Worth The Waiting For; Images Of Nature Wild

Earth, Fire, Sky and Water



A gray sky of common origin

sun slipping behind a mountain

mere angles change perception

common becoming incredible

in passages of simple moments

laws of astrophysics bending light

our world overlooking a dream

beyond fences we seek afar

we are in vision’s sight

the dreamer

A Movie Being Made Of Your Life ; No Really!



The Artist You Are

No Matter Who You Are


You Are The Star

I should correct the title, by including that you will be the one writing your movie, and not some ghost or other writer. You will be narrating the plots storyline, doing the set production, including designing landscaping, rooms, buildings and even planets and qualities of physics, while creating all the characters, and keeping it all a secret from you as you do!

Now that is genius! Maybe you did not know that you were actually a creative genius? I do not know you, but I know you are.  The issue is access to you phenomenal abilities.

No Really.

Quiet on the set

Next Caveat:

This revelation of mine about your movie is not a “Cold Reading”; the fact that most of us, thinking we are all unique and one of a kind, actually have many of the same interest and goals of sorts.

For instance. Someone says you planned to write a book one day of your life’s interesting stuff.  Well, something like 80% of folks have that fantasy, but if a “psychic” told them of it, they might be quite sure of the “proof” of this psychics unique ability to decipher inner consciousness metaphysically.

Not necessarily.

Anyway. This is not that.  Not playing to your ego or perhaps ignorance in some manner.  Well now, that is not quite precisely true, since I assume you do not know what I am referring to yet.  At least some of you may still not know what this movie and genius stuff is leading up to.

No More Mystery

I’m speaking of your simple nights dreaming since you were very young.  You’ve been designing whole movie productions while reproducing elements of known environments and people into fantasy worlds.  You’ve been writing this stuff on the nights fly—-seemingly instantaneously designing dialogue, storylines, fears and who knows what else; ALL IN AN INSTANT!

You have no artistic ability? Baloney!  Double baloney!!  !!!


Now the question is; Do you or I tap our own deep creative well?

This will determine to what degree our talents are for public, or only private consumption.

Inner mind probe launched

Blue Moon Creations


Sand Painting From the Ukraine ; What Fun!

When Sand Shifts

Kseniya Simonova, a Ukrainian artist, won Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent.” Probably Ukraine’s Got Talent Too!


Paranormal Activity: An Abnormal State Of Denial

Paranormal Activity

{Warning: A few aspects of plot and characters considered. Warning}

I saw the movie Paranormal Activity last night.  Now let me state right off the bat; it was well done for what it was.

If you like Ghost Hunters or any of the many other alleged paranormal shows that have come to haunt satellite and cable TV, you should not be disappointed.  I have not seen The Blair Witch Project, so I do not know in what way they may be similar. Paranormal Activity has one bang-up ending.

In the netherworld of human relationship partnerships, we may all be aware of the levels of oddity we tolerate in one another.  You must accept this to stay in the movie, a kind of face value mindset.

The movie has a striking similarity to the old movie “The Haunting”, especially the approach to paranormal sound effects.  From that we have to accept YouTube like filming randomness, along with reality show modern clueless characters.

My huge problem with the movie is its leading man, who in allegoric effect, is running, no, sitting on the railroad tracks with a speeding train heading right towards him.  Exactly how would you, for instance, be so arrogant regarding your lack of knowledge, that with a likely demonic threat to your mate, your love, you would declare you need no expert help cause your mate is yours and it is up to you alone to save them?

Things are positioned properly in these modern lives, like the Internet, with all its vast resources at hand, yet all the guy does is look and find a similar demonic case.  Not who can help them, not the resources that need be marshaled.  The movies main strength is its actors naive innocence (hence realistic?), documentary like presentation of themselves as common, every day folks.  Folks with next to no sense, as the guy repeatedly taunts the supernatural to confrontation, into a “Bring it on!” pissing contest.  An odd choice for your partner, who is warning you of your own ignorance and ineffectiveness with an entity that is invisible overall and able to manipulate matter dramatically when asleep.  Good idea?  After being marked by the demon for seeming elimination, our hero’s able-bodied response is to———————–sleep like a log.

Ah.  The supreme youthful confidence of the young and with it male.  At least this is what one must accept.

The movies key to success is our abnormal state of suspended critical thinking. I began to feel helpless in my seat, like the cartoon with the train baring down on our hero running down the middle of the tracks ahead of it.  We, the audience, are tied up in his foolsihness, thinking; Call someone else.

Hello? Hello? Sleeping guy.  Monster coming to eat you. Yoo hoo. Stuff moving and noise happening.  Take of your ear muffs. The lights are on, and off, and on, camera running but nobodies home.  But we’re awake.

An inexplicable set up is the lone psychic.  There’s more than this one psychic expert guy in the world that this couple talk to. He’s afraid to come in their house to help.  Gotta go…  Though he did warn them of their dire predicament.  ‘It will be OK’?  Call the TV shows to come and help.  Call the church.  Anything.  Do something other than wait on this one guy who is shrugging you away.


Um?  No.

Just keep the camera rolling.

Its an abnormal state of denial, and the plan is to walk, no, run toward the train.

