The Real Socialism Behind Capitalism

The Real Socialism Behind


And The Secret War To Control Appearance Reality

You VS Me

I get a charge out of the Darwinian “moral” argument most often given for the essentially apologetic capitalism higher order rationalization.  The idea creates the appearance that capitalism is the only rational means of insuring your rights, your freedom. It is solidly delusional, yet for its adherents and advocates, its severely truncated notion of Life and context seems all that is valid.

For them, the proof is in the modern worlds pudding. And if that pudding is proving, or being suggested to be made of not wholesome ingredients, or is way past its shelf life, is to be viewed as being an unwholesome thing to correct in itself. Only view the good stuff, or allegedly good stuff, and ignore the mountains of problematic effects being created. A value is made upon the commodities of fear and how it can protect ignorance.  Now the equation is cast as your rights to do what you want when you want, devoid of other notions of responsibility or accountability to ones actions, and exactly how far those actions may reach.

Those suggesting looking up at the mountain ranges surrounding the individuals identity are called a name to suggest their negativity is their problem trying to be imposed upon you. This feels then, like an attempt to take away of your freedom.

One is now held in a conceptual separation chamber, where the truth of connection and relation being sucked out of it can feel to be of someone others doing.  Politics, economics, and much other social dynamics can now prey upon the separation of the individuals mindframes by pandering to us vs them consciousness. The “better angels” of perception are gone, while the negative ones prick and pull at ones personal soul.

We are left with the aberrant idea that the individual is all that is; no society, no environment to consider, no accountability to social and other ecosystems with all their interconnection and interrelationships.  A kind of fictional union within ignorance, or of an unknowable faith in the negative, seems to take care of all other aspects of Life and living.  Have a problem? It must be your fault, and yours alone.  But what if the problem is with the roads? the air? the water? or a neighbor?  How about Government!? Even solipsism has its drawbacks.

Watching Rationalization Work

I had a job in construction, where one Christmas the owner did not give out any bonuses.  He had supposedly gone to Nevada to gamble in order that he could present us with some Christmas gifts. He skipped the party that he insisted we all must attend, leaving his prime investor out on a psychological plank at the missing gala event.  After much information that he would be here in 45 min, then in 30; We waited around for over an hour more, then left.

This is what this entrepreneurial individual did; gambled in many ways, the net loses eventually socialized onto his business and employees, except in some respects the one he was having a affair with.  I later heard that she told him that it is we who should be giving him a present, and be thankful that we had jobs.

We used our own tools at our own expense, which helped create a kind of resentment about the job, especially when new or temporary workers were told to just borrow tools from the guys. Because our tools were not necessarily the best for the business, much more time was taken to do work, that with the right tools would have been much more productive.

However, we did many jobs at “time and materials”, so the extra time was usually socialized onto those we were doing work for.  Arizona is a “right to work” state, meaning the workers have little say or bargaining power–few unions.  Your freedom to work was at the mercy of this one way kind of relationship, which is at times called wage slavery–take it or do without. Our employer would make sure we all were on his tax cutting side when it came to voting on state propositions.

These are the situational distinctions that are often more at the root of social problems in the workplace.  Ones situational perspective often defines and details the considerations we have to bolster our own positions identity, while assigning the negative feeling toward the other side of the relationship equation.  Control identity frames and you can control individual belief.

I went to public (socialist) high school. Walked on socialist sidewalks.  It would seem odd to carry your own sidewalk with you, picking it up as you went along…

The Psychology Of The Political

If you ever  wonder why delusion and denial are so rampant on the political right, you need to comprehend the identity issues they are tying to avoid, along with the perversion of notions of rights and responsibilities they maintain to keep their Appearance Reality intact. Along with this mental and emotional task of forming a coherent and consistent rationalization matrix, comes its attendant Consensus Reality platform, along with all the automatic pilot Confirmation Bias that aides and abets in keeping delusional mindsets in order.

In these individual political equations, Cognitive Dissonance is to be buried and overrun by emotional “reality” framing; the casting of the other sides position as deceptive, as other and unwelcome. This allows a kind of firewall to develop towards ideas, individuals and actions beyond the ideas Consensus Realities parameters of acceptance. The Right has many individual propagandist and institutional ones to spread their emotional hazing into the general public.  It would seem that many are unawares of the societal manipulation going on via emotionalism entrapment to policy choices viewed as wholesome or not to “their” view.

Do As I Say And Not As I Do

Many years ago I lived in a city with a vibrant arts and craft community.  Near downtown, a kind of open marketplace evolved on the streets, with arts and craft booths, tables and all making for a pleasant walking and shopping experience.

Those who proved quite successful at this open air site, some of them at least, moved into a nearby building that evolved into a kind of inside marketplace, and attached to it, spaces of now sophisticated large craft displays connected enclosed shops.  The successful craft folks now had employees and store managers, plus all the rest that comes with having a roof and title over ones head.

Now relationships had changed from the early days to the current. These once outside shops now found the outside shops as being unfair competition.  They passed petitions around, intended to have a law passed which more heavily taxed the outside booths, while requiring them to move away to areas well removed from their popular local.

