions can become self contradictory in human real world behavior, for they seem to exist outside of notions of accountability and responsibility when abstraction, a symbolic ideal, is held above the consequence inherent to reality.

Once something ascends to the level of a consensus reality, it can appear true=Appearance Reality, while being more of an idea/theory/presumption than a truly real thing in and of itself. If we all “know” you must be lying about something from the incident narrative we have heard, do we really know the truth? You may actually know you are telling the true facts as you know them from experience, yet I can assume you must be lying. Pre-existing bias can make facts sift out into preordained boxes where it is assumed they belong, all while I assume I am being objective.

This relativity factor to freedom’s context, breaks it out of the abstract purity of idea. I suppose no one actually is stopping you form saying what you wish, but society may hold you accountable for the consequences (right or wrongly) if you actions causes particular harm, or may reasonably seem able to. Do you really believe you have the right to pick anyone at random off the street, to prove your freedom, and say they just killed someone and should be then stopped in any way possible?

Yet what I have just portrayed is close to being realized in the manner some opinion and political thought is expressed; that without sound objective reference to direct evidence as it relates to systemic context, we can accuse others of all manner of what we despise in the world or in culture, saying they are the cause of it and giving our preumed evidence. We are in some manner free to express our opinion, for it is not directly responsible for another actions, but we have come close to manifesting our own freedom as perhaps an others motive or desire for oppression or inhibition—-of us.


Freedom and Liberty are not always the producers of good, but we seem to understand that without their continuance, we can be certain of the bad running wild. But after saying that, it is likely that in some aspects, I do not support others definitions of freedom when I have been convinced it manifest oppression of an others will in some prominent way, especially if that others will is not producing the restriction of someone else’s same freedom.

So what? It seems most of us like freedom, especially our interpretation of it, but can dislike how it manifest in others views. Freedom is then; not the universal positive we can sometimes assume, at least we can feel it is not, seeming then to know it is not. The question comes back to each one of us; do we accept others freedom when we do not respect how freedom “lets” them behave?

Here we come face to face with otherness, and the perhaps biased perspective we might have on abstractions like Freedom; I can assume these are sacred in some way—when I seem denied them. This subjective putting of Freedom outside of a super context of responsibility and consequence, may well place it into realms of confusion and delusion.

We do not always know if our abstract idea that is seen as a negative in others, is what we assume it to be. We do not always know, with our beliefs, whether we are seeing with one eye things two dimensionally, or more fully true with two conceptual eyes, or even more fully true with many.

Individuals are not always clear regarding what is whole and true, since your and my situation, including our histories, tend to lend weight to a direction of preference. Our situations can act as a seduction focus lens to our beliefs, and what I think others are about. This seeming dichotomy can come into our sights in our organized interpretive viewing scopes; Religion, and especially politics, can present their true world views, while never truly owning up to the subjective dimension which they do inhabit.

Crippled truth can be dangerous or unhinged truth.

Instant Karma?

The Golden Rule, and the Kantian notion of The Categorical Imperative, both imply that I will not do what I would like to do at times, for so doing would violate the inclusion principle of rational consistent dialectic. If I want my speech to be free, I should likewise allow others speech to be free, or they could some day deny my own freedom. The subject is included in the objective context. I support an idea like Free Speech, not because I always like it, but because by excluding others, I open a Pandora’s Box to anyone claiming authority as censor, to themselves decide what is said. Thus eliminating Free Speech, or dismembering it, along with destroying awareness of what others are thinking.

By methods of ideological thought seduction leading to thought manipulation/control, some individuals and societal entities have intention to deny truthful and Whole Free Speech, be it by overt censorship, or by systemic/economic censorship, and sometimes relative value enticements such as so called moral values. We can believe we have Free Speech, and seem to, while possibly behind the scenes or by access inhibition, we are not in a true Free Speech Context. And with the “right” indoctrination as to why we should inhibit speech, even though it may not be a direct threat to others, society tends to sit idly by as a right such as Free Speech is in profound ways, rendered mute, being we are in effect forced not to hear.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.

Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

Patric Henry’s speech seemed to know what Liberty meant in his context; Being treated intrinsically unfairly by an external authority, such as in slavery, imbues one with the awareness of the lack of Liberty. When you know you are functioning according to what seems reasonable local law and assumption at to your will, then someone or some other entity comes in and says effectively; forget what you know or how it appears, I am taking all your stuff unless you give it over to me when I demand. You actually owe it all to me, cause you never owned or possessed your world by the laws I hold in effect over you. My interest are preeminent.

