As America Falls : How Ignorance Will Kill Democracy

America In Peril

The idea gaming of America, from whence decisions and deceptions flow

“Corporatocracy, theocracy, plutocracy, even The Idiocracy; anyway you say it, these conservative paradigms require a whole lot of crazy.  We move reality into fantasy, and yet, our followers do not see for they are already hooked.”

Now more from this fantasy quote.  A quote whose ideas may create Reason to Wonder whether there are any reasons this fantasy is not a likely reality considering the following real quotes and reasoning. And so I wonder in which manner—

We need to fool and foil the vast majority of Americans interest to preserve and enhance our wealth at the expense of the general population.  Since Ronald Reagan’s time we have been making this reverse democracy happen, enjoying the swelling benefit of profit as the majority loses ground.

The tax is evil mantra has succeeded in disempowering government from serving all the people.  We have conditioned the population to not comprehend the substantially positive relationship between taxes and real Freedom and real responsibility to a nation.  We first needed to wedge the general public away from the reality that taxes actually enhance freedom and democracy, to believing the ideological twist that taxes stifle freedom and opportunity.

Now many, if not most feel tax is actually a burden and not the responsible nature of accountability in an interconnected world.  We have sold the public our own view of opportunistic advantage, yet have them believing they are fighting for their own with the perpetual ruse of “No More Taxes!”  Good thing they never plan to check out whole context with actually critical thinking!

Oh! The many blessings of ignorance.

Governments loss of ground allows our corporate power to supplant it, rendering voting more and more superfluous; involved with distracting wedge issues and culture warfare blinded to real powers fields of interest. Our moral value and religious fronts are aiding this campaign greatly by generally reversing the position of Jesus Christ and inserting our own ideological lens for deciphering biblical meanings.

For instance; most do not know there was abortion allowed during Christ time yet he did nothing about it directly, instead, he spent most of his energy on the poor, the sick and the ostracised.  Liberals like Christ of Nazareth believe the context a child is born into is possibly more important than denying a woman her own spiritual challenge. So what is our wedge?  Everyone has had their own innocence violated in one way or another, particularly in youth.

We transfer the whole issue to be a supreme issue of innocence; the unborn child against the horrible intentions of a parent steeped in her own problems.  We use detachment of the womans context, defering to the individual nature of all as once being children.  What if your mom killed you! we ask in all seriousness; changing a reality equation with one of fantasy. Our followers will now be only an imaginary step away from internally registering that liberals like Christ would rather see them die than do something about it.  With murder now part of the message; our followers will be capable of each and every ill in good and in Gods name. Here we use ones own spiritual insecurity and guilt in our conservative followers to target cause onto our enemies, insisting they are now the enemies of God as well.

Our Good New Time Religion

Religion is not an obstacle to the clever opportunist.  We can reverse engineer any abstract concept and create an appearance reality that our view is true and its original meaning false.  We cripple critical thinking by using the fear and insecurity in our fellow Americans to work against this greater paradigm consideration, making it instead the realm of individual choice.

This is why we must always generate fear toward the liberals nature and enrage inner stimulated threats to inner fantasy to be targeted externally to the objects of our choice.  Simple Projection does this escapist job for us! We have subverted the collective interest of Americans and made subversion seem to be the domain of only liberalism.  With business in charge of most information dispersal; we have that handle in our hand.

We accomplish this surrender of The American Spirit by igniting the passions of the populace, targeting apparent reality solution tagged to our issues. This guiding of feelings allows our cause to be infused as the impression of theirs, with ignorance and illusion as their supreme guiding lights.  Then we have them right where we can manipulate them. Gradually the ladder steps further and further from reality oversight, now into the charge of fear,  fantasy and paranoia triggered by our stimulation.  We put evil in charge of defining good and deliver it with a smile and a prayer!  My good is yours!  No!  Really!

End Game

Now America can be permanently rendered into a caste system having nothing to do with real equality of right or a really fair opportunity and accountability.  We have controlled America by using the Pivot Point Of Perception; generating a broad-based consensus reality by continually drenching the population with apparent reality opinion disguised as wisdom, as fact, and most importantly, as plain common sense.

By worshiping the ideology of individualism we can pivot perception on abstraction, and so control both government and Democracy with our own will.  Needless to say; an army of ignorance filled with passionate confusion claiming to see all too clearly, will then finish the job of our overthrow– of them!  It is happening as I speak my friends.  This is how our pyramid scheme of profit off of The People can last a millennium and more, past even the Pharos. –and I did it MY Way!

To finish this coup we go underground; form front groups to instigate and propagate a groundswell of apparent populism while having our friends in government and media promote fantasies of impending socialist government; this, obviously seen by any collective based care. We intend to keep all that we can get.  Hell no you wont!; to any of it going anywhere that we ourselves do not approve of!  Now that is Freedom!  Fantasy is a key to taking down Democracy and installing plutocracy.  I must admit to you in all honestly; I love this ruse. Thank you Jesus!

Myopic Freedom

From here we can promote ideas that in the abstract appeal to all as causes of Freedom. In practice this freedom will serve we who have, by keeping Democracy inebriated and inept with confusion. I remind you that stealthy intellectual contradiction as to Freedoms true whole context and cost is an absolute must.  Our wealth does give us the means to make this happen while having many Americans cheer our cause as their own at their own peril. Our wealth itself makes us more free than the majority!

Emotion people; emotion enables ignorance to rule as enlightenment...



Meanwhile.  Back to the first start of this post.

.(By now: What is her talking about?)

Oh Yeah.

Maybe I will change that title later. I really wished to say; The Ascendant Mania Of The Right Wing; Where Ignorance And Ideology Poison The Principles Of Freedom And Democracy.

The trouble with titles can be the instant concept framing that ensues in what seems to be a polarized population. Mention the Mainstream Media, or even The Media these days, and differing views will hear entirely differing Consensus Reality mindset suppositions.  Notions of The Truth and Facts will also be sifted into Confirmation Bias assumptions designed to select out contradictory or negating context, concept and information to keep the comfortable security of predetermined ideological curves.

Enough already from me.


From Bill Moyers: “Welcome to the Plutocracy!”


This excerpt from Bill Moyers piece on the plutocracy I saw on Truthout.  I know; in some spheres these very people are considered very bad by the corporatocracy/plutocracy/cracy

“For years she had worked at minimum-wage jobs, until 17 years ago, when she was hired by the Whirlpool refrigerator factory in Evansville, Indiana. She was making $ 18.44 an hour when Whirlpool announced earlier this year that it was closing the operation and moving it to Mexico. She wept. I’m sure many of the other eleven hundred workers who lost their jobs wept too; they had seen their ticket to the middle class snatched from their hands. The company defended its decision by claiming high costs, underused capacity, and the need to stay competitive. Those excuses didn’t console Connie Brasel. “I was becoming part of something bigger than me,” she told Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times. “Whirlpool was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

She was not only sad, she was mad. “They didn’t get world-class quality because they had the best managers. They got world-class quality because of the United States and because of their workers.”

Among those workers were Natalie Ford, her husband and her son; all three lost their jobs. “It’s devastating,” she told the Times. Her father had worked at Whirlpool before them. Now, “There aren’t any jobs here. How is this community going to survive?”

And what about the country? Between 2001 and 2008, about 40,000 US manufacturing plants closed. Six million factory jobs have disappeared over the past dozen years, representing one in three manufacturing jobs. Natalie Ford said to the Times what many of us are wondering: “I don’t know how without any good-paying jobs here in the United States people are going to pay for their health care, put their children through school.”

Now, if Connie Brasel and Natalie Ford lived in South Carolina, they might have been lucky enough to get a job with the new BMW plant that recently opened there and advertised that the company would hire one thousand workers. Among the applicants? According to the Washington Post; “a former manager of a major distribution center for Target; a consultant who oversaw construction projects in four western states; a supervisor at a plastics recycling firm. Some held college degrees and resumes in other fields where they made more money.” They will be paid $15 an hour – about half of what BMW workers earn in Germany

In polite circles, among our political and financial classes, this is known as “the free market at work.” No, it’s “wage repression,” and it’s been happening in our country since around 1980. I must invoke some statistics here, knowing that statistics can glaze the eyes; but if indeed it’s the mark of a truly educated person to be deeply moved by statistics, as I once read, surely this truly educated audience will be moved by the recent analysis of tax data by the economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez. They found that from 1950 through 1980, the share of all income in America going to everyone but the rich increased from 64 percent to 65 percent. Because the nation’s economy was growing handsomely, the average income for 9 out of l0 Americans was growing, too – from $17,719 to $30,941. That’s a 75 percent increase in income in constant 2008 dollars.

