Pretense and the Fate of Democracy: Truth and Power Manipulation In The Mind


Faking  Knowledge and the Fate of Democracy


: Mental Truth and Power Manipulation

Most moments of our lives are not spent in “second guessing” ; What do I “really” know?

(When seeing the sky and guessing at the weather, is this the same as knowing some of the atmospheres meteorological elements of manifestation and how they relate in the real atmosphere dynamics being seen?)
Is it going to rain or become less cloudy by the cues in this image? Can this image answer that question?  What happens to my personal sense of self honesty when I declare a truth under this and other kinds of environmental assessment?


The Knowledge and Awareness Puzzle

Here (where I am ) in the desert southwest USA, these hints of upper air cloud formations will not indicate imminent or any precipitation. A meteorologist may be able to discern the locations of pressure systems, offer speculations of ‘gravity waves’,  jet-stream movement, or suggest things such as orographic influence from what I might only see as curious cloud formations.

How much seeing is believing?, or more importantly, knowing? It is a truth that one can have an intuitive sense near the equal of scientific perception, as in the weather prediction ability many a farmer or other sky-watchers accuracy of atmospheric interpretation might attest.  It is likewise a truth that many of us, on any particular subject, are relatively more ignorant than others.  We may not wish to profess our lack of knowledge in the balance of a relationship with another too often, or at all.  We may register the language of ideas to appear well informed, but not “know” the context and depth of the contextual paradigm of ideas meanings.

Oh! I don’t know!

This level of self ignorance on what is real, is a question of cognition we almost never ask ourselves for one simple reason–it would be unsettling to ponder too often. Our self identity needs a kind of confidence, usually, to function in a clear and productive direction.  I can have emotion and belief telling me something is obvious and true, that I master a things context and interrelationship, but be mistaken, even completely wrong. Regardless, I forge ahead confidently in my assumptive interpretations, usually so I can move onward to the next thing.  So I, we, live by many a presupposition, these often seeming as fundamental truths, perhaps “The Truth“, as emotion, our family, or friends and society, books and the Internet might insist is the case.

We then have a kind of inner guidance and misguiding/error system usually unquestioned as to its full integrity in perception.  Many a belief system claims a prior (a-priori) endowment of truth, a “real” reality that cannot or should-not be tested/questioned. These “real truths” when embodied by human conceptual structures, institutions, institute kinds of non critical thinking mandates, where questions of validity are eschewed. Culture, society and ones closest community can contain unquestionable zones, whole areas of both presupposition and of the intent to not question the idea of the belief in  ‘How things really are.’

The Rippling Outwards Of Error

We each are susceptible to misguidance, if not outright deception. When our thinking abilities are d-validated, for many degrees of ignorance and illusion can now glide right under the cognitive radar, in effect instilling a falsity into our “truth”. Here is where checking for facts becomes of paramount importance to an honest self, but under certain situations and circumstance, not where I am going.  We humans create kinds of institutions, some of belief and some of physical persuasion, designed, for whatever reason, to keep us in line with the concepts manifesting the institution. We may be “corralled” by ideas that make us dependent upon the status quo, or, even by those that make us rebellious to an institutions perceived context as a position of a subcultural merit… We are not to question these ideas, the declaration will go, or else face the bad consequences of ostracism or otherwise be dismissed of truthful relevance by some form of shaming. Diversionary clichés will be offered to clear the way through the jungles of ambiguity, these, intended to load a judgment of being unwell, of “otherness” and exclusion to be tagged onto the holdings of some concepts.  The reasoning, the rationalization, is not to be doubted for its is presumed as a reality beyond my awareness. Questions and doubts can become assessed as ones weakness, a failure, or even misguided deception indicating a sort of individual weakness and inferiority.

We point at these institutions in effect declaring; ‘They make this so. They make this truth itself.’, inferring true reality, while what these things are actually are conceptual constructs, kinds of formulations forwarded by other humans agreeing that these truths are in fact real an evident to common perception.  This is only and always accomplished within the consciousness of one human being by one human being.

In childhood many concepts are automatically imprinted, such as with language containing its delivered concept definition. These definitions may, and often are, delivered by family and community interpretations.  We “read” our family and communities “mind”, including peer communities emotional tags that hang on idea and conceptual interpretations, usually accepting most of these without question.  Blame and shaming techniques are employed to keep us in-line or else face some sorts of troubled consequence.

“It Is What It Is” Or How Lies Can Be Called Truth

This is the domain of a priori frames; places intended not to be questioned for the health of the institution and possibly the health of society.  However, the institution, with its claims upon actual real truth, will not include the; possibly of intrinsic error, instead it will say it is; The Way it is., period.  No questions to be asked.  This puts we human individuals at kinds of disadvantage, for not being able to challenge an institution is mathematically problematic, in that errors can accrue and we must remain oblivious, in denial, and, or likely more hostile as a believer, toward the source of these alleged errors, this challenging dissonant appearance. We can be, and by probability are, wed to error and mistake and not allowed to divorce them in places unknown to us.  The voices of loyalty or other means of emotional shaming control will be used to keep us in a conforming confort zone of sorts if we quietly, or energetically, follow along.

In some respect Society or some branch of it, will create the hangmen to hoist up the individual, perhaps as a kind of example, to warn others of the risk of questioning its authority.  This then manifest aspects of the nature of what is a character trait of conservatism, a feature everyone must deal with in their own lives or remain ignorant of the consequences, for we are all in ways conservative and liberal. We have mental/emotional mechanisms of self survival that move across a continuum of love and empathy to obloquy and misanthropy.

For me, as an individual consciousness, someone pointing out a fault of mine, even if I am certain the claimed fault is a sure mistake, is taken seriously by me, at least to a point.  It is no different for our institutions, some of which we do not even regard or know as being an institution–a self perpetuation human endeavor. Politics dramatizes these “institutionalized misconceptions”, for it is opinion, one-ego-mindedness, in action.  Ultimately, the conflict in politics involves opinion; things that are objectively unchallenged by its holders, all while their emotions are “seeking” to convince or force others to share their belief; to defend our reality constructs “turf”, for this is the land on which our life and livelihoods seem to be framed into existence. While the real objective Reality is functioning internally and externally to some degree, our human consciousness, with its pattern detection techniques at times filled in by emotional “data”, is not an infallible depiction.  This is one reason we will look at something; lets say some a priori authorization narrative, and claim this story is the true one, the right one, the one not to be questioned, or else. A fear and insecurity narrative is at the heart of any disagreement, if this does not lead to attempts at comprehending another’s position honestly–as we would intend for ourselves from another. (“The Golden Rule”, Categorical Imperative)

Just Like A Liberal / Conservative etc…Out On The Limb

When we invoke our ad-hominem debunking techniques towards others, these are often imbued with insinuation and down-casting phraseology, or buzz worded Thought-Terminating-Cliché designed to stop an objective-minded thought process in its tracks.  In some circles; (circular logic circles), these negative tag-frames are literally one side of the emotive linkages that tend to bond adherents to the concepts towards one another. From this sharing of cognitive bias, we can go on to pretend we are actually having an unbiased overview of an issue, but actually we are buttressing our assumptions by the impressions of fellow-hood “a movement”, a “reality of common mind” where we associate the words or the numbers of others to the mass of our belief’s presence as an action factor in life.

Matrixing Emotions And Incidents Into The Bad Other Narrative

While we may wish others understood or even knew ‘our story’, it is often the last thing we intend to comprehend of another, perhaps outside of our emotionalized rationalizations of harmful narrative. We juggle ideas of the others opprobrium until a cohesive concept of their intent is rendered. Gossip is quite like this phenomenon, but in todays world-wide media, there are continuous sources of perpetuation of disrespect for others, complete with the disreputable narrative that denotes “their” unsavory character and their corrosive intent toward me, and or, culture in general.  I am not saying that there is not truth to the things we humans do and to how helpful or harmful in respects our actions are.  I am saying that negativity as a mindset is a relative value to certain interest, be it to the self medications of a disenchanted ego, or to interest groups who use the negative as an advantage over others for social and other environmental control that seems to benefit themselves FIRST and FOREMOST. It is this kind of poisoning of the language of Democracy’s drinking waters, of culture, that is a major source of the negative in individual experience that blocks full, or fuller cognition of fact from fiction.

Democracy does hang on the rope of imposed constraints on cognition.