To have my view of Liberty, if I were a British Owner of colonial America, you would need to be me, for I have my preeminent law on my side of possession. I can think your claims of Liberty and Rights are only veiled desires to apprehend what is rightfully mine. After all, The Law is on my side. These were the rules. I am right. No debate.

Liberty and Freedom are subjective, able to be manipulated by thought seduction, cultural perspective, and somewhat dependent upon what I become convinced I need independence from. Their existence as abstractions in a context of seemingly infinite interconnection and interrelationship, make them serious subjects up for debate. Yet these very subjects are routinely treated by the seduction/temptation of privilege and opportunism, as mere objects to an end that secures ones subjective place above all else. While protected behind the sometimes alleged sanctity of The Law, one persons Liberty can inflict upon others—tyranny, legally.

Truth’s Point of View?

The often ignored but ever-present inclusion principle of any super context, such as The Commons, renders the subjective an interest to the objective, because reality includes all as One. Of course I can fantasize that I need not include the universe, the environment, society or others in my calculations of thought and behavior. Ignorance knows no bounds, nor limitation on what it will claim to know.

Truth is True; Fair and Balanced have nothing to do with Facts in Full Context unless they are a conscious part of obtaining all objective information.

The idea of fair or balanced speech or news is an oxymoron, if what is being pursued is The Truth. Opinion can be true and any degree of false, to lies and untrue.  To balance a truthful view with one that is not can leave us continuously spiraling down into falsity.  Equating reality with fantasy, as if they were equals (fair or part of balance), is often opinions biggest mistake.  Yet the notion is now out there that so called fair and balanced is a good thing, when it can lead to a kind of existential morass of; well this is true for you and that for me.

The Truth is true and not liable or dependent upon fair or balanced opinion of it. The real truth can actually be interfered with; disguised or veiled over, by attempts to make Truth a process of some preconceived ideas of balancing. I would say someone is indeed seeking to hide certain truths, if they assume or presume to balance things over It’s presentation. Instead, some other agenda may well be foisted over the very definition of Truth, seeking to deny its reality base and instead insert interpretive lenses to bias Truth to a particular viewpoint. Fair and balanced truth or news is just as likely to be slanted and biased, only pretending to not be.

Let Freedom Ring

Proclamation on many conservative sites, also songs so titled

Martin Luther King Speech “I have a Dream”

The ringing of the bells of Freedom is a more poetic take on hope’s and dreams that can become real, if only… were true. To be true, the plea is to Let Freedom Ring. The Sound of Freedom notes an atmospheric context that seems to infuse the common air itself.

We can imagine, as if at the end of World War Two, bells ringing in Europe and America. We would know a certain threat has passed. A long nightmare has become a dream now of promise made from the hearing of bells. A duty to Freedom to prevail has become true. We would all hear the sound and know, perhaps first within our hearts; I hear Freedom’s Sound.

Metaphor can create powerful connection and insight. The abstract Freedom uniting the Allies in the War had become visceral to most citizens. We knew not what tyranny would have done to us, but what we did have, we knew we would lose. The fight for Freedom permeated ones world from top to bottom, uniting all of us in a common dream; to remain free; a Common Song.

The Things Time’s Sediment Covers

But this kind of unity of Cause can eventually be used to divide and conquer, as new and revised forms of control, self dominance and tyranny creep into being. Society as well, can find its unity of purpose becomes cloudy. Individualism, and concepts of freedom relative to the individual, can become parsed and convoluted. —I am free to do what I want and you just stay out of my way. Mind your own business. Life becomes for some, in a more real manner of speaking, just a business where it is my job to succeed and not let you stand in my way.

Someones freedom to create an enterprise and contract out to others as subjects to their will, may manifest “Free Enterprise” legality, while also creating forms of wage slavery, and anything but collectively free hierarchical mindsets. We are walking a plank between individualized concepts of freedom and collective concepts that extend to all. I can say, if I am Billionaire lets say, that I was poor and became super wealthy, so can any poor person, since I was free to. I owe society nothing for the generation of my wealth, for it was from my own effort. As if All Else played no part.

My Billionaire scenario exist in an abstracted out and subjugated to situation notion of individualism and freedom. Most “Free Market” systems reproduce this concept, contouring consensus and appearance realities continuously to suit their advantage, for they have extra access to so do their will. Everyone cannot be a Billionaire, not until all work is somehow robotic or materialism and money value itself changes its meaning.

