Chicago Blizard Of 2011 vs Big Snow of 1967

Looking Back at Chicago’s Past With Snow in my eyes

Weather Memories

This coming snowstorm will likely dwarf the impacts of the Big Snow of 1967 in the Chicago Area. 100,000,000 people may be impacted by the various dimensions of this storm nationally. For me, being from the Chicago area, the local impact will have to meet a different criterion.

The forecast for this expected snowstorm in Chicago has it potentially topping the “Big Snow” of 1967.  I lived in a nearby Southwest suburb that was actually near the heaviest band of that storm. We had 34 inches, with much more dramatic effects. I remember how surprised we were when we heard that so much of Chicago only had 23 inches from that one. The only folks getting anywhere quickly were on skis.

This next storm may not have those kind of localized differences. But this new storm will have to top 34-36 inches in my mind, and my mind has its own kind of measuring stick, or dip-stick.

That year of 1967, my town had the “Chicago” tornado of 1967, a small earthquake; 4.-something I believe, and my last remaining parent committed suicide, there was that.  Quite a year for me there.  But during the Big Snow I did deliver newspapers.  Folks were shocked that I arrived at the door over the snowdrifts, some even gave $1 and $5 dollar tips which were huge back then.

So Chicago.  I’ll just be waiting to see that yardstick disappear into the open field, with just your hand holding the tip. But for the rest of the Chicagoland Area, I suppose hitting 24 inches will do the record breaking job.

Now I have to prepare for the deep freeze coming here for the next few nights

Weather Events: The Great Chicago Snow of 1967

– 9:31am

Jan 19, 2007 One of the many weather events I missed in old stomping grounds happened forty years ago this month: the Great Chicago Snow of 1967.

Warm Arctic/Cold Continent Paradox

The Arctic Paradox – how warming makes for cold winters | Climatide

Dec 15, 2010 The Arctic Paradox – how warming makes for cold winters cold U.S. and Europe as the “Warm Arctic/Cold Continents Pattern,” which is the

America Falling Through The Memory Hole


America Falling Through The Memory Hole


Last night, Christmas night, there was much dog barking at what seemed like quite regular intervals, of approx 10 min spans.  This had the feel of those times the “illegals” come by our neighborhood; when the Border Patrol seems absent.  For some time I was aware of this holiday window or opening.

It was once full moons that were favored for borderland last step migration.  Now oddly it seems new moons, but holidays were the next most noticeable time.  Sunday nights were running times as well.  These may be kinds of holes folks can fall through into America; seemingly unnoticed openings.

{Dec 25 2009 ice crystal}

This post is about other falling through’s as well; each Americans own story, own history, where yours and my narratives are scripted empirically before us, sometimes in a silence of selfhood, where important to us occasions and events might go on unnoticed by those others in or around the world. Where does what matters begin or end in your consciousness?

We see a phenomenal world, an astounding sunset, a different surprising occurence or achievement, even the most mundane thing can suddenly bloom into ravenous reflection if we look deep into the life right in front and around us.  Yet sharing these joys are another matter.  Who wants to hear everything of our lives? Who truly knows who you are, when you may have unanswered questions yourself of what you have been and where you are running, walking or falling to?

For those of us a bit more alienated at times in our lives; the idea of our story, may be written down as if right to another’s face for posterity. They are in our hearts as we speak; for family in some other state, or a future one of our own, but what if these waiting for connections to be never materialize?

Stories are taped, digitized, rendering a kind of documented experience toward a future goal.  One’s intention which may or may not exist one day. Our self narration, then, takes on shadows of existential attraction and void in search of that other shore.

I had taped exciting thunderstorms in Tucson with my nephews and niece in mind. I wanted to share my excitement and lifelong interest in the weather.  I narrated the scenes through the house; from front door to back.  Hail, continuous lightning, driving rain, street and wash flooding were gleefully recorded. I tried to capture the storms impressiveness, its extreme of nature. It was in a way, a way of saying; my life is exciting at times with these interest.