But then it stopped. Since 1980 the economy has also continued to grow handsomely, but only a fraction at the top have benefitted. The line flattens for the bottom 90% of Americans. Average income went from that $30,941 in 1980 to $31,244 in 2008. Think about that: the average income of Americans increased just $303 dollars in 28 years.

That’s wage repression.

Another story in the Times caught my eye a few weeks after the one about Connie Brasel and Natalie Ford. The headline read: “Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts.” Nelson Schwartz reported that despite falling motorcycle sales, Harley-Davidson profits are soaring – with a second quarter profit of $71 million, more than triple what it earned the previous year. Yet Harley-Davidson has announced plans to cut fourteen hundred to sixteen hundred more jobs by the end of next year; this on top of the 2000 job cut last year.

The story note: “This seeming contradiction – falling sales and rising profits – is one reason the mood on Wall Street is so much more buoyant than in households, where pessimism runs deep and unemployment shows few signs of easing.”

There you see the two Americas. A buoyant Wall Street; a doleful Main Street. The Connie Brasels and Natalie Fords – left to sink or swim on their own. There were no bailouts for them.

Meanwhile, Matt Krantz reports in USA TODAY that “Cash is gushing into company’s coffers as they report what’s shaping up to be a third-consecutive quarter of sharp earning increases. But instead of spending on the typical things, such as expanding and hiring people, companies are mostly pocketing the money or stuffing it under their mattresses.” And what are their plans for this money? Again, the Washington Post:

“…. Sitting on these unprecedented levels of cash, U.S. companies are buying back their own stock in droves. So far this year, firms have announced they will purchase $273 billion of their own shares, more than five times as much compared with this time last year… But the rise in buybacks signals that many companies are still hesitant to spend their cash on the job-generating activities that could produce economic growth.”

That’s how financial capitalism works today: Conserving cash rather than bolstering hiring and production; investing in their own shares to prop up their share prices and make their stock more attractive to Wall Street. To hell with everyone else.

Hear the chief economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ethan Harris, who told the Times: “There’s no question that there is an income shift going on in the economy. Companies are squeezing their labor costs to build profits.”

Or the chief economist for Credit Suisse in New York, Neal Soss: As companies have wrung more savings out of their work forces, causing wages and salaries barely to budge from recession lows, “profits have staged a vigorous recovery, jumping 40 percent between late 2008 and the first quarter of 2010.”

Just this morning the New York Times reports that the private equity business is roaring back: “While it remains difficult to get a mortgage to buy a home or to get a loan to fund a small business, yield-starved investors are creating a robust market for corporate bonds and loans.”

If this were a functioning democracy, our financial institutions would be helping everyday Americans and businesses get the mortgages and loans – the capital – they need to keep going; they’re not, even as the financiers are reaping robust awards.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But he’s run off with all the toys.

Late in August I clipped another story from the Wall Street Journal. Above an op-ed piece by Robert Frank the headline asked: “Do the Rich Need the Rest of America?” The author didn’t seem ambivalent about the answer. He wrote that as stocks have boomed, “the wealthy bounced back. And while the Main Street economy” [where the Connie Brasels and Natalie Fords and most Americans live] “was wracked by high unemployment and the real-estate crash, the wealthy – whose financial fates were more tied to capital markets than jobs and houses – picked themselves up, brushed themselves off, and started buying luxury goods again.”

Citing the work of Michael Lind, at the Economic Growth Program of the New American Foundation, the article went on to describe how the super-rich earn their fortunes with overseas labor, selling to overseas consumers and managing financial transactions that have little to do with the rest of America, “while relying entirely or almost entirely on immigrant servants at one of several homes around the country.”

Right at that point I remembered another story that I had filed away three years ago, also from the Wall Street Journal. The reporter Ianthe Jeanne Dugan described how the private equity firm Blackstone Group swooped down on a travel reservation company in Colorado, bought it, laid off 841 employees, and recouped its entire investment in just seven months, one of the quickest returns on capital ever for such a deal. Blackstone made a killing while those workers were left to sift through the debris. They sold their homes, took part-time jobs making sandwiches and coffee, and lost their health insurance.

That fall, Blackstone’s chief executive, Stephen Schwarzman, reportedly worth over $5 billion, rented a luxurious resort in Jamaica to celebrate the marriage of his son. According to the Guardian News, the Montego Bay facility alone cost $50,000, plus thousands more to sleep 130 guests. There were drinks on the beach, dancers and a steel band, marshmallows around the fire, and then, the following day, an opulent wedding banquet with champagne and a jazz band and fireworks display that alone cost $12,500. Earlier in the year Schwarzman had rented out the Park Avenue Armory in New York (near his 35-room apartment) to celebrate his 60th birthday at a cost of $3 million. So? It’s his money, isn’t it? Yes, but consider this: The stratospheric income of private-equity partners is taxed at only 15 percent – less than the rate paid, say, by a middle class family. When Congress considered raising the rate on their Midas-like compensation, the financial titans flooded Washington with armed mercenaries – armed, that is, with hard, cold cash – and brought the “debate” to an end faster than it had taken Schwartzman to fire 841 workers. The financial class had won another round in the exploitation of working people who, if they are lucky enough to have jobs, are paying a higher tax rate than the super-rich.

So the answer to the question: “Do the Rich Need the Rest of America?” is as stark as it is ominous: Many don’t. As they form their own financial culture increasingly separated from the fate of everyone else, it is “hardly surprising,” Frank and Lind concluded, “ that so many of them should be so hostile to paying taxes to support the infrastructure and the social programs that help the majority of the American people.”

You would think the rich might care, if not from empathy, then from reading history. Ultimately gross inequality can be fatal to civilization. In his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, the Pulitzer Prize-winning anthropologist Jared Diamond writes about how governing elites throughout history isolate and delude themselves until it is too late. He reminds us that the change people inflict on their environment is one of the main factors in the decline of earlier societies. For example: the Mayan natives on the Yucatan peninsula who suffered as their forest disappeared, their soil eroded, and their water supply deteriorated. Chronic warfare further exhausted dwindling resources. Although Mayan kings could see their forests vanishing and their hills eroding, they were able to insulate themselves from the rest of society. By extracting wealth from commoners, they could remain well-fed while everyone else was slowly starving. Realizing too late that they could not reverse their deteriorating environment, they became casualties of their own privilege. Any society contains a built-in blueprint for failure, Diamond warns, if elites insulate themselves from the consequences of their decisions, separated from the common life of the country.

Yet the isolation continues – and is celebrated. When Howard came down to New York last December for what would be my last interview with him, I showed him this document published in the spring of 2005 by the Wall Street giant Citigroup, setting forth an “Equity Strategy” under the title (I’m not making this up) “Revisiting Plutonomy: The Rich Getting Richer.”

Now, most people know what plutocracy is: the rule of the rich, political power controlled by the wealthy. Plutocracy is not an American word and wasn’t meant to become an American phenomenon – some of our founders deplored what they called “the veneration of wealth.” But plutocracy is here, and a pumped up Citigroup even boasted of coining a variation on the word— “plutonomy”, which describes an economic system where the privileged few make sure the rich get richer and that government helps them do it. Five years ago Citigroup decided the time had come to “bang the drum on plutonomy.”

And bang they did. Here are some excerpts from the document “Revisiting Plutonomy;”

“Asset booms, a rising profit share and favorable treatment by
market-friendly governments have allowed the rich to prosper… [and] take an increasing share of income and wealth over the last 20 years.”

“…the top 10%, particularly the top 1% of the United States –
the plutonomists in our parlance – have benefitted disproportionately from the recent productivity surged in the US… [and] from globalization and the productivity boom, at the relative expense of labor.”

“… [and they] are likely to get even wealthier in the coming years. Because the dynamics of plutonomy are still intact.”

I’ll repeat that: “The dynamics of plutonomy are still intact.” That was the case before the Great Collapse of 2008, and it’s the case today, two years after the catastrophe. But the plutonomists are doing just fine. Even better in some cases, thanks to our bailout of the big banks.

