Tucson Gem Show At Tucson Electric Park

-With the Superbowl drawing many to their TV’s, travelling around Tucson was a breeze, while most places were not too crowded, thanks to the decided lack of men able to be away from their media addiction.

This is the gem and mineral show group that once was in a large lot near downtown where “Rio Nuevo” was to appear imminently over a decade ago.  It was a fun location there, as if you were out in Africa or somewhere more exotic than Tucson.

The move to the “Electric Park” was a big downer; tents strewn around rocky gravel, sometimes with mud coming up.  It has improved none over those years, except that more vendors are crowded over the rocks.  Inside one large tent I had to walk across loose boards floating in water to exit.  Nice.

But still there are fantastic sights to see, even at Tucson Electric Park.  Good thing the electric did not apply to water all over the ground and carpets.

-and a road flows through it—

-Small tents too.  Many were closed up due to rain, but opened later.


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  1. Wow!! I have never been to one. One of my friends had and brought me a whole trove of treasures… not as beautiful as the photos you shared… thank you Benafia

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