Spiritual Perception And Its Limitation

Just What Is In Your Spiritual Hands?


‘Spiritual people transcend the judgemental nature of  political and other societal interest. They seek their own perfection; a union with The Divine, with no business in telling or suggesting to others how they should behave or change their ways.’


{This post delves in part into the subjective vs objective nature of spiritual perception and behavior.  It appears that there has been a movement to differentiate or obscure spiritual perception and motivation.

A movie called, “The Secret”, may highlight this shift in experiential perception, being that it makes spiritual reality out to be all about me and my success or failure in Life.  This tends to ignore attention to the relationships to society’s overarching systems and logical constructs the individual is immersed in, for one of self realization.

Human institutions, however, are human engineered, and as such, likely will at times require repair, overhaul or reinvention.  Just who does this is then is of critical importance.

Self realization is a good thing, but where one chooses to truncate self perception in consciousness may be another thing altogether.}

The Hidden Secret of The Secret

The SecretControversy – Associated Content – associatedcontent.com

: The Subjective Individual Nature vs The Objective Nature Of Life

In Which Life Realm Is Spiritual Perception Excluded?

There appears to be a paradox in spirituality, or in other words, in living by The Truth(and I would add; of Love).  It seems there are kinds of obstacles to knowing The Truth of Spirit (God or of Life), and then of living by this awareness.

Various ideas have developed along humankind’s way to explain why we are having difficulty in our experience of Life.  Why do bad things happen and why do bad people and influences seem to be the reason why? Each of our personal spiritual perceptions, tends to have a narrative line as to why humans, and so we ourselves, have difficulties in life often caused by others, or some internalized trouble that seems to follow us. {  Abundance – Understanding the Cosmic Law of Attraction }

The “cure” to spiritual illness is promised by many religions, cultures and group sub-cultures.  Do this and get better; recite this and get better; perform this over and over and get better, plead and beg to God for Mercy and be better; Think only good thoughts and get better; pray and pray for your sins or for what you want and get better, and on and on…  For most of us, we may wonder why any number of these approaches at restoration can lead to salvation of our experience of Life and The Divine, then one day, without warning, we may suddenly wonder what happened?  Why am I now in trouble yet again?

Most of us know or suspect it is in us, this; why things go astray.  An old adage; ‘We find what we look for.’, (A form of The Law Of Attraction) simply sums up the basic spiritual challenge. We may in some unsuspecting moment wonder; “Why has this happened again?”.

Trouble seems to find us, or many of us, no matter where we go and what we do, all while I might be ignorant as to what perceptual lens I am looking through into my world all this time; a way of perception and cognition.  The sense of aloneness and alienation appears to separate us from a full heart immersion in our whole life, including others and outer environments.  The sense of self can retreat inward, erect walls for protection and exclusion.  I am then a somewhat lone individual, “On my own.” and possibly looking out for my survival. This senario sets up manipulative environments.

Our ego self, in this scheme of existence, seems separate from much of the rest of Life; people and all the universe.  A heart connection to any grand outer and overreaching Self seems absent.  We are susceptible here, to both restoration or not, and to attachment to various plans that purpose to fix the exclusionary experience.  Some of these can be ideologically invisible in cultures, such as in religion, politics, economics, and cultural definitions of reality, presenting their own scheme as to who deserves what from wherever and who does not, often based upon observable behaviors.

The Interpretation Program

We assume much by our processing of appearances as to what reality is.  We might perceive much more into reality by what we, in effect, have consented to regarding inter-human reality.  We look for things to confirm what seems to be, by what may well be erroneous standards that have institutionalized resistance to objective oversight. Conceptual firewalls are erected to defend unquestionable consensual reality matrices.  Classic to this defensiveness are Confirmation Bias and its best friend; Thought-terminating Clichés.  For an institutional defense such as to religion, the word, heretic, was a much used fear inducing cliché with a built in intention; to stop minds and hearts from opening up to challenging information or opinion.

Conserving Bias Is Intrinsic To Any Conservatism

Preserving bias in natural to conservatism.  We all conserve kinds of bias, particularly those we do not know are bias, such as many emotional states are; bias to a conservation of a subjective angle.  Subjectivity is individually unavoidable and useful. The problem endemic to it is; preserving a subjective view, by avoiding the rules and regulations of objective oversight, brings delusional cognition into being, preserving ignorance by a mandate of subjective ideology; the worshiping of self interest above universal connectivity.