Long Time No Rhyme

Long Time No Rhyme




why wait?

bite this bait

Its called elections

pretends to be Democracy,

squirms as an impaled worm

alleges Freedom

but of its children

it demands pledges


Money talks, then stalks the facts

like that Sasquatch old footage

going forward gazing back

last moments sunlight

rusted without rain

never quite to be found this time around

and around



nearly extinct meltdown

drowning in a bathtub

rising “values” voting

moral crusaders

hiding immoral background

handcuffs upon our moon,

powdered crater face smooth smile

our circus is backward around

this time around






.{photo: Benafia}



As America Falls : How Ignorance Will Kill Democracy

America In Peril

The idea gaming of America, from whence decisions and deceptions flow

“Corporatocracy, theocracy, plutocracy, even The Idiocracy; anyway you say it, these conservative paradigms require a whole lot of crazy.  We move reality into fantasy, and yet, our followers do not see for they are already hooked.”

Now more from this fantasy quote.  A quote whose ideas may create Reason to Wonder whether there are any reasons this fantasy is not a likely reality considering the following real quotes and reasoning. And so I wonder in which manner—

We need to fool and foil the vast majority of Americans interest to preserve and enhance our wealth at the expense of the general population.  Since Ronald Reagan’s time we have been making this reverse democracy happen, enjoying the swelling benefit of profit as the majority loses ground.

The tax is evil mantra has succeeded in disempowering government from serving all the people.  We have conditioned the population to not comprehend the substantially positive relationship between taxes and real Freedom and real responsibility to a nation.  We first needed to wedge the general public away from the reality that taxes actually enhance freedom and democracy, to believing the ideological twist that taxes stifle freedom and opportunity.

Now many, if not most feel tax is actually a burden and not the responsible nature of accountability in an interconnected world.  We have sold the public our own view of opportunistic advantage, yet have them believing they are fighting for their own with the perpetual ruse of “No More Taxes!”  Good thing they never plan to check out whole context with actually critical thinking!

Oh! The many blessings of ignorance.

Governments loss of ground allows our corporate power to supplant it, rendering voting more and more superfluous; involved with distracting wedge issues and culture warfare blinded to real powers fields of interest. Our moral value and religious fronts are aiding this campaign greatly by generally reversing the position of Jesus Christ and inserting our own ideological lens for deciphering biblical meanings.

For instance; most do not know there was abortion allowed during Christ time yet he did nothing about it directly, instead, he spent most of his energy on the poor, the sick and the ostracised.  Liberals like Christ of Nazareth believe the context a child is born into is possibly more important than denying a woman her own spiritual challenge. So what is our wedge?  Everyone has had their own innocence violated in one way or another, particularly in youth.

We transfer the whole issue to be a supreme issue of innocence; the unborn child against the horrible intentions of a parent steeped in her own problems.  We use detachment of the womans context, defering to the individual nature of all as once being children.  What if your mom killed you! we ask in all seriousness; changing a reality equation with one of fantasy. Our followers will now be only an imaginary step away from internally registering that liberals like Christ would rather see them die than do something about it.  With murder now part of the message; our followers will be capable of each and every ill in good and in Gods name. Here we use ones own spiritual insecurity and guilt in our conservative followers to target cause onto our enemies, insisting they are now the enemies of God as well.

Our Good New Time Religion

Religion is not an obstacle to the clever opportunist.  We can reverse engineer any abstract concept and create an appearance reality that our view is true and its original meaning false.  We cripple critical thinking by using the fear and insecurity in our fellow Americans to work against this greater paradigm consideration, making it instead the realm of individual choice.

This is why we must always generate fear toward the liberals nature and enrage inner stimulated threats to inner fantasy to be targeted externally to the objects of our choice.  Simple Projection does this escapist job for us! We have subverted the collective interest of Americans and made subversion seem to be the domain of only liberalism.  With business in charge of most information dispersal; we have that handle in our hand.

We accomplish this surrender of The American Spirit by igniting the passions of the populace, targeting apparent reality solution tagged to our issues. This guiding of feelings allows our cause to be infused as the impression of theirs, with ignorance and illusion as their supreme guiding lights.  Then we have them right where we can manipulate them. Gradually the ladder steps further and further from reality oversight, now into the charge of fear,  fantasy and paranoia triggered by our stimulation.  We put evil in charge of defining good and deliver it with a smile and a prayer!  My good is yours!  No!  Really!

End Game

Now America can be permanently rendered into a caste system having nothing to do with real equality of right or a really fair opportunity and accountability.  We have controlled America by using the Pivot Point Of Perception; generating a broad-based consensus reality by continually drenching the population with apparent reality opinion disguised as wisdom, as fact, and most importantly, as plain common sense.

By worshiping the ideology of individualism we can pivot perception on abstraction, and so control both government and Democracy with our own will.  Needless to say; an army of ignorance filled with passionate confusion claiming to see all too clearly, will then finish the job of our overthrow– of them!  It is happening as I speak my friends.  This is how our pyramid scheme of profit off of The People can last a millennium and more, past even the Pharos. –and I did it MY Way!

To finish this coup we go underground; form front groups to instigate and propagate a groundswell of apparent populism while having our friends in government and media promote fantasies of impending socialist government; this, obviously seen by any collective based care. We intend to keep all that we can get.  Hell no you wont!; to any of it going anywhere that we ourselves do not approve of!  Now that is Freedom!  Fantasy is a key to taking down Democracy and installing plutocracy.  I must admit to you in all honestly; I love this ruse. Thank you Jesus!

Myopic Freedom

From here we can promote ideas that in the abstract appeal to all as causes of Freedom. In practice this freedom will serve we who have, by keeping Democracy inebriated and inept with confusion. I remind you that stealthy intellectual contradiction as to Freedoms true whole context and cost is an absolute must.  Our wealth does give us the means to make this happen while having many Americans cheer our cause as their own at their own peril. Our wealth itself makes us more free than the majority!

Emotion people; emotion enables ignorance to rule as enlightenment...



Meanwhile.  Back to the first start of this post.

.(By now: What is her talking about?)

Oh Yeah.

Maybe I will change that title later. I really wished to say; The Ascendant Mania Of The Right Wing; Where Ignorance And Ideology Poison The Principles Of Freedom And Democracy.

The trouble with titles can be the instant concept framing that ensues in what seems to be a polarized population. Mention the Mainstream Media, or even The Media these days, and differing views will hear entirely differing Consensus Reality mindset suppositions.  Notions of The Truth and Facts will also be sifted into Confirmation Bias assumptions designed to select out contradictory or negating context, concept and information to keep the comfortable security of predetermined ideological curves.

Enough already from me.


From Bill Moyers: “Welcome to the Plutocracy!”


This excerpt from Bill Moyers piece on the plutocracy I saw on Truthout.  I know; in some spheres these very people are considered very bad by the corporatocracy/plutocracy/cracy

“For years she had worked at minimum-wage jobs, until 17 years ago, when she was hired by the Whirlpool refrigerator factory in Evansville, Indiana. She was making $ 18.44 an hour when Whirlpool announced earlier this year that it was closing the operation and moving it to Mexico. She wept. I’m sure many of the other eleven hundred workers who lost their jobs wept too; they had seen their ticket to the middle class snatched from their hands. The company defended its decision by claiming high costs, underused capacity, and the need to stay competitive. Those excuses didn’t console Connie Brasel. “I was becoming part of something bigger than me,” she told Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times. “Whirlpool was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

She was not only sad, she was mad. “They didn’t get world-class quality because they had the best managers. They got world-class quality because of the United States and because of their workers.”

Among those workers were Natalie Ford, her husband and her son; all three lost their jobs. “It’s devastating,” she told the Times. Her father had worked at Whirlpool before them. Now, “There aren’t any jobs here. How is this community going to survive?”

And what about the country? Between 2001 and 2008, about 40,000 US manufacturing plants closed. Six million factory jobs have disappeared over the past dozen years, representing one in three manufacturing jobs. Natalie Ford said to the Times what many of us are wondering: “I don’t know how without any good-paying jobs here in the United States people are going to pay for their health care, put their children through school.”

