Two interviews in the last two days on Comedy Central displayed the mental disturbance that seems to be endemic to the right wing ideologues. Douglas Feith was interviewed by John Stewart. Host Stewart of the Daily Show, pressed Feith on the rationalizations that led up to the Iraq invasion, and met that wall of no admittance, typical of the architects of the War. I imagine they are doing what Rumsfeld and others did which is to insist they were always right and only the public, or the bad media, anybody, somebody else is responsible for all that seems to have gone wrong.

Meanwhile, last night Steven Colbert interviewed the legendary right wing instigator (I am using instigator like the right wing likes to distort perception by leading with an emotional ad-hominem tag-frame), Grover Norquist. While Colbert plays a right wing instigator of his own, it is in parody. Norquist has a book out that seems designed for the dim wits that are to be implied to be out there in the title. To paraphrase the books title, it goes something like; Keep the government out of all our lives, except where we need it to kill or contain bad people attacking us anti-government Americans.

Colbert did not give him a completely free ride. He asked him if he wants paved roads, since he, Colbert, drives around a dirt road in his back yard and it drives the neighbors crazy. The point of course being that government has a myriad of other services that as of yet are not being taken up by the private sector. Interestingly, and tellingly, Norquist would not even go to answering about us having roads to drive on. Perhaps he is invested in a flying car venture capitalist project?

These people need to keep rolling out the manure spreader for reasons that are up to speculation; Are they fertilizing the fields for the next right wing administration they hope to replace the last pile of crap? Are they covering their own tails with the dysfunctional right wing psyche demonstrated in all its inbreeding, which is tantamount to declaring insanity as a future defense? Or is it just the, plant the propaganda and make a buck off of those who are in a blank about history and civic/cultural responsibilities to the whole scheme?

The John Stewart interviewee refused to see even what the public knows from the time frame in question regarding the war; the, ‘sweep up all connections to 9-11 and Saddam valid or not.’, nor the Downing Street memo. Seeming to forget most viewers were alive at the time, and not totally brainwashed by the propaganda war on America of the period. Just as with Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, anyone with critical truth was shunted and undermined for the pro-make war machinery. Hello! We were not all asleep at the civic wheel. Hello! Feith still proclaims they just did not fully convey what they knew. Which was what? All the now proved untruths were true? The mind boggles!

It remains a painful period in American history; that the media was so complicit in blinding the public to the full truth, and instead, accommodating a policy based on distortion and innuendo masquerading as realities. It is apparent that some “existentialist” are still making up their own realities, but insisting we accept them or suffer some fate to come, as if we are not already suffering from their own misgivings.

We still have a president, in case we forget with all the electioneering around, who claims the war was justified because people were telling him it was. That those people were found manipulative, unreliable, highly questionable, is apparently of no interest. Just that they were telling him things. It is good to know we are safely tucked under such a warm blanket of knowledge.

When I view these right wing nincompoops who are drowning this nation in the bathtub of fear and paranoia, it is hard not to see their mental disturbance, it is something in their eyes. There near blindness of world view is stunning in its myopic focus. It remains to be seen whether the darkness will again descend over America come election time. The ever weather vaned media, spinning us once again into the black holes vortex.

{To view Keith’s comment on the President last night, click below}

Olbermann: Mr. President, the war isn’t about you

It’s time to take cover! Tornado views.

You’ve waited a bit too long

On to OZ

Imagery courtesy of the National Severe Storms Lab, catalogued and scanned by Roger Edwards

Multiple vortex tornado below.



I put one poem on-line at a poetry site many years ago. That site went on to send me many invitations to events over the years. Some events had (lets say ex) movie or TV stars (surly paid to be there) who your were invited, as a famous poet, to hob-nob with presumably.

Just one poem may I remind you.

I went on to receive dozens of invitations to award ceremonies and anthologies (which will cost you) because I was such a well known famous poet.  My prise waiting upon my arrival. The invitations would say my name then tell of how familiar they (esteemed poetry judges) were with the body of my work and how respected I was.  Won’t I come to get my famous award for my famous work they were so aware of?—One short not so special poem.


