Pretense and the Fate of Democracy: Truth and Power Manipulation In The Mind


Faking  Knowledge and the Fate of Democracy


: Mental Truth and Power Manipulation

Most moments of our lives are not spent in “second guessing” ; What do I “really” know?

(When seeing the sky and guessing at the weather, is this the same as knowing some of the atmospheres meteorological elements of manifestation and how they relate in the real atmosphere dynamics being seen?)
Is it going to rain or become less cloudy by the cues in this image? Can this image answer that question?  What happens to my personal sense of self honesty when I declare a truth under this and other kinds of environmental assessment?


The Knowledge and Awareness Puzzle

Here (where I am ) in the desert southwest USA, these hints of upper air cloud formations will not indicate imminent or any precipitation. A meteorologist may be able to discern the locations of pressure systems, offer speculations of ‘gravity waves’,  jet-stream movement, or suggest things such as orographic influence from what I might only see as curious cloud formations.

How much seeing is believing?, or more importantly, knowing? It is a truth that one can have an intuitive sense near the equal of scientific perception, as in the weather prediction ability many a farmer or other sky-watchers accuracy of atmospheric interpretation might attest.  It is likewise a truth that many of us, on any particular subject, are relatively more ignorant than others.  We may not wish to profess our lack of knowledge in the balance of a relationship with another too often, or at all.  We may register the language of ideas to appear well informed, but not “know” the context and depth of the contextual paradigm of ideas meanings.

Oh! I don’t know!

This level of self ignorance on what is real, is a question of cognition we almost never ask ourselves for one simple reason–it would be unsettling to ponder too often. Our self identity needs a kind of confidence, usually, to function in a clear and productive direction.  I can have emotion and belief telling me something is obvious and true, that I master a things context and interrelationship, but be mistaken, even completely wrong. Regardless, I forge ahead confidently in my assumptive interpretations, usually so I can move onward to the next thing.  So I, we, live by many a presupposition, these often seeming as fundamental truths, perhaps “The Truth“, as emotion, our family, or friends and society, books and the Internet might insist is the case.

We then have a kind of inner guidance and misguiding/error system usually unquestioned as to its full integrity in perception.  Many a belief system claims a prior (a-priori) endowment of truth, a “real” reality that cannot or should-not be tested/questioned. These “real truths” when embodied by human conceptual structures, institutions, institute kinds of non critical thinking mandates, where questions of validity are eschewed. Culture, society and ones closest community can contain unquestionable zones, whole areas of both presupposition and of the intent to not question the idea of the belief in  ‘How things really are.’

The Rippling Outwards Of Error

We each are susceptible to misguidance, if not outright deception. When our thinking abilities are d-validated, for many degrees of ignorance and illusion can now glide right under the cognitive radar, in effect instilling a falsity into our “truth”. Here is where checking for facts becomes of paramount importance to an honest self, but under certain situations and circumstance, not where I am going.  We humans create kinds of institutions, some of belief and some of physical persuasion, designed, for whatever reason, to keep us in line with the concepts manifesting the institution. We may be “corralled” by ideas that make us dependent upon the status quo, or, even by those that make us rebellious to an institutions perceived context as a position of a subcultural merit… We are not to question these ideas, the declaration will go, or else face the bad consequences of ostracism or otherwise be dismissed of truthful relevance by some form of shaming. Diversionary clichés will be offered to clear the way through the jungles of ambiguity, these, intended to load a judgment of being unwell, of “otherness” and exclusion to be tagged onto the holdings of some concepts.  The reasoning, the rationalization, is not to be doubted for its is presumed as a reality beyond my awareness. Questions and doubts can become assessed as ones weakness, a failure, or even misguided deception indicating a sort of individual weakness and inferiority.

We point at these institutions in effect declaring; ‘They make this so. They make this truth itself.’, inferring true reality, while what these things are actually are conceptual constructs, kinds of formulations forwarded by other humans agreeing that these truths are in fact real an evident to common perception.  This is only and always accomplished within the consciousness of one human being by one human being.

In childhood many concepts are automatically imprinted, such as with language containing its delivered concept definition. These definitions may, and often are, delivered by family and community interpretations.  We “read” our family and communities “mind”, including peer communities emotional tags that hang on idea and conceptual interpretations, usually accepting most of these without question.  Blame and shaming techniques are employed to keep us in-line or else face some sorts of troubled consequence.

“It Is What It Is” Or How Lies Can Be Called Truth

This is the domain of a priori frames; places intended not to be questioned for the health of the institution and possibly the health of society.  However, the institution, with its claims upon actual real truth, will not include the; possibly of intrinsic error, instead it will say it is; The Way it is., period.  No questions to be asked.  This puts we human individuals at kinds of disadvantage, for not being able to challenge an institution is mathematically problematic, in that errors can accrue and we must remain oblivious, in denial, and, or likely more hostile as a believer, toward the source of these alleged errors, this challenging dissonant appearance. We can be, and by probability are, wed to error and mistake and not allowed to divorce them in places unknown to us.  The voices of loyalty or other means of emotional shaming control will be used to keep us in a conforming confort zone of sorts if we quietly, or energetically, follow along.

In some respect Society or some branch of it, will create the hangmen to hoist up the individual, perhaps as a kind of example, to warn others of the risk of questioning its authority.  This then manifest aspects of the nature of what is a character trait of conservatism, a feature everyone must deal with in their own lives or remain ignorant of the consequences, for we are all in ways conservative and liberal. We have mental/emotional mechanisms of self survival that move across a continuum of love and empathy to obloquy and misanthropy.

For me, as an individual consciousness, someone pointing out a fault of mine, even if I am certain the claimed fault is a sure mistake, is taken seriously by me, at least to a point.  It is no different for our institutions, some of which we do not even regard or know as being an institution–a self perpetuation human endeavor. Politics dramatizes these “institutionalized misconceptions”, for it is opinion, one-ego-mindedness, in action.  Ultimately, the conflict in politics involves opinion; things that are objectively unchallenged by its holders, all while their emotions are “seeking” to convince or force others to share their belief; to defend our reality constructs “turf”, for this is the land on which our life and livelihoods seem to be framed into existence. While the real objective Reality is functioning internally and externally to some degree, our human consciousness, with its pattern detection techniques at times filled in by emotional “data”, is not an infallible depiction.  This is one reason we will look at something; lets say some a priori authorization narrative, and claim this story is the true one, the right one, the one not to be questioned, or else. A fear and insecurity narrative is at the heart of any disagreement, if this does not lead to attempts at comprehending another’s position honestly–as we would intend for ourselves from another. (“The Golden Rule”, Categorical Imperative)

Just Like A Liberal / Conservative etc…Out On The Limb

When we invoke our ad-hominem debunking techniques towards others, these are often imbued with insinuation and down-casting phraseology, or buzz worded Thought-Terminating-Cliché designed to stop an objective-minded thought process in its tracks.  In some circles; (circular logic circles), these negative tag-frames are literally one side of the emotive linkages that tend to bond adherents to the concepts towards one another. From this sharing of cognitive bias, we can go on to pretend we are actually having an unbiased overview of an issue, but actually we are buttressing our assumptions by the impressions of fellow-hood “a movement”, a “reality of common mind” where we associate the words or the numbers of others to the mass of our belief’s presence as an action factor in life.

Matrixing Emotions And Incidents Into The Bad Other Narrative

While we may wish others understood or even knew ‘our story’, it is often the last thing we intend to comprehend of another, perhaps outside of our emotionalized rationalizations of harmful narrative. We juggle ideas of the others opprobrium until a cohesive concept of their intent is rendered. Gossip is quite like this phenomenon, but in todays world-wide media, there are continuous sources of perpetuation of disrespect for others, complete with the disreputable narrative that denotes “their” unsavory character and their corrosive intent toward me, and or, culture in general.  I am not saying that there is not truth to the things we humans do and to how helpful or harmful in respects our actions are.  I am saying that negativity as a mindset is a relative value to certain interest, be it to the self medications of a disenchanted ego, or to interest groups who use the negative as an advantage over others for social and other environmental control that seems to benefit themselves FIRST and FOREMOST. It is this kind of poisoning of the language of Democracy’s drinking waters, of culture, that is a major source of the negative in individual experience that blocks full, or fuller cognition of fact from fiction.

Democracy does hang on the rope of imposed constraints on cognition.

Perception Is Reality == WRONG!

I have heard this statement often as of late, that;

Perception Is Reality






Perception is Appearance Reality

There is an often vast difference

We humans love having conclusive phrases that work as poetry, in that a few words can say and mean so much.  Unfortunately, soundbite aphorisms can be as wrong as rain, or as right as rain. It depends on whether the clothes make the man, or you cannot judge a book by its cover.  You get the picture, perhaps even when things may be not as they appear.

Reality IS Reality

Our perception, our cognition, has logical interpretation programs running that likely are not perceiving the Whole of Reality.  The sun may obviously circle the earth; that is observational, empiric common sense after all, yet the Real Reality is another matter, one which most did not see as evident or reasonable.  And as it was; anyone who suggested the Real Truth was not the appearance one back then, was declared to be a very bad person, even though they saw reality in a deeper way, an intrinsically more honest way than just following the obvious.