As for the rest of the country: Listen to this summary in The Economist – no Marxist journal – of a study by Pew Research:

More than half of all workers today have experienced a spell of
unemployment, taken a cut in pay or hours or been forced
to go part-time. The typical unemployed worker has been
jobless for nearly six months. Collapsing share and house
prices have destroyed a fifth of the wealth of the average
household. Nearly six in ten Americans have cancelled or
cut back on holidays. About a fifth say their mortgages are
underwater. One in four of those between 18 and 29 have
moved back in with their parents. Fewer than half of all adults
expect their children to have a higher standard of living than
theirs, and more than a quarter say it will be lower. For many
Americans the great recession has been the sharpest trauma since
The Second World War, wiping out jobs, wealth and hope itself.

The Real Socialism Behind Capitalism

The Real Socialism Behind


And The Secret War To Control Appearance Reality

You VS Me

I get a charge out of the Darwinian “moral” argument most often given for the essentially apologetic capitalism higher order rationalization.  The idea creates the appearance that capitalism is the only rational means of insuring your rights, your freedom. It is solidly delusional, yet for its adherents and advocates, its severely truncated notion of Life and context seems all that is valid.

For them, the proof is in the modern worlds pudding. And if that pudding is proving, or being suggested to be made of not wholesome ingredients, or is way past its shelf life, is to be viewed as being an unwholesome thing to correct in itself. Only view the good stuff, or allegedly good stuff, and ignore the mountains of problematic effects being created. A value is made upon the commodities of fear and how it can protect ignorance.  Now the equation is cast as your rights to do what you want when you want, devoid of other notions of responsibility or accountability to ones actions, and exactly how far those actions may reach.

Those suggesting looking up at the mountain ranges surrounding the individuals identity are called a name to suggest their negativity is their problem trying to be imposed upon you. This feels then, like an attempt to take away of your freedom.

One is now held in a conceptual separation chamber, where the truth of connection and relation being sucked out of it can feel to be of someone others doing.  Politics, economics, and much other social dynamics can now prey upon the separation of the individuals mindframes by pandering to us vs them consciousness. The “better angels” of perception are gone, while the negative ones prick and pull at ones personal soul.

We are left with the aberrant idea that the individual is all that is; no society, no environment to consider, no accountability to social and other ecosystems with all their interconnection and interrelationships.  A kind of fictional union within ignorance, or of an unknowable faith in the negative, seems to take care of all other aspects of Life and living.  Have a problem? It must be your fault, and yours alone.  But what if the problem is with the roads? the air? the water? or a neighbor?  How about Government!? Even solipsism has its drawbacks.

Watching Rationalization Work

I had a job in construction, where one Christmas the owner did not give out any bonuses.  He had supposedly gone to Nevada to gamble in order that he could present us with some Christmas gifts. He skipped the party that he insisted we all must attend, leaving his prime investor out on a psychological plank at the missing gala event.  After much information that he would be here in 45 min, then in 30; We waited around for over an hour more, then left.

This is what this entrepreneurial individual did; gambled in many ways, the net loses eventually socialized onto his business and employees, except in some respects the one he was having a affair with.  I later heard that she told him that it is we who should be giving him a present, and be thankful that we had jobs.

We used our own tools at our own expense, which helped create a kind of resentment about the job, especially when new or temporary workers were told to just borrow tools from the guys. Because our tools were not necessarily the best for the business, much more time was taken to do work, that with the right tools would have been much more productive.

However, we did many jobs at “time and materials”, so the extra time was usually socialized onto those we were doing work for.  Arizona is a “right to work” state, meaning the workers have little say or bargaining power–few unions.  Your freedom to work was at the mercy of this one way kind of relationship, which is at times called wage slavery–take it or do without. Our employer would make sure we all were on his tax cutting side when it came to voting on state propositions.

These are the situational distinctions that are often more at the root of social problems in the workplace.  Ones situational perspective often defines and details the considerations we have to bolster our own positions identity, while assigning the negative feeling toward the other side of the relationship equation.  Control identity frames and you can control individual belief.

I went to public (socialist) high school. Walked on socialist sidewalks.  It would seem odd to carry your own sidewalk with you, picking it up as you went along…

The Psychology Of The Political

If you ever  wonder why delusion and denial are so rampant on the political right, you need to comprehend the identity issues they are tying to avoid, along with the perversion of notions of rights and responsibilities they maintain to keep their Appearance Reality intact. Along with this mental and emotional task of forming a coherent and consistent rationalization matrix, comes its attendant Consensus Reality platform, along with all the automatic pilot Confirmation Bias that aides and abets in keeping delusional mindsets in order.

In these individual political equations, Cognitive Dissonance is to be buried and overrun by emotional “reality” framing; the casting of the other sides position as deceptive, as other and unwelcome. This allows a kind of firewall to develop towards ideas, individuals and actions beyond the ideas Consensus Realities parameters of acceptance. The Right has many individual propagandist and institutional ones to spread their emotional hazing into the general public.  It would seem that many are unawares of the societal manipulation going on via emotionalism entrapment to policy choices viewed as wholesome or not to “their” view.

Do As I Say And Not As I Do

Many years ago I lived in a city with a vibrant arts and craft community.  Near downtown, a kind of open marketplace evolved on the streets, with arts and craft booths, tables and all making for a pleasant walking and shopping experience.

Those who proved quite successful at this open air site, some of them at least, moved into a nearby building that evolved into a kind of inside marketplace, and attached to it, spaces of now sophisticated large craft displays connected enclosed shops.  The successful craft folks now had employees and store managers, plus all the rest that comes with having a roof and title over ones head.

Now relationships had changed from the early days to the current. These once outside shops now found the outside shops as being unfair competition.  They passed petitions around, intended to have a law passed which more heavily taxed the outside booths, while requiring them to move away to areas well removed from their popular local.

So called success and opportunity, often veiled opportunism, had developed the individuals perspective to defend its turf at the expense of what was the very nature that they themselves once depended upon to get ahead.  I was shocked that we could so easily turn our backs and identity from our own past, then seek to punish others for essentially walking in our own old shoes.

Anarchy capitalism is far removed from so called free enterprise.  It keeps the freedom part, a freedom to get away with what I wish, while inhibiting others from doing the same.  Much of the corporate world is filled with “success” socialized on the back of imposed inhibition.  the abstractions, however, remain the same.

Now corporations can flood impression via advertisement of their viewpoint onto the population, but framed as our viewpoint.  After all, they have cornered the avenue as being job creators, show the face of employees that may look just like you, just trying to have a life and do good in the world.

Any accountability or responsibility placed on the corporation by Democracy can now be called damaging; job killing and cost raising. And so the Appearance Reality would seem. What is not seen is; if it is pollution, infrastructure, job exportation to cheep labor markets, whatever, the cost will be socialized onto society anyway.  Yet the solutions may not even happen, as the general populations relative income continues to decline.  Yet the mind control of populations to cut off their own blood supply continues as conservatism claims grand abstraction pandering as the answer.  Liberalism is cast into a one way view, as if it is like conservatism.

In an always changing universe of Life, conservatism claims to freeze place and idea, a delusion, while liberalism requires broad input, review and consideration, the very thing that in the modern world of so much stress and distraction of consciousness, would seem hard to come by.  Easy abstractions can loom large as easy answers, but actually, they seem to solve little to noting of the problematic issues facing society and the world.

This is the nature of opportunism; me and mine before you and yours.  It divides and conquers societal cohesion, but produces a vacuum to be filled by rationalization and cognitive dissonance avoidance.  That avoidance and its cost are socialized upon society, while the rationalizing individual emotionally validates their bias as being the truthful one, the respectable one.

The Idea Of Capitalism And Socialism Versus Reality

Here we are, in a world often defined by falsity; by false associations and false assumption, but held uncheckable by ideological persuasion and a blinded individual position.  The truth is that everything is interrelated and connected.  The lines drawn of relevant association and responsibilities are easily erased or morphed to suit ones own viewpoint.  But to call that viewpoint beyond criticism or scientific analysis, is deception at work, for some reason, ignorance is effectively being protected.

Generally, Liberalism (10 laws of liberalism )- is an open book; open to evaluation and correction.  This is not the case for conservatism, for it is fear and insecurity based at its root; dependent upon us vs them psychological validation.  Conservatives are emotionally misanthropic, needing to but most of humanity down to, as usual, create an illusion that they are up; more moral, more worthy. This renders the real truth assailable and deniable by various postures such as “fair and balanced”, or “all experts agree”.

