Before And After Sense, OR, How Well Do I Know A Truth As Being Present Now?

Facing Life Directly One Brick Of Now At A Time?

The Wall of Now. Where did it come from and where is it going, as it seems this wall has a kind of permanence to its construction while simultaneously leading our choices down an uncertain path.

These existential ambiguities roll through relativistic ontological parameters; Where do subject and object meet? When and where do I know a thing as empirically present in my awareness? Are my cosmological and spiritual assumptions of what Is Now an honest cognition if I have no interest in my own possibilities of error in judgment?

Where is now exactly? What does my consciousness have to do with it? Did we create now out of our past, since all we discern petty much is judged against what we know? In fact, does not the simple construction of a sentence wrap the DNA of the past into a spiraling act of memory projection?  This seems to make awareness a thing that has a long tail into the past, while we assume there is not an extension into the future.

We construct our awareness of Reality, our epistemological conclusions as to what actually is, with a faith that the future is currently free of us, free enough that we can change it by doing a thing now and “seeing” how it turns out.  Riding this temporal arrow of the nature of now, we aim at being present while we are encouraged by many factors to goalatize the future a target as a futurized intention to make some next thing happen. ( Now that sentence seems to have redundancy built right inti it) This post seeks to hit some truths that exist on both sides of the present moment, that persist for some time with some relevance to doings now. Perhaps to what is valued as a value itself.

Amidst all this questioning of existence there is this assumption; That questions are examinations of Life beyond the trap of what seems obvious; That what is obvious has a likelihood of flaw particularly as we do not doubt our abilities of discernment, and that those flaws have their own meanings to self and to society, meanings that can cover the “true” intent of a definition with the sociocultural coloration of ignorance into a garb of knowing. The unexamined now is like the unexamined life, where my awareness of my impact on the world is kept in a kind of darkness for a unwillingness to know a more complete impression of truth for my own solipsistic demands of “my” emotion.

How high is It, this construction of now in my mind? How broad? Is It really a frozen moment, a photo, or do things go beyond it into the known and the unknown?  Is this unknown my feeling of freedom, where if bridal-led with a sense of constraint leads me to believe I am restricted, oppressed by constructs that direct me toward what is allowed and what is not?  What is possible and what is not?

I ask many questions here, not to propose I have all the answers to Now’s conundrum, but simple to open portals of thought into this P1000385 - Version 3present moment.  What of this moment is true and what is more of fantasy?  What is imagined and projected out by my assumption, my interpretation of what is occurring in The Now and what, perhaps, do I chose not to know for whatever reason be it belief or ignorance?

This illusive present moment, here one moment, here the next, but where is It exactly?  What do past and future have to do with now, it seeming both are so dependent upon the outcome?  If now is a Finite moment, sometimes called the Now Point, what are past and future to this present? And what of my, our, one and only Point Of View?  Does my event horizon of consciousness actually cross over to yours, or is the singularity of me alone, behind a kind of insurmountable wall of the perception of my conscious awareness>

Our awareness, does it not exist beyond the confines of NOWs certainty?  My memory influences my senses from the past and my senses filter my environmental insights indicating intrinsic importance to awareness, but this ability to perceive does not mean I perceive correctly once my cognition registers to me as a true view.  Right now exist amidst a myriad of interrelated/connected processes involved in space-times relativistic matrices, going and doing while I attempt to extricate one moment to call right now where I am convinced I reside fully. I have learned across space-time to have faith, to believe principles of connectedness have regularity. Yet how do I know when I have encountered some canard, a thing perhaps designed to obfuscate or otherwise confuse?

At The Mercy Of Now’s Possible Facade

We are born able and susceptible to construing patterns of being, kinds of laws that are trustworthy; I trust my foot in the air will land on something solid (usually), how do I predict this? ; That a predominance of data suggesting it is so? Same thing (thinginess?) with where I am headed, quite certain it will be there at the end of the block, and somewhat less certain; at the end of this sentence.

Our thoughts go off dancing across time as surely as a dancer on a surface, but the surface of consciousness may resemble solid sandstone, or quicksand, depending upon where the pressure falls and continues, seemingness becomes a kind of trusted standard on which to step.  We step where our senses know best by history, tending to walk in the direction of sight–where we intend to go or sensory apparatus feeds this movement through now. We assume consciousness exist now, in The Now, while not knowing the parameters and depths of now. The notion of my being, (beingness), with a self awareness we self proclaim as sentient, even including an awareness of a soul, the idea of a transcendent nature that persist beyond the physical restraints of the body. In this matrix and continuum of being present in Life our human ideas are tested for validity, and yet the standard for correctness has a problematic core; our fallibility in knowing we know enough to decide what is true from what is not.

Amidst this sea of ambiguity we are reduced and induced to deciding what to do now, and now.  We create a paradigm of consensus realities that become a prism and as easily a prison of perception from which we diagnose the condition of Reality, and then are readily encouraged to prescribe what to do now and next now, moment by moment.  With unknown skill and perhaps unknowable discernment of tool quality and performance skill-sets, we are to do something, usually a thing considered of use by society and culture.

Do I Decide What Is?

In our result oriented world; things are or are not. Ambiguity and uncertainty are considered undesirable qualities because of this decision imposed upon Reality.  We can look at many an emotional issue with a certainty in which we “see” the reality of the actions of others as conveying their intentions, then judging by what is sometimes faulty logic and erroneous evidence, acting upon that questionable self diagnosed Appearance Reality.  This degree of often likely error goes on to create its own ripples of influence into my perceived now, and likely to some degree, into the world.

We have a certain rush to judgment mentality construed as being a good thing overall.  Questions unanswered, gray zones, insufficient evidence, transitional limbos, these will often not reflect well in the goal oriented glare of the light we place upon success and achievement.  If we are to sell ourselves, as we do striving for work or attention, we usually do well to appear to know what to do now even if we have no idea in reality.  In this case, attitude, such as apparent confidence, will do more to color in the gray areas as will the truth of a matter.

We gamble on our opinions of now to get what we want, perhaps not really knowing why we want what we do.  We humans are here highly susceptible to appearances, so much so that we can see, particularly amidst our youth, how style and attitude are employed to perform as substance, especially the “looks” of power.  This pretense to knowing exist in our “grown up” constructions as well.  We have institutions that perform in what may be at times an Appearance Reality facade; judging one as being guilty to an act via some seeming preponderance of data meeting an alleged standard of proof while not intending to know what may in fact be non pejorative information.  We have executed the innocent, assuming they are guilty of a horrendous use of personal power, yet not personalized the institutions use of effectively that same power.  We can operate our reality farm detection machinery perhaps not knowing to what degree we are harvesting our own Confirmation Bias; how we imagine some aspect of now is without knowing if we actually have the correct data set, and not intending to know this truth.

We have religion, politics, construct and concept designed to further one point of view in a reality of collectivities.  When what seems as ugly weeds of cognitive dissonance arise amidst my garden of self reflection, I may pull them up and throw them away, going on to perceive my world as if these incongruities of the self never appeared, or perhaps making sure to point out the weeds I “see” in others gardens as indications of their own inferiority, for look at how beautiful my garden is.

My view of the soundness of my world view can include defects I do not acknowledge and assumptions I do not own up to. This landscape of being, where we may build high and proudly, can be, and likely is, unexamined in the nature of its accuracy.  Our ideas of cause and effect, of laws of manifestation, are likely compromised by all we do not know. We trust experts who claim to know, and beliefs we claim to know, and not wish to know if they in truth do know true cause and effect. The deep question to the nature of being human is if we want to know, if we truly intend to know what is possible, or else are satisfied floating along on currents of assumption because that’s what we are told to do, for it is the easiest thing to do, to repeat.

But For Now?

It is beginning to be understood that what appears to us to be the future influences the present moment. A kind of precognition is being documented by random number generators and other devices, detecting events before they happen now.  My awareness of now (including my own personal awareness of precognition) seem to indicate now is not as isolated a moment as we have assumed.  My awareness of my island of now may well exist in a virtual sea of now, a sea connected to All.

