The Jesus Story On “Hot” Wedge Issues

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Could it have something to do with the ever-present rebirth of an eternal answer?

But first the definition and its origin is in order; A look into what we believe and interpret the message of Christ to be would seem relevant to what meaning this Holy Day has to anyone reflection on a date named after Jesus Christ.  As well, to not instil ignorance as an arbiter of idea; the meaning of the winter solstice, with its circling back of the light from the hold of growing darkness.

Before A Name Is Cast

Much religious symbolism has prior cultural roots; the preexisting human belief systems heavily influenced the evolution of these new dates of event timing and story meaning. Before Christ birth there was also a preexisting story about the virgin birth along with other narrative lines from earlier groups. — –.

Some seem to be afraid of facing this and other truths that are intrinsic to a time, for consolidating their own exclusive consensus reality is the job always at hand, with a story held above factual inquiry toward Truth within a meaning.  Avoidance of real facts and their actual contextual framework usually goes on to pollute and dilute perception of the self and of others, along with ideas conceptualized as realities.

Many, many beliefs and inclinations are from our self history. Merely repeating what one is programmed with in childhood, or when what one is seeking is to gain the approval of others via confirmation bonding ritual, does not make an honestly lived faith, only an imitative one seeking the “right stuff” verification from others.  What most any orthodoxy can be sure of is an inhibition, or other taboo sentence imposed upon objective inquiry into Free Standing Truth .

They must instead declare the truth to be what they suggest if appears to them to be–one they are comfortable with and that you must accept to be a correct person.  This is unexamined cultural programing.

A Word Or Phrase Is Not Necessarily Knowing

When objective (God given) reality is made subordinate to individual and group dynamics, truth may well be tossed out with the Child Jesus. One thing God is not afraid of is; truth seeking above hearsay, above ‘Just believe this, everyone else who is good does.  God wants you too!  Many of the greatest minds have concurred, so whatever questions you have are just not valid.  Believe me! I had your same qurstions ntil I accepted (blank)’.

Nope.  Not good enough, for it is surrendering your own connection to your spiritual core for ideas chained to others intentions, intentions that cannot be honestly taken as pure with a straight mind no matter how good. These here included.

Half-length portrait of younger man with shoulder-length hair and beard, with right hand raised over what appears to be a red flame. The upper background is gold. Around his head is a golden halo containing an equal-armed cross with three arms visible; the arms are decorated with ovals and squares.

I have linked to this article before pertaining to the current state of Christianity and Jesus Christ teachings, yet with the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth celebrated this Dec 25, a look at what his teachings and admonitions actually were, and where many “conservative” Christians are in regard to Christ teachings remaining in the Bible is always in order.  Perception can control the appearance reality if not examined to truthfulness.

Jesus on Abortion, Homosexuality, Premarital Sex.

Anti Christian Christians?

The author above calls this new breed of Christianity; pseudo Christianity, for its marked divergence from the “real meaning” of Christ. What is that meaning? An answer is ever-born.  Love and Peace is done, is here.  It is the refusal to see it past the circumstantial and situational awareness of the problems defined in life as being held paramount instead of the answer.  The answer is.  Unconditional Love is.  It is you and I who place the conditions upon knowing it.  It is you and I who can remove them to know IT.

The avoidance of Christ message, morphed in part by the redacting of the Bible (revealing “Sacred Text” regarding Christ life) taken on some 1,000 years ago and on other occasions–like while preaching or proselytizing.  Way back then, the more personalized Christ of ones own consciousness was mostly exorcised from scripture, sifting out to one seemingly more fitting with control by establish power structures of church and state; these need guilt and blame to enforce their orders paradigm.  Even so, the real meaning of the mission of Jesus Christ still came through in powerful bits and pieces of the narrative.  These may appear any day of the year in us, any moment, but perhaps not more honored as in Christmas time, where to give and to receive is a right of all as each will wish.

Most of us can detect this nature of Christ beyond the appearance reality narrative being engendered by reactive thinking; thinking that says you do not deserve to receive because–fill in the blank.  Let’s say, because you cannot afford an opperation or a transplant.  Money is then the God of Life and of Death, a blatant betrayal of Christ and of Life’s message.  In sort term; anti Christ Message.

The “higher” notion of Christ is one of understanding and self review, and not one of blame, shame, robotic acceptance, nor accusation and the fear of punishment as a means for behavior control.  These reactive exclusionary ostracism models create a perception that things are done or not done based upon Pavlovian pain and avoidance control mechanisms–might makes right, money makes right, which is not an individuals spiritual achievement or merit in comprehension of Love, but one of fear and of a kind of begging for peace of mind.

With Your Own Eye

We who see Jesus, not exactly as “your personal savior”, but a Savior of truthfulness above fiction or unexamined feeling, a truthfulness that understands our ability to miss the boat in comprehension, to make mistakes.  Christ comes through as The Peacemaker; a revealer of Gods deeper Nature– Universal and Wholesome to Creation.  This God does not require beings who are children of God to be always all wise, unerring and consciously complete with understanding.