Now, if Connie Brasel and Natalie Ford lived in South Carolina, they might have been lucky enough to get a job with the new BMW plant that recently opened there and advertised that the company would hire one thousand workers. Among the applicants? According to the Washington Post; “a former manager of a major distribution center for Target; a consultant who oversaw construction projects in four western states; a supervisor at a plastics recycling firm. Some held college degrees and resumes in other fields where they made more money.” They will be paid $15 an hour – about half of what BMW workers earn in Germany

In polite circles, among our political and financial classes, this is known as “the free market at work.” No, it’s “wage repression,” and it’s been happening in our country since around 1980. I must invoke some statistics here, knowing that statistics can glaze the eyes; but if indeed it’s the mark of a truly educated person to be deeply moved by statistics, as I once read, surely this truly educated audience will be moved by the recent analysis of tax data by the economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez. They found that from 1950 through 1980, the share of all income in America going to everyone but the rich increased from 64 percent to 65 percent. Because the nation’s economy was growing handsomely, the average income for 9 out of l0 Americans was growing, too – from $17,719 to $30,941. That’s a 75 percent increase in income in constant 2008 dollars.

But then it stopped. Since 1980 the economy has also continued to grow handsomely, but only a fraction at the top have benefitted. The line flattens for the bottom 90% of Americans. Average income went from that $30,941 in 1980 to $31,244 in 2008. Think about that: the average income of Americans increased just $303 dollars in 28 years.

That’s wage repression.

Another story in the Times caught my eye a few weeks after the one about Connie Brasel and Natalie Ford. The headline read: “Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts.” Nelson Schwartz reported that despite falling motorcycle sales, Harley-Davidson profits are soaring – with a second quarter profit of $71 million, more than triple what it earned the previous year. Yet Harley-Davidson has announced plans to cut fourteen hundred to sixteen hundred more jobs by the end of next year; this on top of the 2000 job cut last year.

The story note: “This seeming contradiction – falling sales and rising profits – is one reason the mood on Wall Street is so much more buoyant than in households, where pessimism runs deep and unemployment shows few signs of easing.”

There you see the two Americas. A buoyant Wall Street; a doleful Main Street. The Connie Brasels and Natalie Fords – left to sink or swim on their own. There were no bailouts for them.

Meanwhile, Matt Krantz reports in USA TODAY that “Cash is gushing into company’s coffers as they report what’s shaping up to be a third-consecutive quarter of sharp earning increases. But instead of spending on the typical things, such as expanding and hiring people, companies are mostly pocketing the money or stuffing it under their mattresses.” And what are their plans for this money? Again, the Washington Post:

“…. Sitting on these unprecedented levels of cash, U.S. companies are buying back their own stock in droves. So far this year, firms have announced they will purchase $273 billion of their own shares, more than five times as much compared with this time last year… But the rise in buybacks signals that many companies are still hesitant to spend their cash on the job-generating activities that could produce economic growth.”

That’s how financial capitalism works today: Conserving cash rather than bolstering hiring and production; investing in their own shares to prop up their share prices and make their stock more attractive to Wall Street. To hell with everyone else.

Hear the chief economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ethan Harris, who told the Times: “There’s no question that there is an income shift going on in the economy. Companies are squeezing their labor costs to build profits.”

Or the chief economist for Credit Suisse in New York, Neal Soss: As companies have wrung more savings out of their work forces, causing wages and salaries barely to budge from recession lows, “profits have staged a vigorous recovery, jumping 40 percent between late 2008 and the first quarter of 2010.”

Just this morning the New York Times reports that the private equity business is roaring back: “While it remains difficult to get a mortgage to buy a home or to get a loan to fund a small business, yield-starved investors are creating a robust market for corporate bonds and loans.”

If this were a functioning democracy, our financial institutions would be helping everyday Americans and businesses get the mortgages and loans – the capital – they need to keep going; they’re not, even as the financiers are reaping robust awards.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But he’s run off with all the toys.

Late in August I clipped another story from the Wall Street Journal. Above an op-ed piece by Robert Frank the headline asked: “Do the Rich Need the Rest of America?” The author didn’t seem ambivalent about the answer. He wrote that as stocks have boomed, “the wealthy bounced back. And while the Main Street economy” [where the Connie Brasels and Natalie Fords and most Americans live] “was wracked by high unemployment and the real-estate crash, the wealthy – whose financial fates were more tied to capital markets than jobs and houses – picked themselves up, brushed themselves off, and started buying luxury goods again.”

Citing the work of Michael Lind, at the Economic Growth Program of the New American Foundation, the article went on to describe how the super-rich earn their fortunes with overseas labor, selling to overseas consumers and managing financial transactions that have little to do with the rest of America, “while relying entirely or almost entirely on immigrant servants at one of several homes around the country.”

Right at that point I remembered another story that I had filed away three years ago, also from the Wall Street Journal. The reporter Ianthe Jeanne Dugan described how the private equity firm Blackstone Group swooped down on a travel reservation company in Colorado, bought it, laid off 841 employees, and recouped its entire investment in just seven months, one of the quickest returns on capital ever for such a deal. Blackstone made a killing while those workers were left to sift through the debris. They sold their homes, took part-time jobs making sandwiches and coffee, and lost their health insurance.

That fall, Blackstone’s chief executive, Stephen Schwarzman, reportedly worth over $5 billion, rented a luxurious resort in Jamaica to celebrate the marriage of his son. According to the Guardian News, the Montego Bay facility alone cost $50,000, plus thousands more to sleep 130 guests. There were drinks on the beach, dancers and a steel band, marshmallows around the fire, and then, the following day, an opulent wedding banquet with champagne and a jazz band and fireworks display that alone cost $12,500. Earlier in the year Schwarzman had rented out the Park Avenue Armory in New York (near his 35-room apartment) to celebrate his 60th birthday at a cost of $3 million. So? It’s his money, isn’t it? Yes, but consider this: The stratospheric income of private-equity partners is taxed at only 15 percent – less than the rate paid, say, by a middle class family. When Congress considered raising the rate on their Midas-like compensation, the financial titans flooded Washington with armed mercenaries – armed, that is, with hard, cold cash – and brought the “debate” to an end faster than it had taken Schwartzman to fire 841 workers. The financial class had won another round in the exploitation of working people who, if they are lucky enough to have jobs, are paying a higher tax rate than the super-rich.

So the answer to the question: “Do the Rich Need the Rest of America?” is as stark as it is ominous: Many don’t. As they form their own financial culture increasingly separated from the fate of everyone else, it is “hardly surprising,” Frank and Lind concluded, “ that so many of them should be so hostile to paying taxes to support the infrastructure and the social programs that help the majority of the American people.”

You would think the rich might care, if not from empathy, then from reading history. Ultimately gross inequality can be fatal to civilization. In his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, the Pulitzer Prize-winning anthropologist Jared Diamond writes about how governing elites throughout history isolate and delude themselves until it is too late. He reminds us that the change people inflict on their environment is one of the main factors in the decline of earlier societies. For example: the Mayan natives on the Yucatan peninsula who suffered as their forest disappeared, their soil eroded, and their water supply deteriorated. Chronic warfare further exhausted dwindling resources. Although Mayan kings could see their forests vanishing and their hills eroding, they were able to insulate themselves from the rest of society. By extracting wealth from commoners, they could remain well-fed while everyone else was slowly starving. Realizing too late that they could not reverse their deteriorating environment, they became casualties of their own privilege. Any society contains a built-in blueprint for failure, Diamond warns, if elites insulate themselves from the consequences of their decisions, separated from the common life of the country.

Yet the isolation continues – and is celebrated. When Howard came down to New York last December for what would be my last interview with him, I showed him this document published in the spring of 2005 by the Wall Street giant Citigroup, setting forth an “Equity Strategy” under the title (I’m not making this up) “Revisiting Plutonomy: The Rich Getting Richer.”

Now, most people know what plutocracy is: the rule of the rich, political power controlled by the wealthy. Plutocracy is not an American word and wasn’t meant to become an American phenomenon – some of our founders deplored what they called “the veneration of wealth.” But plutocracy is here, and a pumped up Citigroup even boasted of coining a variation on the word— “plutonomy”, which describes an economic system where the privileged few make sure the rich get richer and that government helps them do it. Five years ago Citigroup decided the time had come to “bang the drum on plutonomy.”

And bang they did. Here are some excerpts from the document “Revisiting Plutonomy;”

“Asset booms, a rising profit share and favorable treatment by
market-friendly governments have allowed the rich to prosper… [and] take an increasing share of income and wealth over the last 20 years.”

“…the top 10%, particularly the top 1% of the United States –
the plutonomists in our parlance – have benefitted disproportionately from the recent productivity surged in the US… [and] from globalization and the productivity boom, at the relative expense of labor.”

“… [and they] are likely to get even wealthier in the coming years. Because the dynamics of plutonomy are still intact.”