The institutions we create in society, and so the self, are riddled with the fault lines of these assumed truncated appearances which do not discern a truth, or at least not the truth believed. Truth is however, always ever-present even in dysfunction and error. There are cause and effect relationships depicting the nature of existence even if I am not getting accurately what they are or if they are.  For better and for worse, we marry our identities to presumptive traditions, for we assume a “thing” is already completely known for the appearance of consensus reality says a thing is so. But in reality? We may well be the forest too and not just the tree; the flower and not just a petal; more of an integral aspect of existence than just a body that comes and is then gone.

We humans lay claims upon sure truth and reality even while not knowing the ingredients of the landscape in which we flourish and perish.

The Big Denial: Conservatism Mandates Institutionalized Ignorance

As Belief Overrides Factual Cognition

The Edifice Of  Media Conservatism Mandates Institutionalized Ignorance

This imposed limitation of perception creates a way into falsity without even knowing it, owning it, nor rectifying the self deception. Ignorance itself, becomes a major political and cultural commodity.

First I must say this, and I hope you will receive this post as what it really is; an honest statement of the facts of personal psychosocial dynamics–We are each in some ways and at certain times both conservative and liberal in our thoughts and actions of and in the world. In spiritual, political and social consciousness, if I do not know this about the subjective self’s interest in situational awareness, I do not know much.

The Closed Self vs The Open Self

In conservatism, belief trumps full facts in context, yet the conservative will usually avoid the nature of responsibility and accountability to their paradigms mind-frames, while likely suggesting others need to be held accountable for their own belief structures.

An idea of truth trumps the real thing, abstraction held above self application, yet that idea is called the “Real Truth” by many a self professed conservative, leaving the real of the real social and physical environments thing to seem an untruth. Behind this cognitive contraption often mandating a diversion to cognitive dissonance avoidance facades, ways of comprehending reality can be reversed through the conservatives perceptual lens. This convolution of reality makes the conservative mind, heart and soul, one where denial and obfuscation are invisibly incorporated into their protected from questioning perceptual bias, this going on to infect the mind, heart and spirit.

A retreat into a “sacritized” self narrative does seem to have an evolutionary advantage at times for obvious subjective reason–If I have the land then I can use it and others cannot; or the food; or the… a way to get or keep what I have vs dealing with all of the demands of honoring contravening interest of others. Others then require a negative narrative cognitively from the conservative point of view.  Many self interest like these are pandered to by what is known often as “The Right Wing” and its vast economic and social directions hold on cultural narration via established corporate and power interest.

This conservative narration of superior view and entitlement then requires the appearance reality, and consensus reality, that rightness is on the conservatives side, leading to the assemblage of good abstraction for them and bad for others. This is  usually frame-based upon their views tagged moral, character and other blame and shame types of negative outcasting of others.  The classical “other” is then made the subject of both a fear based animalistic protectionism, and a targeting of hostility toward these others. Again this provides platforms for the continuous scripting of otherness on Right Wing TV, Talk, Internet and other medias, helping to keep the cement hard onto the desired targets, keeping tight delusions and perceptual avoidance necessities.

With Stealthy Face and Well Sugared Tongue

Confirmation bias to narrative is presented as alleged truth in most any argument, including what I am doing here. This is the creation of an Appearance Reality seeking to make the grade to social Consensus Reality, but to the conservative, seen as truth itself.

Emotion is a common buttress to convincing one of “true meaning”, powering up rationalization with its find what it needs logical scenarios.

Here this becomes appearance realities visible source of correctness, supplanting the rigors of full objective reasoning, with attitude, likely harboring inherently misanthropic viewpoints towards others. The conservative generally is not bound to honest investigation toward full context pattern recognition, but instead sees such attempts at objectivity as intrinsically hostile, misinformed, and likely misleading, leading the conservative to cherry pick both facts and context, such as when cold weather somewhere, or a record snowfall is “proof” of a global warming hoax.

We see that the corporate driven perception of reality selects out ideas and even data that support its philosophy automatically, on automatic pilot to continue their flight into the future, unfortunately, as with cancerous tissue and direction, without concern for the implications of its thought or its action of self preservation leading to possible annihilation.  These days there are many commercials from suspect corporations, suspect for they seem to perceive a need toi define their interest as solely ones own, they go on to demonstrate how worker and family friendly they are.  The intent quite likely to divert our attention from the full consequence of their action, instead showing us how much they are for folks like us, our fellow humans.  You like having your job, don’t you?

Conservatism’s Everyday Shell Games With Smoke And Mirrors Too!

These approaches to appearance reality perception count upon our ignorance; that I not know the full truth, but instead focus upon a subjective narrative surrounded with goodness and what seems right.  Simple and effective in corralling cognition behind an enclosure of idea that supports something perhaps intrinsically fatal to civilization, yet now protected from questioning by a kind of  belief appearing to be full truth.

Mind control attempts to be not only unseen, but inoculating the subject to be suspicious of the actual truth, thinking it is skewed and attempting to manipulate perception away from a consensus paradigm presented to be seen as necessary to life itself.  The “wedge issue” and “culture war” realms are filled with intent to cleave society from perceptions of wholeness and congruity, presenting the idea that what is problematic in life is being caused by groups of others extrinsic to what is good and wholesome.  For instance, I could be called a liberal being part of the problem for my ideas here.

Now, as evident on many conservative propaganda platforms, evidence of global warming is not scientifically debunked, (that manipulative scandal aside) but ridiculed as being outside the conservatives confirmation bias. The proposal is then seen as automatically wrong and suspect to derision, along with shame and blame strategies to divert attention from full reasoning.  This is all about mind control being presented as the obvious truth of appearance and consensus realities, while full factual contextual rendering is drawn out as suspect for its requirements for more thinking and appreciations of Creation.

Conservative media outlets supply this pro-corporation exploitation of the world as our paradigm’s view, as the honorable one, the truthful one, the one that is the only good one.  Messengers of the vast preponderance of data, such as with climate change tied to human chemical alterations of the atmosphere, are then cast into doubt with various thought-terminating clichés standing guard as validation of alleged scientific inaccuracy and theoretical bias.  To listen to conservative media outlets is to receive a near continuous narration stream of logical trickery filled with the smoke and mirrors of rationalizations pretending to be forthright reason.

These “facts” are demonstrated daily to many millions of Americans with argumentative tricks of the trade; where reality is traded for confirmation biased propaganda, to those needing it; The “Real Truth”.  Now we can “see” the global warming hoax for what it is;  Or so it is believed was proven to be the case.  This is how emotionalized data can become something other than honest truth, while technically, perhaps, being factual data in the abstract, and so, true.  An example may be in Antarctica, where, while the penguins there are facing the increasing stress on ice retreating, but in the center of Antarctica, snow may be falling more often than it was before, “proving” to some perhaps, that all is well, even exceptionally so, for new ice must obviously be being created at an increasing rate. Context controlled to fit bias, then facts or data selectively used to debunk scientific theories–by appearance reality manipulation of perception of reality.

I suppose those warm-mongers will call this freezing weather as part of global warming!  What a joke!!!‘ Such “common sense” connection is oblivious to a possible phenomenon known as the warm arctic/cold continent paradox.  Yes, a possible aspect of climate change including global warming, where the warming polar air allows the polar jet stream to uncoil further than “normal”, sending cold air plunging southward, all while the arctic is experiencing record warmth.  Much easier to be simple, obvious, and certain, than take in nuance, paradox and ambiguity endemic to Life.

Mental Meltdown

In much conservative media propaganda, the melting of the polar regions and migrations of plants and animals to the north in the Northern hemisphere are ignored. The current human induced mass extinction event is ignored. The vast predominance of record highs over those of cold over decades is ignored for momentary confirmation biased opportunistic rationalization debunking prospered as good natured honest “proof”.

