In A Parallel Universe President Pelosi Succeeds President Palin

In A Parallel Universe


President Pelosi




President Palin!

Three-colour far-infrared image of M51, the 'whirlpool galaxy'.

Extra! Extra! Dimensional Extra!

Today we were stunned by the incredible sequence of events; First president John McCain stepped down from the presidency for an unexpected illness.  Palin was sworn in but soon found the job too taxing, saying ; “I do not like this at all.  It is not what I expected.  I wanted everyone to like me but it quickly became apparent that there are far too many pundits and bloggers who say bad things, so I’m out of here!”

Upon being asked why she quit, Sarah said: “I’m not quitter, that is what liberals do.  You do not understand that this is about Democracy, about the American people.  The media never gets it.  But the American people do, I have faith in them and they in me.  They know that if you try on a dress and it does not fit, you take it back.  Taking something back is not quitting.  It is simply doing what is right.  You medias just can not understand that!”

I guess no-one can argue with that?

Not when you make things up!
Fake news is  always right?

Works for Foxed News

And so we bid a big hello to President Nancy Pelosi.

So it went in  parallel universe 385639237 today, July 5, 2009ish

Back to your universe—

Video Dog’s Palin Interview on link below-

Caroline Kennedy Withdraws

Update 1/22/09

Now the withdrawal by Caroline Kennedy is said to be true since she said it.


Update; 1/21/09, 9pmEST

Sources close to Caroline Kennedy say she has not withdrawn, that there is apparently some misunderstanding going on. Or something to that effect.—B


The New York Times is reporting that Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from consideration.

Chelsea Clinton to take her place to keep nepotism strong. I’m Kidding about Clinton!

So it might be a Andrew Mark Cuomo instead.

Who said nepotism was bad? We seem to associate families as having the same character regardless of individual merit to some extent. Must be science.

Boston Globe
Kennedy Is Said to Withdraw Senate Bid44 minutes ago

By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and DANNY HAKIM Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from lunch on Tuesday ) prompted her decision to withdraw, this person said.


Six words to describe this debate…

Mostly the same old same old.

McCain claims Obama is responsible for the negative campaign. Claims Obama does not repudiate nasty negative comments like he always does.

Does “pals around with terrorist.” ring a bell? Has McCain repudiated, who is it? HIS RUNNING MATE!

That answer we would expect from these maverick excuse experts?; ‘You made Me pick her!’ Why don’t you acknowledge the facts Senator Obama?

Oh yeah. And why do you suspiciously pal around and go shopping with terrorist anyway?  America wants to know how lovey dovey you two really are.

My point! Game! Match!’

Just do not compare image leading innuendo to the facts. Most of McCains accusations can be turned right back at him. His whole campaign seems to be, ignore reality; ‘down with tax and government! Fixing everything easy!  I know how to do it. I am way better than that one! Trust me! I put the country first!’

Look rabbits!


But first in what respect? I have not seen the answers that are needed from the wishful thinking express. Just a lot of calls out to fantasy over reality.

Obama remained composed and to the points more directly than McCain’s constant string along talking point express regurgitation’s.

McCain claims everything magically fixes itself with desire and nonspecific know-how for free; he knows how to do it.

McCain claimed the cognitive conceptual trick of continually suggesting that the most fortunate in a culture do not need to pay for their commensurate impacts on society. Even suggesting that there is an extenuating accountability, is tag framed as “class warfare”, while windfall profit and other wealth excess is not, apparently, redistribution of wealth from society to the individual. That redistributiont is sanctified as earning, which this amorphous individual can then go do whatever they wish with no concerns for the Commons that sustains life itself. How conservatism actually abhors full self responsibility.

Addressing our common issues in society, might involve that demonized redistribution of wealth code phrase still being used to shoot society in the foot.

So not gonna happen. Good luck you all. You are on your own. Hope you have some asphalt to pave the road you use to work. I happen to own an asphalt company. I got just what you need. How fortunate you are! Magic….(disclaimer; I do not own an asphalt co.)