I’ll repeat that: “The dynamics of plutonomy are still intact.” That was the case before the Great Collapse of 2008, and it’s the case today, two years after the catastrophe. But the plutonomists are doing just fine. Even better in some cases, thanks to our bailout of the big banks.

As for the rest of the country: Listen to this summary in The Economist – no Marxist journal – of a study by Pew Research:

More than half of all workers today have experienced a spell of
unemployment, taken a cut in pay or hours or been forced
to go part-time. The typical unemployed worker has been
jobless for nearly six months. Collapsing share and house
prices have destroyed a fifth of the wealth of the average
household. Nearly six in ten Americans have cancelled or
cut back on holidays. About a fifth say their mortgages are
underwater. One in four of those between 18 and 29 have
moved back in with their parents. Fewer than half of all adults
expect their children to have a higher standard of living than
theirs, and more than a quarter say it will be lower. For many
Americans the great recession has been the sharpest trauma since
The Second World War, wiping out jobs, wealth and hope itself.

ELECTION 2010: Tea Party And Conservatives Continue The Surrender Of “We The People” To Private Corporate Control

ELECTION      2010

Tea Party And Conservatives Continue

The Surrender Of  “We The People” To

Private Corporate Control


{America Going In The Wrong Direction  You Betcha!}

Much of the talk About the Constitution and conservatism as its guardian, is steeped in Confirmation Bias.  Many political analyst share this ideological twist of fact: They Know Not What They Know They Are Biased To, but that stops no one from proclaiming what is in their imaginations as fact (over fiction).

Conservatives, or pseudo-conservatives, also reference “We The People” as essentially anti government, so all about Freedom and Rights.  “Don’t Tread On Me”, being given by many in the Tea Party as a Libertarian right, yet that right is not held to universal context.  Most always it is dropped into the don’t mess with me bucket, which is filled with appeals to greed, plus opportunism and denial of effect to larger causes such as society or the environment.  My fantasy right over real sustainable Unalienable Rights.  Such mental abstraction play is classic to modern conservative framing and reframing of concept and context strategies.

Follow The Law!

Much of this supposedly pro-constitution pabulum being declared these days, is boiled to purity in a denial of the realities of connection and relation. Conservatism, however, is gaged and bound to not include and honest objective attempt at understanding the real influences opperating outside of their confirmation biased idea base.

I can see the appeal if I were constantly scheming opportunist, such as those often behaving on Wall Street, or otherwise a slave to an identity encapsulated in more and more money as self definition.  Why then it is easy to be seduced by the subjective challenge, and ignore ones collective self; get what you can any way you can get away with.  Me and my family becomes scripted as what my life is all about.

The human family, plus the Whole World Context, including suffering, exploitation, pollution and all the consequence of materializms degradation of society and the ecosystems? Why that is a thing to rationalize away as to why me and mine come above it.

And that is where opportunism and much conservatism have made their wedding vows.  In the economic sense, this is called anarchy capitalism. Their honeymoon is in convincing the rest of us that their vows are actually our cherished ones to Freedom and Liberty.  Conservative Christianity seems to be reversing the role of Jesus Christ as well, and the mission he undertook for those disadvantaged by situation. Each life has a constant pathway to Union or to separation.

The life of Christ has seemingly disappeared; Now, for a seemingly increasing number, the disadvantaged are scorned and declared to be losers being punished by God.  The empathetic and compassionate Christ is gone, except for the few self-saved entitled by their own definitions.

This is the same old dominator ideology sweeping conservatism down histories long failure drain.  We do not actually succeed at being gods over one another, for the effort makes one a spiritual loser. Humanity has the same needs and requirements, no matter wherever we are.  Ignoring the full impact of our actions for a select few that conceive them as a self possessed advantage given by the Divine, is the road to spiritual ruin.  Learn from mistakes? For all too many; mistakes are their bread and butter.

Sure  Everybody Says Move Or Look Forward These Days

The Arc of Advancement in history is brought out by Liberalism; the open way of honesty and path to enlightened understanding. This is not that “understanding” born of the dysfunctional psychological denial of the Law of Interrelationship on One Earth.  We work together to achieve understanding, or we work against one another to achieve division, then manipulation by power elites finishes, or wedges We off, We The People then, with no relevant right to vote.

Unfortunately for all of us, many a man will not face the cause of their motivations, but instead run on their ambition and feeling of direction.  Not much time for self inspection, but lot of diversionary interest, like sports for many, keep minds and hearts busy at other things.

The We In We

As it turns out; “We The People” do need our own protection from individual “private” attempts to control our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Just a glance at a profound intrusion, such as the Great Oil Spill In The Gulf of 2010, acts as a traumatic example of how so called Private Enterprise can impact the environment and society via economic disaster to private citizens.

Other control of the public mind; mind control, has become fact, yet some well paid politicians and lobbyist have gone on to “think” less regulation is the answer.  The reverse reality of ideological purity.  With information as our source of knowledge of events in the world; just a handful of corporations control the vast majority of our news sources.

The Real Story

We The People require institutions empowered by us with governing oversight, through our chosen representatives, or else we surrender our right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  These presumed Unalienable Rights are only guaranteed by our collective will, and not that of international corporate conglomerates.  Yet these very outside and top down interest are exactly what the “conservative” Supreme Court has surrendered for We The People.

Down With Big Government!!!

May Well Mean

Up With Corporate And Or Religious Doctrinaire Government With No Right To Vote! Hurray!!!

Corporations have more rights than individuals; you donate to anything from your pocket and you “fell the pain”, corporations donate and then socialize the loss onto We The People via price hikes.  You don’t have the right to socialize your loses by hiring your wage or income, unless that is, you create laws that protect your rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As it is set up; the wealthy and powerful socialize their lifestyles upon the general population and resources of the Whole Planet.  We and It All picks up their pieces for them,–if we can afford too that is.  This is a fact of physics and natural law.


It seems an anathema to common sense, how conservatism can declare itself for our less and less cherished rights, being redefined away by them as they shout out from podium far and wide. I saw one conservative anti national health care politician with a sign saying; ‘Protect  Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness‘.

Example: Without National Health Care you have no right to Life, and so the rest.  Not really, as some 40,000 a year lost American souls could attest.  “Your money or your life” might be what a murderous mugger could ask you to chose, but it should not be the choice of a Free Society.  Not one with Inalienable Rights that is!

It is quite as if some have been seduced away from the broad and informed consciousness that Freedom and Liberty require to be held rightly. Now we see pandering to special power interest being called ours, then decrying the other “wasteful” sides special interest.  Differing to existential relativism is an easy Thought-terminating Cliché that hopes to fall into a Consensus Reality propped up by Appearance Reality charades.

In the abstract, conservative propaganda, streaming through the medias continuously, sells out the overall right for a select private practice dependent upon cash.  It is now pay as you go to get these rights or else you do not have them, and do not deserve them.  Unalienable Nothing.

The People

A revolution was fought by We The People, and a Civil War, to move this One Nation forward as One People governed by One Law and attending States laws.  We face a new and seemingly invisible tyranny; invisible from everpresence, like ones nose; the idea that the unaccountable individual can claim what they wish and care not of anyone else as long as they think a certain way, the corporate/business/bottom-line mindset way.  That is not Freedom.  It is anarchy.

Anarchy may be a kind of ultimate goal of humanity, but we have found that until we are all consciously aware of interconnection and interrelationship to All Things, we literally will not know how to act to deserve an unbridled and unabashed Right to Liberty. Untill such an auspicious occasion, we must know how to compromise for the wellbeing of all and not just me.

I Am Pro Simplicity

Honoring ignorance or honoring wisdom, a simple choice one may think, but in practice, they say Americans judge in the moment how the economy is doing for them.  This is the momentary trap of the self situation that ignores context, which many seem to never get their foot of citizenship out of.


Watch out for the grizzlies!


The Many Ways Conservatism Surrenders Reason; The Price of Ignorance

Just Another Fictional Exposé

Let Me Pretend to Just Count The Many Ways Conservatism Surrenders Reason by Cashing in The Price of Ignorance


Democracy is a problem for us, plain and simple.

How are we to control the nation’s dialogue?

How do we get the nations attention to focus on and cover our own perspective, yet have those listening believe it is their own?

You saw what history presented for our conservative interest, and how we pivoted to fear, always fear to achieve results.  First we drew attention to the external enemies “that attacked us”.  We achieved more societal and government control through the public’s fear, allowing us to further regiment society.  Once it seemed that the Democrats might prevail, even past our voter suppression strategies, we then pivoted to the enemy within.