Construction projects at home and work, flower gardens at home; I thought family was the audience besides my partner then, who did not seem all to excited about some of my interest.  She had her own.  So the receptacle I created for the interest expression identified with me were my family.  I presumed they would be interested, but they seemed to be; not so much.

In effect then, I had projected something of my life into a theoretical vessel which now seemed open at the bottom.  Tapes of these exist, most of which I have never watched myself. Their future may be a dumpster when I die. Some aspect of my life fell through my erroneous expectation, a hole of projection, only me noticing as what I thought was significant went by with all its thrill and inspiration seemingly just mine.  Here, the Internet came along, and now with self publishing another vessel appeared, but of unknown dimension and use.  A new opening seemed to be the world itself.


I this digital age, residuals of a life may be left behind, but who will be seeking them?  This is a great unknown, but I believe it will be of use for any who wish to recreate what it was like in a period.  Never has so much of so many been available to reconstruct the Zeitgeist and persona of a period as has now been made possible and available. I am always interested in other cultures and times of humanity’s and earths past, as I expect someone might will someday wonder into your residual self stored on molecular artifacts and see a bit of gold.

The hole Americans such as I, and perhaps the modern worlds citizens as well, may fall into, is a virtual world of our individual and collective narrative. Two years of blogging now has shown me that people are much more interested overall, from my blog experience, in popular culture and events, and not particularly cultural/political/psychological analysis, my poetry and writing, or otherwise my outlook on the world.  Just a few do.

Mid-afternoon Christmas moon



Luckily, the intrinsic value of a human being is not actually in their popularity, but the honor and integrity in which their life is dedicated to their ideals as they flow into the practical world.

Do I examine my life or just keep my head down in “the flow”?  The flow can be a peaceful place to be immersed in, few if any questions, or an ideology or theology handed over by the experts to direct my life.  The flow can also keep one submerge so long they are drowned in it; no longer knowing the dimensions of their true self.  Am I rely what I am told I am?  What do I know of my inside and its pure and valid relationship with everything else, not just the stream I am in?

These seem to be the kinds of thoughts that fall through the Internet’s holes.   Where they land, if they land, statistics do not necessarily know.  I have trust and faith in my passion for Truth; that I must challenge my confidence most, and look to myself for my criticisms of others. For a while at least, I also have some blog space remaining to put up the visuals of the world around me.

My life experiences a wonderous reality; one challenged profoundly by ignorance and perhaps equally by its corollary of context poor knowledge.  It appears essential to question who we are and where we are going.  Are my doings sustainable or is my posterity one in which my actions are the ones that seal earths and humanity’s fate?

One thing is certain.  To not question will have the effect of not caring. What one person does is not irrelevant. It is all humanity ever is; the cumulative effects of what one person does.

This is said near the end of 2009

Yesterdays photo; The cat and the Christmas tree.


Taxing Away Your Freedom!!! ; NOT!






From Truthout, an article about the relationships between taxes and freedom. Not the same as the “tax and spend liberals” ruse used by the well off to fool the less that tax money is money going to waste, being spent!  Other libertarians may see the tax notion as government interference in your freedom to do what you wish with your money;


Again, this, liberty is all about me, interpretation of ones freedom as an abstract self contained absolute, ignores the whole context each life is in, and their always present interrelationships.  Pretending they are not there, or far away and abstract, able to be ignored if one wills for ones own “advance” is situationally seductive. That is opportunism at work at the expense of the Whole, while possibly loudly pretending to be defending Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Nice “individualistic” illusion, just false.

Ah—How little we may understand The Commons of Life.  Our lives context is a  Whole Thing, not just what is in my or your head, nor what would provide some stress relief for me while ignoring the greater context.

Unfortunately, the right is loaded with cognitive dissonance abatement platforms, packed with confirmation bias and disdain for objective information not fitting their ideological prism, or more accurately; prison.

Tax man, the democratic way.

