Free Speech And The First Amendment

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Abstractions are inherently relative; Free From What Or Whom?

And then there is context;—Where and under what conditions does this freedom exist?

For the conditions upon Free Speech; remember; You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater just to see what happens, not and remain free.  You cannot lobby for armed overthrow of the Government (conservatives excluded?), etc.  It seems once this conditional, or exception caveat to an abstractions existence is made obvious, any number of reasons for not having Free Speech become both sensible and most assuredly right?  Most everyone will say so.  Just think of plagiarism, slander, libel and perjury as big NOs to your Free Speech privilege.  Yet politicians have the right to lie about one another in campaigns, which some take as a mandate.

You cannot share privy stock info, (ex Martha Stewart), and I suppose I am not free to tell all about your social security or credit card numbers.  We say unconditional Free Speech, but once looked at more closely in specifics, all kinds of exceptions seem obvious for The 1 Good of All.

Is Free Speech In The Ear and Eye Of The Beholder?

We seem to have this standard of collective care; Free Speech is not allowed on spoken and unspoken contracts between people where the release of information can cause harm to one.  Your doctor, pastor, rabbi or priest, your lawyer, these kinds of agreements have some controls on Free Speech, but may have them for the good of all? Conversely, the Government is allowed to listen in on where you thought you were in private Free Speech space, outside the dimensions of public Free Speech.  The “Patriot Act”, wiretaps, confiscating files etc., things that are intrinsically speech, seem to enter zones of exception.  Freedom is then existential, its meaning often depending upon ones position and belief system.

Freedom appears to be in the mind of the beholder, where truth, fiction, fact and fantasy can all mix to create the need for Freedom over human conceptual designs that may not exist in reality, or be of quite a differing nature than conceived.

The paranoia promoters of the Right Wing and Left Wing have conspiracy theories all over the constitutional boards, of how the other is out to take your rights away.  I remember during the Bush administration that the police or FBI came into a young woman’s college bedroom to interrogate her because someone reported her as having a negative Bush poster up.  Amnesia is usually highly selective on what some extremes wish to recall about others Free Speech compared to their own often emotional based (beyond objective review of context) rationalization.

I may wish to be free from the oppressive “Obamacare”, but Obamacare is a focus group/think tank concept, and not an actual thing.  We often mimic from other sources what we claim to think all for ourselves. When under these kinds of mind control influence, I can wish to be free from a thing that exist in the mind and not the real world, yet I project fault, liability, and any manner of righteous indignation at real people and real policies.

Conformity As The WEight Upon Free Speech

Courts; both Conservative activist types and Liberal, claim vague consensus biases—ex. community standards, limit Free Speech.  What you wear can be called not acceptable to court, the public, or to work.  If what you say seems to suggest the creation of someones perception of trouble, you may be called inappropriate.  “I was fired because I got a tatoo!”  In fact, it seems much Freedom is put on hold while under the reigns of an employer or other power over relationships.  “Hey You! Yes you! Who you looking at!

Art and how one looks or otherwise expresses their life style, can be called not right for prime time viewing; not to be heard or seen by the unawares public.  Surely you have some things in mind that you wish not to be seen, and wish someone, (must be the Government(?)), from not letting it out in the open.  In liberal(?) California, they voted against the gay for concern of the erosion of family values, morals, and or some idea that the gay idea was not welcome into certain human arenas.  We seem entitled to limit other consenting adults for how we think of them and not any position of their right to be who they are if not directly or intentional harming others.  We can be against one another’s Freedom.


So what is the Public Interest in Free Speech? Why is the absolutist, no infringements upon Free Speech, highly conditional in “practical” reality?

No one ever said Free Speech (or other Freedoms) only made things good, yet the abstraction is promoted in self interest as only beneficial. It seems we have become conditioned to exceptions upon Free Speech, because they do not seem to us to be good or healthy to society. In actuality, Freedom comes with kinds of responsibility and accountability that many may wish to avoid since those sides of the coin of Whole Context feel contravening to the celebrated liberty nature of Freedom.

Some see their favored Freedom as a kind of escapism clause; “I want to get rich and buy anything I want but not be held liable to my impacts on society or the environment, for that would be taking my freedom away! Duh! Down with Big Government and taxes!!!” A whole philosophy of the dis-con-nected individual has ensued, granted space in reason by the seductive natures of alienation, greed and opportunism, which want no accountability to a Whole or any fully framed “We The People”.  Instead, we reserve the right to do whatever we can or can seem to get away with, not wishing to see or know the small print of interconnection that governs all Life and Being.