Again.  Our control of the population is via fear.  This is a primitive mechanism regarding the unknown. First we pivoted to the unknown outer enemy seemingly everywhere, and now to the internal enemy seemingly everywhere.  This gives us emotional control and direction over our message and entry points into its targets.  I must state here the power of this fear; fear does not need a factual basis.  We can literally invent fear; create images of that which promotes strong insecurity in our followers.

I can say the sky will fall if this happens, yet this cannot be disproven, since it is a projection of insecurity into an unknown future moment of unknowable dynamics.  People cannot assume I am wrong, for my projection cannot be proved wrong.  If I already have their ear, I already have them in my hands, and can put them in my pocket.  This is sales after all, and it moves us away from the dramatic limitations of reality, giving us fantasy to use at will.  Observe the conservative and right wing blogosphere to see what I am alluding to. Yet still we face the issue; how to spread the ideas we wish to indoctrinate the public with.  We must instill insecurity into the public mind to mold them to our will, but how?

The answer is and remains; seduction to our side of the equation.  Fear and status are the prime tag-team contenders for this opportunity for psychological entrapment of the individuals will.  What is not known, becomes the balancing points of belief and opinion.  We are given an open mat to throw our reality trapped opponents in, for unquantifiable insecurity drives many an individuals actual subliminal motivations.  These ever-present fears are often stewing on the surface consciousness back burner; Fear of poverty, fear of God, fear of acceptance, fear of rejection; these all become tools in our box of persuasion.  We leverage unknowns as if they were capital.  And capital they are.

Our Contextual Problem

Those in control of any democratic nation face this dilemma; How can the wealthy and powerful keep what they have plus insure their future for their own, while the nation exist in a pluralistic paradigm were each vote is equal?  After all, there are always more of them than us.  We are at a distinct disadvantage, and yet we prevail.  How?

Seduction to our interest. Plain and simple. We convince the public that their good is inextricably bound to our own.  We become perceived as them. We then can go on to define us versus whomsoever we wish to diminish.  All is indeed not fair in love, in war, or in perception.

There are many ways to do this pivot on perception; propaganda and hired help are the exponents of our viewpoint, but that is too loose and random to be allowed as our only means of conviction.  We must gain access to the public’s faith and trust. We enter this doorway into the public identity by leveraging already trusted institutions. This then, pertains to cosmological assumption and spiritual presumption; Our interest must become tagged to what is, in effect, unquestionable opinion, but believed, and acted upon as if fact.  To not so act in defense of these institutions will be perceived as being in some way wrong.  We are defining truth here, for what are actually followers.  Then that truth is inserted into protected question free zones, be they by religious or philosophical mandate.

Defeating the odds by controlling the game

We are defeating a kind of mathematical odds presented by those who created Democracy and individual freedom.  Those odds are; that in a Democracy, a common interest could emerge where the common ground of  life, or the universe itself, would seem as the right of all.  We must defeat this perception.  We do that with—-Seduction. Most all are driven by opportunism to receive what seems to help them.

Only concepts that submit to hierarchical model are deferred to.  Role status, wealth status, power over, and other kinds of primitive authoritarian perceptions of desire, condition what the person expects of themselves and of others.  With identity contained, behavior tends to be as well.  Now the individuals identity and interest are married to our needs, and ours to theirs.  We can make up most anything and they will believe it, particularly the most vulnerable and impressionable of our followers.

I refer you to Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly to prove my point, but Rush or anyone else will do.  They all rely on preexisting bias along with no objective reality testing of truthful context.  The alleged subjectively designed context is true to their attitude. This is a move to bypass critical thinking requirements, while promoting acceptance of emotional direction as truth itself.  Conservative propagandist do not require fact or real context checking; they reinforce already existing confirmation biases instilled into their receivers emotional narrative.

Instead of reality, it is bias that is the object of confirmation.  Most any story will do, no matter how fictional. What we are defining is the nature of our adversaries and how they are not good like we are.  Our interest are shared with our followers, while our opposition is perceived as being foolishly biased, or espousing a nefarious agenda upon the gullible.  These psychological tricks will work on all who do not comprehend what truth or critical thinking requirements actually are.  Ignorance is wonderful!

Creating ignorance, becomes a requirement for the emotional control of our followers.  While liberals attempt to change society by solving problems one by one, progressively, we say liberals are the problem.  Society need not change, problems need not be “solved”, but liberalism need be abandoned for all that is conserved to keep its hold over the population.  Though we usually leave the “hold over the population” part out of our sales pitch!  This gives us, not only ignorance to work with, but all problems as offspring of liberalism.  I say checkmate.

We decide what those interest of society are as they pertain to us, and what they are not, as those behaviors or other opinions may help those beyond our home field advantage.  And did I mention having the refs paid off!  Through time and effort, we change the meaning of the national narrative to our conceptual grounds. We change the human formula to insure our need.

The Power of What is NOT Known

What is not known in the population, is that we are pivoting from what might be called objective reasoning, being rational, to rationalization, where context and content are controlled to offer directed reason.  Our subjects do not recognize the ideological and perceptual containment vessels we have them in both coming and going.  Most of our public does not distinguish between truthful fact based reasoning, and cherry picked conceptual framing; where the argument is tailored to have us give the answer which we wish.  Wish upon a star?  I say; wish upon what is not known!

We leverage ignorance and faith in this endeavor.  We blend these, for they are beyond rational analysis, yet our folks particularly take pride in possessing them.  This is their sublime beauty.  We leverage preexisting institution and mindsets to favor us above the many. Here is the basic equation of have and have not, and most importantly, the rules to both. Faith provides us with the same capital as ignorance; the ability to seduce while the seduction is unseen. This is best carried out right out in the open.  Shame and blame are key figures in herding the masses into our order while they think the are fighting for truth, justice and maybe even the American Way.

Notice how many of our conservative leaders are caught doing the very things they are accusing others of, yet most stay in place.  This is faith above reason, belief trumping reality. This is the key.  We can then always point to the other side when issues arise that may create cognitive dissonance in our faithful. “Look whose talking!” A classic.

We have a Nest to Nurture Our World Views

Conservatism is a perfect hiding ground for your own faults and failings; you can persecute their correction out in society, picking targets here and there, while you excuse your own human frailties in humble public or secret penance.  You outwardly carry on “the fight for good”, while excusing your own surrender to its opposite, yet the public is kept untagged to these psychological machinations driving cognitive dissonance abatement.  You, we, are the good guys, liberals the bad.  Period.  End of discussion.  This perception is a fact in many a molded mind.

Constructing the boogeyman icon known as the Liberal Media, has been a great ploy to taint information coming in that we do not approve of. We can turn institutions into our own Trojan Horses. This is the power of prejudice; we allege the media has an intrinsic bias against what we have defined as the individuals and the nations good.  And it is true; liberalism’s objective bias is a bias against subjective conservative paradigms of all kinds.

We have invested mightily in having the best and brightest minds to fill our conservative think tanks.   We have designer Wedge Issues to cleave the public into two and then four.  We have seeded the talking head establishments with many more conservative trained media informers who have sworn to support “The Cause”.  Yet the tag of disturbing information is;–That Liberal Mainstream Media.  Our folks do not even acknowledge our basic corporate control over it.  We have them coming and going my friends.

When Dumbed Down is Power Up

You all know how the ruse comes down.  It’s like taking candy from a baby.  And this is exactly the infantile state we need the public immersed in; a big old baby crib that we rock.  This rocking effects the baby’s mood; we train them to look forward to our promise of food, food for thought, we bring them comfort and promise. And so we effectively control the baby’s chemistry; their needs and wants become as nutrients delivered by our umbilical cord.  Conservatism retains this baby blanket surrender to comfortable cognitive control; all is well as long as my institutions are well, hence conserved and unchanging.  Now you can let the grown ups do the thinking for you, while telling you all experts agree, or some other comforting pabulum.  We know we are on the right side after all!  What else is there to comprehend?

We define what their life is to be, we lay the future scenarios out into spirituality or materialism, both work on our followers.  We manufacture the parameters of their dreams.  Their whole world view becomes hinged on our interest, as if they were their own.  Three great seducer conductors are our ammunition; Money, Power, and perceived favor of God.  Control these electrochemical optimism conductors, and you control the individuals sense of identity.  This triune power base placed inside the individuals mind frame, allows us to direct their intentions both overtly and covertly when required.  This is how we contain and restrain the common interest of Democracy and individual freedom; making them contingent upon our requirements.