This dishonest trick on the self, of logical myopia, serves the perceptual bias the conservative must confirm to keep cognitive dissonance at bay or tagged onto others. This is a hostile world view, or cosmological and spiritually broken cognition that leads to a disharmonious view towards existence, producing classic us against them phobia’s and psychosis along with the projection of these “truths” onto perceived oppositional characters. Then, as it is in existentialism’s morass of pick and chose for oneself meaning; mentioning conservative us against them paradigms makes the one bearing this message a guilty party to conservatives fear based cosmological and spiritual perceptions of the universe at large beyond their tightly conformed tent.

A critical thought toward conservatism’s rationalization matrixes can well mean to them that you are against them, obviously, and so, one who is blatantly propagating us against them consciousness oneself.  This reverse reality technique allows one to not review the full impact of the concepts and tenets one possesses for a critical external view of others, usual across many boards.

Conservatism is often itself an assault on critical thinking ability, crippling the conservatives ability to see objectively, and thus perceiving the world as subjectively motivated. In the USA, conservatives rescript their perceptions of abstract ideological fortresses, such as The Bible and the US Constitution, as being their right to interpret and not others. This preserves the conservatives sence of abstract arrogance, while seeing others attempts at understanding those abstractions for themselves as being intrinsically misguided or influence by some evil nature.  For conservatives truth is a one-way street–theirs, and this cripples their ability to be truthful and free, let alone honestly responsible to the ramifications of their actions.

Do As I Say; Conservative Conformity Matrix

All conservatives harbor misanthropic tendencies towards those who do not see the world as they do.  This presents a perpetual problematic relationship towards Freedom, Democracy and other Liberal institutions that must include all.  The conservative is motivated to act against these others in the world and in society. Within the conservatives broken, or dysfunctional perception, others are conceived as being the same, these others becoming the targets for conservative blame, shame, and ostracism campaigns designed to deny others of their right to be as they are.

The basic fundamental of the conservative mindset is; ideology (belief) before fact or evidence.  It is something we all do, bias towards our own interest when the interest of another seems to contradict our own.  Seems.  This means I believe another’s interest is in contradiction with mine or in competition with it. In the basic bottom line math of survival—like other animals–it seems in my interest to put me first.  It takes something other; a higher interest, to see past a basic Darwinian mindset into one with a broad minded overview.

I imagine many on the sides of left and right, as well as the middle, think they are one way but not really the other.  As we dichotomize our perception, we side to bias–Confirmation Bias, and quite likely emotinalize the weight of our believed in correctness compared to the others.

Conservatism particularly, requires logic and interpretive defectiveness and defensiveness to seem correct.  In this sense it is opportunism and rationalization dependent.  Its interest in reason is not toward an investigation toward objective truthfulness, but instead, one which reaffirms its borders and imposed limitations upon perception and cognitive apprehension.  This defective reasoning is then often called “The Truth”, case closed.  Conservatism, with its mandate to not include others and evidence fairly nor completely, must then impose upon itself a nonsensical narrative; one making the conservative seem to be more entitled to the world than those who do not share the narrative.

The Narrative Rules; Those Outside It Loose

Those who support a world view favoring objectivity and the use of full context are left with mouths and minds left agape as today’s propaganda conservatives define reality with their myopic rational constructs.  Here in Arizona this perceptual bias towards established wealth and power, and a subservient population, is in classic conservative head lock. The interest of others is only conditioned to the money subservient narrative towards what hearts, minds and souls deserve of this world, but those seeking to correct the myopic deformity in perceiving human nature are viewed as on the side of social, economic and spiritual ill, or evil.  In this, ignorance parading as good old common sense is itself the source of evil–ignorance in action over oneself and others.

Beneath the wedge issue emotional tents set up for unsuspecting citizens, with many prompted weekly at church, on radio and TV to keep under the wedge issue tents toxic gas, the narrative, the storylines of conservatism, the us versus them mindframes are inhaled deeply with invisible penetration. Conservatism is in this way the Dry-Rot Of Civilization; that which eventually brings the individual and humanity down by excluding compassion, empathy, understanding and honesty.

In The Image Of Man: Conservatism Attempts to Make Conformity Universal

The story always has their ideological prism focused squarely onto the individuals very identity and worth as a human being.  Here, a particular definition of God, patriotism and other things abstracted as pure to their narrative; such as morals, true values, Truth and goodness, these are identified as intrinsically their own, the in-groups providence.  Others are always needed to be identified as being deceived or against their abstract definitions, the lexicon becomes as a kind of guarantee to the idea.

To this mindset, saying a thing such as you are intolerant of intolerance can mean you are just as intolerant as any other bigot. The mind-traps for the conservative mind, such as this example of an existential derived false equivalency, is just one of a myriad of logical tricks employed by conservative propagandists to “prove” their own nobility of character.  The radio and cable TV hums with these deformations of idea day in and day out, charging the batteries of those suffering under societal stress to target their distress onto various politically charged targets.

As in other cults and cultures, imitation becomes a means for an individual to felt security, as if immersion it the appearance reality of the narrative can create the actual reality in the cosmological and spiritual sense as being full Truth to existence.  Those not like us are easily pegged as being against us. I have encountered many folks who express the current right wing talking points, pretending they are free thinkers as they repeat what they have just heard o,n the radio or TV; disparate theories pretending to be confirmed truths.

Now, once embedded into the confirmation bias, a list of others seeming contradiction, different viewpoints, different appearances and even styles of expression such as dress, music and such, becomes codified as alien and other to cherished abstractions.  To individual and societal manipulators, the armory of perception becomes propaganda’s voice of reason, but actually, self serving rationalization. The authority and integrity of those outside of conservatism’s mental and emotional strangleholds are discarded as so much garbage–unconcerned for where these end up, for they are discarded from legitimacy in the narrative.

Into The Electrified Tent

I attended a “mega church” one recent Christmas with family members, only to find this church to be a place, not really of worship, but of mind control set to a corporate agenda. The back of the church was filled with right wing pro affluent lifestyle books and pamphlets to file through as you left the church.  It was very much an atmosphere of affirmation of  kind of lifestyle with an organized intention to bias minds, hearts and spirits to an elite way to be in the world, a way with a political agenda as central to spiritual identity.

During service itself, we where cautioned that being Republican did not guarantee you a place in heaven.  I can’t imagine anyone actually thought that, or did they?  What kind of movement is based upon a spirituality wed to a material list or a political one?  From the giant screens projecting high-tech emotive imagery, to the modern music set to dramatics onstage, this service seemed to be most about keeping attention by entertainment and the engendering of the “correct” bias.  I had stumbled into what appears as the GOP driven spirituality merged with the modern worlds consumption and excess bias being framed as being a Godly thing.

Ill finish this article later, being I have things to do immediately—

The Jesus Story On “Hot” Wedge Issues

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Could it have something to do with the ever-present rebirth of an eternal answer?

But first the definition and its origin is in order; A look into what we believe and interpret the message of Christ to be would seem relevant to what meaning this Holy Day has to anyone reflection on a date named after Jesus Christ.  As well, to not instil ignorance as an arbiter of idea; the meaning of the winter solstice, with its circling back of the light from the hold of growing darkness.

Before A Name Is Cast

Much religious symbolism has prior cultural roots; the preexisting human belief systems heavily influenced the evolution of these new dates of event timing and story meaning. Before Christ birth there was also a preexisting story about the virgin birth along with other narrative lines from earlier groups. — –.

Some seem to be afraid of facing this and other truths that are intrinsic to a time, for consolidating their own exclusive consensus reality is the job always at hand, with a story held above factual inquiry toward Truth within a meaning.  Avoidance of real facts and their actual contextual framework usually goes on to pollute and dilute perception of the self and of others, along with ideas conceptualized as realities.

