Long Time No Rhyme

Long Time No Rhyme




why wait?

bite this bait

Its called elections

pretends to be Democracy,

squirms as an impaled worm

alleges Freedom

but of its children

it demands pledges


Money talks, then stalks the facts

like that Sasquatch old footage

going forward gazing back

last moments sunlight

rusted without rain

never quite to be found this time around

and around



nearly extinct meltdown

drowning in a bathtub

rising “values” voting

moral crusaders

hiding immoral background

handcuffs upon our moon,

powdered crater face smooth smile

our circus is backward around

this time around






.{photo: Benafia}



Free Speech And The First Amendment

This article based on:

(Support the First Amendment with 1 for All)

Abstractions are inherently relative; Free From What Or Whom?

And then there is context;—Where and under what conditions does this freedom exist?

For the conditions upon Free Speech; remember; You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater just to see what happens, not and remain free.  You cannot lobby for armed overthrow of the Government (conservatives excluded?), etc.  It seems once this conditional, or exception caveat to an abstractions existence is made obvious, any number of reasons for not having Free Speech become both sensible and most assuredly right?  Most everyone will say so.  Just think of plagiarism, slander, libel and perjury as big NOs to your Free Speech privilege.  Yet politicians have the right to lie about one another in campaigns, which some take as a mandate.

You cannot share privy stock info, (ex Martha Stewart), and I suppose I am not free to tell all about your social security or credit card numbers.  We say unconditional Free Speech, but once looked at more closely in specifics, all kinds of exceptions seem obvious for The 1 Good of All.

Is Free Speech In The Ear and Eye Of The Beholder?

We seem to have this standard of collective care; Free Speech is not allowed on spoken and unspoken contracts between people where the release of information can cause harm to one.  Your doctor, pastor, rabbi or priest, your lawyer, these kinds of agreements have some controls on Free Speech, but may have them for the good of all? Conversely, the Government is allowed to listen in on where you thought you were in private Free Speech space, outside the dimensions of public Free Speech.  The “Patriot Act”, wiretaps, confiscating files etc., things that are intrinsically speech, seem to enter zones of exception.  Freedom is then existential, its meaning often depending upon ones position and belief system.

Freedom appears to be in the mind of the beholder, where truth, fiction, fact and fantasy can all mix to create the need for Freedom over human conceptual designs that may not exist in reality, or be of quite a differing nature than conceived.

The paranoia promoters of the Right Wing and Left Wing have conspiracy theories all over the constitutional boards, of how the other is out to take your rights away.  I remember during the Bush administration that the police or FBI came into a young woman’s college bedroom to interrogate her because someone reported her as having a negative Bush poster up.  Amnesia is usually highly selective on what some extremes wish to recall about others Free Speech compared to their own often emotional based (beyond objective review of context) rationalization.

I may wish to be free from the oppressive “Obamacare”, but Obamacare is a focus group/think tank concept, and not an actual thing.  We often mimic from other sources what we claim to think all for ourselves. When under these kinds of mind control influence, I can wish to be free from a thing that exist in the mind and not the real world, yet I project fault, liability, and any manner of righteous indignation at real people and real policies.

Conformity As The WEight Upon Free Speech

Courts; both Conservative activist types and Liberal, claim vague consensus biases—ex. community standards, limit Free Speech.  What you wear can be called not acceptable to court, the public, or to work.  If what you say seems to suggest the creation of someones perception of trouble, you may be called inappropriate.  “I was fired because I got a tatoo!”  In fact, it seems much Freedom is put on hold while under the reigns of an employer or other power over relationships.  “Hey You! Yes you! Who you looking at!

Art and how one looks or otherwise expresses their life style, can be called not right for prime time viewing; not to be heard or seen by the unawares public.  Surely you have some things in mind that you wish not to be seen, and wish someone, (must be the Government(?)), from not letting it out in the open.  In liberal(?) California, they voted against the gay for concern of the erosion of family values, morals, and or some idea that the gay idea was not welcome into certain human arenas.  We seem entitled to limit other consenting adults for how we think of them and not any position of their right to be who they are if not directly or intentional harming others.  We can be against one another’s Freedom.


So what is the Public Interest in Free Speech? Why is the absolutist, no infringements upon Free Speech, highly conditional in “practical” reality?

