America The Perplexed

It is yet another shocking time in America (USA North /America). Skies have fallen, seas have risen, winter is beginning to push fall aside.  Yet then there is another climate; politics, demanding that cloudy cover of lies, or select unspoken facts, are equivalent to facts in context. Politics makes opinion, supposition and interpretation its own climate. The truncated context that suits ideology that suits ignorance with its hands over ears and eyes becomes the TRUTH spoken as wisdom.

We have wishful thinking stalking our fears for signs of hope.  Is this spring of desires promise really showing signs before winters cold digits seek out what warmth remains? How can this be?

H2 and O, Nitrogen and Carbon, parts of our chemical cocktail that fill the glass of Life.  But what exactly are our ideas made of?  We can deny the laws of Nature by pretending some other laws supersede, or better yet, deny the rules of Creations manifestation discerned by our sense and senses, inserting other ideas in their place, perhaps sanctified by calling them something? Divine?

Looking for proof of something through evidence beyond verifiable means, then pumping their “connections” up with emotional deregulation, opens the story of knowledge up to narration that can hide elements of deception. The tellers of the story then place these polluting particles behind flags or good books, for we no longer question human fallibilities that extend into the entire atmosphere of perception.

We do believe in science if we use electricity, food, water, shelter, for we have reasoned how to have nature nurture us by following its rules.  Yes, its rules may be the rules of God as well, in fact likely more reliable as such than books selected by men mostly to run religion as they see fit.


We may wish our vote turns out for the best this election season, we will see.  It is sometimes advised to be careful about our desires, for we may at times in life be shocked at the reality of what we wish for.

Upon a star…