So called success and opportunity, often veiled opportunism, had developed the individuals perspective to defend its turf at the expense of what was the very nature that they themselves once depended upon to get ahead.  I was shocked that we could so easily turn our backs and identity from our own past, then seek to punish others for essentially walking in our own old shoes.

Anarchy capitalism is far removed from so called free enterprise.  It keeps the freedom part, a freedom to get away with what I wish, while inhibiting others from doing the same.  Much of the corporate world is filled with “success” socialized on the back of imposed inhibition.  the abstractions, however, remain the same.

Now corporations can flood impression via advertisement of their viewpoint onto the population, but framed as our viewpoint.  After all, they have cornered the avenue as being job creators, show the face of employees that may look just like you, just trying to have a life and do good in the world.

Any accountability or responsibility placed on the corporation by Democracy can now be called damaging; job killing and cost raising. And so the Appearance Reality would seem. What is not seen is; if it is pollution, infrastructure, job exportation to cheep labor markets, whatever, the cost will be socialized onto society anyway.  Yet the solutions may not even happen, as the general populations relative income continues to decline.  Yet the mind control of populations to cut off their own blood supply continues as conservatism claims grand abstraction pandering as the answer.  Liberalism is cast into a one way view, as if it is like conservatism.

In an always changing universe of Life, conservatism claims to freeze place and idea, a delusion, while liberalism requires broad input, review and consideration, the very thing that in the modern world of so much stress and distraction of consciousness, would seem hard to come by.  Easy abstractions can loom large as easy answers, but actually, they seem to solve little to noting of the problematic issues facing society and the world.

This is the nature of opportunism; me and mine before you and yours.  It divides and conquers societal cohesion, but produces a vacuum to be filled by rationalization and cognitive dissonance avoidance.  That avoidance and its cost are socialized upon society, while the rationalizing individual emotionally validates their bias as being the truthful one, the respectable one.

The Idea Of Capitalism And Socialism Versus Reality

Here we are, in a world often defined by falsity; by false associations and false assumption, but held uncheckable by ideological persuasion and a blinded individual position.  The truth is that everything is interrelated and connected.  The lines drawn of relevant association and responsibilities are easily erased or morphed to suit ones own viewpoint.  But to call that viewpoint beyond criticism or scientific analysis, is deception at work, for some reason, ignorance is effectively being protected.

Generally, Liberalism (10 laws of liberalism )- is an open book; open to evaluation and correction.  This is not the case for conservatism, for it is fear and insecurity based at its root; dependent upon us vs them psychological validation.  Conservatives are emotionally misanthropic, needing to but most of humanity down to, as usual, create an illusion that they are up; more moral, more worthy. This renders the real truth assailable and deniable by various postures such as “fair and balanced”, or “all experts agree”.

Truth is.  Truth has little to do with fair and balanced, nor with blind acceptance of ideology as “The only way”. Conservatism in todays world intends a kind of surrender to uncheckable idea.  Faith and trust are then open to being highly misguided, yet this affords conservatism with an ever refreshing blame game– its all liberals fault. These days the conservatives even reverse their support for ideas they previously supported if a supposed liberal now suggest them, it is as if they expect us to have tea bags for brains.

We live in a modern world brimming with delusion and deception as guardian angels to division.  As in the various anti government groups; sure you are against government, especially in democracy, if you want to get away with something in relationship to The Whole of Life.  You want to ignore or demean other societal problems which you could impact.  You are concerned with your own stress, not acknowledging that stress in others is just as relevant to Life.

Yet since these personal stresses do exist, and so do the full context ones, they will be socialized upon the rest of society as well as the earth.  Pollution, climate change, wages, wasteful materialism, build in obsolescence, manipulating the social media with propaganda, proliferating fear and ignorance, exploitation of society and environments; these are the mainstays of the economic, social and political right for a reason.

The Threat To Freedom And Liberty May Well Be By Those Proclaiming Their Cause To Be Freedom And Liberty

Democracy, with its Liberalism roots, are a threat to those intending to live above the rest.  They and their followers are programmed to see abstractions such as freedom and rights in a polysemantic light, one that looks down on society from above, defining identity in this one way aberration.

As long as democracy is relevant, those who feel themselves above it will create idea and institution to serve their inherently non democratic intent.  They need ignorance to rule, to rule well enough to contain and constrain Democracy.  It is we who must wonder about the nature and reason of their rationalization, and of our own.

Why is The Right peppered with the usage of the Thought-terminating Clichés., some of which are often coded in name calling?  Mind control techniques are rampant on The Right; Why? The Right proclaims things like Freedom, Rights, even Morality and Responsibility, yet why are their definitions so one way, thus avoiding the issues of full context, full relationship and thus full comprehension?

While capitalism is taunted as the only viable system, the socialism endemic to it is ignored just as pollution and the possible fatal damaging of earth ecosystems are derided and demeaned emotionally from The Right.  The real state seems to be one of denial, of hiding and obfuscations place in front of knowing a real truth. A designer “Truth”, full of ideological bias for minds rendered incapable of rational thought and comprehension, is given as the common sense, or gut understanding requiring little or no factual impression beyond the confirmation of bias data set.

Democracy depends upon an enlightened democratic sight, and not a blinded one.

Bertrand Russell’s 10 laws of liberalism – Windows Live.