No one ever said Free Speech (or other Freedoms) only made things good, yet the abstraction is promoted in self interest as only beneficial. It seems we have become conditioned to exceptions upon Free Speech, because they do not seem to us to be good or healthy to society. In actuality, Freedom comes with kinds of responsibility and accountability that many may wish to avoid since those sides of the coin of Whole Context feel contravening to the celebrated liberty nature of Freedom.

Some see their favored Freedom as a kind of escapism clause; “I want to get rich and buy anything I want but not be held liable to my impacts on society or the environment, for that would be taking my freedom away! Duh! Down with Big Government and taxes!!!” A whole philosophy of the dis-con-nected individual has ensued, granted space in reason by the seductive natures of alienation, greed and opportunism, which want no accountability to a Whole or any fully framed “We The People”.  Instead, we reserve the right to do whatever we can or can seem to get away with, not wishing to see or know the small print of interconnection that governs all Life and Being.

It seems that God or Nature, however, do keep accounts of responsibility to conditions and situations, Climate Change being perhaps a universal judgement upon behavior.  This may well indicate that one does not “get way” with what one thinks one does when narrowing the consciousness on Freedom, Accountability and more significantly–Connection.

The business growth paradigm for instance, so similar to pathology and to cancers “strategy”. These seeming imperatives wrap themselves into glorious achievement and individual initiative narrative, with rewards as obvious proof of value and validation, helping to stack the deck against Freedoms other ramifications.

Control of narrative identity frames is a must for programming cognitive barriers to awareness.  This is the Big Business of Mind Control in todays modern world of conspicuous consumption, identity desire and focus, with denial of negative effect.

A truncated concept of freedom and self initiative, and their rewards, is then erected to serve as a rationalization edifice for their apparent consensus rightness and goodness.  This will be heavy with seductive emotionalizations and denunciations, a hallmark of many an ideologue or demigod.  Tagging it to God makes it even more alluring.

Self And Other Censorship; Paradoxical Freedom Issues

A society with liberal institutions such as Freedom, must understand why the troubles with Freedom, which make for big Repub/Dems party propaganda campaigns, never promised only the good.  There is an understanding that the removal of those Freedoms, their absence historically, will open a Pandora’s Box of much worse controlling influences than the freedom’s problems ever did. But the Good of All seems to demand practical adjustments, which most of us support in one manner or another.

For the most Freedom for All, an active Government is the current only guarantor.  Get rid of Government, and the vacuum will likely be filled by the new nation states of multinational corporations, who will instruct you on what is or is not acceptable behavior from you for their own bottom line interest where you have no vote or freedom of expression necessarily, unlike in Democracy.  Yet many a libertine is desperate to arrive at this state, albeit unknowingly, so that makes it OK?. We may pursue the liberation of Freedom while in effect, sealing It and our fate with our own ignorance.  Ignorance is a tremendous commodity in building manipulation strategies of influence.

We are easily seduced away from abstraction absolutism by “obvious” practicalities applying to the society we would prefer, and what seems to be the interest of The Whole.  Other rights are not what some conceive them to be. The exceptions to the possession of unabridged rights are already in place. For instance, the Second Amendment does not seem to allow us to posses our own nuclear  weapon’s, or crowd control, nor other devices that can render gun ownership obsolete in the grand “defend my own” sense, but not in the paranoid, or the “At least I can shoot you!” one (FYI I am a gun owner.).

And by the way, that ultimate Free Speech; the Right to Vote, is conditional, not a “Right” at all.  Many folks are deprived from voting by law often as a punitive measure.  Not an absolute Freedom of expression in the full idea of it.  Most of us are for all kinds of censorship in practice, but not when it seems to effect or interest.

{Here is a link regarding the consequences of a debate forum’s aftermath.}

Oprah Winfrey and mad cows – SourceWatch


We may excercise our Free Speech to Deride Others Free Speech—————————————————————————————————————————

The political divide seems to have its notions of what the other side should not be saying.  This seems to be accepted as part of Free Speech, but when does it become something else?

I remember some folks at Fox News threatening to send their own people over to harass or otherwise make uncomfortable those not agreeing with their view of the Bush administrations policies.  I guess harassment is protected by Free Speech.  Hate speech seems to be as well. Here some recognise that Free Speech is not always cookies and cream.

Then there are your and my prejudices

The Freedom Of Conformity?

——-just another word for nothing left to loose.” — Janice Joplin

But I am obviously for Freedom!  Let Freedom Ring!!!

