Grasshopper Style

Extreme Makeover

Grasshopper Edition

Grasshopper Style

Its nature, but that does not mean immature.  The out and about insect of 2010 is not to be caught offguard when it comes to dressing to impress.  Whether out for a walk above, or on a stakeout below, the hip bug is dressed to the T

The well dressed grasshopper of the new millenium is fine tuned no matter cutting wood

or just hanging around catching the breeze.  Anyway you frame Mr G, he’s ready.


This is one sharp hopper that needs no makeover.




Vampires; The Most Boring Thing Ever


Well; Why Are Vampires The Most Boring Thing Ever?

{Next to bloggers that is.}


Well let me tell you. There are now vampires for every occasion and every demographic.

The age old associations of sex and violence take their most “romantic” turn with this sexy notion of someone giving you a lasting infectious infliction via seduction.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

I say this after seeing a car commercial having a vampire at the end.  I thought: time to drive a wooden stake trough my own heart.  This tired Vampire fantasy keeps sowing on new threads to attempt to seem original.  I feel for those who actually think the are vampires or like to pretend to be.  Whatever happened to real life?

Now we have vampire baby sitters, vampire nannies, vampire umpires, vampire chefs, vampire car mechanics, vampire doctors, vampire bankers.  Wait.  I think that last one is real.

I think that those in love with vampires and vampire mania should volunteer to have a big flourescent V tattooed on their foreheads, so the rest of us can know who to avoid in the day, and especially at night.

Seems these trends rely on the ever spongy young folks waiting on keeping up with trends to be original.  With little for or after sight, stuff like vampire slayers, ambiguous vampires, vampire counselors, vampire unions, and on and on; next to bloggers, hardy anything is more overdone and overwrought.

But vampire unions make perfectly good sence, since if you were a vampire astronomer, for instance, you would never want to be put on solar telescope duty.

Vampires do not need your blood.  They need a pacifier.



The El Niño’s Are Coming! Run From Street!



El Niño About To Hit


West Coast!!!


Read all about it!


This years El Niño has been upgraded from mild to strong.

In Tucson’s past, come the monsoon season, thunderstorms would be called “The Monsoons” at times, even by TV news anchors.  ‘Last nights monsoons were wild!’  All it meant were the seasonal thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are thunderstorms monsoon season or not.


Last summers monsoon season was going to be a wet one partly dues to the La Niña that seems to help stormy conditions for the desert southwest.  Unlike the two or three prior years of good La Niña inspired rains, last year was not only one of Tucson driest, but they started mentioning a developing El Niño seemingly the day after touting the La Niña.

These two oceanic phenomenon tend to make their rains happen at different times of year here, as well as dryness at their opposite sides of rainy probability.  Winter wet with El Niño’s usually, depends on strength and timing and who knows what else.  La Niña makes for dry winters, yet seems to really help our summer rainy season.

They have been talking up this years El Niño for some time.  Seems every time it rained the little it has it was touted as El Niño like.  Maybe like but also little.

Now it seems to be different. The Pacific is lining up storms and their trajectory is bending southward toward the Southwest US. These lows riding jet stream energy tend to move east, often bringing the rest of the south and southeast some of the wet action.

The El Niño’s seem to be arriving, but I have yet to find El Niño rain coats and El Niño umbrellas.

El Niño Theme Page: distributed information on El Niño

Comprehensive resource on El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

What I Don’t Need For Christmas


Christmas No Wish List

I do not need an I-phone or anything like it.

Never had nor required a new car, so forget about it.

I have no need for computer games.  No thanks.

Not wanting any wine, beer or other liquor. Sorry.

Please, no sport tickets or any pop performers. Thanks.

I will not be Tweeting, so not wanting any of those.

Not text messaging as well, and I’m glad for that.

But if anyone would like to give me WordPress gifts, I’d take them like a greedy blank.

But I will give you The Moon this Christmas Eve

I did give myself a new little canon camera which I took this moon shot from tonight.

We’re getting ready right now to see old Christmas Shows we see every year.

It looks like I can tweet or type right here on WordPress!  Who knew?

Have some Happy Holidays you all.


She laughed. “You watching the game?” I replied perplexed; What game?

On November forth I actually received this comment to my—– What Game?;

“You’re funny.”

That was said after she laughed.

All I can say is; No sports rule my life. I was out taking photos and making a small raised pond.


Just Another WordPress Blogger; Not


The numbers are back from vacation. June 25


This photo tells the sordid tale; that WordPress fell to the level of Zero bloggers.  How the mighty have fallen.

It had to happen. Nothing last forever, not even this blog, which apparently no longer exist.  Or is it that I as a blogger no longer exist?  This is breaking news to me, and I’m not going to look into a mirror!


-Numbers don’t lie.  But I do wonder where the new post and all those words being counted come from?  Math giveth and math taketh away.

I’m getting used to losing things on WordPress.  The other day all my external links vanished.  I had several long term ones, then none.  Easy come easy go.  Same happened with my blog views on occasion, it will drop many thousands then start counting again from the new lower level.  As I say, easy go…000000


Over and out.

In the end it all levels out to 0, give or take infinity, or a lazy 8, as I never say.