Many, many beliefs and inclinations are from our self history. Merely repeating what one is programmed with in childhood, or when what one is seeking is to gain the approval of others via confirmation bonding ritual, does not make an honestly lived faith, only an imitative one seeking the “right stuff” verification from others.  What most any orthodoxy can be sure of is an inhibition, or other taboo sentence imposed upon objective inquiry into Free Standing Truth .

They must instead declare the truth to be what they suggest if appears to them to be–one they are comfortable with and that you must accept to be a correct person.  This is unexamined cultural programing.

A Word Or Phrase Is Not Necessarily Knowing

When objective (God given) reality is made subordinate to individual and group dynamics, truth may well be tossed out with the Child Jesus. One thing God is not afraid of is; truth seeking above hearsay, above ‘Just believe this, everyone else who is good does.  God wants you too!  Many of the greatest minds have concurred, so whatever questions you have are just not valid.  Believe me! I had your same qurstions ntil I accepted (blank)’.

Nope.  Not good enough, for it is surrendering your own connection to your spiritual core for ideas chained to others intentions, intentions that cannot be honestly taken as pure with a straight mind no matter how good. These here included.

Half-length portrait of younger man with shoulder-length hair and beard, with right hand raised over what appears to be a red flame. The upper background is gold. Around his head is a golden halo containing an equal-armed cross with three arms visible; the arms are decorated with ovals and squares.

I have linked to this article before pertaining to the current state of Christianity and Jesus Christ teachings, yet with the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth celebrated this Dec 25, a look at what his teachings and admonitions actually were, and where many “conservative” Christians are in regard to Christ teachings remaining in the Bible is always in order.  Perception can control the appearance reality if not examined to truthfulness.

Jesus on Abortion, Homosexuality, Premarital Sex.

Anti Christian Christians?

The author above calls this new breed of Christianity; pseudo Christianity, for its marked divergence from the “real meaning” of Christ. What is that meaning? An answer is ever-born.  Love and Peace is done, is here.  It is the refusal to see it past the circumstantial and situational awareness of the problems defined in life as being held paramount instead of the answer.  The answer is.  Unconditional Love is.  It is you and I who place the conditions upon knowing it.  It is you and I who can remove them to know IT.

The avoidance of Christ message, morphed in part by the redacting of the Bible (revealing “Sacred Text” regarding Christ life) taken on some 1,000 years ago and on other occasions–like while preaching or proselytizing.  Way back then, the more personalized Christ of ones own consciousness was mostly exorcised from scripture, sifting out to one seemingly more fitting with control by establish power structures of church and state; these need guilt and blame to enforce their orders paradigm.  Even so, the real meaning of the mission of Jesus Christ still came through in powerful bits and pieces of the narrative.  These may appear any day of the year in us, any moment, but perhaps not more honored as in Christmas time, where to give and to receive is a right of all as each will wish.

Most of us can detect this nature of Christ beyond the appearance reality narrative being engendered by reactive thinking; thinking that says you do not deserve to receive because–fill in the blank.  Let’s say, because you cannot afford an opperation or a transplant.  Money is then the God of Life and of Death, a blatant betrayal of Christ and of Life’s message.  In sort term; anti Christ Message.

The “higher” notion of Christ is one of understanding and self review, and not one of blame, shame, robotic acceptance, nor accusation and the fear of punishment as a means for behavior control.  These reactive exclusionary ostracism models create a perception that things are done or not done based upon Pavlovian pain and avoidance control mechanisms–might makes right, money makes right, which is not an individuals spiritual achievement or merit in comprehension of Love, but one of fear and of a kind of begging for peace of mind.

With Your Own Eye

We who see Jesus, not exactly as “your personal savior”, but a Savior of truthfulness above fiction or unexamined feeling, a truthfulness that understands our ability to miss the boat in comprehension, to make mistakes.  Christ comes through as The Peacemaker; a revealer of Gods deeper Nature– Universal and Wholesome to Creation.  This God does not require beings who are children of God to be always all wise, unerring and consciously complete with understanding.

This Divine Being does not punish us via the viewpoints of others and their thoughts of judgement imposition. Instead, as Christ did, we are encouraged to operate from our higher angels, and not the fallen ones.  Forgiveness of ourselves is a first root into Divinity; to comprehend a way forward into Creation in union with It, not a problem with It.

Deconstructing Christianity To Impose Business As Usual In The Temple

Now that mission of Christ is under siege in conservative Christianity, or pseudo Christianity.  These self proclaimed conservers of Christ, quite as with the self proclaimed conservers of The US Constitution, reverse the intention of common connection, of coherent union in a living process of Being, by substituting hierarchical kinds of subjection to God and Government as defined by our human opportunistic ideological myopathy. This narrow view-point happens to be endeared to the powerful, yet claiming to represent you, me, and the rest of The People under these mind-framed top serving institutional parameters.

For example; conservatives and so called libertarians seem to be for withering government in this US democracy. This creates a void and not opportunism expected Nirvana,  leaving a void to be filled by multinational corporations. Corporate “individuals” as entities are actively seeking to solidify their hold on the necessities and comforts of living.  We no longer are to have an”organic” connection to Life’s functioning, but one tied through and around businesses.

Now, “The Greater Good” is manipulated and contorted to serve corporate interest above those of individual and nation. The survival of both these basic necessities of humanity are becoming the survival of the business machinery and not the right of connectivity of all in Life.  Once these new Pharo-like elites rule the USA uninhibited, I hope you have work clothes for being ordered to work here, there, even to old age, or else.  We have sculpted an economic model that is its own Death Panel.

Here in Arizona, the death date for some citizens is being fixed by so called state survival interest; the connections of the wealthy being services while those of the not wealthy are being terminated. The state, under conservative stranglehold, is determining the expiration date for the poor and helpless by intentionally not caring for them as we could.  Exactly no “Right to Life” because one is poor.  Period.

Modern Activist Conservatism Represents Not Only The Dry-Rot Of The Soul, But Of Civilization

The activist conservative US Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can wield their  influence at will, and as they do, they “naturally” socialize their cost onto you, the consumers. Private Socialism is essentially what predatory corporate capitalism is.  Kinda like “Big Government”, only now you have no right to vote, and of course, no right to socialize your cost onto all.

The corporate “individual” can charge higher prices to pay for propaganda and attention by the state or the “corporatocracy”.  You and I cannot raise our pay, well not likely and not essentially whenever we will. It is we who pay for this corporation to connect its will to government, while no one is so entitled to pay for our influence except at our own cost.  They have us coming and going by the emerging paradigm, while having many a conservative and libertarian cheering for the ruse.  This is how ignorance in action works.

Casting out the money changers by Carl Heinrich Bloch.

The Root of Evil!?  No Way!  The Way Of Abundance By Gods Grace Being Shown! I Need Money But Am Not Actually Loving It!  It’s Kinda A Pain After All!

The Bible is meant to teach lessons, particularly in the stories about Jesus Christ.  It is not much of a stretch for inclusion to view a concept such as “The Temple” to also mean the seat of consciousness, its Temple, where ones soul and Creation are erected into a place of worship and of holiness, or at least could or should be.  This is how a story becomes personal–how it manifest in my life in its meaning.

The anit-Christ  bottom line is as it is with health care in the US– Your money or your life. This is quite why the corporate model as allowed by law, is a perfect match with that of psychosis; an obsession with self gain and regard without regard for The Whole.  The connectedness of being in relationship with all of Creation; The Whole, all environments, the completeness of existence etc, is disregarded or ignored by emotional dysfunction in order to preserve a solipsistic enterprise for the individual called the corporation, or even called me getting ahead.

Yes, this is the love of money, above life itself. This love comes sanctioned with all kinds of conservative “moral” and “value” excuses that never sound like the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but instead, a pedagogy that uses others and the environment to “get ahead” while not accepting the socialized consequences of our actions.  Although most any rationalization will be put forward as the answer for denial, it remains ultimately all about the money. This is the primitive tribalism of us vs them, sanctioned by the righteous framing of some reason for superiority of consideration.

