My New Years Post

I certainly hope that you all are having a good holiday season.

I’ve been having one; today I was out walking up and down hills taking photo’s in the snow.  Well, mostly snow pellets and bone chilling wind.  This reminded me of all my frozen alone time in childhood in the midwest.  Just your own heart keeping you warm. Unlike the recent 70-mid 80 degree weather of mid-late December this 2010.

But enough bout me.

Now more about me.  This is blogging

I loved seeing the wet ground and landscape vistas.  Took maybe 200 photo’s.  I have 6 gigs more waiting to go somewhere, most notable a new storage system so I can relieve this hard drive.

In the coming year you can rest assure of more nature photo’s.  All of you dropping in to see them can keep coming, the door is open.

I will continue with my sociocultural analysis, along with psychospiritual aspects.  Some polemical diatribes are to be assured.  My exposé of the pitfall trap of the conservative mind frame will be paramount, for reality yearns to be untethered from human imposed perceptual exclusions of fact and full context.

The problem with this all will be how much time I have for WEBing.  Life is always short, so I am putting my time with the “real world” the hands on and touchable one so important to me.

Congrats on making it swiftly into 2011


I’ve Gone Theme Crazy

I apologize to all of you who drop by and may wonder what is going on.  I’m gradually getting back to blogging more, but for now I’m trying out new themes at WordPress and not finishing what I have started.  Seems one often must redo widgets, backgrounds, uploads etc.

I’ve found that changing to some themes suddenly places an old post up front for no known reason.  Probably is a reason that I am just unawares of, but the automatic pilot is not me?


Here are some photo’s for Mothers Day.  My mother may have died some 47 years ago, but I know there are many fine other mothers who can take these photo’s as just for them.

Day before Mothers Day photo’s



America Falling Through The Memory Hole


America Falling Through The Memory Hole


Last night, Christmas night, there was much dog barking at what seemed like quite regular intervals, of approx 10 min spans.  This had the feel of those times the “illegals” come by our neighborhood; when the Border Patrol seems absent.  For some time I was aware of this holiday window or opening.

It was once full moons that were favored for borderland last step migration.  Now oddly it seems new moons, but holidays were the next most noticeable time.  Sunday nights were running times as well.  These may be kinds of holes folks can fall through into America; seemingly unnoticed openings.

{Dec 25 2009 ice crystal}

This post is about other falling through’s as well; each Americans own story, own history, where yours and my narratives are scripted empirically before us, sometimes in a silence of selfhood, where important to us occasions and events might go on unnoticed by those others in or around the world. Where does what matters begin or end in your consciousness?

We see a phenomenal world, an astounding sunset, a different surprising occurence or achievement, even the most mundane thing can suddenly bloom into ravenous reflection if we look deep into the life right in front and around us.  Yet sharing these joys are another matter.  Who wants to hear everything of our lives? Who truly knows who you are, when you may have unanswered questions yourself of what you have been and where you are running, walking or falling to?

For those of us a bit more alienated at times in our lives; the idea of our story, may be written down as if right to another’s face for posterity. They are in our hearts as we speak; for family in some other state, or a future one of our own, but what if these waiting for connections to be never materialize?

Stories are taped, digitized, rendering a kind of documented experience toward a future goal.  One’s intention which may or may not exist one day. Our self narration, then, takes on shadows of existential attraction and void in search of that other shore.

I had taped exciting thunderstorms in Tucson with my nephews and niece in mind. I wanted to share my excitement and lifelong interest in the weather.  I narrated the scenes through the house; from front door to back.  Hail, continuous lightning, driving rain, street and wash flooding were gleefully recorded. I tried to capture the storms impressiveness, its extreme of nature. It was in a way, a way of saying; my life is exciting at times with these interest.

Construction projects at home and work, flower gardens at home; I thought family was the audience besides my partner then, who did not seem all to excited about some of my interest.  She had her own.  So the receptacle I created for the interest expression identified with me were my family.  I presumed they would be interested, but they seemed to be; not so much.

In effect then, I had projected something of my life into a theoretical vessel which now seemed open at the bottom.  Tapes of these exist, most of which I have never watched myself. Their future may be a dumpster when I die. Some aspect of my life fell through my erroneous expectation, a hole of projection, only me noticing as what I thought was significant went by with all its thrill and inspiration seemingly just mine.  Here, the Internet came along, and now with self publishing another vessel appeared, but of unknown dimension and use.  A new opening seemed to be the world itself.