Well.  That’s what you say!

There are tried and true means of disabling valid argument, and having it defer to already polarised perceptions.

Existential relativism is a great intellectual tool, we can relativize perception of contravening results to seem confusing and hypocritical.  The followers minds become anesthetized.  Someone says; ‘You are not facing your contradictions.’ We tell our faithful it is our adversaries (of course!) who are not facing theirs.

If anyone attempts to divert attention by suggesting the errors are ours, we now can say, and be believed, that it is actually they who are hiding from their own wrongdoing  We can in this way, render legitimate questioning as seeming illegitimate, while our followers feel the same; that they are defending what is right. We have inoculated our faithful against critical thinking and true objective analysis, but they are given worthy substitutes! Check the boards folks.  We do this contrapuntal shell-game shift at most every embarrassing truthful revelation.

Did too!  Did not!  Did too! No I didn’t!  It’s you! You did! You are the liar!

This still works as well as it did in childhood.  Remember, we are not looking to actually solve the issues that divide us.  Those are our capital, our means of control to play one off against the other.  Defeating the odds is always the bottom line.  Always, what is the secret narrative that allows the few to possess the many.  And may I add; give us their energy and effort so our lives can be LARGE!

The Currency Of Blind Trust

Here is where conservatism, with its apriori and unquestionable truths, allows belief and identity to prevail over facts and connective context.  No other truth is allowed in, or to stand in consciousness as actual reality. This pandering to prior assumption completes a circle in reasoning; a kind of defensive firewall against objectivity or critical thinking.

These qualities of unaccountability are essential to seduction as well as to our aim to inoculate our followers against ideas and statistical data that do not serve our cause.  In this pursuit of control, emotion is essential to push faith into belief that becomes unchecked against objective reality.  The individual identity is now controlled, while objective reality is effectively cut off from influence.  We can then flush faith into any direction we wish.

In other words, for the person, we control how the universe seems.  Though liberalism produced Democracy and individual freedom, we are now taking them both down by our ad hominem assaults upon reason.  Notice all the Obama abomination gyrations bursting out of our base–they need to be deceived, and we give them what they need.  Even with a birth certificate, for instance, many will not know that the negative presumption is not true.  They are magnetically/emotionally attached to negative perception attached to our enemies, yet presume it the likely case.  This is the blind power of conservatism my friends, embrace it.

This is the power of belief over reality–reality cannot be proven true and belief cannot be proven false to those made unable, or addicted enough to the prescribed outcome of perceptual control.  This is why so much conservatism is buzz word and talking point driven; Thought-terminating clichés and canned concepts wrap and warp thinking up inside a perceived good belief iconography.  We then have defeated the freedom of the human mind to truly perceived for itself, instead, making those individuals our paradigm perception dependents.  Wave that magic wand!  Wave it in circles for circles are self completed; the point proved by the very premise.  No reality need apply.

Tricks of Perceptual Trading

We use existentialism, via the perception of fair and balanced opinion, to make both fact and context ambiguous and essentially confusing, easily tagged as seemingly deceptive. The argument defers to pre held confirmation bias, leaving now with;  “Well. That is your opinion.  I blah, blah, blah… While deceiving our followers, we will have them believe they are fighting deception, while believing they are being solders in the army of right or of God.  This is how we can take Democracy down, entrap the individuals narrative and dreamscape, while making freedom into the image of our own desires.

We can and do defeat Democracy and Freedom while praising them as sacred icons.  We can control the image of God to serve ourselves, while having the followers of God believe they are serving the same.  No problem proposed by connection, or The Commons of Life, or Gods Creation, are big enough to defeat our own permanent desire to stay on top.  We are in control, people, not Democracy, not Freedom, and certainly not anyone’s God.  Look how well we defeated the teachings of Jesus over these last thousand years and made Him into one of us.  Again;  The beauty of ignorance.

A thousand years ago, the bible was altered to demean conscious introspection and increase hierarchical mindsets and authoritarian modalities.  Whole gospels deleted.  Yet what do our evangelicals think?–They represent the true word of God unadulterated.  Perfect I say. Opportunism always knows what it is doing; it is making itself as God, it is taking Gods name in vain, and it is fine if you want to succeed all the way to the top. Opportunity knows this.

We are succeeding at reversing the problematic liberalism instigated by Jesus Christ and other spiritual teachers, by making the followers fear and insecurity dependent.  It is by limiting Love itself, that the whole of culture is divided, conquered and contained, made malleable to our interest above all else.  This is the perfect trap; people struggling to make themselves free and thinking they are serving God, while actually baiting their own trap to hold themselves!


To these repossession of Creation: We take from the Almighty in the Almighty’’s name, and give the victory to man.  Specifically, to those who take what they can get away with.

May I see you just below me —-on top of the pyramid!

Billionaires For Wealthcare Video

Seemingly in response to Fox News and Freedom Works apparent intention to have your health regulated by corporate bottom lines above your own life lines, this group, Billionaires For Wealthcare, presents what the invisible elephant in the health-care room cannot see.  What?  The 9-12 diverted frustration tagged onto those not actually causing their ills.

Billionaires For Wealthcare Video

We need a public option to diagnose the mental illness seeming to possess the Republican Party.  That, or at least Palin’s witch-doctors exorcism routines done daily.  Then maybe 2 aspirin…An apple…

The Politics of Societal Manipulation: Ignorance as America’s Guide

What do you believe? What do you stand for? What ideal would you die for?  Anything?

Most of us believe our lives stand for something, but how solid is that something, and when do our legs walk away from it?

In politics, and to some degree religion, we may argue points of view, as if we were speaking or listening objectively.  This is a big reason why the issues we argue over never seem to get solved–we are not honestly seeking a true resolution.  We are already “standing” for a point of view with its way of seeing things “true”.  The world, as well as our personal lives at times, are at the mercy of issues, but not of their forthright resolution.  These concerns in our consciousness are placed onto conceptual treadmills, often trapped by prior assumption,  where they can generate energy and attention to those who profit from conflict, along with the insecurity and fear that become the value of ignorance.

In America at least, polarization means big bucks to those who promote it.  For conflict and opposition to succeed at never quite solving our emotional dramas over issues, pretense remains in command; we pretend to seek solutions, claim to be, while things such as truth or reality become the victim of “fair and balanced” or other perspectives that include bias in their assumption of reaction.

Hearts are then not allowed to view the others involved as legitimate human beings.  Instead, others are who are mistaken, others who are misguided, others who must be convinced of their error.  When human hearts are effectively closed, restricted or otherwise truncated, many an unfounded reason can be made to appear true and obvious.

These kinds of rationalization are obvious themselves, in the political sphere, where name calling and buzz worded Thought-terminating clichés are invoked as if black magic guides to our reasonable conclusion.  Ignorance allows many a form of deception to ride in right under our radars, or even be welcomed in as a Trojan Horse.  Now days, these can even claim to be fighting exactly what they are in effect creating.  (Fascist-like authoritarian mobs fighting “Fascism”.)

We humans, as far as we know, seem to live inside out minds.  These minds are vulnerable places; we have our experiences, with how we have adapted to seeing things, and we have the outside world of others and things, which can come to us packaged by someone else.  Someone else tells us what something is.  Likely, for some reason inside out minds, we tend to accept some of these communications regarding what is, and take others with a gain of salt out in the rain.

Balancing Truth and Untruth Fairly

There is a wise old saying; “The truth hurts”.  This insight about the operational nature of truth relates to our human feelings, one might have reason to avoid being hurt; to not know the truth. The truth is perceived to be at times other than what I thought was good and true for me, or someone else thinks this is true and can see the advantage in protecting me from “the truth”. Now I might be ready to look or listen for something perhaps other than the truth, yet seeming to be good and thought of as being true.

There is something quite significant about human assumption that has us wish to not know a truth at times, but instead believe in, or even yearn for substitutes.   I contend that any substitutes to truth will create problematic relationships, because the universe is true.  If I am a true being, yet being untrue, dissonant negative consequences will seem destined.

Dysfunctions, where something other than truth is operating our perceptual program, go on to generate even more problems–naturally.  The wisdom of the ancients knew that, most religious books know that somewhere inside. Yet not knowing that, is kept fresh and (logically) dysfunctional for some reason. Lies and misinformation are sold much like commodities in the modern world. This reason, its value, would be ignorance’s worth by manipulation; using ignorance as collateral, or a capability to form public (your and my) opinion into something reality is not.  Ignorance is then framed into its fabled kind of bliss, but it is functionally the bliss of a defacto idiot.

