Flirting With Summer or Whatever Happened With Spring?

Torii gate variation

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Flirting With Summer; or, Whatever Happened With Spring?

I say this,  for this year we plunged into a record low single digit, then in a few weeks were trespassing onto 90.  The record low was the coldest day I have had in 24 years in Arizona. This was preceded by a day that refused to go above freezing. This, also for the first time in my life here.

Many plants still show no signs of life as the weather continues to warm into the 90’s this week (post begun a couple weeks ago). Very little rain here this “La Niña” season;  less than an inch in several months. Some plants seem to be 2 months behind schedule this year, which may be not so good, since the famous dry heat of Arizona will tend to fry my many wildflowers with thin petals.

Our Redbud tree has blossomed incredibly this year, and someday I will put photo’s on this post to show what I mean.  I put up a Japanese “Torii Gate” a few days before the earthquake and related disasters i Japan.  Today I finished, well almost, a rock wall to one side of it.

continuation from two weeks ago

April 8 and flirting with winter

Today is yet another odd one; the mesquite’s have begun to leaf and blossom. An old adage is that they only do this after the threat of frost has passed.  We will see, being that the weather service is predicting low Saturday night to be in the mid twenty’s! I’ll take a photo of before and after to see how the old saying goes.  We may also see snow here at 4,000 feet. This intense system is expected to generate severe weather into the weekend in the Midwest.

I will put up an independent post about the Torii Gate, for anyone interested in the way I built it.