We seem to not know for sure what The Reality is as absolute Truth, but reality is not limited to our perception–we are.  The bigness of Life does matter, but under that Bigness, we exist with limits to intellect and observation.  You may find clothes to reveal much; a kind of narrative to looks, with story-lines emanating from this and that of style as to personal choice.  I put much less stake in the seemingness of appearance, for appearance is often easily fooled, and being enamored by it may lead one down paths well paved with illusion.

Appearance Reality can be played off of Consensus Reality to create a logical matrix of imaginary cause and effect cognition that seems to be The Reality, yet in reality, is rationalized ideology hiding behind its cloak of ignorance propped up by a narrative storyline.  Ignorance becomes a commodity of great value, as it allows much to be hidden from sight and from thought and feeling. It comes with a need to draw upon emotional judgement as its truthfulness weight, becoming the great seducer that unconsciously sculps up illusion as truth, and perhaps, the now distant to perception Truth as ill will.

Consciousness can be dressed with all manner of interpretation programing while I as the individual thinks it is exactly as things are, for I feel and “see” their apparent reality. In ignorance I may believe appearance is actually truth. Many an institution, both official and personal/cultural, can depend on not knowing–by not allowing open questioning, in effect, instituting a worshiping of ignorance above truthful knowing and understanding.  This avoidance, or block inserted into perception, always leads to dissonance in a universe operating with reality as its underpinning logic.  Whether its just me or an entire society, a nation, falseness inserted into the psyche as truthfulness will come to haunt the future untill resolved by understandings knowingness.

Loading The Countries Deck

With our American politics full of statements with little basis in full contextual fact, or real indigenous truth backing them up, the American public has been quite easily mislead by Appearance Reality contortions based upon erroneous reasoning.  Some of us do know how illusion and misinformation can be mated, producing mutated offspring far from the well of truthfulness. We then are rendered susceptible, ripe for misdirection as to fault and blame for this politically induced harm.  Reality goes on to be damaged by our intrusion upon it with our imaginary cause and effect reasoning.

Here is a recent historical example: A majority of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks of Sept, 2001, without any actual evidence other than fabricated associative narrative story-lines being perpetrated into the mainstream media. This untruth was even believed after it was well established in that very media that he was not.

The Sacred Way Of Laziness And Avoidance–Irrationalism Pretending To Be Reason

Conserved ideas are not welcoming to honest truth, but instead position themselves around ancient psychological devises that actively avoid questions and contravening to ideological data.  These hiding places for ignorance are then given fancy or profound cover, such as patriotism, loyalty and allegiance, when what they are not loyal to is The Truth of a matter, and so they are actually housing darkness pretending to be Light.

Once confirmation bias is established, there is little personal need to check for facts or for truthfulness. We may now live in a relatively “protected” from honest analysis zone. It is others that “just don’t get it” as far as the rationalization scenarios go in the narrative.  Our requirement to feel OK about ourselves, including our decisions, can easily trump reality, prop up familiar and already chosen fantasy as legitimate cause and effect.  I suggest that when this is done personally, in politics or in other matters, the real Reality will create dissonance and disharmony no matter how good the false narrative’s rationalization scenarios (intentions) are, for Truth Itself will not be deceived.

When Ignorance Is The Secret Guide

The story I “know” seems true to me, so your possible disagreement means you are mislead or misleading.  Many media propagandist use thought trickery constantly to in effect empower ignorance over knowing truthful perception. This thought “play” tends to demand confirmation bias loading of reason, and a negative narrative tag onto anyone’s inability to “see clearly”.  As ideology is conserved so I can feel solid in my self perception of identity, the Real Reality can become less and less important, while imagination becomes pivotal to rationalization, emotional judgements of others can become more and more profoundly expressed.

In my view, America’s ills are tied to an inability to honestly value truth above ideology, or comprehension; that other belief systems held that conserve ignorance in the form of not allowing questioning to deeply held notions of truth and of right and wrong, are what are actually the obstacles in our way.  Things being promoted for confrontation perpetuation, such as many Wedge Issues and the so called Culture War, help to keep intact the schizophrenic American identity, where even “We The People” can mean opposite meanings of self identity from one person to another.  We The People, not you people.

The Hiding Of Light

Perhaps comforted by both illusion and amnesia, lives can be lived without comprehension of larger context nor of the very real greater connection and interrelation to all of Life that is there for the seeking.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it may be the bliss of the fooled.  We have reason to wonder of much we believe real, for without critical thinking, our perception can be our delusion.

The Mind Where It Matters

There may well be a “Battle in Heaven” between the forces of Wise-dumb and those of Wisdom. We each are the deciders in which side we take in every moment of our lives. The war, or more correctly; challenge, is within ourselves; whether I take comfortable but problematic shortcuts to knowing, or seek instead a disciplined and conscientious passion for knowing to the best of my ability.

The great seducers to perception are the pre-packaged narrations being constantly provided by interest other than the Whole Truth.  For one reason or another, for preserving ignorance and its advantage; these seek to keep the Real Reality at bay, disguised for opportunistic reason.

These actually erroneously embedded choices create much of what we call evil, or what I call ignorance in action.  That they create reverberated ill is to be avoided by the actual actors in their production scenario.  Some sort of others, outsiders, are to be blamed, for their seemingness as causal characters, while they are the progeny of effect, where thereafter the damage to human reality is made evident by the seemingness of appearance.

In this sense, evil can be conserved as self defined good, while Reality is seen as being wrong to the conceptualized narrative identity’s common sense being prospered as; good and deserving of such above others–without question.  Now hearts can be ignored for my interest as defined by my truncated self identity attachments to not understanding deeper cause and effect.

Belief is to be chastised by Truth for consciousness to know what perception is in reality.  This becomes a matter of deep personal honesty, or one of taking shortcuts to knowing that are not legitimate, not questioned, and not up to the truth available in real perception.

It is Reality that is Reality





How Reality Fools Us ; Mind Manipulation By Appearance

Things May Not Be As They Appear Or How We Represent Them.

This makes critical thinking, critical to understanding reality, or else face being manipulated by illusion given as truth, and not knowing it.

{I Googled Appearance Reality but found the boat missed the launch; much appearance vs reality and the distinction between appearance and reality.  My usage is as a concept itself; Appearance Reality— the object sought out by argument, debate, and most implied persuasion such as propaganda; to make reality appear to be the way one intends.  Appearance Reality may be inert, an off the cuff assumption–the heavens circle the earth, or for some reason, designed.

The intent of Appearance Reality manipulation, is to make a thing appear or seem to be true, while its actual truthfulness may be in question. This is metaphysical manipulation,  for ideas, theories, opinions etc, are not physical entities like rocks or spoons, invisible consciousness is involved in the evaluations.

How things appear to be real may be incidental; something of observation and ones history and reference to the thing, with the actuality of the perception being uncertain in dimension. The metaphysical idea of a spoon can be made into an actual real thing, moving from an abstract idea to a real manifestation of a concept. What appears to be real as we look into our world can be any combination of fact, idea, imposition, assumption and other suppositional identifications.  There are questions to be had in anyone’s view of the world, including of people, places, things and events.  Appearance Reality appears to be true, yet has many problematic interfaces with what is actually real.

How things appear for human perception and cognition can also be engineered via the voids in knowing and comprehension, to seem one way while the possiblity of actually being another way is supressed. I could know that you were walking down a step and slipped on a banana peel you did not see, but I could say that this proves you are uncoordinated, perhaps adding weight to an idea I have of you that you are clumsy, so I advance “proof”, genuine or not, for the Appearance Reality of my theory.  I am then seeking a Consensus Reality between us; a kind of confidence that things are a certain way really.

This is Appearance Reality manipulation; the sculpting of worldly data to suit my intention, a kind of “art” pretending to be science.  Politics and religion, along with most inherently metaphysical systems, contour perception to suit ideas, and not necessarily to investigate any actual truth with anything approaching rigorous emotional and intellectual honesty.

Consensus Reality is well presented as an idea on the WEB, although opinion of its validity seems to crepe into the equation, speculating upon those who use the term Consensus Reality.  In my view, these two phenomenon often go hand in glove, so I will present my expanded musing definition of the phenomenon Appearance Reality here, and how it can become engineered by others perhaps unknown intentions.}

Use Of  Appearance Reality


How you  see the world is an Appearance Reality; The world appears real empirically, but this does not convey wisdom or truthful relationships, necessarily, about the actual reality. We are on epistemological ground here, deciding what we can know of the world, and what human minds may be entitled to presume they understand of cosmological and spiritual presence in existence.

The truth of a thing is not absolutely known by just looking at it, or how it appears.  We may “know it enough” for our intention, but that does not convey omniscience. Knowledge and understanding usually require both an investigation of a things connections to the world, its immersion in the matrices of Being, and differing viewpoints as to the real nature of its manifestation to arrive at a sound logical view with a higher likelihood of truthfulness .

The apparent reality of the sun revolving around the earth, is not made into an actual reality because we all consent to the observational “truth” of the phenomenon.  We find that investigation of the world, and the incorporation of theoretical notions of gravity and celestial mechanics, reveals that the earth revolves each day as it circles the sun.  Ones perspective is where the apparently real world succumbs to empirical error. Real reality is not automatically what we think it is by appearances.  This opens a Pandora’s Box of manipulative potential.