So much for a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Survival is now dependent upon an abstract reference unattached to spiritual truth or the individuals true merit, but wed to a fallen narrative of materialism first, money first, spirituality somewhere else if one can find it.  What do you mean by spirituality anyway.  that’s just your opinion after all.  Now we enter the existential morass of relativity; where one idea is equal (likely considered far superior) to another simply because it suits our preferences.  This relativity and self projection of intent is classical to modern media conservatism.

With this ideological onslaught of a truncated concept of individualism eroding the values and understandings of Universal connectivity, and with established orthodoxies aligned with wealth and the powerful, the meaning of His mission is stealthily becoming anti-Christ while still proclaiming the abstract ideals of Christ teachings for those approved of one way or another.  Most any notion can be morphed into its opposite by gradual reframing of the connected notions around it.  Why repetition is so important to spinning right wind(g) mind control.

The Great Lazy Seduction Of Conservatism And Orthodoxy

Do this or else

We have reason to wonder why media Christianity, or predatory conservative manipulated pseudo Christianity, is diverting attention from Christ teachings, then inserting Wedge Issue control features regarding emotional and spiritual attachment.  This movement of cause and relationship diverts us from the power of connection, of love, forgiveness and understanding as spiritual mandate, substituting them with perceived sources of irritation and stress. These tagged to issues are framed and cornered into emotional dead ends, where blame, distrust and anger are targeted onto “outside” targets.

{Just by mentioning this, to many a conservative; false equivalence via the use of abstraction, may become a vehicle called a Thought-terminating Cliché; an idea, a reason to consider no further, a question, an answer, or even a lonely idea. Example; “He does the same thing he judges us of!” Then; end of story.}

In the ideological, propaganda forwarded institutions operating throughout the modern society; compassion and empathy for all, as exemplified by the teachings of Christ, are snickered at and derided as false values. This perhaps exemplified recently by the pseudo news entertainer Glen Beck, as he warned about empathy and its insidious liberalism.  Ignorance is no obstacle to some conservatives, it is so often a mandate, for unfortunately, they tend to thrive on it as they claim to speak for wisdom and knowing.

Attitude is often all that matters; for the narrative control is actually all emotional.  Most probably associated with the many unresolved issues, unapproachable issues that many a conservative possesses to keep separation and alienation alive and well in consciousness.  Attitude speaks a thousand words of unexamined reason without wonder. This is where what is known as evil, or ignorance in action, may find its protective teflon like coating in pride and presumption.

Ignorance gets coated with good intention, and many a random reason, along with the consensus reality narrations against liberalism, that is a must unfortunately perpetuate in overthrowing Christ (Let’s say the Way of Understanding, Compassion and of Love and Peace) and creating a Christ formed into a false idol.  One where the aforementioned attributes are assigned to those who listen to me, or who seem to believe as I do.  Turn the other cheek and all is not relevant in the post fallen narrative.


Come the various crusades being launched by TV televangelist, preachers building fortunes at their followers expense, and wealth dependency ideology programmers who blame the troubles in ones life on these outside others (even government–ones own representation in Democracy). The audience is encouraged to both donate money and beg, and or pray properly for Gods help within their own emotional, economic, afterlife, or current health issues.

The conceived appearance reality edifice finds the trouble in outside otherness, targeted for its “evil” nature, while inwardly we hear claims that we chosen few will be who gets the love and select afterlife by an all loving yet terrifying Supreme Being.  So many of the ill and troubled watch a good appearance reality performance on TV, consciously sculpted to represent consensus reality–agreed upon knowingness, while viewers are encouraged to surrender their objective right to know God directly and in Person whenever they so allow Gods vision to become their own. No TV required.

The Way is already paved in perception if allowed to be seen.  The very attributes and admonitions as defined by Jesus are ever relevant. But; ‘Pray as we show and send in the dough, for giving is spiritual.  And did we mention; goodness will flow to you. This is your insurance policy after all!  We must spread the word. And all while a true life and the connections to It are all around each of us, but quite like ones own nose, so close they may be missed for what we do not know, what we are sure of we lack, and are hence susceptible to be manipulated to those claiming to know for us. It remains a truism; humans will believe anything if described sufficiently and assuredly.

Not As I Do

The against others teachings from the pulpit are not the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ offered resolution and understanding via facing the real truth of situations and the responsibility of ones own state of awareness in beingness.  From there, the enlightened to Christ Way move on to make the health and security of the least of their neighbors a prime spiritual cause, a mandate for the Way of Love. As for those who do horrible things, Christ admonition was to ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’.  Only “The Money Changers” seemed to raise the ire of Christ as He saw their claim upon the temple; perhaps representing ones own consciousness, where comprehension of deep connection may abhor the parting out of Creation for self gain.

So called religious and cultural wars are diversions intended to perpetuate ignorance as God, while a true path to knowing Universality is claimed impossible, and only delegated to God. Wars and relationships remain in intractable conflict as long as a false truth is worshiped above the Universal Rule of Law. (I often capitalize primary concepts as you may have noticed along the way)

Unfortunately for much conservatism, doing without actually knowing is so often the way they roll. Entitled by hubris and the awareness that people can become confident followers in what they do not know for certainty, humanity has often sought the comfort of numbers; in religion, war, and economic definitions, above the transcendent attributes in knowing the all connectedness of Life and Spirit as One.

This strategy of diversion, denial and blame/shame, created the classic “other” phenomenon predicated on the individuals separation and alienation anxiety in regard to true spiritual power and authenticity as exemplified by the story of Jesus Christ.  Christ sought to break through ignorance and cultural/psychological dissociation. He spoke of self review as primary, with inner honesty as paramount to self realization.  He exhibited the transcendent nature of Love and caring for those born onto the earth, as if health for the garden and its abundance was paramount for humanity to thrive in peace.

May we find peace in every season.

Perception Is Reality == WRONG!

I have heard this statement often as of late, that;

Perception Is Reality






Perception is Appearance Reality

There is an often vast difference

We humans love having conclusive phrases that work as poetry, in that a few words can say and mean so much.  Unfortunately, soundbite aphorisms can be as wrong as rain, or as right as rain. It depends on whether the clothes make the man, or you cannot judge a book by its cover.  You get the picture, perhaps even when things may be not as they appear.

Reality IS Reality

Our perception, our cognition, has logical interpretation programs running that likely are not perceiving the Whole of Reality.  The sun may obviously circle the earth; that is observational, empiric common sense after all, yet the Real Reality is another matter, one which most did not see as evident or reasonable.  And as it was; anyone who suggested the Real Truth was not the appearance one back then, was declared to be a very bad person, even though they saw reality in a deeper way, an intrinsically more honest way than just following the obvious.

We seem to not know for sure what The Reality is as absolute Truth, but reality is not limited to our perception–we are.  The bigness of Life does matter, but under that Bigness, we exist with limits to intellect and observation.  You may find clothes to reveal much; a kind of narrative to looks, with story-lines emanating from this and that of style as to personal choice.  I put much less stake in the seemingness of appearance, for appearance is often easily fooled, and being enamored by it may lead one down paths well paved with illusion.

Appearance Reality can be played off of Consensus Reality to create a logical matrix of imaginary cause and effect cognition that seems to be The Reality, yet in reality, is rationalized ideology hiding behind its cloak of ignorance propped up by a narrative storyline.  Ignorance becomes a commodity of great value, as it allows much to be hidden from sight and from thought and feeling. It comes with a need to draw upon emotional judgement as its truthfulness weight, becoming the great seducer that unconsciously sculps up illusion as truth, and perhaps, the now distant to perception Truth as ill will.