Freedom vs other oversight

There was a recent “official” article on WordPress regarding a behavioral point that said something like this; Read the kind of post on the WordPress homepage to see the way people speak who have their post featured.  In the comments after I remember someone saying; ‘Actually, the title you put down seems the best one to me.’

It may be good business to care for appearances; I remember the same thing being said in Mother Earth News; ‘Talk like those featured talk (write) and you might get posted.’, or back then, your article considered for printing. I had often wondered why the articles often seemed to be written by the same person, with the same attitude and overenthusiastic indulgence.  I never sent an article in because of that condition.  “I did it my way!Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord – NYTimes.com

Here then, Free Speech is judged according to an editor or other content oversight, for “The Good” of the organizations intended audience or its internal provincial “right” style.  Style becomes perhaps more valued than substance. Appearances are held more noteworthy than content, reducing the varied expressions of the individual, in some ways controlling and contorting true Freedom of Speech.

So with the best on an institutions intentions, expression is altered, the individuals real voice called inappropriate for promotional public view. This falls under the management or editors conception of how a thing should look and sound from you. There are standards to uphold we all would agree.

Freedom Falls

Freedom Falls under these conditions; Perception; Conceptual Design; Appearance Reality; often folded into Consensus Reality; these buttressed by Confirmation Bias; all under the auspices of Power Groups Status Elites and Manipulation Requirements at home and around the world.  Within this matrix of control and established order, you and I may argue and wonder as to the reasons for things, unawares of overarching context framing the entire issue.


Taxing Away Your Freedom!!! ; NOT!






From Truthout, an article about the relationships between taxes and freedom. Not the same as the “tax and spend liberals” ruse used by the well off to fool the less that tax money is money going to waste, being spent!  Other libertarians may see the tax notion as government interference in your freedom to do what you wish with your money;


Again, this, liberty is all about me, interpretation of ones freedom as an abstract self contained absolute, ignores the whole context each life is in, and their always present interrelationships.  Pretending they are not there, or far away and abstract, able to be ignored if one wills for ones own “advance” is situationally seductive. That is opportunism at work at the expense of the Whole, while possibly loudly pretending to be defending Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Nice “individualistic” illusion, just false.

Ah—How little we may understand The Commons of Life.  Our lives context is a  Whole Thing, not just what is in my or your head, nor what would provide some stress relief for me while ignoring the greater context.

Unfortunately, the right is loaded with cognitive dissonance abatement platforms, packed with confirmation bias and disdain for objective information not fitting their ideological prism, or more accurately; prison.

Tax man, the democratic way.

More Taxes = More Democracy

by: Christian Chavagneux, Alternatives Économiques


And the story goes on; Indoctrinate the faithful to separatist thinking. Folks believe they are defending the individuals freedom, for that is how the Appearance Reality’s formatted premise is rendered over and over.

Most all conservatism is truly old world, and no fan of Democracy or Liberty, but if it can trick the faithful followers into thinking they are right and true, well then; what is actually right and true will likely seem dishonest or deceitful.

Consensus Reality’s that permeate the conservative communities, are a collective agreement of some sort, that some thing or issue is true, not that it is actually true. It is not to be questioned without shame or threats of ostracism and alienation fears.  Their “truth” is declared true,  not to be questioned, so loyalty to a cause of ideology is presented and the ultimate good.  Questioners are to be attacked as being against the good as defined by subjective conservative thought parameters.  They have a perfect defense and offense; it is called ignorance, and it is butressed by shame and fear of alienation.

The pivot points of perception frame the individuals identity to its tagged values, be they real or imagined.  This creates the same effect for an ideology, where reason and rationalization are indistinguishable to the indoctrinated.

If the we of We The People are seduced to opportunistic conceptualizations of noble abstractions like Freedom, Liberty, happiness, Rights, and on, we side with separation over union.

In Democracy, We The People are the government.

Under the emerging corporate and theocratic inclined ideological matrix becoming the perceptual Zeitgeist in some circles;  A church/corporate/government, may develop with its propensity to delete Freedom and Liberty it finds not good for fixing its control.

Democracy gets demeaned from pulpits and propaganda outlets. To some extent this already happens with politicians targeting groups to deny voting “rights”. For examples of what the next government by and for the church/corporate theocratic state might look like after the big bad government is defeated; the Taliban, The Nazis, or The Communist are what were asking for.