I this digital age, residuals of a life may be left behind, but who will be seeking them?  This is a great unknown, but I believe it will be of use for any who wish to recreate what it was like in a period.  Never has so much of so many been available to reconstruct the Zeitgeist and persona of a period as has now been made possible and available. I am always interested in other cultures and times of humanity’s and earths past, as I expect someone might will someday wonder into your residual self stored on molecular artifacts and see a bit of gold.

The hole Americans such as I, and perhaps the modern worlds citizens as well, may fall into, is a virtual world of our individual and collective narrative. Two years of blogging now has shown me that people are much more interested overall, from my blog experience, in popular culture and events, and not particularly cultural/political/psychological analysis, my poetry and writing, or otherwise my outlook on the world.  Just a few do.

Mid-afternoon Christmas moon



Luckily, the intrinsic value of a human being is not actually in their popularity, but the honor and integrity in which their life is dedicated to their ideals as they flow into the practical world.

Do I examine my life or just keep my head down in “the flow”?  The flow can be a peaceful place to be immersed in, few if any questions, or an ideology or theology handed over by the experts to direct my life.  The flow can also keep one submerge so long they are drowned in it; no longer knowing the dimensions of their true self.  Am I rely what I am told I am?  What do I know of my inside and its pure and valid relationship with everything else, not just the stream I am in?

These seem to be the kinds of thoughts that fall through the Internet’s holes.   Where they land, if they land, statistics do not necessarily know.  I have trust and faith in my passion for Truth; that I must challenge my confidence most, and look to myself for my criticisms of others. For a while at least, I also have some blog space remaining to put up the visuals of the world around me.

My life experiences a wonderous reality; one challenged profoundly by ignorance and perhaps equally by its corollary of context poor knowledge.  It appears essential to question who we are and where we are going.  Are my doings sustainable or is my posterity one in which my actions are the ones that seal earths and humanity’s fate?

One thing is certain.  To not question will have the effect of not caring. What one person does is not irrelevant. It is all humanity ever is; the cumulative effects of what one person does.

This is said near the end of 2009

Yesterdays photo; The cat and the Christmas tree.


What I Don’t Need For Christmas


Christmas No Wish List

I do not need an I-phone or anything like it.

Never had nor required a new car, so forget about it.

I have no need for computer games.  No thanks.

Not wanting any wine, beer or other liquor. Sorry.

Please, no sport tickets or any pop performers. Thanks.

I will not be Tweeting, so not wanting any of those.

Not text messaging as well, and I’m glad for that.

But if anyone would like to give me WordPress gifts, I’d take them like a greedy blank.

But I will give you The Moon this Christmas Eve

I did give myself a new little canon camera which I took this moon shot from tonight.

We’re getting ready right now to see old Christmas Shows we see every year.

It looks like I can tweet or type right here on WordPress!  Who knew?

Have some Happy Holidays you all.


Trying Out The Share/Save Button On My Post: That Was Fast!



That was Coooool


Alright WordPressers, or any other pressers for that matter.  It is really easy to get this button to network your post.  You just pick which platform you are using, like WordPress, Blogger, etc…

I know.  Some of you knew this long ago, but for not techy people like me, this is easy.

This worked fast and easy on Firefox;  Here is the link. The WordPress one, others accessible by clicking on the Addtoany label that appears after clicking on the link below.

I just followed directions; grabbed the banner and put it in my Firefox toolbar.  It just slides off the page and up to the bar.  Then I made this test post.  Clicked on the banner in my toolbar and this Share/Save banner appears in the post, like magic.

These Internet tubes must not be flooded yet.

Good luck on whatever this will do—

Reach out and touch someone


UFO Speculations : Is It All Hype Or Hyper-Reality?

I have been interested in UFO’s and the idea of alien life since early childhood.  I had seen a few strange things as a child, and a few as an adult.


I will reference only the two most recent times when I was with someone else who saw the objects with me; spheres in one case, and a large angled back triangle of blocked out stars rapidly moving across the star field on a moonless night.  Hold up your hand as far as possible over your head and spread it wide; about like that.

I do not know if these somewhat classic descriptions of kinds of UFO events are military vehicles.  I have seen the B-2 Stealth plane fly over Tucson, but I believe it made a noticable sound when flying low.  The profile of the stars being blackout phenomenon I mentioned seeing could be one of those flying at approx 1,000 foot altitude—if it is silent with no glowing aspects. The edge of the missing star-field also seemed smooth and not jagged.

I did not see any of the UFO’s often otherwise referenced in the Arizona UFO stories that I have heard of—mostly lights and or visible objects with lights, not of the spherical kind I saw that fly in formations of some kind.  (Former governors experience link below.)

