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I’ve been getting referral views from folks looking for signs from God in the Haiti earthquake.

What can I say?

{Link about Sodom and Gomorrah below}

Pat Robertson has alleged that the Haitian earthquake was a sign from God, claiming that Haiti has made a pact with the devil. ( FYI : Port- Au-Prince is right near a fault line. There are several earthquakes (approx 19) on earth each year over 7. on the Richter Scale)

By the same token, when Mount Rainer blows its top or has a large glacial meltdown triggering a potentially deadly lahar, anyone can claim that God is punishing, Oh lets say, Seattle coffee culture.  Mount St Helen (which I heard explode) was trying to punish the Pacific Northwest for being liberalish. I’m sure that was why.

The frightening “natural” cause of these sorts of alleged signs from God, being expressed by religious and or political ideologues is; they think they speak for Gods Mind. Somehow, likely from a permission seen acted out from these individual’s history–That leaders who think they are right can speak for God–religious sanction of Divine Thought expression; and that is a delusion of grandeur extraordinaire.

Not only do they hope you and I believe their delusion, but they insert a particular socioeconomic, political, or spiritual idea of their’s as being actually of God’s.  In this sense, many of these negative framed proselytizers are pagan themselves (worshiping their opinion as God’s) while pretending to represent a monotheistic paradigm.  Their premise is the same as paganism; assign God to nature, only they tag it to specific occurences as acts of God, and not a host of god personalities.

Since these kinds of folks are familiar by enculturation with having these kinds of self imposed biases as being acts of God for things people do; they make up God’s Mind with their comments.  Many a conservative religious idol dispenses demands of sorts upon God, but do not see it as such; they see it as a benevolent blessing and special connection they trust they have with God, enabling them, in their mind, to dispense blessings and assign damnation from their will on God’s Behalf.


I am both a Christian and a pantheistic person.  I feel God is around and in everything–no exclusion clause, as if God had nothing to do, nor active interest in Creation. For me, the lessons of Jesus Christ showed us all a holy way to be; To care for all, but most importantly those who cannot care for themselves. To treat the presence of Divine Worth in others, particularly in those we humans may well feel are worthless or condemned.  Jesus did not seem particularly enamoured with the “haves”, He seemed to notice they lose something of their humanity the more they seem to have; the Eye Of The Needle and all… Jesus professed a kind of Divine Union by Love.

This said, regarding telling others of Gods Will by what we call disaster; those who propose particular natural world events; floods, earthquakes, fires, meteors etc, to be the evidence of Gods wrath and will being projected onto particular humans for their “ways”, is claiming to know what God is thinking, and especially, that God goes after those one dislikes (for whatever reason). Now God is presumed active in nature when raining some kind of terror upon the unholy, for being wrong or making mistakes and error’s in their ways.  Well; is God butting in to our worlds or not?  How responsible are we, then, for our lot in life? What of the good Christians who died in the earthquake?  Punished for being near sinners?

There are critical thinking diversions inserted for disabling both cognitive dissonance and contradiction; God works in mysterious ways; you cannot know the way of God, such as; ‘Well.  He needed them in heaven’, and any number of other Thought-terminating clichés.  This allows most orthodoxies to persist through crippling God given critical thinking abilities for seeing reality clearly and acting in honest unison with it.   Most mind control depends on having things “both ways” while believing one is true to one in any instance.

This seems to presume God is judging us by the perfection standards of a Divine Being, when I thought we were human and not Omniscient; at times we create ill with the best of intention. This all says much more about someones own solipsistic doctrine and need to status claims to Divine Mind, than a real Gods energy directed at certain humans.  We are playing at God, yet hiding behind God’s “statements” which then are cast like spells upon whomever we may declare unholy.  Not surprisingly, the alleged unholy are often following their own notions of Creation and What or Whom rules it.

The political and ideological propaganda stealthily injected into religion by many a conservative, is more an indication of their lack of knowing in God. These alleged orthodoxy adherents seem to have a selective fondness for selected believed in ideas of His that seem to show lack of tolerance and rage towards those not obeying some Law, a “Law” that may quite likely be wildly interpreted to suit social, economic and political realities.  We will find these laws being “broken”, are broken by those who do not support ones own social, moral or political agendas.  It is putting words and ideas into the alleged mind of God by proxy, indicating a delusion of grandeur of lawless scope and self serving design.

