Rainy Arizona


We just had a visitor who was amazed that it was so cool and stormy here in the sunny Southwest.  I told her it was Arizona’s monsoon, which she was not aware of but added; ‘Monsoon sounds like severe weather.’  I told her that monsoon is a change in an areas prevailing wind pattern, and that there are dry monsoons as well.  Ours happens to be a weak moist one, not like areas around India.


Visiting back east once, a guy told me that in summer Arizonans are cave dwellers.  He might have been correct about many of our politicians, but many a day here in July and August by mid afternoon it can be in the 60’s and moist, while back east the heat index might be; oh, 40 degrees hotter.

I’m in this cave taking pictures of the rain outside.

Rain total here so far—last 13 days over 6 inches

.backyard puddles in progress

.Those black specks in water are tadpoles

.What does a cat do on a rainy day?







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