Magic economic perspective from the conservatives to the very wealthy elite is the answer, period. Everything else I guess will magically fix itself. That philosophy had been great with its elite bias. Notice how this wealth distribution going to China and Saudi Arabia, are suddenly wealth redistribution to take serious notice of? Hum? Seems dependent on who the super-rich are, and not their effects on the Commons. Do not look behind the curtains! OZ has spoken-

If you missed the debate, an abbreviated version is below. That Batman character seems to pal around with…




There is something brazenly naked about the outworking occurring in this seasons election.

The GOP seems to have actually been stuck with the reality they had been running from for 8 years or more. Delusion of grandeur cannot be escaped from forever.

When ones primary credit is only seeing the opposition party as the cause of problems, it becomes seriously problematic a “cause” being that that opposition was thought nearly dead just 4 years ago. It is hard to keep blaming someone who could not even have a room to hold a meeting in at times. That same party who were excluded from conversations concerning the government time and again.  Once again it must be framed to be all their bad.–They’re the problem.  Right.

The party of most make believe, seems to have thought we were set up to be suckered once more as before, by stating the Democrats were responsible for all the nations woes. Well, that line did not stick. Now the McCain/Palin campaign routinely deny saying what they are on tape saying prior, and use shuffle the shell tricks to make it seem voting against them is voting for terrorist or someone else’s God. Seem to count on us not knowing how to count or pay attention. The desperation reeks of a kind of blinded corruption of the soul, that will say and or deny anything to suit the next move.

Sure most all politicians and parties slant their side to the narrative of right and the others to wrong, but we are now seeing the reliance on complete NOT checking of fact and accuracy. Palin’s integrity seems to be melting down faster than the glaciers. We are seeing character facades that were erected for political reasons now seeming to have never expected the light of day. Then, when the light makes something clear; we hear the equivalent, that it is now night when the truth appears. We cannot see what we see!

Oh.  Sometimes I say things that sort of make sense.

Fear and insecurity were all they seemed to offer, now it is degenerating into one or another varieties of the “good people” somehow being on the mindless side of this dirty business. An opperation whose books were never intended to be accounted for.

The ad-hominem express is now running on the mummified remains of self defined righteousness. The contempt for the American people, and the truth being impaled by all the obfuscation and diversion tactics, just may be taking the spikes out from under their rails. Pointing them into the GOP.



Just in case one actually wishes to know what they are speaking of when referencing “Mavericks” tag fame.

The Nation – Who You Callin’ a Maverick? –

A Texas rancher’s descendant defends the liberal family’s name


Palin won, if you have such low expectations, that style, and an odd one at that, succeeds over substance.

Alaskan Governor Palin stuck to the now contrary mix of talking points, to the degree that she avoided answering some questions in order to revert to her “strengths”. Strengths, seem to be pandering to the American people about changing the very things the more conservative pro-rich party stands for. Have faith brethren?

Some may see that maverick tag sticker she tried to sell on that very old used car lot of conservative do nothing but attack and blame government, as just one more grand stand with no seats. Sure. Just get the government out of corporate America’s way, and you’ll get just what we now have. And we’re gonna fix that for ya too. –I’m not just being sarcastic.

She claimed to be going to fix all the current economic problems with strong regulation, then always went back to the talking point of getting government out of the way. To critique what she just said before, is the new talking point of “looking backwards.” That is reserved for ones opponent apparently, when points need to be raised about what they did back when. But two minutes ago? When Biden would bring up anything McCain did; ‘There Ya go! Looking backwards. We’re looking forward etc, etc etc.’ Ah, those darn mavericks! Who knows what they will do? Or do to us?

It was fascinating to listen past all the smiles and staring at the camera; everything, the infrastructure, and kitchen sinks seemed promised to be fixed, while taxes and government shrink. Just get out of we Americans way! And there is a bridge I would like to sell you. No. It’s not going anywhere. But don’t you like all my abstract platitudes repeated over and over to make it seem like change will be pulled out of a hat? Pretty competent huh? We have that kind of executive now.

She seemed to try to mix up her style to appeal to differing audiences, which came across as peculiar. The folksy affectations one second and then trying to be “professional” in the national sense, had me wondering what kind of identity issue she is now going through. The last national ego to do that juggling was Donald Rumsfeld. OK Bush the younger did the “rancher” pack pandering. Just another one of the common folk.