Yes.  Just what some conservatives are always calling the Obama administration–socialist nazis, becomes the self described freedom fighters end game.

Preemptive conceptual tagging to frame the debate to the absurd via historical reference, while enabling the forces of fear and paranoia to stimulate the very impulses that lead to authoritarian and totalitarian elite control. Reality perception gets reversed for the best of intention, all stimulated by righteous demagogues.

This is why it is essential on the right, to have people faith based and not based on objectively verifiable true reality.  The ideological or ontological spin can then steal faithful minds in any direction by merely assembling a “connected dots” semblance of logic or reason.


Some Quotes from a philosopher on elements of the issues at stake.

The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.

——Bertrand Russell


A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.


Although profit is essentially a private tax, unlike government taxation in a Democracy, private tax hold no accountability to The Commons, and will likely demean all reference to greater responsibilities in a culture, by attaching all manner of ad-hominem condemnation to justify the private rationalization.

Democracy will then likely have a political party or parties dedicated to propaganda designed to enhance the identity interest of the have’s, and demote the identities of those without. This helps compartmentalized individual identity interest, while deriding the identity interest in others.

The tax that constructs the backbone of We The Peoples living context becomes seen as taking from the self and giving to the undeserving.  This does not mean that government is always right.  This is why we vote, but if we do not understand what the whole role of government is or must be to manifest ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’, we will undermine Democracy and Freedom while proclaiming them our cause.

The result of dividing and conquering perception of society, is a perception controled consciousness that “sees” others as not deserving of support, particularly support forced upon the individual via governments public tax.  Now Democracy itself is attacked while it can be claimed to be being defended.

Liberty is attacked from other angles, sometimes called “wedge issues”,  where the individual is encouraged to see isolated from context behavior as being the fault of liberalism, when liberalism created Democracy and respect for individual rights.  Again, all why these very abstractions are being alleged to be being defended by the wedge issue.

Demagoguery is relied upon because it works for those whose confirmation bias has been so inclined.  This is how lie and misstatement work even when later found to be actually untrue; confirmation bias remains reinforced by emotional loading of the weight of reason.  The power of propaganda is in it’s suscptable audiences perceptual bias, which has no real need for truth or accurate context.






I came across a blog post yesterday. It said the threat for totalitarianism is from the left and not the right; BECAUSE the Nazis were socialist! Obviously only liberals can become “socialist”, and so, our authoritarian threat. Point made. Job done. Brilliant?

Now I think history shows that the far left and the far right are equally adept at totalitarianism. The thing about the post was it treated socialism as just one thing;– The old socialist movements of the left. Nationalistic socialism, or entities like the White Peoples Socialist Party (or the Nazi’s!), things not of the left, are instead assumed to be of the left. The corporatism endemic to fascism, or socialism for corporations (corporate/government collusion), something we seemed to be hedging to in the last 8 years, is not THE SOCIALISM the right wing is always shouting about. I think they are deaf to their kinds by all the chanting they do over this, only liberals make bad, presumption.

The same word in something does not make it exactly the same thing in quality, quantity or necessarily effect, nor many other characteristics, only some aspect. All trees are not exactly alike to our human uses. An apple tree gives me an apple to eat, while a redwood tree holds up many an old California house. The tree part is consistent in its aspect, but what each kind does in use is entirely different depending on human intentions. In that, they are not at all exactly the same thing. I know; Duh.

The extreme naiveté with some on the right continues to amaze me. It does allow for an abstracted purity of mistaken belief. Often, just a word or phrase makes things alike, talking points go out to sponge-abled minds. Before we know it, whole ripe fields are waving in the breeze. Newly found truths of enlightenment are being dispensed for the sleeping masses to wake up to. And all from the blurring of an abstract essence of a thing not truly or truthfully matched up with reality… And something stuffed with straw guides possible idea consumers away. Most of use are benefiting from some kind of relative socialism or other.

Oh. I can see why things like science and being really accurate in ones descriptions is so distasteful on the Fixed News and views circuit, which seems the source or instigation of many of these revealed truths. If a scarecrow is thought to scare away desire with its real looking menace, desire may be kept from knowing the truth. That may well be the intention.