Many a conservative is actually a hyper liberal of sorts, only hiding their perception under ideas they believe sanction them to have any belief about a notion they wish.  Doesn’t really matter if some alleged authority tells you it is Gods Way.  It is humans saying they are God and that you are somehow ignorant and dependent upon them, which they call God.

Running The Universe In Their Own Minds

An Indian reservation near Tucson Arizona was experiencing a continuing drought in the 1990’s, much of southwest US still is.  A native spokesperson (chief) and assumed holy man of the reservation, declared the drought was occurring because the young people of the reservation had lost interest in native culture/religion and were leaving it.  This was the same drought I was in.  Yet for those who much prefer sunny dry weather, as many an Arizona immigrant from cold wet climates does; overall it was good times.  The gods or Spirit must be smiling on them big time?

Let Me Tell You What God Is Thinking For Events Unfolding

Conservatives can claim connection, yes even to the Divine, or The Founding Fathers, or to Jesus et al, because their concept of cause and effect has become tailored by idea and not by full fact or full context.   They truncate context and call it context, select facts to fit idea and call that common sense, or seemingly. It appears they just plain do not see the quicksand or reason their concept being pushed may be sinking into, and by damning critical thinking, they blind their followers to it as well.  They have crippled their cosmological view and spiritual perspective.

Then, for instance, you can get Rush Limbo stating that there is some kind of nefarious reason between Obama’s response time for a shooting or failed bombing incident, requiring multi levels of investigation and analysis before wise action can be taken, no matter who is president, (such as George Bush’s even longer response time after the “shoe bomber”), and a whole differing level and degree of cause for responding quickly to a natural disaster where thousands of lives depend on immediate physical help.

As if responding quickly in one instance, and not in another, is a coherent reason for some concept of causal idea comparison (disconnect context and connect faulty premise based assumption–confirmation bias.  It is false context and idea baiting to fool those ready and willing to be fooled.  The demagogues way depends on such ready and willing minds to spunge up bias as if it were truth fair and square.  The great, in is own mind, Rush (to judgement) Limbo, went on to séance concepts of Obama pandering to his black audience, while emoting a stirring cauldron of confirmation biased propaganda as what was being decifered by “facts” from the dark mind of Obama.  See how ad-hominem imagery can cast a spell over assumption?

Confirmation Bias And Presumed Consensus Reality As Appearance Reality

Faith can become the laziest thing, making it even a more powerful agent for deception.  One need believe, make claims, then accept the assumptions the group or culture puts out there; This happens cause of this.  You got a cold?  You might have been doing something wrong morally.  But is that truly cause and effect, wishful thinking, or known disingenuous mind framing?

For the conservative and orthodox conceptual mind-frames; purity of belief is held above fact and reasoned theory of causality, religion above science because science calls for debated evidence to show itself in reality.  Not because God ever said this; that the laws of His natural world were designed against Him,  but because the consensual reality has declared it for very earthly reason; reason that can be as simple as status, conformity’s fear of existential identity challenge, prestige, favor, but quite often money, and the appearance reality that goes along with it in many conditioned minds.

Minds can claim anything they wish, yet these wishes are not necessarily conditioned by the Spirit of Christ.  But money?  It allows one to assume the rewards of the Universe, or even God or self as God; to enjoy its benefits while others who do without and are excorsised from heart consideration.

The spirit of easy opportunity and ego inflation will bend practically any notion backwards and forwards to reward the entitlement.  Strangely it seems, or maybe not so strange, money and possession are at the very core of many human identity conflicts. Money, being abstract and of no intrinsic moral value, allows the good, the bad, and the very ugly to be “safe” in the steady comforts of its illusory harbor. Money is an entitlement reward, abstract and of human symbolic design, as valuing gold or diamonds, but perhaps less intrinsically pretty.

It is of no surprise to me that the activist, “conservative” supreme court has said, in effect, that money is more an American than we the individual.  It is also no surprise that many a conservative pundit and propagandist, bend over at money’s trough while claiming moral, ethical, survival or spiritual superiority over the Liberal institutions of Democracy and of Christ life lesson.

Conservatism is inherently undemocratic and antiChristian, yet with its followers minds and hearts unplugged from the Whole Commons of Being, in darkness, Truth can go unseen and God be interpreted or misinterpreted at will.


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