Truth is.  Truth has little to do with fair and balanced, nor with blind acceptance of ideology as “The only way”. Conservatism in todays world intends a kind of surrender to uncheckable idea.  Faith and trust are then open to being highly misguided, yet this affords conservatism with an ever refreshing blame game– its all liberals fault. These days the conservatives even reverse their support for ideas they previously supported if a supposed liberal now suggest them, it is as if they expect us to have tea bags for brains.

We live in a modern world brimming with delusion and deception as guardian angels to division.  As in the various anti government groups; sure you are against government, especially in democracy, if you want to get away with something in relationship to The Whole of Life.  You want to ignore or demean other societal problems which you could impact.  You are concerned with your own stress, not acknowledging that stress in others is just as relevant to Life.

Yet since these personal stresses do exist, and so do the full context ones, they will be socialized upon the rest of society as well as the earth.  Pollution, climate change, wages, wasteful materialism, build in obsolescence, manipulating the social media with propaganda, proliferating fear and ignorance, exploitation of society and environments; these are the mainstays of the economic, social and political right for a reason.

The Threat To Freedom And Liberty May Well Be By Those Proclaiming Their Cause To Be Freedom And Liberty

Democracy, with its Liberalism roots, are a threat to those intending to live above the rest.  They and their followers are programmed to see abstractions such as freedom and rights in a polysemantic light, one that looks down on society from above, defining identity in this one way aberration.

As long as democracy is relevant, those who feel themselves above it will create idea and institution to serve their inherently non democratic intent.  They need ignorance to rule, to rule well enough to contain and constrain Democracy.  It is we who must wonder about the nature and reason of their rationalization, and of our own.

Why is The Right peppered with the usage of the Thought-terminating Clichés., some of which are often coded in name calling?  Mind control techniques are rampant on The Right; Why? The Right proclaims things like Freedom, Rights, even Morality and Responsibility, yet why are their definitions so one way, thus avoiding the issues of full context, full relationship and thus full comprehension?

While capitalism is taunted as the only viable system, the socialism endemic to it is ignored just as pollution and the possible fatal damaging of earth ecosystems are derided and demeaned emotionally from The Right.  The real state seems to be one of denial, of hiding and obfuscations place in front of knowing a real truth. A designer “Truth”, full of ideological bias for minds rendered incapable of rational thought and comprehension, is given as the common sense, or gut understanding requiring little or no factual impression beyond the confirmation of bias data set.

Democracy depends upon an enlightened democratic sight, and not a blinded one.

Bertrand Russell’s 10 laws of liberalism – Windows Live.


Free Speech And The First Amendment

This article based on:

(Support the First Amendment with 1 for All)

Abstractions are inherently relative; Free From What Or Whom?

And then there is context;—Where and under what conditions does this freedom exist?

For the conditions upon Free Speech; remember; You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater just to see what happens, not and remain free.  You cannot lobby for armed overthrow of the Government (conservatives excluded?), etc.  It seems once this conditional, or exception caveat to an abstractions existence is made obvious, any number of reasons for not having Free Speech become both sensible and most assuredly right?  Most everyone will say so.  Just think of plagiarism, slander, libel and perjury as big NOs to your Free Speech privilege.  Yet politicians have the right to lie about one another in campaigns, which some take as a mandate.

You cannot share privy stock info, (ex Martha Stewart), and I suppose I am not free to tell all about your social security or credit card numbers.  We say unconditional Free Speech, but once looked at more closely in specifics, all kinds of exceptions seem obvious for The 1 Good of All.

Is Free Speech In The Ear and Eye Of The Beholder?

We seem to have this standard of collective care; Free Speech is not allowed on spoken and unspoken contracts between people where the release of information can cause harm to one.  Your doctor, pastor, rabbi or priest, your lawyer, these kinds of agreements have some controls on Free Speech, but may have them for the good of all? Conversely, the Government is allowed to listen in on where you thought you were in private Free Speech space, outside the dimensions of public Free Speech.  The “Patriot Act”, wiretaps, confiscating files etc., things that are intrinsically speech, seem to enter zones of exception.  Freedom is then existential, its meaning often depending upon ones position and belief system.

Freedom appears to be in the mind of the beholder, where truth, fiction, fact and fantasy can all mix to create the need for Freedom over human conceptual designs that may not exist in reality, or be of quite a differing nature than conceived.

The paranoia promoters of the Right Wing and Left Wing have conspiracy theories all over the constitutional boards, of how the other is out to take your rights away.  I remember during the Bush administration that the police or FBI came into a young woman’s college bedroom to interrogate her because someone reported her as having a negative Bush poster up.  Amnesia is usually highly selective on what some extremes wish to recall about others Free Speech compared to their own often emotional based (beyond objective review of context) rationalization.

I may wish to be free from the oppressive “Obamacare”, but Obamacare is a focus group/think tank concept, and not an actual thing.  We often mimic from other sources what we claim to think all for ourselves. When under these kinds of mind control influence, I can wish to be free from a thing that exist in the mind and not the real world, yet I project fault, liability, and any manner of righteous indignation at real people and real policies.

Conformity As The WEight Upon Free Speech

Courts; both Conservative activist types and Liberal, claim vague consensus biases—ex. community standards, limit Free Speech.  What you wear can be called not acceptable to court, the public, or to work.  If what you say seems to suggest the creation of someones perception of trouble, you may be called inappropriate.  “I was fired because I got a tatoo!”  In fact, it seems much Freedom is put on hold while under the reigns of an employer or other power over relationships.  “Hey You! Yes you! Who you looking at!

Art and how one looks or otherwise expresses their life style, can be called not right for prime time viewing; not to be heard or seen by the unawares public.  Surely you have some things in mind that you wish not to be seen, and wish someone, (must be the Government(?)), from not letting it out in the open.  In liberal(?) California, they voted against the gay for concern of the erosion of family values, morals, and or some idea that the gay idea was not welcome into certain human arenas.  We seem entitled to limit other consenting adults for how we think of them and not any position of their right to be who they are if not directly or intentional harming others.  We can be against one another’s Freedom.


So what is the Public Interest in Free Speech? Why is the absolutist, no infringements upon Free Speech, highly conditional in “practical” reality?

No one ever said Free Speech (or other Freedoms) only made things good, yet the abstraction is promoted in self interest as only beneficial. It seems we have become conditioned to exceptions upon Free Speech, because they do not seem to us to be good or healthy to society. In actuality, Freedom comes with kinds of responsibility and accountability that many may wish to avoid since those sides of the coin of Whole Context feel contravening to the celebrated liberty nature of Freedom.

Some see their favored Freedom as a kind of escapism clause; “I want to get rich and buy anything I want but not be held liable to my impacts on society or the environment, for that would be taking my freedom away! Duh! Down with Big Government and taxes!!!” A whole philosophy of the dis-con-nected individual has ensued, granted space in reason by the seductive natures of alienation, greed and opportunism, which want no accountability to a Whole or any fully framed “We The People”.  Instead, we reserve the right to do whatever we can or can seem to get away with, not wishing to see or know the small print of interconnection that governs all Life and Being.

It seems that God or Nature, however, do keep accounts of responsibility to conditions and situations, Climate Change being perhaps a universal judgement upon behavior.  This may well indicate that one does not “get way” with what one thinks one does when narrowing the consciousness on Freedom, Accountability and more significantly–Connection.

The business growth paradigm for instance, so similar to pathology and to cancers “strategy”. These seeming imperatives wrap themselves into glorious achievement and individual initiative narrative, with rewards as obvious proof of value and validation, helping to stack the deck against Freedoms other ramifications.

Control of narrative identity frames is a must for programming cognitive barriers to awareness.  This is the Big Business of Mind Control in todays modern world of conspicuous consumption, identity desire and focus, with denial of negative effect.

A truncated concept of freedom and self initiative, and their rewards, is then erected to serve as a rationalization edifice for their apparent consensus rightness and goodness.  This will be heavy with seductive emotionalizations and denunciations, a hallmark of many an ideologue or demigod.  Tagging it to God makes it even more alluring.

Self And Other Censorship; Paradoxical Freedom Issues

A society with liberal institutions such as Freedom, must understand why the troubles with Freedom, which make for big Repub/Dems party propaganda campaigns, never promised only the good.  There is an understanding that the removal of those Freedoms, their absence historically, will open a Pandora’s Box of much worse controlling influences than the freedom’s problems ever did. But the Good of All seems to demand practical adjustments, which most of us support in one manner or another.

