The Big Denial: Conservatism Mandates Institutionalized Ignorance

As Belief Overrides Factual Cognition

The Edifice Of  Media Conservatism Mandates Institutionalized Ignorance

This imposed limitation of perception creates a way into falsity without even knowing it, owning it, nor rectifying the self deception. Ignorance itself, becomes a major political and cultural commodity.

First I must say this, and I hope you will receive this post as what it really is; an honest statement of the facts of personal psychosocial dynamics–We are each in some ways and at certain times both conservative and liberal in our thoughts and actions of and in the world. In spiritual, political and social consciousness, if I do not know this about the subjective self’s interest in situational awareness, I do not know much.

The Closed Self vs The Open Self

In conservatism, belief trumps full facts in context, yet the conservative will usually avoid the nature of responsibility and accountability to their paradigms mind-frames, while likely suggesting others need to be held accountable for their own belief structures.

An idea of truth trumps the real thing, abstraction held above self application, yet that idea is called the “Real Truth” by many a self professed conservative, leaving the real of the real social and physical environments thing to seem an untruth. Behind this cognitive contraption often mandating a diversion to cognitive dissonance avoidance facades, ways of comprehending reality can be reversed through the conservatives perceptual lens. This convolution of reality makes the conservative mind, heart and soul, one where denial and obfuscation are invisibly incorporated into their protected from questioning perceptual bias, this going on to infect the mind, heart and spirit.

A retreat into a “sacritized” self narrative does seem to have an evolutionary advantage at times for obvious subjective reason–If I have the land then I can use it and others cannot; or the food; or the… a way to get or keep what I have vs dealing with all of the demands of honoring contravening interest of others. Others then require a negative narrative cognitively from the conservative point of view.  Many self interest like these are pandered to by what is known often as “The Right Wing” and its vast economic and social directions hold on cultural narration via established corporate and power interest.

This conservative narration of superior view and entitlement then requires the appearance reality, and consensus reality, that rightness is on the conservatives side, leading to the assemblage of good abstraction for them and bad for others. This is  usually frame-based upon their views tagged moral, character and other blame and shame types of negative outcasting of others.  The classical “other” is then made the subject of both a fear based animalistic protectionism, and a targeting of hostility toward these others. Again this provides platforms for the continuous scripting of otherness on Right Wing TV, Talk, Internet and other medias, helping to keep the cement hard onto the desired targets, keeping tight delusions and perceptual avoidance necessities.

With Stealthy Face and Well Sugared Tongue

Confirmation bias to narrative is presented as alleged truth in most any argument, including what I am doing here. This is the creation of an Appearance Reality seeking to make the grade to social Consensus Reality, but to the conservative, seen as truth itself.

Emotion is a common buttress to convincing one of “true meaning”, powering up rationalization with its find what it needs logical scenarios.

Here this becomes appearance realities visible source of correctness, supplanting the rigors of full objective reasoning, with attitude, likely harboring inherently misanthropic viewpoints towards others. The conservative generally is not bound to honest investigation toward full context pattern recognition, but instead sees such attempts at objectivity as intrinsically hostile, misinformed, and likely misleading, leading the conservative to cherry pick both facts and context, such as when cold weather somewhere, or a record snowfall is “proof” of a global warming hoax.

We see that the corporate driven perception of reality selects out ideas and even data that support its philosophy automatically, on automatic pilot to continue their flight into the future, unfortunately, as with cancerous tissue and direction, without concern for the implications of its thought or its action of self preservation leading to possible annihilation.  These days there are many commercials from suspect corporations, suspect for they seem to perceive a need toi define their interest as solely ones own, they go on to demonstrate how worker and family friendly they are.  The intent quite likely to divert our attention from the full consequence of their action, instead showing us how much they are for folks like us, our fellow humans.  You like having your job, don’t you?

Conservatism’s Everyday Shell Games With Smoke And Mirrors Too!

These approaches to appearance reality perception count upon our ignorance; that I not know the full truth, but instead focus upon a subjective narrative surrounded with goodness and what seems right.  Simple and effective in corralling cognition behind an enclosure of idea that supports something perhaps intrinsically fatal to civilization, yet now protected from questioning by a kind of  belief appearing to be full truth.

Mind control attempts to be not only unseen, but inoculating the subject to be suspicious of the actual truth, thinking it is skewed and attempting to manipulate perception away from a consensus paradigm presented to be seen as necessary to life itself.  The “wedge issue” and “culture war” realms are filled with intent to cleave society from perceptions of wholeness and congruity, presenting the idea that what is problematic in life is being caused by groups of others extrinsic to what is good and wholesome.  For instance, I could be called a liberal being part of the problem for my ideas here.