The standard corporate model of responsibility and accountability to society is a perfect match for the definition of a psychopath for a reason;– avoiding accountability to The Commons of Life. In other words; Individuals are setting up full intention to preserve getting away with something at others expense. (A documentary segment on Youtube at post bottom) Corporations, lets say on pollution injury, or global warming as examples, have indeed acted as a psychotic would; Believing fully that they are entitled and have a right to do what they do without consequence, then be free to be left alone. So keep government regulation out of my business. Cognitive dissonance assuaging rationalizations (and political) often in the name of abstractions such as freedom and success, help empower this psychosis into patriotic and religious fervor for some.

Now days it seems any government venture of most any kind, except over certain kinds of crime and war, is called looming socialism. Some seem in a near panic over the issue. Government doing anything only government can do; Like stimulate an economy with spending in an emergency; Like taking care of those who fall through the economic and societal cracks (everyday emergencies); Like fix failing infrastructure on a massive scale; Like not letting those who cannot afford it to just stay sick and die, or be driven into poverty.

All this is the slippery slope to the socialism monster. (Odd how if the nation acts in any way like Jesus Christ would, it is considered as some kind of evil. How did what some see as a predominately Christian nation become anti Christ behavior as a whole?) However, in the psychology of the socialist movements on the right; groups ranting over government “give away’s” can end up wanting to give away the government–to themselves.

Just one of the ways those set up as Conservative wannabe’s get fooled by language and reality.

How about this since it seems true:

————The New Corporate Socialism Manifesto————

To Each According to Their Investments

To Those Who Cannot Invest; Serve The Above

Otherwise Get Out of Our Way

This is to be the sole nature of Freedom?

{Wait a Minute! Do not stock dividends and even insurance policies actually redistribute The Wealth?}

I link here to another blog that defines Socialism for the Wealthy, as encouraged by George W Bush.

Socialism for the Wealthy: Bush Economics

Faces of Right Wing Extremism – Google Books Result

by Kathy Marks, Adolfo Caso – 1996 – Political Science – 238 pages
NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY OF AMERICA Frank Collins was National Socialist White People’s Party midwest coordinator until he was dismissed by Matt Koehl.

In The Name of Profit

The Spy by Your Side

Harry Lewis, co-author of the book, “Blown To Bits”, described the existence of software that can be installed into your cell phone without your knowledge. This secret ear leaves your phone broadcasting to authorities while you think it is turned off. Evidently, according to the author, this evidence has already been used in court cases. “Big Brother”, rightly or wrongly, may be listening in to anyone where a court order has allowed it.

I have heard of two instances from friends, where someones cell phone dialed out accidentally. One instance, a mother heard her son walking through the snow to work early in the AM. Footsteps crunching snow. She continues to save the incident. Another instance had potential repercussions when the cell phone decided to dial home to reveal the wearer at a bar. I do not know if any other questionable info occurred to cause relationship trouble.


So if you are doing something the court may be interested in, this is your opportunity to sing and perhaps be recommended to American Idol. Make use of your sorry situation. And if your TV is actually watching you, dancing may also provide entertainment.

Now if only we an get some religious group to create a theocratic state so they can tell if we are worshiping properly.  Can’t wait.

Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital

Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewis, “Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty,

Reed Hundt, former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission



The Chicago experience has produced a president elect of unprecedented proportions. The world is watching.

{Here is a little history of mine involving my perceptions on race relations. Followed by the November 4th election event.}

I was born in Chicago over 1/20th of a millennium ago. I grew up in an all white town a few miles away. In a neighboring town that bordered Chicago, in the 1950-60’s, you could see all white people on “our” side of the street, and all black people on the other. Crowds of both seemingly separate but equal. As a child I wondered, how did we all manage the separation so unanimously?

That situation had changed by 30 years ago. The neighboring suburb then had affluent blacks moving along with all of us other Americans in stores and elsewhere.

With many family deaths and a remaining parent’s suicide, I left Chicago for good before I was an adult. I have always kept a home town interest in the Chicagoland area, and occasionally visit.

After leaving Chicago, a couple years later, I was the only white guy living in a black neighborhood in another state. I thought I was enlightened, accepting all humans as my equal. I lived, in my perceptions, as free to be immersed into a world where race did not matter. I could deal with what blacks would feel towards me because of my color and its presumed entitlements.