Until then, Billionaires are banking of continuing “failures” as in situational disadvantage for massive groups of others. Also being relied upon is that the wills of others are in such a position to be contoured to surrender their will to an other to survive. The “free choice” being life or death. We exist in a kind of economic context of forced marriage. With this abstracted out consciousness that ignores The Whole of Life. While most of us try to live decently and with self respect and love in our lives, having meaningful lives does not preclude the existence of forced manipulation.

It is no surprise that the earth is in crisis, or that nearly twice the number of those who died at the 9-11-01 attacks, or 5,000 children a day die from kinds of water poisoning. Yet are we changing all the rules to a new paradigm modus operandi every day to stop the ongoing tragedy? So called free societies seem to be more bout some kinds of self serving notions of freedom, than expressions of Freedom that include all specifically.

If the big powers that be; oligarchical interest and those who pander to them, do not see the death of so many children’s lives each day, notice what happens: The news is of other issues, and not so much those issues of the poor. This is an institutionally loaded off balanced information feed to public consciousness. This institutional corruption of perspective is now considered the way it is. One will likely be labeled a “Class Warfare” advocate to bring up the situational disadvantages of most people in the world. This is how thought seduction works to control ideas in a culture to protect the big powers that be above all others.

Organized Ways To Validate Advantage

Opportunism and exploitation, though sheltered under their own abstracted concepts of freedom, can seek to keep others in bondage because of systemic based need; need of those stressed to “surrender”, and the need of those to use who are in that position to feel as they must surrender. This, while those of great advantage have both access and motive to proliferate-out their self serving forms of sculpted freedom. Oligarchies survive by these methods, in Democracy, contouring freedom to suit their need first, and society, including the individual others, as collateral interest to be managed mostly by stress and assuaging thought seductions.

Some bells of Freedom may ring as good for me, while others hear them as if the sound deposited weights upon their shoulders, for they are. Separatist concepts of freedom will seek to allow individuals to get what they can, most any way they can, while others seemingly less ambitious or ruthless, will have their lives valued as less. This is humankind’s attempts to deny the full responsibility, accountability and consequence to their actions, by pretending our consensus values are real an true values. I can be for freedom, while in the same note, intending it to serve me at the expense of others, and feel and be widely perceived as quite the success.

The Universal Bell of Freedom would not so ring.

Live Free or Die————

–official motto of the U.S. state of New Hampshire

We will be free, or else what is the point of living? But have we approached the free will and determinism conundrum that has been surfacing throughout this whole Freedom presentation?

It seems the stance for the free individual in a free country is powerful in the abstract, and while buttressed by a faith in hindsight, but when do I really know how free I am and in what ways? How dependent am I on my feelings and interest to denote what I think the Big Freedom is? Am I not free to be wrong as well? What context do I control from my mistakes, errors and misjudgements as they spiral off down the road of Life?

The Truth Will Set You Free

One way this is said in some Bibles

Politics, and to some degree religion, claim not to be wrong. The left and right may have whole different definitions of truth, cause and effect, as well as responsibility of the individual and the society, or collective interaction of individuals. Most of us follow the ideas of the culture we are from, never intending to give other notions a fair or balanced chance at convincing us of being real Truth. We are indoctrinated into a belief system. It may be said that “…and the truth shall make you free”, but what standard am I holding my definition of truth to? That will make all the difference between what is true and what is concocted.

The existential problem we have is agreeing on the meaning of things, the meaning of thoughts, the meaning of Life as ultimately what I mean to the Universe or God, if anything. We do not always know exactly what exist as Truth, for it is easy to mistake opinion for fact while interpreting facts with opinion. When am I absolutely sure that I truly am not offering opinion as real truth? Perhaps this is why the incentive has been acknowledge that somehow, presumably the Real Truth will make one free. It will do it, pave the path to Freedom, because it is Real and not otherwise invented by human idea.

That is a hard one for many reasons, some I’ve pointed out prior. When do I know something real empirically? When can I trust meaning to be automatically right? Where is this truthful path that paves the way to liberation for the self? And when can I be sure I am actually on it and not otherwise convinced by someone that this must be the True Way?