We may fill the void in sound knowing, our ignorance, with explanation and rationalization that contour apparent comprehension into a nicely framed logical narrative. We have not intended our logic to be wrong or missing in factual data and correlation, but we may defend our perception from other explanations that seem absurd or oppositional to our own on the surface. Not knowing, or perhaps not wishing to understand that these other ideas or explanations may be more correct.

Emotional Issues With Reality

Most human beings may like to think that we are right (I raised my hand), wishing to avoid the stresses of cognitive dissonance and the problematic nature of being wrong.  But it seems also as true that we wish not to be proved wrong; the more insecure in our cosmological and spiritual identities we are, the more inherently uncertain we are of ourselves and Creation.  This self uncertainty seems to manifest a likelihood of stronger feelings that insist we are right and others wrong.  We seem angry of agitated over our own ignorance and our seeming need to deny it by insisting we are right or righteous.  To unload our burdens, we may projectet them outward; to others and the world.

The prosecution of our uncertainties is “taken out” on the outside world, be it people or situations and environments.  If taken internally, we tend to find depression.  This blame others approach appears to be a coping mechanism for keeping a purposeful “positive” identity, while not possessing the tools to find reality clearly.  Many of the conflicts and uncertainties of humanity occur because of this loss into the subjective with no unifying objective connection to relationship and inter-connectivity by a persons perceptual mind frames.

But I Find Proof For How I Think; It’s Obvious!

Appearance Reality, like Consensus Reality, tends to acquire a need for Confirmation Bias; we tend to conserve and confirm what seems true, over what seems abstract or contrary as ideas and statistics can be.  Argument, debate, and other attempts at persuasion (even such as this here), load ideas as if a sort of magnetism were attracting and repelling information.  Most of us wish to avoid ever-present existential investigation; we tend to not intend to question our every thought, move and interpretation.  We usually consider ourselves right, or perhaps not wrong but misunderstood. We trust how things seem to us; how they appear to be, as if they were both known and absolute truths, when they may not be by any objective sense.

This too is Appearance Reality as designer perceptual cognition.  Cults, cultures, and at times our life associates, friends and partners do what we do; attempt to define reality by narrations as to how it appears to us to be.  Our culture, family, friends and peers drive us to see things from a certain angle, and not by antoher.  The rightness and wrongness of the conclusions may be unexamined at their foundations; we are up on the rooftop fixing shingles.

We tend to defer to our emotions when intellectual argument seems lacking in defining what we mean.  For many of us, we do not intend to always prove ourselves possibly wrong, and fully acknowledge another’s ideas or point of view.  Differing Appearance Realities can and often do result in conflict, for there is no common grounds for agreement, and possibly not even for verifying data and context in any fair or objective manner.  Opposites of reality perception can then “prove” themselves right by the others obvious error or bad intention.

In this case, the idea that we are open minded, or following the signpost to higher truth and understanding are likely a sham.  We are worshiping our ignorance in this case, and many of us are quite proud to put what we do not know on a pedestal, then defend it with our lives.  Insecurities over reality perception and comprehension are so sensitive to our identities, that we will at times stand by our ignorance as if it were, and some times is, in the name of God.

Tricks In The Perceptual Reality Trading

One person may say that the tide seems to be caused by the moon and sun positions.  They could use this apparent truth to “prove” that the celestial sphere, the sky and all in it, circles the earth, its evidence being the tide’s obvious correlation to the apparent heavenly movement.  they would have “common sense” observation on their side.  This seemed good enough for perhaps 99% of human history.  Another may argue that how things appear may not be the case; yes the tides correlate to moon and sun position, but one is circling the earth while the earth is circling the other.

This complication of theory use and its demands upon comprehension, can become a damnation of perception; suddenly we are required to think deeply over our belief.  If this inquiry is not approved of somehow, by peer pressure of other social sanction, we may damn the messenger or that originating  the contrary information. It might be easier and more convenient to call that those “making things complicated” are up to something. maybe they are “intellectual elites”?

What we do not know, can and does lay the pathway groundwork for fear and paranoia.  Those who “choose” not to review the real evidence and patterns of correlation data fields available, can deny the real truth and insist that the apparent, and perhaps once or still present consensus “truth” is the real truth.  This is a form of the curse that is “natural” to conservatism.  Conservatism systematically denies questioning, thus inhibiting or otherwise controlling what is left of critical thinking.

We may find that when we insist our beliefs are the “real truth”, and not just seemingly apparent, emotion (likely steeped in rationalization) will tend to stand in for reason.  At this stage of cognition, rationalization can be perceived as true reason; the weight of emotion intends to load the argument.  In this subjective state, my point of view can be declared the honest truth to me, and opposing views false, misleading, deceptive, and so, deserving to be purged.

Conservatism, then, blurres what reality is by sanctioning its own rationalization as a kind of a priori truth, and then casting intellectual honesty, by likely employing emotional tagging deep inquiry with pre established blame or shame narrations, as being deceptive or dishonest.  Consensus and Appearance Realities are then designed to keep perceptions corralled and framed into the conservative narrative.

Check most conservative propagation platforms to see how this automatic indoctrination occurs to make reality appear to be as they wish.  They seek out those with certain cosmological and spiritual crisis, then provide them with designer answers that foster an ideological campaign to benefit those who are rewarded by conservative manipulations of social and physical environments.

Cognitive Dissidence, then, can become a player in both Appearance Reality matrices, and those of Consensus Realities.  With its involvement with designer Confirmation Bias mandates, we enter the sphere of kinds of self deception made to look or seem good and true.  Just as we may manuever truths or facts to suit our life; groups and associations of humankind will use this leverage over actual reality to create the impression of Appearance Realities to be Truth.

Making Reality Into A Kind Of Deception

This carries with it a persistent and unresolvable problem; incorporating false truths into human behaviors will likely result in false behaviors and perception which may well lead to conflicts of an intractable nature, since the ways of truthfulness itself have been attacked.  For conserved Confirmation Bias installed by Consensus Reality narratives providing “Truth” of Appearance Reality evidence, conservatism often seals the doorways to higher knowing.  Openness to the worlds, ways, and evidence of others regarding the world and existence, are rendered virtually irrelevant or hostile. The proof of the external and internal dissonance in society can then be circled back to prove the conservative perception narrative; that its good is being attacked by what is bad.  Appearance Reality can become a near permanent trap for the soul.

Appearance Reality; some things we trust may in fact be misleading from the fraud in their conceptualization and representation.

Above Our Heads : Ideas Spreading Across The Universe

[picapp src=”7/5/6/4/Hubbles_Panoramic_Portrait_f617.jpg?adImageId=5033109&imageId=3410056″ width=”500″ height=”356″ /]

{This post began while musing over space aliens observing us}

We.  All of us. We are all at the mercy of time and the processes of existence.  We happen to have minds with self aware cognition, able to reflect upon ourselves and all the relationships around us.  But we do not always know the reality of our thoughts about the things of our world.  My mind does not accurately reflect reality as it is, for my imagination and that of others can act as a coloring agent or interpreter of what I experience.  Add to that all I do not know of myself, you and our world, and mistaken impressions seem destined to occur no matter my intention.  Do I have a means or a method for learning what I do not know of my alienation to others experience and belief?

We seem real.  Our thoughts seem real.  Yet what I am thinking of, real as it may seem to my mind, does not make “it” a fact of reality.  I am sure the sun revolves around the earth from empirical evidence, but my context of seeing is inhibited by my place.  I can then be confident that you are wrong when you say the earth circles the sun, or that it rotates daily around an axis.  Odds are, if most think, (and many of our distant ancestors thought the sun revolves around the earth), negative associations will be heeped upon the iconoclast, the rebel, the heretic, who claims things beyond obvious perception.

This opens up a new dimension of a kind of intentional deception seemingly mandated by prior assumptions.  Intentional, for it is insisted upon.  It also cast conformity as conservative confidence walled up inside of a question free zone.  A place where reality itself, is intentionally excluded from consideration for the emotional confidence of the previous status quo. A kind of “common sense”, in this case an appearance reality, provides our experience with the confidence of the sun rising and setting, seeming to circle the earth.

As we agree to this common sense event, we create a consensus reality, or common agreement on the awareness of the state of a thing.  Yet in this simple planet and sun example, context is everything regarding actual truth.  An overview, or higher consciousness, in this case via scientific observations, will reveal a partial true nature of our local cosmic reality.  Yet human pre determined ideas will, as they did, attempt to demean the unveiling truth and its messengers, while defending the honor and correctness of conserved belief. Our human experience of the sun circling the earth was declared something akin to sacred, as are any manner of other ideas society defines as appearing a certain way, then agreeing that way is The Way.  Others with differing notions can then be pushed, shoved or buried out of the way, for they seem to desire to cast insecurity and question over the very honesty of our tenets on our place in the known world.  Not being of our consensus view, these others will seem as other, and perhaps as alien.

Seeing what is not apparently obvious is a bad place to be socially.  You are not likely taken seriously, and you may well find countless experts to agree with how you appear;– too not be taken seriously.  We tend to have many mechanisms for intellectually challenging paradigm challenging information.  Rationalization instead of rational reason, will explain our emotional plight; that a kind of alien influence is attempting to overturn our world view.  Now history and hereditary pride can be called up as sacred icons defended in the name of God or Life.

