Tucson Gem, Mineral + Fossil Showcase – January 29 – February 13, 2011 – Information

The recent tragic events in Tucson will not diminish the Tucson Mineralogical and gem/craft scene. Tents are going up around town as life goes on in our wonderful state.

Was in the 70’s today in Tucson and likely to be all week+.  There is always a possible time for some changing weather here this time of year. The “La Niña” weather event occurring at this time will tend to keep us mostly sunny and dry.  Who knows?  May be flirting with 80 degrees farenheit by early Feb.

Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase – January 29 – February 13, 2011 – Official Information.

The gem and mineral activity in the private sphere, as far as I am aware, begins a week to two ahead of the Jan29 starting time.  And as a final note; one of the last of the gem shows is the oft promoted Big One at the convention center.  It gathers many vendors from shows that have ended around town along with its own usual ones. It tends to not have the atmosphere of the many outdoor and hotel shows that I like.


At the official end of some shows, some vendors may remain along with dramatically falling prices for gift like items.  These rapidly get picket through.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot; Others Killed, Injured

Tucson Arizona

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot; Others Killed, Injured

Mass shooting at grocery store public event in Tucson

At least 6 dead, many injured, a man held.

Are These The Second Amendment remedies being encouraged by some?


This commentary is based on my first flush of feeling about this matter.

With the hate speech pandemic infecting many conservative/right wing media outlets, this kind of evil, thought by the perpetrators as good, may be just the beginning.


Terror knows it works to cripple free thought and thus Democracy. Those proposing it against fellow Americans are anti-American and antiChristian no matter the public provocations being offered as rationalizations.  This is about ignorance versus understanding at the core level.  As many of us are aware, in the human mind, ignorance, guided by emotional manipulation, can appear to be actual truth.

The terror making individuals are likely both mentally and spiritually highly disturbed.  The question is; Why are so many conservatives advocating openly hostile contempt towards, not only liberals, but the Democratic party as well?

CTV.caUS Congresswoman Giffords Shot in Tucson, Arizona

35 minutes ago 

Source: Giffords for Congress via Bloomberg News US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, and other people were shot at an event today in


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