Walled in trouble is likely found in any unquestionable zone–questioning not allowed, for I am then willing, by my instituted ignorance, to then agree to live by belief instead of by knowing.  Claiming things to be known’s when they are beliefs, becomes a mental prerequisite to keep the surface awareness of cognitive dissonance underground, where is wreaks a kind of spiritual, or soul havoc. We have created a contradiction and dissonance between the reality of Creation on one hand, and my ideas of It on another.

A new emotional diversion device now can become operational; that of projection, a casting out of ones subconscious demons onto outer targets.  These will be the people and behaviours which trigger the inner turmoil.  Inner demons are now sanctioned emotionally to be persecuted out in the collective zone, where I can old others responsible for my uncomfortable feelings. The conservative mentality is unawares, usually, of its deceptive trickery, but will now see these others as being most devious and subversive of all that is good in life.

All the while, an ignorance protects the evil inherent to conservative rationalization from being cognizant to the conservative.  The real truth will become seen as being part of the problem, so objectivity itself must be demonized.  This is one reason why so many “spiritual people” find the scientific method so objectionable.  It appears to be a contradictory faith to their own.

In general, conservatives are locked into their belief as a unquestioned reality.  Other ideas will then be perceived as false no matter how objectively accurate or honest they actually are.  Those who seek an honest evaluation of truthfulness by the laws of evidence and association–deep cause an effect, will be blamed and shamed by the conservative mind. This has created a huge industry in cognitive dissonance avoidance, projection, and blaming and shaming of those who reveal questions to the conservative mindset.

Conservatives are actually spiritually insecure, under internal pressure to force belief over truthful reality, a story over the Living Truth.  This makes for both many an unhappy camper, unhappy the world has such challenges in it, as well as an inherently arrogant that they are right and the rest of the world wrong.

One recent example is the climate change debunking campaigns, often being waged in honor of diverting attention from pollution generating industries and lifestyles.  These industries pay much for favorable propaganda, finding natural allies in those shifting the context on environmental data to incite doubt.  For instance; last winter a major snowstorm was widely touted as honest evidence of the dishonesty of global warming advocates.

(Climate Change is a theory based upon the chemical and particulate alterations humans are making to the atmosphere.  Aspects of its evidence can appear contradictory, when they are actually evidence of the complex changes and extremes being created as climate shifts. Manipulators know the value of ignorance, as well as the lifestyle and belief attachments a population may have.

Control of perception is all about containing and arranging its parameters, usually invisibly so as to not appear manipulative.  Polluting industries will associate lifestyle, employment as mandates to the good nature of their intention. Divert attention from apparent problems to apparent good things, shifts appearance Reality cognitions.

This is designer Consensus Reality creation; the attempt to put the individual perception into a conserved question free zone.  Now accountability for the reality of pollution falls upon populations(who must pick up the tab or face the consequences) and not the corporation or industry, making an institution such as Democracy, less of an obstacle to individual or corporate behavior.  Spiritual “schisms” or dichotomies can then be harmonized with supposed economic ones, the individual not knowing where they have now given up their authority to a “new” authority quite likely to abuse it.

The Perceptual Shell Game

Opportunism and ignorance can use superficial contradictions as being evidence of deeper ones, perhaps leading one to think the evidence is evidence of deception by a surface fact. Now attention is diverted, ignoring the deep context of the reality of the vast preponderance of data. One of the biggest industrial tools in the propaganda news worlds box on crayons is the using of ignorance to preserve and conserve wealth over the consequences of reality, a Faustian bargain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deal_with_the_Devil)

Meanwhile, Central Park in New York City has just had it warmest meteorological summer on record.  I have heard nothing about this from political punditdum, unlike the right wing “echo chambers”–(circular repetition through media outlets of ideas, talking points, to enhance the appearance of truthfulness by repetition) widely publicized debunking global warming campaign last winter.  This evidences the disingenuous Confirmation Bias, with its selective truth gathering, along with all the blaming and shaming that went along with it.

The whole effort is manufactured to control individual identity attachments by propaganda.  When someones ideas are made to seem the ones of bad people, truth can be sacrificed for belief.  The individual is now wedged away from objectivity, including honest truthfulness and full context.  This allows manipulation by identity attachments to trump Truth, while believing it now is the defender of The Truth.

But whatever happened to The Secret and Spiritual Perception?  It is actually everywhere.