Now, as evident on many conservative propaganda platforms, evidence of global warming is not scientifically debunked, (that manipulative scandal aside) but ridiculed as being outside the conservatives confirmation bias. The proposal is then seen as automatically wrong and suspect to derision, along with shame and blame strategies to divert attention from full reasoning.  This is all about mind control being presented as the obvious truth of appearance and consensus realities, while full factual contextual rendering is drawn out as suspect for its requirements for more thinking and appreciations of Creation.

Conservative media outlets supply this pro-corporation exploitation of the world as our paradigm’s view, as the honorable one, the truthful one, the one that is the only good one.  Messengers of the vast preponderance of data, such as with climate change tied to human chemical alterations of the atmosphere, are then cast into doubt with various thought-terminating clichés standing guard as validation of alleged scientific inaccuracy and theoretical bias.  To listen to conservative media outlets is to receive a near continuous narration stream of logical trickery filled with the smoke and mirrors of rationalizations pretending to be forthright reason.

These “facts” are demonstrated daily to many millions of Americans with argumentative tricks of the trade; where reality is traded for confirmation biased propaganda, to those needing it; The “Real Truth”.  Now we can “see” the global warming hoax for what it is;  Or so it is believed was proven to be the case.  This is how emotionalized data can become something other than honest truth, while technically, perhaps, being factual data in the abstract, and so, true.  An example may be in Antarctica, where, while the penguins there are facing the increasing stress on ice retreating, but in the center of Antarctica, snow may be falling more often than it was before, “proving” to some perhaps, that all is well, even exceptionally so, for new ice must obviously be being created at an increasing rate. Context controlled to fit bias, then facts or data selectively used to debunk scientific theories–by appearance reality manipulation of perception of reality.

I suppose those warm-mongers will call this freezing weather as part of global warming!  What a joke!!!‘ Such “common sense” connection is oblivious to a possible phenomenon known as the warm arctic/cold continent paradox.  Yes, a possible aspect of climate change including global warming, where the warming polar air allows the polar jet stream to uncoil further than “normal”, sending cold air plunging southward, all while the arctic is experiencing record warmth.  Much easier to be simple, obvious, and certain, than take in nuance, paradox and ambiguity endemic to Life.

Mental Meltdown

In much conservative media propaganda, the melting of the polar regions and migrations of plants and animals to the north in the Northern hemisphere are ignored. The current human induced mass extinction event is ignored. The vast predominance of record highs over those of cold over decades is ignored for momentary confirmation biased opportunistic rationalization debunking prospered as good natured honest “proof”.

This dishonest trick on the self, of logical myopia, serves the perceptual bias the conservative must confirm to keep cognitive dissonance at bay or tagged onto others. This is a hostile world view, or cosmological and spiritually broken cognition that leads to a disharmonious view towards existence, producing classic us against them phobia’s and psychosis along with the projection of these “truths” onto perceived oppositional characters. Then, as it is in existentialism’s morass of pick and chose for oneself meaning; mentioning conservative us against them paradigms makes the one bearing this message a guilty party to conservatives fear based cosmological and spiritual perceptions of the universe at large beyond their tightly conformed tent.

A critical thought toward conservatism’s rationalization matrixes can well mean to them that you are against them, obviously, and so, one who is blatantly propagating us against them consciousness oneself.  This reverse reality technique allows one to not review the full impact of the concepts and tenets one possesses for a critical external view of others, usual across many boards.

Conservatism is often itself an assault on critical thinking ability, crippling the conservatives ability to see objectively, and thus perceiving the world as subjectively motivated. In the USA, conservatives rescript their perceptions of abstract ideological fortresses, such as The Bible and the US Constitution, as being their right to interpret and not others. This preserves the conservatives sence of abstract arrogance, while seeing others attempts at understanding those abstractions for themselves as being intrinsically misguided or influence by some evil nature.  For conservatives truth is a one-way street–theirs, and this cripples their ability to be truthful and free, let alone honestly responsible to the ramifications of their actions.

Do As I Say; Conservative Conformity Matrix

All conservatives harbor misanthropic tendencies towards those who do not see the world as they do.  This presents a perpetual problematic relationship towards Freedom, Democracy and other Liberal institutions that must include all.  The conservative is motivated to act against these others in the world and in society. Within the conservatives broken, or dysfunctional perception, others are conceived as being the same, these others becoming the targets for conservative blame, shame, and ostracism campaigns designed to deny others of their right to be as they are.

The basic fundamental of the conservative mindset is; ideology (belief) before fact or evidence.  It is something we all do, bias towards our own interest when the interest of another seems to contradict our own.  Seems.  This means I believe another’s interest is in contradiction with mine or in competition with it. In the basic bottom line math of survival—like other animals–it seems in my interest to put me first.  It takes something other; a higher interest, to see past a basic Darwinian mindset into one with a broad minded overview.