Ideas and opinions are not the actual reality check on the truthfulness of any one thing, but these days we seem unsure wether opinion and debate determine reality, or actual facts in true context.  This is not necessarily true in all things I do.  Just as a poll does not decide reality of fact, 90% of people saying the earth revolves around the sun is not proof of its reality; facts in context will be.  The higher the context conceived, the more real may be the connections defined as relevant.  But we can find that even a truthful contextual consideration can be relative to confirming our existing biases, and not changing our minds toward a more truthful reality in perception.  If we seek pure objectivity or truth, our job may be never finished and walked away from.

What is the real intention of ones inquiry?  Even Context Has Apparent And Consensus Parameters Limited By Knowledge Or Its Lack

You can give me hot or cold objects to feel, but you are not the source of those definitions of temperature; where you are getting them from likely is.  You may have some in the refrigerator, and some out in the sun.  You may have put those objects there to change something in the apperance of their nature.  We can then both begin to determine how their conditional state is attracting what we observe of them.  We may also being to see your role in determining a things perceived things state of being.

Context keeps expanding to include greater definition and possible impression cognition of cause. I can see that you bring me these differences, but you are not necessarily the true cause of their condition. You may be a participant in the process of transferring information to me, your ideas may have led the objects to acquire their seeming states of hot or cold.  You might be testing my sensitivity to temperature, and that may be relative to my nervous systems settings.  A thermometer might better determine real temperature variations between these objects.  We even can establish issues of subjective impression or of factual objective information.  You may have left an ice cube out in the sun for a while, but I might perceive that the one from the refrigerator and the one from out in the sun are still just as cold to me.  What changed may be then held in other criterion of observation.  Even facts can be manipulated to desired outcome if so construed.  Critical thinking ability is actually important to observing the universe honestly, by trying to not impair sensory information.


What’s behind my closed hands?  My closed ideas?

Our lives are full of ideas and “truths” wrapped and spun into all manner of what may well be cognition management of concepts that we may not be aware of.  Those giving these things to us may be aware of greater contextual rendering involved in any one things “issues” of manifestation.  A Pandoras Box of manipulation opens when I am not made aware of these other variations in cause to the whys for a thing or process.  Relative awareness is obviously then highly prone to manipulation, particularly if I am not aware of the may ways I can be fooled into being sure or certain of anything.

Why.  Only a liar would tell you the earth goes around the sun.  Someone is trying to fool your own eyes!  Open them!

The trouble with ignorance, whether unintentionally perpetuated or defended for status or other opportunistic reason, is that it is easily defended by emotionalized poisoning of the messenger tactics.  Someone pointing out what is scientifically a true observation, as the earth revolving around the sun, were called names to connveigh the shame and possible ostracism, or worse, one will receive if such information is considered objectively. Conformity to conserved ideas are adhered to loyally, as if truth is not open to debate, prior assumptions being held above truth itself..  This is a dangerous conclusion pertaining to how we sense reality and adjust to survival in a changing universe.  For some interest then, critical thinking will be something to be biased against, while substitutes for it are inserted as rationalization.

We are often, in effect, directed not to know the truth, to shun those suggesting it, to instead, allege the (actual) truth is a deceptive falsehood being perpetuated by sinister forces.  These days perhaps “intellectual elites” of “valueless” scientific theory.  In some ways, reality gets reversed, the truth bearer is called the liar, while those with incomplete truth called, often by self definition in question free zones, as the loyal or honorable ones upholding truth itself.

Many areas of religion, politics, and occasionally scientific theory, are defended with conserved notions held in question free zones.  Conservatism itself, becomes a likely place to find “truths” not allowed to be questioned in any fundamental way.  We all tend to conserve ideas that serve or seem to confirm our world views or spiritual ones.  But how honorable is a bias towards instituting ignorance as a cherished value to be loyally defended?

It is highly likely that many kinds of what are actually propaganda and institutional attempts to control and direct human consciousness are dirrected at us continually.  These, like the rejection of science as a means to determining states of reality, just as likely get inserted into question free zones, designed to control appearance reality and set up kinds of consensus reality’s in us to direct personal and collective actions into our environments.  These, if deceptive, will likely contain much emotionalized ad-hominen debunking; where attitude and prejudice are consisdered healthy, and empowered, self righteously conceived of as agents of defending God, truth, country, values or family.

It is most important to notice where shaming, blaming, and other emotionalized tag-framing of personality character lacks, are routinely administered in ways as to show otherness.  This alienation and separation identity is often intended to poison the free consideration of ideas and factual data, for why would you honestly consider information from those who are said to be fools, deceived, no good, evil, or against your way of life?  Question, and so identifying full truth, successfully diverted by avoidance rationalization.  After all, you know the sun revolves around the earth. You see it do so every day.  What are those suggesting otherwise up to?



There is a war in heaven, in consciousness, and it is to contain and control who and what and how we may be, and not for determining the real factual reality we inhabit. Instead, we are lead to confirm, and so buttress preexisting bias that most likely favors status quo power relationships dependent upon kinds of pyramid schemes, where human or animal energy is harvested to the benefit of some more than others.  But what is actually in my own good interest?

In other words; selfishness vs inclusion; arrogance vs understanding; deception vs reality…and we decide who’s side we each are on, even if not knowing we are deciding for one reason or another.  We may pivot to our aloneness, or to our union while not being aware of the spiritual choice made by our actions.

The battle goes on.  The casualties being not only aspects of our transitory human lives, but the ideas that live beyond our breath.  One day we may find that intelligence not only inhabits all things, but actually avoids those things which would pollute it with falsehood.  Now there is a contradiction in being, or is there?

Hiding The Bleach For Brainwashing: Mind Control for You and I

Political and Spiritual Psychological Manipulation of Belief

Reality Framing


Brainwashing Made Simple

To question or not to question; that is the question.

Who knows what they are talking about?

Right off the bat; you swing your perception the way you do for some reason.  Your thoughts have a logic(s) they are applying to observation, consciousness manifesting the feeling this bouncing ball produces. But you and I are never sure exactly who is chasing our logic’s ball, nor if they believe our team is any good.  Metaphors, for instance, find various holes to fall through, getting mixed into gloves, golf or a pool table in the process.

Now where did that ball go?

I do not know what you know.  I can assume you read, but a machine may do that for you these days.  Likely, although I cannot see you here, you do understand language.  I know information comes to you that way if you are actually reading this, but I do not know what else you know or do not know, or how you reference the things of Life.  Knowledge and ignorance, are in some basic ways, metaphysical.  I know something of you, yet do not know who you are, where you are, or when you encounter these words.  Something known, much unknown.

I cannot usually know what you do or do not know by just looking at you.  But by hearing you, your use of language and theory, all manner of pseudo knowing can ensue.  Truth, then, becomes the problematic issue; whether my theories of you, and you of I, are correct or filled with varying amounts of ignorance; of projection from me and assumptions from my history with its assumed wisdom of the ways of things.

A critical potential conflicting issue now arises; What do you and I agree on as truth or proof of it? This is classic existentialism regarding meaning and reality. Do I assume a-priori knowing from my background; my family ways and cultural ones?  Probably. I likely possess the “need” for confirmation bias to view me as good and true. It is hard to avoid operating from what seem to be operational truths.  This is not exactly proof of actual truth. These knowings of mine may actually be beliefs or theories being imposed upon reality.   If I know there is a waterfall two miles up the river, me telling you does not mean you know this as well.  You may know you trust me, and have no reason to believe I would deceive you, but in the sense of empirical knowing; you do not know there is a waterfall where I claim.

You have your image of waterfall.  You might go up the river to see what I was talking about, only to see for yourself that I actually must have meant there was water falling over one rock in the middle of the stream, “pretending” to be a waterfall in miniature in the imagination of one looking at it.  the word and the concept of it were altered, but the explanation to you was not.  How much of this kind of unknown change of idea occurs regularly in our lives, becoming part of our own narrative?

What constitutes proof of existence and proof of belief are quite differing things.  Most of the time we do not deconstruct our nature of awareness and cognition, instead, we “run” with what seems known, for it has not been proved false (as far as we know).  You and I are inclined to accept much without much evidence other than what seems operational knowing, but that confidence may be something quite other than based on factual reality.

Enter Platforms for Truth’s Explanation; Religious and Political Persuasion

We are fallible creatures by nature.  This does not mean we are not perfectly natural, nor that nature is not perfectly rational.  It only means you and I are not omniscient, we can make mistakes; draw wrong conclusions; use false proof (erroneous “truth”), such as attitude over fact;  we can chose not to admit our error, instilling a kind of error drive into our living; and on…  In the falsity I have described, that can “automatically” become inserted into my consciousness of Life, there do appear to be avenues of correction.  I can learn.  I can understand.  I can forgive.