There is no consensus about where UFO’s are coming from, meaning the ones not hoaxes or misread plane, weather or other earthly anomalous events.  In fact, if I can say that honestly here; “fact”, there may be many kinds of UFO external origins; external to out planet or external to our spacetime.  We also are not certain where life on earth actually originated. So as a rank naive UFO speculator not doing research myself on what others think, I will imagine what I might about the phenomenon.


UFO’s may be robotic vehicles monitoring earth or otherwise checking our state of civilization and technology, with any number of reasons as to why.  They, or some, might be from the future, don’t know. They may be space tourist, after all we are interested in everything out there.  They might be cosmic researchers and scientist, acting in ways that such folks do; testing subjects.  Could be on a kind of spiritual journey to see what Life is creating.  Might be keeping an eye on us to eventually act to keep our conflict model out of the heavens.  Remember I am saying might be.  If predators, like many of us, they might be waiting for the best time to harvest.  I doubt that myself, but that could be my wishful thinking, so I’d advise you to taste bad.


If life became conscious such as we modern humans, but billions of years ago, we may be visited all the time and never know it.  So called aliens could be part of the world we see, but assume to be inanimate or unconscious aspects of nature, or watch us from another dimension somehow.  Things such as a human mass unconscious or subconsciousness may be monitored by “them”, ( including our thoughts {along with God and Santa Clause?}).  They might not even be true individuals as we think of them.  Extrapolating off of our rapid internet advancement, why they may watch and giggle/snort/shine/haze? over what you and I are doing here. With likely advance deciphering of logic ability, they should in some manner comprehend most all we are about with our little blogs.  Solipsistic?  Maybe.


If we are actually creatures in a much advanced rendering of a virtual reality, it could well be designed to seem a real existence to us.  Real then becomes even more relative.  Does my blog actually know i is a blog?  I hope I don’t think so.

Physics, or our atempt to define the physical world, may be trying to decipher the insides of a virtual reality event.  ESP, may be a kind of bleed through in this virtual reality.  Repetitive haunting events; such as see-through soldiers seen returning into the woods at alleged Civil War battlefields, could “show” how a loop in this virtual reality gets locked in and partly imprinted indefinitely.  UFO’s under these speculative circumstances could then be system checks, kids playing, or who knows what.  –From first Star Trek alien child—-‘I could of!; I could of!.’

A scary thought about the UFO’s sighted around military installations, then apparently pursued by military vehicles is; we are showing them what we have in their field!  As they sped away beyond our reach, or blink through space to many miles away, oops; they learn we cannot catch them.  They also learn how relatively primitive our stuff is.  All part of preparations for invasion I assume?  Not necessarily.

An even more unsettling scenario would be; aliens engage with government/corporate entities to make the value of earth as a unique planet, a commodity to be brokered.  In effect; we will let you do this if you do this other thing for us.  They have us over a planetary barrel.  A kind of unholy alliance then ensues with opportunism and survival as its core value.

Too all UFO bloggers out there; We humans are not good food.  We often do not know what we are really eating or doing.  Genetically modified who knows what is spreading all over our food sources, so cosmic consumer beware.


Declassified UFO Files Reveal Military Engagement, Near-Collision

more stuff—

{Photo’s and artwork not on links by me–UFO ones faked with camera editing}

Web Searching Can Be Like The Weather; Not What Is Predicted

I was just trying to find a quote for a political article I’m writing.

I generally do not make things up, like “Death Panels”, even though it might be a discussion about death and lets say a kind of panel, or grouping of folks considering ones options on end of life issues.  So.  Since I was going to refer to a political issue where I know a specific mistake was said repeatedly, but not knowing who said it and from where, I had to make odd search request like; Republican Senator who got Democratic Senators name wrong in health care debate. Like you perhaps, search engines do not know what the hell I am really asking, but do not mind giving me all kinds of alleged responses.

A GOP guy got a congressional democrats name wrong, thinking he was someone with a similar name.  If he would have been that person, it would have been a shaming indictment politically in the health care “debate”, but instead he just happened to have his name sound like an others.  That was close enough, again, for standing in as truth on the conservative talking head, where the blood seems to rush to.  Then, this mistake was still being said the next day after the rest of humanity who cared was informed of the mistake.

Now the right wing is not known for caring what the facts really are, nor if they are actually false but still being promoted as truth.  They are filling in the blanks in their ideology and not a rational/objective attempt at interpreting the world; they must confirm conserved theory as factual.

Conservatism has a block on factual reality testing, and an S.A.P. on creating anything that will lend their ears to a confirmation bias, so that all is well in their world view.  Most of us try to conserve our world view most of the time.  Media conservatism is now operating a shotgun approach on peppering the Health Care Debate with unanswerable (self answered by asking) questions, wild allegation,etc. in order to change appearance reality into an operational consensus reality perception–worked for the Iraq invasion and many other conservative promoted issues.