For the most Freedom for All, an active Government is the current only guarantor.  Get rid of Government, and the vacuum will likely be filled by the new nation states of multinational corporations, who will instruct you on what is or is not acceptable behavior from you for their own bottom line interest where you have no vote or freedom of expression necessarily, unlike in Democracy.  Yet many a libertine is desperate to arrive at this state, albeit unknowingly, so that makes it OK?. We may pursue the liberation of Freedom while in effect, sealing It and our fate with our own ignorance.  Ignorance is a tremendous commodity in building manipulation strategies of influence.

We are easily seduced away from abstraction absolutism by “obvious” practicalities applying to the society we would prefer, and what seems to be the interest of The Whole.  Other rights are not what some conceive them to be. The exceptions to the possession of unabridged rights are already in place. For instance, the Second Amendment does not seem to allow us to posses our own nuclear  weapon’s, or crowd control, nor other devices that can render gun ownership obsolete in the grand “defend my own” sense, but not in the paranoid, or the “At least I can shoot you!” one (FYI I am a gun owner.).

And by the way, that ultimate Free Speech; the Right to Vote, is conditional, not a “Right” at all.  Many folks are deprived from voting by law often as a punitive measure.  Not an absolute Freedom of expression in the full idea of it.  Most of us are for all kinds of censorship in practice, but not when it seems to effect or interest.

{Here is a link regarding the consequences of a debate forum’s aftermath.}

Oprah Winfrey and mad cows – SourceWatch


We may excercise our Free Speech to Deride Others Free Speech—————————————————————————————————————————

The political divide seems to have its notions of what the other side should not be saying.  This seems to be accepted as part of Free Speech, but when does it become something else?

I remember some folks at Fox News threatening to send their own people over to harass or otherwise make uncomfortable those not agreeing with their view of the Bush administrations policies.  I guess harassment is protected by Free Speech.  Hate speech seems to be as well. Here some recognise that Free Speech is not always cookies and cream.

Then there are your and my prejudices

The Freedom Of Conformity?

——-just another word for nothing left to loose.” — Janice Joplin

But I am obviously for Freedom!  Let Freedom Ring!!!

Freedom vs other oversight

There was a recent “official” article on WordPress regarding a behavioral point that said something like this; Read the kind of post on the WordPress homepage to see the way people speak who have their post featured.  In the comments after I remember someone saying; ‘Actually, the title you put down seems the best one to me.’

It may be good business to care for appearances; I remember the same thing being said in Mother Earth News; ‘Talk like those featured talk (write) and you might get posted.’, or back then, your article considered for printing. I had often wondered why the articles often seemed to be written by the same person, with the same attitude and overenthusiastic indulgence.  I never sent an article in because of that condition.  “I did it my way!Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord –

Here then, Free Speech is judged according to an editor or other content oversight, for “The Good” of the organizations intended audience or its internal provincial “right” style.  Style becomes perhaps more valued than substance. Appearances are held more noteworthy than content, reducing the varied expressions of the individual, in some ways controlling and contorting true Freedom of Speech.

So with the best on an institutions intentions, expression is altered, the individuals real voice called inappropriate for promotional public view. This falls under the management or editors conception of how a thing should look and sound from you. There are standards to uphold we all would agree.

Freedom Falls

Freedom Falls under these conditions; Perception; Conceptual Design; Appearance Reality; often folded into Consensus Reality; these buttressed by Confirmation Bias; all under the auspices of Power Groups Status Elites and Manipulation Requirements at home and around the world.  Within this matrix of control and established order, you and I may argue and wonder as to the reasons for things, unawares of overarching context framing the entire issue.


Arizona’s Beauty And Its Senatorial Incompetence



Arizona; a beautiful state full of beautiful people, but that says nothing about the patronizing right wing demagogues it passes off as its US senators.

I know of nothing these two dimmed down bulbs have done for Arizona, not all of Arizona. As most Republican leaders these days; under their tent grows their version of serving the conserved status elites, while trying to seduce we regular folks to their own one and only kind of view toward Life.  Their projections of fear and insecurity are tailor made for business interest to trump the average citizens.  We citizenry are put into our proper servile place; to stay in the molded mindset of a corporation based government paradigm.

Down with (public democracy) Government! = (Up with Private Dictatorships!)  Hide that last part in parenthesis.  Thanks.

Many a Democratic leader seems to have this same affliction; pandering to elite powers seductive addictions.  I’m not selling the Democrats as saints here.  This post is mostly about mind control tactics being used on populations kept essentially in the dark by a corporation slanted media that follows its own opportunistic calling. (Uh? But didn’t you mean to say a Liberal Mainstream Media?)

The public at large, especially in places like Arizona, are given their view from those getting the most from all the environments; social, economic, earth ecosystems etc, yet pawing off the responsibilities for maintenance, cost and upkeep to all. Wealthiness is socialized economic redistribution after all.  And wealth must be given its narratives of achievement and success, devoid of responsibilities and accountability to The Whole.  Cause what egomania fun is that! For this, the GOP and right wing propaganda machinery is designed for diversion, denial and obfuscation, all buttressed by platitudinal pabulum.

With myopic lenses inserted; why Arizona and America’s interest are all clear as a tax cut. Down with Government, that coincidentally in a Democracy defends us militarily and rights-wise from opportunist with other forms of power, unless they kill Democracy’s dimensional and directional value, and or take it over that is.

Arizona has unfortunately been sculpted to make the positive aspect Appearance Reality of wealth be its Consensus Reality mind-frame as well.  We The People, are to tag along behind the really important to my election people, bearing the brunt of all the negative sides of wealth and its consumption addictions.. Now with corporations being allowed to socialize their own “freedom” to influence Democracy at will, thanks to the ever incompetent conservatives on the Supreme Court, the mind cleaning for corporate conformity will proceed at a picked up pace.

Perceptions (right or wrong) of order in societies functioning, can erode away the rights of “We The People” while being chanted by the misdirected to that very phrase.  The Pharos would have been proud of todays conservatives achievements in skewing reality perception by linguistic trickery and other forms of sophistry necessary to have rationalization trump reason.  How?  Reason (demonstrable cause and effect) is made to be suspicious, while emotional cause and effect undeterred from fact checking is made to be obvious.  Enter Fox Newsiness and all the other right wing propaganda platforms where no full fact base or context need apply.

The Obama Omission Haunts Arizona’s Commons

With Obama taking away the sensible Governor for homeland security, we were left with the sycophants of  predatory wolves free to rule the hen house of the states residents common interest. A biased to hierarchical branded “Freedom” comes packaged with populist pabulum delivered all self righteously and entitled of course… We see all too often how scary John McCain appears, with his dizzy spiraling ideological “common sense”, as he regularly tries to be a spokesperson for the lobotomized right wing base he used to be sensibly leery of.

Now the name of the passion game is; that party virtue is to be as crazy-(accusatory without evidence or honest context–fear merchandising) and intellectually frozen in place as can be. Open minds in Arizona’s leadership? We don’t need open minds here, those are to be loathed.  Stuff just falls through open minds anyway, obviously.

Kyl has perfected his top down view of the publics interest to suit Arizona’s top place (winners) business folks needs.  All goodness and moral quality are known by viewing the self centered needs of wealth and power, as long as they do not help poor people who should be helping themselves after all.  Don’t they see how society works for those who have?  It’s Gods message to them apparently.  We should not interfere with God people.  What are you thinking!  I like how the “Eye Of The Needle” has been engineered to be the freeway to goods and services.  Faith and trust come in real handy as a mechanisms to cover over reality.

Serve those who reward you economically or what are you doing? It seems people of “substance” like to be “framed” grand style, by being told how they are the best there is, and can do no wrong unless caught at certain things. The chamber of commerce Golden Calf Chain is anchored around Republican heads and hearts while the rest of us should be quite, just be grateful for knowing our proper place.  This produces an economic cosmology that grinds down the idea that true and full public interest is the primary one in a Democracy.  We are losing it.

{Here is an article I just came across that reflects upon the state of conservatism.}


Why Conservatism is Disconnected From Reality | The Moderate Voice


Propagandist of the right, agitating for self separation anxiety in the public, and so dependency on power structures, such as the GOP does, various Rush Limbo’s, as well as most all of Fox News; portray how fear and loathing are to be ones actionable better angels. And of course! Bring this up to any of them and you will relativised existentially, likely be told that you are the one producing the dissonance, by suggesting one should fear them. Ha!  Caught me hypocrite!  This contrapuntal circular reasoning trick is a mainstay in conservative alleged debunking platforms, it “existentializes” any criticisms, seeming to produce an effect similar to a Thought-terminating cliché.