More Taxes = More Democracy

by: Christian Chavagneux, Alternatives Économiques


And the story goes on; Indoctrinate the faithful to separatist thinking. Folks believe they are defending the individuals freedom, for that is how the Appearance Reality’s formatted premise is rendered over and over.

Most all conservatism is truly old world, and no fan of Democracy or Liberty, but if it can trick the faithful followers into thinking they are right and true, well then; what is actually right and true will likely seem dishonest or deceitful.

Consensus Reality’s that permeate the conservative communities, are a collective agreement of some sort, that some thing or issue is true, not that it is actually true. It is not to be questioned without shame or threats of ostracism and alienation fears.  Their “truth” is declared true,  not to be questioned, so loyalty to a cause of ideology is presented and the ultimate good.  Questioners are to be attacked as being against the good as defined by subjective conservative thought parameters.  They have a perfect defense and offense; it is called ignorance, and it is butressed by shame and fear of alienation.

The pivot points of perception frame the individuals identity to its tagged values, be they real or imagined.  This creates the same effect for an ideology, where reason and rationalization are indistinguishable to the indoctrinated.

If the we of We The People are seduced to opportunistic conceptualizations of noble abstractions like Freedom, Liberty, happiness, Rights, and on, we side with separation over union.

In Democracy, We The People are the government.

Under the emerging corporate and theocratic inclined ideological matrix becoming the perceptual Zeitgeist in some circles;  A church/corporate/government, may develop with its propensity to delete Freedom and Liberty it finds not good for fixing its control.

Democracy gets demeaned from pulpits and propaganda outlets. To some extent this already happens with politicians targeting groups to deny voting “rights”. For examples of what the next government by and for the church/corporate theocratic state might look like after the big bad government is defeated; the Taliban, The Nazis, or The Communist are what were asking for.

Yes.  Just what some conservatives are always calling the Obama administration–socialist nazis, becomes the self described freedom fighters end game.

Preemptive conceptual tagging to frame the debate to the absurd via historical reference, while enabling the forces of fear and paranoia to stimulate the very impulses that lead to authoritarian and totalitarian elite control. Reality perception gets reversed for the best of intention, all stimulated by righteous demagogues.

This is why it is essential on the right, to have people faith based and not based on objectively verifiable true reality.  The ideological or ontological spin can then steal faithful minds in any direction by merely assembling a “connected dots” semblance of logic or reason.


Some Quotes from a philosopher on elements of the issues at stake.

The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.

——Bertrand Russell


A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.


Although profit is essentially a private tax, unlike government taxation in a Democracy, private tax hold no accountability to The Commons, and will likely demean all reference to greater responsibilities in a culture, by attaching all manner of ad-hominem condemnation to justify the private rationalization.

Democracy will then likely have a political party or parties dedicated to propaganda designed to enhance the identity interest of the have’s, and demote the identities of those without. This helps compartmentalized individual identity interest, while deriding the identity interest in others.

The tax that constructs the backbone of We The Peoples living context becomes seen as taking from the self and giving to the undeserving.  This does not mean that government is always right.  This is why we vote, but if we do not understand what the whole role of government is or must be to manifest ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’, we will undermine Democracy and Freedom while proclaiming them our cause.

The result of dividing and conquering perception of society, is a perception controled consciousness that “sees” others as not deserving of support, particularly support forced upon the individual via governments public tax.  Now Democracy itself is attacked while it can be claimed to be being defended.

Liberty is attacked from other angles, sometimes called “wedge issues”,  where the individual is encouraged to see isolated from context behavior as being the fault of liberalism, when liberalism created Democracy and respect for individual rights.  Again, all why these very abstractions are being alleged to be being defended by the wedge issue.

Demagoguery is relied upon because it works for those whose confirmation bias has been so inclined.  This is how lie and misstatement work even when later found to be actually untrue; confirmation bias remains reinforced by emotional loading of the weight of reason.  The power of propaganda is in it’s suscptable audiences perceptual bias, which has no real need for truth or accurate context.