It seems that God or Nature, however, do keep accounts of responsibility to conditions and situations, Climate Change being perhaps a universal judgement upon behavior.  This may well indicate that one does not “get way” with what one thinks one does when narrowing the consciousness on Freedom, Accountability and more significantly–Connection.

The business growth paradigm for instance, so similar to pathology and to cancers “strategy”. These seeming imperatives wrap themselves into glorious achievement and individual initiative narrative, with rewards as obvious proof of value and validation, helping to stack the deck against Freedoms other ramifications.

Control of narrative identity frames is a must for programming cognitive barriers to awareness.  This is the Big Business of Mind Control in todays modern world of conspicuous consumption, identity desire and focus, with denial of negative effect.

A truncated concept of freedom and self initiative, and their rewards, is then erected to serve as a rationalization edifice for their apparent consensus rightness and goodness.  This will be heavy with seductive emotionalizations and denunciations, a hallmark of many an ideologue or demigod.  Tagging it to God makes it even more alluring.

Self And Other Censorship; Paradoxical Freedom Issues

A society with liberal institutions such as Freedom, must understand why the troubles with Freedom, which make for big Repub/Dems party propaganda campaigns, never promised only the good.  There is an understanding that the removal of those Freedoms, their absence historically, will open a Pandora’s Box of much worse controlling influences than the freedom’s problems ever did. But the Good of All seems to demand practical adjustments, which most of us support in one manner or another.

For the most Freedom for All, an active Government is the current only guarantor.  Get rid of Government, and the vacuum will likely be filled by the new nation states of multinational corporations, who will instruct you on what is or is not acceptable behavior from you for their own bottom line interest where you have no vote or freedom of expression necessarily, unlike in Democracy.  Yet many a libertine is desperate to arrive at this state, albeit unknowingly, so that makes it OK?. We may pursue the liberation of Freedom while in effect, sealing It and our fate with our own ignorance.  Ignorance is a tremendous commodity in building manipulation strategies of influence.

We are easily seduced away from abstraction absolutism by “obvious” practicalities applying to the society we would prefer, and what seems to be the interest of The Whole.  Other rights are not what some conceive them to be. The exceptions to the possession of unabridged rights are already in place. For instance, the Second Amendment does not seem to allow us to posses our own nuclear  weapon’s, or crowd control, nor other devices that can render gun ownership obsolete in the grand “defend my own” sense, but not in the paranoid, or the “At least I can shoot you!” one (FYI I am a gun owner.).

And by the way, that ultimate Free Speech; the Right to Vote, is conditional, not a “Right” at all.  Many folks are deprived from voting by law often as a punitive measure.  Not an absolute Freedom of expression in the full idea of it.  Most of us are for all kinds of censorship in practice, but not when it seems to effect or interest.

{Here is a link regarding the consequences of a debate forum’s aftermath.}

Oprah Winfrey and mad cows – SourceWatch


We may excercise our Free Speech to Deride Others Free Speech—————————————————————————————————————————

The political divide seems to have its notions of what the other side should not be saying.  This seems to be accepted as part of Free Speech, but when does it become something else?

I remember some folks at Fox News threatening to send their own people over to harass or otherwise make uncomfortable those not agreeing with their view of the Bush administrations policies.  I guess harassment is protected by Free Speech.  Hate speech seems to be as well. Here some recognise that Free Speech is not always cookies and cream.

Then there are your and my prejudices

The Freedom Of Conformity?

——-just another word for nothing left to loose.” — Janice Joplin

But I am obviously for Freedom!  Let Freedom Ring!!!

Freedom vs other oversight

There was a recent “official” article on WordPress regarding a behavioral point that said something like this; Read the kind of post on the WordPress homepage to see the way people speak who have their post featured.  In the comments after I remember someone saying; ‘Actually, the title you put down seems the best one to me.’

It may be good business to care for appearances; I remember the same thing being said in Mother Earth News; ‘Talk like those featured talk (write) and you might get posted.’, or back then, your article considered for printing. I had often wondered why the articles often seemed to be written by the same person, with the same attitude and overenthusiastic indulgence.  I never sent an article in because of that condition.  “I did it my way!Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord –

Here then, Free Speech is judged according to an editor or other content oversight, for “The Good” of the organizations intended audience or its internal provincial “right” style.  Style becomes perhaps more valued than substance. Appearances are held more noteworthy than content, reducing the varied expressions of the individual, in some ways controlling and contorting true Freedom of Speech.

