Perception Is Reality == WRONG!

I have heard this statement often as of late, that;

Perception Is Reality






Perception is Appearance Reality

There is an often vast difference

We humans love having conclusive phrases that work as poetry, in that a few words can say and mean so much.  Unfortunately, soundbite aphorisms can be as wrong as rain, or as right as rain. It depends on whether the clothes make the man, or you cannot judge a book by its cover.  You get the picture, perhaps even when things may be not as they appear.

Reality IS Reality

Our perception, our cognition, has logical interpretation programs running that likely are not perceiving the Whole of Reality.  The sun may obviously circle the earth; that is observational, empiric common sense after all, yet the Real Reality is another matter, one which most did not see as evident or reasonable.  And as it was; anyone who suggested the Real Truth was not the appearance one back then, was declared to be a very bad person, even though they saw reality in a deeper way, an intrinsically more honest way than just following the obvious.

We seem to not know for sure what The Reality is as absolute Truth, but reality is not limited to our perception–we are.  The bigness of Life does matter, but under that Bigness, we exist with limits to intellect and observation.  You may find clothes to reveal much; a kind of narrative to looks, with story-lines emanating from this and that of style as to personal choice.  I put much less stake in the seemingness of appearance, for appearance is often easily fooled, and being enamored by it may lead one down paths well paved with illusion.

Appearance Reality can be played off of Consensus Reality to create a logical matrix of imaginary cause and effect cognition that seems to be The Reality, yet in reality, is rationalized ideology hiding behind its cloak of ignorance propped up by a narrative storyline.  Ignorance becomes a commodity of great value, as it allows much to be hidden from sight and from thought and feeling. It comes with a need to draw upon emotional judgement as its truthfulness weight, becoming the great seducer that unconsciously sculps up illusion as truth, and perhaps, the now distant to perception Truth as ill will.

Consciousness can be dressed with all manner of interpretation programing while I as the individual thinks it is exactly as things are, for I feel and “see” their apparent reality. In ignorance I may believe appearance is actually truth. Many an institution, both official and personal/cultural, can depend on not knowing–by not allowing open questioning, in effect, instituting a worshiping of ignorance above truthful knowing and understanding.  This avoidance, or block inserted into perception, always leads to dissonance in a universe operating with reality as its underpinning logic.  Whether its just me or an entire society, a nation, falseness inserted into the psyche as truthfulness will come to haunt the future untill resolved by understandings knowingness.

Loading The Countries Deck

With our American politics full of statements with little basis in full contextual fact, or real indigenous truth backing them up, the American public has been quite easily mislead by Appearance Reality contortions based upon erroneous reasoning.  Some of us do know how illusion and misinformation can be mated, producing mutated offspring far from the well of truthfulness. We then are rendered susceptible, ripe for misdirection as to fault and blame for this politically induced harm.  Reality goes on to be damaged by our intrusion upon it with our imaginary cause and effect reasoning.

Here is a recent historical example: A majority of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks of Sept, 2001, without any actual evidence other than fabricated associative narrative story-lines being perpetrated into the mainstream media. This untruth was even believed after it was well established in that very media that he was not.

The Sacred Way Of Laziness And Avoidance–Irrationalism Pretending To Be Reason

Conserved ideas are not welcoming to honest truth, but instead position themselves around ancient psychological devises that actively avoid questions and contravening to ideological data.  These hiding places for ignorance are then given fancy or profound cover, such as patriotism, loyalty and allegiance, when what they are not loyal to is The Truth of a matter, and so they are actually housing darkness pretending to be Light.

Once confirmation bias is established, there is little personal need to check for facts or for truthfulness. We may now live in a relatively “protected” from honest analysis zone. It is others that “just don’t get it” as far as the rationalization scenarios go in the narrative.  Our requirement to feel OK about ourselves, including our decisions, can easily trump reality, prop up familiar and already chosen fantasy as legitimate cause and effect.  I suggest that when this is done personally, in politics or in other matters, the real Reality will create dissonance and disharmony no matter how good the false narrative’s rationalization scenarios (intentions) are, for Truth Itself will not be deceived.

When Ignorance Is The Secret Guide

The story I “know” seems true to me, so your possible disagreement means you are mislead or misleading.  Many media propagandist use thought trickery constantly to in effect empower ignorance over knowing truthful perception. This thought “play” tends to demand confirmation bias loading of reason, and a negative narrative tag onto anyone’s inability to “see clearly”.  As ideology is conserved so I can feel solid in my self perception of identity, the Real Reality can become less and less important, while imagination becomes pivotal to rationalization, emotional judgements of others can become more and more profoundly expressed.

In my view, America’s ills are tied to an inability to honestly value truth above ideology, or comprehension; that other belief systems held that conserve ignorance in the form of not allowing questioning to deeply held notions of truth and of right and wrong, are what are actually the obstacles in our way.  Things being promoted for confrontation perpetuation, such as many Wedge Issues and the so called Culture War, help to keep intact the schizophrenic American identity, where even “We The People” can mean opposite meanings of self identity from one person to another.  We The People, not you people.

The Hiding Of Light

Perhaps comforted by both illusion and amnesia, lives can be lived without comprehension of larger context nor of the very real greater connection and interrelation to all of Life that is there for the seeking.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it may be the bliss of the fooled.  We have reason to wonder of much we believe real, for without critical thinking, our perception can be our delusion.

The Mind Where It Matters

There may well be a “Battle in Heaven” between the forces of Wise-dumb and those of Wisdom. We each are the deciders in which side we take in every moment of our lives. The war, or more correctly; challenge, is within ourselves; whether I take comfortable but problematic shortcuts to knowing, or seek instead a disciplined and conscientious passion for knowing to the best of my ability.

The great seducers to perception are the pre-packaged narrations being constantly provided by interest other than the Whole Truth.  For one reason or another, for preserving ignorance and its advantage; these seek to keep the Real Reality at bay, disguised for opportunistic reason.

These actually erroneously embedded choices create much of what we call evil, or what I call ignorance in action.  That they create reverberated ill is to be avoided by the actual actors in their production scenario.  Some sort of others, outsiders, are to be blamed, for their seemingness as causal characters, while they are the progeny of effect, where thereafter the damage to human reality is made evident by the seemingness of appearance.

In this sense, evil can be conserved as self defined good, while Reality is seen as being wrong to the conceptualized narrative identity’s common sense being prospered as; good and deserving of such above others–without question.  Now hearts can be ignored for my interest as defined by my truncated self identity attachments to not understanding deeper cause and effect.

Belief is to be chastised by Truth for consciousness to know what perception is in reality.  This becomes a matter of deep personal honesty, or one of taking shortcuts to knowing that are not legitimate, not questioned, and not up to the truth available in real perception.

It is Reality that is Reality