Freedom and Democracy Are Problematic In Health Care “Debate”


Lately, demonstrations fundamentally organized by industry seem to be using “the common folk” to advance their own agenda’s while sinking the opportunity of those very common folk.

The seemingly unconscious industry followers, often claim to be defending Freedom, Democracy, or other rights they believe are in jeopardy due to the instigations of industry lobby organizations such as “Freedomworks” or the GOP servant platforms such as Fox news.

Amazingly, in the reverse reality of right wing extremities; behavior’s of and accusation’s of protestors are often exactly what the protestors are protesting. Critical thinking and true self review are what conservatism is often most conserved against becoming known.  They require emotional and spiritual instability to design an appearance reality that they posses the answer; be it destroying what they do not like of government, or having only their ideas of God be held as valid.  Once these ideas are conserved, they are not allowed true critical analysis.  That introspection is made to seem disloyal or otherwise shaming. Wild accusations of mine?  How is it that a Christian such as Barack Obama is called a Muslim by supposedly true Christians?–appearance reality manipulated into subculture consensus reality.

Yep.  A kind of black magic is used to turn factual perceptions in consciousness into their opposition.  Truth exist, and then it is perceived as being false, by emotionalizing, then manipulating the perceptual dialectic.  Now folks can “honestly” claim Obama is a Muslim.  Hello!  Barack Obama!  One of them and not one of us!  Wake Up!


Concepts, such as socialism, fascism and communism are blurred to indistinctions—for a reason. Just as Glen Beck presented a misspelled oligarch allegation toward Obama on his Fox News show, while Mr. Beck is actually working for an oligarch’s business empire.  Fox news being the fair and balanced right wing extreme to full truth and context checking.  The right seems to often inoculate its followers against the very things they represent; instead, projecting the dissonance onto others in society.

For oligarchs to continue to dominate in an allegedly free and democratic society, they must entice people by hook or by crook to their side, when predatory self interest is not enough to capture functional pluralities.  Faith and belief, absent reality checking, are key ingredients to cooking up the perfect ad-hominem stew of emotionalized “knowns”. Death panels, paling around with terrorist, killing off the elderly, and many of these other kinds of fear and emotional instability tactics are leveraged by industry shills to prevent society from having a bottom line to insure health care.

Democracy and Freedom are Obstacles to Domination, as is truly Free Speech

Abstractions such as freedom, can be relative to the eye of the beholder. Free from, or to do what? This will present itself as a problem, for freedom does conjure consequence in a world complete with inter-relationships.  Democracy as well, has its problems.  Why, whenever the other side from yours wins, Democracy is disappointing.

One need know the value behind the concepts Freedom and Democracy; the rights of the individual, and the sum of individuals; the most free collective platform for all individuals direction in society. (Direct democracy may be the most immediate form of Democracy)  The problem exist between ones own interest, and that of everyone else.

Not understanding these dynamic concepts, is a problem, for ignorance renders the individual subject to misinformation, to misconception, and ultimately, misperception.  Unchecked fact, and unadmitted opinion, can claim to be both fair and most balanced.  But when we are fairly balancing between truth and ignorance, what is the likely outcome?  How about balancing fact and fiction?  Fair and balanced in what way and toward what presumption?

The corporate “free press” is exhibit A; the interest of business above the interest of individual people.  The trick to control Freedom and Democracy then, is to make business interest appear as the individuals reality, and establish consensus realty impressions tagged to it.

Ah…Both Democarcy and Freedom framed in and contained for the corporate good, now conceived continuously in commercial media as the public good.  This would be approaching corporatism, business oligarchy, or as the Fascist Benito Mussolini described Fascism;

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Predator’s problem of Freedom and Democracy solved.


Back in the political land of predation; where the freedom to mislead is held paramount.

To the land below, where Freedom and Democracy claim hold; above fly the watchful eyes and infectious scent of the carnivores.  Those who prey upon the commons of existence to their own benefit.