Metaphors get out of my way!

Paranormal Activity” – Official Trailer [HQ HD]
1 min 46 sec – Sep 15, 2009

But go and see it if you like this kind of scary stuff.

And sweet dreams.

Did the curtain just move?

How am I supposed to see a shadow in the dark?

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek; A Future Founding Father?

-( With free Showtime, I get to see some things I might not have.  This post describes one of them.)-

Does Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series qualify him as a Founding Father of The Future?

After seeing a documentary (Trekkies 2 on Showtime) of Star Trek fans around the world, a powerful narrative seemed to be present that may alter the trajectory for humankind’s destiny.  Gene Roddenberry may well have left a mark so bright and relevant to all, as to endure into humanities future.  Our survival, and possible more long term existence as a space faring civilization, may come to pass in some part thanks to this science fiction creators vision of humankind’s future.  I was already aware of many scientist in Astronomy and Astrophysics, who credit Star Trek with inspiring their own imaginations to put their lives where their vision was, but Star Trek apparently cast its futurist promise over many in other ways.

Star Trek
The 2006 Star Trek 40th Anniversary franchise logo, featuring Captain Kirk (William Shatner) (left) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
Creator Gene Roddenberry
Original work Star Trek (1966)

When the first Star Trek came out, I was a kid thinking it was just too much to bother with.  My life at that time did not allow uninterrupted nor peaceful TV viewing.   I caught up with it with its reruns in the 70’s.  By the 80’s, when watching Star Trek with friends, they would look at me astonished as I would recite the next character lines ahead of time. It seemed that for some reason, after seeing them twice, I knew the words years down the road.  Now that was some writing and character performing to make that stick.


I always looked forward to new Star Trek series developments, but never considered myself the kind of “Trekkie” to go to one of those conventions.  The TV news would show the seemingly sad characters who tried to liven up their earthly lives by pretending to be an alien.  Seemed odd to me, but honestly, most of us have some curiously odd interest if we’d admit it.  We just might not have such a public platform to act out the acting out in.

Trekkies 2

TREKKIES 2 – Star Trek Fan Documentary, the feature-length documentary about Star Trek fans. The filmmakers (Director/Editor Roger Nygard,
www.trekkies2.com/ –

This documentary; Trekkies 2, did not quickly dispel my bias as to the fans state’s of mind, still a lot of pretending to be someone else, a kind of hobby.  This someone else, however, appears to embody qualities that that Trekkies value as human virtue, so how bad is that?  I then learned of the volunteer work many Trekkies do to actually improve the lives of their fellow aliens, earthlings, and that is not bad at all.

It was the comments of one guy from the recent war torn Balkans, that presented the transcendent or universal narrative that Roddenberry put into this Star Trek phenomenon:  It does not matter who or what you are or where you are from; the future has a place for you at the table.  Actions in deep space portrayed ethnic and racial, even alien life, as life that sits with us at the table when this transcended “knowing” of self legitimacy is acknowledged and extended toward others as in The Golden Rule.  In time, the series franchises included women as society in general recognized female abilities beyond what was once thought appropriate.

In the Balkans; where religion and politics played to tribalism reaction and alienation, some could see the hopelessness of retreating only to “your group”.  What happened to the pluralistic life? the diversity? the cosmopolitan excitement and cross fertilization?  It was shuttered up and spray-painted over by fear.  But then there was this vision on video tapes passed around, where everybody was shown to have a place in the future.  Now that was something to get excited about, for then, no-one is the loser.  No one is erased and discarded by appearance or other status background bias.

Gene Roddenberry’s future is a meritocracy of sorts, but not one judged by appearance with its storehouse of ignorance and insecurity.  The future was to be open to you, is open in Star Trek, be who you can be, we are all on your side.  A kind of egalitarianism of the Golden Rule and of Democracy stands behind its imagery, even though most Star Trek series are based on hierarchical military platforms.  When it comes down to the characters off duty lives, their operational psychology, they are encouraged to question authority and speak their minds without top down evaluation of relevance or “your place”.  It is worthwhile to note that many of the worlds most beloved leaders, including military, were known to view themselves as servants of those following.

Roddenberry’s vision was not one of homogenization; where we all think and act alike, as is seemingly implied to some by concepts of egalitarianism, or intrinsic fairness of right to human consciousness.  The imagery and iconography portrayed this value of self history and background; where respect is granted even when ways are not understood.  People still had their old customs, still honored their hereditary story and faith, finding them as anchors of self realization in a speeding future.

The USA’s Founding Fathers had elements of this independence of spirit.  Roddenberry, however, takes this up to another level. There may have always been Founding Mothers who put Truth and love of Life above their own self interest.  Or did they know that was their self interest as well?  Mr Roddenberry took the time to create a vision of a whole universe for the future, where that mission is a revelation to those able to see beyond the wounds of the present moment.  A new now beckoning toward a Higher Light.

The future is founded now.

Perhaps it is that Spirit, that is the Final Frontier.

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Michael Jackson Has Died; June 25 2009

Michael Jackson, one of the most well known musical icons around the world, died this afternoon from a massive heart attack.

The exact nature of his death is still to be determined.


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