ELECTION 2010: Tea Party And Conservatives Continue The Surrender Of “We The People” To Private Corporate Control

ELECTION      2010

Tea Party And Conservatives Continue

The Surrender Of  “We The People” To

Private Corporate Control


{America Going In The Wrong Direction  You Betcha!}

Much of the talk About the Constitution and conservatism as its guardian, is steeped in Confirmation Bias.  Many political analyst share this ideological twist of fact: They Know Not What They Know They Are Biased To, but that stops no one from proclaiming what is in their imaginations as fact (over fiction).

Conservatives, or pseudo-conservatives, also reference “We The People” as essentially anti government, so all about Freedom and Rights.  “Don’t Tread On Me”, being given by many in the Tea Party as a Libertarian right, yet that right is not held to universal context.  Most always it is dropped into the don’t mess with me bucket, which is filled with appeals to greed, plus opportunism and denial of effect to larger causes such as society or the environment.  My fantasy right over real sustainable Unalienable Rights.  Such mental abstraction play is classic to modern conservative framing and reframing of concept and context strategies.

Follow The Law!

Much of this supposedly pro-constitution pabulum being declared these days, is boiled to purity in a denial of the realities of connection and relation. Conservatism, however, is gaged and bound to not include and honest objective attempt at understanding the real influences opperating outside of their confirmation biased idea base.

I can see the appeal if I were constantly scheming opportunist, such as those often behaving on Wall Street, or otherwise a slave to an identity encapsulated in more and more money as self definition.  Why then it is easy to be seduced by the subjective challenge, and ignore ones collective self; get what you can any way you can get away with.  Me and my family becomes scripted as what my life is all about.

The human family, plus the Whole World Context, including suffering, exploitation, pollution and all the consequence of materializms degradation of society and the ecosystems? Why that is a thing to rationalize away as to why me and mine come above it.

And that is where opportunism and much conservatism have made their wedding vows.  In the economic sense, this is called anarchy capitalism. Their honeymoon is in convincing the rest of us that their vows are actually our cherished ones to Freedom and Liberty.  Conservative Christianity seems to be reversing the role of Jesus Christ as well, and the mission he undertook for those disadvantaged by situation. Each life has a constant pathway to Union or to separation.

The life of Christ has seemingly disappeared; Now, for a seemingly increasing number, the disadvantaged are scorned and declared to be losers being punished by God.  The empathetic and compassionate Christ is gone, except for the few self-saved entitled by their own definitions.

This is the same old dominator ideology sweeping conservatism down histories long failure drain.  We do not actually succeed at being gods over one another, for the effort makes one a spiritual loser. Humanity has the same needs and requirements, no matter wherever we are.  Ignoring the full impact of our actions for a select few that conceive them as a self possessed advantage given by the Divine, is the road to spiritual ruin.  Learn from mistakes? For all too many; mistakes are their bread and butter.

Sure  Everybody Says Move Or Look Forward These Days

The Arc of Advancement in history is brought out by Liberalism; the open way of honesty and path to enlightened understanding. This is not that “understanding” born of the dysfunctional psychological denial of the Law of Interrelationship on One Earth.  We work together to achieve understanding, or we work against one another to achieve division, then manipulation by power elites finishes, or wedges We off, We The People then, with no relevant right to vote.

Unfortunately for all of us, many a man will not face the cause of their motivations, but instead run on their ambition and feeling of direction.  Not much time for self inspection, but lot of diversionary interest, like sports for many, keep minds and hearts busy at other things.

The We In We

As it turns out; “We The People” do need our own protection from individual “private” attempts to control our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Just a glance at a profound intrusion, such as the Great Oil Spill In The Gulf of 2010, acts as a traumatic example of how so called Private Enterprise can impact the environment and society via economic disaster to private citizens.

Other control of the public mind; mind control, has become fact, yet some well paid politicians and lobbyist have gone on to “think” less regulation is the answer.  The reverse reality of ideological purity.  With information as our source of knowledge of events in the world; just a handful of corporations control the vast majority of our news sources.

The Real Story

We The People require institutions empowered by us with governing oversight, through our chosen representatives, or else we surrender our right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  These presumed Unalienable Rights are only guaranteed by our collective will, and not that of international corporate conglomerates.  Yet these very outside and top down interest are exactly what the “conservative” Supreme Court has surrendered for We The People.

Down With Big Government!!!

May Well Mean

Up With Corporate And Or Religious Doctrinaire Government With No Right To Vote! Hurray!!!

Corporations have more rights than individuals; you donate to anything from your pocket and you “fell the pain”, corporations donate and then socialize the loss onto We The People via price hikes.  You don’t have the right to socialize your loses by hiring your wage or income, unless that is, you create laws that protect your rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As it is set up; the wealthy and powerful socialize their lifestyles upon the general population and resources of the Whole Planet.  We and It All picks up their pieces for them,–if we can afford too that is.  This is a fact of physics and natural law.


It seems an anathema to common sense, how conservatism can declare itself for our less and less cherished rights, being redefined away by them as they shout out from podium far and wide. I saw one conservative anti national health care politician with a sign saying; ‘Protect  Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness‘.

Example: Without National Health Care you have no right to Life, and so the rest.  Not really, as some 40,000 a year lost American souls could attest.  “Your money or your life” might be what a murderous mugger could ask you to chose, but it should not be the choice of a Free Society.  Not one with Inalienable Rights that is!

It is quite as if some have been seduced away from the broad and informed consciousness that Freedom and Liberty require to be held rightly. Now we see pandering to special power interest being called ours, then decrying the other “wasteful” sides special interest.  Differing to existential relativism is an easy Thought-terminating Cliché that hopes to fall into a Consensus Reality propped up by Appearance Reality charades.

In the abstract, conservative propaganda, streaming through the medias continuously, sells out the overall right for a select private practice dependent upon cash.  It is now pay as you go to get these rights or else you do not have them, and do not deserve them.  Unalienable Nothing.

The People

A revolution was fought by We The People, and a Civil War, to move this One Nation forward as One People governed by One Law and attending States laws.  We face a new and seemingly invisible tyranny; invisible from everpresence, like ones nose; the idea that the unaccountable individual can claim what they wish and care not of anyone else as long as they think a certain way, the corporate/business/bottom-line mindset way.  That is not Freedom.  It is anarchy.

Anarchy may be a kind of ultimate goal of humanity, but we have found that until we are all consciously aware of interconnection and interrelationship to All Things, we literally will not know how to act to deserve an unbridled and unabashed Right to Liberty. Untill such an auspicious occasion, we must know how to compromise for the wellbeing of all and not just me.

I Am Pro Simplicity

Honoring ignorance or honoring wisdom, a simple choice one may think, but in practice, they say Americans judge in the moment how the economy is doing for them.  This is the momentary trap of the self situation that ignores context, which many seem to never get their foot of citizenship out of.


Watch out for the grizzlies!