Getting What I Ask For Without Knowing Its Deeper Connection To Reality

Notions such as loyalty, seek to bypass honest evaluations of the Truth, for explanations of subjective connection now worshiped as The Truth of Value.  Now real truth can be scorned for ideological connection and purity; meaning honest objectivity is demeaned for what are now ideological sacrosanct conceptions of value, worth and self respectability.

This does not negate the humility, that as human beings, our minds are physically incapable of knowing all as far as we know.  Instead, I am fully capable of asking myself why I chose a method of perception that excludes the honest path of knowledge for one of a consensual agreement over wishful thinking.

Here, in this avoidance platform, is where many a Thought-terminating Cliché will reside. These are kind of diversionary signs that cry out conceptually; Danger!  Do not enter!  You know this is False and against your survival interest. Instead of a fact based warning based upon the rule of Truth Itself, we can stand in proclaimed unquestionable “truths” probably declared to be The Truth. This comes with human designer intentions, including a methodology internalizing unexaminable ignorance laying claim to owning Truth, and even to owning The Divine by proclamation and not honest observation inclusion.

We may as well exclude what seems not to comply to our presumptions, even so far as to deny our own experience of its right to “complain” about inconsistency and contradiction in our own actions.  These are primitive but effective mechanisms for maintaining pretence as being real without our own conscious awareness.  We do have a kind of “Law of Attraction” in this ‘finding what we look for.  This does not fill in the question of presumption; that if I decide to be in charge of my experience by seeking what I would rather happen; how do I know my desire is right? Am I allowed to wonder over my reasons, or must I blindly believe that my desire is Divine and cannot be questioned?

The Law of Attraction may have a corollary; “The Law of Avoidance”, which may have the Full reality of my situation being discarded, for it contains possible experience that does not appear to be desirable, lets say illness or suffering loss.  For spiritual perception, is this honoring Spirit, or claiming Life to in some way be itself an error which I have decided to avoid?  Anger, argument, contentious debate; do these have a place in my life or is it too important for my wish list of self actualization achievement to engage in them?

Religion, and in another word, spirituality, are under pressures that often relate to a cultures state of being.  In very rosy times, with all this modern worlds believed in benefits, we are encouraged to find ourselves contented in our possessions. What you have and how much, or how big and how important your possessions are, becomes a kind of worshiped ideology.  Wealth and power increase in apparent and consensual realities, questions to them being largely avoided. Some now include God in this idea of me having, possessing the real one, to everyone elses wrong one.

In crisis we may claim that all we need is our health and one another, but outside of crisis, much else is encouraged to compete for our attention.  We are currently in an age of materialism worship as well as that of experience.  List of must doo’s point direction for the exciting and fulfilled life.  Being, being where you are, being with what you have, loving Life as it is, and supporting the prerequisite for that, seem relegated to those with near death experiences, or certain of the poets and mystics.

The rest of us are in serious need of keeping up with our wants and all their survival interest; the ones driving society into increasing stress, and the planet into increasing instability. Many of us have a desire NOT to know what we are really doing, while wanting to know how to get what we wish for to keep up.  Lifestyle becomes the self driver, while Spirit, not so much, unless of course we now consider material success to be that of spiritual as well.  The eye of the needle seemingly replaced by the glow of abundance.  Well as long as you find some manner of claiming that money, or having is not your love of it, just nice to have since God likes me for being a believer in good faith?

We are now essentially ruled, governed, by money and possession.  Many a relationship crumbles under the strains of getting and keeping, as if it is wed to money.  We are subservient to survival, a survival now highly manipulated, proliferating with what are essentially deceptive schemes to gag and bound the individual, including ones interest and considerations, to maintaining the lifestyle of the power interest wed to having.  Identity for many is now framed to a grand good life, and so the threats to that are all those poor and unfit humans seemingly all too abundant in their failures.

Take a look into most conservative, (modern propaganda conservatives that is), and you will see most all the tricks of the mind control trade; identity framing diversion, demonization of objectivity, contortion of value to serve hierarchical human systems and demeaning those who have little, as only deserving what they have.

This strategy of shame and blame seems to have found a natural ally with much religion. Religion is not exactly fact nor context oriented and has nearly identical shaming and blaming tactics related to preserving hierarchical relationships.  Materialism’s diversion and subversion of identity finds a natural ally with established religion systems; their mind control and manipulation strategies are nearly identical, and they rely on belief above fact and context.