{From the invisible elephant}

So you have a health problem?  Good. Good.  I’m circling in to clean out what’s left of you.

Thanks, you Foxes and workers over of Freedom. Through you I can smell the kill.

I know.  They’ll never see whats coming.  The beauty of propaganda platforms free to spread their wings, while passing the consequence off to someone else.   Perfect.

Insert into next T bag march to tanninize the mind.


If those 9-12ers only knew who was actually using them behind the fear and insecurity driven abstractions of theirs.

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek; A Future Founding Father?

-( With free Showtime, I get to see some things I might not have.  This post describes one of them.)-

Does Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series qualify him as a Founding Father of The Future?

After seeing a documentary (Trekkies 2 on Showtime) of Star Trek fans around the world, a powerful narrative seemed to be present that may alter the trajectory for humankind’s destiny.  Gene Roddenberry may well have left a mark so bright and relevant to all, as to endure into humanities future.  Our survival, and possible more long term existence as a space faring civilization, may come to pass in some part thanks to this science fiction creators vision of humankind’s future.  I was already aware of many scientist in Astronomy and Astrophysics, who credit Star Trek with inspiring their own imaginations to put their lives where their vision was, but Star Trek apparently cast its futurist promise over many in other ways.

Star Trek
The 2006 Star Trek 40th Anniversary franchise logo, featuring Captain Kirk (William Shatner) (left) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
Creator Gene Roddenberry
Original work Star Trek (1966)

When the first Star Trek came out, I was a kid thinking it was just too much to bother with.  My life at that time did not allow uninterrupted nor peaceful TV viewing.   I caught up with it with its reruns in the 70’s.  By the 80’s, when watching Star Trek with friends, they would look at me astonished as I would recite the next character lines ahead of time. It seemed that for some reason, after seeing them twice, I knew the words years down the road.  Now that was some writing and character performing to make that stick.


I always looked forward to new Star Trek series developments, but never considered myself the kind of “Trekkie” to go to one of those conventions.  The TV news would show the seemingly sad characters who tried to liven up their earthly lives by pretending to be an alien.  Seemed odd to me, but honestly, most of us have some curiously odd interest if we’d admit it.  We just might not have such a public platform to act out the acting out in.

Trekkies 2

TREKKIES 2 – Star Trek Fan Documentary, the feature-length documentary about Star Trek fans. The filmmakers (Director/Editor Roger Nygard, –

This documentary; Trekkies 2, did not quickly dispel my bias as to the fans state’s of mind, still a lot of pretending to be someone else, a kind of hobby.  This someone else, however, appears to embody qualities that that Trekkies value as human virtue, so how bad is that?  I then learned of the volunteer work many Trekkies do to actually improve the lives of their fellow aliens, earthlings, and that is not bad at all.

It was the comments of one guy from the recent war torn Balkans, that presented the transcendent or universal narrative that Roddenberry put into this Star Trek phenomenon:  It does not matter who or what you are or where you are from; the future has a place for you at the table.  Actions in deep space portrayed ethnic and racial, even alien life, as life that sits with us at the table when this transcended “knowing” of self legitimacy is acknowledged and extended toward others as in The Golden Rule.  In time, the series franchises included women as society in general recognized female abilities beyond what was once thought appropriate.

In the Balkans; where religion and politics played to tribalism reaction and alienation, some could see the hopelessness of retreating only to “your group”.  What happened to the pluralistic life? the diversity? the cosmopolitan excitement and cross fertilization?  It was shuttered up and spray-painted over by fear.  But then there was this vision on video tapes passed around, where everybody was shown to have a place in the future.  Now that was something to get excited about, for then, no-one is the loser.  No one is erased and discarded by appearance or other status background bias.