This Divine Being does not punish us via the viewpoints of others and their thoughts of judgement imposition. Instead, as Christ did, we are encouraged to operate from our higher angels, and not the fallen ones.  Forgiveness of ourselves is a first root into Divinity; to comprehend a way forward into Creation in union with It, not a problem with It.

Deconstructing Christianity To Impose Business As Usual In The Temple

Now that mission of Christ is under siege in conservative Christianity, or pseudo Christianity.  These self proclaimed conservers of Christ, quite as with the self proclaimed conservers of The US Constitution, reverse the intention of common connection, of coherent union in a living process of Being, by substituting hierarchical kinds of subjection to God and Government as defined by our human opportunistic ideological myopathy. This narrow view-point happens to be endeared to the powerful, yet claiming to represent you, me, and the rest of The People under these mind-framed top serving institutional parameters.

For example; conservatives and so called libertarians seem to be for withering government in this US democracy. This creates a void and not opportunism expected Nirvana,  leaving a void to be filled by multinational corporations. Corporate “individuals” as entities are actively seeking to solidify their hold on the necessities and comforts of living.  We no longer are to have an”organic” connection to Life’s functioning, but one tied through and around businesses.

Now, “The Greater Good” is manipulated and contorted to serve corporate interest above those of individual and nation. The survival of both these basic necessities of humanity are becoming the survival of the business machinery and not the right of connectivity of all in Life.  Once these new Pharo-like elites rule the USA uninhibited, I hope you have work clothes for being ordered to work here, there, even to old age, or else.  We have sculpted an economic model that is its own Death Panel.

Here in Arizona, the death date for some citizens is being fixed by so called state survival interest; the connections of the wealthy being services while those of the not wealthy are being terminated. The state, under conservative stranglehold, is determining the expiration date for the poor and helpless by intentionally not caring for them as we could.  Exactly no “Right to Life” because one is poor.  Period.

Modern Activist Conservatism Represents Not Only The Dry-Rot Of The Soul, But Of Civilization

The activist conservative US Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can wield their  influence at will, and as they do, they “naturally” socialize their cost onto you, the consumers. Private Socialism is essentially what predatory corporate capitalism is.  Kinda like “Big Government”, only now you have no right to vote, and of course, no right to socialize your cost onto all.

The corporate “individual” can charge higher prices to pay for propaganda and attention by the state or the “corporatocracy”.  You and I cannot raise our pay, well not likely and not essentially whenever we will. It is we who pay for this corporation to connect its will to government, while no one is so entitled to pay for our influence except at our own cost.  They have us coming and going by the emerging paradigm, while having many a conservative and libertarian cheering for the ruse.  This is how ignorance in action works.

Casting out the money changers by Carl Heinrich Bloch.

The Root of Evil!?  No Way!  The Way Of Abundance By Gods Grace Being Shown! I Need Money But Am Not Actually Loving It!  It’s Kinda A Pain After All!

The Bible is meant to teach lessons, particularly in the stories about Jesus Christ.  It is not much of a stretch for inclusion to view a concept such as “The Temple” to also mean the seat of consciousness, its Temple, where ones soul and Creation are erected into a place of worship and of holiness, or at least could or should be.  This is how a story becomes personal–how it manifest in my life in its meaning.

The anit-Christ  bottom line is as it is with health care in the US– Your money or your life. This is quite why the corporate model as allowed by law, is a perfect match with that of psychosis; an obsession with self gain and regard without regard for The Whole.  The connectedness of being in relationship with all of Creation; The Whole, all environments, the completeness of existence etc, is disregarded or ignored by emotional dysfunction in order to preserve a solipsistic enterprise for the individual called the corporation, or even called me getting ahead.

Yes, this is the love of money, above life itself. This love comes sanctioned with all kinds of conservative “moral” and “value” excuses that never sound like the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but instead, a pedagogy that uses others and the environment to “get ahead” while not accepting the socialized consequences of our actions.  Although most any rationalization will be put forward as the answer for denial, it remains ultimately all about the money. This is the primitive tribalism of us vs them, sanctioned by the righteous framing of some reason for superiority of consideration.

So much for a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Survival is now dependent upon an abstract reference unattached to spiritual truth or the individuals true merit, but wed to a fallen narrative of materialism first, money first, spirituality somewhere else if one can find it.  What do you mean by spirituality anyway.  that’s just your opinion after all.  Now we enter the existential morass of relativity; where one idea is equal (likely considered far superior) to another simply because it suits our preferences.  This relativity and self projection of intent is classical to modern media conservatism.

With this ideological onslaught of a truncated concept of individualism eroding the values and understandings of Universal connectivity, and with established orthodoxies aligned with wealth and the powerful, the meaning of His mission is stealthily becoming anti-Christ while still proclaiming the abstract ideals of Christ teachings for those approved of one way or another.  Most any notion can be morphed into its opposite by gradual reframing of the connected notions around it.  Why repetition is so important to spinning right wind(g) mind control.