I could not fairly judge negative response to me “because” I was white. I felt I could never quite comprehend an other’s bias toward me based on appearances. I did not like being in someones mind as “one of those…” merely by being a physical symbol, but I could not force anyone to change their view no matter how wrong I thought they were. This was a spiritual mission of mine my entire life; to not accept tribalism separations as inalienable facts of truth. It also included my perspective on men and woman.

Many years earlier, as a child, I had one of my first experiences with racial antagonism, when as we kids were at one of our rare outings to the local forest preserves, Maple Lake, busloads of all black kids from a church outing or somewhere, passed us by while we were walking around, angrily shouting “white trash” and waving fist and spitting. I had no idea what I had personally done to cause folks my age to be so mad at me.

Now some 13 years later, and living in a black neighborhood, I felt I had every right to live where I want, just as any black or anyone else should live where they want to, in an actually free country. That view has a certain naiveté as far as history is concerned, but such ideas are the promise of hope and law in America.

I bring my history up for what happened in the election of 1976, when Carter won, many blacks were for him. In discussions with black friends I was taken aback, when president Carter would be referred to me as “your president”. I felt; Well what can I do with that kind of view? It was perhaps my most personal sense of rejection by race that I had had. Much more than being called names or whatever. Some fundamental perception had these blacks I knew feel the country was for whites and not for them.

I thought, like it or not, the president is the president. He was not my president because we are both white, while not being yours due to your view on appearance and history. Seemed a canyon like separation of identity. Of course, I was on the side of American history that did not have an ingrained sense of being used and horrifically abused to others benefit due to my color. The bit of some Native American in me, and the larger part Italian/French, did not occur to me as not being assimilated. Yet in my own life I have had people ask me of my name and say; “What kind of a name is that anyway. Doesn’t sound American.”


2008’s 80,000,000 million cracks through the glass ceiling.

I saw a young black guy on TV last night. For a moment, the camera was on him gazing ahead and shaking his head, at the huge Obama victory rally in Chicago’s Grant Park. You could tell, as far as that is possible, that he was trying to process the profound nature of the moment. He seemed to look around at all the mix of people and said; (reading lips) Holy s***!. He appeared to be having an epiphany over the reality that had come into being. For many, everything is different now. It took awhile, and now the ball is in the rest of Americas court; Do we embrace what this nation really is, or go around, no matter how cordial in our differences, thinking someone who looks a bit different than us is not “ours”?

Believe it or not, America is an idea meant to smash tribalism and assert the rights of all.

I could not sleep last night. History kept going through my mind. Every black person I had known, and all the ones out of view of this moment, who never knew what this country was capable of. Last night their candles flickered and burnt out, the sun then rose up upon a new dawn of civilization. One whose light only magnifies with what we overcome within ourselves. We stand now surprised at this mountain top and the view, yet remembering its dream was born of hope and faith in what we each can learn from our differences, instead of turning away.

I live in a different minority area now, where my “kind” are about 8% of the population. I seldom see any black people, but when I do? I feel more at home. I lived with black folks, and know some of what many of my “kind” never quite see. But I think quite a few of our young people are getting there or are way ahead of me. Many of my age and older have lived by many stereotypes.  These vanish when living within a Black community.  I could say from my experience, whole veils of misinterpretation are lifted.

Blacks are an extraordinary people, as we all are. Blacks make up 70% of human genetic diversity, as last I heard. Likely, back far enough, we all are kin. But given my current circumstances, often when so rarely surrounded by blacks, it feels to me like a long drought is over. As if some vital part of being human is a bit more known.  Of course this is derived in part from my own history.

I had tears last night, thinking that one day, (and it may be that way for many already, especially in places like the military, where blacks may come to miss something precious from we other folk,) things we seem never able to say out in the open, are opened up inside of us. For now, Barack Obama’s election may seem to some like the day and the dawn for one minority group, or some particular Americans achievement. But the promise of this moment is within each of us regardless of color or background. That is the new measure of Barack Obama’s win and the American experience.

NOV 4 2008

Chicago may be losing the Obama’s to Washington and the world, but in its own way, Chicago may take a more prominent place on the world stage.

In this moment in time, Chicago became a place on earth, second to none.

McCain and Obama Debate


It is a study in perception and expectation to hear what the debate “seemed” to those who watched it.

I read a bit on one of those often silly fluff pieces put up on the WordPress home page, being stunned that someone turned their sound off and examined how people “looked”.