Gene Roddenberry’s future is a meritocracy of sorts, but not one judged by appearance with its storehouse of ignorance and insecurity.  The future was to be open to you, is open in Star Trek, be who you can be, we are all on your side.  A kind of egalitarianism of the Golden Rule and of Democracy stands behind its imagery, even though most Star Trek series are based on hierarchical military platforms.  When it comes down to the characters off duty lives, their operational psychology, they are encouraged to question authority and speak their minds without top down evaluation of relevance or “your place”.  It is worthwhile to note that many of the worlds most beloved leaders, including military, were known to view themselves as servants of those following.

Roddenberry’s vision was not one of homogenization; where we all think and act alike, as is seemingly implied to some by concepts of egalitarianism, or intrinsic fairness of right to human consciousness.  The imagery and iconography portrayed this value of self history and background; where respect is granted even when ways are not understood.  People still had their old customs, still honored their hereditary story and faith, finding them as anchors of self realization in a speeding future.

The USA’s Founding Fathers had elements of this independence of spirit.  Roddenberry, however, takes this up to another level. There may have always been Founding Mothers who put Truth and love of Life above their own self interest.  Or did they know that was their self interest as well?  Mr Roddenberry took the time to create a vision of a whole universe for the future, where that mission is a revelation to those able to see beyond the wounds of the present moment.  A new now beckoning toward a Higher Light.

The future is founded now.

Perhaps it is that Spirit, that is the Final Frontier.

More on Roddenberry——-

Gene Roddenberry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eugene Wesley “GeneRoddenberry (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991) was an American screenwriter and producer. He is best known as the creator of Star

Star Trek Online Official Site

Aug 12, 2009 Star Trek Online: Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations in an expanding vast universe. – CachedSimilar

Freedom’s Delusion of Grandeur: Plight of The Ego’s Identity

Freedom’s Delusion of Grandeur: Plight of The Ego’s Identity

Politics, religion and economics often allude to freedom, or the free will. Western societies tend to oppose restrictions on freedom, but only a highly conditional freedom, where usually the conceptual parameters of the freedom being considered are rendered a plus or a minus depending on ones circumstances.

When I was a child, I was often in charge of burning up huge leaf piles in our front yard.  I really enjoyed the responsibility; trying to keep safety my number one priority while getting the job done.  Yet these days I would be arrested or cited, and perhaps rightly so, for air pollution. Burning down my neighbors house, or myself, is considered not worth the risk of individual freedom–where others become held accountable for my own actions, by state and municipal interest.  This means the representation of The Commons finds the behavior unacceptable, and I agree.  One “freedom” bites the dust, or goes into the compost bin.

But then if I am not so understanding of my extenuating responsibilities and accountability’s to The Commons; WELL, how dare you tell me what to do, you and your government designed to restrict my freedom (by obvious restrictions on behavior).  Shame and blame on you all! It is so easy not to see the connectivity to my actions when that connectivity seems to make me do things not seeming to represent my instant gratification, or quick solution to a problem I have encountered.  And that is a kind of rub; for we would rather just do what we will in Western cultures, and rather not know of what greater impact my actions and inaction’s may have on The Commons.  In fact; try to get rid of this The Commons idea, except in abstractions, where I am seemingly left to my relative opinion in these matters.

What Connects Freedom

We all seem to have faith in our words, like freedom; that they actually mean something.  We are free to express ourselves, usually, maybe not at times in church or at work, and maybe not to strangers is certain ways. We are told democracy and free choice make us free, including freedom of speech, but we find these have conditions, usually implied and out of sight, like not calling out fire in a crowded theater just for fun. But society decides to deprive some of freedom to vote, even though we claim to have the freedom to vote, or the right, because it believes those deprived do not deserve to vote for one reason or another, often a  punishment.  Again, Freedom, with all its pride and long history of sacrifice, rendered conditional.

We are not free at times, though if asked we would claim to be, overall.  We can be led to assume freedom means certain things and not others, while others can assume freedom does mean those other things.  Freedom is an abstraction; it declares a positive amidst an assumed negative; I claim to be free from something. That something, can very wildly by the minds of those considering what freedom means—-in context and to them.