Learning, understanding, forgiving myself of judgments that may contain kinds of error which I no longer wish to “own”; these are generic corrective mechanisms for ignorance and its consequence.  Societies tend to internalize these, making them appear as gifts of the cultures narrative.  This kind of assumption goes up and down the scale; from individual to society.  We intend to live by Truth, but Truth is open to interpretation.  This interpretations parameters varying widely and wildly, depending on the conceptual underpinnings of The Truths assumed characteristics. Truth and reality become subject of interplay with ignorance. The Appearance Reality I operate as my real world view, likely has some conglomerations of Consensus Reality embedded with what I assume is reality.  Our culture and familly virtually guarantee I think some things are real that are actually really questionable.

I tend to grant much more leeway for understanding in myself, granting me many kinds of perceptual privilege.  Let say I have an organic empathy for my situation.  Others are another matter.  Someone across the culture, representing things seemingly different than I, well, I am likely to not grant them this same leeway, especially if I am under some pronounced stress.  It becomes “easy” to see others as somehow being in the way of ones own life.  They are making problems for me; and they may or may not be.  People and institutions may be “in the way” of my life, but that still does not establish who is most right in this equation.

It may describe who holds more mechanical power over by mathematical influence of mass.  Subconsciously, this mathematical?physical domination likely carries an influence over my decision making in life; I take into account who or what exercises control features over my life, and may well tend to accommodate them.  This will begin tweaking my identity to cultural norms.

It may also “encourage” me to be a champion of their cause, proclaiming it the true cause for all.  Corporation domination of culture, for instance, a kind of exploitation and partitioning of environments at all cost, will entice many to self fulfill the domination matrix, insisting life itself may depend upon unquestioned support.  Churches, as original kinds of incorporation’s, tend to seal off the exits this way.  It becomes my way, or no way.

Again.  Not establishing actual right from wrong, but instead, establishing adaptation to influence over ones will by external forces.  If I then go on to identify with this overriding will, I conform to expectation without tending to question, beginning the process of having a not truly examined life. I have then in effect; had my will adjusted, not by truth exactly, but by the forces of conformity and its compulsions.  I do not actually know why I do all that I do, only seemingly that I must.  This is a formula of self manipulation imposed by external sources.  It opens up my will, not to the principles of truthful knowing and understanding, but to forces of unknown integrity, operating from unknown cause.

The Four F’s: Fact, Faith, Fiction and Fraud

What I hope I have described above, is that our ignorance is powerful.  Ignorance can be denied, it then hiding behind my trust in a logic that does not require common elements of corrective knowledge; new input, new understanding of connection, other environmental influence on my notions that I have not considered, etc.  In this respect; politics and religion tends to trust I will not look into certain facts and their association; that I will not consider other ideas or theory in depth; that I will eventually hold loyalty or community connection above truth itself.  This is a major identity sacrifice; one I might not even know I made, or could make.  (FYI– I was in a Christian religious cult decades ago.)

These are identity controls.  The dials to their “on-ness” are likely in the hands of those who have a vested interest in keeping ignorance in, and understanding out.  {Note how anti-science The Church (Catholic) was, (some churches still are shaming scientific concepts) putting many a scientist to death or ostracism} This is not what most of would subscribe to as a good way to live; denying information access to our awareness.

It must be disguised by outright indoctrinated denial, or other emotionalized “information” that seems to threaten our identity; our group identities as us or we.  This is manipulation of the ability to know, and it will create intransigent problems in coping with reality, so the view of reality itself must be contorted to fit the ideas imposed upon it.

-Give me Liberty!  No That’s it!  Just Liberty!  What responsibility?  I said Liberty!

Many who consider themselves libertarians, for instance, are trusting, having faith, in a kind of abandonment to individualism as the value, they may not quite know how dependent they are on others to exist in common in a world that is inherently One.  Many a libertarian will describe a highly responsible state of self-hood; the individual responsible to act in honor and justice to other individuals.  Like many values and beliefs, they may be good and true in the abstract, but in practical reality, the amount of interrelationship and interconnection, and its responsibilities, may not be on their radar.

Liberty, an appeal to the rule of the will of the self, is often the rallying cry for many anti tax perspectives, or anti any perceived external control seemingly placed upon the self. When we see tax money going to causes we do not support, a kind of violation seems natural to behold.  Subjectively, independently, I can say; I did not sign up as a citizen for that.  But what then are the consequences of withdrawal?  { I am actually in many aspects a libertarian.}

What if all tax were voluntary?  Do we support all military based tax, with the assumption that they know things I do not, and would only ever act from righteous cause, even though I know that some of our civilian governments representatives are essentially always up for sale, or holding ideologies I find objectionable?  Would I be for a small child being given food to survive, but not someone who seems to not give a damn about me or I about they?

Do I bailout the supper wealthy so my (our) economy keeps going?  Do I say they would not bail me out, so then hold them to the same cause?  What if I do not drive a car, and do not wish to pay for all the socialist roads most of society drives on, will I pay for the socialist fire department coming on those roads to put out the fire and save the children at my house?  Why not?  This would take bureaucracy to a whole new level. I would trust the libertarian to help cover the cost they are increasing on the rest of us.

We actually live in a context where there are many community agreements and understandings, a social contract, that seems to have become so ignored it seems invisible, maybe not even there. That stress of apparent disconnection in awareness can be tagged onto their apparent absence, as someone else’s tax on us.  This is that “capital of ignorance” once again.  Yet it is exactly the excuse some of us look for to explain our trouble and conveniently place it squarely where it seems it belongs, on someone else.

It might be said; Give me Liberty, or give me excuses to believe in only me as relevant, or else I would wish to die.  That society is likely a restrictive force on the individual is a given.  That society must then always be wrong, is not true, but it sure can be made to seem so when made to order desire is imposed upon.  Who or what is behind our desires?  am I sure as math that it is me? Opportunism comes with many tricks to play over ones own consciousness, yet conveniently put the responsibility onto someone other.  Opportunism can be a collective sense of behavior; it can be individualized or generalized, depending upon differing “needs”.

-Where does my information about other human beings come from?  Do I really know?  How am I certain?  Where am I honest to myself?

We can have many feelings to be approached by most anyone with the money and or the influence to do so.  Issues will be paraded before us for observation likely for a reason.  The reason, however, may be assumed to be one thing while actually being another.  Religious leaders do this for their reasons, reasons we do not always know, but assume to be righteous. Even with them, trust and faith are innocents that can be used to advantage when some manipulation is desired.  Politics is no different; our feelings will be defined and used for a desired outcome, for reasons we are told, but do not actually know.

We cannot be absolutely certain that even our family and friends always have our best interest at heart, not if their own is preeminent. (I am a volunteer for a domestic violence program, where this uncertainty, or insecurity regarding love, safety, and co or no definitions of commitment, creates repercussions that can turn to physics or other identity manipulation to attempt to solve entrenched conundrums of relationship.)

This leaves us with a certain certainty; that my ignorance is capital to someone, and they are more than willing to spend it, this is the nature of opportunism; exploitation.  The question is; who bears the tax on ignorance?  Who pays the price?  I do.  We do.  They do as well.  This part is often the hardest to believe when one has been “used”, even more difficult when that usage is not consciously known.  It will show up in the world however, it will not obviously be tagged to our ignorance exactly.  It might seem to be the way things go, or that what goes around comes around.  We might know, that many of these powerful people who seem to do so well overall, have us not wishing to be like them.  We might shudder to think of it, of being like them, yet wish we had their fame or resource.  Curious.

-Faith and Belief can be Fraud-

How do you know you know that you know what you know?  There seems to be an endless amount of blame to pass around, usually away form ourselves, when things go wrong in the world.  We seem sure of knowing that, but we know not seems:  Someone else’s ideas are to blame, someone else’s behavior.  If only they, were only we.

This is one of the many seductions of ignorance; cognitive dissonance and buzz words that serves as Thought-terminating cliché’s, can help to keep us from thinking, especially from the all inclusive thought practices of critical thinking.  As it is, our will is under much pressure of both kinds of conformity, and to identity and interest hijacking.

Individuals propose schemes that need us to manipulate The Commons (the infinite aspects of Life) to assuage their stress, as do other institutions that have a vested interest in permanently not accounting to questioning in any full and inclusive way.  As long as we as individuals do not question why we do not question, some questions, and so some knowing, will not be had.  Our lives then, in unknown ways, held down by what are ultimately our own thoughts.

You are provided with a kind of truth detector for these outer interest, and ones accounting of your own thinking; do they (I) allow questions from top to bottom?  That’s it.  Are they (I) accountable to reality, and to accountable Truthfulness as an aspect of that reality, or are they (I) out to tell you what reality is and make you accept it without question?

Oh no! You’re not supposed to question, that is just doubt trying to seduce you!

Perfect block. Check mate.

If I am not allowed to ask; I am not allowed to know.

Fact or fiction, truth or falsity, these do make a difference, but if I do not know where these may be in my own thoughts, I will pay the difference in my life, no matter if you others are being true or not yourself. The bottom line ends up being drawn in our own lives. If I operate my observational “knowing” from what are conserved ideas beyond questioning, I likely may be polluting true reality with imposed assumption.

Most of us have our own issues with our own reactive conservatism, blocking empathy and compassion to others who seem too different, or who we feel have wronged God or society.  Being human and not omniscient, we may claim an abstract ideal as omniscient, such as God, then excuse all manner of behavior, for it is claimed to be in service of Perfection.  Unfortunately for this rationalization scenario; it is highly doubtful that denial, deception, or other means of avoiding questioning truly leads to a more honest or more Whole life.