Since language itself is a collective conceptualization individualized, I cannot be sure I am thinking “straight”. Somehow I will need to have something bordering on absolute faith in something sacred to Reality; a way reality is beyond my values imposed upon It. This will vary for many of us, for in some instances, even going on a quest for an absolute Truth, or something near to it, will run up against the many human systems, some claiming Divine origin, which already claim to have the only Absolute Truth. This will seem to imply (sometimes very overtly) that to question within one of these many one and only truths, then, is a form of rejecting It. Curious. Also a convenient Thought-terminating Cliché, a tactic of mind-control.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose’…

—from Janis Joplin’s song “Me and Bobby McGee” by Kris Kristofferson

Is Death The Penultimate Freedom?

It is a curious question; does presumably no responsibility equate to Freedom?

Being free from earthy tethers. There are some human beings who think they have no responsibility to much of anything. It could be someone living on the street, knowing too much loss all too intimately, and living to avoid connections that need maintenance. In this case, ones survival is a full enough time job; just maintaining ones life. Others with no responsibility left to lose, might be some of the super wealthy; got all the money they ever will need, can get whatever they wish (theoretically), and again, just managing everyday life can become the big issue in their lives. Society tends to frown on the former and envy the latter.

Most ideas of Freedom come with this lack of tether to something or someone. In practical reality, between your consciousness and that world of others out there, there seems a deal to strike. It is up to you and up to us to truly define what are legitimate freedoms that benefit all. Freedoms that support institutionalized bias against some group or other kinds of people must be scrutinized for their validity; do they support a Common Truth, a true universal known, or are they rationalized toward ideological preference? We face the same issue in this as with The Golden Rule.

What Is Knowable In Common; The Key

Reality is at the heart of this matter. You and I are part of The Real, yet we know we can be mistaken. What way is there to validate Truth, or in another way of asking; When are facts or statistics, the elements of the observable world, when are these known in their largest context? Not some spacious reasoning like; It’s raining so the drought is over. We do not know this, even though rain will be likely how a drought will end. A thing is not in abstract isolation, not even Freedom, somewhere thresholds are crossed, lines known only by understanding of context.

We must be humble in this regard; I never know everything. I never know all there is to know, possibly on any one subject, let alone their interconnecting relationships to all things. I might know what we think is all there is, but where is my validation from Creation?

Humankind has developed standards for reason and what actually constituted valid logic. It is arguable whether we modern humans are any better at this determination than some of the earths distant cultures. Time and recorded history have established some characteristics for education and understanding, generally validated as correct by repetition of outcome predicted, and or conserved into culture that persist. The world of scientific invention; even the development of agriculture, comprehends some manner in which things work, seeking to replicate them toward new ends.

The key is to work toward objectivity. It is a goal. Creativity intends to move reality into a new dimension of perception. New dimensions are not necessarily true. I can say and or invent things that are not well. They will not survive the test of time. Creativity and invention do tend to require trial and error, which may lead toward improvement in an ideas viability, particularly if one is accurately judging ones strengths and weaknesses accurately in their environmental context.

Even in invention, one works toward objectivity. One works to be into truth and out of error or false notions. Creative freedom still requires a super context; some way others will know the usefulness of something coming into existence. We do not know, while discovering Creation via science, whether what we find and then use, will help or harm our lives in the long term, particularly if we reduce our awareness of consequence to action, including discovery and invention. Without an intent to overview through super context perception, we can poison the very water we drink.

If I invent a new clothespin that tends to drop things in the wind, no matter how cool I make it look, it still might fall into lack of use, because it is not true to intention–holding up clothes. Even if it is true to coolness, practical reality may have it fall by the wayside. We do test some elements of the truthfulness of things all the time. Why? We intend to live a real life.

If someone is obsessed with living a cool life, surrounded by cool things that presumably throw their cool weight around onto themselves, my dysfunctional clothespin still might be the preference of such a one. Does not validate it as a good clothespin, just useful to select individuals for their own motives. Many ideas continue in this kind of amorphous zone; valuable to some but not to others, so how true are they? I might say it is perfect and you say; No way! Freedom is not free of this very problematic outcome; that freedom is invoked when it is of particular use to someone to invoke it, and not universally.

Most every human endeavor has gone through a somewhat systematic evolution based upon trial and results. We seem to need to find what reality is and fit in with it in the long term, yet his can appear to be a mechanical outworking; if all is logic and truth, all things seem possibly predetermined, as if machines are following out mathematical formulas dressed up with emotion, our ignorance and feelings seeming to present freedom as an illusion of our own ignorance.

