The Information and Communication Age Overthrows Egyptian Dictator Mubarak

The Information and Communication Age

Overthrows Egyptian Dictator Mubarak

Will this produce Democracy as we know it, given the Egyptian militaries huge role in Egyptian society?

A peoples revolution occurring in the heart of the Middle East demonstrates the organisational aspects of the revolution happening throughout the world via social media. This is a challenge to the usual oligarchic hierarchical mechanisms throughout society effecting self identity.

As in the USA, these interest use their vast advantage of access to idea spread, enabling a platform for the manipulation of the individuals self construct to be immersed in “dominator” paradigms. This strategy is opportunistic and survival orriented, making fear a prime mover in our actions, rendering Democracy to a kind of back seat.

This new communal perspective spreading throughout humankind is both letting us each know, in some respects, what the others are doing.  It also increases the viral capacities of mis and disinformation, as evidenced poignantly by the manipulations of the US right wing, known to be most misdirected and erroneous as to the factual aspects to their belief system.

Democracy is not a guarantee that anyones aspirations nor their stresses will be served. This “error” in perspective can open a Pandora’s Box of opinions as to what is real and what is not, again evidenced by the views of many US conservatives regarding US president Obama and his alleged intentions and beliefs, these fashioned into Appearance Realities by the corporate media’s skewed slant in many events and realities of the world.

For Egypt, this is just a beginning of an ongoing effort of the individual to achieve more say in the events of their lives, and a reinvention of those interest who seek to control perception and place.

Enjoy the victory. Prepare for the journey.

Chicago Blizard Of 2011 vs Big Snow of 1967

Looking Back at Chicago’s Past With Snow in my eyes

Weather Memories

This coming snowstorm will likely dwarf the impacts of the Big Snow of 1967 in the Chicago Area. 100,000,000 people may be impacted by the various dimensions of this storm nationally. For me, being from the Chicago area, the local impact will have to meet a different criterion.

The forecast for this expected snowstorm in Chicago has it potentially topping the “Big Snow” of 1967.  I lived in a nearby Southwest suburb that was actually near the heaviest band of that storm. We had 34 inches, with much more dramatic effects. I remember how surprised we were when we heard that so much of Chicago only had 23 inches from that one. The only folks getting anywhere quickly were on skis.

This next storm may not have those kind of localized differences. But this new storm will have to top 34-36 inches in my mind, and my mind has its own kind of measuring stick, or dip-stick.

That year of 1967, my town had the “Chicago” tornado of 1967, a small earthquake; 4.-something I believe, and my last remaining parent committed suicide, there was that.  Quite a year for me there.  But during the Big Snow I did deliver newspapers.  Folks were shocked that I arrived at the door over the snowdrifts, some even gave $1 and $5 dollar tips which were huge back then.

So Chicago.  I’ll just be waiting to see that yardstick disappear into the open field, with just your hand holding the tip. But for the rest of the Chicagoland Area, I suppose hitting 24 inches will do the record breaking job.

Now I have to prepare for the deep freeze coming here for the next few nights

Weather Events: The Great Chicago Snow of 1967

– 9:31am

Jan 19, 2007 One of the many weather events I missed in old stomping grounds happened forty years ago this month: the Great Chicago Snow of 1967.

Warm Arctic/Cold Continent Paradox

The Arctic Paradox – how warming makes for cold winters | Climatide

Dec 15, 2010 The Arctic Paradox – how warming makes for cold winters cold U.S. and Europe as the “Warm Arctic/Cold Continents Pattern,” which is the

Tucson Gem, Mineral + Fossil Showcase – January 29 – February 13, 2011 – Information

The recent tragic events in Tucson will not diminish the Tucson Mineralogical and gem/craft scene. Tents are going up around town as life goes on in our wonderful state.

Was in the 70’s today in Tucson and likely to be all week+.  There is always a possible time for some changing weather here this time of year. The “La Niña” weather event occurring at this time will tend to keep us mostly sunny and dry.  Who knows?  May be flirting with 80 degrees farenheit by early Feb.

Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase – January 29 – February 13, 2011 – Official Information.

The gem and mineral activity in the private sphere, as far as I am aware, begins a week to two ahead of the Jan29 starting time.  And as a final note; one of the last of the gem shows is the oft promoted Big One at the convention center.  It gathers many vendors from shows that have ended around town along with its own usual ones. It tends to not have the atmosphere of the many outdoor and hotel shows that I like.


At the official end of some shows, some vendors may remain along with dramatically falling prices for gift like items.  These rapidly get picket through.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot; Others Killed, Injured

Tucson Arizona

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot; Others Killed, Injured

Mass shooting at grocery store public event in Tucson

At least 6 dead, many injured, a man held.

Are These The Second Amendment remedies being encouraged by some?


This commentary is based on my first flush of feeling about this matter.

With the hate speech pandemic infecting many conservative/right wing media outlets, this kind of evil, thought by the perpetrators as good, may be just the beginning.