Now context is another matter, we declare reality is pinned in by certain parameters of consideration. Much political “proof” uses these parameters to spin conception my way, or else someones I disagree with.  We can restrict or expand context by our own intention.  Sure it will rain at my house, absolutely.  But rain today?  That diagnosis is much more specific and restricted. I am no longer free to assume forever, just today.  The context of if and rain has changed.  In my view, many ideas are manipulated in these ways to suit the ideological preference.   Ideology, usually seeks to reproduce itself, and stand alone as truth for those who will buy or not question the explanation.  In that trick; emotion can present “facts” in ad hominem “proof”, when attitude leads the logic’s connective dialectic.

Usually we are not free to make up all of our own words, except with a known context exception, but changing the context around a word can make it seem to be something more specific that I mean.  I want to be free from your meddling in my affairs! Or; I wish I were free from this caste on my leg! Or; I intend to be free from money worries. Freedom becomes the sought after release from stress in the abstract.

Like the air, words belong to a collective, a common thing.  This common thing is sometimes called The Commons.  Most all things in life are derived from commonalities, or communally possessed givens; poems from existing words; inventions from existing ideas, most of my or your genes from humanities gene pool. We are free to ignore our common ground to our peril.  The Commons is effectively the Super Context—my breath is taken in from our common air. Ignore the air or ignore the language, and you will find yourself in dire straights.

I can be mad at anyone who calls these in common things “collective”, if I have one of the anti universal ideologies inserted into my conceptual programing.  If collective or commons has been turned into a socialist or communist ideological tag, just mentioning it can become a Thought-terminating cliché for me. It then is a bias to me, to hear such things called collective; why, you have yours and I have mine.  If I bias to the subjective end of consideration, my ego can better identify reality as being mine—my possession, my God, my stuff, my whatever.  I may have then shrugged off awareness of the collective aspect, The Commons.  If so, I may never give it another thought, and wish others would never bring it up.  My big truck is polluting your air?  Mind your own freak’en business! And so The Commons becomes denied or derided. And I assume I know ‘the kind of people’ who mention collective or commons.

But now, with my subjective identity, if someone comes along and says to me that taxes are taking my money and giving it freely to those who do not deserve help?  The Commons can be quick led into a kind of inferred obvious negative weight.  One that I can then assume I feel, cause I, and most of us, could use more money for something.  If I have clean air, I posses it as far as I am concerned at my house, why should I care if someone else does or does not?  Let them buy their own air filter.

Yet The Commons is effectively The Universe; it is a unity.  If I declare unities not relevant to my thoughts, my thoughts do not actually have the power to exclude the real Universe, but to instead be ignorant about it.  My denial of connection still caries consequence, so then its resulting problems or perception and cognition will be assigned to some imaginary cause.  Perhaps a religious or political one. Oh lets say; You people.

Environments are this way, and society is even this way, and yet by focusing on my background’s rules and expectations, I can be excluding others just as valid, or just a truthful.  I render their image less worthy than mine.  Heck; if I had to buy an air filtration system, why don’t they just get responsible and do the same.  The problem with those people is that they are lazy and want government to do everything for them! This kind of stance boldly ignores that some may not be able to buy one.  Then what is my responsibility to this commonality; what do I care?  The answer is telling to levels of detachment to identity to The Commons, by those led to believe they are somehow outside of it.   Or that it takes care of itself, and does not depend in any way upon me.

-Cutting Up Identity——-The Trouble With You People

We seem stuck with individuals thinking as they will, and so seeming to be free to do good or ill. We see in our world today, that God so often stands in as a kind of abstract idol.  Allegedly monotheistic religions claim their subjective experience of religious narrative as absolute truth. Then, others, with their one God, are false, for this one God could not be so different in human impact and behavior.  These others, with their alien God, become strangers with behavior to reject as not being true.  They become The Other, others who are so different we need not attempt full understanding of the legitimacy of their ways.