Harsh words may at times be required to ignite a torch for seeing into places hidden as to what ignorance is enabling concepts that are false to appear good and true.

On The Ground

Recent history has indicted the US public has employed this dysfunctional dialectic: We are willing to be misled; meaning, we do not intend the truth to be our guide as a nation. We defer, instead, to things like trust and faith, ignorance entrusted to experts and authorities that has the ability to seem good while in effect supporting the bad, for they can avoid fact and reality checking and the consequence that creates.  This has the appeal of not requiring me to investigate or question the reality of public policy, including my own.  As a voter in a  democracy, I have the responsibility to know what I am doing, yet I defer to church and state to tell me what I “need” to know.  This creates an idiotic set-up to be milked indefinitely, form my own ignorance at my own and others expense while I am held unaccountable (delusional) for not “knowing” it.

Ignorance Fattened For The Kill

The pubic will, can and will be deceived for interest that manipulate The Commons, the connectivity of the things of Life, for their own individual privilege advantage.  his is a common thread of the price of ignorance throughout history. This will undermine the threads of connection, and so those threads must be blackened over to seem nonexistent.  Ideologies that promote the individual will as an alienated achievement program, can do just that.  This is controlling the conceptual context to control perception in language, then self identity.  Much modern culture has the individual evaluating oneself with comparisons to their peers; be it income, music, beliefs, or other identity tag frames–whose team you favor for instance.

{As an aside. I recently heard of a social commentator claiming that the white rapper (music) Eminem, was proved the victor by the universe, since he wrote songs and was a success for getting back at everyone whom he thought did him wrongly in his past.  Popularity translating to fame and presumably income, made him favored by the universe?  Really?  Did the universe also the promote dysfunction upon him so he could win and get back at his critics?

I do not know if human popularity is the same as the universe voting for your currently defined success.  I could steal from all who criticized me and become an iconic hero for becoming wealthy and not getting caught; still the universe giving me a thumbs up?  Did Vincent Van Gogh get a belated approval rating from the universe?  Is it a sign of approval from the universe if this post gets 5 views, 500, 5,000, 5 million?

Does views or payment from society for this post equal approval from the universe, or could it be human, and WEB structured rules of favoritism, whether right or wrong?  If I “trick” the Internet search engines to find this post much more, would it then be that much more successful and universe favored?  Illusion and reality can both claim the same concepts and be framed with the same ideas, however, one will be the more near factual truth and the other the imagined.  We must know which is which or we truly are lost.  The lost then accrue a cash value in their ignorance.

Learning from what wrong is done to one is one thing.  Getting back or even somehow, as if life were a score card, is something very different.   A definition of success might have that popular survival ID of  “the fittest” tag put to it, but we do not know if getting even or proving others wrong is a particular quality of character of the universe–just because one becomes rich and famous.  We may know some humans are valuing something.  Many of the rich and famous are in varying states of self and societal annihilation/self consumption, only there is not always an obvious entity handing them their bill or true cost to culture/commons score card.

I presume the universe is for what is right and true, with our universe given imagination in reality being subservient to those qualities, irregardless if I am claiming the universe must be on someone side judged by apparent rewards.  What I think is right and true does not constitute the same thing as what actually is right and true by universal mandate.  Humanity is at odds over its varying notions of what is right and true and wrong.   Dominating others, however, is not an exclusively intellectual or moral achievement, it is one of physics and leverage of human systems into controlling a paradigm.  The dinosaurs may have won that, but then how did “the universe” then evaluate them?

We can find in many religions these sorts of material and health promises; believe in me, or Jesus, and you will be healed.  There are now “prosperity Christians” who view getting wealthy as getting tangible evidence of God or the universe’s smiling thumbs up–God wants you to have material rewards for being a good follower.  Pavlov would be proud.  These kind of seductions for effect are classic of cults and other creeds who intend to divert questioning, while leaving the doing up to you by the evidence that puts in an appearance.

They often will produce pseudo-scientific “evidence” ‘The cancer was incurable’, or ‘The hurricane was supposed to hit our city but our prayers diverted it!’ This assumes some non erring truism to medicine or meteorology that is not actually true–a reliance upon a kind of deceptive context framing and conclusion.  This kind of false truism is being aired daily on political and religious platforms as evidence of obvious truth.  And the followers follow…

If your cancer is not cured, why, maybe you did not believe in God enough, or it can be framed in yet another way and claim you are suffering to free others from the illness, like Jesus; or maybe the universe needs you somewhere other than where you had thought.  Always a way around obstacles when critical thinking and the manipulation of result orientation are decoupled and rearranged to suit the ideology or agenda.  Putting rewards into a future life or heaven is another way of putting events into an untouchable zone where they cannot be used to critique belief or faith. Integral to these contortions is a reliance on ignorance, and a poisoning of critical thinking’s well; especially that of followers. }

Dark Sides Dawn

There is a dark side to belief and faith that is blocked from view, yet ever-present.  Belief and faith need no proof or evidence, they become inoculated against objective input, true critical analysis, or theories that contravene them.  Belief and faith tend to conserve their own value, while finding outside interest of potentially no value if one thing can be proved false about them.  This tends to create, not only a self affirming confirmation bias, but a decidedly unfair and non objective measure of judgment;–I can prove your one idea wrong with a mistake or even misconception, while my own belief, and, or faith in my ideas are not subject to any objective inquiry.  Say what you will about them I can deny your value and that of what you offer.  Ignorance accomplished.

In effect; while I can feel I prove you wrong with one idea or fact of yours cast into doubt, whether it is right or wrong, you might be required to prove all my belief and faith wrong to be felt as “equal”, yet those very notions are safely tucked away in question free zones.   Cults and many societal manipulators know this cognitive dissonant like aversion to self objectivity, where the truth might seem to hurt you if known, and can bank on using it in the general population to their distinct advantage.  Faith and belief can harbor darkness while appearing to their beholders to be only about light, redemption, and honoring time tested loyalties.

Once this change over to the dark side of ignorance occurs, we may seek validation of our choice as being a good and true thing.  This kind of self-deception by conscious diversion of awareness is often called cognitive dissonance; where we rationalize what we may know as wrong, as being actually emotionally right, or of little importance since the choice appears to serves us.  In religion this may be called temptation in the abstract, but cognitive dissonance is not necessarily always in the usual definition of that concept.


That America is open to kinds of deception in the name of the public good, is not my opinion.  For the Iraq war, the majority of Americans, by poling, thought “they” attacked us.  Another near majority thought Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden were the same person.  How is such fact misrepresentation (or possible deception) even possible? The administration knew the truth yet did not attempt to clarify the public impression of it.  (Cheney still claims to know unverified truth by biasing factual context into circular reasoned contraptions).

Actually, their policy seemed to depend on the public being misinformed and confused about the known truth, then their intention could proceed with less resistance or much objective scrutiny.  Instead, divert the issue into emotionalized swamp zones such as good citizens follow blindly, not requiring evidence because they are “loyal” or “patriotic”.  This is that old world tribalistic, follow or be shamed monkey business.

Corporate and conservative news platforms repeated the false context and false understandings conclusions throughout the lead up to the Invasion of Iraq.  This occurred even to the point of the alleged “liberal media” that was placing conservative pro war talking heads to advantage over dissenting voices by 2 to 1.  Others reduced dissenting voices to tag frames such as a small minority view, or other demeaning definition to their expression.

Those who were indicating facts for the real truth were considered far left or lacking in patriotism by most of the mainstream media.  One (Joe Wilson) had their spouses secret terror fighting position exposed as a kind of seeming retribution for exposing unverified data being used as alleged facts by the US administration.  Here is one way faith can mislead patriotic feeling to support darkness over light while not allowing objective questioning to determine factual reality and honest truth:  The Rule Of Ignorance.

What other falsity about the world does this willingness to be mislead then lend the American public to?  We choose not to know if we choose not to ask ourselves questions regarding our own forthrightness and integrity to what we hold as truth.  Not wishing to know, quite well may lend the rest of the world to not know what America may really stand for, and instead judge us by the actions that show us as being dishonest, idiotic, or just another self validating empire in the throws of decline.

And if you think only experts should question or know “the real” answers, remember those probes that went to Mars but crashed, for their math was seemingly not checked whether or not it was metric?  We have some of the Bush administration officials still claiming their old misstatements, or claiming to not know what was actually quite obvious to thinking people.  Are we really ruled by idiots, or are they counting on we to be the fools?