So with the best on an institutions intentions, expression is altered, the individuals real voice called inappropriate for promotional public view. This falls under the management or editors conception of how a thing should look and sound from you. There are standards to uphold we all would agree.

Freedom Falls

Freedom Falls under these conditions; Perception; Conceptual Design; Appearance Reality; often folded into Consensus Reality; these buttressed by Confirmation Bias; all under the auspices of Power Groups Status Elites and Manipulation Requirements at home and around the world.  Within this matrix of control and established order, you and I may argue and wonder as to the reasons for things, unawares of overarching context framing the entire issue.


2 thoughts on “Free Speech And The First Amendment

  1. Thanks for the commentary.

    I did not know I had that logged in to comment box checked. I never intended to have that on any of my blogs. I have the e-mail thing since when you deal with political and sociocultural issues you are free to attract seriously unreasonable folks, a condition tamps much of the negative down.

    ( I choose not to hear the same unconscious spirit over and over. And it does seem like it is one person; hate has few dimensions, being that it is ones own suffering tormenting the soul.)

    In absolutist terms; Freedom is an illusion. We are free to be real of not, conscious or not, in Love or not, etc. we can be mixed in these dichotomies as well. I am also free to eat and free to starve, or like my unconscious “logged in to comment” ignorant of what I am doing and of which is which.

    Glasses half full or half empty indicate a pivoted perception for reasons conscious or not. Life is not necessarily an endless shopping mall; free to take this or that if I un-freely pay the price. Kinda demonstrates the illusion of It.

    But what if all is actually Love? Yes, even hate (love perverted and convoluted). What then is Freedom?

    As far as conscious awareness is concerned, Freedom is awareness, or in other words; Presence in Place. There in not necessarily any doing, shopping, paying, or choices to be made.

    Life is both an ongoing miracle and gift. The necessities of this life we each contain, and are immersed in, seems to pressure us into directions, pivoting perception to the subjective, especially if I am unawares of what I am doing.

    The subjective, though still in possession of the whole universe, can be extremely ignorant of what the self is, and what Place, Presence, and possessional awareness is. The Law of cause and effect will put a kind of balance sheet before each action or lack of one. Ideas of freedom can attach themselves to these conceptions.

    We are in a pure and honest feedback loop, and depending upon our ability to more objectively understand the processes of Being, I can provide any manner of narration as to why things happen, why I must pay a price, why a thing is taken away.

    There is a key, a universal one; Love. I’ll call it Divine Love, which we can each participate in uniquely. Love provides transcendent understanding; comprehension beyond the apparent limitations of subjective oriented narrations of the self obsessed ego.

    The importance of the concerns of human freedom have meaning for the loss that they implicate; with the consequence for human being that they define in creating a loss and having based paradigm.

  2. I was about to leave a comment a minute ago, when I received the message, “You must be logged in to leave a comment.” Another restriction on freedom of speech – I must have a WP account. LoL. But it’s your blog, and you have the FREEDOM to put that minor restriction on it – although it limits some of ours.

    There’s a price for every freedom; something to be given up for every liberty. It’s up to you to weigh the price you must pay for each of your freedoms. And everything you want has a price.

    Clouds of emotions cross her heart

    with droplets of promises, flakes of hope

    an old desire opens its dreary eyes

    from the underground, an unknown slope..

    when did this seed, this neglected desire

    with an innocent face, wearing bawdry attire

    enter her soul, she can hardly remember

    but her heart has always fallen in its mire..

    an earth plowed by corpses of TRADITIONS

    sowed with rotten seeds of AMBITIONS

    her soul has eroded, her heart is barren

    never in peace with its own definitions..

    ‘O father, why didn’t you let me be

    with my own dreams, and my tiny sea

    why did you always teach me to believe

    in a restless world I could never see..

    I could’ve been me, with a name of my own

    clear and simple, my mind would’ve grown

    but you broke my knees, and pushed me to run

    Ah! had you just loved me, I sure would’ve won..’

    and she, her heart and the old desire

    now too tired to dream or aspire

    walk alone with a crowd of COMPROMISE

    so used to darkness, so scared of a sunrise..

    heart is always in war with the reason

    and she doesn’t know to whom she must listen

    whether heart triumphs or her reasons win

    always her soul feels guilty of a sin..

    so her lips move, and whisper a prayer

    an intense urge to be FREE from despair

    ‘I want to be strong, I want to be brave

    I want to be in peace, I want to be aware..’

    Scribbled by Rahul

    You are free to do whatever you like; You need only face the consequences of your actions.

    ~The Daily Guru

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