The fear and loathing, wrapped in pseudo scientific proof for science claims of likely facts, or psychological and social ones, get associated with their opposite side of the coin energy by claims of moral superiority.  Now a rabbit can come out of knitted cap; specially delivered with much smiling and wincing for confident Appearance Reality sake in the confirmation bias enabled Consensus Reality show.  No really!

Exhibit A; Fox newsiness entertainment shows.  It is all about manipulating and contorting how things seem, and not objectively how they are in full context or perspective.  Perception of cause and effect are highly truncated and convoluted. Here is where faith, trust, and party loyalties cover over the landscapes of ignorance with ideological certainty of purpose and rightful cause.  The faithful trust Fox to give them their fix.  This enables Evil (ignorance) to go right under their radars and into their policies.

We see all accusation from these conservatives, but no real answers, except to recite a business, or an alluded to certain kind of Christian model identity as The People’s. For the self defined religious conservatives, one religions imagined superior moral value currency is decreed as the only viable one in our nation, and ultimately the world.  No pluralism and diversity. No freedom, real democracy, nor liberty need apply.  This sort of a priori surety of foundational concepts, insulates unstable and dependent identities from the ambiguities and nuance at Life’s table.  –It is my way or the highway with you.  My God or my version of The Constitution are making me get you.

Suffering The Fools

Speaking of highways; I personally know if you come to Arizona from Mexico or New Mexico, better go to the bathroom there before coming into AZ, cause the rest stops are closed at their first stops on the Interstate here.  Budget cuts for beautiful AZ that somehow Texas And New Mexico seem to survive with intact.

This is what the Republicans, along with the hugely private funded “think tank” version of focus grouped dimmed down conservatism we have today, has done to Arizona.  Once brimming surpluses were eroded away by tax cuts for the wealthy.  You know; that whole strangle government from interfering with your personal income; the grander the income the more responsibility for the state and nation one seems to reject.  This is contempt for The Commons– the connectivity of Life in society and all other environments.  It requires philosophical mindsets of separation; of us and them, a compartmentalized and segregated consciousness, to explain how one is fundamentally better than another and intrinsically at odds with their interest.

What goes around comes around in the real world however; the greed–(self entitlement without acknowledging consequence) of the wealthy comes to curse the majority who made the wealthy wealthy.  Yes, like the economy, the wealthy redistribute the nations and states wealth to themselves, with society allegedly providing the winner narrative, as one envied by all.

This can transfer the wealthy’s skewed alienated perspective as one we each should desire and pursue.  Now the detached, and in some respects, deluded individual, finds “death taxes” and certain tax cuts as coming to them rightfully, when it is actually an issue for 1% or so of the population.  Better than smoke and mirrors, it is conservatism’s need to not check facts, to have contempt for them, unless they are cherry picked ones that suit their confirmation biased world view.

This is conservatism’s profound incompetence; its truncated spiritual and cosmological world view.  It preserves the conservatives fear and insecurity dependency based delusions of grandeur, while blaming those without for not being go getting, or good enough; The Commons be damned, or better yet, kept completely off the perceptual radars.  Pollution? Poverty? Vast common interest?  I just don’t see it! Get a job! Get a life!

Watch What I Pull Out Of The Liberals Hat!

These two senator guys, like most Republican leaders and their ideological string pullers, have to figure out how to sell the wealthiest interest as all our own.  Language must be commandeered, and it has been over the last several decades.  A word and idea such as taxes, or responsiblity for Freedoms maintenance in a Democratic nation; the way a Democracy addresses major issues affecting it, is reduced to an impingement on your right to have everything you can get and give back only what you decide–(actually, Representative government already is this by vote).

But from the demonization of concept campaign; the public interest; that Big Side of every citizen, is to be taken care of by nothing, as if we are actually detached from this world and Creation we live in, a delusion.  But by focusing on negative tag frames of reference, an ideological identity emerges as a kind of freedom loving “common sense” mandate prerogative I have; that government is best that non exist.  Oh. Its popular to say we need a military to protect our dumbed down concept of our “Vital National Interest”.  This is suicidal for a democratic republic, not to mention the connectivity of Life and its vast interplay of system dynamics integral to all our existence.

It, the consequences of ones actions beyond the self, will clean up automatically after my life and business somehow.  It is magical thinking after all!  I know of some conservatives (certainly not all) who resent recycling; must seem a bothersome, imposed new change, or a do-gooder suspicious conspiracy to make my life hard.  Fixing infrastructures is now–a big tax on your children!  But how else are common things done?  Your church or the company you own or work for going to do this for itself?  As I said; fear and insecurity grounded delusion’s of grandeur they want us all to bear for them.

This is how tax cuts can become a state and a nations deadening weight.  That Democracies with the highest tax rates are considered to be quantitatively and qualitatively most free, is against the individualist alone narrative being offered as the supposedly only one for the freedom loving citizen.  Even the libertarians hat can be stuffed with baloney instead of rabbits.

And Faith Makes Objectivity Irrelevant

The program to attach economic well being to Gods grace flowing upon you, is now well under way in America, sometimes called “Prosperity Christianity”, but it is actually materialism’s guise as Gods grace.  You are poor cause God is punishing you. Jesus had the loaves and fishes, not us.

Fear and insecurity are the leverage points for unstable identity’s who’s egos are “naturally” always seeking to be the bride for various absolutist mind-frames. The national (corporate now mixing with theocratic) narrative is filled with paying attention to stocks, and wondering what kind of Nirvana we all will pursue with all the money and morals we would have if liberals were not around.

This completely ignores the pyramidal and predatory nature of unregulated capitalism, as it has been allowed to disintegrate into a dominator mindset without Democracy’s thoughtful oversight.  With your money or your life as the “Life” paradigm, we are literally saying that human beings only deserve what they can afford.  That money is an abstract symbol actually detached from rules of true merit, honesty or achievement, is conveniently not to be considered.  The new God is Coin, or was that the old Golden Calf?

That is what is destroying a true national community of cause, and polluting the American Spirit.  That Spirit is reduced to, who gets the most income wins the most from life; achievement, heredity, hook or crook,– is now the one and only American Way.  I heard a Republican representative pontificating against the socialist nature of a healthcare system, (like an optional medicare), while then saying he stands for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


United States Declaration of Independence – Wikipedia, the free

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Notice Life comes first in this grand rights abstraction.  If it is as it is–your money or your life ( some 45,000 die each year from lack of adequate health-care), how then is Life the presiding unalienable right?  Is it really; Well. It’s what they would have said was the case, if you have enough money, you then can have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness?  This is the kind of self retardation being created by fear and paranoia’s myopic identity framers, and not the USA’s Founding Fathers and Mothers.

In the name of Freedom, Liberty and, Death To Taxes!, America is being undone by deluded intention.  They will end US up in the Singapore model of economic prosperity, the same one China is idealizing; no criticism of the economy or the cultural narrative, then money’s Golden Light will shine its graces upon thee.  Know thy place my child. There be free.

No!  It’s You! Na, Na, Na, Na, Na.

Conservatives make a seemingly unavoidable perceptual error; the fallacy that liberals are themselves as dogmatic as they themselves are.  The colored lens of absolutism produced this fallacy for conservatives; that liberals are not self correcting.  Liberalism is by its very nature, a self correcting theoretical framework, where “higher truth” is allowed to win out if it produces a superior objective logical case.

This does not mean that liberals “know” they are right as conservatives do.  Liberals and conservatives are likely nearly equal in their actual lives regarding fact and fiction.  Liberals, or that open nature toward Life that all humans have somewhere within themselves, adapt to changing situations, instead of insisting that situations cannot or should not change.  As it is; Life does intrude on the best laid plans and beliefs.

There Are Diverse interest With A Varying Places On The Continuum Of Connection And Responsiblity: This Is The Way Of Life And Of Democracy.

A Way that is actually abstract and emotionally detached from all things, except those supporting the economic paradigm which controls its own self affirming philosophical tenets, is a scheme.  You can get angry, get greedy, or lust for the “good life”, then “succeed” mightily.  The more you make seeming to define the more you wish not to contribute back to the actual systems you are taxing by your success.  Magically, society and other environments take care of themselves somehow.  Not my problem!  Make a liberal angry; succeed and be happy!

