Cyberspace Welcomes New Slaves!; A Technological Identity Connects To Self Imprisonment


Taking Control Of Your Life From The Digital Anarchy Of

Technological Conformity Consciousness




Yes. I write on this blog, but otherwise I do not Facebook, Text, Tweet, nor pay attention to anyone who does. I “tune out”  presentations of text and tweets, also deleted from attention; so and so’s Facebook wall.  Really not interested.  Lately, with gardening, landscaping and building; I hardly find the time to blog.  E-mails?  Lucky if I get around to it once a month.

Upon visiting young families over the last couple of decades I draw this assumption: Technology is determining home life, and not the humans plugged into it.  I’ve seen girls and boys addicted to electronic games and gadgets, to the extent that visiting family is ignored or barely tolerated as a kind of old fashioned punishment.

You may see it differently, but north to south to east to west; the latest “in” thing has become a mandate for youth to consume and conquer.  When I was young, we played outside and invented real world activities.  Now, so many neighborhoods seem desolate, and even inside homes, families can be found with each member sequestered to its coddling electric device.

When I see kids (usually) staring at their twiddling thumbs as they walk across town, I’m reminded how out of control some young people seem to be.  They may believe they are freer and in control, as many of us had the impression when we were young.  It is so easy to be unaware of the dimensions to Life one does not know, or have had the experiential encounters to understand.

Youth does not tend to have a cyclically seasoned perspective, a varied hind sight and its attendant cognition. The young, and some not so young, can pretend they are new and embracing the new, while the old is so much of what we all actually are, yes even in the here and now. But to many a youth, sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly; their elders are stuck in yesterdays news.

Mind Gaming

I did manage to watch a “Frontline” segment on technology in the classrooms.  They showed college classrooms where the professor was a kind of sideshow to students managing their online digital presence.  It seemed as if you had clueless meandering students, (and a babbling on instructor); who apparently feel attending a real college is a burden on their WEB surfing real life.  As the camera panned the crowd of other occupied students, it appeared as if this Internet life has them on its own umbilical cord, in a larval state, dazed and self satisfied.  They are trapped wandering around in cyberspace, chasing what is of momentary interest, seemingly of more interest than the class they must drag their own molecules to.  The real world, now just a boring duty.


FRONTLINE: digital nation: watch the full program | PBS


When Increased “Connectivity” Is Disconnected Reality

Timothy Leary may be dead, but his phrase from the 1060’s; “Turn on, tune in, drop out” is taking on a new and ominous dimension, where the culture itself, drops the natural rhythms out of life.

Exposure of Consensus Reality delusions seem not illuminated in the new WEB Head generation, particularly the one where folks jumping around their digital life, may believe they are masters of multitasking; on their way to a more mature and advanced techno-able class of world citizenship. They are Internet able, digital culture and data base savvy, achieving a globalized sense of self presence by just joining in and mastering the mechanics.  They are communing with a new human union, a digital utopian anarchy, where the next thing of interest struggles for attention, then search engine prominence.

Confidently, these preponderantly young folks, raised on wholesome digital mothers milk, are sure of their own achievement; succeeding at the technological platform equates to solid identity perception.  And with the culture chasing money down any hole in which it may fall; Consensus Reality circles the confirmation bias back via invention and commercial praise of wherever the money goes.

At college and texting at the same time=no problem! At least this is how many a divided up reality framer puts it.  Testing the multitasker’s proved to support a much different actual reality; that those who feel they are the best at multitasking are in fact the worst.  They seem unable to follow involved patterns of connection and nuance in the world.  Instead; they appear to be herded into corporate digital feeding pens, where instant gratification is the plugged in spiritual mandate.

Being hip to the latest digital god’s power is acted upon as if that power; the Appearance Reality of it, becomes your own if you worship its new laws and rules for your online manifestations. This basic conformist cosmological bend to digitized empirical knowing, leaves the practitioners not understanding where they are bending over to, nor to what or who exactly.

The race to not be left behind over the next new thing, has left the old things in the dust.  The old ways are now falling into antiquity, perhaps to be excavated one day if anyone remembers how to excavate human cultural being from inanimate dust. That dust however, may well be Life itself.

We have embraced TV’s as baby sitters, and family and friend sitters—our whole life long.  Now we are bounding into the unknown playpen spheres of “My Digital Life”, not comprehending what of “My Once Real Life” has been left behind, overridden by the technological addictions that have us chasing electrons and photons in one form or another, as perhaps metaphorical magnetic opposites of dusty books and pill bugs nurturing under fallen leaves.

Technological innovation has its own built in obsolescence.  Yet, as in the New Church Of High Technology; each new ability or improvement drives the existing platforms to extinction.  We have created a new kind of evolution; but one without the common sence genes of the natural world.  Our new faith is abstract and clear; more and faster is better.  We consume as fast as this greater sized self–or Digital Dinosaurs can; whatever there is to get.  Sociological ramifications, as well as psycho-spiritual ones, are taken as being epiphenomenon to the all knowing, and seemingly all relevant, GOT; God Of Technology.

The Real World Consumed By Technology? The Technological Vampire?

Now I don’t mean how easy a picking the texting thumb watcher’s would be for a thug to mug them.  That seems obvious to me, but oblivious to the thumb bobbers.  And not exactly; how little they pay attention to cars and who knows what else not known from the real environments they are immersed in as they twiddle their texting, tweeting, digital hitchhiking thumb lives away.  I mean the Whole Thing; The Commons of Life and Creation, turned away from as we watch our fingers explain what we are doing.


The connected-up-life, but connected to what and whom or where, and in what ways exactly, we may not know.  We corral the narcissism focus of; fun at our command, as if it were the basic form of Love. In that, we should question our rationalizations for involvement in the entertainment and presentation definition of self realization.  The modern worlds “passion” for, passion for life substitutions, may just substitute a real life for one self made in fantasy land, requiring no real feedback loops or true fact and context checking with the rest of the universe of being.

Delusions of grandeur, once seemingly relegated to megalomania; inferiority/superiority complexes, and many a man, preacher and politician, are now made easy for us all to imbibe, and damn the consequences.  “Full speed ahead“.

As fast as we can, we may be making humankind into:

I am that I am robot.

I follow technological command central to wheresoever it tells me to go.

Resistance is; ya know, like futilish.