Nature Of Light Falling




Came Bearing Gifts Of Uncertainty

Were it the nature of the moon

to drop red into our eyes

see your fertile eternity

amidst this fracturing of truth

sweetened into colors too deep to drink

so far away next to memory


There are these steady things

balanced between earth and orb

tidal needs ebbing and flowing

starlight running out into chaos


and found living on earth

nothing truly cut out;

all that was

and is


that too

All that will be


Your constant of change

following these same clouds shapes

identical wind

as yesterday

same shallow grass

dry as tomorrow

our Absolute of Love

complete in its missing pieces

longing around fulfillment


Trees inhabit horizons

arms raised

others broken down

weeping as rain

worms and beetles

purchase a new world

in shades of forgiveness

and approach of winter