Yet that paradigm says you are a success; the income proves it!  You are no longer a loser but an achiever; one being responsible for oneself.  You were kept down by liberalism’s lack of expectation and provision of entitlement.  Now you are a self made success, having overcome liberalism’s depression of your spirit.  However, in this new success schemes self fulfilling prophesy, you are also set up not to see where everyone else really is if you could ever achieve such an awareness.

You do not see nor likely no longer accept the dissonant reality, that some are not every actually in your position for a rebirth into a self reaffirming material mindset.  Some do not have the ability or the emotional makeup that you do.   Some may not be spiritually aware as you are, and depriving them of basic life ingredients may well only make your “tough love’ a formula for an others death sentence.  You may now believe that the physical can force moral value enlightenment, but it may well end up defining materialism as the worshiped goal, and materialism detest critical awareness of its spiritual impacts.  Yet “value” and “moral” votes think they can force goodness into people by preventing them from doing things by force.


Conservatives Without Conscience: Christians and Earthly Authority

Aug 2, 2006 I’ve just finished reading John Dean’s new book, Conservatives Without Conscience, and have found much fuel there for examining conservative

Leaders Without A Conscience Of The Real

Herein is the ground to manifest the mental and spiritual illness affecting much of conservatism today:  Responsibility and accountability to a Whole system, can seem to conservatives to be an unjust imposition upon their own particular amputated conceptions of freedom and individual self realization.  They fall under the spell of alienation and its attendant fear and insecurity; seeming to constantly complain about the weaknesses “out there” in the world.  They see others as lacking in their own self confirmed bias and faith in a system designed to exploit individuals and environments while being itself psychologically backed up to adding brick and mortar to a wall of denial toward The Commons, or if you will; Creation.

This mindset intentionally will ignore corporate, as well as all of our, responsiblity to the vast Commons—all that connects the relationships of the life we each possess.  Instead, the idea is to turn the table in the temple over, expelling God, or if you do not accept that God is a reality; all the integral associations of Life in Creation that we are all immersed in together; the air, the earth and so very much more.

Instead, they leave only vendors selling the necessities of a parted out Creation, where money is the determinate whether you literally live or die.  Your survival value is–how much you have.  Some see this worshiping of materialism as the grace of God being bestowed upon them–how convenient a rationalization. Not unlike the one humankind has been burdened with for ages– the haves validating themselves while distancing themselves from the have-nots’.  The cultural scheme rewarding with circular logic; the design of the scheme professed as destiny.

It is emotional and spiritual voodoo made to seem like Divine Respect and Sanction.  The unbridled exploitation mindset has the same functionality as cancer; it will destroy its commons (the individual’s body of cells interconnected in this case) while consuming all it has to survive eternally. Today’s materialism actually denies spiritual realities, and can so claim to not be destroying anything—Why.  Do you think I would destroy this planet where my family lives!  You are crazy!  I just don’t accept the science. there’s just to many unanswered questions… etc.

Ways To Control What Is Left Of Democracy

The intentionally designed, lobotomized right wing requires thought control to keep the vast and varying interest of life on earth, including its people, unawares of manipulation of self identity scripts and narratives. Instead we get purity test for conservative “credentials”.  This is how fascism is made from Democracy; eliminate church and state boundaries, eliminate state and corporate boundaries, eliminate abstraction and reality boundaries, then control the detached individuals fear and imagination parameters.

Now people can be organized and manipulated by providing them with fear and insecurity projections toward what you wish.  Right wing think tanks spend good money on figuring out how to say things to you so that you will think like they do.  This is best done through faith venues; such as church and business economic interest click’s. Otherwise; stress in the population is to be tagged to liberal ideas and diverted from conservative ones–the ones that provide thought control automatically.


Consider those who say we all must contribute a fair share to maintaining the health of this earth and its inhabitants–these must be portrayed as taking from your now castrated view of the self identity and awareness of realities principles of union.  A wealthy person may use this earth a million times more than I do, yet essentially only want to give back what I do; Why that is only fair!  Cut (my) taxes!

The detached individual can easily feel that taxes take from them and give to others.  It is a “No Brainer”.  It is no stretch for an imagination devoid of the deep connection in the realities of Being.  These folks are actually slaves to a profit–(corporate/individual levied tax) which is separation centered and not interested in maintaining the health and wellbeing of The Commons.  It is instead; interested in maintaining the separated individuals ego as an achiever or winner of goods and services that no one has any business minding themselves about–(cancer to The Commons).

They (conservatives in general and the right wing especially) must ignore and deny or reject their accountability to The Commons, except in abstract cognitive dissonance avoiding generalizations.  And this is what we are left with; people who must deny science and those interested in the health of the whole society or the whole planet.  They will cherry pick facts, usually calling them the real truth!, often needing only one to “prove” their own confirmation bias, with a shame and blame narrative for those liberals, (to assist in the cognitive dissonance mitigation of those with truncated identities).  They are then left with the passion that besets Appearance Reality designer facts that prop up the emotive narrative for the Rights Consensus Realities frames.

The likes of Arizona’s two “conservative” senator ideologues, one somewhat coherent and the other maverickly mixed up, these are wed to a truncated world perspective; including the mind, heart and soul contamination of fantasy that goes along with it.  They seem detached to their worlds of isolated consciousness, where the value and moral ethos to life here in Arizona and the USA is; Your money or your life;  Your money is your value; Your money is your worth. Your money depicts you moral and ethical worth. Your money decides your life; your health care, your food, your shelter. Your money defines whether you live or die.

This is why the Dry-rot Of Civilization Is Conservatism; for in the mistaken attempt to conserve a one way thought pattern, it actually cuts off the fully integral nature of Being, of Existence, claiming there is nothing new nor nothing real of value outside its singular cosmological and or spiritual perspective.

The blood of Life becoming stagnant.  The fungus of fear and insecurity nesting throughout perspective and cognition, leading to heart hardening, while blood is reduce to thought. This problem made of itself to its life, now taken out on others, unable to address how they themselves were seduced to the position that they know it all, and need not hear you or I.

And so we have the hate and fear mongers of this day; They are serving the life of the fungus and not of the Spirit.

From Arizona With Love


Next post on religion, God, Truth, Faith, Orthodoxy, Spirituality, Proof and Stuff













Conservative Supreme Court Rolls Fascism’s Trojan Horse Through America’s Gate

Conservative Supreme Court Rolls Fascism’s Trojan Horse Through America’s Gate

Sounds a bit harsh?


With the redefining by the right wing of what words really mean, the existential morass of word play goes one way; presenting all bad things are liberals fault, including fascism.  Here we find another hiding zone to impose “freedom” upon We The People.



Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”. Benito Mussolini quote.

It has long been arguable that money and influence already controls the American dialectic. The average “We The People”, have no real source of fair or balanced overview.  The conversation is fixed: Fixed by a consumerism driven materialism that worships the individual as their own god; ignoring environmental and sociological impact and ensuing accountability.  That accountability gets passed on to create dissonance in earth and psycho-sociological environments, skewing spirituality and perception.

Now money is equated as being both freedom and speech, allowing those with it to usually seem to have more of both. The abstraction is made equal but not the real individual. This generates a self validating confirmation bias skewing perception into circular logic frames that sanctify having, and attempt to ignore or condemn not having or other consequence.

Conservative cognitive dissonance is assugaed by negative psychological mind framing of others, which the right wing wind machine, and much conservatism, has as its actual emotional direction control.  Moral issues can grab those who feel the dissonance, these become seduced into thinking you can legislate or force spirituality upon others, once you are convinced that they do not deserve the same consideration as you do for their beliefs. People are blamed and punished for their differing life views, even if they are not creating danger themselves. Example; Long hair does not hurt men or cause they to harm others, yet it is often given negative associations by tagging actions to appearance.  This helps to poison the pluralism that should be endemic to Democracy.

Conservatism is about conformity and mandating ideology.  It is a confirmation bias unto itself; its claim to good can see all bad as externally caused, be it by liberals, Satan or slackers.  The lazy identity matrices of conservatism include and exclude according to ideological preference.  It becomes easy to “see” the problematic nature of Liberalism, but never of Conservatism.  With the help of an existential induced cherry-picking propaganda bias, which will feel like revelation to the individual encountering it, logic need only be tailor made to idea.