This is how much conservatism reacts to inwardly contain followers identity, to shelter it in ideology, and effectively, arrogance or indifference toward others not of their group.  Their religion might say respect all, but rationalizations say the others do not deserve respect unless they become us, otherwise, they seem to represent the bad unknown and undesirable otherness we are attempting to eradicate.  This seems to institute the inevitable conservative turf battles with others as they compete over resource; human and material.

Again in this, The Commons, the generic like unity of all things in existence, is effectively bypassed for what I know and am told to respect or to not respect.  Freedom is again highly conditioned; I am free to believe what I am told by those claiming a-prior awareness of absolute truth, or I am free to digress and go my own way, outside the group paradigm, and into a place seemingly alien to it.  For instance; who says that pantheism is not a kind of One God, only revealed specifically into all things?  —The dictionary? Monotheist? Atheist?

Monotheist will see the danger; the pagan past seems hard to detect if God is in everything, so make Creation seem somehow independent from God; God created it and left it for us, or God no longer wants anything to do with it. However this does leave me and my life’s concerns, so tied into that Creation, as perhaps of no concern to The Creator,  unless I selectively see ways to make God interested in what I am doing here.  But I will thank God for my new car or for helping my sick child, because I do not really know exactly how the Universe is working and how involved God is with my life and its hopes, dreams and realities.

In reality, we find that may monotheist will look upon Creation as delivering signs from God.  The prayed for rain; the prayed for child; the prayed for death of one suffering terminally; the prayed for defeat of a foe; the hoped for outcome. We can very much believe God is involved with the minutia of our lives.  We seem to want God to be so involved; to manipulate The Creations Commons to my own needs and desire.  If I pray for rain, and the neighbor, just as wholesome, prays for dryness to bring in the hay, do I really expect it will be raining at my house and dry at my neighbors?  For many, the answer by default is, Yes.

God will answer the righteous prayers.  But why should God reward me for following orders to achieve desired results? This seems not a freedom of choice, but a barter system of reward and punishment.  Where is the spiritual merit in that?  Yet for all too many, the important thing is actually not to question beliefs, it is to not have questions, rather to act in rote conformity and be rewarded now or later for not engaging my own critical thinking to freely make my own choices.

Travel around this world we live in, and beliefs such as these are scattered everywhere; trust authority concepts and do not think about them, except in ways to validate them.  Again, these conserved notions are much of what human conflict is about; the inability to be present in the present moment with all or faculties available to address Creation as it is.  We are instead, busy forcing our ideas upon it, claiming they are some absolute truth, so reality must in some other way be wrong.  And so come the many varied forms of rationalization, to explain away Gods motives as unquestionably pure, or those of others as unknowable except in the negative of their strangeness, or otherness.

Most human identity is derived from conditioning by whatever hereditary platform I have.  If I am a woman, well in many cultures, the idea of freedom was seldom meant for me.  I am free to be me, obviously, but only so long as I follow the cultural programing.  The Commons, as far as culture is concerned, is saying my role is restricted to certain definite parameters, while men may not be.  Even in the USA, where we claim all kinds of freedom, I can just assume, as commercials do again these days, that the woman can afford to be at home and cleaning the floors while the man is out working, or…

In the name of Freedom, as in the name of God; all manner of perversion and good works are done, while the holistic impacts of our beliefs are ignored or assumed the credit of God.  Yet those who are too other than our currently accepted beliefs, are most likely bizarre and discounted, except in the negative, as an influence in our worlds.  Subjective arrogance, the allusion of abstraction, the mind games of idea manipulation from abstraction to subjective narrative, all these are combining everyday with our and others ignorance to produce many of the “complex” conflict conundrums hounding humankind.  This remains problematic and persistent, as we are led to allow others to do the thinking for us.

My Freedom ignoring Connection will likely lead to extinction; F-C=E.  This is one formula, where I am one of the ingredients, as are you.