Consciousness can be dressed with all manner of interpretation programing while I as the individual thinks it is exactly as things are, for I feel and “see” their apparent reality. In ignorance I may believe appearance is actually truth. Many an institution, both official and personal/cultural, can depend on not knowing–by not allowing open questioning, in effect, instituting a worshiping of ignorance above truthful knowing and understanding.  This avoidance, or block inserted into perception, always leads to dissonance in a universe operating with reality as its underpinning logic.  Whether its just me or an entire society, a nation, falseness inserted into the psyche as truthfulness will come to haunt the future untill resolved by understandings knowingness.

Loading The Countries Deck

With our American politics full of statements with little basis in full contextual fact, or real indigenous truth backing them up, the American public has been quite easily mislead by Appearance Reality contortions based upon erroneous reasoning.  Some of us do know how illusion and misinformation can be mated, producing mutated offspring far from the well of truthfulness. We then are rendered susceptible, ripe for misdirection as to fault and blame for this politically induced harm.  Reality goes on to be damaged by our intrusion upon it with our imaginary cause and effect reasoning.

Here is a recent historical example: A majority of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks of Sept, 2001, without any actual evidence other than fabricated associative narrative story-lines being perpetrated into the mainstream media. This untruth was even believed after it was well established in that very media that he was not.

The Sacred Way Of Laziness And Avoidance–Irrationalism Pretending To Be Reason

Conserved ideas are not welcoming to honest truth, but instead position themselves around ancient psychological devises that actively avoid questions and contravening to ideological data.  These hiding places for ignorance are then given fancy or profound cover, such as patriotism, loyalty and allegiance, when what they are not loyal to is The Truth of a matter, and so they are actually housing darkness pretending to be Light.

Once confirmation bias is established, there is little personal need to check for facts or for truthfulness. We may now live in a relatively “protected” from honest analysis zone. It is others that “just don’t get it” as far as the rationalization scenarios go in the narrative.  Our requirement to feel OK about ourselves, including our decisions, can easily trump reality, prop up familiar and already chosen fantasy as legitimate cause and effect.  I suggest that when this is done personally, in politics or in other matters, the real Reality will create dissonance and disharmony no matter how good the false narrative’s rationalization scenarios (intentions) are, for Truth Itself will not be deceived.

When Ignorance Is The Secret Guide

The story I “know” seems true to me, so your possible disagreement means you are mislead or misleading.  Many media propagandist use thought trickery constantly to in effect empower ignorance over knowing truthful perception. This thought “play” tends to demand confirmation bias loading of reason, and a negative narrative tag onto anyone’s inability to “see clearly”.  As ideology is conserved so I can feel solid in my self perception of identity, the Real Reality can become less and less important, while imagination becomes pivotal to rationalization, emotional judgements of others can become more and more profoundly expressed.

In my view, America’s ills are tied to an inability to honestly value truth above ideology, or comprehension; that other belief systems held that conserve ignorance in the form of not allowing questioning to deeply held notions of truth and of right and wrong, are what are actually the obstacles in our way.  Things being promoted for confrontation perpetuation, such as many Wedge Issues and the so called Culture War, help to keep intact the schizophrenic American identity, where even “We The People” can mean opposite meanings of self identity from one person to another.  We The People, not you people.

The Hiding Of Light

Perhaps comforted by both illusion and amnesia, lives can be lived without comprehension of larger context nor of the very real greater connection and interrelation to all of Life that is there for the seeking.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it may be the bliss of the fooled.  We have reason to wonder of much we believe real, for without critical thinking, our perception can be our delusion.

The Mind Where It Matters

There may well be a “Battle in Heaven” between the forces of Wise-dumb and those of Wisdom. We each are the deciders in which side we take in every moment of our lives. The war, or more correctly; challenge, is within ourselves; whether I take comfortable but problematic shortcuts to knowing, or seek instead a disciplined and conscientious passion for knowing to the best of my ability.

The great seducers to perception are the pre-packaged narrations being constantly provided by interest other than the Whole Truth.  For one reason or another, for preserving ignorance and its advantage; these seek to keep the Real Reality at bay, disguised for opportunistic reason.

These actually erroneously embedded choices create much of what we call evil, or what I call ignorance in action.  That they create reverberated ill is to be avoided by the actual actors in their production scenario.  Some sort of others, outsiders, are to be blamed, for their seemingness as causal characters, while they are the progeny of effect, where thereafter the damage to human reality is made evident by the seemingness of appearance.

In this sense, evil can be conserved as self defined good, while Reality is seen as being wrong to the conceptualized narrative identity’s common sense being prospered as; good and deserving of such above others–without question.  Now hearts can be ignored for my interest as defined by my truncated self identity attachments to not understanding deeper cause and effect.

Belief is to be chastised by Truth for consciousness to know what perception is in reality.  This becomes a matter of deep personal honesty, or one of taking shortcuts to knowing that are not legitimate, not questioned, and not up to the truth available in real perception.

It is Reality that is Reality





The Edge Of God


The Edge Of God

From floating within

cast out upon a sea

of commotion and hardness

connection severed

doubt born of ignorance

emptiness of hoped for faith


Smiles and attendance

misunderstanding and wonder

if anyone knows me

if anyone cares

still time and space

play their receiving and parting game

joy, need and want

spin around love

and who knows which direction

love is now pointing me?


It is all about love

all about a worship of connection

something complete beyond distance

past denial, freedom and forgetfulness

a belonging passionate and personal

teeming universal and internal

a Place too grand to encompass

too Bright too be seen.


Here God is as a constant

and as a Presence beyond normal cognition

it is at The Edge

differentiation, parts of The Whole

I can carry to my heart

one by one while never comprehending

The Sum of it All.

God is always here

hidden if I refuse to see

mere belief if I refuse to know

how The Edge Of God requires acceptance

to know connection and revelation

as when eyes find that moment

when they see both ways

when I look at you and you at me

suddenly we see something never-ending

eternity reaches out in a momentary sight

this is how The Edge Of God feels

when we see into forever

an unbounded Love

known by being love

by knowing empiric contact

with God wherever and whenever

with whatever and whomever I chose

a choice to walk The Edge of experience

becoming what is shown

immersed in what is known.





Spiritual Perception And Its Limitation

Just What Is In Your Spiritual Hands?


‘Spiritual people transcend the judgemental nature of  political and other societal interest. They seek their own perfection; a union with The Divine, with no business in telling or suggesting to others how they should behave or change their ways.’


{This post delves in part into the subjective vs objective nature of spiritual perception and behavior.  It appears that there has been a movement to differentiate or obscure spiritual perception and motivation.

A movie called, “The Secret”, may highlight this shift in experiential perception, being that it makes spiritual reality out to be all about me and my success or failure in Life.  This tends to ignore attention to the relationships to society’s overarching systems and logical constructs the individual is immersed in, for one of self realization.

Human institutions, however, are human engineered, and as such, likely will at times require repair, overhaul or reinvention.  Just who does this is then is of critical importance.

Self realization is a good thing, but where one chooses to truncate self perception in consciousness may be another thing altogether.}

The Hidden Secret of The Secret

The SecretControversy – Associated Content –

: The Subjective Individual Nature vs The Objective Nature Of Life

In Which Life Realm Is Spiritual Perception Excluded?

There appears to be a paradox in spirituality, or in other words, in living by The Truth(and I would add; of Love).  It seems there are kinds of obstacles to knowing The Truth of Spirit (God or of Life), and then of living by this awareness.

Various ideas have developed along humankind’s way to explain why we are having difficulty in our experience of Life.  Why do bad things happen and why do bad people and influences seem to be the reason why? Each of our personal spiritual perceptions, tends to have a narrative line as to why humans, and so we ourselves, have difficulties in life often caused by others, or some internalized trouble that seems to follow us. {  Abundance – Understanding the Cosmic Law of Attraction }

The “cure” to spiritual illness is promised by many religions, cultures and group sub-cultures.  Do this and get better; recite this and get better; perform this over and over and get better, plead and beg to God for Mercy and be better; Think only good thoughts and get better; pray and pray for your sins or for what you want and get better, and on and on…  For most of us, we may wonder why any number of these approaches at restoration can lead to salvation of our experience of Life and The Divine, then one day, without warning, we may suddenly wonder what happened?  Why am I now in trouble yet again?