But she did manage to propose nation changing plans; even more power to the VP. I guess Cheney was not “strong” enough! This shows how able and ready she is to lead! Don’t I get it? What part of subconscious innuendo did I miss?

We are left with the current maverick crowd of “conservatives” seeming to knot know (as in tied up) where they actually stand exactly on much of anything, except the current Iraq situation.


Senator Joe Biden was somewhat reserved. He seemed to avoid being taken in by the constant attack strategy that the right needs to prod fears over fact. He clearly could have challenged Palins abstract platitude express, but kept out of all personal references about her. Even by proxy, he could have pressed her harder on John McCain, yet he held back. By the end of the debate, Palin seemed to be running out of material, while Biden stressed the reality check over the pandering platitude parade’s real history.

Biden might have been able to score more “attack” points, that everyone seems to love and consider so important. I’m mixed on that one. It might have changed into a mine field that would possibly work against him on the subconscious playing field that makes it to the press days later. Not my call, thank goodness!

It was good to see Biden, like Obama, claim the calm center of reason, over seasick reaction. They seem steady compared to the current “Big Bang” emergency the conservatives seem under. Probably just another reason why all sectors of the economy grow better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Facts actually do more things creative than fears. With that out there, ya gotta take shots at reality, to make fear based fantasy land seem more appealing than truth in context.

The event went about as I expected. I did not quite expect the mild questioning from Gwen Ifill. She may have had issues to address as well. Most of that PBS crowd are mild mannered corporate styled recliners, exception when Bill Moyers is around the camera.

We have a wonderful woman governor here in Arizona. What a difference she is. She is about policy and facts. I only wish the great state of Alaska could share her with us. We also have two senators that overall are yes-men for the right wing. Authentic apologist.


More platitudes over how well the platitude bubble machine worked. For some people, just because the presenter side of Palin seems confidant–will make them more confident of her! Hey. It worked before for the Bush league. Those who see below the surface waters to the nature of water itself, will be assured of Biden’s ability to be what a real VP needs to be.






Two smiling guffaw artist duke it out.

Will Joe help her to her seat?

Will she ask him a technical question, thus upending all expectations?

Whose mnemonic devices will be the best at quick memory?

Who will be wired?

Who will gaze at notes?

Who will try to be themselves? {Huh?}

Who is a con artist?

OK. Who is just a con artist?

Who looks prettier and or more handsome?

Who will keep quiet enough?

Who will talk a little too much? {NO I do not count!}

Who now wonders if projecting cynicism toward an opponent is a good thing?

Who will be so friendly to the mythical always right AMERICAN PEOPLE, that hair becomes a major pollutant?

Who will take it to the others presidential candidate, thus avoiding certain disaster?

Who will keep watching if some congenial smile fest suffocates differences?

Who will be strong, and risk being seen as too mean or cruel?

Who thinks debates prove a winner and loser?

Who knows what a VP does?

Who is on first?

Who is at the plate?

Who is the real you?

Who do I think I am?

Who cares?



My new Palin-Biden so called humor;PALIN PINS BIDEN WITH M-BRANE THEORY

And now after the debate:PALIN WON! NOT!


Update: 4:44 Arizona time

Just heard an interview with a Republican spokesperson. I know they have to try every ad hominem buzz word trick in the book to get those them against you self defeating notions going. Yet he claimed the real middle class does not eat arugula. Where I live it comes with many salad mixes. Americans do not eat salad? Maybe they do not eat salad mixes. I have arugula growing in the garden and out wild since it flowers so well. I am certainly not in any elite. I’m quite poor actually.

Arugula, snicker. We know who eats arugula, snicker. These conservatives never seek to amaze me with the way they polarize the American people from themselves. Both parties do this, but the one is an order of magnitude more full of it. No not arugula, manure.

Meanwhile; there is less abortion and a better economy for all under Democrats. Keep those kinds truths out of circulation for heaven sake. They’re not fair!

If you do not know what the corporate takeover of the commons is all about, watching a debate will not fix that.

Keep your marbles clean.

Blue Marble composite images generated by NASA in 2001 (left) and 2002 (right).

Blue Marble composite images generated by NASA in 2001 (left) and 2002 (right).