My Religious Experience

I was a member of a church a long time ago.  I was a full time member, one who gave services at times, speaking for as long as I wished during the service I was conducting.  I loved expressing what I felt were the deeper truths of life, as well as preparing during non-service days for what I would offer; by how truthful and observant I would be to “The Truth” during each day.  The pressure of this seemed to heighten emotion, awareness and humility.

Much material of “service” relevance comes to one from their own lack of perfection and consistencies to what they believe to be Truth. Relationship issues, self respect issues, these are often demonstrated in ones respect for others and of Life.

Very deep self issues; the unresolved issues of the far past, particularly childhood, tend to simmer subconsciously, they can come up, “acting out”. This happens not because some evil spirit is particularly doing it from the outside at the time, but because ignorance is harmful inside; ignorance of ones own motivational platforms, and ignorance of those who likely passed this emotional, perceptual virus to you or me from their own ignorance.  We can feel cursed, or that “This is how it goes for me!” Persistent issues of the soul tend to be the unresolved ones, deep ones relating to love; its abandonment or conditionality manipulation.  These are kinds of primal experience disharmonies with what seems the design of our lives in the universe.  We do seemed designed to be in a state of love.

The First Cut

In a manner, with this early problematic injection of separation, we can seem cursed. The source of the “spell” may be silently known to have come from the outside; it is not how we now want our life to be, and especially did not when we learned to internalize the dysfunction.  When ignorance such as this acts out, some sort of illness follows, bodily illness, perhaps in the mind, and spiritual illness; how we perceive reality.  The haunting nature of what is sometimes referred to as “The Sins of the Father” seem to persist until resolution.  Misrepresentations of Life and Spirit, in effect, ask for resolution by understanding and forgiveness. It is necessary to comprehend the ignorance and let go of its legacy.  Understanding of the human spirit is usually required.

Most humbling to the emotions is this fact; we live in a rational universe that is known by being present with reason.  We have trouble if our ignorance is secretly in the drivers seat with its worshiping of rationalization and question diversion above honest realty perception.

I am not saying that The Law of Attraction is precisely wrong.  What is wrong is if and when what we seek is to be not scrutinized as to its connection the the Living Context our lives are emerged in.  If this lack of scrutiny is the case, then ignorance will surely follow, opening its doorway to evil.

We need to know how wrongness happens.  Why? To respect what is right and true.  It is that simple.

Nothing is beyond our spiritual hands; not the environment, not societal issues, not political or spiritual consideration.  Those who suggest this is not the case, should be scrutinized for their refusal to question; Just what are they hiding or allegedly protecting; The Truth or ignorance?  We will not know without an honest question being allowed…


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Perception And Its Limitation

  1. Thank you for the fine comment CoordieB

    An introverted take on spirituality, or a solipsistic one, can become a kind of trap, where one can believe that “IT” is all about me. As social creatures with similar needs and abilities, that would seem silly, but in these days of me me, detached individualism can appear to put me against the universe.

    Some religious and political (economic) circles find this separation identity a handy one to manage with its kind of ostracism from The Whole.

    Poverty, illness, pollution and many other problematic outcomes can be blamed downward, onto dysfunction in individuals, while the system, or social paradigm remains unexamined. Now the people “on top” can manipulate society and culture while not being held accountable for their impact on the larger Whole.

    Some of us seem to believe that an unexamined life may not be a life worth living, but what of an unexamined culture?

    Many so called political and religious leaders are actively trying to divert attention from our larger connective lives. This conspiracy of silence breeds misunderstanding and fear, useful tools for the spiritually blind to lead with ignorance instead of with wisdom.

  2. I think many times we do get that which we set our minds to…or believe…but with this complex universe in which we live, most times shit just happens! To believe we can control our lives is bogus, and to believe we have no control in our lives is equally bogus. Just my little opinion. Live in the now…sounds good if if the now is good…what if it’s not so good. Learn to deal with life as it is…but remember, it’s always changing, and perhaps not in the way we’ve created with our thoughts and even sometimes with our deeds. Great article, as always. If only we would use our good common sense…truth is what is…we would not fall for every feel good for the day idea. Hey check this, http://cordiebw.com/2008/04/23/buz-word-of-the-week-harmony/ ….. it just might give you a smile – I thought of it while reading your post. 🙂

    Peace, Light and Love, and Life!


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