Terror knows it works to cripple free thought and thus Democracy. Those proposing it against fellow Americans are anti-American and antiChristian no matter the public provocations being offered as rationalizations.  This is about ignorance versus understanding at the core level.  As many of us are aware, in the human mind, ignorance, guided by emotional manipulation, can appear to be actual truth.

The terror making individuals are likely both mentally and spiritually highly disturbed.  The question is; Why are so many conservatives advocating openly hostile contempt towards, not only liberals, but the Democratic party as well?

CTV.caUS Congresswoman Giffords Shot in Tucson, Arizona

35 minutes ago 

Source: Giffords for Congress via Bloomberg News US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, and other people were shot at an event today in


via gabrielle giffords shot – Google Search.

When I Awoke The Weather Had Changed


My Fathers Brother And Sister Are Gone

Last night I checked on the latest weather for Southern Arizona.  We were to be drying out more today, while the weekends wetness was being scaled back since the computer models were less suggestive of that.

Eight or so hours later, its all changed. Moisture is up, disturbances are near, and the chances of rain were much increased for this weekend.  Guessing about the future, sometimes even just hours or minutes away, is ultimately a guessing game.  Regardless, we do live in a space-time continuum.


My fathers self inflicted death occurred some 44 years ago.  My mother had been dead for several years at that time.  Dads brother and sister lived on, each in differing areas of the country, until this year, when they became perhaps closer than ever, in death.

As far as I knew, they had not spoken for decades.  My aunt Ann was the only relative that kept contact with me until about a decade ago, although I visited her a number of times across country.  She had a somewhat difficult life, spending many months at a time, over the years, in mental health facilities.  She never married, but really enjoyed children.  She was the only family member who ever showed any interest in we four orphaned children.

As far as I know, no relative has even asked about me over the years.  I would have last seen them in the 1960’s at funerals, except for me having visited some of them over the years. If they talked about my childhood and that of my sisters, it was with a shaking of the head sense of tragedy; ‘What happened to you kids.’…

This has always been the oddest part of my family; they left us with someone they despised, abandoning connections to us in their disdain for this person who staked my father starting at the day she saw him at my mothers funeral.  The priest there passed to us what was to be a curse on us that day.


Family is the basic first building block of extended family-community-society-humanity.  We are actually all interdependent and interconnected, if not obviously by human relationships, by the reality of the Environment itself. Ultimately there is not a bottom line to your actual family; it intertwines with all other families and Creation. Most people are 6 or so contacts away from everyone else on earth, the so called 6 Degrees of Separation.  There is the family of humanity, which we all have a vested interest in genetically and in many other ways.  But that does not prevent human beings from creating many reasons to fear and suspect other humans.

This separation part seems to come easy to my family, and unfortunately for my sisters and me, both sides of the family had serious abandonment and alienation issues.  Some of us had a “Perfect Storm” of dysfunctional modeling in what was once termed the American melting pot, a pot in which we were seemingly left cold in.

Nature and Nurture and Nothingness

This problematic life set-up such as I and others have had, will present any person with the prospect of unconsciously living the dysfunctions programmed in–out, over and over as if haunted. We are set up to learn much when we are the ones living life the “hard way”, and all while being ignored trying. Even with families intact, many of us live lives of quiet desperation, the accumulated separation forming momentous obstacles to a sense of connection and belong to others and to Life.

Then, there is the sensible restorative alternative to programmed in error; an essentially spiritual quest, seeking out awareness and its potential for understanding relationships in and to Life. Understanding can go on to forgive and release the seeming oppressions of the past.  Without it, we can go on to inflict the curse into our future, and into the world.

Seeing Through While Not Being Blinded

This self enlightenment, where burdens are set down and regrown into healthy fruit, is essentially The Way to solve the riddle of “The Sins of The Father”, which should actually be called patterns of ignorance in action, or Evil’s nascent seedling. Life gets thoroughly reconnected, not by politics or religion, but by spiritual immersion of the moment into Life.

I define Evil as ignorance in action, for none of us actually plan things that seem to others to be evil.  Most often, what we do do, is pass on an infliction and narration of our ignorance of Life and Creation.  This will likely produce unkind to horrible evidence to others, they can see and feel the evil, but most likely not understand the full breath of reason to it manifestation.  Even they then, through good intention, can go on to manifest ignorance in action by reaction. Well meaning unconscious continuance of ignorance in action can morph into its own “Sins of the Father”.  The answer is to be in the Ways of Life, or in some terms God, the opposite of ignorance in action.  It is a simple logical formula, as if mathematical, yet not knowing the math can sentence my own ignorance to its fate.  We are fundamentally designed to be Truth seekers, yet much can overwhelm and obstruct that pure intention.

This practice of being in the Presence of Life, or God, is not supported very well in the social and material worlds.  Largely, we are living in a consumerist and materialism paradigm where “successes” measurement is most often in dollars, holdings and “accomplishments” of the “free” individual.  Proud abstractions are proffered as if they were reality, while the reality of experience actually does not exist outside the universe.  This fact goes even so far as to connect each action of you or I to all of Life.

