Photos From The Drylands

A few new pics.


If Only I Had The Money For Real Estate

If Only I Had The Money For Real Estate


The house right above us is in foreclosure $65,000 for over an acre with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths plus views like this;

–and this:

-and this:

.and me right below with all my remodelling skills

Can’t have it all for myself…

Oh well.

from currently balmy 74 degrees in Arizona February

Birds In Southern Arizona

-The Mexican Blue Jays

-red finch small bird below

Pyrrhuloxia or gray cardinal above and below

-seem to be some sparrows

Gambel’s Quail

-Curved billed thrasher below

-The Paloma (Dove)

-Roadrunner who is looking at a quail up the driveway

Emma And The Angels


With presents gone, Emma settled beneath the Christmas tree to be comfy with the angels.


Another cat has removed most of the ornaments one at a time, starting first with the Santa’s.

Happy New Year!

Late December Skyscapes In The Southwest US





Late December Skyscapes In The Southwest US

-A schizophrenic tree?

-More on my nature blog below-

Colors Of Arizona