I imagine many on the sides of left and right, as well as the middle, think they are one way but not really the other.  As we dichotomize our perception, we side to bias–Confirmation Bias, and quite likely emotinalize the weight of our believed in correctness compared to the others.

Conservatism particularly, requires logic and interpretive defectiveness and defensiveness to seem correct.  In this sense it is opportunism and rationalization dependent.  Its interest in reason is not toward an investigation toward objective truthfulness, but instead, one which reaffirms its borders and imposed limitations upon perception and cognitive apprehension.  This defective reasoning is then often called “The Truth”, case closed.  Conservatism, with its mandate to not include others and evidence fairly nor completely, must then impose upon itself a nonsensical narrative; one making the conservative seem to be more entitled to the world than those who do not share the narrative.

The Narrative Rules; Those Outside It Loose

Those who support a world view favoring objectivity and the use of full context are left with mouths and minds left agape as today’s propaganda conservatives define reality with their myopic rational constructs.  Here in Arizona this perceptual bias towards established wealth and power, and a subservient population, is in classic conservative head lock. The interest of others is only conditioned to the money subservient narrative towards what hearts, minds and souls deserve of this world, but those seeking to correct the myopic deformity in perceiving human nature are viewed as on the side of social, economic and spiritual ill, or evil.  In this, ignorance parading as good old common sense is itself the source of evil–ignorance in action over oneself and others.

Beneath the wedge issue emotional tents set up for unsuspecting citizens, with many prompted weekly at church, on radio and TV to keep under the wedge issue tents toxic gas, the narrative, the storylines of conservatism, the us versus them mindframes are inhaled deeply with invisible penetration. Conservatism is in this way the Dry-Rot Of Civilization; that which eventually brings the individual and humanity down by excluding compassion, empathy, understanding and honesty.

In The Image Of Man: Conservatism Attempts to Make Conformity Universal

The story always has their ideological prism focused squarely onto the individuals very identity and worth as a human being.  Here, a particular definition of God, patriotism and other things abstracted as pure to their narrative; such as morals, true values, Truth and goodness, these are identified as intrinsically their own, the in-groups providence.  Others are always needed to be identified as being deceived or against their abstract definitions, the lexicon becomes as a kind of guarantee to the idea.

To this mindset, saying a thing such as you are intolerant of intolerance can mean you are just as intolerant as any other bigot. The mind-traps for the conservative mind, such as this example of an existential derived false equivalency, is just one of a myriad of logical tricks employed by conservative propagandists to “prove” their own nobility of character.  The radio and cable TV hums with these deformations of idea day in and day out, charging the batteries of those suffering under societal stress to target their distress onto various politically charged targets.

As in other cults and cultures, imitation becomes a means for an individual to felt security, as if immersion it the appearance reality of the narrative can create the actual reality in the cosmological and spiritual sense as being full Truth to existence.  Those not like us are easily pegged as being against us. I have encountered many folks who express the current right wing talking points, pretending they are free thinkers as they repeat what they have just heard o,n the radio or TV; disparate theories pretending to be confirmed truths.

Now, once embedded into the confirmation bias, a list of others seeming contradiction, different viewpoints, different appearances and even styles of expression such as dress, music and such, becomes codified as alien and other to cherished abstractions.  To individual and societal manipulators, the armory of perception becomes propaganda’s voice of reason, but actually, self serving rationalization. The authority and integrity of those outside of conservatism’s mental and emotional strangleholds are discarded as so much garbage–unconcerned for where these end up, for they are discarded from legitimacy in the narrative.

Into The Electrified Tent

I attended a “mega church” one recent Christmas with family members, only to find this church to be a place, not really of worship, but of mind control set to a corporate agenda. The back of the church was filled with right wing pro affluent lifestyle books and pamphlets to file through as you left the church.  It was very much an atmosphere of affirmation of  kind of lifestyle with an organized intention to bias minds, hearts and spirits to an elite way to be in the world, a way with a political agenda as central to spiritual identity.

During service itself, we where cautioned that being Republican did not guarantee you a place in heaven.  I can’t imagine anyone actually thought that, or did they?  What kind of movement is based upon a spirituality wed to a material list or a political one?  From the giant screens projecting high-tech emotive imagery, to the modern music set to dramatics onstage, this service seemed to be most about keeping attention by entertainment and the engendering of the “correct” bias.  I had stumbled into what appears as the GOP driven spirituality merged with the modern worlds consumption and excess bias being framed as being a Godly thing.

Ill finish this article later, being I have things to do immediately—