Some philosophers believe the break with absolute determinism in human consciousness occurs with forgiveness; That one’s emotion or “The Facts” prove to you someone has been bad, likely to you or society, and what do you do? You commandeer your feelings away from what seems obvious reality. You say; I know how it appears, I see what was done, but to free myself from my own chance of misjudgement and government by the negative, I forgive this person or act. An uncommon sense of freedom can be pursuant to acts of forgiveness. The one forgiving coming to know; I seem to have forgiven myself, and it seems Divine.

There is an Biblical saying in Mathew; ‘to judge not lest you yourself be judged.’ It is a very wise overview of the problematic nature of perception of others, particularly how it seems we can accuse others of what we do in a big way ourselves, but try to keep from our own consciousness. The old saying then proceeds into rationality, how useful is it to expect the ignorant to act wise, and be upset over what they seem not to understand? How qualified am I to act as judge and executioner over an other’s misjudgements? Any hypocrisy endemic to that? Forgiveness asserts ones gaze toward Higher Cause; God, and or Love and Union, over what seems to divide and sink our relationships.

Forgiveness, thought of as impractical and foolish in many instances, may be the only way out for a people who truly respect the gifts of Freedom. It seems individual freedom will be irrelevant if collective freedom is not respected. A higher context for Freedom is essential for the individual to live honestly in a real world, as opposed to an imaginary one. Imaginary worlds can be anything one wished or believes is true. They are “True” only inside of separation, or an alienated perception of the nature of Life and Being.

As alone or alienated as I may believe I am by all evidence, I am still connected to The Whole One Thing. If I am lost, I am lost inside worlds of my own making, for I decide what is the value in what I perceive; I can still go on to both forgive and to understand.

Humankind has developed systematic schemes of behavior and value, that in effect, allow some of us to take energy from others lives while all legally sanctioned. We may not perceive what this judgement upon the time and life of others leaves ourselves with; whether our ideas of gain and favor are truly success–so says my assets, or are merely rationalizations to systematically get away with others bondage to us.

What is truly conscious agreement between free beings seems often hidden behind the veil as in the wizard of OZ. The illusion continuing as long as the scheme is never truly exposed to the real light of day. Perhaps why such an investment is given to perpetuating lacks of understanding between various human endeavors and relationship by shaming, attempts at ostracism and Appearance Reality indoctrination campaigns. The veil or wool pulled over the eyes.

Free Reign

Humankind has no guarantee that it remains free to be, or free to be wrong indefinitely. Wrongness will become apparent, but where I believe the source of that wrongness is will make all the difference. Whether I can change my life to be in alignment with Life. Or whether I insist I, or we, or you, have broken the invisible contract with Life one manner or another.

It is a determination as to what perception rules my consciousness. I can settle for defeat, bowing down to the ignorance of the world; my own and of others as victor. I can also settle for Love, for Life, and insist I work for its Cause no matter what befalls me. It may well be that the highest Freedom is in the surrender to The Truth above my own opinion. The Truth may make one free, but that freedom becomes an unbreakable union, if I insist on It above surface waves of self interest.

This one thing is clear; others do not make me free. Freedom is an every moment undertaking. We have relatively good methods of discerning truth from falsity. The so called Key To Life will be in that lock. How closely will I attend to Truth’s numbers? Ultimately we are faced with this personal decision; do I believe what I do because I am free to, end of story, or is there a realty where it does make a difference whether I balance truth with make believe? Truth is not fair and balanced in this fundamental respect; facts in context cannot be balanced with opinion and fantasy as if one then knows objective reality. In this, me and you have much humility to know.

The question becomes; what combination do I trust to unveil Truth’s Key? For all combinations will claim to. I say this for it is evident there is the intent out there in opportunism, blind faith, and its obfuscations, not to look too closely as to the Key, and which lock we are actually opening; one based on real Truth, or something just claiming to be.

Work Makes You Free

—Nazi Slogan

Contouring freedom to the extreme, even the slaves of the Pharaoh or of the plantation owner can be told they are free. You’re free to run and I’m free to shoot you in the back. This is not only the circular thought process rendering of cults and madmen, it bobs up here and there in society’s Mainstream as well as the worlds religious and political offerings. I believe this is at times used to existentialize a consideration into an amorphously undefinable state. Then a concept can be made to apply to most anything given the right angle. Then the Real Truth may have an extra difficult time at becoming known, as if someone is inhibiting the path to Freedom—for a reason.


Freedom is seemingly once again raising its not free head, to see through the eyes of its beholder.

As an abstraction, Freedom has become one of the most wide open to interpretation concepts.