The rationalization conveyor belt of the right wing produces the propaganda product for minds eager to be self confirmed in their perception of “Truth”.  This results in a kind of skewed and skewered perception that can find one or two faults in an alleged liberal notion as proof of discredit, while proof of a conservative discredit would require all points to be disproved, likely while a host of negative framed confirmation biased ad-hominen epitaphs are recited, so even when proved wrong one can declare being right all along.

If all else seems to fail, a common right wing, and many an argumentative, strategy is to existentialize the propositions, then declare the critic is the one who is guilty of what they themselves are doing.  This seems to aid in psychological projection while serving to close the doors on introspection, by saying your opponents doors are closed.  Another self righteous about face mind game gets played upon the self to avoid the pressure of real self review.

America: How To Divide Up And Conquer

On the economic front, the connectivity of society is denied or else put into hierarchical archetype.  Ignore pollution; those saying pollution is causing something are looking for——-add Thought-terminating cliché—–;looking for a free ride, lazy unachievers, taxing and taking from you–robbing you, and any number of isolationist individualistic mind frames that unplug The Commons–the connectivity and interrelationship of all things from being considered as relevant. The individual is set up for isolationist perspective, likely reinforced by right wing media’s league ad-hominem logic generators that continuously spin (hence claim not to) on air and print.

Enter more cognitive dissonance assuaging propaganda and isolated conceptualizations of “otherness”.  ‘You cannot change the way things are.’  ‘It’s not fair to tax me and give to someone else.  I deserve all I have earned and accumulated.  That’s just fair and honest.’  These kinds of Commons denials, and accountability denials of impacts on environments and society, become framed as an abstract definition of individual Freedom, where Freedom comes to mean I am not connected to you and you should have nothing to say about me and what I do.  This is antidemocratic, a common tendency on the right.

Perception becomes cosmologically and spiritually myopic, the individual removing their hearts and their minds from others, banning Democracy’s equation of equal consideration.   Instead now; negative identity framing is stoored up for projection for all allegedly connected to this view of the individuals responsibility as only unto themselves and who they wish.  In this, everyone else becomes a target for blame and disdain.

As classic in cult and ideological redefinition; words, even abstract concepts, become truncated to a withdrawn from The Whole philosophical world view.  Most Americans have been programmned to “see” the “common sense” and “truth”, of an in effect; deified individual who creates their reality all by themselves, an so, need not bother with anything or one else than who they chose.  Might be possible in a perfect society in a perfect world of understanding and accountability, but is not now.  Conservatism continues on its abstract and blinded by ignorance pathways, declaring what reality is and what beliefs are actual Truth, while holding only others accountable for not being exactly like them.  this is why so many conservatives have kinds of conformity/purity test—you are not to think for yourself!!!

Conservatism seems to always have as its preference, a world where no one is allowed to think or act differently than the sanctioned norms; notice how conforming their identity ideas and ideals are.  We already have corporations tweaking perception night and day; 24/7.  Now come election time, they can create all the mind control oriented thought framing of Americas ideas of itself, while you and I—

–Can you spare the change?

When public mind control is made invisible by the wolves of multinational corporations and those with media to buy; Democracies undoing may become permanent. At least for Government, we allegedly get to vote.

The trouble with conservatism’s soul is; Democracy and Freedom end up being problems to control by force; by getting rid of them.  An illusion is then generated that Democracy and Freedom are what conservatives are actually standing up for.  The gravest seduction is right out in the open, but if yes are not, likely also not the mind, the heart or the soul.


Taxing Away Your Freedom!!! ; NOT!






From Truthout, an article about the relationships between taxes and freedom. Not the same as the “tax and spend liberals” ruse used by the well off to fool the less that tax money is money going to waste, being spent!  Other libertarians may see the tax notion as government interference in your freedom to do what you wish with your money;


Again, this, liberty is all about me, interpretation of ones freedom as an abstract self contained absolute, ignores the whole context each life is in, and their always present interrelationships.  Pretending they are not there, or far away and abstract, able to be ignored if one wills for ones own “advance” is situationally seductive. That is opportunism at work at the expense of the Whole, while possibly loudly pretending to be defending Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Nice “individualistic” illusion, just false.

Ah—How little we may understand The Commons of Life.  Our lives context is a  Whole Thing, not just what is in my or your head, nor what would provide some stress relief for me while ignoring the greater context.

Unfortunately, the right is loaded with cognitive dissonance abatement platforms, packed with confirmation bias and disdain for objective information not fitting their ideological prism, or more accurately; prison.

Tax man, the democratic way.

More Taxes = More Democracy

by: Christian Chavagneux, Alternatives Économiques


And the story goes on; Indoctrinate the faithful to separatist thinking. Folks believe they are defending the individuals freedom, for that is how the Appearance Reality’s formatted premise is rendered over and over.

Most all conservatism is truly old world, and no fan of Democracy or Liberty, but if it can trick the faithful followers into thinking they are right and true, well then; what is actually right and true will likely seem dishonest or deceitful.

Consensus Reality’s that permeate the conservative communities, are a collective agreement of some sort, that some thing or issue is true, not that it is actually true. It is not to be questioned without shame or threats of ostracism and alienation fears.  Their “truth” is declared true,  not to be questioned, so loyalty to a cause of ideology is presented and the ultimate good.  Questioners are to be attacked as being against the good as defined by subjective conservative thought parameters.  They have a perfect defense and offense; it is called ignorance, and it is butressed by shame and fear of alienation.

The pivot points of perception frame the individuals identity to its tagged values, be they real or imagined.  This creates the same effect for an ideology, where reason and rationalization are indistinguishable to the indoctrinated.

If the we of We The People are seduced to opportunistic conceptualizations of noble abstractions like Freedom, Liberty, happiness, Rights, and on, we side with separation over union.

In Democracy, We The People are the government.

Under the emerging corporate and theocratic inclined ideological matrix becoming the perceptual Zeitgeist in some circles;  A church/corporate/government, may develop with its propensity to delete Freedom and Liberty it finds not good for fixing its control.

Democracy gets demeaned from pulpits and propaganda outlets. To some extent this already happens with politicians targeting groups to deny voting “rights”. For examples of what the next government by and for the church/corporate theocratic state might look like after the big bad government is defeated; the Taliban, The Nazis, or The Communist are what were asking for.

Yes.  Just what some conservatives are always calling the Obama administration–socialist nazis, becomes the self described freedom fighters end game.

Preemptive conceptual tagging to frame the debate to the absurd via historical reference, while enabling the forces of fear and paranoia to stimulate the very impulses that lead to authoritarian and totalitarian elite control. Reality perception gets reversed for the best of intention, all stimulated by righteous demagogues.

This is why it is essential on the right, to have people faith based and not based on objectively verifiable true reality.  The ideological or ontological spin can then steal faithful minds in any direction by merely assembling a “connected dots” semblance of logic or reason.


Some Quotes from a philosopher on elements of the issues at stake.

The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.

——Bertrand Russell


A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.


Although profit is essentially a private tax, unlike government taxation in a Democracy, private tax hold no accountability to The Commons, and will likely demean all reference to greater responsibilities in a culture, by attaching all manner of ad-hominem condemnation to justify the private rationalization.

Democracy will then likely have a political party or parties dedicated to propaganda designed to enhance the identity interest of the have’s, and demote the identities of those without. This helps compartmentalized individual identity interest, while deriding the identity interest in others.

The tax that constructs the backbone of We The Peoples living context becomes seen as taking from the self and giving to the undeserving.  This does not mean that government is always right.  This is why we vote, but if we do not understand what the whole role of government is or must be to manifest ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’, we will undermine Democracy and Freedom while proclaiming them our cause.

The result of dividing and conquering perception of society, is a perception controled consciousness that “sees” others as not deserving of support, particularly support forced upon the individual via governments public tax.  Now Democracy itself is attacked while it can be claimed to be being defended.

Liberty is attacked from other angles, sometimes called “wedge issues”,  where the individual is encouraged to see isolated from context behavior as being the fault of liberalism, when liberalism created Democracy and respect for individual rights.  Again, all why these very abstractions are being alleged to be being defended by the wedge issue.

Demagoguery is relied upon because it works for those whose confirmation bias has been so inclined.  This is how lie and misstatement work even when later found to be actually untrue; confirmation bias remains reinforced by emotional loading of the weight of reason.  The power of propaganda is in it’s suscptable audiences perceptual bias, which has no real need for truth or accurate context.



America; The “Best Health Care System” Ranks About #37

Following the propaganda parade about not messing with what aint broke?

Here is some perspective