Social consequences, as well as other environmental ones, are consciously avoided, ignorance instituted, in mind frames seeking self aggrandizement, “success”, “achievement” and other “free individual” pursuits, for they are essentially delusional if the consequence of full connections are kept from cognition. This is most often done as an intention to not know, making it into ignorance in action while the delusion promotes self importance and the values that validate its bias.

JUST DO IT!!!  A Montra Of The Fearsome Self Actualized Achievers

Just desiring to go get a drink from the refrigerator, besides involving the use of energy and social, scientific and economic policies involved, besides that reality, gravity is in constant connection–the universe is altered, albeit seemingly very minor, from you deciding to go to your bedroom or sit for a while watching TV.  It is not exactly mentally questioning every move you make, but knowing the consequences of the collectivity of such movements by not denying their existence.  Not worshiping ignorance.

I will step out of the reflective self individual consideration to offer this observation; you will see in society, likely in most societies on earth, the desire to promulgate fear and insecurity through the intention to offer ignorance as knowledge, and that knowledge actionable intelligence.  This is then the realm of rationalization; where fantasy and reality have indistinguishable borders.

Now we can allow what is not factual, not fully honest, not interested in understanding others; let these kinds of perversions of truth and reality be called real and truthful, and not know our self deception.

Well, this trick of making fantasy into a kind of cognitive perceptual reality is a quality, or lack of quality, that holds a subjective capital; Ignorance becomes an avenue to propose and prosper; to rationalize false “truths” into a plausible narrative line.  These narrative lines need connecting to the individuals identity to attain real value.  The way to do this and set up a solution to a now intrinsic cognitive dissonance aversion, is to have this story maintain its expression as a factual entity.

The Mandates Of Mind Control

Confirmation Bias is now a mandate to this creation of a fantasy into an Appearance Reality, and that more broadly into a perceived Consensus Reality thought of as being The Real Truth, one most always requiring arrogance, attitude and world of other societal enemies.

This false truth; the one avoiding an honest platform of observation outside of ideology, is prejudiced against full questioning as well as honest evaluations of outside answers.  It must avoid this to keep ignorance in its now sacred place. This feat of distortion requires emotive protection to blame and shame, to mystify and to dominate the individuals truth seeking apparatus, making it dependent on emotion and rationalization to stand in as apparently confirmed sound reason.

To detect these aberrations of human consciousness, we need wonder as to what the actual reasons are in the rationalizations; what is served by distorting Truth into something other, while at the same moment considering the means of objectively determining Truth as something unwholesome?

Truth Is An Ideal; An Ideal To Be Connected To

My aunt and my uncle carried much emotional reactivity in areas of life.  The differences between them essentially led to their disconnection.  This has more and less effected my sisters and I as well.  As it turns out; if you are insecure, having been or felt betrayed or abandoned in life, you tend to be reactive to its its stimulation. Then, as I have learned in family, and see is evident in society(the huge extended family of humanity), defensive projection of inner irritation targets family or societal elements as the source and object of irritation.  You will “see” in these blamed folks, rightly and perhaps wrongly, that they ARE the way you accuse.

This is a primitive yet effective self preservation trick when the Truth is not known but requires substitute explanation to issues being avoided.  We actually all seek to live by The Truth, that is why we become mandated to perceive a likely reason, but what is more likely, we live by an assembled logic masquerading as Truth. What fantasy and imagination do here is very clever; we come to feel what we believe is true.  Now we only require the stimulation of that idea to “know” this felt truth substitute.

Girl oh boy, are we ever now set up to be used and abused by the rationalized dialectics of the worlds idea parades.  What will be excluded from these grand notions of explanations of existence will be the current immersion of your life into all Life; or your spirit with The Spirit–the One without exclusion.

More Tricks Of The Rationalization Trade

There are always reasons that the weather has changed, whether I understand them or not.


Is Death an Illusion?



8.8 Earthquake In Chile ; Tsunami Headed Toward Hawaii

Update: 4pm Pacific timezone.

Tsunami was a minor event around Hawaii.  Tsunami waves nearing Alaska, with nothing too much expected.  Local irregularities near coastlines can negate or amplify effects however.


Latest results for tsunami hawaii


At this moment all are wondering what strength the tsunami will be for the Hawaiian Islands.  No reports of a major wave as it passed other tsunami warned areas.

The 8.8 quake is approx 500x stronger than recent earthquake in Haiti.  Many buildings in Chile are built to withstand earthquakes, but at this magnitude, even that is difficult.– The magnitude of a quake is determined by its size as well as intensity. The movements in Haiti, effecting a larger population near the epicenter, could have been greater.  All is not in the magnitude necessarily, as far as the degree of shaking an individual may experience, plus the ramifications of the kinds of buildings around them.

Recent earthquakes near Chile

Time Magnitude Location
9 hours ago 6.9 Off the coast of Bio-Bio, Chile Map
10 hours ago 6.2 Offshore Maule, Chile Map
11 hours ago 8.8 Offshore Maule, Chile Map

Earthquake In Chile Shakes Lake Ponchartrain – WWL – AM870 | FM105

Feb 27, 2010 Lake Ponchartrain was shaken and stirred early this morning by a massive earthquake in Chile. “There was some sloshing of Lake Ponchartrain