The biggest fraud of all, may be the one that has one believe that we are “getting away with” something that in some manner depends on ignorance to succeed over others.  Such a victory is over oneself actually, and would be known as a loss if the victor were aware of it.  The bliss of ignorance? Or the curse? That loss will continue haunting with darkness out into their, or our lives in other ways until it is solved, released by true knowing.  That is the nature of understanding; it illuminates what was unknown.

Such are the fates of knowing and ignorance, of the will and ones identity.

We each had the key all along.  Where does its doorway lead?

Questioning.  Returning to the awe and wonder of the present moment and all else.  Realizing the power of Now; the freedom of forgiveness and understanding.  Connection itself becomes a revelation, if I was consumed with separation and alienation.

Ideas are not infallible.  Human expression is not all powerful, nor is human assumption.  Life is embodies with Love and Being, when I am willing to see it. All these things approachable always, by questioning what I think I know.


{Disclaimer: Any particular in this presentation may be incorrect. And that is the way it is.}

On The Nations Health Care; How To Siphon Off The Blood Bank

Our Great Success at The Nations Health Care Blood Bank Must Continue!

{A fictional parable narrative}


You all know why we must work together on this one.  It is a battle over what is assumed true, what is real, and how we keep what we have.

One thing any predator knows; separate the individual from the herd.  Now you have access.

This is what we face in commandeering The Commons, or the common interest, commonly referred to as the public good.  We turn the commonality into the subjective.  Just as a predator will work the herd to find the weak, we program ideas into the culture that achieves this same objective. By controlling the conceptual parameters of individualism, we can engineer access to break that common good, and make that good our own.

We use fear as if it were teeth baring down on the individual.  This not only makes them fearful and susceptible, but has them seeking out a new body of protection, a new herd to provide cover.  Survival is in a basic sense; the individuals insurance plan; what preserves them and their future.  This new herd mentality of the individual, must be our desire and our ideology.

We manipulate The Commons, for the interest of the individual above the whole.  In religion, we make the individual fearful.  In the economy, we do the same.  Wealth and power have their now intrinsic access bias provided by our cultural paradigm; a way of life that keeps us on top, while others lust after our achievements.  This we use to our advantage, and all while the ideology of individualism supports the kind of success and fortune that we represent.  Their identity is in this way, wed to our own.

This is how Creation is separated in individual consciousness.  It is also how we project ourselves as the intermediary, standing between the individual and survival, be it earthly or heavenly.  They are then dependent on us.  Our fears can be transmitted to them as if they were their own, for in effect they are.  We own the cosmological and spiritual perspective.  Where we point, the individuals narrative goes.

Now we can defeat Democracy and its Liberalism while using those very inventions to untie themselves.  The public good is rendered our good.  The best slaves, are those who believe themselves to be free.

We can defeat American health care reform, which means, keep things essentially the way they are.  To do this it is necessary to divert attention from reality, to fear. Fear can overcome an individuals sense of self with the attending sense of reality, having it defer to paranoia and linked apparent threat motivation.  Fear is an opportunist, meaning our opportunity; a predators prime leverage in conscious and subconscious consideration.  It is then, a currency unparalleled in identity control and manipulation.  Fear is money in our bank.  We must never forget that!

We are faced with this imperative; We must culture an audience based on faith, on belief, and not on so called objective reality. These so called believers are prone to accept opinion and attitude over truth, fear over fact, for now they are rendered independent and suspicious of objective critical thinking requirements.  These greatly enable our primitive control mechanisms; shame and ostracism, to motivate conformity to our will.  We will so control the individuals sense of survival, attaching their ensuing identity interest to our own.  We have many media avenues to deliver this drug to the populace.


Look at how obvious individuals see this one way street of interest already; Corporations simply pass on their tax of profit, their tax of cost, and even their tax of tax onto the individual.  But is the reverse true?  Do the working smoes pass on their cost of living increase by upping their wage?  Absolutely not!  This is why we must attack unions and any other organization of the relative whole populace, accept where we desire.  We call the shots on survival, then we have individual behave as we wish.  And believe me, we have them insisting that this is freedom as well!

No one said transferring your interest to another does not necessarily have you be thanked for it!  Once we have this myopic identity inserted into individual consciousness, the big view becomes ours to define.  We automatically attract a legion of followers that are desperate for our own intellectual and rational dialectics.  Those who see our power and intuit its advantage, will lust after our reason, and attack those who do not accept our commands.  Do you see the propaganda business scenario?  I trust so.

We own America, the public does not!

We will lose control of the public if they are taught to understand what fact in context is for themselves, and so we defer to attitude, authority and posture; standard conservative identify control features.  That, and a self validated individualism that considers ones own opinion as the relevant truth.  Do not underestimate individualism as an identity feature.  It enables us to part out Creation, making it all up for sale, including ones very health and well-being, ones life.  No more apples for them for the taking, or unconditional love. The individual is disconnected form nature continuity, dependent upon supply strategies we provide for survival.  This greatly enables cognitive dissonance coping mechanisms, contorting our public into the shape we wish to guarantee our survival, all through their own subjugation.

And our individualist think they are free!  Lovely.

We have our usual target audiences; those who are proving to not know how to actually check facts, and are highly susceptible to black magic, or rumor and allegation.  Remember the statement; ‘He palls around with terrorist.’ comment last election? Soon they were yelling that Obama was a terrorist.  It is about controlling cause to produce desired effect.

Unhinging fear upon susceptible identities is a powerful disruptor of consciousness and civilized dialogue.  This is why we must provoke the exhibition of these fears upon the population; doubt and fear help conservatism.  Period.  Turmoil sets people back to what they think they know, conserving what seems relevant to the identity’s stability. They are then diverted from what now seems a dangerous unknown change.  Straight forward monkey business, people; and we just sit back and watch this happen. Wrong! We encourage it by not aiding or abetting our enemy!

To these ones out of the critical thinking mandates, opinion appears as fact, in that that opinion or innuendo suits the already believed in ideas. People who operate by faith conceptualizations, can be the easiest pickings for propaganda.  Our thinkers have long been aware of this, being it is evident throughout human history.  We now tailor our required fear manipulations to the target audience susceptibilities. We will bite them with it.  By anesthetizing critical thinking capacity, emotion and idea association become the proof, facts become suspicious.  That is how we take down the “reality community”.

We will care for ourselves by defeating the reasons people support caring for one another unconditionally. It is how The Golden Rule is conquered; divided and defeated.  This causes compartmentalization of The Golden Rule to our kind of people, and not those others.  You know who we are talking about.

See how easy it is?


We control minds by tugging at the suspicions of the heart.  Fear is thus our allied communicator, our constant companion. We do this emotional point of view pivot on health care, by changing a public awareness of common health concerns, to self centered, everyone for themselves thinking. Distrust of government is a key to this perception, where we desire its targeting.  So the socialism ruse is an excellent one.

Most folks do not know the air is, in effect, socialized; the highways, the power grid, the military, many of Life’s fundamentals are communal property.  Yet we can take them out of consideration, control the definitions limitations of a concepts usage.  We can even take away, eventually, the communal identity by hiring out government function to private contractors.  They then use tax dollars, but become corporation dependent in their philosophical world view.

You want clean water?  They buy a bottle!

And our noose tightens on human identity.

We have pretty much controlled the dialectic on government parameters by associating it with cost, then that cost is framed as what is taking form you and giving to someone unworthy as you.  This is simple self-centeredness, yet appealing to most anyone wanting more money.  We have in this way commandeered self interest to exclude interest of The Commons.  Most people do not even know what The Commons actually is; it is the connectivity of Life  In short; we must place attitude and innuendo above illness, subjectivity above the objective.  And believe me; we have like minded followers of this eternal struggle for success over humankind.

We have tried and true means at our disposal, as well as the ever paranoid lunatic fringe to scare suspicion into the nations dialogue.  We defeat the public by using the public insecurity and attaching it to our own will.  Here is where the fabled Wedge Issues come in; under the guise of well meaning intention, perception is realigned to subjective tagged considerations.  Now; what we have created are malleable identities, able to be transformed to accept our interest as their own, while thinking they are seeing things as they are for themselves.  Deception is a beautiful thing!

This is opinion evolution of the highest order, our order.  Our orders are best served by having the public believe they are their own, a seamless continuum.  We are fortunate by nature, that money gives us access to promote our views through congress and our legion of loyal followers.  In this way, we manufacture Wedge Issues as our own health policy guarantee.  And so, power controls Democracy, surrendering it to those who can afford it.  This is as it should be; we erase the Renaissance and the Age of Reason with a wisp of our wing.

Oh yeah; and render Democracy our own servant stepchild.


We are fortunate, that in corporate America, the alleged liberal press actually shills for us and not exactly the public good.  Well, let me put it more accurately; it is the public good as far as we are concerned.  We must make the public share our concerns as their own.  This attitude change will change how people identify with health care in the USA, with simple identifying characteristics; what seems to be for them, and what seems against them.

Power must use its “unfair” advantage to defeat the problematic egalitarian implied fairness of Democracy.  We have power and influence to do just this, while the public remains numb in our anesthetics charms; they feel subconsciously dependent.  You know; the hand that feeds them.  We can then use their own subconscious leanings in this regard, against their real interest, and for our own. This is an ancient historical struggle to subdue the mass of humanity. It is never finished.