Most of us know or suspect it is in us, this; why things go astray.  An old adage; ‘We find what we look for.’, (A form of The Law Of Attraction) simply sums up the basic spiritual challenge. We may in some unsuspecting moment wonder; “Why has this happened again?”.

Trouble seems to find us, or many of us, no matter where we go and what we do, all while I might be ignorant as to what perceptual lens I am looking through into my world all this time; a way of perception and cognition.  The sense of aloneness and alienation appears to separate us from a full heart immersion in our whole life, including others and outer environments.  The sense of self can retreat inward, erect walls for protection and exclusion.  I am then a somewhat lone individual, “On my own.” and possibly looking out for my survival. This senario sets up manipulative environments.

Our ego self, in this scheme of existence, seems separate from much of the rest of Life; people and all the universe.  A heart connection to any grand outer and overreaching Self seems absent.  We are susceptible here, to both restoration or not, and to attachment to various plans that purpose to fix the exclusionary experience.  Some of these can be ideologically invisible in cultures, such as in religion, politics, economics, and cultural definitions of reality, presenting their own scheme as to who deserves what from wherever and who does not, often based upon observable behaviors.

The Interpretation Program

We assume much by our processing of appearances as to what reality is.  We might perceive much more into reality by what we, in effect, have consented to regarding inter-human reality.  We look for things to confirm what seems to be, by what may well be erroneous standards that have institutionalized resistance to objective oversight. Conceptual firewalls are erected to defend unquestionable consensual reality matrices.  Classic to this defensiveness are Confirmation Bias and its best friend; Thought-terminating Clichés.  For an institutional defense such as to religion, the word, heretic, was a much used fear inducing cliché with a built in intention; to stop minds and hearts from opening up to challenging information or opinion.

Conserving Bias Is Intrinsic To Any Conservatism

Preserving bias in natural to conservatism.  We all conserve kinds of bias, particularly those we do not know are bias, such as many emotional states are; bias to a conservation of a subjective angle.  Subjectivity is individually unavoidable and useful. The problem endemic to it is; preserving a subjective view, by avoiding the rules and regulations of objective oversight, brings delusional cognition into being, preserving ignorance by a mandate of subjective ideology; the worshiping of self interest above universal connectivity.

Walled in trouble is likely found in any unquestionable zone–questioning not allowed, for I am then willing, by my instituted ignorance, to then agree to live by belief instead of by knowing.  Claiming things to be known’s when they are beliefs, becomes a mental prerequisite to keep the surface awareness of cognitive dissonance underground, where is wreaks a kind of spiritual, or soul havoc. We have created a contradiction and dissonance between the reality of Creation on one hand, and my ideas of It on another.

A new emotional diversion device now can become operational; that of projection, a casting out of ones subconscious demons onto outer targets.  These will be the people and behaviours which trigger the inner turmoil.  Inner demons are now sanctioned emotionally to be persecuted out in the collective zone, where I can old others responsible for my uncomfortable feelings. The conservative mentality is unawares, usually, of its deceptive trickery, but will now see these others as being most devious and subversive of all that is good in life.

All the while, an ignorance protects the evil inherent to conservative rationalization from being cognizant to the conservative.  The real truth will become seen as being part of the problem, so objectivity itself must be demonized.  This is one reason why so many “spiritual people” find the scientific method so objectionable.  It appears to be a contradictory faith to their own.

In general, conservatives are locked into their belief as a unquestioned reality.  Other ideas will then be perceived as false no matter how objectively accurate or honest they actually are.  Those who seek an honest evaluation of truthfulness by the laws of evidence and association–deep cause an effect, will be blamed and shamed by the conservative mind. This has created a huge industry in cognitive dissonance avoidance, projection, and blaming and shaming of those who reveal questions to the conservative mindset.

Conservatives are actually spiritually insecure, under internal pressure to force belief over truthful reality, a story over the Living Truth.  This makes for both many an unhappy camper, unhappy the world has such challenges in it, as well as an inherently arrogant that they are right and the rest of the world wrong.

One recent example is the climate change debunking campaigns, often being waged in honor of diverting attention from pollution generating industries and lifestyles.  These industries pay much for favorable propaganda, finding natural allies in those shifting the context on environmental data to incite doubt.  For instance; last winter a major snowstorm was widely touted as honest evidence of the dishonesty of global warming advocates.

(Climate Change is a theory based upon the chemical and particulate alterations humans are making to the atmosphere.  Aspects of its evidence can appear contradictory, when they are actually evidence of the complex changes and extremes being created as climate shifts. Manipulators know the value of ignorance, as well as the lifestyle and belief attachments a population may have.

Control of perception is all about containing and arranging its parameters, usually invisibly so as to not appear manipulative.  Polluting industries will associate lifestyle, employment as mandates to the good nature of their intention. Divert attention from apparent problems to apparent good things, shifts appearance Reality cognitions.

This is designer Consensus Reality creation; the attempt to put the individual perception into a conserved question free zone.  Now accountability for the reality of pollution falls upon populations(who must pick up the tab or face the consequences) and not the corporation or industry, making an institution such as Democracy, less of an obstacle to individual or corporate behavior.  Spiritual “schisms” or dichotomies can then be harmonized with supposed economic ones, the individual not knowing where they have now given up their authority to a “new” authority quite likely to abuse it.

The Perceptual Shell Game

Opportunism and ignorance can use superficial contradictions as being evidence of deeper ones, perhaps leading one to think the evidence is evidence of deception by a surface fact. Now attention is diverted, ignoring the deep context of the reality of the vast preponderance of data. One of the biggest industrial tools in the propaganda news worlds box on crayons is the using of ignorance to preserve and conserve wealth over the consequences of reality, a Faustian bargain.

Meanwhile, Central Park in New York City has just had it warmest meteorological summer on record.  I have heard nothing about this from political punditdum, unlike the right wing “echo chambers”–(circular repetition through media outlets of ideas, talking points, to enhance the appearance of truthfulness by repetition) widely publicized debunking global warming campaign last winter.  This evidences the disingenuous Confirmation Bias, with its selective truth gathering, along with all the blaming and shaming that went along with it.

The whole effort is manufactured to control individual identity attachments by propaganda.  When someones ideas are made to seem the ones of bad people, truth can be sacrificed for belief.  The individual is now wedged away from objectivity, including honest truthfulness and full context.  This allows manipulation by identity attachments to trump Truth, while believing it now is the defender of The Truth.

But whatever happened to The Secret and Spiritual Perception?  It is actually everywhere.

Getting What I Ask For Without Knowing Its Deeper Connection To Reality

Notions such as loyalty, seek to bypass honest evaluations of the Truth, for explanations of subjective connection now worshiped as The Truth of Value.  Now real truth can be scorned for ideological connection and purity; meaning honest objectivity is demeaned for what are now ideological sacrosanct conceptions of value, worth and self respectability.

This does not negate the humility, that as human beings, our minds are physically incapable of knowing all as far as we know.  Instead, I am fully capable of asking myself why I chose a method of perception that excludes the honest path of knowledge for one of a consensual agreement over wishful thinking.

Here, in this avoidance platform, is where many a Thought-terminating Cliché will reside. These are kind of diversionary signs that cry out conceptually; Danger!  Do not enter!  You know this is False and against your survival interest. Instead of a fact based warning based upon the rule of Truth Itself, we can stand in proclaimed unquestionable “truths” probably declared to be The Truth. This comes with human designer intentions, including a methodology internalizing unexaminable ignorance laying claim to owning Truth, and even to owning The Divine by proclamation and not honest observation inclusion.