If we think there are qualifications for the president, one can almost wish there were some for citizens. Do we know the difference from style and substance? Do we know the dangers of getting any more of those 18th century fantasy land “Originalist” on the Supreme Court, in a time when corporations are considered superior to the individual? Unlike back in the Old Day’s, when one of its champions, Clarence Thomas, would now be carrying wood instead of judicial briefs if his fantasy land imaginations were realities. Or are we just looking for style and who seems to score points even if they are false premises or contexts?  Short attention span theater favours ad hominem scoring over truth.

I’m afraid many of us do not realize the bias our corporate individual paradigm holds we regular original people under. We are secondary citizens, from access to government, to responsibility and accountability to the Commons. Many of us here in the good old USA are test-tube citizens, unable to discern the nose on our own face from the one on the TV that seems more, well, real.


I thought the debate was about even, a solid slight Obama advantage, a larger one if one bases their opinions on the use of actual facts and more than might makes right. That is the big invisible creature existing between what is coming across and what the viewer accepts as relevant or even valid. If a certain contemptuous sure style is thought of as strength (a la Cheney) then McCain seemed more certain of his accurate or not absolute conservative buzz notions. If sticking to talking points and phrases are “strong”, then he may have seemed to be more of it. No thinking on ones feet being required, is not a strength to me.

I was glad to see Obama at least look at the person he was talking to at times. That seems one of those fundamental connections that should not be considered voluntary when it comes to governing a nation in a complex world. We’ve had way to much of that ignore your non identical viewpoints already. It was a bit disconcerting to have McCain always looking at the notes of his apparently somewhat scripted presentation. Since he did not read the recent economic two and one half page proposition by the administration days after being submitted, what else will he not bother with once we are not looking. That is scary. Too busy with his lifelong dream of sitting in the oval office? Oligarchical families such as his tend to have grand entitlement expectations, like the Bush’s and Kennedy’s.

I’m glad Obama was not afraid to credit McCain when McCain was right. McCain seemed disabled to go to that factual reality complement. His script was that usual conservative one; lots of false fronts as diversions form real underlying issues. His use of that maverick tag seems intended to excuse those few times he goes off on his own, but after the last convulsive weeks of his campaign, I’m beginning to wonder if being a “maverick” is just another cover for being uniformed, but stubborn enough not to accept anyone else’s ideas.


Obama has proved himself to be one steady character, especially next to the erratic McCain lead up to this event. That is now McCain’s challenge. He has to keep his temper and contempt under control. If focus groups determine his ignoring his opponent is not a good thing, he may suddenly seem all “I’m in your face”, come next meeting. This credit could then be chalked up to maverick unpredictability’s.

McCain may well go more towards his warm and fuzzy people stuff. It has been part of the reason he is so accepted in alternative and more youthful areas such as the Daily Show. That, and how he was once a kind of real maverick, refreshing in a cult party of conformity. This sort of TV congeniality is what seemed to help George Bush amongst those who have not much of an ideological clue as to what these degenerating two parties represent, beyond personality type casting.

I would not have let George Bush watch my house over a weekend, not now, or in 2000.  I can see he is a scammer and playing off of American vulnerabilities in perception.  Yet many Americans were ready and eager to trust him.  Thanks a lot.  Now I am feeling these next two in that party have no right to oversee even a small business.  But failure never stopped these conservatives from failing again, even while allegedly succeeding.  The current scammer and chief is one prime example.  But I digress…

Obama has a more engaging world view. Most conservative types tend to keep their ideological blindfolds on until something rips them off; such as being held prisoner. Then, such as in torture issues, one might go against the stream of the blind following the blind. That is, until blindfolds are required anew.

Why Obama is so adverse to representing progressive ideals clearly, beyond the Iraq war issue and generalized economic ones, is quite possibly his wobbling crutch. Those can be quite populist, with strong emotional identity’s to average Americans. I imagine he does not completely share them, feeling they are a false dichotomy or such. Or he is like that centrist trend in his party, bending the individuals interest to the fate of globalising corporate ideologies.

Unfortunately for America; pandering to the wishy washy middle of the road undecideds, has morphed into the position both parties tend to go for come elections. This tendency may quite possibly be one that only furthers corporate horse race preference over truth in context fact… And so the world slides down the merging slippery slope to the One World Corporation. Once the world is a kind of prison, if there are elections for psychological reasons, perhaps the robots will give us food if we vote for the right one. Probably the smiling one.