Vigilance is our eternal cause.  So remember our assets; our corporate press is not actually a democratic Free Press Fourth Estate, but one driven by profit bottom-lines just as we all are.  It is a corporate Forth Estate, based on squeezing out money, and don’t anyone forget it!  Guess who “they”, the free press, will naturally side with?  I trust you know that answer!  How do you think we have practically every unsubstantiated, wild idea on the far right being the questions being asked of the Obama administration?  Yet what is the constant chant?  The Mainstream Liberal Media is all biased!

Back eight years or so ago, most anything spoken against Bush was cast as Bush bashing being done by the far left fringe. Their questions were pretty much shamed into silence, while we have people thinking Obama isn’t even a true American! Brilliant!  A liberal press indeed people!  It is liberal in its diverse usage that we exploit, in that we love promoting sex, violence, and most any conflict to grab emotional attention, as well as for the ensuing big bucks of course. We then have conservatism blame liberalism for it, while sitting back and counting the cash!  That is how subconsius control works, we allude the liberal media is always promoting it!

It is all about hiding right in front of the public eye. Shell Games people.  The old bait an switch.  It will be faith and trust in our goodness, and claims of principle, that allows us to force surrender upon objectivity.  We promote blind trust for our interest, a conspiracy of fear for our mass of adversary.


We may be the last industrialized nation to cover all our citizens health. We must keep it that way if we intend to make a gravy train killing off of illness and fear.  It is all about silent and steady leverage.  Public input does not foster that.  Lets face the truth; we scare money our of pockets plain and simple.  Imagine it people: We have something like 70% of Southern Whites believing Barack Obama was not even born in America(*).  That is how we put illusion ahead of reality.

We now have the equivalent of the power of magic, the power of illusion and confusion, with easy ideas as cognitive dissonance antidote.  We can make anyone believe in anything, then blame others for problems that continue to evolve.  You know the cue then; Its caused by those liberals!  Who you gonna trust?  Those sinister liberals?  I don’t think so.

Now I would like to congratulate our ideological promoting hero’s. Special thanks to our own Three Kings, to Rush, Bill and Sean.  They our our masters of cognitive dissonance, of denial, blame and shame.  They make fact checking irrelevant, instead, manipulating identity shames peer pressure perception into just what rules; arrogance and accountability projected out to others than our own.  This is our health protection plan.  We have think tanks and institutional advantage to pry the public interest to our own.

We must disguise government supported Health Care as being just another Big Government spending boondoggle; one likely to kill off our own family, or at least imply that to the public perception of their interest.  Fear is our leverage on individual identity.  The right use of words can mold public opinion as if it were clay in our hands.  He’s forcing us into socialism! Run for your lives! By scaring folks, by manipulating their own fear, we can and we will defeat hope.  Hope will become Nope.  We can then get back to many more years of plundering the public commons, ladies and gentleman.  And that is how we stay ahead of voters; by seduction to our interest as if it were their own!


These are an oligarchies rules; we must shift an ideological tag to our interest that appears to represent average citizens suspicions of government.  We do the same for intellectual elites. See how the elite tag taints them?  Do you recall? It works even while George Bush claimed his actual base was the elite.  The elite who manipulate society to remain ahead that is.  That is the elite of consumption, and not of ideas per-say. In democracy, where citizens are given much too much sway over us, we must defeat their own thoughts with our own!  Government bureaucrats will be making decisions for us, standing between you and your doctor! How simple it is, and it is thanks to the intellectual elite we hire to shape public perceptions to opportunist ideology!

Of course this ignores that we have our own corporate bureaucrats already stuffed between the patient and their health care. The dumbed down public doesn’t even realize that they have been fooled into a system that actually takes choice out of their own hands, while claiming to put it there!  Do you see it people?  At least in government, in democracy, you have a say at election time.  Not so in my company! I say not so in America!

Fool them once!  I say fool them 300,000,000 million times!

Believe me.  They will identify with us and share our profitable concerns, even while their own health is being jeopardized by our exploitation of their fear of illness. Remember; society socializes wealth towards the well off (you and me!) and those who set up the various pyramid system paradigms that permit us to harnesses an others energy into your own column.  At least this socialism for the haves, succeeds as long as it is not conceived of that way.  Let us control the dialectic;  Vote for socialism’s public say on cost, bad.  My corporate socialism for me and my stockholders with no public say; good.

That is exploitation, plain and simple, yet for us it is unparalleled opportunity. By sugar coating opportunism with ideas of achievement and success, with self worth and validation by material reward, we obliterate the awareness of exploitation’s usage, while deferring away the problems caused by environmental and social degradation.  It becomes the obvious mechanism to move ahead of others, by leveraging their life energy into your own possession.  Consequence and accountability be damned.  Notice how we shame liberals with accusation while denying accountability issues directed at us?  Faith is something we can bank on!  We can have faith that our followers will not know where or how to check the real facts and how they fit the world.  Disorientation, ladies and gentlemen, allows you to point those pins at the donkey for them!


We have many interested in these schemes that grab others effort, a small piece at a time, but eventually, by mass appeal, this system is accepted as natural and God given.  It rises each day as the sun, and at night as the moon.  We have achieved in human consciousness, the appearance of inherent reality, reality that by all appearance seems simply to be what is.  That is the power and the glory of conservatism.  How do we find that pin in an individuals hay stack that will allow us to pick their pockets lock?  A blowtorch!  Again; thanks to the Three Kings and their many wannabees shilling for subjugation of the individual to our entrenched power dynamic, in the name of freedom!  Magnificent!

We make our logic the logic of identity appeal, then blame change as actually being a threatening attempt to destabilize your life.  It certainly would ours!  This is why we have created the bogeyman of The Mainstream Media, as a shield to corrupt the impressions of any objective reality intrusion.  Remember.  70% of Whites in the South (by an actual poling) are so unhinged of fact checking, that they can be lead to believe what our sycophants wish.—The liberal conspiracy is in reality a faith, it is a belief, and it insulates us from the questioning of these individuals own sense of what reality is and is not.

Notice our Sarah, and so many loyal others; we simply state opinion as fact, while making up logic by already manipulated emotional perception, with its now ideological tag and frame.  It is about an appearance of consistency to our faithful. Luckily they are primed to follow buzz words as if it were manna from heaven. Other aspects of mind control, such as Thought-terminating clichés, will have a word or phrase act as negative magic wands, to stop our followers from thinking further into any matter we wish. Perception slides down that slope right into our bank accounts.  In some ways, we can be much more liberal with the truth and fact as liberals ever could be.  It is a beautiful vice!  We have them both coming and going.  Now there is a profitable trap; other hearts pump to fill up our tanks!

We can have them, the public, our public, think fascism is communism, and more secretly, stealthily to our advantage; think anti-Christianity, is Christianity.  We can reverse the endemic liberalism of Jesus Christ.  A millennium ago we purged the Gospels of spiritually self empowering communal ideas, leaving those that supported our own kinds of power over structures.  We have these believers trapped, but now, without Biblical reference for more direct perception of The Divine and its attending enhanced consciousness.  We have the individual much more worried over their own heavenly outcome, rather than their expanded perception of their being now. This project is still moving forward quite well on much of right wing Christianity, yet they would be outraged to acknowledge this!

That is the perfection of our cover, ladies and gentleman.  Our power over others arises from their own failings within.  Failings we have instituted into the program.  Our faithful have unplugged their own objectivity and rationality, depriving themselves of truly honest questioning.  Check Mate!

Like any opportunism in nature, we have every right to take and keep what we can get, no matter by hook, or by crook, or by the best of intention.  So called reality based Americans look at our followers in abject disbelief; How can they really believe that? The mind is controlled by controlling the heart.  Liberals just do not see the disadvantage they are in; subjectivity is much easier to control than objectivity.  Infinitely more simple, and so this is how we must keep our flocks; plain and simple and proud of it!


Keep spreading the Nope about National Health Care, especially any public option. Yell out; “They are destroying America for their socialist plan!” Thanks, but I meant that figuratively. We certainly do not wish the most popular of all health plans, the socialized health care plan run by the VA, or that other one; Medicare, from competing with us across the boards to drive prices down.  We do not need lower pricing.  We need no question permitted about we doing what we wish with our clients health care plan.  Now that is opportunism at work people!  I say; Don’t let the government take that choice for us away!  Now just phrase that to the common folk, and you have them in your talons!

You’ve got to love those congress-people, with their own national health care plan, condemning government involvement in medicine!  Fantastic!  And all because folks do not check the real facts in context; but are instead influenced by our opinion as operational truth.  My people; just check out Fox News and our GOP partners.  It’s a wonderful confusion!  We still retain our loyal followers even when we are found to be the ones whose principle seems to be, do as I say and not as I do!  Keep the faith!

Keep energizing our lunatic base!  Attack and run, ladies and gentleman.  Make things up.  It is all about doubt and suspicion.  It is amazing how few people ever can see through their own inner motivations.  These are our permanent stock in America. We are about control by fear, but this is no horror movie, this is real life.  Lets take it!

People.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you.