We may as well exclude what seems not to comply to our presumptions, even so far as to deny our own experience of its right to “complain” about inconsistency and contradiction in our own actions.  These are primitive but effective mechanisms for maintaining pretence as being real without our own conscious awareness.  We do have a kind of “Law of Attraction” in this ‘finding what we look for.  This does not fill in the question of presumption; that if I decide to be in charge of my experience by seeking what I would rather happen; how do I know my desire is right? Am I allowed to wonder over my reasons, or must I blindly believe that my desire is Divine and cannot be questioned?

The Law of Attraction may have a corollary; “The Law of Avoidance”, which may have the Full reality of my situation being discarded, for it contains possible experience that does not appear to be desirable, lets say illness or suffering loss.  For spiritual perception, is this honoring Spirit, or claiming Life to in some way be itself an error which I have decided to avoid?  Anger, argument, contentious debate; do these have a place in my life or is it too important for my wish list of self actualization achievement to engage in them?

Religion, and in another word, spirituality, are under pressures that often relate to a cultures state of being.  In very rosy times, with all this modern worlds believed in benefits, we are encouraged to find ourselves contented in our possessions. What you have and how much, or how big and how important your possessions are, becomes a kind of worshiped ideology.  Wealth and power increase in apparent and consensual realities, questions to them being largely avoided. Some now include God in this idea of me having, possessing the real one, to everyone elses wrong one.

In crisis we may claim that all we need is our health and one another, but outside of crisis, much else is encouraged to compete for our attention.  We are currently in an age of materialism worship as well as that of experience.  List of must doo’s point direction for the exciting and fulfilled life.  Being, being where you are, being with what you have, loving Life as it is, and supporting the prerequisite for that, seem relegated to those with near death experiences, or certain of the poets and mystics.

The rest of us are in serious need of keeping up with our wants and all their survival interest; the ones driving society into increasing stress, and the planet into increasing instability. Many of us have a desire NOT to know what we are really doing, while wanting to know how to get what we wish for to keep up.  Lifestyle becomes the self driver, while Spirit, not so much, unless of course we now consider material success to be that of spiritual as well.  The eye of the needle seemingly replaced by the glow of abundance.  Well as long as you find some manner of claiming that money, or having is not your love of it, just nice to have since God likes me for being a believer in good faith?

We are now essentially ruled, governed, by money and possession.  Many a relationship crumbles under the strains of getting and keeping, as if it is wed to money.  We are subservient to survival, a survival now highly manipulated, proliferating with what are essentially deceptive schemes to gag and bound the individual, including ones interest and considerations, to maintaining the lifestyle of the power interest wed to having.  Identity for many is now framed to a grand good life, and so the threats to that are all those poor and unfit humans seemingly all too abundant in their failures.

Take a look into most conservative, (modern propaganda conservatives that is), and you will see most all the tricks of the mind control trade; identity framing diversion, demonization of objectivity, contortion of value to serve hierarchical human systems and demeaning those who have little, as only deserving what they have.

This strategy of shame and blame seems to have found a natural ally with much religion. Religion is not exactly fact nor context oriented and has nearly identical shaming and blaming tactics related to preserving hierarchical relationships.  Materialism’s diversion and subversion of identity finds a natural ally with established religion systems; their mind control and manipulation strategies are nearly identical, and they rely on belief above fact and context.

My Religious Experience

I was a member of a church a long time ago.  I was a full time member, one who gave services at times, speaking for as long as I wished during the service I was conducting.  I loved expressing what I felt were the deeper truths of life, as well as preparing during non-service days for what I would offer; by how truthful and observant I would be to “The Truth” during each day.  The pressure of this seemed to heighten emotion, awareness and humility.

Much material of “service” relevance comes to one from their own lack of perfection and consistencies to what they believe to be Truth. Relationship issues, self respect issues, these are often demonstrated in ones respect for others and of Life.

Very deep self issues; the unresolved issues of the far past, particularly childhood, tend to simmer subconsciously, they can come up, “acting out”. This happens not because some evil spirit is particularly doing it from the outside at the time, but because ignorance is harmful inside; ignorance of ones own motivational platforms, and ignorance of those who likely passed this emotional, perceptual virus to you or me from their own ignorance.  We can feel cursed, or that “This is how it goes for me!” Persistent issues of the soul tend to be the unresolved ones, deep ones relating to love; its abandonment or conditionality manipulation.  These are kinds of primal experience disharmonies with what seems the design of our lives in the universe.  We do seemed designed to be in a state of love.

The First Cut

In a manner, with this early problematic injection of separation, we can seem cursed. The source of the “spell” may be silently known to have come from the outside; it is not how we now want our life to be, and especially did not when we learned to internalize the dysfunction.  When ignorance such as this acts out, some sort of illness follows, bodily illness, perhaps in the mind, and spiritual illness; how we perceive reality.  The haunting nature of what is sometimes referred to as “The Sins of the Father” seem to persist until resolution.  Misrepresentations of Life and Spirit, in effect, ask for resolution by understanding and forgiveness. It is necessary to comprehend the ignorance and let go of its legacy.  Understanding of the human spirit is usually required.

Most humbling to the emotions is this fact; we live in a rational universe that is known by being present with reason.  We have trouble if our ignorance is secretly in the drivers seat with its worshiping of rationalization and question diversion above honest realty perception.

I am not saying that The Law of Attraction is precisely wrong.  What is wrong is if and when what we seek is to be not scrutinized as to its connection the the Living Context our lives are emerged in.  If this lack of scrutiny is the case, then ignorance will surely follow, opening its doorway to evil.

We need to know how wrongness happens.  Why? To respect what is right and true.  It is that simple.

Nothing is beyond our spiritual hands; not the environment, not societal issues, not political or spiritual consideration.  Those who suggest this is not the case, should be scrutinized for their refusal to question; Just what are they hiding or allegedly protecting; The Truth or ignorance?  We will not know without an honest question being allowed…


The Art Of Connection



We see connection

at times where there is none

except in all I do not know of One Creation

The transcendent all inclusive One

never truly lets go



ideas of pattern

weaves  suspicion

something is up

a connections intention

what is going on?

Attachment in some dimension

of sight

of sound or memory

of thought

of concept…

Narration comes to exist

not only in reality

but in fantasy as well

classic of paradox

fantasy itself becoming

an aspect of reality


We must decide how to be

to be be true to Truth

follow Truths standards

as bound to each subjective angle

or make things up and pretend

check not too close

question narratives

not so much

becoming certain within

a mixture of fact and fiction

a conglomeration of connections

some holy and others holes

gaping disconnection


feeling what we are missing


These heredity’s of iconography

they propose story lines

we arrange our role along

acting as if idea were Truth

and idea need not be inspected

too closely to reveal its possible error…

May it be delusion claiming connection?

Do I know what I believe?

Has culture cast me in stone?

Do I mimic these roles narrative line?

Filter my sight, my mind, my heart

sensing only what is allowed by consensus

but called a Truth and called The Real fact?

Yet this is engineered by appearances

supported by the revolving bias of confirmation;

To claim knowledge in ignorance concealed

but called wisdom and common sense

called even faith and honor

even duty and trust

loyalty and courage of conviction.



We each see a universe

from a darkness of the self

where insecurity may drive

rains of doubt and abandonment

The Light of Existence obscured

making some things out to be

and others not sure not to


Why we do depend upon others

we require differing views

to honestly comprehend what is

even if incomplete in all honesty

It is honesty to Being which questions

each one:

Do I try to see what is?

Do I remain honest to my subjective;

that what appears real may not be

requiring humility in both belief and trust


This subjective life is fragile

while Life is eternal

I am a presence

immersed within Presence.

In Presence I am Love

without It I may love

and lose all

but who I really am



We each are in this way asked in our moment;

Draw more near to Love and Understanding

To awe and the wonder of reason

or be busied by what I lack?


See with open heart and mind

with Spirit immersed in connection

or fear what I do not know

becoming a servant of separation

while all the while

being one within One