There is a like minded little note that arrives as spam, but is in a form letter, occasionally with a word changed. It goes something like this; I came across your site on such and such, read a few of your post, and am linking you to my whatever RSS or BS feed. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more of your; (me being sarcastic) so famous poetry that I love you for. So won’t you put me on your site as a new best friend?

I guess some think poets are desperately lonely and ego insecure, looking for someone to say they are actually wonderful and recognize their special, extra special expressive gifts. (Not that going to an event with people in the same boat as you might not be a good, but expensive time.) But there seems to be the same assumption that a little flattery on-line will get you to help someone market something.


Your new best on-line friend recognizing your great site and astounding writing skills, may just be using you as a sales ploy.

I say that because I know your work. We all do. You are an incredible resource for humankind, thanks to your site, our lives are much richer. Bless you for all you offer to all of us, and if you would be so kind, would you please check out the adds on my site? I’m sure someone as special as you would find something you could use, being that you have such remarkable discernment. No really. You are so wonderful I cannot believe it!




So tonight’s bout on the Interwebs features presidential frontrunner’s!

In the allegedly right corner;

John sixty nine gun MaCain, fasterest and longest draw in the west!

Willing to take a hundred years, until they act just like us, or all the oil is gone.

In the middle corner?;

Tag team of Big H Rodham and Wild Bill Clinton. Able to stand on each others shoulders to the hight of 11.5 feet! Sure to be a formidable opponent unless they lose balance, but with all their experience, how will that be even possible!

And slightly more to the left, maybe, corner, is the Oratory bomber from on high, The Mighty Obama. Sure to be an invincible fighter now since quiting smoking, to not look sleazy, representing hope. After all that hoping to, he finally did quit, and now he makes the other teams look, well, older and oldest! Yes he can! Make them look older!

Come gather round the big tent of false hopes and soon to be smashed dreams. Dare to be there!

Live tonight!

A fight to the finish. No holds barred!

Come one!

Come all, to the Interwebs.

Vote for your winner!

Gamble on your future!

It is only life at stake!

What have you got to lose!

The battle of the Titans!

Live on tonights top post!

No matter what statistics say!

(All proceeds go to anonymous accounts held in remote islands. None of your tax dollars will be waisted.)

the mistaken faces of me

What do Dean Martin (who?) Burt Lancaster, “Eddies father”, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve, Fabio, Jesus Christ, and “Hey, you Antonio Banderas”, Ted Turner, and Sean Connery have in common with me?

Maybe if you read my blog you would know, cause this is not the time or spot for me to tell you.

What a smarty pants this guy is!

What is a smart pants by the way?

Just asking.

(On my pages I have photos of me, some manipulated.  Can not say you would see me as any of the aforementioned characters.  Dean Martin and Burt Lancaster, were who reminded my fathers sister of being a lot like him.)


My avatar.

Well, first I was going trough my photos, mostly landscapes; sunsets, clouds, horses, flowers. My only decent photos of myself are dated and not on my computer.

Speaking of images: In the seventies a young black boy asked me if I was Clint Eastwood. In the 80’s a child thought I was superman-Christopher Reeve, his mother came up and asked me if I’d wink at him in his little Superman Outfit. Also a woman shouted at me in a supermarket going out the door way back then with my then woman partner; “Hey you! Guy going out the door. You should be in movies!”. Oh I always thought so. I thought, flattering myself.

In construction some would call me Fabio, mostly a face and long hair similarity. I do resemble him more now, particularly in that commercial a little whiles back as he is gondoliering a young woman through Venice in a romantic fairy tale like setting, that last time she looked at him and winces as he growls a sexy growl. Now that looks more like me now and I don’t want to frighten people.

So I am curious about our avatar selections, sure they span a gamut of reasoning; privacy or a certain anonymity, flirting, favorite images and just plain here I am, but do we click on someone because of them? I’m kinda new to social exposure, except for opinion pieces I write for a newspaper, and I read poetry publicly most every month. I also tend to look at people when I am talking to them, but not in the final frontier of the blogosphere. But today, when suddenly my avatar finally showed up of my choice from a photo I took recently, I felt a little more at my site than with that missing silhouette you are otherwise left with, as if that is all some camera got from you as you ran from your snowy bank heist.

But vanity, you are the billboard for insecurity.