I was in a religious/spiritual cult decades ago, and can see how this all works, but that does not make me necessarily right.  We, all of us, well most of us, have our established patterns of perception that see the world the way that seems to work for us.  So problems, as long as I block self reflection/introspection some way, are caused by some outside entity.  (Now there are outside influences and cause.  I am not suggesting, as some do, that the whole world is actually only of my own creation.  How I see it may be quite that, but not its reality.  I am not the all God, as “spiritually” seductive that may seem for those who believe the solipsistic viewer creates Creation) ) Back to blocking introspection and bias; Politics tends to raise this one way to see all to an art, and the right wing, to an unquestionable religion, where those who question us must be wrong!

Who cares if fascism is really socialism that is actually really communism and all the isms really liberalism?  Gulp!  No really.

(I am being facetious.  But this circular reasoning loop, where context gets blurred and propositions get confirmed by the emotionalized thesis, is seemingly being established on the GOP’s propaganda platforms.  Circular reasoning can aid and abet Thought-terminating clichés, where a concept gets poisoned, and its possible benefits turned into a perceptual evil to be condemned by ignoring any worth.  We see many being incited to rant against socialism, for instance, when many connective interest of society are actually socialized, but not called or acknowledged as such=concept containment for manipulation of perception purposes. )

By the way.  Did you know Obama , the secret Muslim one, has a plan to overthrow America, so lets us do it first? I’m beginning to think Obama and Osama are the same person;——OMG–!


This long winded post with many an and, and probably a few so’s and such, is really about weather prediction.  It seems not unlike political climate choices. This monsoon=(season) season in the Desert Southwest was said to have a 40% chance of being a good la nina one, which could have been longer and wetter.  It has been very dry overall in  Tucson this hot summer.  I have received about half the rainfall of last year, a la nina like year.

Today was to be one of our best in this year of rarely reaching classic healthy monsoon climatology, especially since last week someone on The Weather Channel kinda suggested the monsoon was gone for the year.  Then yesterday, with rain around Phoenix, it was still the monsoon on the same channel.  No one may do anything about the weather, but that does not stop us from calling it one thing then another as if we may well be changing the weather itself.

This last week summed it up; The remnants of hurricane Jimena were going to soak us good, perhaps.  Then it wasn’t actually headed here anymore (overnight computer model change of heart) but out to the Pacific.  Which, while saying this, it’s energy continued to head east as the maps for it pointed the other way.  We usually get tropical influence a day or more before they predict it will come.  This year one of the weather forecasters even said this.  I thought; amazing, even he sees it.  In that case, that the moist air arrives ahead of prediction.  The other side is true as well; when they say it is going to dry out a few days from now, it often dries out by that evening or the next day.  So it becomes a question as to why what is more or less out the window is thrown out there and the computer prediction seemingly put in its place?

Ah.  The power of institutional mandates.  Sometimes, nothing like a PHD to Pile it Higher and Deeper.

I thought you liked education? Depends on what is actually being educated; a mind or a machined perception.

If I am confusing you, now you know the stress of paying too close attention to our weather forecasters; it is not the window out which they are looking, but the computer screen.  I remember in Tucson one evening in the 1990’s.  The local weather guy declared there was 0% chance of rain, then a loud boom occurred.  The folks in the studio looked at each other. ‘That was thunder!’ As a nasty storm began to pound the studio building. I remember thinking; How could you not at least look out the window?  Since I am very garden and landscape oriented, rain is big to me here in the desert.

So some fact checking is necessary, or should be if we care to be accurate or even right.  I’m glad I did not go into meteorology; for would I be in their same shoes; Which computer model do I pick?  Hum? What are the odds?  What is my hunch?  Which has been right recently? Instead of reading something real, like the sky, although in modern meteorology that has its limitation.  It should never be ignored.

Another day in Tucson, again in the 90’s, I walked into a store on a hot summers day with a rare 100% chance of rain.  I looked at the sky before coming in, thinking; high pressure or hot dry air is wiping out the cloud formations.  Then I heard a female store clerk ask an old gentleman walking in; “Is it going to rain today;—?”  “No.”; confidently said the seemingly old farmer guy.  He learned to read the sky where he is apparently.  The university of real life.  He was quite certain of what I was suspicious of, and what the weather forecasters were certain would not be.

Fact or fiction; there may be no true substitute for real life.  Ism or no ism.  Rain or shine.

This Sky?

A 70% chance of rain this day–perhaps the best % this year; numerous showers and thunderstorms.  I did get 0.01″, earlier, so chalk one up to correct.


Life; Its not all we crack it up to be.