For what “Bright Beacon of Hope” for humanity hides behind the same old subterfuge and ignorance’s of the dark ages?  One that is not concerned whether that light is actually lit or not, true or not, real or not.  And so we can expect ignorance to have its set of self validating conceptions such as unexamined “patriotism” (“The last refuge of scoundrels”), peer-pressure ostracism/shaming, unexamined and blind “following the leader”.  That is unexamined truthfulness, and unexamined honesty.  Here is where a kind of idiocy becomes political and economic capital to social manipulators and oligarchs.

Live Free or Die.  I’ll Defend With My Life Your Right To Dissent.  Well.  Maybe Not!

In this equation of putting ones life into principles, is the difference between most of us and that 5% or so who will use their lives to back their beliefs (These, most likely in religion and the military). That 95% of the rest of us; one coercion or another will work; money, sex, or fear (families threatened for instance). This equation is known by the powers that have always been controlling populations. { I’ll refer you to the use of this knowledge in the world context in articles and web pages to follow this presentation of  mine.}

Orthodoxies, ideologies and many an ism, are threatened by the fundamental egalitarian mandate of Democracies right to vote (or the implications of all humanity being Gods children), and also the fair use of free speech, or their spiritual equivalents of compassion, empathy, or admitted connection to The Commons—The connectivity of existence.  To subdue this societal enlightenment, where ones consciousness is considered essentially equal to any other, strategies will be employed to pervert the truth of Democracies social contract platform, and to manipulate perception to create bias away from these universal notions to subjective us vs them subjugation’s.  This is a given.

To observe the conservative news outlets (many nonstop propaganda) is to hear and see misrepresented “fact” and assumption as operating consensus realities constructed of emotionalized appearances. Many right wing religious groups, for instance, seem to praise the name of Jesus, but seemingly behave anti his apparent message. (a GOP enabling group called “The Family” seems to be about reversing Christ message and turning it into a dominator ideology; one claiming Stalin, Hitler and Mao are good role models for Christian leaders)  Most religions will use their own histories to validate what they wish to see and perceive now, and not necessarily the ancient or enduring wisdom, though as a diversion of consciousness, they often claim to be conserving the authentic historical “truth”.

The Hidden Value of Word-Playing Into Ignorance

Any society is regulated by a kinds of socialism; yes, even capitalism, where the great expenses of a few are made possible by the many.  This is sometimes called predatory capitalism these days, as it seeks to eliminate public input for public good while pronouncing its own good as the only public good.  It is a fools errand of consciousness to think that somehow what I or you do, does not have any bearing on what to others do or do not do, or how The Commons of Life is impacted.  We are all integral to culture and to societies interactive capabilities.  We all own the consequence.  Unregulated individualism in the present day would be dooming humankind to self destruction—we know too much of the real world to allow one person to do whatever they wish to it.

If I poison the water table and your well comes from it.  Well.  You are paying my price with your health if you accept it or not,  while I can say;  Life is not fair.  At least I got my water stored before the rest went bad.  Good for me.  You are the failure.  This sort of individualism rationalization delusion is ongoing from conservative circles 24 hr’s a day. Essentially, most everything in our worlds are in some manner socialized.  It is just reality.

Declaring Reality Is What My People Want

With seemingly daily misstatements and errors that run uncorrected;

Folks wonder who on earth Fox News could be talking to; the blatant errors, false analogies, false dichotomy’s, out of context conceptions based on fear?  Same could be said of those who believe Rush L’s propaganda; why do some of us need false and misleading information framed into an allegedly on your side pseudo-honest common folk context?  How does sophistry delivered by demagogue‘s seem to some of us to be the truth?  They are supplying what manipulated consciousness needs to counter cognitive dissonance; disrespect for the Universal Commons of Life.  Conservatism is often a kind of mental and pseudo-spiritual addiction—the need drives the reason.

Manipulating facts by false association and framing creates an appearance reality;  A reality that can have notes in the real world, but conclusions from the imaginary; for this to work on eager ears—-

Both Reality and critical thinking ability must be debilitated, allowing substitution to be made possible in minds unplugged of true context.  Overall, on surface consciousness at least, most people (you and I) think they are following the truth.  We just might not know how or why we have the ideas of truthfulness that we do. The more we do not know our own truth-seeking context, the more we may be mislead without knowing and acknowledging it.  In a world where manipulation pays, this ignorance becomes a bankable commodity.  Much conservatism banks on many cons; intending to know you will be unable to see through the charade, for you are not allowed to question preestablished “conserved” premise.  Your mind is unplugged to some extent from both the dynamic movement of now, and quite possibly, truly sensing God.

It seem conservatism banks on this faith bias, (many liberals have their own unsubstantiated conceptual biases that avoid fact checking as well, and are thus conservative), which allows it to run all manner of deception under the individuals truth detecting radar, mostly by ushering ideas in under emotionalized ad-hominen association, or other feeling surrendered logical assumption. The other strategy for crippling critical thinking is to “conserve”  sheltered “truths” under a-priori umbrellas, which the individual is then not allowed to step out from under or see clearly through above.

Most conservatism will have shame based tagging directed at those who do not accept or seem to not accept the conservative ideology, such as; ‘Well.  You just do not accept the truth.’ or ‘You are not a true believer.’ and other like pseudo analysis killing Thought-terminating clichés, (I expect this kind of nonsense from one of you liberal socialist fascist!) that frame others into us vs them tribalism mentality.  Once someone is boxed in and pegged, who needs or is able to see the nuance and ambiguity often accompanying most human lives?  Mission deconstruction accomplished.

Extreme art imitates life?  The dangerous and wild possibilities of mass deception.

A movie “comedy” covers it; this desire I speak of to be mislead from true critical thinking ability.  That movie is called Ideocracy,  where a genetically altered population harboring very low IQ’s, is the movie’s influence pedalling scenario.  In conservatism’s kind of Ideocracy; the requirement is effectively a form of ideological self lobotomy; as in cult and conservatism’s refusal of entering into objective reality testing. The movie uses Fox news inside itself for obvious reasons, but those reasons are not likely obvious to Fox viewers, and “the liberal media” believers.  Conservative news sources seem to not expect fact checking or critical thinking amidst their presentation.  Mostly they cycle and circle logic into self affirming loops that seem to require emotional attitude to substitute as fact finding;  Circular logic.

(I personally have heard from folks who consider Fox’s often mass spun conceptually biased news as the reliable, more accurate news source!  Then, bringing up the daily deceptions running on it might elicit one of those; ‘I don’t trust any of the mainstream media actually.’)

The scary thing is; some of us need to be mislead.  We need ideas to be misrepresented, facts misrepresented, likely cause misrepresented, for we are forcing an ideology onto reality and expecting no one to notice.  Many require a confirmation bias to be in place to screen cognitive dissonant information from consciousness.

Emotional attitude, as well represented by radio’s Rush L, is mistaken as theoretical proof.  This ruse in consciousness, essential to many conservative thought/concept created paradigms, must not be challenged.  This may help explain why direct contradictions, even in the same paragraph about the subject, do not register intellectually or often create conscious discord—The conclusion is what is expected and not the factual context where truth is ascertained, or at least hinted at.

The Final Frontier Is Actually Consciousness

America seems to have many millions of folks who require kinds of deception to feel right about themselves and their cause.  Just in recent history, within the Bush administration, it was conveyed in a journalist interview of allegedly “Bush’s Brain” that they are not reality dependent. They then are actors who simply make history by fiat, or is it truth?, simply by declaring things to be so without tiresome reality checking evidence.  Yes, with much less evidence as I am using here in this opinion piece.  I am not claiming to be an unquestionable “news” source of maker of history however.

Even when it was obvious that the public support of the lead up to the Iraq Invasion was based on non accurate assumptions—–such as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden being the same person, or the “They”, the Iraqis, were somehow who attacked us.  The conservative government had no interest in really clarifying the misleading assumptions, in fact, they depended upon them.  They are acting from belief and not from true evidence based fact. They depend on Americans to be clueless in this regard—not caring what they are told to be the truth.  If this is the case, America is under direct threat from the Ideocracy.

For stupidity to reign supreme over this land; kinds of “faith” and “trust” must be held above reason and wholesome consciousness.  In this cause, conservatism is well served and maintained by ignorance as the gold currency of societal manipulations .

Behold; the Ideocracy.


—————-and other views below, which I do not necessarily completely endorse.