Inside The Machine: Is Reality Virtual?

Inside The Machine: Is Reality Virtual?  I think therefore I am a figment in a computer program?

As far a you know, your consciousness seems all you do “know”.  You do know my consciousness with its idea of things, you may construct how they seem to be.  Your empirical encounter with my ideas here, will mix with your own ideas, sift out according to what you think is important. Have a computer? In consciousness it is still “outside”, an idea that comes into you perhaps, that is where it seems to be.

“Nay, it is; I know notseems.” –Shakespeare

Well.  You and I do  have our ideas, they are effectively metaphysical; they exist in some dimension, but we are not knowing” of exactly where that is, it seems to be with us, perhaps inside our heads somewhere. Somehow, a kind of socialism of billions of cells participates in our consciousness, all manageable in some degree by our knowledge and assumptions, along with tons of ignorance we chose to ignore since we do not know what it is. Here we can easily fall or rise into fear and fantasy, seemingly in that same place were our more knowledgable understandings reside.  Or so it seems.

We are told by outside influences; people, books, cultural traditions, peers etc, that certain things are or are not the case.  Ontologically, I may step over my ignorance to include how I have come to accept how things seem.  Culture; especially social mores, possible quantified in religious and political “knowing”, have us assume we know things we cannot quite prove, unless I think my uploaded Confirmation Bias automatically “proves” itself through my faith and belief in what  presume— The symmetry of Circular Reasoning.

My biases; my faith and belief in where I am right without requiring thorough and objective question to ponder a truly causal reality, installs a kind of virus of dishonesty into my equations about truth.  I claim to know things by actually how they seem, and then defend them from any thorough or honest review.

To make such a basic deception not only palatable, but delicious, narratives of righteousness, honor, loyalty and especially, faith in the Cosmic Cause of Creation personified into human narrative, suffice to make the meal seem healthy to the human soul we are “defending” from ill.

All of this stuff occurs, not in me as far as you know, but in you, in some invisible realm where awareness resides as a kind of monitor for existence. We each have our own personalized epistemological notions of what is real and true, as well as what we doubt or deride as false or irrelevant.

We have a reason to wonder over what we truly know and do not know, but for the most part likely avoid knowing things counter to our overall assumptions. This results in multiple platforms for dissonance and human antagonisms, for we are not honestly attempting to truly understand nor be in harmony with existence as it actually is.

With this all said, theories can be seen for what they are; ideas, not necessarily truths.


Some folks are quite sure that we are inside a computer. If I believe in God, I do not know how God runs things.  God can be dramatically different than I might imagine.


These folks believe consciousness may be a manifestation of computer and connection power. One of these cosmologist believes we may exist in a computer just 50 years down (or is it up?) the road from here in the future.  All that seeming information and history, seemingly beyond you, might be all in Gods Mind, or someones machine.

How we know what we know and see and feel what we feel, might be not exactly what it appears to be to us.  That hyper-expansion supposedly occurring right after the silent “Big Bang”, could that actually be the system being turned on?

Of course none of this is known, just ideas in invisible land of conscious awareness, the same place wrongness is generated.

But if I am a virtual being inside the computer of one of your great grandchildren, the question of true origin remains as it is, perhaps just once deferred.

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