Now where is that metaphorical blood bank of heath care?  I need to make a withdrawal; squeeze a few more of the insured out of their winnings.

Oh. Don’t you know?

I’m looking for a new home where the action is.  Got a piece of land in China I’m scoping out.  You’d be surprised how many of us are putting up a roost there as well.  Get to where the flow is people, or be a looser and get siphoned out.

The Journal: Profits over People | Bill Moyers | PBS Video

With almost 20 years inside the health insurance industry, Wendell Potter saw for-profit insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before


Apocalypse Whenever : The Armageddon Spirit of Destruction

I mean to say;  Armageddon Whenever, but am playing off the idea of Apocalypse Now, the book and movie title.

The eventual end of the world, recognized by science as likely induced by the evolution of our sun, seems not the one many Abrahamic religious folks seem sure in breathing fire and brimstone down our necks, seemingly, since the idea was conceived.  That apocalypse conception, itself, has evolved over the ages; from seemingly a valley back in the Biblical era sounding somewhat like Armageddon, to the whole planet now in some others interpretation of Biblical era.

It seems that the apocalypse whenever people, see we humans problematic relationship issues as the reason for God delivering an apocalypse right around the present day corner.  The threats to the planet from pollution and other societal and environmental ignorance (or arrogance) are not what they mean.  They look for what one might conceive as God-like signs, what we define as nature based (God) threats to humanity. Every earthquake, drought, or other relative moment earth anomaly, becomes the signs of destruction.  They are looking for a promised punishment of a sorts, and using that fear of ultimate consequence, as a motive to be pure about spiritual matters.  Not necessarily actually pure, but pure as described by some leaders of church, and their moral values worth ideologies.  The projected spiritual groups emotionalized Zeitgeist.

At the change of millennium date at the year of 2000 (then 2001 in some minds, then usually some right up and coming next date), God was apparently set on getting even with the sinners or otherwise unfaithful. You just wait and see; may be the outward warning to apparent nonbelievers.  To believers, the publicity they generate towards humankind is meant to change behavior by suggesting immanent threat of enduring pain and deprivation, if you do not conform.  This is a negative based ideology; I am not to change my behavior because I am actually wiser, or actually enlightened as to the nature of my actions, I am changing because otherwise I will be tortured and tormented, perhaps forever.  Primitive defense mechanisms.

Gods breaking point comes when this final line is drawn on human sand; God will not show love for me nicely if I displease God; behavior equals punishment now or later, for it seems no excuse or explanation will be relevant.  God seems in a mechanical dialectic of punishment, or love, but we seem to conclude this will be balanced out in the future, the very near future, but soon now or maybe after my death.  Either way, it is stretched out ahead in our minds. We do not seemingly notice or believe that our good or bad behaviors are instantly judged, in effect, by ourselves.

Why if I wear a mask and rob you, you have lost and I have gained.  Only some theoretical God stands in possible judgement.  At least this is about as far as some thieves may think.  It seems straight forward in material appearance. We seem to believe it is true that others surly do seem to be “getting away” with something, be it trespass, murder or exploitation. So if the Universe is good or just, things will be balanced, if not now, then surely later.  And so a future time of reckoning is imagined, Bible true or not, for we are the ones imagining what it will be by our own sense of definition.

This open-ended threat does produce an extended circular reasoning merely based on continued existence—the end is always near, year, after year, after year, after year, after decade, after millennial. And we each eventually realize our death, even if illness and aging are “solved”, will likely reach us one day, a seeming day of reckoning. It does not matter about the facts on the real ground, we have evolved into a mental issue issuing from continuing problematic human relationship issues. The permanent apocalypse is when?  —-Ever right next to now.

The “facts” will seem obvious to the ideological presumption, and so the religions believing in a global day of reckoning, believing the Bible called this a truth, never fully consider the very old origins of their own religious ideas.  Their beliefs are strung out on the impressions and assumptions of the present day:  That their own religion evolved out of preexisting ideas; pagan, including pantheistic which can include their own monotheistic traditions of a Prime Spirit or Mover, must be ignored or explained away.

If I declare I am following the one and only God, the fully omniscient One, then by association, I am on the side of right and Truth—–in my mind as defined by others.  Something Absolute is granting me a kind of absolute authority, in my mind.  When ordained in public, so sure of the infallibility behind me; Do I question the roots of my religion and how they have been pruned?  Do I see the human intervention in the Gospels deleted and those accepted, that bent spiritual iconography a certain way to support hierarchy over refined states of consciousness?  Do I care or care more of believing what I believe cannot be wrong?

To think you know the Truth, does seem to involve one excluding many other different conceptions of knowing.  Perhaps perception must be narrowed, because ambiguity and varying nuance do not suit the absolutest ideological clarity that these kinds of conservative orthodoxies require to “know”, or imagine they know, what they are talking about.  Delusion, illusion and even mistakes, can seem completely real, as real as you and I ourselves.  Lacking permission to question ourselves to the core, may mean we are refusing to know who we are and what Life around us really is.  That we are living in exclusion ideology is an absolute certainty.

To accept the apocalypse whenever mentality, is likely to accept a resigned completion of the self; I am committed to knowing the end for all is near, so I surrender to what I a told, yes, what I am told, God is.  All I know is that God is Perfect and I am on Gods side, so God should favor me. I do not need to strive for earthy achievements any longer, really.  This circular reasoning would likely produce a kind of release from the problematic vice grip so many of us perceived humankind is being continually held in.—I can be self assured of my cosmological place in a spiritual life.  You guys go ahead with all those evil narcissistic ways you have, I’m going to be good; according to the ideological matrix being manufactured from fellow believers around a group defined idea of “saved” consciousness.  Exclusion from the vice grip of eternal damnation? Absolute surrender to the conceptualized ideology; as I imagine it.

Come the apocalypse, I will be spared, for I am supporting the Perfect One we have all agreed upon, with supporting Biblical reference, while the rest of you will get what you have coming.  I wish you did not, I love and feel for you, but l, and a small number of others will actually be saved. As one apocalypse whenever person put it; ‘I am supposed to pray for peace, the Bible tells me to.  But I do not believe it may do any good with the end being near.’ God Loves us, Loves you too, but you rejected it. What can I say? One way we see it, an unspoken way that is, is God terrorizing you and I, the sinners, with everlasting damnation, a pain or pleasure reaction narrative as primitive as bacteria motive.  Sorry.  I do not wright the rules.   Heaven is not a democracy.

What these people, who feel they are true believers do not know, and do not try to know what they really know, is that the cultural paradigm being created in their own consciousness is floating on a planet spun of ideas.  For instance; they are not checking why the Bible was censored of its self empowering Gospels about a millennium ago, by those who would rather have hierarchical notions dominate in culture.  Any deep questions as to the fundamental construction of the holy book and books deemed relevant, are pre–condemned by a long history of rationalization.  One thing conservative orthodoxies always have as a wedge against their own followers knowing their own thoughts; questioning the orthodoxy is itself seen as the work of evil.  Problem, for many, solved.

But if God, or Creation, is naturally intrinsic to the self, the relationship to this Prime Self would likely, in my view, be immediate.  Evangelicals and many other religious folks, seem to have many contradictory issues about how involved God is in their own thinking, or how simply belief based this God is.  How big God is; as in, is God a part of everything, or is God just a “Spiritual Being” a metaphysical Entity that is in someway involved in our lives, then come death, draws a line to determine if you knew the right stuff and acted accordingly.

That this Spiritual Entity then seems to pronounce that you are suitable for eternal damnation, would seem to be true for my mentioned “unknowings” of our fellow humans.  Interesting indeed.  Not that it determines God is a megalomaniac dictator that flourished on seeing Its creatures tormented eternally by God.  This actually says a whole lot about the kinds of minds that would be following such a disturbed Being.  Being that this vengeful God seems to have about the same philosophical/emotional imperatives as a psychopathic criminal.  Not the followers problem?

Were you following the right One God?  Were you an honest person, or do you have a few questions about a couple moments in your life, especially how you felt about it then, or of an-others life?  How will this penultimate lie detector test play out?  We do not seem to ask ourselves of the arbitrariness of much of this; like I got an extreme-unction just in the nick of time; or at the last moment I was sorry and asked for forgiveness; or, If only I knew this was really true I would have acted differently—–kinda the no atheist in foxholes implication.  This negative referenced God will reproduce negative assumption into followers consciousness; because the Universe is ultimately rational—-behavior, as action, occurs for reason.  Consciousness is self sufficient in perception; it tends to see what it believes in.  This may be a means to discovery, but not a guarantee of Truth.

And here is why; after the dust of disaster has settled; when the rains return; when survival is again insured, what insured it in this dangerous interim was; Love.  It is so simple, it can be missed like the nose on my face.  It can be ignored like the earth under my feet. It can seem invisible, like the air my car breathes into, or my fingers pass through while typing this to you, but we discover, often to our own humbled humiliation and then bliss; that are ego’s were blocking Loves Light all along.  This is why I insisted it was not there.

To love unconditionally, is to know Love.   To be true to knowing my love is aligned with Love, is the human challenge.  Here is where soul and Spirit are known as One, or imagined.  The proof of this is not in my beliefs, but in my awareness of Love’s domain.