The Great Lazy Seduction Of Conservatism And Orthodoxy

Do this or else

We have reason to wonder why media Christianity, or predatory conservative manipulated pseudo Christianity, is diverting attention from Christ teachings, then inserting Wedge Issue control features regarding emotional and spiritual attachment.  This movement of cause and relationship diverts us from the power of connection, of love, forgiveness and understanding as spiritual mandate, substituting them with perceived sources of irritation and stress. These tagged to issues are framed and cornered into emotional dead ends, where blame, distrust and anger are targeted onto “outside” targets.

{Just by mentioning this, to many a conservative; false equivalence via the use of abstraction, may become a vehicle called a Thought-terminating Cliché; an idea, a reason to consider no further, a question, an answer, or even a lonely idea. Example; “He does the same thing he judges us of!” Then; end of story.}

In the ideological, propaganda forwarded institutions operating throughout the modern society; compassion and empathy for all, as exemplified by the teachings of Christ, are snickered at and derided as false values. This perhaps exemplified recently by the pseudo news entertainer Glen Beck, as he warned about empathy and its insidious liberalism.  Ignorance is no obstacle to some conservatives, it is so often a mandate, for unfortunately, they tend to thrive on it as they claim to speak for wisdom and knowing.

Attitude is often all that matters; for the narrative control is actually all emotional.  Most probably associated with the many unresolved issues, unapproachable issues that many a conservative possesses to keep separation and alienation alive and well in consciousness.  Attitude speaks a thousand words of unexamined reason without wonder. This is where what is known as evil, or ignorance in action, may find its protective teflon like coating in pride and presumption.

Ignorance gets coated with good intention, and many a random reason, along with the consensus reality narrations against liberalism, that is a must unfortunately perpetuate in overthrowing Christ (Let’s say the Way of Understanding, Compassion and of Love and Peace) and creating a Christ formed into a false idol.  One where the aforementioned attributes are assigned to those who listen to me, or who seem to believe as I do.  Turn the other cheek and all is not relevant in the post fallen narrative.


Come the various crusades being launched by TV televangelist, preachers building fortunes at their followers expense, and wealth dependency ideology programmers who blame the troubles in ones life on these outside others (even government–ones own representation in Democracy). The audience is encouraged to both donate money and beg, and or pray properly for Gods help within their own emotional, economic, afterlife, or current health issues.

The conceived appearance reality edifice finds the trouble in outside otherness, targeted for its “evil” nature, while inwardly we hear claims that we chosen few will be who gets the love and select afterlife by an all loving yet terrifying Supreme Being.  So many of the ill and troubled watch a good appearance reality performance on TV, consciously sculpted to represent consensus reality–agreed upon knowingness, while viewers are encouraged to surrender their objective right to know God directly and in Person whenever they so allow Gods vision to become their own. No TV required.

The Way is already paved in perception if allowed to be seen.  The very attributes and admonitions as defined by Jesus are ever relevant. But; ‘Pray as we show and send in the dough, for giving is spiritual.  And did we mention; goodness will flow to you. This is your insurance policy after all!  We must spread the word. And all while a true life and the connections to It are all around each of us, but quite like ones own nose, so close they may be missed for what we do not know, what we are sure of we lack, and are hence susceptible to be manipulated to those claiming to know for us. It remains a truism; humans will believe anything if described sufficiently and assuredly.

Not As I Do

The against others teachings from the pulpit are not the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ offered resolution and understanding via facing the real truth of situations and the responsibility of ones own state of awareness in beingness.  From there, the enlightened to Christ Way move on to make the health and security of the least of their neighbors a prime spiritual cause, a mandate for the Way of Love. As for those who do horrible things, Christ admonition was to ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’.  Only “The Money Changers” seemed to raise the ire of Christ as He saw their claim upon the temple; perhaps representing ones own consciousness, where comprehension of deep connection may abhor the parting out of Creation for self gain.

So called religious and cultural wars are diversions intended to perpetuate ignorance as God, while a true path to knowing Universality is claimed impossible, and only delegated to God. Wars and relationships remain in intractable conflict as long as a false truth is worshiped above the Universal Rule of Law. (I often capitalize primary concepts as you may have noticed along the way)

Unfortunately for much conservatism, doing without actually knowing is so often the way they roll. Entitled by hubris and the awareness that people can become confident followers in what they do not know for certainty, humanity has often sought the comfort of numbers; in religion, war, and economic definitions, above the transcendent attributes in knowing the all connectedness of Life and Spirit as One.

This strategy of diversion, denial and blame/shame, created the classic “other” phenomenon predicated on the individuals separation and alienation anxiety in regard to true spiritual power and authenticity as exemplified by the story of Jesus Christ.  Christ sought to break through ignorance and cultural/psychological dissociation. He spoke of self review as primary, with inner honesty as paramount to self realization.  He exhibited the transcendent nature of Love and caring for those born onto the earth, as if health for the garden and its abundance was paramount for humanity to thrive in peace.

May we find peace in every season.